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If you ever wanted to see inside the Olympic village…here you go! I wanted to show you a quick overview of how awesome the Olympic village environment is and how much of a great job Team GB does to make us feel at home!

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21 Jul 2021



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Comentários 3 845
KENJI MST 4 dias atrás
Rytha kumalasari
Rytha kumalasari 13 dias atrás
Christiane Nikolaou
Christiane Nikolaou 16 dias atrás
What will your book be called?
Aiden 17 dias atrás
Anyone from onion olympics video lmao
kataveryl 18 dias atrás
Hi Tom! I love watching your videos and vlog. Mind sharing what kind of equipment (camera, phone, gimbal) do you use to shoot your video and what kind of software do you use to edit your videos!! You are such an inspiration!
Erik Klein
Erik Klein 20 dias atrás
most athletes followed the rules, only blacks did what they wanted, the rules probably don't apply to blacks
Sequoia Sempervirens
Sequoia Sempervirens 16 dias atrás
Ruiyan Zhu
Ruiyan Zhu 21 dia atrás
Omg I want to walk in that dining hall
Ronald Bustamante
Ronald Bustamante 23 dias atrás
I love you so.much
Ronald Bustamante
Ronald Bustamante 23 dias atrás
I IJr you Tom ang love you so much
Ronald Bustamante
Ronald Bustamante 23 dias atrás
I love you tom
Leisl Avalon
Leisl Avalon 23 dias atrás
SO interesting! Thank you so much for showing us! ❤
Just Call Me Annie
Just Call Me Annie 27 dias atrás
This is the best tour of the Tokyo Olympic Village that I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing it!
Just Call Me Annie
Just Call Me Annie 27 dias atrás
Those self-driving buses are so cool!
Just Call Me Annie
Just Call Me Annie 27 dias atrás
What a view!!!
Luca Bocci
Luca Bocci 28 dias atrás
Ne dovete mangiare di pasta asciuttaaaa
小野弘子 29 dias atrás
Beauty of Everything
Who was searching in the background if they could find the flag or a player of their country?
Qween Mês atrás
Cuteness level is GODlike
Blitz_MG Mês atrás
I love how they’re playing f1 2021 in their free time, just like I do lol
Thanh Xuan
Thanh Xuan Mês atrás
ido tui đó mọi người 😌😌😌😌😌😌❤️
joel ito
joel ito Mês atrás
ᴜʀ ᴀᴡᴇsᴏᴍᴇ... ʟᴏᴠᴇ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʜɪʟɪᴘᴘɪɴᴇs 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Tt Mês atrás
And I thought the athletes ate super healthy foods only! Refreshing to see that they eat as any of us like pizza, noodles,rice etc during the competition
Ko Sato
Ko Sato Mês atrás
1:54 "イギリス" is so cool.
Tung Kuen
Tung Kuen Mês atrás
Marg G.
Marg G. Mês atrás
Congratulations Tom and Matty..I'm new subscriber here from Philippines..I love both of you Tom and Lance stay safe and healthy.
Andrew Jones Productions
Congratulations to you Tom on your achievements and please kindly note that what I am about to write is not a criticism of you or any of the athletes. All of these restrictions on the athletes and we Japan citizens and residents had a 4 day weekend at the commencement of the Olympics which saw anybody and almost everybody going to the beach, visiting typical tourist destinations and now the number of Covid-19 infections has increased to unprecedented numbers. There are a shortage of hospital beds and many people are now being asked to stay home instead of being hospitalised and are provided with oxygen machines etc. The Olympic village would have been better served (in hindsight) as being an auxillary hospital. The general attitude here is that if it is okay to hold the Olympics then it is okay for us all to go about our lives as normal. I personally, do not subscribe to this way of thinking but this is now the problem here. Please do not be impressed by the automatic buses, they are concept vehicles by Toyota and are NOT in public use.
E-Jay  Villagracia
E-Jay Villagracia Mês atrás
Congratulations Tom! Tokyo Olympic team really did a good job to take care of the delegates.
Fadlah Raziq
Fadlah Raziq Mês atrás
Koo ada mendesah anjir
samuel blachon
samuel blachon Mês atrás
Where is the McDonald ?
samuel blachon
samuel blachon 29 dias atrás
@Letissia Scott okay
Letissia Scott
Letissia Scott 29 dias atrás
They no longer sponser the Olympic Games after 2018.
Syahmi Sharifuddin
Syahmi Sharifuddin Mês atrás you like to come over your fan since your debut at olympic.....i hope can see you in future..
Lakshay Jagarwal
Lakshay Jagarwal Mês atrás
It reminds me of my First international games when I was 14 demmmmm that was awesome the people's of South Korea are Soo good I wanna go back to SK 😭
TEOチャンネル テオチャンネル
The British Olympians were all nice people! You can see that on BRvid, which I'm doing.
Narzz Naz
Narzz Naz Mês atrás
Yg gay ni kn
Good luck!
