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Vanessa Junkin
Vanessa Junkin 54 minutos atrás
*fake coughs* she’s jealous asf lol she’s so immature
Elizabeth Konga
Elizabeth Konga Hora atrás
I love how she looked confused when Chef Ramsey said it was good XD she then coughed when she ate it! I can't with these people
Calebt1130 YT_btw
Calebt1130 YT_btw 2 horas atrás
Parrie Yannndee
Parrie Yannndee 2 horas atrás
“A lot of celebrities have eaten my food and said that it was fantastic!” Me: fantastically poor
Kerigan Creighton
Kerigan Creighton 2 horas atrás
At that point it isn't even a burger wtf
Summer 05
Summer 05 3 horas atrás
What season and episode is this?
R. Rodey
R. Rodey 3 horas atrás
1:03 this guy is talking about the mirrors that love his food. The only celebrities that ate his burger is vultures from Snow White. I think the cow is still being butchered. Finally 2:22 Twilight's acting was better than this
Caden Humphrey
Caden Humphrey 3 horas atrás
He was proven right so now he’s a bully? He’s an actual chef
Justin Vang
Justin Vang 3 horas atrás
Oh no its another feminist
KANJI_XX 3 horas atrás
Your tasting taste. 😂😂
Aqila Rindipati
Aqila Rindipati 3 horas atrás
Meet sculpture my ass
matilda selimi
matilda selimi 4 horas atrás
You want to know who is the best. Read the first word
TheDancelover4ever 5 horas atrás
Owners: bring a chef known for being harsh to criticize their restaurant Gordon: criticizes Owners: 😮
SamTheSalmon 5 horas atrás
6:21 Jen, Jen? JEN?! Jen? Where’s JEN! Jen. *NINO*
Lego City S.W.A.T Member and termination terminator
Women: IM 64 IM 64 IM 64 IM 64 IM 64 IM 64 IM 64 IM 64 IM 64 Gordan: y u yellin at Me?
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 8 horas atrás
She is so stupid.
M C 8 horas atrás
Jen? Jen? Jen? Where's Jen - NINOOOO!!!
Harry winter Vlogs
Harry winter Vlogs 8 horas atrás
What’s that strong taste that I’m tasting Food
apple pie
apple pie 8 horas atrás
That is some of the beat revenge ever
Epic 41297
Epic 41297 9 horas atrás
"What is that strong taste I'm tasting?" ME-NOT a raw burger
Kenzie Chu
Kenzie Chu 9 horas atrás
that lady said she was 63 and then 64. wut.
The 711Devin
The 711Devin 9 horas atrás
Who cares who makes the burgers, whichever is tastier should be the one on the menu
Bobbie Nicole
Bobbie Nicole 10 horas atrás
Is amen eating that raw meat..patty and cheese 🧀
# Trollingamer
# Trollingamer 10 horas atrás
Lol she wanted her Chef to fail
Sofie 1415
Sofie 1415 11 horas atrás
Do you guys know how old Jen is? *Read More*
Jude Newman
Jude Newman 11 horas atrás
Anyone from 2069?
Emarati Gamer
Emarati Gamer 11 horas atrás
Trying to deny that the burger is bad be like......
Mythical Starrz
Mythical Starrz 12 horas atrás
"wHAT iS tHAt sTRonG tASte ThaT iM tASTinG????"
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison 12 horas atrás
He actually liked some of the food
Tarik Rizvic
Tarik Rizvic 13 horas atrás
Gordon just chillout man can you be nice for once and lady we know your 64 years old
VinneGaming YT
VinneGaming YT 13 horas atrás
1:05 *More like a meat DESTROYER*
Sevastien Kieth
Sevastien Kieth 17 horas atrás
idk why im watching this everyday...
Tingtongs3667 Bingbong259
Jen Jen JEN!
