Olivia Newton-John wishes fans all the best in final video before death aged 73 

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Dame Olivia Newton-John wished her fans happiness and health in a final video before her death from breast cancer aged 73.
The actress said that she wanted to thank her fans “for all your support over the years... I wish you the best and send you love and light,” in the clip, posted in December 2021.
Tributes have poured in to the Hollywood legend, who died of breast cancer on Monday, 8 August.
“My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better,” the actress’ Grease co-star John Travolta said.
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8 Ago 2022



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Richard Darmstadt
Richard Darmstadt Anos atrás
She really was a class act. In a time where so many celebrities are dealing with so much off-stage controversy and vices, she stands out with her pure character.
Paula Hinckley
Paula Hinckley Anos atrás
Absolutely !!!
Tara Roast
Tara Roast Anos atrás
So true
David Humphries
David Humphries Anos atrás
There was the disappearing boyfriend...
Shelly Chatelain
Shelly Chatelain Anos atrás
She sure did... Beautiful lady 😘❤️
Paddy Anos atrás
@David Humphries …which devastated her - that was her fault HOW exactly? 😑
LEOGM Anos atrás
I was 10 when I first saw her on tv and heard her sing. Her voice was so captivating and her beauty and smile made my heart jumped. When I saw her on Grease singing, “Hopelessly Devoted to you” I knew I fell in love with her. That crush never left I still watched Grease and listened/watched that song from time to time. I wish I met her when I was young. I would have told her she was my first crush and my first love. Rest in paradise beautiful Olivia. You will be missed.
Jeremy Karnik
Jeremy Karnik Anos atrás
She was a tremendous artist, but most importantly, she was just an overall wonderful person. She just seemed to exude positive energy everywhere she went. She fought hard and I just hope her pain is now gone and that she’s in a better place. Grease was one of my favorite movies as a kid! RIP Olivia!
Heart Strings
Heart Strings Anos atrás
Cancer is such an aggressive and ugly disease. You can tell our sweet sweet Olivia was not in the best of health here but she literally pushing through to make this video for her fans. I am so saddened at her passing. I've loved this artist since the 70's. Such an incredible delicate and classy human being.
Stephane Herringtonio Writings
Well said💝
Heart Strings
Heart Strings Anos atrás
@Stephane Herringtonio Writings Thak you so much Stephane
Stephane Herringtonio Writings
@Heart Strings My pleasure, tc❣
4862cjc Anos atrás
@Heart Strings I too appreciate your warm sentiments! Olivia was great! She handled her illness with grace and poise. Although I am sad at her passing, I am glad that I was around during her lifetime and I will enjoy her recordings for years to come! Godspeed, Olivia! We love you!
Heart Strings
Heart Strings Anos atrás
@4862cjc Olivia has the kindest fans. Thank you 4862cjc.
Ivette Quintana
Ivette Quintana Anos atrás
Such a beautiful lady. She will be missed and never forgotten. Elegant woman who carried herself with honor and respect.
Larry Stenger
Larry Stenger Anos atrás
A real classic lady. As a stage 4 cancer patient I cam relate to her courage and convictions. Rest in peace princess.
J B Anos atrás
Prayers are being sent to you from me🙏💕🙏
Larry Stenger
Larry Stenger Anos atrás
@J B Thank you. Could not stand the effects of Chemo any longer, now the fight is in my and God's hands. So far so good. Cancer is affecting too many people, even our pets. Something is not right with our food supply and environment for it to become so common. My prays are with all who have to deal with this issue. Thanks again for your blessings, coming from a complete stranger, it means a lot.
J B Anos atrás
@Larry Stenger God has given you wisdom. God will give you direction, peace, comfort and His unfailing love during this time. One day for eternity we who chose Christ will have beautiful, pure water and food. His people are love and my prayers will continue. I am proud of you and agree with natural remedies and God’s word for healing. Olivia supported natural, plant based healing and she lived 30 years. Thank you for your response.
evelyn sommerville
evelyn sommerville Anos atrás
Sending healing prayers to you stay strong❤👼
Such a beautiful woman. Inside and out. She made her mark in this world. Her name will go on and she will be spoken of for a long time.
