Oprah gave Harry and Meghan ‘free rein to smear the Royal Family’

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Oprah Winfrey gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “free rein to smear the royal family” in the interview which saw two privileged people show how narcissistic they can “actually be,” according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt.
“Runaway royals, not even aware in their interview with Oprah Winfrey how monstrously appalling they seem,” Mr Bolt said.
He spoke of the “damage they’ve done” to the royal family, including “trashing it as racist”.
“The warning signs were there from their wedding, three years ago when Meghan invited Oprah as their honoured guest to the surprise not just of reporters, but of Oprah herself, she’d only met Meghan once”.
“But the thing is, Oprah wasn’t just a celebrity … Oprah was also someone who could be useful in the future, Markle could rely on her to back her up at times like right now and play the race card”.
Mr Bolt pointed to one of Ms Markle’s “unbelievable” claims that “someone in the royal family - a member of the Royal Family itself - was a racist”.
“Harry - when he came on later in the interview - seemed much less keen to talk about this claim, refused to answer Oprah’s request for details,” he said.
“I am just appalled by what I saw.”

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8 Mar 2021



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Comentários 99
N. V.
N. V. 8 horas atrás
Megain naive? Oh hell no she is not naive at all,. She's an expert , expert to everything, she's even good in googling , etc. Not a virgin, married once and dump the ex husband coz she cannot use it to elevate her status. But married the wrong prince , coz she can't get all what she wants and demands. harry position over heir is way too far, he's on the 7th. He's not a direct successor , so meg you married a wrong prince. Maybe google more , find another prince 😭😭😭
N. V.
N. V. 8 horas atrás
Megain you're such a whiner, all you can do is complain. Megain you married a wrong prince if you want all your demands to be met. Wrong prince megain , search on Google another great prince whom you can ask all the demands and same time just not working at all and just wear all luxury clothes and 100 security GUARDS and you're kids will have titles.
Harb Dhaliwal
Harb Dhaliwal 17 horas atrás
Makes me sad that there’s still people out there who believe Meghan is the victim 🤢
Eve Morgan
Eve Morgan 22 horas atrás
I don’t believe M was ever pregnant with Archie or pregnant with this current one. Nothing but lies come from her and H just sits by while she does so and then lets her trash his family. I give the marriage no more than another 12 months. She will then attack H and quite possibly do so with another interview with O. So much for the private life they said they wanted!
Laine Andrews
Laine Andrews Dia atrás
There's never been a more fake "What?" than Oprah's after Markle's claim that there were conversationS in the plural about the color of Archie's skin. Oprah knows from a lifetime of experience than in any mixed race marriage that's part of the normal conversation, just like speculation about eye color or hair. Hilarious how the same people who think a darker skin tone should slingshot you past a white or Asian into a school or job for which you're not the most qualified suddenly pretend to faint when someone speculates as to what skin tone a baby will have - an affirmative action one or not?
Ginny Ree
Ginny Ree Dia atrás
As an American, please know that not all of us are like her. She embarrasses most of us.
Rochelle Amadeo
Rochelle Amadeo Dia atrás
What a Piece of Work! Sheesh!
Laura Berry
Laura Berry Dia atrás
Lies all lies
Minerva Dia atrás
Excellent summing up of the interview and it’s participants. Thank you 👏❤️🇬🇧
Charis Matta
Charis Matta Dia atrás
Shame on Oprah, I used to watch her show, but now Ijust lost my respect for her andMm......
Lynette Dia atrás
What Mefhan fails to mention is that she is ONLY 1/4 BLACK making her son ONLY 1/8TH BLACK....poor people subjected to RACISM AL THE TIME!!
Lynette Dia atrás
Do yourself a favour and follow Lady C's channel LADY COLIN CAMPBELL...her commentary and knowlwdge on royal matters..especially Harry and Meghan' shenanigans, are impressive...not to mention her humour. She is exteemely intelligent, witty and knowledgeable and one odnthe most interesting people I have ever come across. For me THE BEST CHANNEL ON YT.
Nessa Hughes
Nessa Hughes Dia atrás
check out meghan markle video for mens magazine........pretty sleezy
katy larson
katy larson Dia atrás
I am all for social justice, working for inclusion, equality and dignity for all people. I treat everyone i meet with the same respect and courtesy no matter what. But I also understand a lot about narcissism and I'm sick and tired of these danm narcissists, like Megan, playing the victim or hero when it's they who are the villains. They whonare manipulating people, smearing their names and character. We all know Kate wouldn't do anything to make Megan cry. It was the opposite. Megan is clearly jealous of Kate. Narcissts are jealous of good people.
katy larson
katy larson Dia atrás
She wants to be connected to Diana in some way.
danette perez
danette perez Dia atrás
Princess Diana would be very ashamed of Harry.
