Patrick Beverley: You’re wrong if you think the Celtics can beat the Warriors in the Finals | Get Up 

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Patrick Beverley, Vince Carter and Brian Windhorst join Mike Greenberg on Get Up to discuss if the Boston Celtics can beat the Golden State Warriors if they make the Finals.
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24 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 2,4 mil   
@Princedame377 Anos atrás
Who here after the warriors win. Pat Bev was speaking facts🔥
@PartyMusic775 Anos atrás
Yep I came back to mark the spot.
@joeku2004 Anos atrás
I'm here 🔥
@joeku2004 Anos atrás
@@oiluj739 ye and the warriors exploited that and destroyed them
@jhelmaalberto6538 Anos atrás
I'm here because a lot of hater's a lot of analyst is always bitter salty about the warriors.thats why the Celtics choke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they take his own medicine!!!!
@oiluj_p Anos atrás
@@joeku2004 I don't see anyone beating them next year, do you, except if they are decimated again by injuries.
@Corpo_vids Anos atrás
Everybody's talking about the Celtics defense not knowing that warrior's defense will choke the Bostons offense in the finals limiting it to under 100 in game 5 and game 6
@almightytiz2190 Anos atrás
Not only that all 4 L's they scored under 100 not just 5&6
@fighterck6241 Anos atrás
4 ,5 & 6 in a row and all 4 wins they held Boston under 100.
@fighterck6241 Anos atrás
I always figured it would come down to whether or not Boston could score on Golden State.
@selyts4 Anos atrás
For anyone to beat a team like the Boston Celtics not twice, but three times in a row?! That’s the real story here, I think. Once the Dubs felt like they’re back was against the wall they flat out went off!!
@tredunn1524 Anos atrás
Steph said after they lost game 1 that they scored 108 points and that 108 should be "more than enough" to win these games..., I laughed at the time but...🤷‍♂️
@alainorozco8032 Anos atrás
They all forgot how the Warriors were the number one defense unit Draymond got hurt and still ended up being the second best.
@MrBrachiatingApe Anos atrás
And only 0.2 PPG worse than the Celtics, to boot. He's talking heads pretending it's a great Celtics defense against the great warriors offense missed the fact that it's essentially two equal defenses clashing, with one predictable comment stagnant, hero ball offense on the Celtic side and an erratic but, given Steph Curry, potentially brilliant offense on the other side. Anybody who failed to predict the outcome wasn't paying attention.
@VerdeBoy13 Anos atrás
@@MrBrachiatingApe either they are truly casuals or they are getting paid to speak nonsense.
@purpdude1646 Anos atrás
“You need to be drug-tested” - Patrick Beverly, 2022
@sevendoubleodex Anos atrás
made the cameraman holler
@Jazzkevmar1 Anos atrás
@pinoymasabaw7857 Anos atrás
@arlymranario1563 Anos atrás
@joeku2004 Anos atrás
He is right man's need to stop smoking
@gollumhobbit4713 Anos atrás
update: pat bev was right, Dubs beat boston in game 6 finals. Warriors are Champs. Thank Pat.
@jayliinexus9892 Anos atrás
Patrick Beverly was Right...give that man a Raise
@franz289 Anos atrás
No wonder the media hates the Warriors, they make them look stupid and no idea what they’re talking about. They clearly did not see the x and o of the game except for Pat Bev. Celtics clearly was inexperienced to handle adjustments in game. They exposed the Celtics weakness and it was game over.
@DC-df9sv Anos atrás
The media been down playing Steph his whole career
@joeku2004 Anos atrás
@@DC-df9sv and will continue to like a bunch of old heads, as soon as curry makes a mistake, he is not a superstar, he can't carry a team, he is not top 10
@tylerhubbard4159 Anos atrás
@@joeku2004 for sure I agree every time steph accomplishes something I always hear skip bringing up 2016 and 2019
@1zzyduzit Anos atrás
Everyone was talking about Boston defense and totally forgetting gsw has great defense as well…Pat was correct. GSW did not see a game 7 this entire playoffs and won their chip
@bowmanencore Anos atrás
I'm no fan of GSW, but they're playing like champions. They have so much experience in the organization, so much skill...good luck to whoever plays them (yes, probably Boston).
