Olivia Newton-John Makes Her First Appearance | Carson Tonight Show

Johnny Carson
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Original Airdate: 06/05/1974

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9 Ago 2022



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V1Rotate FlyHighGuy
I remember that show. She was truly a remarkable talent. I’m sure she’s singing with the angels today. A beautiful spirit. RIP Olivia, will miss you 😢
Freedom Forever
Olivia was a natural. She sang from the heart. And was comfortable in her own skin. Honest.
Victor Simpson
She expressed vulnerability when she sang. During the interview, she also showed how down to earth she was. RIP Olivia Newton John.
Jesse Torres
Thank you to whomever is continuing to upload old interviews Johnny Carson did in order to keep his memory alive for people born after he retired from hosting his show.
Angelo Casimiro
There's a lot to be said for natural beauty and Olivia Newton-John was the definition of it. She also had one of the most beautiful voices the world has ever known. She sang naturally and with emotion without having to resort to vocal gymnastics which many singers do today. There's a lot to be said for that era which is really missing in the world today. It's great seeing her first appearance on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" singing two of her biggest hits at the time. Prior to "Grease" and "Physical", "I Honestly Love You" was her signature song. We honestly love you, Olivia May you Rest in Peace.
She truly had the voice of an angel and such a beautiful person. Condolences to the family and friends. The world is sadly a little quieter without her and miss her singing.
Kathleen Tyson
I’ve seen tributes to celebrities,musicians and prominent people ,but the outdoor love and utter respect for this lovey woman is utterly overwhelming,I’ve heard nothing but praise for her ,her spirit,kindness and beautiful soul ,RIP you lovely lovey person .
Karenlee Mallonee
OMGosh, she had me in tears at the end of the last song. It makes me wonder if she was acting or if she was truly losing someone...I felt it throughout the whole song. Rest in Peace, Olivia🌹
T'ukux Runa
Watching Olivia singing I was always amazed at the possibility that someone that beautiful could also sing so beautifully. But there she was... She was like an angel. That tear towards the end of the song at
Kris Himmel
I think her voice matched her physical beauty she was a beautiful person inside and out I've never heard anybody say anything bad about her she was an animal activist she fought for the rights of the animals and I always liked that she was like the girl next door the girl you'd like to introduce to your parents clean wholesome all around nice person I've been listening to her since the early '70s
Whispers From The Dark
Rest in peace Olivia, you always sang like an Angel and now you're singing with them. You will not be forgotten.
Andra Hunsaker
Such a beautiful talent this lady was . She will live on in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace lovely lady. 💗🙏
Libby's World
Absolutely love this woman. She was my icon as a young girl. I owned every album EVERY SINGLE ONE. She was so brave and selfless. Major respect. Such an incredible loss.
That single tear that slipped out of her left eye at the end when she sings "I honestly love you" was just too much for me, I am bawling my eyes out.
Perhaps one of the finest live version of "I Honestly Love You" I've seen for this song from Olivia, she really got emotionally into the performance of this song. 😌
Outdoor Adventures With Fayde Tublack
Olivia will forever be my favorite female vocalist. Hopelessly Devoted To You, Suddenly, and Magic are just a few of her songs that I love to just close my eyes and listen to her lovely voice. She had such a warm sincere smile. Wonderful to know how many lives she has touched with her voice. I was saddened terribly when I heard she passed, but glad to know her battle is over. 😥❤
Olivia was a consumate performer. The best in every field she performed in.
Kalli Cameron
It was lovely to see this footage of the beautiful, talented and very special Olivia Newton John. Hearing her sing 'I Honestly Love You' brought tears to my eyes and sent shivers down me. That is when you know you have heard something truly great that reaches your soul. She had the ability to do that as an artist and wonderful vocalist. She was also beautiful inside and out as a person too and did so much good. Sing now with the Angels and fly high beautiful soul. Your legacy will live on Miss Olivia Newton John ❤
Kelli G.
Thank you! Olivia fought a long and hard battle!!! Very brave lady. God bless you Olivia. You will live in our hearts forever. 💓
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