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Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet M&M's. M&M's are available in just about every color known to man, but there is one color that is objectively the best: green. Scientists have puzzled over this curiosity since the inception of M&M's in 1941. MIT Professor of Cognitive Sciences Dr. Bertrand Mathers has dedicated the entirety of his postdoctoral studies to this conundrum, labeling it the Green M&M Dilemma. With the dedicated assistance of researcher Loretta Marshall, Mathers has finally unveiled his ultimate theory on the subject. “After more than fifty years of sleepless nights, proposed and rejected ideas and quite a few cavities,” Dr. Mathers read from a lectern at an August 15, 2019 press conference, “My life’s work has finally reached its culmination. I have found the solution to the Green M&M Dilemma.” Dr. Mathers, never one to skimp on dramatics, spun around to face a chalkboard covered by a red velvet curtain. Pulling it aside, he revealed his grand solution: ‘The color green is the best color, so therefore green M&M’s are the best M&M’s.’ A stunned silence in the crowd was quickly following by a standing ovation lasting over five minutes. Finally, as the applause died down, Dr. Mathers, red-cheeked and clutching a bottle of celebratory champagne, added: “And now we begin our studies into why blue M&M’s are definitely the next best M&M’s!”
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet M&M's | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Comentários 80
Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 8 meses atrás
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mitch hubner
mitch hubner 15 dias atrás
Charleston chew that’s what needs to be done
Emma s w
Emma s w 4 meses atrás
crosscreations_de it’s just you
Infovest 5 meses atrás
LMAO!! $30 for a lame tshirt that costs 50 cents in china/vietnam. SMH.
Anna Marcum
Anna Marcum 7 meses atrás
York peppermint patties!!
Anna Marcum
Anna Marcum 7 meses atrás
Mayi Kelley
Mayi Kelley 13 horas atrás
I haven't even gotten into the video yet and Claire just dissed like all of my favorite m&m choices. English Toffee is #1 followed by Caramel and Almond. Never tried the coconut ones but I really want to.
Rose M
Rose M 15 horas atrás
Can we all take a moment to appreciate whoever writes the descriptions for these videos
No other Like my own skin
Could you make? Gourmet Jujube Candy When you're able to.
Kaytie Hereons
Kaytie Hereons 3 dias atrás
low key got hypnotized by Claire's hair at 7:03
John Miller
John Miller 4 dias atrás
I feel bad for Claire, because these are actually really easy to make, and she almost had the method, and then stopped using it. You need a drum mixer and a blower to dry everything. Add peanuts, then add a small amount of chocolate, building the layers until it's the right thickness, keep the bowl spinning. Then, with the bowl spinning, add candy coating, until dry. The carnauba wax is what makes it crisp.
Mai sanchas
Mai sanchas 5 dias atrás
i wish she would realise that pressing the airbrush like that instead of holding it is what is causing the color to splatter and become uneven,
Marilyn Rose
Marilyn Rose 6 dias atrás
Maybe a rock tumbler would’ve helped with the candy coating
Marilyn Rose
Marilyn Rose 6 dias atrás
Wait how can it be ignored that mini m&m are far superior than any m&m
Saimoon Qamar
Saimoon Qamar 7 dias atrás
I love brad
Helena Kri
Helena Kri 8 dias atrás
"How do you make gourmet M&M's? You don't, not worth the hoops you have to jump!" - I was kinda expecting such an ending.
Arno Saxena
Arno Saxena 8 dias atrás
Chef does engineering :D
Mwapsy 11 dias atrás
Rhoda bringing clare a bag of goodies like it was her birthday was gold😂 Then rescuing her mold. 😍
JohnnyJohnny 11 dias atrás
give her another month off after this one tbh
timmy tim
timmy tim 11 dias atrás
*sees mold* RIP to all my trypophobic folks 😔✊
RE2LeonS 14 dias atrás
They have every M&M under the sun...except Peanut Butter, instantly dislike this video!
waterchild83 12 dias atrás
I came to say the same!!! Very disappointed. That’s my favorite.
