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Om Nom new episode premier Season 18 episode 10: Dinosaur Meal. Subscribe and watch more new cartoons ►
When the hungry Dinosaur comes to the cafe, Om Nom, Om Nelle and Nibble Nom soon realize they need to cook more ... more ... and MORE! What will finally satisfy such a huge customer? Surprisingly, it will take less than more!

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Om Nom Cafe
Om Nom, Om Nelle and Nibble Nom make a great team of chefs: Nibble Nom is eager to try something new, Om Nelle has the skills and the magic touch of love, and Om Nom is sure to boost any recipe with his experiments. No wonder they open up a café! The Noms offer the tastiest food in town - against all odds! Join Om Nom, Om Nelle and Nibble Nom in the kitchen and follow their cooking adventures in this new season!

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19 Jun 2021



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