Past Madrigals react to the Future • Part 1/2 • Read desc!! 🌸

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PART 2!!!


ok a few things to mention :

• i forgot isabela's flower in her hair 💔 if i remember i'll add it next time

• i may change up some character designs like mirabel's clothes (even tho u can barely see it) and abuela's design.

• this part was a bit rushed? i don't know how to put it exactly : it escalated(check my spelling on that) too quickly but i was kind of losing motivation. i finished it tho!! i'll try to make part 2 better.

• not really important but i wish i added mariano in this. i really can't tho bc i want to include as many madrigals as i could, but i have to take up one slot for the speech bubble. that's why i had to remove antonio.

• how the hell can some peoole make long reaction videos- i just don't get it 💀

im sry i don't have links to the tiktoks or whatever(u can fact check me on this) but if i do i'll put them here

check my bio for more info abt my content if u want to stick around!!

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16 Jan 2022



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PART 2!!!
Woopsy Daisy
Random things just thought about:
wysperwolf Nicole
Omg this is so awesome, I love the reactions, and someone finally defending mirabel ( sorry if spelt incorrectly) I hope you keep going with this amazing work👍🏾
nawal ♡
in my opinion, Abuela is the worst character in the movie 💀
i love the character designs! some reaction video's can be ruined by bad character designs, but yours are spot on!
°Hai :]°
I love how you designed them with effort your designs are wonderful ^^
Character designs, reaction, and the vid itself 👁👄👁 👍🏻 💯 10/10-
AdiraHeart ♡
This characters are so pleasing to the eye! This person really did great to make the family O-O good job! 👏
i need the part 2, this is so amazing, i can't find an react better! also, don't forget to relax too ^^
This is so amazing I love there reactions and everything and your designs are on point 🤗🥰 can’t wait for part 2 but take as much time as you need. ✨♥️
I’m so hyped for part 2! This was amazing!
Georgi Reid
This is super good and I like kinda realized while watching encanto that Mirabel got a better relationship with her cousin than her sisters like usually irl its the other way around for quite a few people I know.
• Adley Lynn •
I love your designs and the thumbnail. Mirabel's dress looks accurate
0r1g1nalus3rnam3 :))
Omg this is amazing!! I'm sure you'll be super popular one day if you keep up with these amazing videos (at your own pace, and I'm 100% sure all of your videos will be awesome!!)!!
I’m so exited for part two hope it comes out soon!
Angry kid
Finally a good video to watch
•°Celeste's encounters•°
I can’t wait for part 2!!! :)
Encanto reacts to themselves (pt 2)
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