Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Alex Gutierrezbruh
Alex Gutierrezbruh 22 minutos atrás
This lady has a really punchable face
POUND IT BROS 30 minutos atrás
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Danny van Pinxteren
Danny van Pinxteren 43 minutos atrás
5:02 Alan needs you. The man doesn’t give a fuck that his wife left the restaurant and is just eating his nasty burger.
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar 59 minutos atrás
Tell me that you’re 64 again and I’ll play you like a Nintendo 60 fkn 4.
Gracee B
Gracee B 2 horas atrás
1:20 I felt so bad
Zenon Blackheart
Zenon Blackheart 3 horas atrás
She puts other 64 year olds to shame.
chicken bull meat
chicken bull meat 3 horas atrás
stupid pretending drama from stupid grandma
Rain Fur
Rain Fur 4 horas atrás
Ramsay has the ultimate dad bod
Art Sta
Art Sta 4 horas atrás
jen is angela merkel's long lost sister quite apparently LOL
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 horas atrás
"Wagyu" you illiterate twat!!
*AVLU* *DRAGONBALL* 4 horas atrás
Omg did you hear that the women is 64 ???😮
TheChaosInRetra 5 horas atrás
A bully? These owners are nasty fucking mongrels. Just look at her face. You can see that old crusty fuck is a prick
Idk Whatronamethis
Idk Whatronamethis 6 horas atrás
I thinks she’s still 64 till this day
Samsung's Apple
Samsung's Apple 7 horas atrás
this show generates so many memes
Klep TV
Klep TV 8 horas atrás
She runs outside and hides by a bush... why? While her fat shit husband is inside finishing the burger
Andy E
Andy E 9 horas atrás
*Jen sleeping* "I'm 64 years old" *snore*
Muggur Kolka
Muggur Kolka 10 horas atrás
Legend has it that that woman is 64 years old
Cordelia Lytle
Cordelia Lytle 10 horas atrás
jason lemus
jason lemus 10 horas atrás
Legend has it she is still 64 years old
Max Doering
Max Doering 11 horas atrás
She is such a dumb cunt. The owners of that restaurant have their head so far up their ass they don’t know what good food even taste like
UcanPranks 11 horas atrás
She dictates what happens in the kitchen when she has to give her workers a check. she doesnt need an apron to enforce rules . what a duntssssssssss
Raquel Saenz
Raquel Saenz 12 horas atrás
The owner really gave Gordon a patty with cheese on a plate...
Adventurer20 12 horas atrás
“There’s a strong taste” “It’s not medium rare” Make up your mind
Emmanuel Macias
Emmanuel Macias 13 horas atrás
I wanna burger now lol
Rafiqul Islam
Rafiqul Islam 13 horas atrás
They call me... ThE mEAt sCuLpTeRrrR
Junyeong Yang
Junyeong Yang 13 horas atrás
jen jen jen jen where is jen nino~~ lmfao
Lesley Champa
Lesley Champa 13 horas atrás
"Atleast it's seasoned" had me dyin
dhruv punetha
dhruv punetha 14 horas atrás
How wrinkled these people have made Ramsey even that grandma looks young compared to him
Famous75 14 horas atrás
How old is the lady ?
95sweetnsour 14 horas atrás
Its like shes vegan, but instead saying "I'm vegan" every second, she'd say 'I'm a 64 year old woman' 🤣
Jesus Arias
Jesus Arias 14 horas atrás
2:55 the sound is in sync with the eyes. LOL
ErinaYukihira 15 horas atrás
Ghost 15 horas atrás
I don't get how he was abusive
Chemical X
Chemical X 16 horas atrás
1:08 lie lie lie lie
FortuneFish1337 _
FortuneFish1337 _ 16 horas atrás
She has no idea about burgers
Lxca Jrg
Lxca Jrg 16 horas atrás
Wait, is she 63?
Atomicstorms Roman
Atomicstorms Roman 16 horas atrás
Atomicstorms Roman
Atomicstorms Roman 16 horas atrás
Why u bully me
Monkeylikespizza 16 horas atrás
Gordon: now what's the taste Me: It probably tastes like a burger
Timothy Zakri
Timothy Zakri 17 horas atrás
2:08 stare intensifies
Not Fat _A_
Not Fat _A_ 17 horas atrás
“Suck on this burger”. 😂
Habiba Yasser
Habiba Yasser 18 horas atrás
“I taste something beef.” What else are you going to taste? Strawberries?
Je Cal
Je Cal 18 horas atrás
It bugs me that these people get free upgrades and gordans help when they should fail these are people who should not be in charge of anything other then changing there own diaper
That guy
That guy 18 horas atrás
How old are you again?
Wisteria Butterfly
Wisteria Butterfly 19 horas atrás
The thing that Gen is tasting that's so her attitude.
The Real Earth
The Real Earth 19 horas atrás
Cop: You know why I pulled you over? Jen: I'm 64 years old
dietz andwattson23
dietz andwattson23 20 horas atrás
And they say millenials are entitled
eedobee 20 horas atrás
Maple Lover
Maple Lover 21 hora atrás
I am a medium rare girl 😂
FBI Dev 21 hora atrás
Legend says it that she still says she’s 64 years old.
