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Haul time!! Did a little online shopping from Instagram stores you need to shop from! Hope you find some small businesses from this haul!! Love you guys! xo -Alisha Marie
Instagram: @Alisha
Twitter: @AlishaMarie
Snapchat: LidaLu11
Drip Creaionz:
Butterfly Shoe:
Leopard Shoe:
Max Roux:
Cyberspace Shop:
Raw Rebellious:
He Loves Me Not:
Faux Fantasy Set:
Champagne Showers Set:
Honest Daydreams Set:
Give Zero:
Ain’t Laurent:
Gucci in Paris:
Throw A Fit:
Red Flags:
Velvet Skies:
Yours Truly Clothing:
Frankie Collective:
Set Active:
One Shoulder Bra:
Yellow One Piece:
Black One Piece:
Feelin Cute Sticker:
Babe Sticker:
Letter Stickers:
Other Small Business Hauls:

Apple Podcasts:

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24 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
AlishaMarie Mês atrás
Small Bizzzz Checkkkkk... haha what are YOUR fav small businesses??
Cameron Waller
Cameron Waller 9 dias atrás
Tyde Apparel! They have amazing tie die outfits
Elizabeth Parker
Elizabeth Parker 17 dias atrás
AlishaMarie can you pls do workout vids on you’re second channel
Meg C
Meg C 19 dias atrás
Norlander Socks and for pet stuff Tulane's Closet!!
Angela C
Angela C 19 dias atrás
For gold minimal modern jewelry, mapetitemer is great
Elena here
Elena here 24 dias atrás
I suggest badila it's awesomeeeee
Gwyneth Baehr
Gwyneth Baehr 10 horas atrás
just purchased from this boutique petal and pup
Bjorg Oladottir
Bjorg Oladottir 15 horas atrás
its ashley
its ashley Dia atrás
Can you do the black owned small business? There are so many who needs help right now!
idk what to do
idk what to do 3 dias atrás
You can do a collage in the glass frame with the small prints
Mahi El-Gabry
Mahi El-Gabry 3 dias atrás
Ik I’m very late but if ur seeing this comment pls reply , could u make a haul from the online shop called “Avrilgo” and “posmywayofficial”
Amira ELKURDI 4 dias atrás
who is still watching this in covide19 2020
Margaux De Bie
Margaux De Bie 4 dias atrás
I lovveed the energy in this video
Daisy Latham
Daisy Latham 4 dias atrás
I think the picture of the shoes are cute,and your bathing suit is SO cute!
hahahah! no
hahahah! no 5 dias atrás
PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM DRIPCREATIONZ!!! i’ll explain why. they DO NOT PAINT THE DESIGNS. they use heat transfer stickers, which is used on t-shirts. the only problem is that shirts are not made of leather. this means that you can literally pull the design off (or it will fall off on its own). for the amount they use per pair of shoes, they cost around $5. now, let’s do some math. $169.99 - $95 = 74.99. THEY ARE CHARGING $70 FOR A STICKER. you can’t make the argument “they need to pay their employees” because 1. they are paid minimum wage (look it up) and 2. people who used to work there have said they pay their employees under the table to avoid taxes which is...ya know... A FELONY. also their CEO has said some homophobic stuff on facebook. there is a reason they have a D+ rating with the BBB. thank you for coming to my ted talk.
mariii sznnn xx2
mariii sznnn xx2 5 dias atrás
get tk a red vintage nike basketball purse, that would so suit her
Roxanna Shea
Roxanna Shea 5 dias atrás
JuneofJuly 5 dias atrás
Lilly Simityan
Lilly Simityan 5 dias atrás
Hey can you come check out my new small business !! It’s trendy and cute !!
