Our $1,000,000 Dubai Vacation 

Jake Paul
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The celebration continues! We went to Dubai for the first time and it was the best week of my life. Helicopter rides, Camel rides, Diving in the deepest pool in the world, Hanging off a building, and seeing the Burj Khalifa in real life!
- Skyviews: @skyviewsobservatory
- DeepDiveDubai: @deepdivedubai
- Platinumheritage: @platinumheritage
- Heli Dubai: @Helidubai
- Gaia Dubai: @gaia__dxb
0:00 - 0:36 - Intro
0:36 - 2:43 - 5 Days before Mayweather vs. Deji
2:43 - 7:01 - Desert Safari
7:01 - 7:56 - Car Ride to Helicopter
7:56 - 9:08 - Helicopter Ride in Dubai
9:08 - 11:05 - Lottery TedTalk
11:05 - 12:37 - Skyviews Building Ledge
12:37 - 13:30 - Deep Dive Dubai
13:30 - 15:17 - Hanging with Animals in Dubai
15:17 - 16:08 - Seafood Dinner in Dubai
16:08 - 17:02 - Driving a LaFerrari
17:02 - 17:24 - Laser Tag
17:24 - 18:36 - The SICKEST Hotel Room EVER
18:36 - 19:34 - Training in Dubai
19:34 - 20:36 - Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji
20:36 - 22:09 - Tommy Fury Fight
22:09 - 22:33 - Jake Paul and Andrew Tate Face to Face
22:33 - 23:20 - Why I left the Mayweather vs Deji Fight
23:20 - 24:00 - We're going to Hawaii!// Outro
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Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.
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24 Fev 2024



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@ConnorTVofficial Anos atrás
Congrats on the win Jake! Great fight
@Sohamsta Anos atrás
@petrasanchez2248 Anos atrás
Missed watching your vlogs Jake. Sending lots of blessings your way.
@nothing-zb3hs Anos atrás
sending lots of remote controlled heat seeking missiles your house’s way.
@NRCave1 Anos atrás
@taitb7606 Anos atrás
The face that Jake makes when Tristan Tate makes eye contact with him, he looks like a child angry after you took candy away from them.
@sky_snap Anos atrás
@nickpadget Anos atrás
I never saw Tristan, which bit was it?
@hpa2361 Anos atrás
@@nickpadget he was behind Andrew's bodyguard wearing a suit i think maroon colour
@johnny_truth 8 meses atrás
You definitely have fun at a level I’ve never seen before. I hope your happy, seems like boxing is what you truly want. Good luck buddy, your hard work has definitely earned you more fans. I hear other boxes saying how hard you work.
@tombly7599 Anos atrás
Love It finally seeing the vlogs coming back. I've been missing these vlogs
@bobthebuilder8223 Anos atrás
Tate loves Jake
@GodThunderGaming Anos atrás
same here bro
@haileebrianna Anos atrás
that hotel room is the best, vlogs go crazy each time I love watching your journey
@twistyfishy Anos atrás
When Tristan started starring down jake 😂😂😂
@sakmitsu3421 Anos atrás
Tristian would body him the guy is massive and rapid
@holysht2462 Anos atrás
Yeah I’m actually surprised he uploaded that whole clip because he looked like Andrew got under his skin in that stare down and then looked nervous when Tristan walked by
@mehulshrivas1227 Anos atrás
when it comes to vlog you can't deny the power of paul's
@orlandoyero7151 Anos atrás
This there lane fr
@lalbroa2660 Anos atrás
Just finished watching USA vs England in the World Cup and came straight here to watch the vlog
@itsjust_bones8776 Anos atrás
@@lalbroa2660 I feel bad for you. U wasted ur time watching that match lol
@benjoseph2100 Anos atrás
They’ve only done it a year or two. 😂Incredible progress they’ve made
They rape women to death in your country.
@Ghost88o9 Anos atrás
Thanks for the content. Jake’s & his team are killing it . Salute from Canada 🇨🇦 🫡
@bcpro-cast Anos atrás
Love the content!!! Hoping to see more!!!
@ITZNIGHT-iq7hh Anos atrás
Wow after years of no vlogs ur finally back ❤❤
@ericsosa3 Anos atrás
Loving the vlogs Jake
@xSammyG Anos atrás
Great vlog with great editing! Love the content you've been putting out. Keep up the grind.
Vibe honestly these videos are so cool 😂and like your vids are so funny now and natural it’s cool
@VariousLayerz Anos atrás
@jooman5939 Anos atrás
@epicjuk9658 Anos atrás
Definitely looks amazing
@hmmm3811 Anos atrás
Really liked this vlog and Dubai looks like a really cool place to be. Jake and Julia look so happy together and I am happy for them.
@namehere7771 Anos atrás
@jacobbeatz2454 Anos atrás
Hmmm commented 19 minutes ago , Jake Paul video came out 28 minutes ago, vlog has 24 minutes. Do your calculations.