Jan Hall
Jan Hall Dia atrás
She must have had p personal care from qualified dr. During her preg Nancy. If she was so desperate why didn't they notice. Mental health of mother woud alone part of their care. What does may be. She was not the one who was pregnant.
Tammy Adams
Tammy Adams Dia atrás
She has certainly taught Harry how to act and lie!
Kitty Maher
Kitty Maher 2 dias atrás
Shame on her , I will never watch another program she has anything to do with, it’s all about money, so vulgar.
Juliana Merced
Juliana Merced 2 dias atrás
They preach compassion, but showed none. Hypocrites
Ellen Mendoza
Ellen Mendoza 2 dias atrás
Brilliant big thank you from Britain
Susan McIntyre
Susan McIntyre 2 dias atrás
She wants to do herself in where was her husband why did he not help her, he should have got a Dr to help her, but she blames the RF. She KS a real piece of work!
Di Se
Di Se 2 dias atrás
Meghan is almost 40 years old for God's sake, older than her husband, twice divorced, actress, and still very naive, sensitive young woman on the verge of tears and suicide...and all the way clinging to her title...😄
Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess 3 dias atrás
I would love a veteran British journalist to get ahold of her. Of course, she would never allow. Also, does she not realize that she is wearing a very similar dress to Wallis Simpson? Oh Harry, shame. Shame. Long live the Queen! Regards from the USA. 🇺🇸🇬🇧✌🏼
Ben Daulton
Ben Daulton 3 dias atrás
Doesn't Meghan consider herself black because she visited a Popeyes once.
theresa burdett
theresa burdett 3 dias atrás
Australian media are so honest about this saga. Well said. If it was our son he would have gotten a lecture about his roots and responsibilities. Thank heaven we have sensible kids who font make victemhoid their mantra. They are strong decent people.
Nory Laman
Nory Laman 3 dias atrás
In turn meagan has self- destruct. She is a drama queen, liar and no class.
Pamela Rickers
Pamela Rickers 4 dias atrás
Excellent report!
Linda Schultz
Linda Schultz 4 dias atrás
Oprah ruined her name for these two fools.
blupheonix44 4 dias atrás
Yes. But look at her track record of bringing quacks on her show and making them household names. Dr Oz, Dr phil. Gwyneth Paltrow. The list goes on.
lkreyche 4 dias atrás
The suicide claim reminds me of a would-be country song: "You said you'd die for me but you're still alive" Hahaha! The fact is, she realized she wasn't going to get the best stately home, her choice of the crown jewels, she'd have to curtsy to Catherine, she wasn't the star of the show. She was going to be an ensemble player. Again. She'd have to do charity work and NOT BE PAID FOR IT. She would actually have to do unsung work and lots of it. She went into this marriage thinking it would be her entree into the world of celebrity that she had always craved, but didn't quite know how to get there. Well, she quickly found out that THIS wasn't it either, so she claimed racism, cruelty, mean reporters, and then she bailed. Into Hollywood, where her kind are a dime a dozen. Here in the U.S. we see her, we know her, we are not buying it. She threw away a golden opportunity to do actual good, which is what she claims she wanted. Not true. If it were true, she'd still be in the U.K and she would be doing good. Instead, she's in Montecito showing the royal family the kind of home she expected them to give her. Oh, Meghan. We see you. We know what you are.
Jane Dor
Jane Dor 4 dias atrás
Can't stomach Harry's wife's face or the sound of her voice. Oprah has revealed her lack of character and integrity by her actions. Think she is jealous of the Queen and how she is admired and respected worldwide. Oprah will never have that especially after this blatant take down attempt. She has shown herself to be just like Harry and his wife's. Horrible people.
Exania Hislop
Exania Hislop 4 dias atrás
Harry’s wife gives Jodi Arias vibes 😬 self centered, attention seeking and narcissistic. If you don’t know who Jodi is Google it
HoNeStRaGe 4 dias atrás
I do feel bad for the queen and Philip during all this. He was sick when they released that interview. And the poor Queen 💔 you know this is hard for her right now
Timo Partanen
Timo Partanen 4 dias atrás
OMG :((( Im so fed up for Meghan and Harry............Why don't t they just fade into that magnificent mansion.....AND SHUT UP
Bel wolf
Bel wolf 4 dias atrás
Isn’t Harry’s wife the most vicious odious liar!
Amy Strickland
Amy Strickland 4 dias atrás
She absolutely did and has the audacity to say she had “no idea” how they were going to answer the questions. 🙄
Clarinelle Cruda
Clarinelle Cruda 4 dias atrás
So much lies...Megan, how dare you?
John Wraith
John Wraith 4 dias atrás
There is an old Victorian song entitled-i"In service let me dedicate my days"-perhaps they need a copy? Values,dignity,etc are not just words! Please stay in the United States... Crying is not a world issue!
gary baker
gary baker 4 dias atrás
It was a DISGUSTING ONE SIDED interview!!!