Jittu Vp
Jittu Vp 6 dias atrás
Omg jittu.w.vp on insta is sooo cute but you have to text her
Olivia Floyd
Olivia Floyd 6 dias atrás
Omg I wish I knew some small buisnesses but I dont otherwise I would totally recommend some
Unicorn Unicorn 191
Unicorn Unicorn 191 6 dias atrás
My favourite game is Roblox
h i
h i 6 dias atrás
BEA’s bling on Facebook
Emily Delicata
Emily Delicata 6 dias atrás
ive been playing Bloxburg (roblox game) non stop in quarantine...smh :)
Nija Ni
Nija Ni 7 dias atrás
wayment the transition though 😍
Nija Ni
Nija Ni 7 dias atrás
im a graphic designer/branding stylist: @nijanidesigns & have another upcoming business coming soon💞
Alona Hopper
Alona Hopper 7 dias atrás
i play fortnite
Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee 8 dias atrás
tysm this means a lot to me as someone who has always felt small businesses in my neighborhood never got enough mention and yeah, cudos you (my fave utuber) :)
Mari Eva
Mari Eva 8 dias atrás
CryoFix wellness in riverside
Mari Eva
Mari Eva 8 dias atrás
Normarose creations on Etsy
Anna and zoe
Anna and zoe 8 dias atrás
Stxrrs jewelry
Hxney plxtoッ
Hxney plxtoッ 8 dias atrás
this was posted on my birthday!
Hey It’s Bekah
Hey It’s Bekah 9 dias atrás
Laneys Bikinis on Instagram
Mia Franz
Mia Franz 9 dias atrás
Please try a phone case small business💖✌🏻✨
Campbell’s Creative Corner
song pop 2 is my game!!
Jason Boni
Jason Boni 10 dias atrás
Did anyone see Alicia‘s face when TK Was is editing!!! It was like “I hate life” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👇🏻????? Pweas 🥺🥺
Melanie A
Melanie A 10 dias atrás
I'm a little late to this but another small business is Elevated Faith they are a small christian company and if anybody is interested y'all can use my code melaniea15 at checkout thanks guys :)
Siimply Tay
Siimply Tay 10 dias atrás
For the picture I like the shoes
Lexiplays Roblox
Lexiplays Roblox 10 dias atrás
I’m starting my business tomorrow and it’s gonna be a cosmetics shop wish me luck💕
Ashlyn Mercer
Ashlyn Mercer 11 dias atrás
i like shien
DIYs For you
DIYs For you 11 dias atrás
It’s still so cool how she still writes Alisha Marie 🤍 in cursive it’s just so iconic and that should be on some merch who agrees???? Edit:I thought the first thing was like shoes
Myrna Hochkeppel
Myrna Hochkeppel 12 dias atrás
Yeah everyone keeps their purse in their fridge🤣
Kaliah Guavis
Kaliah Guavis 12 dias atrás
In the beginning when she was showing her shoes i rly thought she was abt crease those mfk
ꪑꪖꪀᧁꪖ ᠻꪖꪑ
Wow she be aesthetic gorl i had nothin like her haha
Bumble bee Slime
Bumble bee Slime 13 dias atrás
I love how you just have a whole row of vodka seltzer 😂
fabs34 14 dias atrás
Fayt Label! Its an Australian brand! Brittney lee Saunders is the CEO and she is also a youtuber. She also has her own swim line called staple swim
Ashley R
Ashley R 14 dias atrás
a small business that i like to shop at is honey by lex
Abigail Hamel
Abigail Hamel 12 dias atrás
omg thanks sm! one of my favourite jewelry brands now, xxx
Marleen Du Preez
Marleen Du Preez 14 dias atrás
Klailea. come
Charli Levy
Charli Levy 14 dias atrás
Hay Alisha you should get a Smokey Pink crop top I think it will suit you ❤️
Mia Moses-Cossio
Mia Moses-Cossio 15 dias atrás
Please I am begging you to go check out my Etsy slime shop it is GOOchySlimesByMia just like that 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
ande time
ande time 15 dias atrás
We are the world is a really good one
Neelu Suresh
Neelu Suresh 15 dias atrás
Squishy magic download there app squishy magic check them out on tiktok
elmarie farrel
elmarie farrel 15 dias atrás
Is it just me or do you guys also like the vlog channel more than the main channel😕❤❤
kookies and tae
kookies and tae 15 dias atrás
3:32 Is that charli d'amelio?!?!?
