Olivia Newton-John Makes Her First Appearance | Carson Tonight Show 

Johnny Carson
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Original Airdate: 06/05/1974
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9 Ago 2022



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@FlightSims Anos atrás
I remember that show. She was truly a remarkable talent. I’m sure she’s singing with the angels today. A beautiful spirit. RIP Olivia, will miss you 😢
@colt451911w Anos atrás
My thoughts exactly
@tomwhitfield2199 Anos atrás
The angels are singing with her, more like. Her voice was always angelic.
@itisallgood3951 Anos atrás
@lisaspohn7245 Anos atrás
She such a beautiful voice. Rest in peace Olivia Newton.😒
@alikhan.3265 Anos atrás
Olivia was a natural. She sang from the heart. And was comfortable in her own skin. Honest.
@headlibrarian1996 Anos atrás
Easy to be comfortable when you’re that pretty.
@painkiller1968 Anos atrás
That's a dumb thing to say. Plenty of so called pretty people can have issues with confidence.
@@painkiller1968 , You obviously wanted to direct your reply to @Head Librarian.
@lastfirst78 Anos atrás
Is that why she had breast implants?
@psw4763 Anos atrás
She truly had the voice of an angel and such a beautiful person. Condolences to the family and friends. The world is sadly a little quieter without her and miss her singing.
@AT-jm4dl Anos atrás
Seeing Olivia smile is like seeing sunshine - your day is immediately brightened. My favorite singer. RIP, Olivia.
@JohnSteech 2 meses atrás
I remember this show. Olivia is a natural.she will be missed.
Rest in peace Olivia, you always sang like an Angel and now you're singing with them. You will not be forgotten.
@victorsimpson4487 Anos atrás
She expressed vulnerability when she sang. During the interview, she also showed how down to earth she was. RIP Olivia Newton John.
@kathleenking5309 Anos atrás
Olivia was so genuinely gifted. Her voice was so natural and truely reflective of her heart and soul. She was authentic and a truely lovely human being.
@L.M.O. Anos atrás
@@kathleenking5309 You are so right Kathleen. Thank you for your sweet words for Olivia. ♥️♥️♥️
@angcas64 Anos atrás
There's a lot to be said for natural beauty and Olivia Newton-John was the definition of it. She also had one of the most beautiful voices the world has ever known. She sang naturally and with emotion without having to resort to vocal gymnastics which many singers do today. There's a lot to be said for that era which is really missing in the world today. It's great seeing her first appearance on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" singing two of her biggest hits at the time. Prior to "Grease" and "Physical", "I Honestly Love You" was her signature song. We honestly love you, Olivia May you Rest in Peace.
@alijames180 Anos atrás
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️well said !
@karenbarker6832 Anos atrás
Well said ! I couldn’t of said it about her any better ! She had that everything seem to come so easy but I’m sure it wasn’t she was the best!!
@lastfirst78 Anos atrás
Put some ice water in your trousers. Mr. Woody.
@ksc743 Anos atrás
As you put it so eloquently Angelo Casimiro there definitely is a lot to be said for that era that's missing in the world today.
@Adriana-vp1rm Anos atrás
Selena was same. Both Jewish, and same big smile.
@andrahunsaker4781 Anos atrás
Such a beautiful talent this lady was . She will live on in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace lovely lady. 💗🙏
@libbysworld7649 Anos atrás
Absolutely love this woman. She was my icon as a young girl. I owned every album EVERY SINGLE ONE. She was so brave and selfless. Major respect. Such an incredible loss.
@saulm58 Anos atrás
Watching Olivia singing I was always amazed at the possibility that someone that beautiful could also sing so beautifully. But there she was... She was like an angel. That tear towards the end of the song at 9:20 running down her cheek, with her sweet voice even trembling a little, shows how authentic and natural she was in everything she ever did. Now, Aug 11, 2022, three days after they announced that she had passed away, it is still difficult to assimilate the idea that she is not here anymore. It hurts badly... Angels are not supposed to die...😢 It comforts me a little though that as time goes by, when none of us be around, these records will still let future generations see that she was real, that this beautiful angel, Olivia Newton-John, was indeed among us, sharing her precious art, talent and tender soul with us.🌹💔
@chriskozak4966 Anos atrás
Agree with you, beautifully said.🙏🏽💕
@anon01 Anos atrás
She was a beautiful lady inside and out. Rest in peace Dame Olivia.