Harry Burrows
Harry Burrows 19 horas atrás
That woman is insufferable
Unlucky ship
Unlucky ship 21 hora atrás
2:56 her eyes flikers
iitsGoat 21 hora atrás
Jimmy: (manning the cash register) A Double McSpanky with fries and a Flurp. That'll be 6.53. (takes the customer's money and gives him change) And 3.47's your change! Skeet: (sighs) Dude, you're supposed to push the buttons with the pictures of food on 'em. Jimmy: Don't need to, Skeet: I memorized the prices, and did the tax and change in my head! Skeet: Oh, okay, Mister Magic Man - I also did not hear you say "Big McThankies from McSpanky's" to the customer! Jimmy: Well, frankly, it struck me as... clichéd. What do you think about this? "Don't let our food be denied you - put our polyunsaturated fats and triglycerides inside you!" Skeet: I'll tell you what I think... (Jimmy is now on mop duty) Jimmy: (rudley imitating Skeet) "No human brain can add three things, dude. Like, the machine knows the tax, dude!" Skeet: (manning the cash register) Picture of money, picture of money... ha! Gotcha! (presses the money button) Big McThankies from McSpanky's! Heh, heh. (to Jimmy, pointing to an open packet of salt on the ground) Hey, dude! You missed a spot. Jimmy: I got it. (Skeet picks up the packet) Just a little sodium chloride. Skeet: Actually, dude, it's salt. Jimmy: That's what I said! Sodium chloride. Skeet: Ah, dude... that would be salt. If you don't know what salt is, maybe mop duty's too complicated for ya! What size are you - small? Jimmy: Yeah, why? (Jimmy is now standing outside the restaurant wearing a burger suit)
Matt Musky
Matt Musky 22 horas atrás
That chef should've quit on the spot and opened up his own place as soon as Ramsey complimented his burger
TheReet 22 horas atrás
"With the wagyu" dude it's a burger it's ground meat you can control the fat it doesn't matter
AngelaRose’s Gay Japanese Bullshit. I’m legal.
Aaron Dutra
Aaron Dutra 23 horas atrás
"What's in there?" "You'll see." How fucking insightful.
Riced Pandas
Riced Pandas 23 horas atrás
these owners are fucking assholes hope they die from cancer and get cut up
Just The Dave
Just The Dave Dia atrás
What a fake cough it’s faker than neymars dives
Its Agatha Valdez
The lady hahaha
VeryLongUsernameThat Doesn'tMakeTooMuchSense 1
The fact that Gordon Ramsey himself instantly said 9/10 means that guy is one of the best burger chefs out there lmao
Frank Melvin
Frank Melvin Dia atrás
I like the fact that he keeps eating the burger that shamed his
quagmire Dia atrás
I fart into my hand and throw it at people
Jak Alsaleh
Jak Alsaleh Dia atrás
The burger grave
Mysterious Gaming
Jen:”This is ridiculous.” Me: NO U.
Nikodem Parkitny
Nikodem Parkitny Dia atrás
w a y e g o o
Storm Clips
Storm Clips Dia atrás
“Owner” all different celebrities have tasted my food and they thought it was delicious but m8 are the celebs ur rats in the back
Kinjazz Plays
Kinjazz Plays Dia atrás
Woman : What is that strong taste that im tasting? Me : *Sweetie that's what we call F L A V O R*
Professor Mario
Professor Mario Dia atrás
What season/episode
Critical 7 horas atrás
Season 4, Episode 7.
Ethan Vaughn
Ethan Vaughn Dia atrás
girl shut up over here talking about he abusive
Nathan Mester
Nathan Mester Dia atrás
How old is she again?
bloorain ; homeways
I wonder how old that lady is
Monric 5
Monric 5 Dia atrás
There's always that one person who wants to help make it better but they get shut down. I hate when people act so arrogant.
Yalizzette Molina
the owners wife was lying when she said it she tasted something strong she was just salty as hell that her husband did horrible
Monric 5
Monric 5 Dia atrás
It actually looked pretty good but I bet that Gordon was right about it. "Don't judge a book by it's cover."
The septic Spell
The septic Spell Dia atrás
Jen , jen , jen, jen, NINOOOOO!!!
seagull mochi
seagull mochi Dia atrás
i just watched a 64 year old woman acting like a 5 year old girl
Peridot Dia atrás
He... he- he ate the rest of the burger.
Peridot Dia atrás
Ok you know what Jen? Screw you ok? Like girl please.
dane brass
dane brass Dia atrás
I don't blame this chef for leaving. These owners were assholes.
