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Kitchen Nightmares
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You know what day it is.

Gordon Ramsay visits Charlie's where Gordon struggles to help as the chef doesn't know how to cook Italian food in an Italian restaurant.

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28 Nov 2021



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Comentários 4 346
Matthias Berger
Matthias Berger Mês atrás
You know what upsets me the most? In the end of the episode Tatiana goes like "He is such an angel, he saved ME" What? Chef Ramsay saved her mother's and sister's homes, not you and your 1000$ investment! Even after all of that she was still egocentrical and selfish. What. A. Shame.
Nostalgic Millennial
Nostalgic Millennial 14 horas atrás
Don't read too much into it.
Pamela 3 dias atrás
@Tu Linh Cao Ngoc Well the restaurant closed a few months later if u googled it you'd know, it was recorded in October 2011,aired in Feb 2012 and later closed in July 2012. I feel really sorry for the mom and sister but they were a bit naive I mean she only contributed $1000 she should've put her house down instead of one of them, then you'd know she's serious about it she really had nothing to lose and on top of that I don't like her attitude, she really thinks she knows it all look where that got her.
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc 3 dias atrás
Oh my that made me so mad, cmon you selfish prick! You would never be a good person! You shouldn’t even be an owner! You shouldn’t be allowed to own anything at all! (So sorry if I sound rude, I can’t stand these types of people) But well, I guess she’ll change soon, hopefully
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 4 dias atrás
@TRR wtf why would TV lie ???
Bezzer Wizzer
Bezzer Wizzer 8 dias atrás
@mikecorbeil Very sweet thinking,but also very naiv. I got selfishness from doesnt help that she mentions she felt bad , she made her family risk everything for her own dream...they even worked for free on top. Tatiana herself had nothing to loose , compared to sister and mother. And the resturant did close after a while, if it is true,what i read in here .
Crockinator07 26 dias atrás
"Ok you cook it then" I think Gordon has proven himself in a kitchen already.
Jack William
Jack William 5 dias atrás
@Don McDouglas no
G PO 9 dias atrás
@Olof Acosta Wtf
G PO 9 dias atrás
@Don McDouglas hmmm~ that name
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 9 dias atrás
It's like if Randy Johnson walked up and told someone their pitching sucks and the person goes "Oh yeah, then you throw a fastball then.".
Olof Acosta
Olof Acosta 20 dias atrás
@Rahul Rabilal Gordon Ramsay would have gone so close that you would be able to smell his breath from the TV,yelled at him to repeat himself in the most angriest tone he can muster and finally told him to fuck off and never come back
AJD 22 dias atrás
She seemed so surprised by each dish, as if she had never actually eaten anything coming out of her own restaurant's kitchen. How can she say she loves the place if she's never actually eaten any of the food? I think she just likes the idea of being a restaurateur with a glass in her hand.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 9 dias atrás
Also, I found it bullshit that she's been there for 10 years but never taste any of the food as you can see she's even feel disgusted with that toasted Ravioli meanwhile the waitress who served Gordon knows more about the food than her and she's even feeling embarassed to serve that "Lasagna" and never recommend the Ravioli. But seriously, that's a Lasagna? It looks like a curry rice. Not to mention, she's even called the Pastas as "Noodles" and mistaken Pizza Dough with Pizza Bread. You're the owner of Italian Restaurant, Goddamit!
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox 12 dias atrás
@margareth michelina Well said 👏🏾
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 19 dias atrás
She's a spoiled kid who thinks everyone needs to be magically happened in the blink of an eye. I'm sure her mother spoiled her very much as you can see her mother just smiling and really quiet throughout the entire episode. However, you see that her mother is heartbroken to see her daughter act that way. She's probably thinking, "Oh no, I raised my daughter wrongly. What have I done?" The entire time. And even more disgusting, Tatiana didn't apologize to her mom and her sister to make their house on jeopardy for her stupid dream. She only thinks of herself until the end.
Abaddon Vedana
Abaddon Vedana 19 dias atrás
product of manipulation of the chef. Fully trusting the chef because of something that's attached. Like having a "father figure"
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus 20 dias atrás
Or she wanted to have a Michelin-starred restaurant… without knowing her current situation…
Fellygurl 19 dias atrás
Owner: "I don't know what I'm doing wrong I have no idea" Ramsey: "have you tasted the food" Owner: "no 🙂"
Craft Craft
Craft Craft 13 horas atrás
I'm deaddddddd deaddddddd
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 9 dias atrás
And she looks like she wanna vomit after tried the Ravioli and called the Pastas as "Noodles" and mistaken Pizza Bread with Pizza Dough. I bet she has no idea what 86'd it mean. And she's even defending that "Lasagna"! I'm not the best cook ever but I surely know how Lasagna is supposed to look like.
Scoralin 16 dias atrás
She even said the tiramisu was the best in the world but I doubt she even knows what it is 😂
M.Hosny 16 dias atrás
Imagine serving food in YOUR restaurant that u never tasted 😂
Storm 18 dias atrás
Can we just appreciate Genevieve for a hot second? A brave person who isn't afraid to tell the truth. Go her.
pearliua ୨୧
pearliua ୨୧ Dia atrás
1235 3 dias atrás
@Deema Erikat oh its closed?! I thought it will be successful.. sad.. to her mom and sister
Kevin Prior
Kevin Prior 5 dias atrás
She was clearly a babe... and sadly I mean was. Life cut way too early.
Deema Erikat
Deema Erikat 9 dias atrás
@IBZonYT Yeah it closed a couple of months after this episode was aired.
IBZonYT 11 dias atrás
@Fahri Karami Rafianto the restaurant failed, it closed the same year.