OMGosh, she had me in tears at the end of the last song. It makes me wonder if she was acting or if she was truly losing someone...I felt it throughout the whole song. Rest in Peace, Olivia🌹
@mjhirish84 Anos atrás
She had me in tears at maybe
@mymom9466 Anos atrás
I saw an interview with her where she explained she sang the song to her mother when she was dying😢 I cannot remember if she also said she had written for her mother or not. May her soul Rest In Peace.
@mexicanspec Anos atrás
@@mymom9466 The line about another place and time ending in a kiss doesn't sound like it was for her mother.
@@JANUARY. thanks, fixed it! Too many tears to notice!!!
@iammantis62 Anos atrás
Yeah, I think she was shouting out to someone somewhere cause at 09:25 a tear rolls down her left cheek (our right), I guess is real as I would imagine be pretty hard to cry spontaneously live on The Tonight Show......
@kathleentyson6727 Anos atrás
I’ve seen tributes to celebrities,musicians and prominent people ,but the outdoor love and utter respect for this lovey woman is utterly overwhelming,I’ve heard nothing but praise for her ,her spirit,kindness and beautiful soul ,RIP you lovely lovey person .
@hopeislandful Anos atrás
I've literally not heard One negative comment. Amazing!! Normally there are always some negative comments but everyone loved Olivia.
@kathleentyson6727 Anos atrás
@@hopeislandful I know it’s amazing 🥰
@vastolive8 Anos atrás
She never acted like a Diva, treated everyone with respect, took nothing for granted and smiled during the good and the bad days
@jjmalaprop9968 Anos atrás
It is overwhelming. I find myself way more touched than I expected.
@ChildOfThe1970s Anos atrás
The only one I can recall in recent years that comes close has been Mary Tyler Moore. Other than that, I can't think of anyone else who has received such wonderful tributes.
@krishimmel6747 Anos atrás
I think her voice matched her physical beauty she was a beautiful person inside and out I've never heard anybody say anything bad about her she was an animal activist she fought for the rights of the animals and I always liked that she was like the girl next door the girl you'd like to introduce to your parents clean wholesome all around nice person I've been listening to her since the early '70s
@Odysseus_Outis Anos atrás
So true~, man..... So true....
@mj24672 Anos atrás
Same here. Saw her at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in the 70’s. At the age of 75, I still play her music. May she RIP. 🌹
@acme.videos Anos atrás
Perhaps one of the finest live version of "I Honestly Love You" I've seen for this song from Olivia, she really got emotionally into the performance of this song. 😌 I remember hearing Johnny Carson tell Olivia that her face has no bad camera angles on the TV monitor.
@wayofthinkin Anos atrás
Olivia was a consumate performer. The best in every field she performed in.
@timetowakeup6302 Anos atrás
She was very talented. I also really love Patsy Cline, Connie Francis, Karen Carpenter, Linda Ronstadt, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. So many great female vocalists.
@WhiteNoname Anos atrás
5:52 It’s the very first time I’m seeing and hearing her perform the song “I Honestly Love You” and ohhhh my! What an absolutely breathtaking performance! She is totally immersed in the song, feels like she thinks about somebody in her own life that she loves. Or she is just an absolutely incredible performer and can bring out the emotions when she needs them. Probably both. Anyway, amazing woman and an amazing performance! That song and that tear in the end got me. Rest in peace, Olivia.
@kathystutzman9570 Anos atrás
She was my favorite back then; had all her albums and almost wore them out. Saw her twice in concert, OKC and Vegas with Charlie Rich. I Honestly Love You was always her closing song and had everyone shedding a tear.
@jeffreyd5753 Anos atrás
She's a rare and honest talent....much like Karen Carpenter. Nice to have them both on record! Amazing that Olivia is so relaxed and emotionally open on her first JC appearance.....truly impressive!
