OneRepublic - Apologize / Stay With Me (Pinkpop)

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14 Jun 2015



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Laura Festa Platto
Laura Festa Platto 13 horas atrás
This song is very beautiful for me! One Republic are very strong for me and especially this song! I see One Republic in Italy in a TV program and Apologize is fantastic! Good good good! I like this band! Thanks for your songs! 👍👍👏👏✌️🤗🤗💖💖💖💖❣️💕❤️💋💋💋
Małgorzata Lubaszek
Małgorzata Lubaszek 15 horas atrás
I love back to this performane, that is masterpiece in my opinion
Mike MuCangChai
Mike MuCangChai 17 horas atrás
It touch my heart!
Rafael Cardoso
Rafael Cardoso Dia atrás
Por um momento achei que ele fosse tocar thousand miles
Henk Van Meer
Henk Van Meer Dia atrás
Amir repsol
Amir repsol Dia atrás
One and one Republic☝️✌
Bryan Stuart
Bryan Stuart 2 dias atrás
I like the song but this sux!
naa joean
naa joean 2 dias atrás
good morning from Indonesia 🙋🏼‍♀️
Antonio Santos
Antonio Santos 2 dias atrás
essa musica é uma das coisas mais bonitas do mundo.
Vicente Santos
Vicente Santos 6 horas atrás
estou a brincar é que o meu irmao tb é antonio santos
Vicente Santos
Vicente Santos 6 horas atrás
ola mano
Loverzz Bii
Loverzz Bii 2 dias atrás
Me the whole 7:59 not only admiring his piano skills,voice,hair,nails but also feeling and seeing the pain in his lyrics and voice.
Ágnes Gyebnár
Ágnes Gyebnár 2 dias atrás
Beautiful! Cselló beautiful!
Indira 2 dias atrás
SoundBaarT 3 dias atrás
Marlyn Aballe
Marlyn Aballe 3 dias atrás
He's very talented. ❤️ This performance is million times better that the radio recording. It's very heartfelt.
J. B.
J. B. 4 dias atrás
Einfach Klasse. Ohne Worte. Doll. Super.
LoudBarkDesigns 4 dias atrás
wow he can sing blew me away
Margherita Ruzzenenti
Margherita Ruzzenenti 4 dias atrás
Ryan... Simply amazing🎵❣️
كون الحق
كون الحق 5 dias atrás
love you music
The_Godson10 5 dias atrás
After 2 months.. Someone will come and ask who else is watching this on 2020.??👌😳
Oliver Kahn
Oliver Kahn 5 dias atrás
NoodleGod 6 dias atrás
Now this is someone whose concert and live voice are totally worth it
Valdecir Queiroz
Valdecir Queiroz 6 dias atrás
One Republic,my republic,more than ten years I love this song. Not alone but feeling lonely! Nostalgic
Melody Prodaniuk
Melody Prodaniuk 6 dias atrás
Giving Love & How!?! This Performance 🎶
mani music
mani music 7 dias atrás
now this is a real artist
Casey Mills
Casey Mills 7 dias atrás
The piano skill❤️ his talent ❤️his voice ❤️and ,,, his look❤️. This song played over and over during my brothers funeral 🥺 couldn’t explain why the cd wouldn’t play the other songs on it . Out of 14 songs just this one played!!! 😭Angels sing 👼🏻 😇 he is my angel and I miss him so badly!❤️
Amie Ingram
Amie Ingram 4 dias atrás
Casey Mills hey I’m so sorry for u and ur family’s loss and hope yous will find peace with yous soon ❤️
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez 7 dias atrás
Got memories from this, end of my first year at university
Kirito Kirigaya
Kirito Kirigaya 8 dias atrás
I think Justin Bieber sing it better
14K 8 dias atrás
The name of Electronic sound please ?