Rambo_on_pills Mês atrás
The most impressive thing about casemiro is the fact he has convinced people he is an actual chef for years 😂
justTful Dia atrás
Man’s cheated the whole system 😭 get him a Harvard degree
btxtinparticular 2 dias atrás
@neoniki30 Right?? Like okay, so you lied your way into a head chef position, but to do it for 15 years and not produce even a few good food is the ridiculous part. Not even just the spaghetti and meatballs! Goes to show just how arrogant about his job he is and how he might as well have been the person running the restaurant. You can tell how important he thinks he is when he just flat out refuses to cook. Tatiana spoiled him rotten for sure
My YouTube Channel
My YouTube Channel 2 dias atrás
When inpoter is sus
ekachai laoya
ekachai laoya 2 dias atrás
Kaleb Ennis-Davis
Kaleb Ennis-Davis 2 dias atrás
@Elendil513 no it wont :/ youtube doesn’t care bout the bots
Deedee_ 24 dias atrás
Tatiana's pride is off the chart. I know people blame Casemiro, and for sure he was a problem, but not being able to know who is doing a bad job as a Manager and one of the owners, is simply ridiculous. She never took into account the opinion of the co-owners, the sous chef or the employees. It was also always someone else's problem. Narcissist.
Zone Doll
Zone Doll 2 dias atrás
@margareth michelina Because they don't really work in the restaurant. They lent her money to open it, it's not their duty to manage everything. That's Tatiana's job!
S.S Stinky
S.S Stinky 10 dias atrás
Srictly Do Not Care
Srictly Do Not Care 14 dias atrás
@margareth michelina They are literally just investors, it’s not their dream or ambition, just Tatiana’s. They should’ve pulled the plug on the whole circus before their houses became jeopardized, but they hoped that it would get better.
Deedee_ 20 dias atrás
@margareth michelina This business venture was never the dream of the sister or the mother. They weren't the ones who wanted to buy the restaurant, Tatiana was for sentimental reasons. It wasn't even their full time job. They made that perfectly clear. Their mistake was lending her money. They became the collateral for a family member who clear didn't care about them enough to take care of their investment. According to the episode, they did tell her multiple times the chef was the problem, that the restaurant needed change, etc, but it would fall on deaf ears. Tatiana was too full of herself and always put on this "Don't tell me what to do, I know what I'm doing" facade. At the end, apparently this restaurant went under. As the true owner of the restaurant, Tatiana was at fault, but the fault of being broke was the mom and the sister. I know you should try and help family when you can, but getting money involved for a business, especially when family puts their HOMES on the line, is a big no for me. The mom and the sister should have never lent her money for that venture, ever, if they weren't going to be involved. They never had any intention of running the restaurant which the clarified in the first 5-10 min of the episode.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 20 dias atrás
I know Tatiana should be responsible of everything but what about her mom and her sister tho? They never done anything to the restaurant, they just stand there and watch while doing nothing, they also never check the kitchen or even tell Tatiana the problem of the restaurant and they just trust their family member who is spoiled and a crybaby to manage the restaurant and all of them have no clues of how to manage restaurant in general! Especially the fact Tatiana's sister look older than her, she should've told her how to be responsible since she's the oldest and know about experience. I have a sister who is 6 years older and she's always telling me to be responsible of everything and not to depend to the others. Seriously, she's not a little Princess anymore!
TFSP 14 dias atrás
"Toasted Ravioli? More like the owners are toast" This guy always finds a way to insult the owners and I love it..
Ecast Castill
Ecast Castill 11 dias atrás
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 12 dias atrás
And even more priceless, when the owner tasted that ravioli, she looks like she wanna vomit. Seriously, 10 years in that restaurant and she's never tasting or knowing about the food? What a joke.
Holdit66 20 dias atrás
"They resent me because I got them to put their houses up." No shit. Imagine that. The nerve of them.
Holly Ro
Holly Ro 8 horas atrás
I just loved the whole “I didn’t put a gun to their head” thing. Like no you didn’t, but you did ask them to financially screw themselves and the roof over their families heads. And that’s not much of an improvement on the gun tbh
? 17 dias atrás
And she only put a grand in 🤣 Her mum and sister are IDIOTS
Caroline Rowles
Caroline Rowles 19 dias atrás
She needs a good hard talking to....& Maybe a slap to match?
One Of You
One Of You 22 dias atrás
Nothing screams ''grateful'' more than her statement 'I didn't put a gun to their head' for putting their HOMES in jeopardy for her stupid dream. I love how he handled her when she did not address his criticism and ran the crocodile tears to deflect from her lack of respect or empathy towards the massive risk her mom and sis took.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 17 dias atrás
“Crocodile tears” 😂😂😂
Jxmie Potter
Jxmie Potter 29 dias atrás
My favourite person in this episode is Danielle , she worked so hard and I think she should’ve gotten to be head chef
Malcolm Gorrie
Malcolm Gorrie 6 dias atrás
A chef takes years of training not a 5 min training program she should get the training if she has ambition hard work not dreams
123leemur 9 dias atrás
If she doesn’t get to be it in this restaurant it would definitely be in another restaurant because other restaurants will see this and know that she knows how to cook.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 9 dias atrás
Gordon even called her "Darling" so gently as he's the only know that she is the most talented and hardworking person on that restaurant while Casamero and the other guy really sucked at their jobs
Ecast Castill
Ecast Castill 11 dias atrás
She was also being a translator, and for *FREE!!* 🤯
Shereen S
Shereen S 14 dias atrás
I thought the same thing. Why not train her to be the head chef?
Muffin 3 dias atrás
“she doesn’t know what she’s talking about” says the owner that doesn’t even taste her own restaurants food
Dismocat 14 dias atrás
We need more people like Genevieve straight up honest if nobody would have then how could you ever fix it
Evan Williamson
Evan Williamson 13 dias atrás
Sadly she passed away a couple years afterwards due to complications with epilepsy
Shelbylee24 21 dia atrás
"They play the blame game." I'm sorry, aren't you the one who dragged them into this? You are to blame....
Shelbylee24 17 dias atrás
@Finn Wörz Nicee
Finn Wörz
Finn Wörz 19 dias atrás
I just liked this so you have 69 likes
Lord of Darkness DIO
I love how Gordon stands up for the staff, especially the waitress
DarkLord 3 dias atrás
@Tommy Gaming 🅥 and you thought why I don't advertise it on nightmares kitchen comment section casemiro 2.0
Maya 21 dia atrás
My friend works in one of his restaurants as a waitress and she tells me even though its hard and long working there but it's enjoyable. Just like how he grills at the owners if they take tip or etc he makes sure that his staff gets their tops and service charge. It's clear that he does care about FOH
Ner N
Ner N Mês atrás
He stands up for those who show they truly care and modest enough to know they have to improve or change their ways to achieve their goal
jacqueline B
jacqueline B Mês atrás
@Aaryan Stha awww how sad.
margareth michelina
Because he's ever been a waiter before he was famous. So, he knew their pains for hearing the customer complaints everyday while their job is just serving the food. Even though there's one waitress he didn't like and lost his respect which was the waitress from Dillon's who defended her useless General Manager who liked to manipulate people and probably sleeping with all of the waitresses. And that General Manager was that infamous Martin who tried to sue Gordon after the show.