Joe Lewis Henry
Joe Lewis Henry Anos atrás
Indeed 💔
Raisa Cherry's Universe 🍒
Very true 😭💜
St. Charles Street
St. Charles Street Anos atrás
Couldn’t say it better myself!
David Adams
David Adams Anos atrás
The best thing is she was enveloped in her family's love. I heard _"Never Enough"_ yesterday, and the tears just flowed. But then _"Silvery Rain"_ played, and life was put back in perspective. We don't just cry for Olivia's death, but for ourselves as well. A part of our lives left with her.
Heaven 7
Heaven 7 Anos atrás
Beautiful human being, inside and out. RIP Olivia.
Tyra Thompson
Tyra Thompson Anos atrás
Your beauty, talent, class, kindness, and smile will be remembered for decades. You were a blessing and light in this world. Rest In Peace Olivia. 🌹
Mic Adams
Mic Adams Anos atrás
Olivia was an original print. You just can't duplicate perfection. Forever loved and missed. 🌹🌹💔
Garulus Glandarius
Garulus Glandarius Anos atrás
A wonderful beautiful lady inside and out. Never has there been a classier, more compassionate individual. Rest in peace Olivia and thank you for everything you gave us in your life ❤️❤️🇦🇺🇬🇧
JG Smile
JG Smile Anos atrás
She is such a classic, sweet, loving woman. Talented and beautiful inside and out. Where would we be without her. RIP Olivia. God bless her loved ones.
Melissa DeMarco
Melissa DeMarco Anos atrás
This LADY was a treasure and with her passing humanity lost a light. I cried genuine tears for this one because her true beauty never faded just dimmed a bit but was always there. A rare and special gift to us she was that provided the soundtrack to our lives and provided hope, joy, love and inspiration. We will miss you, Olivia. RIP!!
javier perez
javier perez Anos atrás
Joanne Geoghegan
Joanne Geoghegan Anos atrás
The world won't be the same without Olivia. ♥️
See4ward Anos atrás
@javier perez Same.. I haven't stopped since the news broke.
Sam Lurie
Sam Lurie Anos atrás
Thank you for writing this lovely text about the beautiful Olivia Newton-John. Dame Olivia was a rare,rare gem. Olivia's beauty radiated from within, an authentic light that spread her goodness to those around her and afar. May Olivia Newton-John be united to the Light of the Worlds. May her loving family be comforted in their mourning.May their mourning turn to dancing with her.
⚛Former Pastor🚮
@See4ward 🎻🎶
Michael Triba
Michael Triba Anos atrás
Without question, one of the Greatest Musical Icons since my birth in 1950! But more importantly, Olivia Newton-John was kind, gracious, charming, and loving! We shall all sorely miss her and her smile. God bless her; and deepest condolences to her family, friends, and fans from my wife and me! 🙏🙏💔💔🎶🎶
Phil Platt
Phil Platt Anos atrás
RIP Olivia, Still a diamond until the end, another beautiful star goes out in our sky. 😞
Rain Anos atrás
Phil beautifully said. I said something similar bc 🥺she was indeed a very bright star that went out way too soon😔
Michael Foley
Michael Foley Anos atrás
An absolute ICON of our time. Rest in gentle piece, Olivia Newton-John.
Barbed Anos atrás
Peace 😂
Ralph Velez
Ralph Velez Anos atrás
U r so right.a legend.a beautiful lady..they r hard to come onj
Theresa Lee
Theresa Lee Anos atrás
Farewell for now sweet Olivia. Wishing you the abundance you deserve. Thank you from all your many fans and rest in your sweet spot in heaven. I think of you most dancing with John Travolta wow you were so awesome! I hope you have the time of your hereafter life! Just like the song. Only now you will be where you belong. Dancing for the Angels! Thank you for the love you gave us! 💓 ❤💙💜💖💗
Theresa Lee
Theresa Lee Anos atrás
Michael Foley
Michael Foley Anos atrás
@Theresa Lee I think @Tony meant "An absolute ICON (for)ever" -- just a slight correction/comment to my original post, which I would 100% agree with -- Olivia Newton-John transcended our modern era and is truly a beacon of light, grace, and talent that will live on for generations.
