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25 Nov 2022



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Comentários 2 084
Amberclopedia 2 meses atrás
John's transition to twister was so good!! And the part where he made crying baby noises was hilarious even Michael was caught off guard 😭
Caera 2 meses atrás
im just here to fill the lack of comments, i’ve got nothing special to say :/
MorsAlbum 2 meses atrás
john is a fucking treasure i absolutely fucking adore him with otv the fucking baby noises after cutting open the massive cock put me in tears jfc
Captain Chrispy
Captain Chrispy 2 meses atrás
Will was spot on with telling Toast and Jodi to stop thinking and just say the first thing that comes to them, they really improved after that.
Coolboy2984 2 meses atrás
@Ace I remember they tried doing "yes and" during one of Lily's streams just for fun and Toast kept saying "Yes, and?" as his reply instead of making an actual reply lol
Ashok Singh
Ashok Singh 2 meses atrás
If toast kept saying the first thing that came to his mind people will get offended left and right, you can see him stop and start to overthink before talking after what happened 🤣
nobittermelon 2 meses atrás
I was laughing through out, but Sydney’s “not sugoi” REALLY took me out 😭
Nello Barto
Nello Barto 27 dias atrás
Oh she was so good with this theme 😭🤚
tori_ tatertots
tori_ tatertots 2 meses atrás
You could tell Micheal was so proud of Lily for flipping Syd off in the rock paper scissors part he was like "I taught her that!"
Markehl Petersen
Markehl Petersen Dia atrás
“She did that cuss thing”
Dablack Panda
Dablack Panda 27 dias atrás
gamer moment
Gerrard Mês atrás
DAFLOO 2 meses atrás
g.j. Mês atrás
Will: "remember its supposed to feel terrible, its gonna be brutal" Jodi: "got it boss. im pregnant then." she understood the assignment
Swuxy58 2 meses atrás
The transition from heavy watermelon to twister was SO GOOD
Zed Kusho
Zed Kusho 16 dias atrás
It was crazy that micheal picked up on it so fast too
Senpai_Lover Mês atrás
True, that was seemless
Manuel Romero
Manuel Romero 2 meses atrás
So disappointed the first lines out of toasts mouth were't, "wait a second this isn't where the bathroom is!" or something along those lines. Also neff's pretty good at this.
lzyizyy 2 meses atrás
@BigFoot DonTak don't tell them what they 'should've' done in a video- it's weird. It took him a while to get comfortable- a bit longer than it did the rest (all of them felt uncomfortable at the start) and that's completely normal
qwerty asdf
qwerty asdf 2 meses atrás
@Twenty Four Gang indeed
Kyoreos 2 meses atrás
Michael kicking a baby like he's frolicking in a field is the most funniest thing I've ever come across this week. It's amazing
Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong 2 meses atrás
They definitely need to do a 2nd one of these 😂 freaking love Will
Southeast asian dude
Southeast asian dude 8 dias atrás
MonarchsFactory 2 meses atrás
I had no idea Will Nef was like... actually good at this? He's so good at picking the moment to jump in and develop the scene
Hector Salazar
Hector Salazar 2 meses atrás
Will graduated from a very prestigious improv/comedy school so this is very much his comfort zone
Homeless Man
Homeless Man 2 meses atrás
Masayoshi crying like a baby birthed the greatest improv skit I've ever seen.
outragedfrog 2 meses atrás
isee what u did there
Achridian 2 meses atrás
ok but Michael's silent cheering when lily flipped off sydney during their rock paper scissors was hilarious, they've been doing that to each other for so long
Nakynie 2 meses atrás
Will really knows how to spice up scenes
Gabriel Shen
Gabriel Shen 2 meses atrás
Jodi looking confused at what her brain just thinks of is so fricking funny
Caramel_Mochi 2 meses atrás
Would be great to see them do another shoot with Will Nef! This was really fun to watch! I don't know a lot of streamers and the first time I watched Will was during the finale of Mogul Money. For some reason he reminded me of the late Chris Farley.
sv Mês atrás
Funny u say that cuz will loves Farley and is his favorite comedian ever!
jvwilly 2 meses atrás
the bit at the beginning with will asking michael to marry him kills me every single time it’s so funny
g.j. Mês atrás
surgeon Toast having a shotgun on his back going into the surgery is underrated, was the moment their operation sketch became the best one. his little laugh at his own incoming joke took me out lmao
Feeb 2 meses atrás
Toast saying "Ho-ly-shiet I'm outta here" in the second warmup is pure gold.
