Paula DeAnda - Walk Away (Remember Me) (Official Video) ft. The DEY

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I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me
I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me
You gonna remember me boo
I'm gonna remember you too
I can't forget all the crazy shhh.. we used to do
You was doing too much
I wasn't doing enough
That's what your friends are saying
You got a man anyway
I can't explain it neither
I ain't never wanna leave ya
Hell ya its hard to walk away when I see ya
When I see ya I remember the day
You put your shoes on and moved on
Before I could say
#PaulaDeAnda #WalkAway #Vevo


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25 Out 2009



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Comentários 7 173
Crystallynn Nicodemus
I aney come backs tow you
Christian Orosco
Christian Orosco 9 horas atrás
I was dying, trying to find this song for 4 years xD. It got stuck in my head due to the things in the past I couldn't let go.
Kimberly R
Kimberly R 12 horas atrás
13 year old me felt everything she said lol
AJ Ghali
AJ Ghali 14 horas atrás
People hardly get this on their recomendation so if you searched for this song in particular,you got good music taste
Maricella Guerrero
Maricella Guerrero 16 horas atrás
Aww I have a cash on the guy I love you baby cakes
Tinica Francis
Tinica Francis 20 horas atrás
Who's listening to this song in December 2019?
Nicole A
Nicole A 20 horas atrás
George Muigai
George Muigai Dia atrás
December 2019 show some love pleeease
Jo_CLuis Dia atrás
Still jamming 💥🔥💣
SHeinsh Dia atrás
forever my favorite music since 2007
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez Dia atrás
Dic 2019.
Biglee Agbonifo
Biglee Agbonifo 2 dias atrás
Biglee Agbonifo
Biglee Agbonifo 2 dias atrás
nice song and lovely musical Video
Alba Jones
Alba Jones 2 dias atrás
She reminds me of Jesse Reyes
Alba Jones
Alba Jones 2 dias atrás
Dec 2019 anyone?
Atwine Barbra
Atwine Barbra 2 dias atrás
I love this
Death_ Vro
Death_ Vro 3 dias atrás
Who’s listening to this song in December 2019?
Monique Medina
Monique Medina 3 dias atrás
JojonJess Martinez
JojonJess Martinez 4 dias atrás
Tap that like 👇if your hearing before 2019 ends....❤💥🔥
Jonathan Hoang
Jonathan Hoang 5 dias atrás
Where can I get me one of those old school razorz
jose recinos
jose recinos 5 dias atrás
She was on the voice 2014 .... Omg....... I love this song......
AliceMay 5 dias atrás
2057 anyone?
Citlalli Delgado
Citlalli Delgado 5 dias atrás
My phone is dieing berly any battery just being random
Greta Salman
Greta Salman 6 dias atrás
I came for 7.
Mia Felan
Mia Felan 6 dias atrás
I remember listening to this as a teenager jAjAjAjA, I just turned 38 yesterday 💁🏻...I'm getting old 😣...That wall dance tho LoL 🤣 #2019 ❤
chiddy mate
chiddy mate 7 dias atrás
Dec 2019
Ellaine Taguiba
Ellaine Taguiba 7 dias atrás
still listening to this -2019....
Natasha Rita
Natasha Rita 7 dias atrás
Am seriously dancing,l will neva get tired ov this hit.2019,2020,2021,til I kick off the bucket.
Anthony Villalva
Anthony Villalva 8 dias atrás
💞💖⭐🌠✨🌟Melonie Torres✨✨✨
Pexx Xii
Pexx Xii 9 dias atrás
Dec 2019 anyone
Lillian Abuoro
Lillian Abuoro 10 dias atrás
This right here is my jam
Aaron Crudele
Aaron Crudele 10 dias atrás
Damn this song takes me back 10 years ago when I had a crush on this girl that I had no chance with but damn hearing it again gets me that feeling when I was crushing on her wondering if she did n at the time I thought she did lol that was random but yeah all the good songs were from 10 years ago lol
Johanna Klemens
Johanna Klemens 10 dias atrás
Still a fave❤😭
Adrian Davis
Adrian Davis 12 dias atrás
His sexy ass
Anna Marie
Anna Marie 12 dias atrás
yes paula Deanda my slow song music prom night
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas 13 dias atrás
Pink Cancer
Pink Cancer 14 dias atrás
Oooooommyyy goooshhhh this was my issh back then man I haven't heard this song in some years 1993 baby here yess hunnnytieee my song ✨🌺✨🌺✨👑👑
Kppop Bts
Kppop Bts 14 dias atrás
My Heart💓This song.........
Miracle Royalty
Miracle Royalty 14 dias atrás
Omg I miss the old music ❤️😩 TAKE ME BACK !!!
Lawrence Lukwago
Lawrence Lukwago 2 dias atrás
Really true old is gold
Grandas Girl
Grandas Girl 14 dias atrás
Oh trust me hunny ur games over
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