@SlimShadly Anos atrás
They better, their road to the finals was easy as cake
@RJScott-mt1jx Anos atrás
@@SlimShadly here we go 🙄
@ibpolitikan8043 Anos atrás
@@SlimShadly heat-no joel first 2 games Celtics-no kris middleton suns-no zion bucks-no lavine memphis-no gp2 mavs-no gp2 (Jamal Murr n Wiseman cancel each other out cause dey been out for hella long) but you get da point every team has played teams wit a vital peice missing y’all js love suckin on da warriors😭
@crystalblue64 Anos atrás
@@SlimShadly hilarious and lazy take
@moneyflow5766 Anos atrás
@@SlimShadly 🤣🤡
@DevonYurBoyCook Anos atrás
Honestly Steve Kerr was a Chicago bull. So it’s weird to see he’s having the exact same replica success with the warriors. A transcendent talent in curry with a great pair. Klay. The team with like Jordan pippen. It’s just steph and klay. Miss the 2 years cause klay left. Same story with Jordan leaving. Klay back and they go back to the ship. So funny how history works
@johnbasch9903 Anos atrás
They’re the highest paid team in the league this should happen.
And also Mark Jackson built this team's core and enforced defense
Except Jordan and the Bulls didn't choke a 3-1 lead
@KaiserReb Anos atrás
@@Shelikesfutarule34 he didn’t build this core. Draymon was coming off the bench until David lee got hurt during Steve Kerr tenure.
@@KaiserReb Which was the right move at the time with David Lee being a good part of the rebuild. He definitely instilled the defensive mind frame into them and even Draymomd admitted that Kerr finished what Mark started on one of his podcast.
@markfain7128 Anos atrás
Don't forget since Green is talking about availability if Draymond had not gotten injured the GSW would have had the #1 defense. With out him they dropped from #1 to about #5-6, once Draymond got back they moved all the way back to #2 only 0.2 behind the Celtics.
@MrBrachiatingApe Anos atrás
And their defense for the first few months was tied for the greatest differential Vs League average in history, with the Dubs allowing something like 9 fewer points than the average defense, iirc, tired for 2004 Pistons (again iirc).
@ravikantjoshi1384 Anos atrás
@asterisk911 Anos atrás
Indeed: Pretty sure that for the whole season, the Warriors with all their players had a better defense than the Celtics with all their players. Given that the Warriors in the Finals had all their players, THAT is the defense the Celtics were up against. They were up against the Warriors with Green, not the (#2 by an inch) average of the Warriors with and without Green.
Big Facts
@YonkoBlackbeard Anos atrás
@tayyabiqbal1624 Anos atrás
Greeny a savage for saying VC played for every team 😂
@redvanderbilt289 Anos atrás
VC played for every team but he never played for a super team to chase championship
@Ryantheman21 Anos atrás
Oh man he’s such a savage my god, the fact that he said that my god he’s an og, my god he’s just the best
@rfinesse6679 Anos atrás
@@Ryantheman21 wish this was sarcasm
@Ryantheman21 Anos atrás
@@rfinesse6679 mines was his not
@norzki6242 Anos atrás
Pat Beverley deserves a job on TV he can be a great analyst
@sueprator9314 Anos atrás
I use to dread him on the I love the guy! Smart funny and totally entertaining!
@armandomontillero8379 10 meses atrás
Just needed to dress up a little nicer
@m4tth3wh Anos atrás
Pat Beverley corrected some of these shows on several occasions. Player knows what's going on.
@kcalnek Anos atrás
I have Warriors in 6, but I’m not sleeping on these Celtics. These terms have low key been on a collision course for 5 years. The Celtics are built for this… but I’m giving the warriors the edge because of their experience, depth, and health.
@armonbrown213 Anos atrás
I don’t want Celtics to get there 33 championship as a unit lol nd definitely rooting for warriors since they are in the bay nd I’ve watched ‘em for years I want steph to get the FMvp he deserves and want to see those other guys get a ring in the warriors organization
@zaimanity8893 Anos atrás
I don't see Warriors losing at home, so Warriors in 6 or 7.
@salvatore5553 Anos atrás
@@zaimanity8893 lol how do you feel now?
@MannyParadisee Anos atrás
@@salvatore5553 How do YOU feel?
@salvatore5553 Anos atrás
@@MannyParadisee 😂 Fair enough. Watch out for next year though.