ChunyGurl 2 meses atrás
I remember Michael and Toast talked about this video 😂 Saying how uncomfortable it was for them, and hoping that the video doesn’t get released because they felt like they were cringe 😆 I’m happy to see that it *did* get posted! Everyone did a *great* job, seriously 👏 Lily was the most comfortable of course, I remember she would write scripts and have friends act it out when queueing for Valorant 😁 I loved how John turn a awkward position into a game of Twister, Sydney and Jodi with committing to the scenes (especially when ‘driving/sitting’ in the car), Toast and Michael were more ‘stiff’ in the improvs but their role together in the surgery room was funny 😄 Will Neff is great! Love his personality ❤
CNgotham Mês atrás
@stream hello future for clear skin I think it's funny that toast thought lily was acting out a destiny debate lol. it's even more funny because will is close friends to Hasan and hasan used to be close friends with destiny.
Angel 2 meses atrás
Will was touchy to say the least.
Mark Laurence Firmeza
Mark Laurence Firmeza 2 meses atrás
@stream hello future for clear skin i think its on toast stream. The latest coffe somethin q&a
ChunyGurl 2 meses atrás
@stream hello future for clear skin I don’t remember what stream it was, but it was a few weeks ago, I just remember Lily suggested taking acting classes together and Toast & Michael instantly said no because they did improv already and it was cringe 😆
stream hello future for clear skin
what stream did michael and toast talk about this? youre right about lily tho. even back then, she made scripts for sykkuno during league queues(?) and she had a lot of on the spot acting with destiny and others lol.
Eric Burns
Eric Burns 2 meses atrás
Kinda hoping for a part two lol
Vulcan Viduus
Vulcan Viduus Mês atrás
Toast: What position would leave you like this? Jodi: Giving voice to what we were all thinking
CakeZzi 2 meses atrás
Please do this more. This was so good
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Will Neff did such a crazy good job of embracing how awkward this would be
yzammms 2 meses atrás
I love how lily and michael are just so easily amused by each other that they both made each other laugh 1st 😆
kenrick encinas
kenrick encinas 2 meses atrás
@Just how about both?
LunaMoon 2 meses atrás
Just wanna be proud of being the 1k th like
cad 2 meses atrás
@Just 9:02 idk it seemed like he laughed when lily said “u can even ride it”
Just 2 meses atrás
Michael definitely laughed because Will but okay
Cameron Tupper
Cameron Tupper 2 meses atrás
This is the quickest they’ve put out a video before
Nahtalgh Bergin
Nahtalgh Bergin Mês atrás
Watching John and toast scatter at 1:41 brought back fond memories
K N Mês atrás
damn will neff is awesome, his energy is very apparent lol
g.j. Mês atrás
4:16 Will, pointing at Toast: "You are a habitual overthinker." Toast in the moment, doing the L from Death Note sit with a thoughtful hand on the chin: "you dont say?"
C K 2 meses atrás
I love Michael breaking the main of rule of improve at all times
Sid 2 meses atrás
Will Neff is such an underrated creator I love his stuff
bright kitty
bright kitty 2 meses atrás
@guisteh11 the stuff with lily too, I find him a lil odd
Jane Silver
Jane Silver 2 meses atrás
@John Doe yeah but his numbers of viewers aren't as good as these of his friends
sterlington 2 meses atrás
@guisteh11 you not understanding acting aside, I'm surprised that is the act you found weird, and not him literally offering to do feet and butt stuff to Lily lmao
Arjen Van der heide
Arjen Van der heide 2 meses atrás
@guisteh11 dafuq you talking about.
guisteh11 2 meses atrás
Whats up with his obsession with Michael? Ops in to propose to him, then ops in to sit on him full weight...
