Ohio State Football - Defensive End U

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Career highlights of Ohio State's 3 most dominant pass rushers
Joey Bosa: 0:00 - 8:19
Nick Bosa: 8:20 - 12:30
Chase Young: 12:31 - 19:11


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26 Mar 2023



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Comentários 104
Carter Karcz
Carter Karcz Anos atrás
I’m convinced that Christian Hackenburg still sees Joey Bosa in his nightmares
Ty Kroner
Ty Kroner Anos atrás
Idk if it’s because he was the last one to play, but Chase Young might be my all-time favorite OSU defender. The Bosa’s were animals too, no disrespect towards them AT ALL, but there was just something electrifying about Chase Young’s final season at OSU. Good video! Go Bucks! 🤙🏻
Ty Kroner
Ty Kroner Anos atrás
@Jim Frankovich yeah super crazy to think about. But if JTT commits, then you’d have him, Sawyer, and Harrison. Could be another INSANE rush end crew, among the others that are currently there.
Jim Frankovich
Jim Frankovich Anos atrás
Can you just imagine Chase, Joey and Nick all on the same team. Holy cow, look out. LOL Go Buckeyes.
DCThaKilla Anos atrás
we have like 3 guys that are top 5 at this position in the NFL it’s actually unreal.
david Milton
david Milton 8 meses atrás
Recruiting at DE has been great. The Bosa's and Young were out of the ready when they arrived at OSU.
NorthOfWindsor 11 meses atrás
People crap on the Big 10 while forgetting about JJ Watt, TJ Watt, Nick Bosa, Joey Bosa, Kwity Paye, Aiden Hitchinson, Rashaan Gary, Chase Winovich, Aiden Hutchinson, David Ojabo, Chase Young, and many more. This conference produces some of the best D-Linemen in the NFL
HundredSiren559 _
HundredSiren559 _ Anos atrás
Sam Hubbard is a solid DE as well in the league
Phil Leotardo
Phil Leotardo Anos atrás
@DOT its gotta be the Steelers connection lol. The proportion of Buckeye faithful who are Browns/Bengals fans far outnumber the Yinzers among us. Cam has been on the opposite side of most Buckeyes on Sundays a lot longer than he was in Columbus.
DOT Anos atrás
@Phil Leotardo yeah cam is a monster. I’m not sure why people are so quick to forget him when naming our great d line men. It’s pretty weird 😂
Zack Tessean
Zack Tessean Anos atrás
Imagine if nick and Joey ever played on the field at the same time
DOT Anos atrás
Just lost to Michigan fr the first time in ten years. I was in Ann Arbor to witness it. Watching these highlights to remind me what we were when our D-line was the best part of our team 💔
1outta3 8 meses atrás
Nahh were not losing to Michigan for another 10 years!!
NorthOfWindsor 11 meses atrás
Exactly. People forget this game is won in the trenches. This is going to be crucial for OSU to fix or they will lose to UM again. If they can develop their defense players in 2022, I’m not feeling so good about The Game
Adrian Vogt
Adrian Vogt Anos atrás
Let's hope Jack Sawyer can improve and make a list like this.
Blast Mega
Blast Mega Anos atrás
The Bosa Brothers and Young were absolute BEAST!
Vee 10
Vee 10 Anos atrás
Bosa pushing Lynch into HACK(enberg) is absolutely epic.
Adrian Vogt
Adrian Vogt Anos atrás
This is always what I think of when I hear "Joey Bosa." I remember exactly where I was when this happened.
Travis Sloan
Travis Sloan Anos atrás
I think my man Sam Hubbard deserves a shout
Hippo Tuskman
Hippo Tuskman Anos atrás
John Simon as well
Jim Frankovich
Jim Frankovich Anos atrás
The Bosa boys were soo freakin awesome. They were beast. Yall ever make a allstar team outta just Buckeye players, past and present players? Nick at one end Joey at the other end. Oh dear God help the opposition, they're going to need it. LOL.
Burnell Brown
Burnell Brown 9 meses atrás
U have to put chase on a end. Joey gotta move in on the line(id wager hes the strongest), But yes, Best defensive line in footBall history. (Even in a 3-4 scheme.)
Kenneth Chapman
Kenneth Chapman Anos atrás
JTT needs to watch this and there is the evidence of Coach Johnson's top DL coaching, getting those guys ready to dominate this level and the next.
dkcooks 11 meses atrás
@13el hope so
13el 11 meses atrás
@dkcooks they are tho definitely have the potential to be
dkcooks Anos atrás
@DCThaKilla jt and jack not on this level
DCThaKilla Anos atrás
looks like he did 😹🔥
Richard Rybarczyk
Richard Rybarczyk Anos atrás
All of those guys were awesome defensive players. Thanks for highlighting some defensive players, they’re an important part of the game. Another great video sir. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
Leftists Suck
Leftists Suck Anos atrás
Bosa’s highlight reel is insane
BigPapiJose 4 meses atrás
Just imagine if Nick would have stayed for one more year. Definitely not upset he wanted to stay healthy and was already 1st round certified but man, Nick Bosa with that 2019 defense? Unstoppable
Corey Mock
Corey Mock Anos atrás
Cannot wait to see Ohio Stadium at full capacity! Go Bucks!