@kellig.6819 Anos atrás
Thank you! Olivia fought a long and hard battle!!! Very brave lady. God bless you Olivia. You will live in our hearts forever. 💓
@kallicameron1565 Anos atrás
It was lovely to see this footage of the beautiful, talented and very special Olivia Newton John. Hearing her sing 'I Honestly Love You' brought tears to my eyes and sent shivers down me. That is when you know you have heard something truly great that reaches your soul. She had the ability to do that as an artist and wonderful vocalist. She was also beautiful inside and out as a person too and did so much good. Sing now with the Angels and fly high beautiful soul. Your legacy will live on Miss Olivia Newton John ❤
@Koala63211 Anos atrás
That single tear that slipped out of her left eye at the end when she sings "I honestly love you" was just too much for me, I am bawling my eyes out.
@kathykapsner3897 Anos atrás
Yeah, same!
@paulkane7771 Anos atrás
Me too.
@daveymorgan909 Anos atrás
Another amazing singer we have lost . She made an impact on many lives I believe and she will be missed. R.I.P
Olivia will forever be my favorite female vocalist. Hopelessly Devoted To You, Suddenly, and Magic are just a few of her songs that I love to just close my eyes and listen to her lovely voice. She had such a warm sincere smile. Wonderful to know how many lives she has touched with her voice. I was saddened terribly when I heard she passed, but glad to know her battle is over. 😥❤
Most incredible singing performance on a talk show. There's no wonder I had a crush on her in the 70's. God bless Olivia.
@jackwalker1822 Anos atrás
Back in '75-76 I had discovered Linda Ronstadt and Stevie Nicks. But as beautiful as they were, my total crush was on Olivia Newton-John. Pure beauty, and such a wonderful feminine voice. RIP Olivia we miss you already.
@vastolive8 6 meses atrás
There was no one like Olivia and never will be, deeply missed 😢 ❤
@geofschwer1625 Anos atrás
Geeze we had fabulous singers back then, and Olivia Newton John was one of the best! Her music was beautiful and the lyrics were so easy to understand and relate to.
@user-uk6yz1my8h Anos atrás
A true angel that walked amongst us. Her legacy of music, animal welfare, cancer clinic and her spirit will liv on.
@DonTruman Anos atrás
Geeze. I can't imagine how she could do that. Go out there on stage, and practically make love to the camera for millions of viewers, and do it flawlessly. Such a performance.
@stylerweiland Anos atrás
She truly blessed this world with her natural grace and talent. What a wonderful lady. Rest in peace, dear Olivia. 🌹
@erestube Anos atrás
I was watching this thinking she put more into her songs than I ever realized, and then she's looking into the camera like she's actually singing "I Honestly Love You" to somebody "out there" and then the tear rolls down! Wow! What an incredible woman!
@quietwoodworking Anos atrás
She was definitely thinking about a special someone when she was singing. The tear rolling down her face took me by surprise. She is the definition of Lovely.
@vickimingus9281 Anos atrás
I miss these days. The 70's talk shows without hate in them. I'm thankful I remember these better days. I feel bad for kids growing up now with so much trash, hate etc
@acerothstein4755 Anos atrás
There was no social media back then, no internet. Stars HAD to go on these dumb shows just to get noticed.
@charlesgibbs4362 Anos atrás
Brilliant comment Vicki, I am 65 and wouldn’t want to have lived through any other time. It seems a pity that tv entertainment is anything like as good as during the 60s & 70s!😏
@charlesgibbs4362 Anos atrás
@@clarkmacgowan5114 🤷‍♂️
@valmacclinchy Anos atrás
Thanks so much for posting this..she was such a big part of my childhood. Xanadu, Grease, all her songs on the radio. Iconic. Beautiful human being. RIP 💔🙏
@rpdbu8250 Anos atrás
‘Twist of Fate’ has a new generation of listeners after it appeared on Stranger Things TV Show.
@ODucks55 Anos atrás
Wow! What a performance on the second song. When she looks into the camera at 6:50 and she sings “I love you” you believe it. She had talent right from the start.
@jessetorres8738 Anos atrás
Thank you to whomever is continuing to upload old interviews Johnny Carson did in order to keep his memory alive for people born after he retired from hosting his show.