Those look like Chinese knock off M&M's.
Elijah Pickering
Elijah Pickering 14 dias atrás
who else thought peanut m&m was original
Anthony Lombardi
Anthony Lombardi 15 dias atrás
MAKE A COW TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emelik89 16 dias atrás
How do they not have any peanut butter m&ms in the beginning?!
Jungle Wary
Jungle Wary 16 dias atrás
shouldve tried tanghulu
Tyler McConnell
Tyler McConnell 16 dias atrás
So many different kinds of M&M's and Peanut Butter wasn't there? Is that not available in New York?
Tania S
Tania S 17 dias atrás
Brad is so hot
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey 17 dias atrás
To fit the two mold pieces together perfectly, she could have put dash marks in various spots around the perimeter as a guide to fit them perfectly back together again.
Lord Walker
Lord Walker 18 dias atrás
I hate peanuts so original is the only one for me.
Phill 18 dias atrás
Coffee nut is the only m&m I'll eat. I never liked them until they made those
Lynniferable 19 dias atrás
Claire needs a few rock tumblers in her arsenal
Andrea Eusebio
Andrea Eusebio 19 dias atrás
I love how rhoda always comes and saves the day ❤️
jeffchapel79 19 dias atrás
Why do you guys do these?
EW 19 dias atrás
whom knows where to get claire's cute geometric dress! around the 14 minute mark
Michi 20 dias atrás
in germany we only have 3 types of m&ms lol
Lily Montierth
Lily Montierth 20 dias atrás
There’s no Peanut butter M&m
Auria Amor
Auria Amor 20 dias atrás
Rhoda has the most beautiful eyes
Eric Fouch
Eric Fouch 22 dias atrás
I am so in love with Claire. 😍
Grace Chen
Grace Chen 22 dias atrás
but...peanut butter m&ms
G_dunn82** 22 dias atrás
2:40 😂 😂
Jonathan Tuckner
Jonathan Tuckner 24 dias atrás
She cannot spray any kind of paint and that is paint-fully obvious. I hope she shakes that bad technique because it really rattles me up inside. I think I'm done covering this.
Michael Sear
Michael Sear 25 dias atrás
Current Gourmet Makes Palm Oil Score: **Palm Oil: 17** No Palm Oil: 7
Austin Edwards
Austin Edwards 25 dias atrás
how dare you have a bag of pretzel m&ms there and not even try them. those are the best ones
Torey Tamaki
Torey Tamaki 25 dias atrás
Doesn’t need to be perfect they are fine lol
oo oo
oo oo 25 dias atrás
I agree with Chris.. thank GOD it's not me and it's her if someone has to make them. lol
oo oo
oo oo 25 dias atrás
Those m&ms she made have to be the most expensive m&ms ever made
Muhammad Ahmad Malik
Muhammad Ahmad Malik 27 dias atrás
Ellie Becker
Ellie Becker 27 dias atrás
Claire you look like an easter egg in this video. Love you :)
Kelly Nielsen
Kelly Nielsen 27 dias atrás
Claire's manicure is so lovely. (It's currently May 2020, so seeing a professional manicure feels nostalgic and special.)
Shariyanie Shahnizam
Shariyanie Shahnizam 27 dias atrás
Why do i feel like brad and claire are kinda flirting and i can see quite a few times where claire would kinda blushing? I don't know 🤪 low-key kinda shipping them together
Susie Yao
Susie Yao 28 dias atrás
brad's like that annoying brother but is always there when you need help :)
supriya lama
supriya lama 29 dias atrás
n hoxsv,yz pH nnof Igwgdxa.
One MercilessMing
One MercilessMing Mês atrás
Watching these, I am firmly convinced that a trip to one of these candy factories BEFORE attempting to replicate the candies, MIGHT have been a wise choice. Additionally, taking in the hours it took to make the ersatz M&Ms at your hourly rate plus the time and effort for the fails, INCLUDING the off-time, plus the cost of the much did that batch of M&Ms cost to make? $15K per M&M??? I'll juat go to WalMart and Target (they feature different flavors) and pick up a couple of bags for under $10.