Tisha Mathis
Tisha Mathis 4 dias atrás
Oh please, a 36-year-old that inherited over 16 million dollars from his mother is having a cry that his Father cut him off finacially. And then his wife is found out in 17 lies in that interview, she even tried to throw the Archbishop under the bus.
Lifeofmuf 4 dias atrás
Australia news are more truthful
Carol Steele
Carol Steele 4 dias atrás
I suspect when the RF sat down to hear their interview, they all played air violins, I know I would have.
Science Geek
Science Geek 4 dias atrás
Sociopaths? Don’t cry. BC they don’t have that capacity. They don’t care if u cry or go comatose): They have some jumbled genes. They all, frequently don’t even come TO, their disorder till up into teens. They get diagnosed faster after a few Shrinks. But therapy, will NOT work to quell yourself. And PS?? She’d never 6677349754 %, take her own, wretched life. Never. They have FOMO. Sadly, deaths far away.
Kerry White
Kerry White 4 dias atrás
Harry's wife wears Diana's fragrance to boot.
Suzette Rhoadesf
Suzette Rhoadesf 4 dias atrás
Digesting display. I cannot help but hope that they will be relayed a hundred fold. What can be expected from people like Gayle and Oprah - apparently spilling to do anything for money.
Philomena Lynch
Philomena Lynch 5 dias atrás
👍 everything he said is true
Denise Stephens
Denise Stephens 5 dias atrás
I still do not see the "comment" as racist. It could be just "conversation"..... Like wonder if she/he will have your color of hair.
Lorna Kavanagh
Lorna Kavanagh 5 dias atrás
Will Harry and his wife and Oprah be held accountable for this trash. ? Noooo because we will be told we are being racist !
Mary Moore
Mary Moore 5 dias atrás
That’s exactly what she. Did
jing sun
jing sun 5 dias atrás
Magen has no credit
jing sun
jing sun 5 dias atrás
She is full of shits
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 5 dias atrás
Then it's Oprah Winfrey who should be held accountable before not finding out the facts before Harry and Megan slanders the Royal Family. The Royals should sue Oprah and Harry and Megan. And that's what should happen.
Jane Holmes
Jane Holmes 5 dias atrás
Well said
Gloria Farham
Gloria Farham 5 dias atrás
I am so disappointed in Opray
Me _ow
Me _ow 5 dias atrás
It's heartbroken to see Harry seperate from the family who brought him up
Anamaria Cojocaru
Anamaria Cojocaru 5 dias atrás
Karen Cousins
Karen Cousins 5 dias atrás
Oprah you've let us all down!! You didn't question Meghan's lies!!! Why???
Veronica Kelly
Veronica Kelly 6 dias atrás
What feelings Poor me
Veronica Kelly
Veronica Kelly 6 dias atrás
Rehearsed by the 'Caucasian'
Jayda Thompson
Jayda Thompson 6 dias atrás
Pamkarita 7 dias atrás
What?! Disgusting
Frannie Hillman
Frannie Hillman 7 dias atrás
It was simply a case of if I can't be Queen I will see to it that no one can be. Harry's wife will never stop. The Royal family will have to destroy "the thing" or be destroyed.
Castro's Son
Castro's Son 8 dias atrás
When Piers Morgan is ahead of the curve.
cc cc
cc cc 8 dias atrás
Agree she deff did! And how can she go down this lane of racism.. **tch ur a multimillionaire AND so many other wealthy black celebrities live in Hollywood.. and they DO NOTHING for their oppressed black communities except dictate.. like a crooked politician.. all Oprah ever did was exploit ppl and their stories.. the whole idea was and is still TRASH.. Meghan skin tone isn't even dark!! She vomits her lies and eats it
Mary Wrenn
Mary Wrenn 8 dias atrás
Oprah would never have gone to that wedding if Meghan had married a nobody. Why would she turn up to the wedding of a woman she hardly knew otherwise. They weren't friends.
Sandy Rocha
Sandy Rocha 8 dias atrás
Don't be leave any of it or Opera can't stand them there rich why don't that go back to Africa and live like those poor people so sad wat the he'll are that bitchin about I feel so sad for poor so many people homeless right here but wait let's feel sorry for harry and wife so dumb leave america pleace
Sandy Rocha
Sandy Rocha 8 dias atrás
Sham on her to
Emerald1dx3 8 dias atrás
Mercy Advocat
Mercy Advocat 8 dias atrás
Agree! From USA
Frannie Hillman
Frannie Hillman 9 dias atrás
I must say this has been the most viable report on Oprah Winfrey's less than.stellar interview. Thank you!
Krystyna Dey
Krystyna Dey 10 dias atrás
That woman ( Harry’s wife ) is full of herself.