@twitchtv8102 Anos atrás
He is a player who went toe to toe with curry and also the warriors .He was a problem to them too ,so he knows everything about the warriors .
@user-vg2js7kc9f Anos atrás
Even as a Celtics fan, between them and Warriors, I could only dare to say the probability of winning the title this year would be 40% vs 60%. Warriors are just formidable, they can blow up any opponent at any given night. They just need either Clay or Steph to have a hot shooting night, then the game is over. On top that, they are a championship team with 3 titles and 5 years deep playoffs run experience guided by an adaptive and creative coach Kerr.
@jawick5150 Anos atrás
@maxinewhyte3861 Anos atrás
Cuz everyone seems totally lost and unaware of the fact that GS was the No.1 defensive team until Draymond got injured and they ended up 2nd in defense.
@jorgenarez9166 Anos atrás
Get his name right casual it’s *Klay* with a K
@bobjohnson7441 Anos atrás
The thing is that none of the teams Boston played on the way to the Finals move like the Dubs. And as the series showed, the Dubs played pretty good defense themselves.
@ChenoodleSoup Anos atrás
After the dubs got eliminated in the play in game last season I told all my buddies if Klay come back and is even 75-80% of himself the dubs going to the conference finals if not the finals; all my bball buddies said I was crazy and after they won the chip I haven’t heard from my buddies since lol
@DREPR0787 Anos atrás
They wasn’t your buddies then bro. If I took an L from my boy, I’ll embrace it and admit my defeat.
@adriaanj1808 Anos atrás
You need better buddies
@soapa4279 Anos atrás
Then they’re haters, plain and simple
@ChenoodleSoup Anos atrás
@@adriaanj1808 they eventually admitted defeat lol
@ChenoodleSoup Anos atrás
@@DREPR0787 prideful bballers lol
@xElmaticx Anos atrás
Coming from a Celtics fan, I don't see either team that wins game 7 going and beating Golden State is not likely. I see Boston losing in 6 and the Heat losing in 5 with all their injuries
@Backseatdriver126 Anos atrás
You ain’t a Celtics fan 🤦‍♂️
@xElmaticx Anos atrás
@@Backseatdriver126 I'm a realist. The Warriors are a really good team and are playing great basketball. The celtics are inconsistent on offense. Been a fan since 06 so good try
@JaeThaGemini Anos atrás
@@Backseatdriver126 at all 😂😂 they always say they are, to throw folks off
@rwmartinez1262 Anos atrás
fake fan
@mortgagedavid Anos atrás
Pat is the new ESPN
@ramelnotramel Anos atrás
Keep that same energy Patty Bev!
@Mamapelz Anos atrás
Warriors in 5
@benmorgan9748 Anos atrás
Celtics in 6!
@KingKobra49 Anos atrás
Celtics in 6
@keyvanfarsi4490 Anos atrás
Dubs in 4
@Mamapelz Anos atrás
@@KingKobra49 lol gam6 klay exist
@titomoney13 Anos atrás
Had to come back and give pat bev his credit!!
@musisimajidu8298 Anos atrás
Pat berv , u earned my respect
@qiqi5277 Anos atrás
"You need to be drug tested." - Pat Bev, 2022 I cant.....😂😂😂
@Greg-qw7xl Anos atrás
Too much! 🤣🤣 1:10 🧪🚽
@olatunjiyinka7872 Anos atrás
@09Germ Anos atrás
Yeah get those boys in their with their drug test equipment because somebody on some serious drugs. Pat Bev just cracks me up 😂😂😂.
@ronvitug4641 Anos atrás
What were results of drug test
@liedetector80 Anos atrás
The Warriors are number 2 in defense. Thank you so much for not saying anything about it.
@Bagdrop24 Anos atrás
They had the easiest path in years
@munishyadav456 Anos atrás
​@@Bagdrop24 Don't cry please
You only talk about the 1st loser when comparing them to other losers, not when comparing them to the number 1.
@conornichols3939 Anos atrás
and whos number 1
@cyberft Anos atrás
@@conornichols3939 depending on which stats you use they are either 1 or 2 or tied. Only one team missed their defensive player of the candidate for 35 games though…
@MrArdytube Anos atrás
Interesting to look at such videos in retrospect
@inyoulife Anos atrás
You GO Patrick With the Experience and played both teams. Preach Patrick! You said it!, and it was and IS! GS Champs🏆🙏🏼☄️💰
@pedrogujamo2600 Anos atrás
Watching this after the finals are over is so satisfying!