Gina Williams
Gina Williams Anos atrás
A beauty from head to toe and on the inside too. Also your angelic voice would never be forgotten. RIP Olivia 😢🙏🏽
Frank Borucki
Frank Borucki Anos atrás
That was a beautiful message from a beautiful lady. You can tell that she knew nothing else could be done. Eternal peace grant on to her, Oh Lord.
Susan Stang
Susan Stang Anos atrás
Such a big part of my life. I looked up to her as a little girl. Such a pretty voice. A humble and gentle soul . I especially admire all that she did for cancer and cancer research in last 30 years of her life. Love and light back to you Olivia. We will all miss you. Your message of hope continues on.💕
Sadie Begley
Sadie Begley Anos atrás
Beautiful gorgeous lady r I p
SWog Anos atrás
A beautiful woman and a lovely soul. She had to fight for far too long, but she did it with grace and dignity. Rest in peace, Olivia.
john rillo
john rillo Anos atrás
An incredibly talented person and so humble and always made people around her feel special. What a gift. RIP Olivia. Thank you for the memories.
Amira Lions
Amira Lions Anos atrás
What a beautiful soul, glad to have shared the planet with her.
Mary Young
Mary Young Anos atrás
She really was an Angel sent to us from above. She cared about everybody's well-being ahead of her own. That would be an Angel! She will continue to shine in Perpetual light and watch over us.
Scott Brandts
Scott Brandts Anos atrás
Singer. Actress. Icon. Beauty. Goddess. Angel... These are the words that describe a truly incomparable, loving, compassionate and phenomenally talented woman. But, if we pull all of these qualities together, and sum up the essence of this indescribably amazing lady, we would arrive right at the welcome gates of her soul, with this... Olivia Newton-John was A Healer. Everything she touched turned into a cure. A cure for sadness, a cure for heartbreak, a cure for sickness, a cure for our world. Sadly, heartbreakingly and unthinkably, there was no cure for what claimed her life. This is the most profoundly devastating thing for any of us who adored her to comprehend. Olivia, herself, spent so much of her life dedicated to the lives and the wellness of other Human Beings. She was, for SO many, THE CURE. It will haunt me, personally, for the remainder of my life, that something so unrelenting was somehow able to take this Angel - our Earth Mother - from us all. Olivia, I speak for an endless millions of people throughout this world when I acknowledge just how unfaltering your dedication to Humanity truly was. You placed the happiness, joy, health and longevity of others' lives ALWAYS before your own. We are all eternally grateful for your seventy-three years of giving, and then giving more again. The world loves you. We always did. And we will for ever. It has been our privilege to experience your unique extension of love, compassion, inclusion and HEALING. Our prayers are with you that you will rest peacefully for ever in the loving hands of Grace. Your pain is gone now. Thank-you, Olivia, for being such a special, spiritual and healing part of all of our lives. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
M. B
M. B Anos atrás
I never heard anything bad about that woman,she didnt really stand out too much,to be in center of attention like some celebrity,she is so simple,modest and beautiful condolences to family😔 Rest in peace ❤
Paddy Anos atrás
Classy and radiant to the end.
Raisa Cherry's Universe 🍒
My words exactly.She is immaculate from top to bottom.
Tara Roast
Tara Roast Anos atrás
Well said 💗
Charlene Mocksing
Charlene Mocksing Anos atrás
Facing the end with dignity, her overwhelming faithfulness to her admirers is beyond commendable. R.I.P. Olivia.
Naeix Wuch
Naeix Wuch Anos atrás
Even in her final moment she still thought of her fans and gave her blessing to everyone. Respect 一路好走
Peggy Radeck
Peggy Radeck Anos atrás
What an amazing, loving, graceful human being❣️ Thank you Olivia. Rest In Peace🌹
James Tierney
James Tierney Anos atrás
It tears my heart out to know that this lovely, generous, kind spirit has left us. May flights of angels sing her to her rest.
I remember hear Olivia's beautiful voice singing "Mellow" the first time on FM radio in my car back in the early 1970's and thinking she has a voice just like an Angel.
bogeysbaby Anos atrás
Me, too. Voice of an angel. Same song.