Paul A.
Paul A. 28 dias atrás
Why was she crying over getting rid of the guy in the kitchen who didn't know how to cook but was good at collecting a paycheck?!!! ...I refuse to call him a chef as that's disrespectful to trained chefs! I won't even call him a cook.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 7 dias atrás
It's like keeping a tumor in your body forever and you don't wanna remove it because it's part of your life. The fact that the guy made 2 owners including Charlie as the original owner of the restaurant failed to keep the restaurant together should be a giant red flag to everyone! Even Gordon who just there for a day immediately knew he's the problem!
Sila Ali
Sila Ali 10 dias atrás
@Paul A. and as u said she was the weak one. The failure of the restaurant is the owner/managers fault, not the employee. She was given a responsibility, that was to heavy for her to carry.
Sila Ali
Sila Ali 10 dias atrás
@Paul A. some peoples relationship are toxic. Some times even a literary Close family members, can do worse things. But it doesn't make turn them into a stranger. No matter how much they hurt os, we cant turn or back on them so easily. Because of the attachment. The bond that had been made between people
Sila Ali
Sila Ali 10 dias atrás
@Dave David i know he wasnt literally one, what i meant is that when you spend so many years knowing someone, seeing them almost every day. They will automatically became as important as a family. HOWEVER many people know that just like any other relationship, family relationships isnt always healthy.
MaoMaoMi543 10 dias atrás
Not sure, but it seemed like he was a father-figure to her or something like that
Selwan Al kawsi
Selwan Al kawsi 20 dias atrás
I honestly think that Gorden is nice in his own way, people miss judge him because he swears a lot but that does not mean that he is mean, he is mean but he is right in kitchen nightmares he has to be mean to show people what actually happens around the place, he can't lie if the food is bad and I am so impressed of how honest he is about someones food. For the people that think Gordan doesn't deserve this opportunity are liars because he worked his ass to get this position and he needs to be honest to keep it.
Zara Rasheed
Zara Rasheed 9 dias atrás
He's actually really sweet! Watch his tiktoks with his daughter 😂❤
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 9 dias atrás
That's why he's not too harsh in Masterchef than in Hell's Kitchen because he knows that in Masterchef, they are just homecooks while in HK, they're supposed to be professional chefs and he's expecting them to have good standard, can keep under pressure and can work together as a team.
Tey 12 dias atrás
Oh yeah I could definitely tell that he’s a total teddy bear. When you’re passionate about something it brings out all kinds of sides and emotions. He has the vision of what everything could be and it’s probably frustrating when people don’t envision the same thing
Nezuko 14 dias atrás
I don’t see him as being mean. It’s straight up being honest!
Selwan Al kawsi
Selwan Al kawsi 14 dias atrás
@Keifu Chan exactly
Cheeky Piper
Cheeky Piper 21 dia atrás
"She's never really been responsible".......why on earth would they invest with her if they feel like that?
abcd efgh
abcd efgh 5 dias atrás
you can see how manipulative she is, guilt-tripping everyone by crying and saying “its all my fault waaaa” without doing anything. i can only imagine how she used that against her family and being family, they are more susceptible to her ways
MaoMaoMi543 10 dias atrás
Because "FaMiLy SticKs ToGeThEr" or some b- s. All the boomers in my family are like that. Manipulation, gaslighting, and guilt-tripping is just a normal Thursday afternoon over here, and if you don't succumb to their demands they try to turn everyone against you and make you look like the villain and make your life a living he- ll. Britney Spears - Toxic should be my family's f-- king anthem.
blackwidor 14 dias atrás
Because she's a whiney torment
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 15 dias atrás
Because she has the mental of "I want it now! I want it now!" And they have to do it because she likes to cry for manipulating people to get what she wants. She's a grown ass woman, they could just say "No!" To her but it seems like her mom immediately agreed with it and they both dragged her own sister to follow her.
CustomJack 16 dias atrás
Debbie Fillatre
Debbie Fillatre 21 dia atrás
Tatiana spent the whole time pitying herself, crying for herself, looking for everyone to pity herself!
Malcolm Gorrie
Malcolm Gorrie 6 dias atrás
Yes yes yes
MaoMaoMi543 10 dias atrás
She's got all the necessary requirements to be the perfect tumblr &/or twitter personality.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 19 dias atrás
@Sandro Costa Unfortunately she's too late to realize that, in the end of the day, she said that Gordon saved her life while in fact Gordon saved her mom and sister's house which they put on the line for her! And guess what, because of her incompetence leadership, the place got closed few months after the episode aired.
Sandro Costa
Sandro Costa 19 dias atrás
I respect her for not throwing a tantrum on Gordon and actually recognizing her situation. She does have a big mouth on her own, but she's going a lot of places for becoming a good listener. Humbleness is starting to show and that's amazing, I really hope she continues like this.
unpopular existence
I like how Genevieve isn’t scared of losing her job at some point😂
Nini K
Nini K 3 dias atrás
@xenomii What??? RIP:(
zama mbhele
zama mbhele 5 dias atrás
She went all in 😂😂😂✌️
Keira Tu Ha
Keira Tu Ha 7 dias atrás
Cathelene Yvonne
Cathelene Yvonne 8 dias atrás
shes dead
Cocooa vu
Cocooa vu 9 dias atrás
yeah lmao
Ambrose Who?