@kamelody7285 Anos atrás
So there you Have it. Everybody knew how great Boston was before the Finals..steph put on a show against them. That's how legendary steph is
@ladieesc0 Anos atrás
The media has been grossly wrong this playoffs and now I'm second-guessing all their voting that they do for awards lol
@thej1615 Anos atrás
Yeah. It’s like they could prop up players who might have deals with certain shoe company.
@Panther016 Anos atrás
Not only were they wrong, the officiating was atrociously biased in the final 2 rounds as if to support them. Something fishy
@thej1615 Anos atrás
@@Panther016 Nike got billion dollar deals with the NBA. Steph ain’t Nike
@@thej1615 that make so much sense now what they don't like the chef.
@krain11 Anos atrás
I'd really love to see how Celtics guard a three headed monster with and extra limbs. Unlike other teams that Celtics faced, GSW are actively sharing the ball. Splash Bros already deserves a double team and that leaves the floor open for the other warriors.
@Jablickymorant Anos atrás
Tuff matchups for gsw
@YouCanCallMeReTro Anos atrás
Its funny you say that because its that exact reason why people have acknowledged its a favorable matchup for Boston defensively. GSW style of play is vulnerable to the Celtics because of their excellent perimeter defense. Celtics will have DPOY Marcus Smart on Curry, and they can use Derrick White as well another really good defender. Jayson Tatum and Robert Williams are long enough that they can straight up block 3 point attempts. Celtics don't need to double team the splash bros, they aren't physically dangerous enough to deserve it like Giannis and KD did. They're better off leaving it a 1 on 1 and making sure guys aren't getting open looks. If Curry makes tough shots you live with that, but you don't live with giving up wide 3s.
@basedceltic2871 Anos atrás
Who has golden state truly beaten ?
@light3181 Anos atrás
dont the heat actively share the ball
@demetriclarke4194 Anos atrás
@@basedceltic2871 the team that beat the #1 team in the league... and also beat the #1 offense team in the league(Mav)...
@warriorj8658 Anos atrás
The 5 years of Finals experience might play a role before it’s all said and done lol
If they finish it up quick. Celtics are growing at an alarming rate and they rise to the occasion. In order to beat them these teams needed to put them away quickly but they have all failed to do that. The Warriors will need to rely on Green's distribution and the fact that they have several weapons. The Celtics can shutdown 2 or 3 top-tier players but the Warriors will have a decent 4th option with almost any line up.
@rockoooo499 Anos atrás
@@danielthompson3928 is still
@jamesnguyen7069 Anos atrás
@@danielthompson3928 can they shut down looney or poole
@sueprator9314 Anos atrás
When I watched the Celtics-Heat series it was obvious that neither of those two teams stood a chance against the Warriors.
@jamesking6754 Anos atrás
Bev knows the Warriors too well. He called it
@gp4141 Anos atrás
We appreciate Pat Bev straight honest talk. He makes ESPN talking heads look like they stuttering gibberish.
@makelvin Anos atrás
Pat Bev would make a great analyst. As a great defensive player, he knows which team is tougher to guard.
@teezy9790 Anos atrás
Me watching the Celtics play: Good Solid Team The media watching the Celtics play: 72-10 bulls
@denondegwa9442 Anos atrás
@Joxxhh Anos atrás
@Code0866 Anos atrás
@Jo-fk1be Anos atrás
fr like they're good but their offense is amd inconsistent. only reason theyre up is cause of miami's injuries and the ridiculous free throw differential. they shot 39% from the field and 23% from three last game. their defense is ridiculous but their offense isnt good enough
@thekingbradable Anos atrás
That’s fair. But to think the #1 defense in the league has no chance in the Finals is a joke. I don’t see why predicting them to have a chance to beat the Warriors equates to the 72-10 Bulls. No one is saying they’re gonna dominate the Warriors.
Beverly was right on his prediction of warriors beating celtics
@goldenthug9 Anos atrás
Turned out Golden State's defense with its superior connectivity, adjustable game to game planning, strong fundamentals with clear communication starters thru backups was the difference. Clearly Golden State Warriors were better than anybody in a playoff series. Take your pick of defense whether it was on ball to zone to help rotation it was all there. Celtics point totals were diminishing just like their shooting percentage.