A L Anos atrás
Everyone was saying she was the loveliest in Hollywood... My daughter is named after her. I guess in a way she had a good life and made her mark, she was this bombshell in a film we all know and love and really did stay classy well throughout her old age. Thank goodness she was born and we got to appreciate her.. She will be waiting in the light down the road no doubt.
Shane Denny
Shane Denny Anos atrás
My favorite female vocalist ever. Such a special, beautiful and classy woman. What a splendid human being with a voice unlike any other that will never be matched. . May you rest in heavenly peace and thank you for the lifetime of unforgettable memories that you gave each and every one of us. We love you, we honestly love you. ❤
Mar Watson
Mar Watson Anos atrás
I grew up listening to her music and loved seeing her in Grease when it first came out in the theater. Everyone who has ever known her has nothing but Good Things to say about her especially John Travolta. May she Rest In Peace 🙏🕊❤️.
Ella Beyer
Ella Beyer Anos atrás
Beautiful until the end! Thank you Olivia Newton John.
Glenda Gaerlan
Glenda Gaerlan Anos atrás
Rest now my Sweet Angel. You’ve done too much for us already. Thanks for all the beautiful things you have shared with us. I was only 14 years old when I fell in love with your angelic and unique voice. Since then, I got inspired to sing and to write and make music. You’re my hero Olivia. You will stay in my heart forever. ❤️❤️❤️
Thinking Allowed
Thinking Allowed Anos atrás
Never been a fan as my musical taste is very different but this was a lovely, down to earth, genuine, likeable and compassionate lady. A very bright and warm light in the entertainment industry who inspired others in their battle against cancer. Very proud of her as an Australian. Sincerest condolences to her family.
Ken Sturm
Ken Sturm Anos atrás
How could anyone not like any of her music, I'm a musican and my main love is heavy rock and metal but love her music and much other music even opera, I don't like most modern music it's garbage it's not like the 90s on back
Ken Sturm
Ken Sturm Anos atrás
@Darren O'Connell Yes being a musican/artist we know more about music than people that aren't. This is your young generation (my guess a Gen Z or early millennial) you don't know extraordinary talent if it slapped you in the face. Guten Tag
⚛Former Pastor🚮
@Darren O'Connell true. A person that likes most musical styles is well rounded
SinkVenice Anos atrás
@Ken Sturm - I’m the same, I listen to all sorts of music but mainly black/death metal and all over the place free jazz but you’ve gotta love Olivia. I also love Dolly Parton 🖤
Lisa Milley
Lisa Milley Anos atrás
@Darren O'Connell what a weird thing to say. A person's taste in music has nothing to do with how valuable they are as a person. Being able to appreciate ones opinion says much more about thier value as a person though.
Avarysse Anos atrás
Geez that made me tear up. Poor woman went through a nightmare but I'm thankful she was surrounded by loving friends and family thru her ordeal - a sad loss
A And
A And Anos atrás
John Travolta dances with princess Diana
Helen Gordon
Helen Gordon Anos atrás
Made me tear up.too she looked teally sick here R.I.P. Beautiful.lady Olivia
Ronnie Battle
Ronnie Battle Anos atrás
@Helen Gordon Encounter Ministries BRvid channel. (Mark Hemans)**
Erika Anos atrás
R.I.P., Olivia. May you light up Heaven as you did here on Earth. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You will live on forever through your music, films, and philanthropic work. You sure showed Cancer and you are a shining example for those who have that awful diagnosis. We will remain “Hopelessly Devoted” to you!
Linda B
Linda B Anos atrás
I am not ashamed to say I bawled my eyes out yesterday when I heard the news of her passing. I never met her or went to any of her concerts but she touched me not only with her amazing talent but also with her spirit. She was the real thing, down to earth, humble and the real deal. She will always be remembered for her strength, bravery and all she did to tirelessly help others. When you look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word Icon, you will find a picture of Olivia Newton-John. She will be sadly missed. RIP
Grace KOPESKY Anos atrás
I don't know what to say. I'm thunder struck by the loss. God bless this beautiful lady 🙏 RIP
Harry Mayland
Harry Mayland Anos atrás
I was so shocked by her death may her gentle soul rest in peace How are you doing yourself Grace ?