Dominick Justave
Dominick Justave 21 hora atrás
She was a old cunt And stole from the son
Mr Shrimp
Mr Shrimp 21 hora atrás
Charlie Manner
Charlie Manner 21 hora atrás
We're all 64 years old...pshh weirdo.
TheRandomness 66
TheRandomness 66 21 hora atrás
Magu Lagu Why the heck did he use Wagu
Den E V
Den E V 21 hora atrás
That woman is the biggest nightmare, and a real ugly one! 😈
Boss Edits
Boss Edits 22 horas atrás
That lady pisses me off!! Like bro I’m sorry that his burger can snatch your weave but shush
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 22 horas atrás
There’s probably nothing wrong with the first burger. Just Ramsay being a fussy prick.
Chris Henson
Chris Henson 22 horas atrás
That chef needs to quit.
kbg12ila 23 horas atrás
Jen needs to save some of that salt for seasoning...
Hriday Sainathuni
Hriday Sainathuni 23 horas atrás
The Trooper
The Trooper 23 horas atrás
*I a m a 6 4 y e a r o l d w o m a n*
Gary York
Gary York 23 horas atrás
she's cute, built good. I wonder how old she is?
Plantain-potato Pie Productions
*Something about being 64 years old*
Pyroxy Dia atrás
*at least its seasoned* Enough to make me happy
Dion St. Michael
Dion St. Michael Dia atrás
How old is that woman?! Lol! What an immature baby! Lol
Noam Deri
Noam Deri Dia atrás
Tastes burger coughs but knows that its good goes outside to make a scene Im just 64 years old
tommoore2012 Dia atrás
2:10 anyone else notice that arrogant frown turn into a glare? How dare Ramsay say the chef's burger is good while her husband's is awful. The look doesn't just say arrogance though, it also says denial. As in there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that the chef can actually make good food while her husband can only make junk. It's the other way around with no ands, ifs, buts about it.
Ariff Nashriq
Ariff Nashriq Dia atrás
stupid old lady
Bain Akbar
Bain Akbar Dia atrás
Tomorrow The chef got fired
Skunk Dia atrás
she's now 64
Michal Valta
Michal Valta Dia atrás
2:39 Sorry, but you are not a "girl". You haven't been a "girl" for decades. :D Guys, imagine you refer to yourself as a "boy". xD Such lack of self-respect.
HelloSouls Dia atrás
5:36 "You're a bully" lol i cant take this lady anymore
Stan Twice
Stan Twice Dia atrás
The owners asked for gordon's help but they can't even help theirselves. lmao can they like fix their attitude or something and not literally say they're 64 years old every 5 seconds
Troy K.
Troy K. Dia atrás
Sounds like the owners of this restaurant are just crazy. Have some mental health issues there?
Awesome Gaming
Awesome Gaming Dia atrás
Lady: what is that strong taste I’m tasting? Me: *F L A V O R*
nutela pancake
nutela pancake Dia atrás old is Jen again?
robert catedral
robert catedral Dia atrás
Bro she’s saying she’s 64 years old but she says that she’s being bullied tf is she in school like bro ur saying that ur 64 but u said I’m being bullied Jen is acting like a 4 year old what a bitch that chef should just open his own restaurant
Dream511 Productions
Suck on this burger Jen 😂
Cruz S
Cruz S Dia atrás
why is Jen representing every single teenager 😂 always the victim
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Dia atrás
Jen: what is that strong taste that I'm tasting? Me: Flavour
AJ Unique ASMR
AJ Unique ASMR Dia atrás
Okay all people like your burger or patty whatever you want to call it but alot of chefs dont like it bye bish
Nolev Dia atrás
Im 64 YeArS Olddd
A Hat
A Hat Dia atrás
man I wanna try that burger, looked great
Elma App.
Elma App. Dia atrás
What is that strong taste that im tasting?😂
joschua bluhm
joschua bluhm Dia atrás
Old bitch
Farisdabeast Dia atrás
Chef deserves better hope he went to a restaurant wich has chefs and owners who are at his level
Appreciate The Likes
When Gordon Ramsey takes a bite of your food... Immediate Adrenaline rush
Sea Foam
Sea Foam Dia atrás
“I’m not that powerful” *ahem* You own the fucking restaurant, damnit. Bloody hell.
Trantor The Troll
"Some people have called me a Meat Sculptor, or a Meat Creator" Yeah? i just call you a fucking Thief. or a worthless piece of shit.
Brandon Soya
Brandon Soya Dia atrás
F$*k you Jen
Kaysen Lopes
Kaysen Lopes Dia atrás
I fucken hate Jenn 😂
Dr Agon
Dr Agon Dia atrás
I really hate Gen, like wth stop victimising yourself
Luke Wood
Luke Wood Dia atrás
Like a lot of women, she can turn the waterworks on and off
Jacob Summerson
Jacob Summerson Dia atrás
Jean jean jean jean jean Nino
Miss. SwaggyAsh
Miss. SwaggyAsh Dia atrás
Jen: I am a 64 years old woman Me: not an excuse
TheFvckinGod. Dia atrás
“Suck on this burger Jen”
MiDoRi HaRu
MiDoRi HaRu Dia atrás
Hamburger with no bread nope
Simon Todd
Simon Todd Dia atrás
Typical la liberal cry baby
SeLFlex Dia atrás
iM 64 yEaRs OLd
SeLFlex Dia atrás
LMAO That cough was sooooooo fake
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