Sarah 2 meses atrás
Will is so good at this lmao
jade daniella
jade daniella 2 meses atrás
R3V1B3 2 meses atrás
We need a part 2🤣😂
Ghostpepper 2 meses atrás
Will is such a good actor
girl 2 meses atrás
This was probably my favorite video in all of OTV. I would love if improv games like this were uploaded more frequently
Ace 2 meses atrás
@girl same, improv is so fun to watch
girl 2 meses atrás
@Ace yeah, that sucks tbh. I love shit like this but its impossible to find
Ace 2 meses atrás
I also love the vid, but I kinda doubt they’ll make another since this is shaping up to be their worst performing vid in years.
Ella Cloud
Ella Cloud Mês atrás
literally my favorite otv vid ever along w the clown horror one
Ultimarx7 7
Ultimarx7 7 Mês atrás
As a long time Transformers fan, I can say for 100% certainty that sketch was very accurate 😂
Eduardo Vanin
Eduardo Vanin 2 meses atrás
The fact that Toast didn't realized that lily was an undercover cop just shows how good and in-depth her acting was.
Pigkid 721
Pigkid 721 2 meses atrás
I am scared of what Michael is going to do with this power
Puppeteer Master
Puppeteer Master 2 meses atrás
Michael will be T-posing while on that "stupid-not-hoverboard-skate-thing-with-two-wheels" asking Lily why she won't hug him in a slow but steadily rising voice.
D S 2 meses atrás
Diablosco 2 meses atrás
We are not ready for that my friend..😳
John Smith
John Smith 2 meses atrás
I thought it was obvious… churn butter
Curious_George 2 meses atrás
Zé Marcos
Zé Marcos Mês atrás
michael proud of Lilly giving the middle finger is cuttest thing ever
Roserorie 2 meses atrás
The stories just got better and better 😂
remus 2 meses atrás
i really like how Will would join in their performances, i think it helped them feel better with acting. i used to do drama classes at school and there were quite a few students that would get anxious when performing or think they were being cringey with their acting, and it would cause them to get quiet and shy or giggle after delivering a line. then my drama teacher would get up there with them and try to help lead the scene, being open and loud with her acting and make sure the students characters are still included. the students then wouldn't feel like the centre of the audience's attention and they'd get more confident as the scene went on. i noticed that kind of happening here as well. they all seemed a bit nervous at the start but because of Will's presence, and how he didn't hold back with his acting, it caused them to open up and be more relaxed. it's a really helpful thing that drama teachers do!
NightsidiaN 2 meses atrás
Tim C
Tim C 2 meses atrás
I genuinely loved Will teaching improv while still being supportive during the cringiest of moments
Twan van der Donk
Twan van der Donk 2 meses atrás
Yeah, he was great, though the cringiest thing with an improv session is being the one not participating haha
ska doosh
ska doosh 2 meses atrás
the last game seemed fun whyd they have to get so awkward about it lmao will nefs a natural
Neville133 2 meses atrás
Michael was so fucking stoked when Lily flipped the bird.
First Heretik
First Heretik Mês atrás
one of the best otv vids lol hilarious.
Eten TK
Eten TK 2 meses atrás
This was such a fun video. Will was the perfect guest for this concept. Edit: I also love how hard Sydney committed to the anime character
Renee 2 meses atrás
Syd was underrated in this I’m surprised no one is talking about her but she did so good
kal 2 meses atrás
the disappointed “not sugoi” at the end made me laugh so hard LMAOO
Armleo 2 meses atrás
when she said "can I act like a cat" I fucking lost it. Crazy improv skills IMHO
Dreamcatch 2 meses atrás
duuuuude yes!!!
MSTRKRFTroll 2 meses atrás
I was hoping that Syd would run when she got out of the taxi :D
Alfred 2 meses atrás
my favourite part was that NEKO NEKO NE! out of nowhere
Hans Zheng
Hans Zheng 2 meses atrás
michael being so proud of lily for flipping off sydney was the best thing ever
Pau 2 meses atrás
This entire vid is the definition of expect the unexpected
Triangle Circle
Triangle Circle 2 meses atrás
"Oh My God, ITS A LAMP!😃" had me dying bro 😭
Laura Bruggen
Laura Bruggen Mês atrás
As somebody who loves improv and has been in improv groups i loved this so much. Seeing them taking it so seriously and actually some being surprisingly talented was nice. I loved that he has a very good way of making them come out their confortzone. Happy to see john and Michael being super Quick with it and being original!