@lalbroa2660 Anos atrás
Just finished watching USA vs England in the World Cup and came straight here to watch this 💀
@lalbroa2660 Anos atrás
👑 and 👸💅
@dbschang1423 Anos atrás
Now I have to hit Dubai...looks too lit! Keep filming your trips brotha!
This is dope man, its sweet to see a little of inside of his life 😎💯
@PacerTheSlayer Anos atrás
we nee more paul content. seeing you guys grow and mature into such dope an entertaining humans makes for such great videos, keeep up the grind, its everyday bro. Paul Brothers, Legends in the making.
@pacerl9941 Anos atrás
jake mature??? lmao
@Stel298 Anos atrás
Jakes the same douche he was 4 years ago. Who are you talking about?
@Zay2Lit_ Anos atrás
Love to see jake posting missed his vlogs 🎉 ❤️
@AriyaHomes Anos atrás
This was a good vlog first time I’ve ever liked one.
@jenn_81 Anos atrás
Jake looking out for Julia’s safety is the sweetest and says so much about him. He has a bigger heart than people like to believe.
@ForLost929q Anos atrás
Erika was better he needs to broke up with her asp
@robert_6-_896 Anos atrás
@@ForLost929q yea julia seems alil too loose 😐
Reality check mate, Jake Paul is a massive twat
@princess_maya_ Anos atrás
Um what?? That's literally the BARE minimum 🤣 the bar is really on the floor, wow
@thepowerofmyth Anos atrás
Hahahaha 🤡
@kamalmazri554 Anos atrás
These new vlogs are amazing. I hope you keep uploading, i'm really here for it. Much love from canada🇨🇦
@Sohamsta Anos atrás
The editing in this was top notch 🤌🏼
@DCGarage. Anos atrás
Fire video man, Keep up the work!
@editzq6300 Anos atrás
Lowkey bringing back good memories miss these
22:15 gives me chills
@Fuunyrob Anos atrás
Casue ur soft
@@Fuunyrob lol
@lifeinprisonWV Anos atrás
@annicewoodard9141 6 meses atrás
I love the freestyle... this man is so entertaining. I could watch him all day.
Who’s here before the $1,000,00 in the title is changed into either $100,000 or $1,000,000? If you are, then y’all are the true OGs
@AidanL941 Anos atrás
Bro sniffed the wrong white stuff
@animeeditz4568 Anos atrás
@@AidanL941 😂😂
@ShadyRonin Anos atrás
$1,000,00 comment right here
@tonyvicet9416 Anos atrás
I'm deaddd
@tajharris8355 Anos atrás
No way I would swing over the edge of that building , props to Julia for having no hesitation.
@snitchex5087 Anos atrás
watching this vlog, only now i realised how fun it was to watch him almost daily, especially now when he doesn't have to do certain things to get views and now he only does what he actually likes is really fun to watch
@Tolatetosayimgone Anos atrás
You must be depressed
@@Tolatetosayimgone Negative Thoughts are a sign of depression. Please feel better! ❤️‍🩹 ☺️
@Tolatetosayimgone Anos atrás
@@pokechespingames9084 yeah whatever mate 🤣
@snitchex5087 Anos atrás
@@Tolatetosayimgone average jake paul hater, nothing new
@Tolatetosayimgone Anos atrás
@@snitchex5087 no one likes him except u 😂😂
@GracelynT18 Anos atrás
The Paul brothers are really pushing out content this week it’s awesome to see.
@bugsbunny1913 Anos atrás
Paid sheep coment
Ngl I’m enjoying the vlogs brooo 🔥 Good to see Jake back
@5speed_ram333 Anos atrás
This vlog style is dope 🤝🏽
@sarthakpal5795 Anos atrás
The Andrew Tate moment tho 🔥
@HypnosisTube Anos atrás
Go get it man 🎉 🔥
@simonriplot6424 Anos atrás
Dubai looks really cool and i love the desert with the bird flying. jake Paul rapping to the guys playing was funny.
Damn Jake you come back with straight bangers love it
@epicjuk9658 Anos atrás
Great video
@kaylaleann3173 Anos atrás
Vlog content is out of this world 🔥
That 21 line got me 🤣🤣
@armanmalhotra4184 Anos atrás
22:28 tristan tate staring at jake.....must have send shiver down jakes spine
@Cucckombo892 Anos atrás
@hui975 Anos atrás
I felt it through the screen
@imnoopYT Anos atrás
Love the content ❤
Keep doing great things
@namehere7771 Anos atrás
@Honeybunnvr Anos atrás
I REALLY like this video this is the best video you ever made in like long time keep making videos like this and i hope you have a good day and i hope you read this for some advice
@bettercallaidan Anos atrás
Looks like a great time! The deep dive in Dubai is on my bucket list
@StaryzHelios 11 meses atrás
Julia has something special vibes, the smile and the positivity, no wonder Jake like her so much.