@slcRN1971 Anos atrás
Not just them. I worked so many shifts and overtime as a hospital nurse, that I didn’t see most of his shows. I’m really enjoying them now, though.
@fmradio42 Anos atrás
@@slcRN1971 Thank you, we greatly appreciate your service!
@williamaaron8247 Anos atrás
He was the best talk show host ever
@royceskepagny6182 Anos atrás
@@williamaaron8247 Amen.
@michaelbill123 Anos atrás
Such a genuine and sweet person, who will be greatly missed. "I honestly Love You" is such a beautiful song. If you look closely Olivia sheds a tear at the end. Thank you for posting this to YT.
@MrBruinman86 Anos atrás
Professional through and trough. Vocally perfect and with an endless amount of charisma and beauty. No holes in her game.
@wallaceharris4490 Anos atrás
I remember seeing this on The Tonight Show that night and twenty days later I was volunteer enlisted in the Navy. I followed her music and career and looked for updates on her when she was ill. She was a treasure to the whole world with her music. God bless and keep you Olivia, you are in his care now and shining with the Angels.
@sammyt3514 Anos atrás
What a delightful human being; she radiated warmth and positive energy wherever she was; that megawatt smile alone would make anyone around her immediately smitten. And that voice; there's a reason a legend like Dionne Warwick likened it to crystal. I grew up listening to that voice and loved (and bought) every record she put out; there will never be another one like her. RIP sweet Olivia, you'll be missed.
@leodegas7731 Anos atrás
Listening to these songs brings me back to my preteen childhood. She sang the words that I wanted to say to my crushes, but was too afraid to say. My heart is filled with joy and sadness listening and watching this video. I honestly loved her❤️. RIP Olivia 😔
I remember watching this . I loved her from the beginning ! She was special ! She emoted my youthful emotions 🥲❤️
@marywest6844 Anos atrás
Her parents, a credit to her parents. Then going over to England from Australia, so young and being looked after by the English too. She could easily have been prey to horrible people, like a lot of stars today seemed to be.
@Ciclopea2 Anos atrás
Such a stunning and talented young lady, and she remained beautiful inside and out her whole life. She deserves honor and to be cherished forever as a true icon, we honestly love you Olivia, RIP 💖🌹
@andrahunsaker4781 Anos atrás
Such a wonderful talent Mr. Carson was !! So very great !! 🙏❤️
@ernarc23 Anos atrás
Olivia knew how to look in that camera and connect with her audience emotionally, from the moment she got on that stage. I'm sure Johnny knew, right then, she would be a BIG STAR. What an angel she was. The world was blessed when she was born. xo
@szeming143 Anos atrás
A single tear at the end!!! Her most memorable song! Saw her from afar performing at PNE fair, Vancouver BC Canada probably a decade ago wowing crowds in her sixties. Just as gorgeous and sounded as good during her prime. ONJ will be sorely missed!
@EVEROSFP1 Anos atrás
Can't believe this beauty of a woman, singer and artist is gone... Rest in peace, Angel...
@stephenrichey8487 Anos atrás
At the 9:29 mark at the very end of “Honestly,” a single tear rolls down her far cheek. If Olivia was willing to tell me, I would want to know for what or for whom that tear was shed. That song might have had some real-world emotional baggage for her that she didn’t share with the public. In any event, that tear is a stunning piece of sincerity coming out in a work of art. I was a teen-aged boy when this came out in the early/mid 1970s. Your first crush is the hardest. Now it’s October 2022, I’m almost 65, and I’m sobbing like a baby on seeing this. Teach the angels how to sing Olivia, I honestly love you.
@rolfjohnson830 Anos atrás
The night I fell in love with her. And I never stopped. Olivia was an amazing woman. She was the most kind, caring and loving person to her fans. I’ve been lucky enough to have met her several times I will treasure those moments always. She was truly an earthly angel. She is free now to fly and heal us all with her spirit of love and light.
@sonia4641 Anos atrás
Losing both Olivia NJ and Judith Durham in the same week has somehow more than doubled the sadness of losing them separately. Two unique, pure and beautiful voices, and two beautiful angels gone back to whence they came, having blessed us with their presence for a while. And that's not language I use or have ever written before ... but seems to express who they were and how they touched us ....