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja 2 meses atrás
Of course toast is caught off guard playing among us
Nhật Vy
Nhật Vy 2 meses atrás
This is the funniest video OTV has put out in a while, why's the view not higher 😕
SOUPTIK BANERJEE 2 meses atrás
Sydney's cat impression had me dying! This was a brilliant video. Getting all of them out of their comfort zones was really smart by Will. I loved his teaching style in this video and that he supported them in their acts.
Ella Cloud
Ella Cloud Mês atrás
so many bangers recently, nice, OTV
StevenAlanBaase 2 meses atrás
i enjoyed this so much
Cat Soho
Cat Soho 2 meses atrás
Uncle Will teaching the kids, thank you for your service trying to make streamers funnier
geeshta 2 meses atrás
10:20 you can tell that Lily knows EXACTLY how to make Michael laugh 😆
Sharpiedbelugas 2 meses atrás
had this playing in the background the first time, was eh. Actually had to sit and watch it. 11/10 video
WAKU 2 meses atrás
will neff is just so effortlessly cool
Porkishi The lost traveller
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KB 2 meses atrás
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sighduck 2 meses atrás
hasan is always mentioned in episodes which is why Will needs to be invited on first. I want to see Will defuse Slime.
dochan 2 meses atrás
nick is no longer relevant will neff is just so effortlessly cool
Porkishi The lost traveller
@tehdoughboy my exact thoughts
Shadowyuri 2 meses atrás
More learning annex please lol
æœ 2 meses atrás
"WEE IM A BUTTER CHURN" -Michael the butter churn
Shiakari 2 meses atrás
YO. All the cast did amazing, but whoever did the sound editing is an absolute GOD. The sfx were so on point holy moly. I was so immersed in the scenes haha
Rain 2 meses atrás
Even if Toast had a hard time he and Michael made a great entertaining duo I loved their dark humor and crackhead energy, John's improv sounds were freaking hilarious, Lily's improv was really creative and funny with the unexpected twists 😂 Sydney embraced her role and played her characters really really well, Jodi overcame her initial difficulty and let loose and was also fun to watch. Everyone did great! 👏
JadenSpooky 2 meses atrás
Michael being proud of Lily's middle finger moment is so fucking wholesome 10:20 Edit: timestamp thanks to @Harsha in replies
Harsha 2 meses atrás
@Anthony Pepito 10:20
Anthony Pepito
Anthony Pepito 2 meses atrás
What's the time I didn't noticed that-
Jerrid Foiles
Jerrid Foiles 2 meses atrás
While simultaneously not being wholesome. LOL
Mini Noah the Worm
Mini Noah the Worm 2 meses atrás
Will Neff did such a crazy good job of embracing how awkward this would be
The Texan Crusader
The Texan Crusader 2 meses atrás
Michael is such a good comedian lmfao
HaUnTeD#_#AiR-c0n 2 meses atrás
ChewwwBeccca 2 meses atrás
Jodie is actually pretty damn good at this, i loved doing improv when i used to act and its all about not being afraid to be dumb. loved this video guys i wanna see you all do it again
teah 2 meses atrás
when lily done the transformer improv she sounded like the mean girl in primary school
DAFLOO 2 meses atrás
Michael looked so proud when lily pulled out the middle finger after rock, paper, scissors
Razzbarree 2 meses atrás
I was expecting that sponsor to say something about the injuries of war taking effect after the battles over and something something michaels shoulder is now broken cuz of improv due to that timing
Tempo 2 meses atrás
10:21 lmao Michael is so proud of Lily
Parbruek Mês atrás
Predicting Michael owns this, before I've seen it.
Joseph Reference
Joseph Reference 2 meses atrás
i love will neff
Khanh Nguyen
Khanh Nguyen 2 meses atrás
Will really made it all come together. Glad he's getting OTV out of their comfort zone.