Krystyna Dey
Krystyna Dey 10 dias atrás
Did anybody noticed Oprah’s dress on Harry’s wedding? Wasn’t it strange? Wow,wow.
Tony Lakin
Tony Lakin 10 dias atrás
Oprah states she did lots of preparation, anyone could see and hear she didn't do any? To be a good interviewer you need to be a good journalist, she isn't either. She asked no in depth questioning, challenging or probing ones, at the last count 17 facts were completely wrong or inaccurate, there are plenty of vids on BRvid which provide all the correct answers, not the lies! Oprah also states she has been surprised at the reaction, yes just how bad it was!
Stephem Murphy
Stephem Murphy 10 dias atrás
They let her in. This in itself is dubious.
Janet De la rosa
Janet De la rosa 10 dias atrás
How dare she speak the name of Princess Diana !!!
MariJu Lomeli
MariJu Lomeli 10 dias atrás
Yes Oprah would do this just so this stupid woman can use the black or brown card she is a witch and Opra did it . Just to use the race card
Di Amant
Di Amant 10 dias atrás
😉Please... KINGDOM vs BOREDOM !!! The MegZilla ShushExes TM woke fakery brand is just so sunk in quicksand and fleeting tabloid fad. MuggShot has NEVER had her foot anywhere near stardom. She is still a NOBODY forever... no amount of upstaging will change that. She has BLANK SHELLS not bombshells.
Frozen Flower
Frozen Flower 10 dias atrás
Why she always staring like him like a witch.
Philomena Walton
Philomena Walton 11 dias atrás
Oprah well and truly markled
kbrrr3 12 dias atrás
Oprah did not ask the right questions and her interview was tabloid trash, Oprah was shameful and has sunk to the gutter level, Meghan was proven to be a liar in her comments which Oprah could have fact checked but instead swam in the sewage.
Charles Drake
Charles Drake 12 dias atrás
I am just glad that I am a man and didnt really care
John Gibson
John Gibson 12 dias atrás
Please quit whispering at times during your commentary. It's annoying as I am not sitting next to you. If you have something to say then speak it aloud. Thanks.
Fan For Trump
Fan For Trump 12 dias atrás
Victoria Duffy
Victoria Duffy 12 dias atrás
Spot on. Great to see reports that actually shine light on their true motives. Without cowering we should say, to the fear of being accused of being racist just by having the audacity to call them to account.
Darn Flyer
Darn Flyer 12 dias atrás
I’m super rich and super oppressed aka black aka kinda black.
Linda Kerr
Linda Kerr 13 dias atrás
Oh Harry you have really hooked up with the WRONG one!!
Mr. Elmo ?
Mr. Elmo ? 13 dias atrás
Oprah is playing markel. Look how excited she looks when Oprah pretends to believe her.
Diana Roldan
Diana Roldan 13 dias atrás
That woman got Prince Harry under her spell.
Helena Agustien
Helena Agustien 13 dias atrás
They are pushing the race agenda... they are the ones who are racist.
Lindee Sprong
Lindee Sprong 13 dias atrás
IVANA BROZ 13 dias atrás
shut the hell up ypu plastic ineducated manipulative person ,nobody listen ,no inteligent people maybe she's who need to be walk in barn you stupid nasty bucket of gossip
dempsey 95
dempsey 95 14 dias atrás
Oprah has always been racist anyway.
Jk Mwera
Jk Mwera 14 dias atrás
The Idea of Royalty to Meghan is totally different!Her expectations were far beyond .Higher than what it is expected to be .She must have been really disappointed and had to make a quick exit using falsehood. These 2 most be purnished for taking serious matters of the world causally.Especially after lots of money ,time has been spent on them.
Gloria Graham
Gloria Graham 14 dias atrás
Meghan went against Royal tradition before the Wedding. It wasn't about the Dresses. It was over leggings. Meg didn't want the little girls to wear them.and they didn't! Caused blisters on the little girls feet, never mind it's cold.Kaye took Flowers herself to mend the hurt feelings between them. Meg slammed Door in Kate face. Not good enough. Expected pearls/ diamonds to be SENT.
l c
l c 14 dias atrás
I think MM went in with a chip on her shoulder. I don’t think she tried to get along with his family because she’s jealous. She knows she can play the race card in America but thankfully it’s backfiring on her and Oprah in other countries.
Garth Carr
Garth Carr 14 dias atrás
I'm crying for millions too, I'm black as snow
becky san
becky san 14 dias atrás
Well said. Harry did not marry the right woman. Let this be a lesson to everyone that one needs to know the person you are marrying. Prince William married a future queen. Harry married a lying socialclimbing golddigger
ana franco
ana franco 14 dias atrás
So lost.Awfull of them .No respect,no Nada.Holy Harry,,, mad Meghan.😤😤😤 Grow got kids to raise in the Right way.🤤🤤😲😲🙃🙃🙃
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