@kingmidas670 Anos atrás
Love your videos keep up with the good work
@davidhunt2240 Anos atrás
Love you bro keep grinding and never stop making us content
@edwartschwarz7136 Anos atrás
Awesome I really enjoyed this . PLS more !
@yclix5582 Anos atrás
i love the videos again jake
@nikorojas7798 Anos atrás
Best video for internet good luck brother 😊😊😊😊😊😊
@fikamgulwa5869 Anos atrás
jake vs tate, lets goo!!!!!🔥🔥🔥
@cratedigga.mp3 Anos atrás
I wanna see Cobra murder Paul
@Dfx2014 Anos atrás
Loved the server at the seafood restaurant 😭
@chrisnadia7895 Anos atrás
We need more content 🔥🔥🔥
@etherealjg Anos atrás
Jakes so funny sending them love💗🫶🏼✨🤍
@perezgang5638 Anos atrás
Éxito y bendiciones para la familia 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
@johnlaine3222 Anos atrás
Big fan keep doing you Jake hope all so well StaySafeStayHealthy
@speedofsound1658 Anos atrás
Lol I love how Floyd Mayweather can’t still get over the “Gotcha hat” incident with Jake 😂😂
@eleshalife5 Anos atrás
We love Julia!!! She’s the best❤
@Bsn8810500 Anos atrás
@@eleshalife5 why, she's brainless?
Love to see this vlog. Soon I will do all that activities in Dubai.
@sammi_lynn Anos atrás
Epic and beautiful,loved it all
@tytyvlogs5703 Anos atrás
I been following you since you jumped on the news van and I gotta say you have grown up so much and became your best version of yourself
Bring back the daily vlogs...that was interesting to watch
Yesssss G ...What a deserve absolutly evreything you have ..hated you last year but kinda watched your videos tha much I feel like I know you top top guy . wrong was I. .Ledgend
@rhysrocket1249 Anos atrás
12:33 This is natural skill and talent that Jake possesses here
@dikcheetmagar3274 Anos atrás
Ohhh tate vs paul at the end so dope😍
@eamchheng_sim Anos atrás
kinda miss these type of videos
@CharlesStjohn Anos atrás
Bro the place looks amazing my heart almost stopped when Julia was swinging on that building damn you guys are crazy lol. Sweet video
@videoedits830 Anos atrás
Jake paul is that kinda guy in high school that would humilliate his friends to look "cool" in front of the girls
@HeezJero Anos atrás
Bro tate and tommy fury in the same night!?? 😂 jake is gonna entertain the world with his next fights.
@oliverlandby9533 Anos atrás
Tristan staring jake down was cold
@chrislotts4551 Anos atrás
Jake sleeping during Tommy's fight had me dead 🤣😂🤣😂💀💀💀☠️
@LewisBell0703 Anos atrás
Enjoying the vlogs
@travisb9507 Anos atrás
This is the best content yet
@iMaverick_ Anos atrás
Sick edits!
@tylerjoy1772 Anos atrás
Dude the way Tristan ans Andrew tate walked past jake was cold ngl
@Manopos17 Anos atrás
Yeah and Tristan is big.
@stevewilliams6294 Anos atrás
Jake you the man brotha
@AghaNoor Anos atrás
I love you so much Jake! Keep the great work up! Super proud of everyone involved in making your ventures betr!🙌
@calurk Anos atrás
love the vlogs
@SHXN3 Anos atrás
This was actually one of the best BRvid videos I've seen in a very long time 🔥💯
@JADJAYZEE 5 meses atrás
@joannedmello6204 Anos atrás
Extremely entertaining and fun vlog!!
I absolutely love the rant in the van. Spoken truth.
@Dubiemadeit Anos atrás
You deserve it king
@varunchawla9114 Anos atrás
That freestyle was lit bro
@pritchszn1470 Anos atrás
Banger 🔥
@beebz8922 Anos atrás
Such a bad ass experience. I wanna go!!!
@JoeBagzz Anos atrás
That was a good video. Jakey poo. We need more vids like this one.
@DjonieCash Anos atrás
epic vlog. like a movie scene.
@nightn9ne89 Anos atrás
Jake you should do the Old Vlogs you used to
This guy still got real fans damn tough he feel off
@FolloGOD 10 meses atrás
Keep BRvid up bro I love it
@hichemmokhtar3884 Anos atrás
Dubai looks amazing ❤
@johnemils3994 Anos atrás
I had a Dubai Vacation years ago and it was just as fun. So much to do there and the people are very friendly.
@YashSharma-ic8dy Anos atrás
Nice vlog jake❤
please keep making vlogs ..the last few have been awesome to watch!
@grizz2489 Anos atrás
gotta say I love the stare down with tate at the end!!! Bro was starring at his soul even after tate looked away. Then the transfer to his Brother was crazy!!!
@mithunnair8587 Anos atrás
This was so fun ❤️