Julia Sivakoff
Julia Sivakoff Mês atrás
Pro Tip: Try dying the Royal Icing Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Brown. Let the candy dry on the fishing line rack. Then, once dried - used the “m” stencil to airbrush the white M&M Logo on! I think that would have left a more even final color coat and been a bit easier. 🍭🍬💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💗🍬🍭
Blankets Mês atrás
claire: *misses the opportunity to call gourmet m&ms g&ms for gourmet makes*
Kieran Campire
Kieran Campire Mês atrás
My favourite by far is definitely crispy M&M's!
LiziLouWho Mês atrás
Did no one else notice that in that pile of M&M's bags there were NO Peanut BUTTER M&M's aka THE BEST KIND?! What?!!
Amelia Ross
Amelia Ross Mês atrás
Claire: "Theyre a month old" Chris: 😳
For everyone who rewatched these videos , you should focus on the people in the background , it’s kinda fun !
Jonah Pagliarulo
Jonah Pagliarulo Mês atrás
PRETZEL M&M’S!!!!!!!!
90lxFox Mês atrás
peanut M&M's are the best and only M&M's that should be made
Strange Soul
Strange Soul Mês atrás
Ahh yes the best candy bar
D Robords
D Robords Mês atrás
18:26 Where did she get the Pancheros plate?
saqib hossain
saqib hossain Mês atrás
peanut butter m&m's are the best lol
Isabel S
Isabel S Mês atrás
*Clicks on the video* *sees its 40 mins long* *panics for Claire's mental state for this challenge*
Shadae Jackson
Shadae Jackson Mês atrás
hey @bonappetit what brand of chocolate are you using Com Ninouninou
She is so cute
Michael Barron
Michael Barron Mês atrás
"Where did you get it?" "I bought it"
Josh Franey
Josh Franey Mês atrás
I like that you can tell how irritated Claire gets by the length of the video 🙈
Yael Abramowitz
Yael Abramowitz Mês atrás
I love how she gives instructions at the end. Like yeah, I'll get right on that.
Deadly Laigrek
Deadly Laigrek Mês atrás
Love how Claire kind of ends up in a little old lady who swallowed the fly situation at the end.
evilovescrayons Mês atrás
I keep wanting to be able to travel back in time and shout "carnuba wax!" for the sugar shell stage.
gdawgs101 Mês atrás
Pretzel M&Ms are the best. Fight me
Maureen Seel
Maureen Seel Mês atrás
Sorry-peanut butter M&Ms are the best. I cannot be convinced otherwise.
Diven Chen
Diven Chen Mês atrás
dont they spray it with a super opaque white before they do the color layer?
James buckingham
James buckingham Mês atrás
The trick for m&m coating is gum arabic, you just add it to your hard crack sugar mix and it makes it really hard and thick in one coat
Ramena A
Ramena A Mês atrás
I. Don’t. Get. Why. They. Make. Her. Replicate. It. Like just make a gourmet version!!! No reason she needed to waste time on the M
lahcim666 Mês atrás
Ceez Mês atrás
it is weird to me that crispy m&ms are not very well known in the US even though we have the three basics in NL which is the chocolate, peanut and crispy
emy Roustom
emy Roustom Mês atrás
emy Roustom
emy Roustom Mês atrás
20:42 i think that's the first time i've seen brad without a hat on omg
Sarah Miskin
Sarah Miskin Mês atrás
This is my first post EVER on BRvid, so that has to tell you how much I love Claire and this Gourmet Makes thing. Claire is my new spirit animal. Also, perfect series for quarantine.
Maria Rugolo
Maria Rugolo Mês atrás
Piece of cake (which is exactly what I'm going to make and leave the M&M candy making to this very patient (and fun to watch) test kitchen expert! Well done!
Itely Galaxies
Itely Galaxies Mês atrás
Claire: I think the peanut M&Ms are the best. Me: I'm allergic to peanuts.
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