@markberryhill2715 Anos atrás
...and yet, it's my sentiments exactly. Big fan of both too.
@chiefscheider3445 Anos atrás
Have to admit I had to search Judith Durham, having not heard of her before.
@shaunbarr1856 Anos atrás
Well said both women where angels I meet Olivia in 1994 she was very pleasant and happy to talk to us down to earth.
@iandawson3171 Anos atrás
@@chiefscheider3445 Boy. Bet you've been blown away by her. She had it.
@BRO77TX Anos atrás
Man…this woman can sing any genre!! RIP Sandra Dee!! 🙏
@troynov1965 Anos atrás
@MajorSeventh Anos atrás
@@troynov1965 Reference to Grease.
@troynov1965 Anos atrás
@@MajorSeventh I though he was calling her Sandra Dee the actress.
@MajorSeventh Anos atrás
​@@troynov1965 The reference in _Grease_ is to Sandra Dee the actress. There's a song called "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee".
@BRO77TX Anos atrás
@@troynov1965 Yes, I am calling her Sandra Dee
@kellig.6819 Anos atrás
We love seeing all these old Johnny shows. It would be great if you could post the whole shows. Thank you!😎🙏♥
@sofia7374 Anos atrás
Peacock has his shows!
@climeaware4814 Anos atrás
I miss the 1970s!
@ksc743 Anos atrás
And the dates..
@@climeaware4814 Me too! I love watching movies that were filmed in the 70s. The cars, the clothes, the memories they bring back.
@climeaware4814 Anos atrás
@@christophersansone2755 how about the 1920s lol ever look at NY ? 1960s and 70s was a good time. Low cost of living, low affordable health care, low college cost, we did not have to much to worry except Vietnam.
@fredwiley3731 Anos atrás
When she looks into the camera, she owns it. It is like she is singing to you. I love Olivia,. This was a remarkable LIVE performance. So sad that this voice has been silenced for ever.
@helsbels2582 Anos atrás
Olivia was the whole package. Beautiful inside and out with a the voice of an angel. Such a sweetheart. People like her in the industry are very rare.
@ZURROS Anos atrás
What an amazing career. Glad she was part of the fabric of our generation.
@MrEmotional33 Anos atrás
I loved Olivia in my whole childhood..she was truly an angel and one of the most talented singers out there. I will never forget her beauty and amazing talent! May you rest in peace lovely girl!
@RLaraMoore Anos atrás
Whoa ... .. She actually cried a real tear at the end of her song! We don't have wholesome, authentic talent like hers anymore. 😔
I will always remember Olivia Such a great talent 🤩
@R_M.P Anos atrás
Olivia was so beautiful and had the voice of an angel. Sadly, we lost 2 wonderful Australian goddesses in early August of 2022. Olivia and Judith Durham of The Seekers. RIP to both of you! Life goes bye in the blink of an eye!
She was a One of a Kind Beautiful Talent whom we all shall forever miss with our love to her family 🙏🏻💃🕺🏼
@buda3d2007 Anos atrás
She bridged old hollywood with new hollywood and became her own, she and a handful of other bands were disco before disco was disco, she is the definition of iconic.
@Audiogeek-kf2ez Anos atrás
I remember this beautiful young lady in the mid 70s, she had already conquered Aussie land. This was I believe 3 years before she was cast in Grease. So was such a natural performer. RIP ONJ
An absolute Angel! Looks, voice, soul, determination, strength and love. RIP OLIVIA. 😭🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️ This version of 'I Honestly Love You ' was gorgeous. I loved slow roller skating to her songs with my eventual wife. Not very many realized that she was English. She was so loved Three nations she called home. England Australia and finally America. 🥰🕊️
@SueProv Anos atrás
Wow what an amazing lady then and now into eternity. God bless her and all who love her.