Ambrose Who? 16 dias atrás
Big respect for Daniella for being the sous chef and still have the patience to put up on this shit of a restaurant
23 dias atrás
I am so sorry for the people who ever entered there as costumers and had to taste that filth
sugarshamrock 29 dias atrás
It really pisses me off when someone who puts her families homes on the line and she has the attitude she has. She is ungrateful and entitled to what she doesn't deserve. She needs to stop crying and make changes if she stands up and takes the role she needs to on the road to saving her restaurant.
peachy 11 dias atrás
Erlan David
Erlan David 15 dias atrás
Gordon deserves to be called what everyone's looking, dreaming and finding for. The tiger of the kitchen, the growling, enraged beast, but a kind hearted beast.
A Y Mês atrás
Two things amaze me. First, that Casimiro managed to be a chef for 15 years without being caught out. Second, that in 15 years he didn't even learn how to cook on the job.
tak 4 dias atrás
@Szwancolot "Polska gurom"
La Lisa is ma name
La Lisa is ma name 7 dias atrás
Omg ikr and the fact that she didn’t even taste the food was pretty bad how does she know it is good or bad if she doesn’t taste it.
Mamo Rot
Mamo Rot 10 dias atrás
@MaoMaoMi543 ps my qestion is .......why in usa is importan Meat ball and spachetti?no one person in italiy eat spaghetti with meat balls etc.....meat ball and spaghetti is not real italian , only region variation etc....
Mamo Rot
Mamo Rot 10 dias atrás
@MaoMaoMi543 no school? dialect and accent is not the same !fair??? this is history ,Latin and greek are the mamma talk of europa etc..... france italian english german polen etc...... is from latin ,in italia you have accent of coors but dialect are differen talk ,i from venezia and i talk latin venezia and italian ! italian is from King savoia ,,one talk for evry soldiert etc.,......italy nation is not old !is from savoia !yes english is ''fake'' use the wort different ,grammatik is the same ,i ripit no school? Italiano is italiano latino is latino ,italiano is from latino ! and european are in America continent ,spain from spain portuguese from portugal franc efrom france english fron england schottland irland etc...........the same spain and mexican ,mexican is not normal spain only variation years pro years ! portuguese from portugal and brasil is not the same etc...... of coors ! Ps latin is not for hall person ,in the past ,latin for king Chiesa cattolica romana ,blau blut ,normal person have dialect !. language : is Latin dialect and high italiano ,and region have accent !. accent : is the spellig art for the language . Use google or ask your ticher ! All is from latin ! realy nos chool?
MaoMaoMi543 10 dias atrás
@Mamo Rot so if American/Canadian/Australian/whatever are all "fake English", does this mean that Ye Olde Anglo-Saxon English is the "real English"? I guess it's only fair to say that Italian is "fake Italian" because Latin is actually the "real Italian", eh? (btw, those are ACCENTS, not languages. Get it right, sweetie.)
DrNanard 15 dias atrás
"I don't think he's a bad cook" Well, see, that's the problem. He's not supposed to be a cook, he's supposed to be a chef.
Wolke 6 dias atrás
Update: Jonathan remained at Charlie’s Italian Bistro for a month following filming taking place and trained Tatiana’s new chef to keep standards at the restaurant at the same level as when Gordon had left, but unfortunately, it wasn’t much longer before the restaurant closed. In July 2012 Charlie’s finally closed for business just a few months after the show first aired, despite generally positive reviews from customers. Charlie's Kitchen Nightmares Update Tatiana finally started to make the tough decisions, but it wasn’t easy Yelp reviewers awarded Charlie’s Italian Bistro four out of five stars, and reviews of the business were almost unanimously positive. In particular, many customers praised the food and several mentioned how friendly and welcoming Tatiana and the staff at Charlie’s were. Although many of the reviews were made at the time of Gordon’s visit, there were several that stretched back several years that were also complimentary of the food and the service at the restaurant. No further information about exactly why Charlie’s closed is available, but considering the already considerable financial problems that Tatiana and her family were in by the time the Kitchen Nightmares team visited, it’s likely that in this case the business needed the kind of miracle that even Gordon Ramsay was unable to deliver, despite trying his hardest on what he later described as ‘One of the most difficult challenges I ever faced on the show’.
Ferameliya Fer
Ferameliya Fer 8 dias atrás
Casimiro’s the real genius here… passing as a chef 👨🏻‍🍳 and outlasting the owners 🤣
Faye Lam
Faye Lam 17 dias atrás
I think this episode shows it’s a very fine line between being confident and being delusional
tinydough Mês atrás
Casemiro is the definition of 'Fake it till you make it', the fact that he was able to fake it for 15 years is astonishing.
🦬🐂🐃🐄 8 horas atrás
Then GORDON had to come in and ruin his streak🙄
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 4 dias atrás
And Tatiana is the definition of "Sometimes you have to say No to your child. Not everything is like Disney movies."
tinydough 5 dias atrás
@Arnau Right? After like 1-2 years, I'd probably be like "Maybe I should improve on my skills, making take some cooking classes if I'm planning on being here long term", but after 15 years? That's too much.
Arnau 5 dias atrás
How do you cook for 15 years and not learn!?
Warren G
Warren G 7 dias atrás
@cia Exactly. 15 later, still as bad as when he started
Ryzel Jabinigay
Ryzel Jabinigay 9 dias atrás
I'm really happy that Gordon helped Tatiana everything. It's amazing how he did not just helped the restaurant, he literally made Tatiana improve on. I hope they're doing well.❤
Frances Viel Alipusan
Frances Viel Alipusan 23 dias atrás
28:44 this just proves that their friendship was never real,and the fact that he made her feel guilty ‘till the end
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 7 dias atrás
It's really ironic how Tatiana protected him by defending his shitty food, not telling the customers critism to him, telling him he is the best cook than Daniella who is actually a better cook than him and not translating what Gordon said to him. And the way she said: "Are you gonna cook?" Is so pathetic like she is asking a regular question to him while in fact they're in dinner service where the customers are waiting for their food! Order him to cook, Goddamit! And she's crying when firing him while he just said: "Ciao" and smiled. Jesus Christ, what kind of Lalaland that she's been into?
Sarp-D 12 dias atrás
He was using her for an easy paycheck not doing anything, fully knowing he was taking advantage of her and pushing her to a financial crisis because of it. I think he proved that for YEARS before Gordon showed up. That entire family seemed one big delusional mess.
