Our Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

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19 Jan 2022



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Comentários 2 753
HandMeAChurro BeforeIFaint
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you two so happy! There is something about being near family regularly & having a beautiful home w/ beautiful property that looks so homey & the perfect place to raise a family!
Tom Dudley
Shane you haven't looked this good, peaceful, and happy in years. It is so good to see your real smile and hear your laugh.
You guys aren't really that much older than me, but your vlogs always feel like my uncles videocalling me to tell me about their day. I don't really have relatives I have a close relationship with, so these vlogs make me feel so happy. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Angineh Davtians
The bedroom is absolutely beautiful. Glad you guys are back, we missed you both! It feels like forever since vlogmas
Stephanie Z
From watching Shane since 2010, I don't think I have ever seen him this happy! It makes my heart melt.. Best of wishes this New Year for y'all!! Btw your bedroom is absolutely beautiful! Great job :)
Jody Knight
This was just the best vlog I've ever watched! It brought me so much joy to see you both so happy, to see your dogs absolutely loving the winter snow (let's face it, both Uno and Honey are made for that kind of weather more than the climate of LA), to see you having so much fun together and creating gorgeous rooms for you to relax and enjoy your selves in. Shane looks amazing and of course so does Ryland. The move has been the best thing for you both and I get to benefit from that too, so thanks xxx
i’ve been telling myself, “i wish ryland would post soon”. YOU GUYS MAKE MY DAYS, THANK YOU! :)
Rebecca Jones
This Video is EVERYTHING Shane being so excited over Snow made my heart so Happy and the way he panicked everytime he went sledding I cracked up!
Why do I smile from start to finish in your vlogs?? You both give off such positive happy vibes that can be felt through my phone. Happy 2021(22)😘
Nicole Holt
I just need to repeat: Your videos make me so happy! There is so much joy in them!
Shelby Sanders
You two look great! Skin is glowing and energy is high and I’m living for it!!! Love you both
I’m going thru the worst situations right now and this is exactly what I needed … yall bring me joy please keep posting Ryland 😔
bless your heart
Shane's reactions to the things Ryland does is the best. Makes it worth every thing you put into it.
Nessa Ness
Y’all should make this a family tradition to go sledding New Year’s Day 👨‍👨‍👧
I love how happy you make Shane. He has so much self doubt, which he shouldn’t becUse he is amazing, but you truly are his perfect match. So happy you found each other! 🥰
I'm over here crying happy tears for y'all ... The happiness pouring out of you two is amazing to watch. I love you two and wish nothing but good things for y'all.
Kelly Teague
I love how much effort ryland puts into their home and lives and get exited over everything I know we only see the surface but I’m so glad that he and Shane met and how in love they are Shane is so supportive even if he looks annoyed 😂so cute
Mary Frail
It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m so happy you guys finally posted again!!! It’s crazy how people “me” could feel so much happiness for people I have never met!! I feel like I know you guys Bc I have been watching you guys for YEARS! I’m just so happy for you guys and wish you both nothing but the best! Please keep smiling and POSTING!!! Love you guys! 💜
Bren Barnes
I love how Rylan's mom always reassures Shane, you can tell she loves him ❤
Shannon Helton
I've been stuck in my room for 4 days due to covid and this was just what I needed to make me smile. I love watching y'all and seeing how happy the both of you are. And I'm super excited to see how y'all start planning for a family!!!
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