H London
H London Anos atrás
She was truly a one and only beautiful soul who also had a beautiful voice. It is hard to lose someone this special. But now, her cancer is no more and she is surrounded by love, peace and beauty forevermore. Thank you for many happy musical memories, Dame Olivia. ⚘️ 🙏 ⚘️
Stephanie Crew
Stephanie Crew Anos atrás
Olivia, thank you for the very best goodbye, you are perfection🥰 I’m 73 and you help me face my mortality in the most beautiful way . While you were dying, you show loveliness 😭🙏🏽 Enjoy HEAVEN for ever and ever🙌
🥥Còco-Clive ღ 🥥 (ASMR & Genealogy )
I bet at this stage she knew she didn't maybe have long left. 😢 R.I.P. Olivia 💜🕊️🙏🏽
Junior Anos atrás
She sounded out of breath and looked withdrawn. I knew something was up when she stopped posting videos and nothing during Valentines when Jim Brickman remixed Valentine 25th anniversary.
Cin Jm
Cin Jm Anos atrás
She was a lovely person with amazing talent and she'll be deeply missed. With love RIP Olivia.
Jen Gable
Jen Gable Anos atrás
She seems to be a very genuine individual, who was a class act ! She was very talented and I did enjoy listening to her music ! RIP Olivia Newton-John, you will be missed.
Jeralynn Strong
Jeralynn Strong Anos atrás
What a beautiful message. I am grateful for her taking time to show her caring.❤
Robert Wilkes
Robert Wilkes Anos atrás
this lady was a totally epic class act. I'm not usually affected by the deaths of people I don't know but I'm truly saddened by Olivia's death.
Downhill Nut
Downhill Nut Anos atrás
Same... She was my first crush in the 70's Grease was and is the only musical I ever liked.
Wing Tsang
Wing Tsang Anos atrás
@Downhill Nut I love Grease but I also love The Sound Of Music, I think these two musical is the best musical/movie.
Alan Humphrey
Alan Humphrey Anos atrás
RIP Olivia..we'll love you forever!!!
Delight Loves Movies
She was such a lovely person. RIP.
ohroonoko Anos atrás
This hits me in the feels. Had a huge crush on her as a kid when Grease and Xanadu came out. Loved her music. Always beautiful, always sweet. Rest in Peace.
Amanda Anos atrás
I love her songs and I can feel her presence. She’s still with us from a good world 🌎 A happy world 🌍 without health problems and bad people. 🙏🍀❤️
William Douglass
William Douglass Anos atrás
In all my life and I'm 64 years old never have I seen such a graceful beautiful woman with such class she was amazing amazing she brought us joy she was probably the best person I've ever seen and I wish I could have gotten to know her When I heard of her cancer years ago I was sad and then I was sad and I knew the day would come and not knowing a person and it still makes me so sad that such a good person had had passed on but she's with God and she's in a better place RIP we will all miss you so much
⚛Former Pastor🚮
MrDjslav5 Anos atrás
The epitome of love and light. She will be missed!
MariNa 21
MariNa 21 Anos atrás
With all that she was going through she thought of doing something so selfless, kindness costs nothing people, let's practice it each day despite all the circumstances we are facing in this hellish world. Rest In Peace Olivia Newton- John, no doubt God has received you at the pearly gates 🙏🏽🕊
Stan R
Stan R Anos atrás
Back in 78" I was a10 yr old boy who seen the movie Grease and had a crush on Olivia Newton John. She was the most gorgeous, classy , talented , female vocalist of all time.
Simon Willis
Simon Willis Anos atrás
With ya! Had this most gorgeous lady from Australia hanging on my bedroom wall! Try listening with you eyes closed, the same beautiful voice from the 70's.
Joe Lewis Henry
Joe Lewis Henry Anos atrás
For a whole generation she was our first crush. So special. 💔
Marcelo Anos atrás
What an enlightened and beautiful person inside and out. An irreplaceable icon that will always live in our fondest memories. Rest in eternal peace, dear Olivia Newton-John ♥ ||| Qué persona tan iluminada y hermosa por dentro y por fuera. Un ícono irreemplazable que siempre vivirá en nuestras memorias más entrañables. Descansa en eterna paz, querida Olivia Newton-John ♥
Teresa Glaros
Teresa Glaros Anos atrás
You were one of the greatest actresses and Beautiful singers of all time’s. You’re going to be missed by so many. 🙏
Ana Lucia Camilo Aguiar
Minha Linda!!! Descanse em paz 🙏
Janine Alvia
Janine Alvia Anos atrás
What an awesome gift to humanity Olivia was. She'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace 🕊️ Olivia.