@nolyacob242 Anos atrás
What an iconic artist. The voice of angel matched beyond the physicality. Rare individual, will be missed❤️
@marioimolina Anos atrás
she always had one of the greatest vocals
@TNTLIVEVancouver Anos atrás
Olivia was my first love in a lifetime of being a fan of female singers. This is an amazing video that showcases her crystalline pure voice and those eyes! She draws me in with her eyes and is mesmerizing. It was so touching to see her shed a tear at the end of I Honestly Love you. Thanks to Johnny Carson for releasing this video which has excellent live band audio. Had the privilege to see 3 of her tours in Vancouver, BC of which I videotaped an entire PNE concert
@razoreyes45k Anos atrás
Heavenly voice. RIP Olivia.
@jeffreyturner7678 Anos atrás
yes, this is live- a pure talent who brought millions joy- she was a big star with 3 Grammys before Grease even happened. She is part of so many. Let's celebrate the love and light- I feel she would have wanted it no other way.
@dttruman Anos atrás
Back in high school, I took an informal poll among the guys. We all had our different choices for sex symbol choices, but Olivia Newton-John was an almost unanimous choice as the girl we would like to have as a wife.
@leon15776 Anos atrás
She was stunner & I can see why the vote was unanimous
@dttruman Anos atrás
@@leon15776 She didn't have the classic features of say a Raquel Welch or Farrah Fawcett, but it was her understated looks and non outrageous personality that made her every guy's wannabe wife.
Olivia is the girl next door, the type you were sincere friends with who were beatuiful and down to earth. Being an Australian, I can say that a lot of Aussie girls in the 80s & 90s must have been influnced by Olivia, there were a lot of girls who where down to earth and just as lovely as Olivia. I was one year old when this came out, but I agree, Olivia is the type of down to earth girl that everyone is attracted to men as a romantic interest and wemon as a great friend.
@dttruman Anos atrás
@@hopeislandful I agree if they all weren't wearing make up with the hairdoos.Her character as Sandy in Grease best expresses that. That's why almost every guy wanted to marry her.
Those are great songs. She had a wonderful voice.
@dawnmosley Anos atrás
Oh gosh, that tear rolling down her cheek at the end... 😢 her death is a hard one to take 💔
@gregorymangin9196 Anos atrás
Hers and Robin Williams.
@gregorymangin9196 Anos atrás
@@JerusalemPulseRadio Well…… Robin committed suicide, if I recall. Meanwhile Olivia died naturally of cancer sad to say. I cried more for Olivia, Then I did for Robin Williams. Sorry if I offended you.😢
@@gregorymangin9196 Understood. I was going to add Michael Landon to the list of just people in the limelight who changed our lives each in their own way... but I hear you... nothing like the loss of Olivia.
@tpampouk Anos atrás
RIP Olivia. She was so Unique. One of a Kind
@neilcox9763 Anos atrás
Rest in Peace dear Olivia! You brightened our world with you angelic singing and true beauty inside and out.
@l7weenie273 Anos atrás
She had such a sweet voice. Rest in peace.
@crazycappy01 Anos atrás
She had such an angelic voice when she sang. R.I.P. Olivia. And thank you for the great music.
@chriskozak4966 Anos atrás
Olivia Newton-John was an exceptional singer, actress, songwriter, activist, animal lover & cancer survivor & supporter. She inspired me growing up with her beautiful & angelic voice & musical talent. She was beautiful inside out & will be truly missed. Her legacy lives on. Thanks for sharing this upload.💕🌷🙏🏽👍🏽
@amberola1b Anos atrás
So sad to know this talented lady left us too soon. We'll miss you Olivia.
@apogena Anos atrás
*What a silky-smooth voice! Rest in peace, Olivia.*
@fertusherring3476 Anos atrás
A lovely young woman. I'm very sad she has died. She epitomized grace, kindness, generosity of spirit, vulnerability and tenderness. I've never heard a bad word uttered about her in the press, and I'm as old as she was, so I remember her back in the early 70s. Just so sad to read of her passing. Lovely, lovely girl.
@philpotts3893 Anos atrás
I remember the first time I saw her on TV.. what a talent. Voice of an angel..thanks Olivia
I remember this when I was kid..she was beautiful, beautiful voice, and I had a little boy crush on in peace beautiful lady.