JK YouTube
JK YouTube Anos atrás
So excited too! September 2nd cannot come fast enough
Nate the Great
Nate the Great Anos atrás
Yes!! Me too!
Fancy Anos atrás
Gooooo Bucks!!
Landry Walther
Landry Walther Anos atrás
REALLY looking forward to watching Sawyer and JTT the next 3 years! But I also think Harrison and Smith will be very tough this year.
Landry Walther
Landry Walther Anos atrás
@Lincoln MacEachern Hoping so. Regardless, I think Harrison has a big year regardless.
Lincoln MacEachern
Lincoln MacEachern Anos atrás
Maybe the JTT signing will wake Harrison up.
Phil Leotardo
Phil Leotardo Anos atrás
Noah Spence was primed for the kind of year that would have put him on this list before he was dismissed from the team. Right before the National Championship 2014 season no less.
Ryan Epps
Ryan Epps Anos atrás
Why does this pump my adrenaline still? So hyped over past plays. I love it!!! Ready for some live feed!
Jusin Seidowsky
Jusin Seidowsky Anos atrás
Chase Young was an absolute monster. Should've won the heismen.
Carseye1 Anos atrás
Thanks. Enjoyed it. I'm beginning to wonder if Nick B can stay healthy though.
MistaGooch Anos atrás
All 3 of those players won NFL Defensive Rookie of the year Honors. Buckeye D-Line recruiting targets. Let that sink in for a moment.
Virginia Capital Coasters
You're going to have to remake this video and it'll be a whole lot longer, having Jack Sawyer and JTT decimating the B1G. O-H
T B Anos atrás
I-O! OMG we're so loaded!!! Urban was right that Ryan Day is special & we're seeing it with his recruiting. It's great that Urban is @ the Jaguars so he doesn't have him over his shoulders anymore. Day will get us another nat'l title for sure! OMG I can't wait for the season to start! GO BUCKS! SCREW TUN!!!!!!!!
Mark LeFevre
Mark LeFevre Anos atrás
gary kay
gary kay Anos atrás
University of Miami had two #1 draft choices at defensive end in this last NFL draft. Greg Rousseau and Jalen Phillips.
Evan Snow
Evan Snow Anos atrás
On the eve of JTT's commitment? I see what you did there:)
MattBuckeyeGuy Anos atrás
LegionMeerkat7 Anos atrás
Great video but we need the one of Chase ripping Lawrence’s head off 😂😂😂 plus you can look at him for a third of that game and he’s getting held along with bear hugged
KG Rainz
KG Rainz 5 meses atrás
Nah he just got held in check by his father the (Clemson tigers🤣)
Catfish Catfish
Catfish Catfish Anos atrás
Just found ur channel I’m a huge Ohio state fan
Seffi Shestopal
Seffi Shestopal 3 meses atrás
Who is going to be the next great defensive end to come out of Ohio State?
Walt Sears
Walt Sears Anos atrás
I really like Nick’s style more than Joey’s…that and Chase Young’s game with strip sacks, blocked kicks, the whole package. Go Bucks!
Josh Fronius
Josh Fronius Anos atrás
A few more worthy of mention, Mike Vrabel, Luke Fickle, Will Smith, Vernon Gholston, Simon Fraser, Dan Wilkinson (DT mostly), Cameron Heyward, and the list goes on & on. Definitely have a case, especially of late for the crown of DE University. But, I still say DB University for all time. Gap closing though. Plus now the RB's... Henderson is the REAL deal & we all know about E. Elliot, J.K Dobbins, M. Webber, C. Wells, A. Pittman, E. George, R. Smith, K. Byars, M. Clarett, A. Griffin, etc. & don't even get me started on the WR's. Great time to be a fan of the Ohio State University. Bama, Buckeyes, Clemson, Oklahoma... these kind of teams all generate rosters that could easily stack up w/ each other in list like this. So I am partial. But even being partial I can see the talent that continuously pours out of Ohio State. It is what allows them & the others to remain a force throughout the years.
BigMoney Sonny
BigMoney Sonny Anos atrás
Chase young is ridiculous. So happy he plays for my team
Jroots99 Anos atrás
Bruh imagine chase coming at you 😳😳😳
Squidward 06
Squidward 06 Anos atrás
Think of something like this, nick on one end joey on the other with chase in the middle,,, if I was playing quarterback against that together I’d shit myself
Re5_ 9 meses atrás
People are so lucky that we didn’t have Nick and Chase at the same time we would of killed College Football.. nick got hurt and elected to sit out for the draft soon as chase was about to take off
Jim Frankovich
Jim Frankovich Anos atrás
And DB U. And LB U and WR U and OL U. LOL. You probably can't tell I love the Buckeyes huh? LOL. My mother used to say I was born with a Buckeyes Jersey on. The doctor checked my heartbeat and said he heard the Buckeyes Marching band playing. They drew blood from me and it was Scarlet and Grey. LOL. I have resided in Texas for the past twenty years but I never miss a Buckeyes football game. ESPECIALLY when they play that Northern team. The one with a Hairball as coach. LOL. You know the team that's lost what ,the last 9 in a row against my Buckeyes. GO BUCKEYES.
deansusandylan Anos atrás
I was born on Game day delivered by a Buckeye Med school grad, his son was a graduate of Michigan. Mom was so out of it she thought it was 340pm and she had made our Dr miss the was actually 340am. He went home and napped till gametime
George Gaskin
George Gaskin Anos atrás
OSU fans still the best at claiming to be the best!!!