@ewajajonna Anos atrás
He also said the heat would beat the c's in 5 or 6
@vintagemonte Anos atrás
the heat are super injured bruh and i had the c’s winning it too
@Code0866 Anos atrás
@@vintagemonte celtics were injured too so
@thekingbradable Anos atrás
@@vintagemonte Celtics are extremely banged up too. Zero excuses
@vintagemonte Anos atrás
@@thekingbradable herro and butler is pretty much 65% of their offense. there’s a reason brown can only score 12 and still have a 20 point blowout . celtics are deeper
@gyoyobw123 Anos atrás
@@vintagemonte I was told the Heat were deeper coming into the series. Herro wasn't doing anything when he was healthy. Butler isn't that great of a scorer. He's pretty mid when he isn't getting freethrows. If those guys are your best source of offense, you weren't going to win anyway.
Take it from the players point of view...beverly was right on his predictions....he is aware of gsw's worth as a team...esp steph...he played against steph most of the time
@ajzero14 Anos atrás
Warriors break down defenses though. When Curry is draining 3s defenses lose composure and try to pick him full court, double etc.
@davisdapiton9676 Anos atrás
This take aged like fine wine.
@nephyr6292 Anos atrás
“I’m biased” Bev is a great analyst 😂😂
@chinter Anos atrás
He's got a bias of who gave him nightmares and who didn't, that's a fair bias
@biz09ification Anos atrás
He looks 50 in the thumbnail
@kgotsomampa6184 Anos atrás
Indeed is a great analyst.
@sueprator9314 Anos atrás
He was right and played extensively against the Warriors/Steph
@picassojulien899 Anos atrás
Warriors need to be ready regardless of who wins.
@ronwash5280 Anos atrás
You think they aren't smh
@picassojulien899 Anos atrás
@@ronwash5280 I think they need to make sure not to make careless turnovers and be careful with the ball especially if the Celtics win.
@@picassojulien899 Warriors make careless turnover and still win. Warriors in 5 vs Heat
@@goldenstategiants4691 4
@princessadtoon608 Anos atrás
And he's right. Warriors 2022 Champs !!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@romulus2324 Anos atrás
PAT BEV knows!! He knew all along. He played against the Warriors too much to not know.
@Princedame377 Anos atrás
Where's the warriors haters at?????
@user-os9bl2cc7h Anos atrás
@DDavidDVD Anos atrás
That small ball death lineup will keep Robert Williams on the bench. Gsw bounced 2x MVP Jokic, took out Memphis tough defense, now just took our Luka and 3pts raining Mavs. Ppl quick on jumping on the Celtics bandwagon, but forgot why traditional big men disappeared from the league over the last decade
@kevinsantos4974 Anos atrás
So true! They forget that warriors best Memphis who is the #2 or 3 on defense lmfao. They will beat either Celtics or heat in 5 or 6
@tikiecue5677 Anos atrás
Yeah, and with that knee, all the more he stays on the bench. Horford will get cooked too.
@freesimba Anos atrás
@tim2348 Anos atrás
@@freesimba lmao
@ShadStu804 Anos atrás
That will be a competitive finals and that’s what we want!!!
@varunaX Anos atrás
yup, these conf games have been awful to watch
Definitely won’t see a blow out. But it will be some low scoring games. Both teams gonna have to win in the paint.
@@varunaX the heat and celtics series has only been awful to watch if you're obsessed with score and have a shrunken frontal lobe. The defense has been great to watch, and both teams are putting it all out there, even if they do get blown out
@pg13pacernation30 Anos atrás
Facts all we want is a good competitive finals
@amadorluis2008 Anos atrás
Y’all really counting out the Heat huh ???
@pape5473 Anos atrás
Pat bev said they wont beat heat now he talking bout the final
@uchennasunday7037 Anos atrás
Celtics cannot afford to not close this series today or else it will be heat in 7.
@JayMac Anos atrás
@@uchennasunday7037 because the heat have shown they can win back to back right? Suuuure pal
@ktmsnoop Anos atrás
@@uchennasunday7037 more like Celtics need to win tonight so their injured players get plenty of rest time before the Finals
@nunyabusiness8498 Anos atrás
@@JayMac Watch this statement age like milk
@tremell7559 Anos atrás
That was a healthy full capacity Heat team. Why does this need to be explained to you? 🤡🤦‍♂️😤
@josephflint5456 Anos atrás
Remember Patrick picked the Heat to beat the celtics too. He also defends Harden while ripping CP3, his takes are exactly good.