What a joy to have met Olivia as everyone who loved and new and just casually met her over the years was just taken by her beauty and joy and authentic beautiful personality and then there’s a talent to the beautiful voice and singing and dancing she couldn’t of been a sweeter person in any regard everybody comes back with the same experience just loving her so much and she will be missed forever and I’m so glad we have so many records and movies with her and I’m praying for her husband John and her children now and her best friends that have grown up with her because what a great and deep void they surely feel...God bless you all and thank you God for giving us such wonderful sweet and gorgeous people like Olivia on this earth to enjoy until love 🙏🏻
@AndrewKazmierski Anos atrás
I loved early Olivia the best, she had many hits long before Grease! I noticed a tear roll down her cheek at the end of "I Honestly Love You" She but her heart into her performance, RIP Olivia!
@ClintScottFischer Anos atrás
What a tragedy it is we lost her. But we can continue to celebrate her forever through all of her world class content. Sweet Olivia.
@chotzrary Anos atrás
At 9:25 when she sheds a tear, just broke me. I Honestly Love You, is my favorite song of hers since first hearing it long ago. Olivia Newton-John has been my girl next door beauty since first seeing her in Grease as a kid back when the film first premiered. She seemed so sweet and pure. All these years seeing her on tv or news, there was never any negative said about her. That's a testament to her being a good person. RIP gorgeous.
@gloriaperez7658 Anos atrás
I also remember this show. It made me cry. She showed her emotions on all her songs. She sang from the heart.
@TNewsh 3 meses atrás
She was brilliant in that you felt that she was singing to you personally. Just a beautiful creature all around.
@perrylowe Anos atrás
This right here is why I love BRvid ! Olivia's delicate voice and the delivery on "I honestly love you" is perfect.
@myjang61 Anos atrás
RIP Dame Olivia. Beauty, compassion, kindness and real. We honestly love you. ❤️
@acerothstein4755 Anos atrás
Stop with the "Dame" b.s. Those titles mean nothing.
@GA-1st Anos atrás
Weird coincidence. I saw her live at Disneyland that month! R.I.P., Olivia. We all loved you!
@pumfoobet9235 Anos atrás
No arrogance. No pretentiousness. Pure talent. The exact opposite of most of today's young singers. She was only in her early 20's here.
@UNCJerry77 Anos atrás
Still can't believe she's gone. RIP Olivia!
@alexdadalt3441 Anos atrás
Her music and memory are still with us.
She was so beautiful and genuine. Her passing really saddens me but God wanted his Angel home. Sing for him Olivia and ease HIS sadness over what this world has become.
@kathypellette2509 Anos atrás
a true beauty inside and out and we will always love her
@sampowellmusic Anos atrás
I was around 12 when she came on the scene and all I knew then was this woman is flat out gorgeous. I know now that she is an immensely gifted singer.
That was awesome...her first two hits here in America...and they started out trying to make her a country singer at first
@SciTrekMan Anos atrás
She WAS a country singer!
@donaldewert2332 Anos atrás
@@SciTrekMan Especially comparing today's so called country music, She was Country!!!
@markberryhill2715 Anos atrás
Don't forget "If Not For You". It was out before these two, I believe. And it definitely had a country twang to it. Aussies love country. They're more Southern than American.
@Muertes-tf2oj Anos atrás
"If Not For You" and "Banks of the Ohio" from her first LP released in 1971 were her first hits in the states.
@vastolive8 6 meses atrás
Her first top 10 hit was "Let me be there" in 1973
@josephconti7142 Anos atrás
She is such an angel and she had a beautiful voice RIP OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN
@lynnecrystal7845 Anos atrás
She glows when she sings. Now she sings like the angel she is. RIP.
@thesiiiiuu Anos atrás
She was wonderful then and exuded good energy all the way up till the end. We all feel immortal when we're at this age... but time passes so quickly.
@michaelbarlow6610 Anos atrás
Olivia reminds me so much of her good friend and fellow singer the late Karen Carpenter because they both sang from the heart with sincerity, conviction and superb ennunciation of the lyrics they were singing! Two magnificent, irreplaceable human beings gone too soon! I never realized until now just how much Olivia in her prime in the 1970's facially resembled Lindsay Wagner back then, but the similarity is uncanny! R.I P. Olivia Newton-John and Karen Anne Carpenter.
Not just a beautiful woman, but a great artist. She could really put across a message with dramatic flair.
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