Kyle Dietz
Kyle Dietz Anos atrás
This isn’t even counting first round pick Hubbard I mean OSU breeds these guys
Terry Manning
Terry Manning Anos atrás
Let's not forget about Vernon Gholston, Will Smith, Jason Simmons
Terry Manning
Terry Manning 5 meses atrás
And Darrion Scott
taltezy29 Anos atrás
I think Chase Young was good but not great. His last 4 games at Ohio State he disappeared for the most part.
Legendzzz 2002
Legendzzz 2002 Anos atrás
Because he was double and triple teamed buddy
NorthOfWindsor 11 meses atrás
Ngl Zach Harrison was a disappointment. Day did the right thing hiring a new defensive staff because it’s obvious their front-7 development has been sub-par lately
art perez
art perez Anos atrás
Great video! GO BUCKS!
Lunk Lunkerton
Lunk Lunkerton Anos atrás
Would have been nice to continue the tradition but Harrison turned out to be a monumental disappointment.
BK Bucknut
BK Bucknut Anos atrás
Larry Johnson 🤴🏾
Jonathan Jacobs
Jonathan Jacobs Anos atrás
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Cayden Galentine
Cayden Galentine Anos atrás
Honestly could have had a Sam Hubbard section too if you wanted
Lew-e Anos atrás
Hey man, check the comment I replied to on the wide receiver deep threat video. I got those game tapes from 2002
cory jackson
cory jackson Anos atrás
Ohio State = NFL stars
MrSoDolo Anos atrás
JTT Left Side!! Sawyer Strong Side!!
Username commenter
Username commenter Mês atrás
1:43 could that lineman not have just picked up the ball and fell to atleast the one yard line?
Old Ben
Old Ben Anos atrás
no one ever mentions Sam Hubbard
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 3 meses atrás
How did you not start with John Simon.....
GK 5 meses atrás
Man that’s so disgusting having nick bosa on one end and chase young on the other like damn
Chase Jordan
Chase Jordan 6 meses atrás
No one remembers Vernon Gholston?
Jody Johnson
Jody Johnson Anos atrás
How good was the boss brothers
GoBucks Anos atrás
You need sam hubbard in the thumb nail
My Life Is A Lie
My Life Is A Lie Anos atrás
Why didn't you add Sam Hubbard too?
Dashaun 4 meses atrás
When it was on chase young the only thing you heard was guise who chase young
Eric Blair
Eric Blair Anos atrás
Where’s Hubbard?
KingGed Anos atrás
I like this video. I clicked the like button.... BUT, how can you leave out Sam Hubberd?! He's inbetween Joey and Nick and as good. He tackled Barkley and McSorly at the same time for frack sake =\
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet Anos atrás
@MattBuckeyeGuy Vrabel and Will Smith
KingGed Anos atrás
@MattBuckeyeGuy All is well then.
Baractus Obamius Caesar
@MattBuckeyeGuy Zach Harrison might be good this coming year. Jack Sawyer is bound to be good and God willing, JT Tuimoloau might even end up being a Buckeye.
MattBuckeyeGuy Anos atrás
I'm thinking about making a volume 2 video that includes Hubbard, Tyquan Lewis and Jalyn Holmes. Then possible another one with Vernon Gholston, Cameron Heyward and John Simon
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson Anos atrás
Sylvia Nunez
Sylvia Nunez Anos atrás
Keep an eye out on me appartmet
Mr. West
Mr. West Anos atrás
JTT next up
J Rourke
J Rourke Anos atrás
I probably won't get a comment on that one. Lol
J Rourke
J Rourke Anos atrás
Where were ya'll last year while THE Bama was winning the National championship last year. Oh yeah "livin in the past".
OreoThicc_Gaming Anos atrás
This has to be the worst account on BRvid lol. A video with two players and self proclaimed “defensive end U” lmao
MattBuckeyeGuy Anos atrás
Believe it or not, there's actually 3 players in the video(which also happens to be the same number of subscribers you have). All 3 players in this video went on to win defensive rookie of the year in the NFL, no other school has had close to that success at the defensive end position. Considering the success of these 3 players (as well as players i didn't even mention or show in this video like Cam Heyward and Sam Hubbard) I think its fair to say that yeah Ohio State is currently "defensive end u"
Swamp Fox 2.0
Swamp Fox 2.0 Anos atrás
Weak Qb U at Ohio State 🤣
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