Abdelhak 10 dias atrás
What's really sad is that this restaurant has actually closed down a few months after the show even though it had gotten better afterward. I hope the mom and sister are alright and still have a roof to sleep under.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 7 dias atrás
@poopsy doodles In the beginning, Tatiana's sister said that the restaurant has been in debt in general so I think the debt is getting too large since Tatiana was too late to realize everything. I really hope her mom and sister are fine and Tatiana needs to find a better job and has matured, maybe go back to be a waitress as she's supposed to be.
sex with anime cat girls
I'm pretty sure they had paid off the collateral
poopsy doodles
poopsy doodles 8 dias atrás
wait why did it close?
Bethany Sirmans
Bethany Sirmans 22 dias atrás
What annoys me the most is the fact that Tatiana's mother and sister put their houses and retirement money on the line to help Tatiana's dream come true yet Tatiana still treats them, and everyone working for them, like absolute trash. It also bugs me how she only put in 1000$. How a family could put that much on the line for a person like this is beyond me..
Bethany Sirmans
Bethany Sirmans 7 dias atrás
@Florence Richardson Facts
Florence Richardson
Florence Richardson 7 dias atrás
steve bald
steve bald Mês atrás
Gordon is so freakin' good that he can tell not only if a food's been microwaved but that the microwave itself is not working properly. WTF
steve bald
steve bald 4 horas atrás
@XML studios I commented that he knows if the microwave works well or not, not that he knows the food was microwaved lol
XML studios
XML studios 5 horas atrás
@steve baldwhat did I miss then
steve bald
steve bald 6 horas atrás
@XML studios it's also not hard to fully read a comment before you reply to it. 😅
XML studios
XML studios 6 horas atrás
its not hard to tell if its microwaved
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc 3 dias atrás
I think it’s because how it tasted, because microwave food tend to taste a bit less good then physically cooked ones
Marah Carlah
Marah Carlah 23 dias atrás
I love Chef Ramsay.....he taps into your Ego's, poor attitude, ignorance and puts your kitchen in perfect order.
Ioana Alexandra
Ioana Alexandra 5 dias atrás
The fact that she cries like that, every time someone says something to her, but especially when she fires the chef, annoys the hell out of me. She only wanted the restaurant because she wanted to be an owner, not because it eas her dream, it was for the prestige and that’s all there is to it. If it really was her dream she would’ve worked her ass for it, not blame everyone else for her not doing anything besides acting bossy. She is just a spoiled brat who does everything Gordon tells her to do jus because he is someone way above her; if it wasn’t for that, the “chef” would’ve even outlived her in that restaurant. I am curious if she’s still the owner and how things are now.
Klaudia 19 dias atrás
Lol the way Tatiana was blaming the chefs for everything but not taking ANY responsibility for ANYTHING, disgusting
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 7 dias atrás
Even Gordon said that she needs to take responsibility after she suddenly changed her mind to fire him.
j k
j k 18 dias atrás
she is gorgeous though
Megan Arkelli
Megan Arkelli 2 dias atrás
I can't imagine how an owner of a restaurant doesn't know how to cook.. and never have tried to cook a lasagna. No wonder she doesn't know that the lasagna they are serving isn't lasagna. damn girl! If you wanna run a restaurant, you need to know the menus, how it is cook, how it tastes because the owner decides the menu and the theme of the restaurant. She literally doesn't know anything. I am not a restaurant owner but some of my friends are chef and resto owners and I also love to cook (though i never dream to have my own resto). So I am shocked when she said she never made a lasagna before.
JJ S Mês atrás
I genuinely would not support someone’s business financially if it meant that I had to put my home at risk. I wouldn’t do that for anyone.
Pamela 3 dias atrás
True, but it was also really naive of them cause she didn't put her house down, at least if she put it down as well instead of one of them, I mean it's her dream she should've been the first person to sacrifice something of hers. But besides all that the reason why it even closed after Gordon tried to help is cause she thinks she knows it all, it really could've picked up but she can't run a business and she's really stubborn so.. I just hope the mom and sister didn't lose their houses because of her dream.
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 15 dias atrás
Because you can tell an airhead who has no relation to anyone's money and instead as a defense resorts to self pity. Greetings from Germany.
Fakeslimshady 16 dias atrás
I bet a hot girl would change your mind
? 17 dias atrás
@A Fan what? Would you put your house at risk for your broke sisters pipe dream? She only put a grand in 🤣🤣🤣
? 17 dias atrás
Especially if they were only putting up $1000 themselves. Her mum and sister are IDIOTS 😂
B L 23 dias atrás
The owner has to separate her own emotions from her ability and her duty to operate a restaurant properly don't worry about hurting people's feelings if they're a lousy cook and they got a poor attitude and they're stubborn and they're proud and they're ruining their business
Melodie 26 dias atrás
The wrost part in the end is she still blamed everyone for her mistake,s She blamed the chef for being bad when she is meant to be making sure that the food leaving the kitchen is good. In the end she cried and still acted like it was someons fault, She got pitty for being dramatic.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 3 dias atrás
Also, noticed how after she cried for defending her chef, after getting scolded by Gordon, she's suddenly change her mind? And the chef is surprised to see her fired him. Both of them betrayed each other even though the chef has put the restaurant in jeopardy for so long and he's thinking: "There's no way I can go from this place." As soon as she fired him and apologize, he said "I knew it." Like he knew she's finally realized the problem.
millerhxc 25 dias atrás
She did admit it was her fault and that she "put him on a pedestal." The chef was still the main problem, she was just turning a blind eye out of nepotism/loyalty, and that's what was ruining the restaurant. True, she generally buried her head in the sand and had no idea what she was doing as an owner, but I think a part of her knew that and pride/stubbornness was getting in the way. When she opened her eyes to the chef's incompetence, she had to do two things she was too scared to do all that time - fire and upset him. Once that was done, she was then able to put herself fully in Gordon's hands. So obviously, he also saved her mother and sister's investment, but she's the one who had the reality check and the real kick up the backside to make changes instead of being all "I don't know what else I can do." That must have been a lot for her to take in.
Mymusic 19 dias atrás
That woman doesn't deserve the love and devotion her mother and sister have shown her
Jennycat ZZB okii
Jennycat ZZB okii 25 dias atrás
The owner crying is so pathetic. She knew this shit was going on anyone with a mouth eyes and ears can tell.