Lucas Santana
Lucas Santana 9 dias atrás
Leonardo Leon
Leonardo Leon 9 dias atrás
Luv dis song😚😍
Aleksey FarEast
Aleksey FarEast 9 dias atrás
4:55 holy shit! Is this the young Robin Wright??
laugh wild
laugh wild 10 dias atrás
November2019 any one leave a like❤❤❤&$%$^%^
Richi Pum yeah!
Richi Pum yeah! 10 dias atrás
I'm here from Guatemala 😎
Mazarini 10 dias atrás
Greatest Performance ever.
leo laelson ferreira da silva leo
gosto muito de ouvir esse conjunto ,, muito bom
Niklas M
Niklas M 10 dias atrás
I want the exact notes for this :( Someone have them?
jennifer lucas
jennifer lucas 10 dias atrás
Great song
DaHeng Zhang
DaHeng Zhang 10 dias atrás
2019~I am from china!
Marcio Costa
Marcio Costa 3 dias atrás
Ei ai have a suzuki vstrom 650 to
Marcio Costa
Marcio Costa 3 dias atrás
I'm from Portugal, fantastic music
dennis 11 dias atrás
2:51 - she's super cute =) ♥
Navil Suárez
Navil Suárez 11 dias atrás
Lovedddddd x( missed soo much..
Максим 11 dias atrás
I love the intro more than song lol
Lucas Packness
Lucas Packness 12 dias atrás
aplausos , isso q é musica boa !!
kleine Giraffe
kleine Giraffe 13 dias atrás
Hate the blonde one on the shoulders of the guy. She is blocking view for many. Selfish.
Alae Larheribi
Alae Larheribi 13 dias atrás
Someday i will be that man 07:02
Andrei haritonov
Andrei haritonov 13 dias atrás
очень круто! вышка!
CARLOS M AULAR H 14 dias atrás
Que molleja de sádico, se pasó.
Reuben Favour
Reuben Favour 14 dias atrás
Have A Great Day For Watching This....
Ganglife _ 125
Ganglife _ 125 14 dias atrás
He is so Bad live
edson daniel
edson daniel 14 dias atrás
Caneta azul... azul caneta
Temie Dani
Temie Dani 14 dias atrás
To the ones reading this, i just wanted to say you have a good taste in music. Have a good day. .. ;)
Steeve Bruneel
Steeve Bruneel 15 dias atrás
Apologize!! 😍😍
Isaac Schembori
Isaac Schembori 15 dias atrás
Casi noviembre del 2019,,,,,,,
RC Imports Cuiabá
RC Imports Cuiabá 16 dias atrás
é nois Brasil
Datu Rajiev Indal
Datu Rajiev Indal 16 dias atrás
He is the *GREATEST POP STAR AND HITMAKER* that everyone doesn't know from his songwriting.
UMESH SONI 16 dias atrás
I'm holdin' on a rope Got me ten feet off the ground I'm hearing what you say But I just can't make a sound (Oh yea..) They tell me that you mean it Then you go and cut me down But wait You tell me that your sorry Didn't think I'd turn around And say That it's too late to apologize It's too late Said it's too late to apologize It's too late I take another chance, take a fall, take a shot from you I need you like a heart needs a beat It's not from you (Yeaaaa) I loved you with a fire red and I was turnin' blue And to say Sorry like the angel Heaven let me think was you But I'm afraid It's too late to apologize It's too late Said it's too late to apologize It's too late It's too late to apologize It's too late Said it's too late to apologize It's too late Said it's too late to apologize It's too late Said it's too late to apologize It's too late I'm holdin' on the rope Got me ten feet off the ground
kidroming 17 dias atrás
It's all over the place.....
Santana Souza
Santana Souza 17 dias atrás
GaGo Gamer
GaGo Gamer 17 dias atrás
canta muito
Lester Medway
Lester Medway 17 dias atrás
Didn’t know Jesse pinkman could play
Mikes Vidz
Mikes Vidz 17 dias atrás
The talent is unreal
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