@goldnnchild4520 Anos atrás
Lol he might be right about the Heat😂
@reptilexcq2 Anos atrás
Crazies sometimes are actually smart and logical because that's what make them crazies.
@josephflint5456 Anos atrás
@@reptilexcq2 thats deep
@harveyscottz Anos atrás
@@reptilexcq2 Well well well... 💁‍♂️
@turtleislandchief Anos atrás
They were hating on the Warriors all year. Hold that!!!
@paulmorado7878 Anos atrás
@jimmypark7406 Anos atrás
@joshua5396 Anos atrás
Man, I probably wouldn’t agree with Pat Bev on a lot of things (don’t know, haven’t spoken to him), but I appreciate his candor. I enjoy when people are straight to the point.
@shiroyamato8043 Anos atrás
watching after gsw won 2022 nba championship
@mikerap240 Anos atrás
Celtics' defense is an all time great defense but golden state is all time in their own right. The warriors defense is nothing to scoff at. The Celtics had a few chances to make this a 7 game thriller. It was the warriors' composure and experience of "we've been here and know what it takes" attitude that made the difference
@j163h4 Anos atrás
Who’s here after warriors win baby!!!!
@majornewb Anos atrás
Pat Bev called it LOL
@An097 10 meses atrás
Pat knows because he is a player and he has gone against GSW time and time again. He was speaking straight up facts.
@sirjames3620 Anos atrás
Pat Bev spitting facts
@luisbaltazar8056 Anos atrás
Aged like fine wine...
@kingdesmond7954 Anos atrás
Pat Bev is so right, these guys dont even see the world of difference there is between GSW and Celtics. Plus golden state will have morrest days 🔥
Pat bev was speaking straight facts
@oBarbinha Anos atrás
This aged like Steph Curry: great over time
@combatsports5440 Anos atrás
No way Celtics can beat warriors 4 times unless Marcus smart injures klay Poole or curry
@memmener Anos atrás
They almost did in game 3.
@pepperdog5957 Anos atrás
They tried.
Love rewatching Pat Bev talk the game during the playoffs lol I know he hit big
@dannyblau3850 Anos atrás
As a GS Fan I wouldn’t say the Celtics can’t beat the warriors. They clearly can. But they have had a bit of a longer leash with things like the Middleton injury, the hero injury and Miami’s overall health that has allowed them to but a bit more jeckyl and Hyde. They are not going to have that with golden state. On the flip side, the warriors don’t have the leash to be throwing the ball away carelessly like they were against Memphis. Would be a really interesting matchup if that’s what we get.
@92younqboss Anos atrás
On the flip side just like warriors can be a bit careless so can the Celtics. The biggest issue for them is Tatum and Brown turning the ball over. GS will definitely get out. GS is not going to shoot how Miami will shoot. GS already showed size won’t be an issue with Memphis and Dallas. Let’s see how it goes.
@pete3198 Anos atrás
Don't forget that in every series they have played the Celtics have had just as many injury issues as their opponents They have had to pay games without Rob Williams, Marcus Smart and Al Horford and have made it this far despite those injuries. My bigger concern with Boston (as a Celtics fan) is that I just don't know if they can play consistently enough to beat the warriors. Boston seem to come out to play every second game, and up until this point that's been enough to get them by. But I don't think that will cut it against the Warriors. Boston need to pay like they really want it, and they need to do that every night
@MrFrogz11 Anos atrás
Celtics played better teams in the playoffs then GS, plus Memphis or Dallas size are not close to the Celtics athletic and size. I just want a great 7 games of basketball. I think this series gets out of hand if the Celtics pick on curry and Poole, both of them are liability on defense plus I also think draymond needs to come up big this series. On the other hand Celtics just need to play their brand of basketball and limit turnovers, GS is known for being sloppy with the ball.
@alexcabral5520 Anos atrás
Gs played a nuggets team with no jamaal Murray and mpj, most of the series with no ja Morant, and a luka led mavs team who’s second best player was jalen Brunson. GS had a 10x easier path to the finals. How did the Celtics have the easier path?
