Paula DeAnda - Walk Away (Remember Me) (Main Video) ft. The DEY

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I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me
I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me
You gonna remember me boo
I'm gonna remember you too
I can't forget all the crazy shhh.. we used to do
You was doing too much
I wasn't doing enough
That's what your friends are saying
You got a man anyway
I can't explain it neither
I ain't never wanna leave ya
Hell ya its hard to walk away when I see ya
When I see ya I remember the day
You put your shoes on and moved on
Before I could say


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25 Out 2009



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Comentários 80
Liam H
Liam H 6 horas atrás
Jeez this was my jam 😅🤦🏼‍♂️ I feel so old 😫
MzMelly19 Dia atrás
Yep, 10 years later. He still fine. 😅😛😗
Elaine Lat
Elaine Lat Dia atrás
I like this song so much. No hate towards the other girl. She's just concerned about her ex who she misses.
Keyira Francis
Keyira Francis Dia atrás
2020 still here ❤😍
Nicole Bakoussis
Nicole Bakoussis Dia atrás
I love this music
Dylaan Moon
Dylaan Moon Dia atrás
💙💛🧡 looooooce this song
Joyce Mcgowan
Joyce Mcgowan 2 dias atrás
I wish could walk away for Coronvirus 😝
michelle n
michelle n 2 dias atrás
I just remembered this song randomly wow memories
Maria Olasiman
Maria Olasiman 3 dias atrás
This song brings back memories..
Jefferson Silva
Jefferson Silva 3 dias atrás
remember when Britney flirted with the guy in this video on her documentary "for the record"? Lol
Lavender Cupcake
Lavender Cupcake 3 dias atrás
Best thing about 2020? Being able to rewatch this fine ass man in this music video 😱☠️🔥
Judah Wessley
Judah Wessley 4 dias atrás
Ssoo a chick just suggestes me this song and apparently she's an old soul and i idk .. I think im inlove with her.
Jasmine E
Jasmine E 4 dias atrás
I haven't heard this since my senior yr of high school... I miss those days. Music was way better back then
SUPER Review
SUPER Review 4 dias atrás
The Solution
The Solution 5 dias atrás
Alvina Longie
Alvina Longie 5 dias atrás
Tamiie Forbes
Tamiie Forbes 6 dias atrás
Bro. How do I still know all the lyrics to this song 🤣🤣
MissezHoney 6 dias atrás
I miss these days
Aj Veluz
Aj Veluz 6 dias atrás
Love this song!!!! 😫😫😫😫
Cha Exit
Cha Exit 7 dias atrás
June 2020 ❤️😍
jonathan fanfan
jonathan fanfan 7 dias atrás
How old were u in 2006 I was 10
mina begum
mina begum 8 dias atrás
All that for a kiss onda fricking check and we realise in lockdown 2020!!!!
Hillton Jobs
Hillton Jobs 8 dias atrás
So they gonna walk towards each other almost the whole song?
Andy Morales
Andy Morales 9 dias atrás
I'm here for the remarkable "yeah" in the chorus.
natasya dewanti
natasya dewanti 9 dias atrás
2020 🙌🙌
Eight Mapong
Eight Mapong 9 dias atrás
2020,i'm here. loved & still love this song
kevin maglasang
kevin maglasang 10 dias atrás
Crazy how I was a sophomore in high school when I first heard this song! I’m 27 now, and this is still my jam 😭
machanjihlabano mwambu
machanjihlabano mwambu 10 dias atrás
loving this song
Nikki Avena
Nikki Avena 11 dias atrás
This song still hits
D 11 dias atrás
He gave her a phone call and they ended up f**king after that scene.
Leslie Villatoro
Leslie Villatoro 11 dias atrás
She was 16 yrs old here
xElNinoo 12 dias atrás
That little verse from The DEY is actually fire. Don't remember that when I listened to this back in the day.
Marie Dominique ANCELLY
You are a beautiful soul
JB Maniego
JB Maniego 15 dias atrás
june 20 2020...
Brittney Johnson
Brittney Johnson 17 dias atrás
I had this song on my iPod lmao
Axel Films
Axel Films 17 dias atrás
This my dad childhood song
Alpha Squad
Alpha Squad 17 dias atrás
PS5 now* 2020
Peter Parker San
Peter Parker San 18 dias atrás
U know this is old when the make up looks like Monday night news reporter make up.
AT ENGLISH 18 dias atrás
June 2020
Cd Mtz
Cd Mtz 18 dias atrás