Alex Christensen
Alex Christensen 2 meses atrás
This was literally my favorite OTV video so far! It was so freaking funny and i just loved it!!!!!
Penepleto 2 meses atrás
You can immediately tell Michael was really god damn proud of Lily when she flipped the bird playing rock paper scissors lmao
Yangus Khan
Yangus Khan 2 meses atrás
i thought i almost heard him cheer out loud.
Hades 2 meses atrás
It was honestly wholesome
Rick P
Rick P 2 meses atrás
Improv is tough man. Being a streamer is probably the one career path that has a ton of overlap with improv whether they realize it or not. Kudos to everyone!
g.j. 2 meses atrás
lily and michael finding each other to be funny enough to be the first laugh of their groups is kinda wholesome.
Nameles 2 meses atrás
Am I the only one waiting for Michaels newest video to come out? It's been like what... 2-3 years?
Preston Playz
Preston Playz 2 meses atrás
Will Jeff: I think I heard your shoulders crunch a few times 🫢 Michael: it's ok. I'm used to it🙂 Lily: 🫣
Ecrivon Lunyx
Ecrivon Lunyx 2 meses atrás
This one made me smile the most, everyone is so brave thats one of the best 1st improv lessons ive seen sonce theyre already streamers. seems like they were being positively challenged with a skill theyll actually use and learning a lot, and that this is one that the audience can learn from since its not mostly tactile like archery, i hope they go again
Distinguished AllureProductions
I know everyone was so out of their comfort zones and felt awkward but I really need a part 2 maybe on Will Neff channel
Netto 2 meses atrás
Syd was so good at improv, so impressed. I couldn't imagine a better improv teacher than Will, he's hilarious and so good at what he does
redjules1215 2 meses atrás
This was great, I laughed so hard. Everyone did really well and Will was a great teacher.
Danky Kang
Danky Kang 2 meses atrás
There's types of comedic improv, and whilst I think role-playing improv is the hardest one to make people laugh, it's very good for entertainment, and I think they did a good job, especially Michael, because he's so bad at it that it makes it chaotic, and chaotic humour is always the best.
Duspende 2 meses atrás
Big up to Will Neff for helping OTV figure out how to improve on their improv. This is gonna change the content going forward for sure.
JDM 2 meses atrás
This was an amazing episode. I didn't think I'd like it this much. Will Neff did great & I only wish there was more hahaha
sunflower 2 meses atrás
11:46 John you are a genius
Jeff okm357
Jeff okm357 2 meses atrás
Got to do this again, I had fun watching this video, honestly I want more of this
Yamara Cruz
Yamara Cruz 2 meses atrás
Michael being manhandled as a prop was peak comedy. I couldn't stop laughing, I don't know how they all didn't laugh.
TheManInBush 2 meses atrás
that was amazing - Will is the best!
D' Yuuqie
D' Yuuqie 2 meses atrás
Michael : *Acting choking a baby* Also Michael : It won't shut up!
CoolsomeASH 2 meses atrás
10:22 Micheal looked proud that Lily learned that from him😭😂
fei 2 meses atrás
there are 3 comments in a row talking about this and i havent gotten to that part yet 😭
Rogelio A Ornelas
Rogelio A Ornelas 2 meses atrás
The absolute best moment lmao
Mr. Joes
Mr. Joes 2 meses atrás
lol I was just about to post that 😂
jisatsu 2 meses atrás
this was one of my fav otv videos ever like if i could ask for a part two i would
Wannabe Travelers
Wannabe Travelers 2 meses atrás
This is the hardest I’ve laughed at an OTV video EVER! I need more of this
Dylan Blake
Dylan Blake 2 meses atrás
This was such a good video i hope you guys do this again
Lil SKil
Lil SKil 2 meses atrás
"Sounds like an STD" Lmao
johannes 2 meses atrás
This was so funny, more of this and Will Neff please!
A $20,000 Chess Match: MrBeast vs. Ludwig
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Visualizações 4 400 000
Visualizações 2 700 000
Visualizações 2 300 000
Visualizações 5 200 000
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