Rose Malone
Rose Malone 15 dias atrás
Do they have kid sizes cause all these shoes,shirts,posters,sweats and more are so tricking CUTE 🥰😚😇
Isabellas Ocampo
Isabellas Ocampo 16 dias atrás
Clara Kim
Clara Kim 16 dias atrás
Caroline VonBergen
Caroline VonBergen 17 dias atrás
I’m really glad u did that refrigerator shot cause now I know that the light really dose turn off when you shut the door lmao.
The_shih tzu_life Troggie and friends
The edit is freaking dope 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Payton Tate
Payton Tate 17 dias atrás
Threadsbytie is a good small tiktok business
Pinky Pebbles
Pinky Pebbles 17 dias atrás
hey Alisha just wanted to say I loveeeeeeeee ur videos u are my favourite youtuber also my fav brand is shein but i dont think its a very small business but there clothings are so dope u should def go check out there website xxxxx
Presley P
Presley P 17 dias atrás
I the store Inpso and Ivy.
Kickin it with kins
Kickin it with kins 17 dias atrás
Tabitha W
Tabitha W 18 dias atrás
Love this new Style of Haul this transitions are awesome you and TK did a great Job ❤️❤️
Kaylee Anderson2007
Kaylee Anderson2007 18 dias atrás
Shout out to Jatie fit there stuff is amazing go buy there stuff they also got a Chanel its Jatie Vlogs
Rehmat Gill
Rehmat Gill 18 dias atrás
Rowynn Goodman
Rowynn Goodman 18 dias atrás
Shop fluffy
Rowynn Goodman
Rowynn Goodman 18 dias atrás
Pillow puff
Haley Jacobs
Haley Jacobs 18 dias atrás
Alisha at 8:27
lucy diamond
lucy diamond 18 dias atrás
Inspired by halo! Please go check it out. Clothes business
Chloe Bickerstaffe
Chloe Bickerstaffe 18 dias atrás
My fave game is fortnite
Shai Jagoh
Shai Jagoh 18 dias atrás
Ashlyn Taylor
Ashlyn Taylor 18 dias atrás
Zeinab Fakih
Zeinab Fakih 19 dias atrás
Small business if you’re interested in art pieces for some decor: @n.ajdesigns and I’m a writer and create prints @thoughtsbyzeinab
Jillian Loveman
Jillian Loveman 19 dias atrás
Ursies Apothecary she makes natural skincare stuff!
itsreaganofficially 19 dias atrás
GAME: count how many Times alisha said "so freaking dope" and so freaking cute So freaking Cute: twice So freaking dope: 3 times
itsreaganofficially 19 dias atrás
alisha could 100 percent make a video better blindfolded then i ever could..😂😂😂
Angela C
Angela C 19 dias atrás
For gold, minimal and modern, quality jewelry - mapetitemer 💖💖 You’re welcome
KyKy Babb
KyKy Babb 19 dias atrás
punchout w mr. dream has been my favorite
Moi Moi
Moi Moi 19 dias atrás
Listend ur podcast for 4 hours yesterday
Josephine Graciella
Josephine Graciella 19 dias atrás
came back and rewatch cuz TK just posted a vlog that has the detailed transition and stuff😂😂
Abby Llewellyn
Abby Llewellyn 19 dias atrás
totesforyouu is so frickinng cool was made during iso and is cool custom tote bags
vasanta gopal
vasanta gopal 19 dias atrás
Milan Nicole
Milan Nicole 19 dias atrás
8:28 Alisha in the back LMAOOOOO
Giovanna Calderon
Giovanna Calderon 20 dias atrás
My favorite game is Minecraft.. i zone out haha haha
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