@111brandino Anos atrás
Tf u talking about a longer leash? Y’all played the worst team in playoffs, then played a Ja-less grizzlies and ALMOST LOST, and then a trash mavericks squad. On the other hand the Celtics have had by far the toughest route to the finals
@DREPR0787 Anos atrás
One thing I learned after this season. Never out your money on what Perkins says. If you put your money on Perkins, you gonna lose every time.
@hsarem Anos atrás
curious what could make anyone think Perkins is even a halfway decent sports analyst
@carloshall6434 Anos atrás
This aged well for Pat Bev! 💪🏾
Still further…Pat Bev called it before the final round. Respect due Pat bev . Game recognize game 🙌🏽
@az001m Anos atrás
Celtics were outplayed on defense and offense. Interesting to hear these arguments and see what actually happened
@benbanz Anos atrás
Pat bev talks a lot for a guy that's never beaten any of these teams in the playoffs
You too?
@Allstarxman7 Anos atrás
And u bozo? Go sit in the corner and cry like a lil bch
@chillvibed Anos atrás
Ya need to stop disrespecting guys who, you know, PLAY IN THE NBA
@GreatImmortal91 Anos atrás
@@chillvibed He still can’t beat any of these teams in the play offs lol so what’s your point ?
@@GreatImmortal91 his point is that these guys are competitors. They play them every night so they’re not going to put them on a pedestal like fans would. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t beat you in the playoffs I still have to play you next season so I’m going to go at it like I’m trying to beat you all the time
This aged well 🤣
@winningwithls4841 Anos atrás
Warriors are barely getting their footing underneath them. 2 years out of the playoffs and once their core three were reasonably healthy they make it to the finals??? Warriors about to steam roll the NBA for the next 2-3 years.
@Rhaspun Anos atrás
Klay will be back to full speed next year. He was good after getting back on, he just wasn't quite there yet this year.
@sherriebans4737 Anos atrás
This comment is coming after GSW win! I am sooooo sorry that they had to let GP2 go because of the cap space - We are going to miss his defense and athleticism next season!
PB was spot on 👍 warriors won title 👏👏👏
Pat is telling the truth. A good prediction then.
@sonyawilliams4989 Anos atrás
Celtics been playing like a high school basketball team this series. That whole team can't chase around 3 shooters, it's too much fire power and they defend.
@tikiecue5677 Anos atrás
This. People get swept by the narrative that Celtics' D can and will stop the Warriors' elite offense. Many teams have managed to slow it down, those team lost too. Not acknowledging the fact that they also have to score against a top-3 defense. It seems that they are making it out like GSW offense will whittle and die from Boston's defense. 🤣
Tnx Patrick Beverly for proving than.warriors are great
@punch180 Anos atrás
Did they forget about gary payton ii, iguodala, and 7foot 7'6 wingspan james wiseman? Besides poole, draymond, curry, klay, gary and iquodala are warriors missing key players. Hopefully they come back.
@declansmith5324 Anos atrás
James Wiseman ain’t play key basketball since last season I don’t think they’re counting on Wiseman
@ramonnewell9312 Anos atrás
James Wiseman hasn’t played in a year..? Do you even watch basketball?
@declansmith5324 Anos atrás
@@ramonnewell9312 he literally played a game this season and got hurt right after he played in the G League, do YOU watch basketball?
@ramonnewell9312 Anos atrás
@@declansmith5324 he literally hasn’t played a game all year.. Feel free to use google before embarrassing yourself..
@punch180 Anos atrás
@@declansmith5324 he has... but he dont need to score just focus on rebound and lobs If I was him.
@callmecash__ Anos atrás
I'm a pat Beverly fan now
@MrHotSpice100 Anos atrás
Turns out Pat Bev was right bout Celtics and CP 😂
@carljuztine3328 Anos atrás
It will be a tight series but I believe on my Dubs. I predicted that they go to the Finals and got it right. I hope I'm right as well on the part that they will win it all.