Turg Mês atrás
The fact that Casemiro basically ruined the restaurant for years and pretty much tricked Tatiana into thinking he was a competent chef, and then when she fired him, which was completely justified, and then he made her feel guilty about firing her, is actually disgusting. What a horrible person
Astrix Cloud
Astrix Cloud Dia atrás
Tatiana is still the owner that did a hell of alot nothing to make the restaurant any different and continued to go down shits creek with a shit paddle. He can be to blame some what but she is the owner and it's her responsibility to make HER own restaurant good. Not solely the chefs. How can you run a good restaurant if you don't know what's going on in your own place?. You can't.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 4 dias atrás
Also, both of Casamero and Tatiana are backstabbing each other in the end. After Tatiana crying to defend him, all of the sudden she changed her mind to fire him after getting scolded by Gordon, and Gordon said "I didn't ask you to fire him, I want you to take responsibility!" She should've just told him to apologize to Gordon and change his attitude and be a better cook. And after she fired him, he was so surprised and decided to not hug her. His reaction be like, "Holy Shit! She's awake? That blonde man wakes her up! Dammit, I can't use her anymore!" And give up and not apologize to her.
lolly yolo
lolly yolo 5 dias atrás
the owner should've tried the food and fired him for not being good enough, he's an asshole but she's supposed to be the manager and she didn't do her job even with her mothers pension and sisters home on the line. she thinks because she didn't know that makes her innocent but it's her job to know. she's such a narcissist.
Fetal Cop
Fetal Cop 7 dias atrás
@Zachariah Brown wouldnt hug her because he was using her for a free ride and she just ended it
Kazi_am 8 dias atrás
Casemiro is just a hustler who done well to get paid for so long. It's not his fault the owner has no clue on how to run a restaurant, making her other employees cry etc Can't have any sympathy for her
Siman 12 dias atrás
They should train that girl who cooked the meatballs. She’s more chef then the fake one
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 3 dias atrás
Also the fact the owner said: "We need to teach him." Girl, he's been there for 15 years, he should've known how to cook meatball properly while you never make a lasagna in your life at least once.
Nahom Daniel
Nahom Daniel 12 dias atrás
I remember I used to HATE gordon as a kid because he abused the chefs on Hell's kitchen But now I've realized that he only pushes you out of concern for yourself and is really a very good person We all love that bloke
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc
Tu Linh Cao Ngoc 3 dias atrás
Ramsay, I couldn’t even think any chef that’s better then you! You’re so good with helping restaurants too! You made the insults sounds actually make sense with the problem going on!
ALLMETAL1970 6 dias atrás
genevieve was probably the most badass waiter in the shows history, shame she was taken by a seizure in 2014. rip
Alex Monro
Alex Monro Mês atrás
Imagine doing something for 15 years and still being absolute shit at it. Insane.
just a guy who's lazy af
i did practice using my brain for 15 years and im still absolute shit at it.
M N 9 dias atrás
The question is how the restaurant was able to keep running for such a long time
ah 10 dias atrás
I've been trying to be a proper human for 19 years, still haven't done it xD
Giannis028 __
Giannis028 __ 18 dias atrás
@LLadyluluu nah man that's Greek politicians
Pandora TheClay
Pandora TheClay 20 dias atrás
I just came from a Reddit video where a mother hasn’t been able to parent properly once in her entire life She has a 15yr old child apparently
Praises Mês atrás
What is wrong with this Tatiana girl? Selfish, self-centered, spoiled and could care less about her mother and sister's houses. What a horrible person. Shame on them also for indulging her all these years!
XML studios
XML studios 7 horas atrás
I love these types of programs, perfectly shows off how stupid some people are
Mike McGarvey
Mike McGarvey 26 dias atrás
The most impressive thing about Casemiro has somehow managed to convince people he can cook for 15 year without even knowing how to cook
Nora K
Nora K 28 dias atrás
How could she still giggle all over the place and lead the place when she doesn't know anything about how to run a restaurant? She obviously only think of this as a game and doesn't have a lot to lose. Her mindset is still that of a school girl.
Anhelina Moroz
Anhelina Moroz Mês atrás
Honestly, sous chef Daniella is such a champ for tolerating so much shit from that joke of a chef and a sad excuse for an owner like Tatiana. She deserves so much better.
havok9001 18 dias atrás
@Cameron Mcginty im thinking the same thing as u only way they close if they did poor job & etc
Cameron Mcginty
Cameron Mcginty 18 dias atrás
in. why did the restaurant close?
havok9001 19 dias atrás
i say she sure get that head chef spot & he sure go back to the bottom & get re-trained ASAP on how to cook food safety cuz he dont care... if he dont want to tell him to stay out of the kitchen cuz people who cant cook sure not be in the kitchen
LinaTheOne - GubbiGap
LinaTheOne - GubbiGap 21 dia atrás
@Cheeky Piper You think so? Why don't you think she could? (This is not to be rude, I'm just curious - it's hard to express that online and I feel like this could sound rude/sarcastic)
Cheeky Piper
Cheeky Piper 21 dia atrás
@LinaTheOne - GubbiGap And you would have been wrong.
Kemicbi 15 dias atrás
The owners were probably under paying him by a huge margin and convinced themselves that he’s an actual chef which he was fine with as long as the job had no stress or standards to uphold and he gets his pay.
Marsan TV
Marsan TV 28 dias atrás
I thought ramsey was an awful person but I guess he's not. He's passionate
Pablo Rocha
Pablo Rocha 26 dias atrás
@Rüsselfresse His first appearance on TV as a chef in the UK was his worst exhibition. They put hidden cameras in his restaurant while he tried to cook for a Michelin Star reviewer, and he was absolutely brutal to his crew.