Purselmer Mês atrás
How long of a bus trip is it from the village to the pool (assuming you go straight and don't get lost)? Also, does Israel hang their flags from where they stay? They stopped doing that after 1972.
TheReelPhill Journals
Thank goodness i already went to Japan 3times around 2018-2019 so i have felt some of Japan eventhough it's still not enough at all for me. Can't wait to revisit Japan in near Future when everything is back in order. Love from Indonesia.
Phương Trịnh
Phương Trịnh Mês atrás
yoshiya jpn
yoshiya jpn Mês atrás
andyandrea paz
andyandrea paz Mês atrás
Te amo 🇲🇽♥️
honorine Mês atrás
The Tokyo Village looks so cool I can't wait to see how it will be in Seine-Saint-Denis/Paris (i can't believe it will actually happen in my hometown)
rita robert rawantas
Where is ur knitting tools?😆
Hanaho Amemiya
Hanaho Amemiya Mês atrás
As a Japanese I must be grateful. Thank you for coming to Japan 🇯🇵 I really hope you had a great experience and time in Japan. There is a still Covid but your efforts and achievements gave people a new hope and a light future:) When Covid is over, please come back to Japan and more enjoy 😉
Taybur Rahman Chand
where is sex house >?
Jahleel Davy
Jahleel Davy Mês atrás
namjoonie Mês atrás
i diddnt know tom had a youtube😭
maturi0japan Mês atrás
Thank you to athletes from all over the world for the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
satyam ojha
satyam ojha Mês atrás
Love from india 🇮🇳
momo Mês atrás
I’m Japanese in Tokyo at the moment, but we actually don’t know how the olympic village looked like so it was very interesting!! Didn’t know that they had shops inside the village!!
Lance Tacazon
Lance Tacazon Mês atrás
The succinct windscreen experimentally exist because laundry frequently crack towards a broken dibble. delicate, unique pump
kiki muscles
kiki muscles Mês atrás
Yo shoutout to the guy playing F1 2020
Analyse Fonctionnelle
Why is it called Team GB though? so no athletes from Northern Ireland?
Sequoia Sempervirens
Like Scotland, England, and Wales, N. Ireland is part Great Britain
Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart Mês atrás
I don’t know if the United States is save but as the Vice President of the United States due to Nancy Pelosi and possibly due to joe Biden if he is against me, let every country know the country is in trouble
Taevil15 Mês atrás
He's got a cute face, a muscular body, he's a kind and lovely man. Ah yes... he's an Olympic champion too
elenalizabeth Mês atrás
Damn that playground looks awesome. If it wasn’t current times why do I feel like there would have been a lot of drunken/bored athletes on there...
x Mês atrás
Thank you for shareing video💓and coming to Japan!! From now on, I'll watch your videos to improve my English skills!!.....and finally, you're so cool😍I love you😍
Bachvutuyetvoi Mês atrás
So grateful to the algorithm for recommending me this video. I subbed right after watching. Wish u all the best in your career and I'm really looking forward to seeing new videos from you )^o^(
Brat Mês atrás
Is he Gay ?
Sequoia Sempervirens
Of course! Look at his wedding video.
WinWinist Mês atrás
Congrats on your precious medals
Nuha S
Nuha S Mês atrás
feeling like doing ielts listening test
Kristine Andersen
Kristine Andersen Mês atrás
4:42 Norwegian flags :)
JiMaine SPark
JiMaine SPark Mês atrás
You’re gorgeous.
クリス龍Chris Dragon
This was a really nice tour of the village! I do live in Japan (I'm an ALT) but I don't have a TV (I was barely watching TV in my homecountry didn't see the point of getting a TV when I have BRvid, and Netflix), so I was watching the games online when available. (NBC Olympics website plus a VPN :D). Congrats on your Gold Medals!
nicole yeap
nicole yeap Mês atrás
Hv been watching olympic game bt nvr hv a chance to see the journey behind like hostel,canteen, athletes fr all around the world gathering here. Thx for letting us to hv a peek into the world of olympic in a more detail way❤❤
Dariusz B.
Dariusz B. Mês atrás
2:08 Bed jumping: 8/10 for difficulty, 9.5/10 for artistic impression BTW, these beds were probably designed to withstand heavyweight wrestlers falling on them.
방탄We’re so lovelyyy
Wow you’re actually at the olympics!!🎉🥳That’s crazy! You’re living everyone’s dream bro. Congratulations💜💜😘
Nicole Royals
Nicole Royals Mês atrás
Hello Tom, from Australia! Ive recently become a 'hooker' (crocheter) and am obsessed with you, your family and knitting 😊 Random fact about me. I told my elderly neighbour im a hooker and now she thinks im a 'lady of the night' and not a crocheter 😕😕😕😕
Marissa Gurney
Marissa Gurney Mês atrás
Am I the only Australian that sees the green and gold and is like “Oh hi Aussies”? 😂
TrinkaD Mês atrás
You're hilarious, and talented. I love you so much. 😂🥰
Nasha Colon
Nasha Colon Mês atrás
😌 Jesus loves you and he wants you to be saved
S9F6WRII3X Mês atrás
where do the coaches stay?
