Official Marvel Comic Con Panel in Hall H Highlights

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Natalie Portman as 'Thor,' Angeline Jolie joins 'The Eternals,' Mahershala is 'Blade,' the full cast of 'Black Widow' and much much more was revealed during Marvel Studio's Sand Diego Comic Con Hall H panel.


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21 Jul 2019

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Comentários 1 689
Wizard 6 horas atrás
7:21 damn... that guy could play a killer Uncle Phil form prince of bel air
Rjr11 Channel
Rjr11 Channel 19 horas atrás
No RDJ, No evans :(
Atu Choi
Atu Choi Dia atrás
Love Natalie
Thanos kumar
Thanos kumar Dia atrás
My life is settled now !!!
GamerHeroine 002
GamerHeroine 002 Dia atrás
My two favorite lady avenger : Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson
hmyvz 2 dias atrás
jeremy renner 😍😍
ali asghar
ali asghar 3 dias atrás
love and thunder is nat good. gust thor.
ali asghar
ali asghar 3 dias atrás
thor is one nat girll thor nat capitan nat loke gust thor thor stell youre pawer and hamer.
Madalen Johnson
Madalen Johnson 3 dias atrás
There is should be an Oscar for Kevin...for making people go crazy about MCU
Emily Leong Sze LAM
Emily Leong Sze LAM 3 dias atrás
How Benedict said hello 😂
White wolf
White wolf 4 dias atrás
4:36 I am so jealous of that person whose hand was held by tom hiddleston
Vinay Karki
Vinay Karki 4 dias atrás
My god its Angelina jolie, always wanted her in MCU🙌😍
Kanoksak Kerdnoy
Kanoksak Kerdnoy 4 dias atrás
11:58 Blade ?
k cube
k cube 5 dias atrás
Missing iron man and captain America
k cube
k cube 5 dias atrás
Hawkeye's entry was like rdj entryway
k cube
k cube 5 dias atrás
Loki fans hit like button
BSGuuh Hail
BSGuuh Hail 5 dias atrás
this is insane, marvel obliterates the comic con
EgocentricHead 6 dias atrás
Trash. Will be worse than Ragnajoke.
CalebJD- Fortnite, Vlogs, Reviews and More!
7:51 when you see a good meal on the table
Lee Flores
Lee Flores 6 dias atrás
not sure but i feel like Richard Madden/Ikaris is poised as MCU's Superman based on his costume's color scheme
Chaser4life 6 dias atrás
Jeremy Renner is like owning the entrances he comes in like a Robert Downey Jr and is so happy😂
arianne vas
arianne vas 6 dias atrás
Loki Loki!
Ravi maurya
Ravi maurya 7 dias atrás
Why hawkeye got an Ironman entrance?
Darkpool 7 dias atrás
I wonder how it feel being right there ,in front of the stage where celebs. are giving you a high five
Unnatural09 7 dias atrás
Ya..I'm going to say it now. If you give the hammer to female thor without the God butcher story line, then you have failed've failed.
forza juventus
forza juventus 8 dias atrás
top 3 best villain ever... 1.heath ledger(joker) 2.Hannibal lecter 3.loki
forza juventus
forza juventus 8 dias atrás
loki our true hero
Sean Costello
Sean Costello 9 dias atrás
The Train to busan guy...m holy shit
Hero Nerd
Hero Nerd 9 dias atrás
2:48 WINTER SOLDIER: Why isn't my microphone working? FALCON: Hehe
Hero Nerd
Hero Nerd 9 dias atrás
0:57 MARVEL FANS: A Woman? DC FANS: We got one of those two.
Paominlien Guite
Paominlien Guite 9 dias atrás
"oh my god" Yes thats the voice I heard when Christ Hemsworthy come up on the stage.... Humbled god of thunder
Paominlien Guite
Paominlien Guite 9 dias atrás
"If I tell you what's gonna happen, it won't happen", say Dr. Strange.
Jays 2006
Jays 2006 9 dias atrás
Is it weird that David harbour plays Alexi, and in stranger things, there is a character named alexi, that hopper spent a lot of time with? No just me? Ok.
Damian King
Damian King 10 dias atrás
I'd like to know where Loki went after he disappeared in Endgame!
Potatoe Central
Potatoe Central 10 dias atrás
As a mcoc player dont make a movie version of any of the new movies just buff or debuff them
Oscar Garza
Oscar Garza 10 dias atrás
Anjolina Jolie !? Wtf that’s a fucking cast right there. I can’t be more excited to see that beautiful human being in a marvel movie
Liam Werner
Liam Werner 10 dias atrás
Ok can we not have one male character stay male these days! Jesus Christ movies are being ruined with this crap! The worse part is female Thor would have been better anyway with Valkyrie but nope you had it make it his ex who is played by an actress who walked away from the series because “male characters suck” and that’s ridiculous
M.R Raghav
M.R Raghav 10 dias atrás
My hope is Natalie portman buffs up for female thor .
Lara Asentic
Lara Asentic 11 dias atrás
Jeremy is such a mood
Vanessa Hood
Vanessa Hood 11 dias atrás
4:03 wait hold up.. Monica rambeau?????
Mark Dinosaur
Mark Dinosaur 11 dias atrás