Joe Favorule
Joe Favorule Anos atrás
We miss you already. Rest in Peace dear Olivia
Jab Anos atrás
My heart goes out to her family and friends. That's so sad I just learned of her passing. R.I.P. 😥
Ben Merritt
Ben Merritt Anos atrás
We can learn a lot from this sweet, gracious, talented lady. Miss her so much
Jan Allen
Jan Allen Anos atrás
Saw her in concert in Vegas and got to meet her. she was the sweetest kindest person. I got photos and she even signed my album of hers which I got as a teenager in the 70’s. She signed it with my name and “Love & Light, Olivia”. Rip Olivia Newton were truly magic♥️
Dvir Yaakov
Dvir Yaakov Anos atrás
The world has become even darker without this angel walking amongst us.
Joanne Anos atrás
RIP, sweet Olivia. Thank you for years of beautiful music...we will always LOVE you!💕🙋‍♀️
armlovesmetal Anos atrás
Rest In Peace Olivia. Your family has my deepest condolences. You were a beautiful person inside and out. You gave the world beautiful music.
ShantiShanti1949 Anos atrás
Such a beautiful Soul inside and out. May peace be with her family and may she continue from the other side to light up her world - she really was special. Heartfelt sympathy and although this video of her is old I am so grateful you posted it. Namaste Love and light .
Barb McDonald
Barb McDonald Anos atrás
I feel the same! So true!
Crystal Lawrence
Crystal Lawrence Anos atrás
God bless this beautiful lady. My heart go out to her family and friends. The world will truly miss her. The way she lived her life, was a light for others to follow. RIP.
dm9542 Anos atrás
What a precious sweetie. I wish there are more souls like her in this unhappy world. RIP Olivia.
VikingPrincess Anos atrás
Her genuine sweetness always shines through . ❤️
Vicki McEwan
Vicki McEwan Anos atrás
This beautiful human being lights up every room she walks into with just a smile . She will be greatly missed 😢.
Ildefonso Girón
Ildefonso Girón Anos atrás
Her voice really never changed. Love forever, Olivia 💐
Asier Asier
Asier Asier Anos atrás
I am 41 years old and, my dear Olivia, you have been my inspiration and accompanied me in the good and the bad moments, in happy and sad ones, since I was 14 years old. I can't imagine a world where there is no you, but you will forever live in my heart and in my thoughts. I know that someday we will share the same time and space once again. In the meantime, rest in peace, wherever you are. The world is a better place due to hearts like yours - due to people like you! And the echo of your unique and phenomenal voice will always LIVe on... You are love and light! I will always love you, Olivia. 💙💜💚❤🤍💗
felix121984 Anos atrás
I listened to her music when you were just born.
Janice Prime
Janice Prime Anos atrás
Just a beautiful woman through and through no words can express what feelings many of us have with the loss of an encredible beautiful woman ❤️ her music will certainly live on in our hearts always condolences for her family and everyone who's hearts she touched RIP my angel Olivia xxxx😭😭💔💔💔
Julia Wilson
Julia Wilson Anos atrás
Olivia Newton John will be missed. I love her music and still listen to it
Jeannine Hooks
Jeannine Hooks Anos atrás
She always seemed like such a sweet spirit. May she rest in peace.
Global Edu
Global Edu Anos atrás
May you rest in peace, Olivia. Thank you for your contribution to the field of music and entertainment. You were a beautiful person inside out. You will never be forgotten. 🙏 💗
katie baker
katie baker Anos atrás
such a sad time she was a lovely lady i remember watching her in grease she was a star my heart goes out to her family and friends and she will be missed very much one lovely lady who thought to the very end R I P OLIVIA WE LOVE YOU XXXXX
Harry Mayland
Harry Mayland Anos atrás
What a sad news I still can't believe Olivia is no more may her gentle soul rest in peace 😭 How are you doing yourself Katie?