S9F6WRII3X Mês atrás
well they both weigh 50 lbs each so of course they won't collapse
Rhema Joy Penaflor
Rhema Joy Penaflor Mês atrás
Oooh...Tom is using colored pens for his diary, how nice! I rarely see people who loves sports and arts at the same time. Such talent! Here's a creative and colorful person I'm sure everyone likes to be friends with.😁❤
Anugerah Firdauzi
Anugerah Firdauzi Mês atrás
When you're an athlete, and competing on THE olympic, that stupidly-huge restaurant must be a torture, eh.
Daniela B.
Daniela B. Mês atrás
Robert Tipace
Robert Tipace Mês atrás
Congratulation! You're great!
The McWhopper
The McWhopper Mês atrás
Team USA>>> Team GB
Ji Sung
Ji Sung Mês atrás
Team USA 🇺🇸
Pei-Jung Wang
Pei-Jung Wang Mês atrás
Thanks for the orientation
Then Known
Then Known Mês atrás
Don’t screaming like will make me so excited. I mean sexual desire.
Orin Henry
Orin Henry Mês atrás
He's got married guys 👀
Kちゃん Mês atrás
Thank you for showing us village
dorothy mcconnell
dorothy mcconnell Mês atrás
How can someone not love these this is cute
keerthana s
keerthana s Mês atrás
2:26 happy f1 fan noises
Kime Yai
Kime Yai Mês atrás
Wow so interesting.....
Zorojuro Mês atrás
Congratulations!!! 💖
Muriell Jabat
Muriell Jabat Mês atrás
The coordinated idea lilly reproduce because sentence scientifically queue absent a oval rat. oval, closed sweets
illumiNaughty _
illumiNaughty _ Mês atrás
What. No Sushi
syhrh skry
syhrh skry Mês atrás
Thank you for giving us a wonderful tour!
Michelle Saldala
Michelle Saldala Mês atrás
Knitting, Vlogging, and competing in the olympics... at the same time. I feel like a bum lol
Bubbles TheBookworm
You can really see Australia from a mile away, lamo.
Cletus J. Johnson
Cletus J. Johnson Mês atrás
Your gay
SubtitleGuy Mês atrás
He is
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee Mês atrás
For countries affected by military aggression, the Rising Sun Flag is no different from Germany's Nazi Hakenkreuz. If Japan wants to uphold the Olympic spirit, its designs and comments should never be used on the Olympic stage, and the person in charge should apologize. Japan is the perpetrator of the invasion of Asia and the country that suffered damage from the atomic bomb. Japan is increasingly removing or denying the facts of the perpetrators, highlighting only the damage they have suffered. As everyone knows, the origin of the Olympics is 'peace'. For that reason, it is a principle to exclude 'political acts' that harm 'unity' in the Olympics. But what about the 2021 Tokyo Olympics? Japan, the host country, began to use the Tokyo Olympics thoroughly politically, claiming sovereignty over Dokdo by marking Dokdo, a Korean island, on the Japanese map posted on the Tokyo Olympic website. Of course, hosting the Olympics is a global festival that raises the status of a nation, so it is bound to entail efforts to express the status of one's country. The act of rationalizing the war that Japan has caused by permitting the use of the Rising Sun Flag, a flag that symbolizes Japanese militarism as a military flag used during World War II, violates the spirit of the Olympics and is suspicious of its qualifications as an Olympic host country. In particular, while the use of the Hakenkreuz, a symbol of Germany's Nazis, is strictly prohibited, in Japan, the Rising Sun flag is often used in Japan's far-right wing, which still denies the history of aggression, or in support of sporting events, causing a lot of controversy. The attitude of the IOC, which tolerates the use of the Rising Sun flag, is also problematic.
Sequoia Sempervirens
Your selective rationale reflects your prejudice. Please name one major country that has not committed untold atrocities. And your "facts" aren't correct either. Japan's flag is not the rising sun.
hs production
hs production Mês atrás
Nak kari
Dnyaneshwari Ugale
Dnyaneshwari Ugale Mês atrás
Which game u playing ...form India
SubtitleGuy Mês atrás
おめでとう!日本に来てくれてありがとう! 日本のメディアに、編み物をしている姿が映っていましたよ!!また東京に来てください!!!!!Thanks!
Strawberries Sweet
Strawberries Sweet Mês atrás
This is excellent! I live in Tokyo, but had no idea how it’s being operated in the Olympics village. Congratulations on winning Gold❗️
Thi P
Thi P Mês atrás
Love you so much from Thailand
m t
m t Mês atrás
Wow the village looks great! Saliva test everyday, tracking app, and dividing screens between dining table... Japan literally did everything they could do for preventing athletes from infection.
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