Rüsselfresse 26 dias atrás
You need to watch the episodes where he is in the UK. He is so calm and nice there like a completely different person
Craft Craft
Craft Craft 12 horas atrás
When you have your own business you should never care about friendships, family or anything else then choosing the right employees, keeping your customers happy and making your business flourish by time
To Jedy
To Jedy 2 dias atrás
I like how Gordon did to her what she did to her worker when she started crying 😂
Kevin Sills
Kevin Sills Dia atrás
What a wonderful episode, very positive and ended on a happy note...........loved it! :)
Lorenzo Skaa
Lorenzo Skaa 5 dias atrás
An Italian restaurant spelling "frutti di mare" wrong on the menu is already a huge red flag
TM T 16 dias atrás
Tatiana started off laughing and giggling uncontrollably with a failing restaurant and she ended up in tears with a successful restaurant
M N 9 dias atrás
“How much is getting thrower away” My question how doesn’t she know that? Isn’t she the one responsible for managing such stuff? I mean I don’t expect her to be actually active in the kitchen but such things should be something she should at least know about since it’s her money wich gets wasted through that
rhonda graybiel
rhonda graybiel 25 dias atrás
This guy takes no ownership of anything. He knows damn well he is a lazy and terrible cook who took advantage of a long friendship to coast for 19 years.
Jessica 0312
Jessica 0312 13 dias atrás
i love how understanding he is for the sister and mom while throwing shit at the owner and the chef and is really fighting for them. Now for the owner to get a successful restaurant but for the mom and sister
Carla Grimmer
Carla Grimmer 14 horas atrás
laughed my ass off when she tried the toasted ravioli
Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur 18 dias atrás
That waitress deserves to have a better job and not get snapped at by her the business owner and she's taking all this bull shot and pulling herself together. Also all the waiters/waitress are normally so nice but they work for shity businesses
Elias Pee
Elias Pee 15 dias atrás
To break the bad news to you, that waitress passed away due to epilepsy complications. Store also closed like 4 months after the episode was aired.
Chloë -
Chloë - Mês atrás
the woman, the myth, the legend. Genevieve. What an icon.
ilaeoa 13 dias atrás
@F Mar. Wait, are these real REAL people?
Q-and-A 16 dias atrás
@xenomii I’ve known two people who died from complications of epilepsy. Truly sad.
Pandora TheClay
Pandora TheClay 20 dias atrás
One of the few people that worked there that are worth caring for, gone Absolutely dreadful
Phoebe5448 Mês atrás
Our girl Genevieve!! I hope wherever she is now she's doing awesome. Such an awesome person gone from us far too soon. She had so much to give. RIP Queen.
Hilunka Mês atrás
@xenomii 😔
Hearrok 29 dias atrás
"He couldn't make a meatball, but I don't think he is a bad cook.." Hahahaha, making a juicy italian meatball is probably the most easy thing to do if you know any basics of cooking. Him being an Italian and cooking for 15 years and not even understanding the basics of where the taste comes from in meat, is just sad.... very very sad... By cooking the meat in basically water, all the fat and taste will run out in the water. You are then left with just a wet soggy ball of protein with no taste :D
Marco Rizzoni
Marco Rizzoni 23 dias atrás
He is clearly mexican or at last latino. He was (trying to) cooking the meatballs mexican style. Wich could work (in the optic of the mexican cousine, wich it’s very different from the italian one) with mexican tomato sauce, but it doesn’t with the italian kind tomato sauce (and that wasn’t even that, it was just an random abomination). He was trying to cook in the mexican way thimgs that he didn’t know how to cook in the italian way using a sauce that he didn’t know how to cook, improvising it’s creation.
BFC 9000 for ya mama
BFC 9000 for ya mama 27 dias atrás
Cooking meat with water? What the actual fuck?
Georgia Dalamagas
Georgia Dalamagas 27 dias atrás
He's most likely Mexican
Shady Beshir
Shady Beshir 28 dias atrás
He’s not Italian lol, he’s Latino cuz is talking with them in Spanish
Chester Gervacio
Chester Gervacio 2 dias atrás
Imagine having a "head chef" not knowing how to use the microwave
Beamers 3 dias atrás
“Maybe I have no idea how to run a restaurant” Took you long enough
Bethany Sirmans
Bethany Sirmans 22 dias atrás
I love how even when Chef Ramsay is giving out he uses terms like "darling" and "sweetheart". He's just trying to help yk.
Angel Sophie Lubao
Angel Sophie Lubao 9 dias atrás
It's amazing to see such change in a person in a short period of time, Gordon is amazing!
davethefosh 12 dias atrás
I love how Tatiana's sister still supported her after the first successful night. She is an amazing sister and Tatiana is lucky to have her!
Tommie Jönsson
Tommie Jönsson 4 dias atrás
One thing I have noticed when watching full episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares" on youtube that I didn't notice watching one episode a week on TV: Gordon is a very loving person. He addresses every woman with "My darling", every time.
RepairAndRestore 5 dias atrás
If someone will laugh at me like she did when Gordon entered the restaurant, i'll find it offensive
Daniel Khong
Daniel Khong Mês atrás
The more I watch Chef Ramsay, the more respect I have for him. His mind is very sharp. He takes time to listen and observe in order to identify what’s wrong at the root using critical thinking. He then takes on the problem or the problematic person head on like a man in order to resolve issues. Chef Ramsay is a man of very strong leadership. A crying lady will not be able to weaken Chef Ramsay in any way. In fact, a leader like Chef Ramsay knows that he must remain strong so that he can make a crying boss stronger for her to go make the right decisions.
bread that hates mustard
@roki4 Hahahhaah damn fam u got the whole chat laughing 😐
F.P 16 dias atrás
Except the root of the problem is Tatiana and that shit needs to be worked on by her and a therapist for a long long long time. It's funny that even with editing her problems are just so apparent it's stupid her sister and mom trusted her so much. Honestly I think abandoning her might have been more help than not
Daniel Khong
Daniel Khong 16 dias atrás
@Bela MaitriYes and he doesn’t do that to insult people. He does that to wake up people’s idea to identify what’s truly important moving ahead ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Bela Maitri
Bela Maitri 17 dias atrás
Too true. I love how he said dont start looking for sympathy now!!
Francis Xavier Po
Francis Xavier Po 17 dias atrás
He's like that teacher we got in high school that is very strict but at the same time we learnt a lot from that teacher.