June 2020 and it’s still 🔥
GRYFFIN KHENZY 19 dias atrás
still listen to this song 2020 june
Sarah E Church
Sarah E Church 19 dias atrás
Damn... Seems I've fallen into the WAY BACK machine 😂
kuku danger Sahal
kuku danger Sahal 19 dias atrás
This song took me back my memory when I used to believe love exist
Frassboss 20 dias atrás
I always wondered if she was trying to twerk at 1:20..i hope not lol
♡ Ashley Elyse ♡
♡ Ashley Elyse ♡ 20 dias atrás
My MySpace profile song in 2006 lol 😁
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia 20 dias atrás
My question is what is the name of the actor who is in this video? He is so hott
bass incredible
bass incredible 21 dia atrás
Awe. Love you Jay.
Max Mendoza
Max Mendoza 21 dia atrás
Ivan R Moya
Ivan R Moya 21 dia atrás
Who June 2020 ?
Jeanie Martinez
Jeanie Martinez 21 dia atrás
Who ever made Paula's music videos gots great taste in men all her guys in her videos are fine as fuck! :)
François Bessing
François Bessing 22 dias atrás
This track is everything. Created with love. Simply and forthright. That's why 11 years later we still come back.
Cheko Torres
Cheko Torres 22 dias atrás
They got a pelon lmao
Cindy Cartilla
Cindy Cartilla 23 dias atrás
June 2020
Eddie Hill
Eddie Hill 25 dias atrás
And he's such a good boyfriend that he even let her use the actual controller while he uses the trash off-brand 3rd party one. What a champ. There should be more men like this in the world.
Ruben Polanco Jr.
Ruben Polanco Jr. 25 dias atrás
who’s all listening because they ex sent this to them ?
MJ 26 dias atrás
It's on Ross store's playlist 🙂. It's being played all the time.
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza 26 dias atrás
Who doesn’t think about their ex that got away. 😔
Mukela Mwiinga
Mukela Mwiinga 27 dias atrás
2020 whose here?
Christopher Plybon
Christopher Plybon 29 dias atrás
Yeah me too
pupp3t cambo
pupp3t cambo Mês atrás
I luv this song 1luv girl
Lindsay Mutsigwa
Lindsay Mutsigwa Mês atrás
Where did she go?listening to this song 2020...
Joyce LOEY
Joyce LOEY Mês atrás
im just listening my fav song. and i was thinking should i stay or should i walk away. 😔 help~
Kassandra Pangallo
Kassandra Pangallo Mês atrás
I hope she is thriving.. she was way too natural fire
Daniel Valadez
Daniel Valadez Mês atrás
Highschool days
Leticia Nakiyaga
Leticia Nakiyaga Mês atrás
Who is listening to this song after a break up💔
Leticia Nakiyaga
Leticia Nakiyaga 22 dias atrás
@Adra all will be well💓
Leticia Nakiyaga
Leticia Nakiyaga 22 dias atrás
@Adra all will be well💓
Adra Sheppard
Adra Sheppard 22 dias atrás
Cl this was hard very hard for me.
Jesse Indragni
Jesse Indragni Mês atrás
Looking up till when the virus decide to walk away
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Mês atrás
I remember blaring this at 13 acting like a boy broke my heart.
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz Mês atrás
This song is cute but her artistry was so expendable. She will forever stay in 2006
Cristy A
Cristy A Mês atrás
I still think her music is wayyyy better than others who are way more famous than her... I like her voice
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Mês atrás
Most 00’s song ever
wellem vibama chirwa
Keisha Samuels
Keisha Samuels Mês atrás
Still loving this song may 21,2020
Patricia Da Silva
Patricia Da Silva Mês atrás
🌈🙌🏼🌈 🇦🇴 😍 🇧🇷 🌈🙌🏼🌈
Is she really a man?
Lily flower
Lily flower Mês atrás
lockdown here i come
Nicholas Rivera
Nicholas Rivera Mês atrás
Any body know any other songs like this from the 2000s?
Latasha Berry
Latasha Berry Mês atrás
I remember this song back in the day.
Enio Jorge Malema
Enio Jorge Malema Mês atrás
Merecia milhares de seguidores
Valar Morghulis
Valar Morghulis Mês atrás
Are they still walking now?
Talina Brown
Talina Brown Mês atrás
I can rellare it gets so hard to walk away
Talina Brown
Talina Brown Mês atrás
I can relate 😂
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