I like salma and anjelina but i think they should have used non famouse people like b list or c list actors? I dont just my opinion
Gokul Pillai
Gokul Pillai 12 dias atrás
Even their Comic-Con comes with a surprise. I feel for DC. Even though it has some of the iconic characters, never really worked the level of MCU. Hoping to see some redemption for them.
EgocentricHead 6 dias atrás
What surprise? All I saw was announcement for a bunch of mediocre shit.
FA kh
FA kh 12 dias atrás
Wtf r eternals ? I only care for avengers .
Studyo Gangsta
Studyo Gangsta 12 dias atrás
A Jew Thor!!?? No thank you!! N someone please tell David Harbour to fuck off!! He ruined Hellboy and his stink will permeate on the BW movie!!!
ricardo Ortega
ricardo Ortega 13 dias atrás
Female thor. Jesus fucking Christ. RIP the era of men as heroes. Welcome to the era of LBGQT , or how ever u say it , as heroes 🤮🤢
ricardo Ortega
ricardo Ortega 13 dias atrás
Hahaha only the chicks yelled for female thor
Spencer Grady
Spencer Grady 13 dias atrás
Jeremy deserved that Avenger's theme 😁
Sahil Gupta
Sahil Gupta 14 dias atrás
So much money on that stage 😮
whatever 14 dias atrás
Oh, I can't wait for this to tank.
jack saga
jack saga 14 dias atrás
lara croft is in the building 😍
Ben K
Ben K 14 dias atrás
Ben K
Ben K 14 dias atrás
Girl powaaaaa!😂😂😂😂 🖕
Colle Gilliland
Colle Gilliland 14 dias atrás
Sand Diego is Not San Diego. Hmmm
simpleplanfan011 14 dias atrás
12:21 “WHAT IS IT?! WHAT IS IT?! AHHHHHH!!!!” has me dying 😂🤣💀
Greg Young
Greg Young 14 dias atrás
How’d they get Natalie Portman to come back?
mohammed sufy
mohammed sufy 14 dias atrás
Jeremy pulls off a robert downey
Jay Mills
Jay Mills 14 dias atrás
*Richard Madden* WOOOOOO *Kumail Nanjiani* WOOOOOO *Angelina Jolie* WOOOOOO *Don Lee* wooo....
Y Saleem
Y Saleem 15 dias atrás
Put Cap's shield down right now.
Harsh Agarwal
Harsh Agarwal 15 dias atrás
Jeremy entry 👌🏻
I just Cant
I just Cant 15 dias atrás
Rdj is that you....
Ich bin Iron Man
Ich bin Iron Man 16 dias atrás
Wow too many talented actors...😍
Abhik Roy
Abhik Roy 16 dias atrás
whats the name of the host?? she is hot
Niranjan Raikar
Niranjan Raikar 16 dias atrás
I feel that when Ali was going to wear the hat they should have cut the lights and played the blade club theme. Lights come back on; there's blade written on the screen and hes wearing the hat.
Sadiq Ameen
Sadiq Ameen 17 dias atrás
Tom(loki) looks like the American version of Tiger Shroff here 😂😂
Donnie Gonzalez
Donnie Gonzalez 17 dias atrás
Can't wait for phase 4 movies
qaz Nuno fraz
qaz Nuno fraz 17 dias atrás
12:22 had me dying 😂 thar person in the crowd you just can hear him/her for the whole vid
Day dey
Day dey 17 dias atrás
What about spiderman You mean spiderman won't be in phase 4 😱😱😱 😤😤😤 😭😭😭
1rreL -
1rreL - 17 dias atrás
Am I the only one wondering on how would they bring back the mjolnir?
1rreL -
1rreL - 17 dias atrás
Am I the only one wondering how would they bring back thr mjolnir?
warren x
warren x 17 dias atrás
R.I.P Marvel . There's still many brainwashed males who don't realize this is feminist propaganda. Good news is =It will die from within, there is no money/economy in this crap. Now that flat bitch portman is she-thor!? what a disgrace, but I get to sit back and watch all die..... It's going to be pretty funny.
KD NOFYUDBN 17 dias atrás
Natalie Portman said the THOR serious ruined her career and now she's female Thor!! Not to mention she's pushing 40 and doesn't even come close to having he very unpopular female Thor. The SJW are running the show in Hollywood and the MCU is going to suck. But I get what shes doing, her career has cratered and the needs a comeback and some MCU cash.
MovieManiac33 18 dias atrás
Fuck you Captain Panderer.
Vardaan 19 dias atrás
*Natalie will ruin Thor 4*
chinmaya kumar
chinmaya kumar 20 dias atrás
That RDJ impression by Jeremy Renner though 😂
chinmaya kumar
chinmaya kumar 20 dias atrás
Jessica chobot❤️❤️
Kundu Dev
Kundu Dev 20 dias atrás
jerry renner and scarlet Johansson when ali comes on stage.... just grabbing each other
Porfle Popnecker
Porfle Popnecker 20 dias atrás
I used to really like female superheroes but I'm sick and tired of them now. And the same goes for superhero movies in general. Superhero movies are turning to shit.
Tim Canadian Comic Hunter
Very cool 😎 this was amazing 😉 always fun to hunt for keys 🔑 after seeing this video
The Petruccinator
The Petruccinator 20 dias atrás
Did they play Rainbow in the Dark by Dio when introducing the Thor cast?? If so that’s fucking amazing and I hope they use that in the movie
BoXwitGoD 20 dias atrás
how sucked in we get into entertainment lol
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