HamiltonOW Dia atrás
im gonna be honest, in my opinion i think id like the wegyu better (idk how to say) because its more expensive and usually comes with more quality, but the 2 shit owners cant cook for shit so they couldnt make it good.
Lynx Light
Lynx Light Dia atrás
So what episode is this
Marc Trask
Marc Trask Dia atrás
God I hate when older people use their age as an excuse for being dickheads
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen Dia atrás
Elliot C. Elliotson
Ikr lmao
GunHawk Dia atrás
Me: Jen can you please boil an egg for me? Jen: Can't I'm 64 years old
Zerrox Dia atrás
"Im facing a bully whose been abusive to me" BITCH YOUR'E THE OWNER OF THE RESTAURANT!?
Houser Jimster
Houser Jimster Dia atrás
You bully meee
linkxz no
linkxz no Dia atrás
0:56 instant diarrhea.
power of games 2027
What kind women such lie
RGM GAMER Dia atrás
jacob trevino
jacob trevino Dia atrás
We just witnessed an old white lady taste seasoning for the first time...
ML230 2 dias atrás
I'm 64 years old!! Yep we know by now thanks
Alfred Averwright
Alfred Averwright 2 dias atrás
Why is it in the first place, the chef is even working for these people? He is talented, creative and I believe a certified chef, why not just work in other high ended places or better, just open up a bugger based business hahaha
jake Hanson
jake Hanson 2 dias atrás
A weird hate for their chef
MapleHockeyLove 2 dias atrás
Am I the only one who thinks the first one looks ominous as fuck
Elite Sniper115897
Elite Sniper115897 2 dias atrás
5:03 I luv how Alan is just enjoying his shitty burger
Erdo geit
Erdo geit 2 dias atrás
A medium rear girl? A medium rear ugly old skank thats what you are! Take some zanax stupid old moonwalker!
Bob Bobberson
Bob Bobberson 2 dias atrás
Suck this burger Jim
LukaNoANIMATIONS 2 dias atrás
What is that strong taste that I am tasting? - it’s grammar book!!!
Emily 2 dias atrás
How old is she again?
Emily Österberg
Emily Österberg 2 dias atrás
I can’t believe what that woman did. She’s just jealous
steel crow
steel crow 2 dias atrás
One is ignorant and one is arrogant
John Collura
John Collura 2 dias atrás
Lmfao. I love it. Theyve got big smiles thinking Gordon is going to love their burger and they get shut down immediately. Fuck these old fucks. I hope the chef got a better job where he’s respected
JordonJChannel 2 dias atrás
that idiot woman should know that is not burger 😂😂😂
Umar Abrahams
Umar Abrahams 2 dias atrás
Where’s part two😭
Matthew Playzz
Matthew Playzz 2 dias atrás
I'd love too Uuhhhuhhuhhuhuhu I'm a median rare kinda girl Your 64 you hag
Kuya Pepe
Kuya Pepe 2 dias atrás
plastik yung babae ampota qaqo
corruptyouth 2 dias atrás
Jen? Jen jeeeen? Jen Where’s Jen? Jeeeeen Jen what’s the matter?
Bizzer Barber
Bizzer Barber 2 dias atrás
.....I have been sitting here for 5 mins thinking of something to write, all I can say is there’s beef 🥩 going on in that kitchen
Freba amiri
Freba amiri 3 dias atrás
I think that the guy that gave Ramsey the plain meat I feel bad for him
spastikxchild13 3 dias atrás
"Some call me a meat sculptor" No they don't. That's not a thing. Nobody calls anybody that.
diggity dang
diggity dang 3 dias atrás
lumber jack
lumber jack 3 dias atrás
No one gives a shit that you’re 64 lady. She seemed pretty proud of her age.
GFoot Man
GFoot Man 3 dias atrás
That burger looks like something that will give you diarrhea
alpha wolf
alpha wolf 3 dias atrás
Can someone tell me the answer, was that chef forced into cooking bad food
Xxx 999
Xxx 999 3 dias atrás
She is the baddest actor I ever seen
plushiii 3 dias atrás
wait how old is gen again?
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