LukeTagg 21 dia atrás
It's always a good sign when a chef doesn't know if a PIZZA is cooked or not
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms 20 dias atrás
I feel like Tatiana sees Casimiro as father figure that's why she ignored everything she hears bad about the restaurant, I mean if your so invested with your business you would do what it takes and even take risks but she didn't because she was protecting someone instead, she could've fired him long time ago. Chef is one of the key foundation of a restaurant, if the chef is not good enough, so does the restaurant. Just saying.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 2 dias atrás
i gotta be honest, i am always suspicious of someone who cant be bothered to learn the language of the country they live in (for at least 14 years apparently). and i am saying that as an immigrant myself. also, my mother turned 72 this year and has started learning french, almost 2 years ago.
Seventeen Seconds
Seventeen Seconds 18 horas atrás
You think if you got Gordon Ramsey in to help your failing business you'd agree when he says your food isn't good enough. Imagine hiding behind the bar while he's eating and throwing him looks every two minutes 👀😂
What Does This Button Do
I love how Gordon is trying to tell us how difficult life is, and that is why I love him, he is so brutal, but what I love the most, honest as fuck!
Michal 15 dias atrás
the fact she's surprised that he hates the pizza while the restaurant is on the edge of collapse ... I am done
Julianna 15 dias atrás
I love how Tatiana says ''I" the whole time to credit herself, then she says "he doesn't like 'our' food" or "he hates 'our' pizza
aljoy ociel
aljoy ociel 23 horas atrás
I know its hard, but im here. Im here to support you, ~Gordon Ramsay!!
Misses Witch
Misses Witch Mês atrás
He doesn't even hug her, The guy was just using her and he knew it. He's a disgusting piece of work. They were never really friends.
Neon 9 dias atrás
She was so distraught over having to let him go and he didn't even seem to care about losing his own job.
skybellrock 10 dias atrás
@MaoMaoMi543 If you think calling someone a "karen" is on par or even close to calling someone a lazy foreign piece of shit, scammer, etc, that people have called him in thus comment section, just to mention a few, then you are delusional.
skybellrock 10 dias atrás
@MaoMaoMi543 "Crucial to survival" absolutely not. It isn't crucial at all. We have google translate. A lot of work doesn't require to speak with people. And once again, he clearly knows some English.
skybellrock 10 dias atrás
@MaoMaoMi543 First of all, he clearly knows some English. He just prefers speaking his own language, and who can blame him for that. He doesn't seem to be forcing anyone to speak his language, a lot of the fellow kitchen staff speak the same language, and the rest seem to sometimes talk his language out of respect. Secondly, do you think it is not bullying or rude to say something bad about someone as long as they can't hear or read it? Jesus. You have no morales.
MaoMaoMi543 10 dias atrás
@B Fitz don't forget our friend skybell here called someone a Karen right before their little "instant insults" rant.
You friendly YouTube watch Boo
I like how he try’s and guilt trip her saying “what’s wrong my child” if I was her I’d throw him out
abxjd 11 dias atrás
Respect for the camera mans for always being hidden when there is a serios problem
Z O X Y 10 dias atrás
Ye lol 🤣 😂
SR71BETA Mês atrás
An Italian Restaurant with a Italian chief who doesn't know how to cook, 10 years with no cooking experience how many people has he poisoned?
Marco Rizzoni
Marco Rizzoni 23 dias atrás
He is not italian, he is clearly latino.
Marco Rizzoni
Marco Rizzoni 23 dias atrás
The chef it’s not italian, it’s clearly latino.
help me reach 99k subs with no vids
Chef Gordon may seem strict but, he has a very kind heart ❤
Robbie Stevenson
Robbie Stevenson Mês atrás
She doesnt deserve help from the start when she said "they didnt have a gun to their heads" no they didnt they did it for you because they love you. Horrible woman.
margareth michelina
And the way she said "I didn't put a gun in their heads" sounded like she's just cracking a joke. She's even smiling when she said that. And the fact she's way more emotional to lose her chef over her family losing their property is a joke.
Your Butler
Your Butler Mês atrás
She sounds like a narc.
Hayley Edwards
Hayley Edwards 16 dias atrás
Justice for Daniella. She deserved soooo much more credit
Earl FromIpanema
Earl FromIpanema 3 dias atrás
You don't run a restaurant by drinking while you watch everyone else work. A restaurant owner i worked for, worked on the floor alongside the wait staff. She was hands on, knew every aspect of the business. She even washed pans for us in the kitchen if we were swamped. Know what's going on and support your staff!!!
Larry 23 dias atrás
This makes me so happy like the owners being very happy with their restaurant
Chris Pell Bois
Chris Pell Bois 29 dias atrás
Love how owners act so drama , when chef is there to simply help your business go up and do well >. Idk how a human cant own up to ther mistakes when getting help from someone >.> Also : love how the ads are placed right where they should be !
Valerie K
Valerie K Mês atrás
RIP Genevieve (the young waitress). She passed away after having a seizure a few weeks after this episode first aired.
Valerie K
Valerie K 9 dias atrás
@allypezz I’m so sorry friend. Some people are just assholes and think it’s funny to joke about people dying.
allypezz 9 dias atrás
Yo I have epilepsy and this comment has me proper shitting myself. Not funny.
lynda Roane
lynda Roane 25 dias atrás
Thats so sad.May she RIP
Layde Ramos
Layde Ramos 27 dias atrás
dimsumboy22 29 dias atrás
@Valerie K nah it was funny. Chill out child
Micki Roberts
Micki Roberts 7 dias atrás
I love Danielle she is definitely what that restaurant needs...Great sous chef!!!
Kaizen 16 dias atrás
takes a special kind of person to do something every day for 15 years and still be this bad at it
silver dragonian
silver dragonian 12 dias atrás
gj gordon for showing the owners what needs to be done. i enjoy your shows immensely you are awesome.
dua'a -0-
dua'a -0- 14 dias atrás
"i look at my mother and i feel horrible" then why did she bring her into this in the first place?! her mom and sister never dreamed of owning a restaurant and because of her stupid decisions she had her mother and sister put their houses on the line to fulfill HER DREAM that they NEVER HAD. this pisses me off so much because she does a shit job as the owner of the restaurant and harasses her employees and then GASLIGHTS gordon even though he KNOWS she isn't a good owner. what a mockery of a restaurant.
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