Mark Clare
Mark Clare Anos atrás
I just adored Olivia and everything she stood for. Was a state of shock as well as many other people at the news of her passing. Olivia was a very positive person and she never let her illness stand in her way. R.I.P beautiful lady.
Centrist Philosopher
RIP Olivia Newton-John She seemed like a thoughtful and caring person
Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw Anos atrás
I always admired and adored Olivia and her music...and being a cancer survivor myself ..her struggles with the wretched disease seemed all the more personal and poignant in my life as well ...may God bless her still to this day in Heaven...and her family and friends as well as her fans .
Alison Smith
Alison Smith Anos atrás
A class act through & through. Grace, elegance & bravery…….
David A. McLaughlin
God Bless You, Olivia. So many beautiful songs, perfect performances, that big, big heart and that cheeky sense of humour. We are Hopelessly Devoted to You, always...Love from the UK XXXXXXXXXXXX
Röky_M Anos atrás
g0d blessings didn't seem to work.
Paddy Anos atrás
She was my first love. As a little gay kid she was everything to me. I finally got to see her live when she played her first date in the UK in 30 years back in 2013 and she was everything you could ever hope for and more. Thank you for the years of Magic Olivia, we honestly love you. x 🕊
Chris Becker
Chris Becker Anos atrás
😂Gold. Yeah she was an all round great woman, and humble too. Need a few more people like that in this world. RIP ONJ
Boorish Anos atrás
Magic 😭😭
Tracy Anos atrás
RIP Olivia 🙏 Loved you in Grease....such a beautiful voice 😇 You were authentic and genuine. Wishing you peace and love in your next life ❤
Garry Harriman
Garry Harriman Anos atrás
Olivia, you were a beautiful, decent and talented person. We, as admirers of your body of work and general humanity, were 'totally devoted to you'.
Mallika Balu
Mallika Balu Anos atrás
Rest in peace Olivia. You have a lot of good music and positivity to a world that was problem ridden. Prayers for your family in this tough time. May the good lord give them strength to bear this great loss. May your music be heard by generations to come.
Mike B
Mike B Anos atrás
She was the absolute best example of a human being.
surulia Anos atrás
I'm 30 years old and I've never been so distraught by a celebrity death. I have a mood disorder and wasn't sure if that was at play, but every time I think about her I just cry, this is real emotion... She was a main childhood musical inspiration for me. 73 isn't that old. Some of my earliest memories are of her in Xanadu. Gosh this sucks.
Gail Van Ess
Gail Van Ess Anos atrás
I liked her to in Xanadu.
shamshad mughal
shamshad mughal Anos atrás
RIP. my deepest condolences to the family She was a remarkable lady
Sally Sturman
Sally Sturman Anos atrás
A truly beautiful, humble woman, full of grace. Rest in Peace Olivia Newton-John.
Nelly Espinoza
Nelly Espinoza Anos atrás
Descansa en paz Olivia. Ahora cantaras en el cielo DEVOTAMENTE TUYA MI DIOS.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Anos atrás
What a beautiful lady. Breaks my heart. Class act through and through. We all should strive to live like Olivia. She made this world a better place. A huge void has definitely opened up with her passing. God Bless Olivia.
Joan Lembo
Joan Lembo Anos atrás
She will be so missed. But her beautiful. Bright light will always be shining on us. Thank you Olivia for your beautiful music. ❤️ You will never be forgotten ❤️
Jo Simpson
Jo Simpson Anos atrás
Such a beautiful lady inside and out. The world is a dimmer place with your passing. You will be sadly missed but never forgotten. RIP wonderful Olivia 😢❤️
Richard Reese
Richard Reese Anos atrás
A class act till the end
A. BLAY Anos atrás
How sweet and kind she was. We'll remember you Olivia!!! May you rest in peace
Sharon Truckey
Sharon Truckey Anos atrás
This is so special 💖 Loved her music and great talent 👏
Be As A Rose Co
Be As A Rose Co Anos atrás
She was such a sweetheart, I'm glad that the suffering is over for her. Rest Well Olivia.
Henry Foo
Henry Foo Anos atrás
Thank you for all the legacies you left us, Olivia. And they are not only your songs, but your heart, your laugh, your eyes...
Sunday Profile: Olivia Newton-John