@otisls Anos atrás
VERDICT 'S IN: Warriors win in 6 {4-2}; Celtics lose 3 consecutive games❗ ◾Celtics {1 player > 30 yo 😭}, despite being bigger, stronger, more athletic, #5 playoff defense 🧱with DPOY, and having success against ISO offenses ⛹‍♂{Net, Bucks, Heat}, were inexperienced, undisciplined, and unprepared to successfully impact winning AGAINST ◾GSW's {5 players > 30 yo 🤫} experienced motion offense 🌀, #6 playoff defense🧱, and Championship DNA 🧬‼ 🏆🏆🏆🏆🌉🤣
@eugenetupino8027 Anos atrás
@TW-hb2cr Anos atrás
Celtics "great" defense didn't stop the Warriors from scoring 100 or more points in ANY game
@rarestform5699 Anos atrás
pat bev man. solid
@trellwoods1072 Anos atrás
If the Heat can beat the Celtics 2 out of 7, then the Warriors can beat em 5 out of 7... FACTS!!!
@ShutThePuck Anos atrás
The defense argument is a little crazy to me. The Celtics and Warriors defensive rating for the season was like 0.01 different and that was with Draymond missing a ton of games and being vertically limited. Boston are a great defensive team but the narrative on their defense versus the Warriors doesn't make sense, both teams can clamp you up but the Warriors have more weapons
@blackgerman9735 Anos atrás
They ended up with a small difference but the celtics had a bad start and made trades and moves that made the defense even better after January
Well, you were right, Puck.💙💛
@lolitsnito Anos atrás
Pat Bev is like if Stephan A and Skip fused together 😂
@reptilexcq2 Anos atrás
I would love to see a boxing match between Pat and Stephen A Smith.
@atomsk1972 Anos atrás
It's insulting to say he's like either of them.
@makkenji6053 Anos atrás
Bev really did tell him he was wrong
@carlitosway5148 Anos atrás
And to think how easy Steph dismantled them
should Pat Bev replace all the analyst of ESPN?
@dblakeross Anos atrás
Love me some Patrick Beverley. I appreciate that ESPN is following the NBA teams in putting players in top coach, to host and to speak. NO ONE wants to talk about the schism between sports media analytics and sports book analytics. NO ONE wants to explain why JJ Redick is yapping about ESPN BPI and FiveThirtyEight giving the Warriors a slim to NO CHANCE to beat the Celtics while Pat Bev and Las Vegas are ALL IN on the Warriors to win the Finals.....SOME ONE TALK ABOUT THAT AND EXPLAIN IT!!!
@sueprator9314 Anos atrás
Me too. I am a new fan of PB since he had his ESPN exposure. Use to dread him now I like him a lot!
@FlexwithDoctorJay Anos atrás
All the analysts on every channel are talking about the #1 defensive team being the Celtics. GSW finished #2 in defense with Draymond Green sidelined for 2 months straight... I just don't see how analysts don't pick up on that. You have players like Wiggins locking up Doncic, GP2 aka young glove, even Kuminga is a first team all defense in the making... Klay although he was injured for 941 days, is still a relatively good defender... The defense is relatively equal, but I'd actually give it to GSW by a hair because Draymond is obsessed with video tape and watching how offenses move and creating a customized defensive plan for each team
@crystalblue64 Anos atrás
Those Celtics and their "vaunted" defense need to close out a crippled Miami Heat team first before.
@Greg-qw7xl Anos atrás
Well he has to compensate for being undersized 6'6" for his power forward position and modest shooting ability. 8 ppg reg season. PF average 6'9". He also prone to receiving technicals in that regard.
@boysuppafresh Anos atrás
This man props up the warriors cause he feel that's who kept him from his ring Mr " you had the last 5 years" 😂😂 so in turn it props up the rockets team and clippers team
@goldenst8dubs934 Anos atrás
How can you "prop up" a team that went to 6 out of 8 NBA Finals Just sounds like you are GSW/Steph hater who wants to discredit and make up narratives, like most people
@boysuppafresh Anos atrás
& you should cry to ur mommy if what i said bothered u sooooo badddddd 😂😂😂😂steph is literally the second best pg of all time but if u know pat bev u know pat bev lol
@goldenst8dubs934 Anos atrás
@@boysuppafresh sounds like I bothered you way more Your mother didn't do a good job btw listening to you talk
@boysuppafresh Anos atrás
@@goldenst8dubs934 no it doesn't get a map if ur that lost 😂😂😂 ill make sure to let my mommy know u said she didnt do a good job 😂😂😂 im done u gotta be like 7 😂😂😂
@prod.justjae9957 Anos atrás
@@goldenst8dubs934 1-2 in the finals without kd bozo
Pat Bev was speaking the truth . He knows ...... Wow he try to tell you
Que golaçoooo
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