OFFICIAL Justice League Teaser Breakdown with Zack Snyder

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Join Zack Snyder for a deep dive on the Teaser for the upcoming ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’.
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#EscapeTheAlgorithm #UsUnited #AFSP
Trailer courtesy of HBO Max.


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17 Nov 2020



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Comentários 100
Noble's Vault
Noble's Vault 3 dias atrás
oh man cant waitttt
BoredYT User
BoredYT User 3 dias atrás
27:56 Is that what happened when A Train completely obliterated Robin?
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez 3 dias atrás
I don’t understand why some people hate this guy. 🤦‍♂️
CHADAM!!!! 3 dias atrás
I don’t think it’s possible for me to be more excited for this movie
dead shot
dead shot 6 dias atrás
Is Martian Manhunter And Hal Jordan in this film
V 6 dias atrás
martian manhunter will definitely show up.
Dennis Bennett
Dennis Bennett 6 dias atrás
its not odd to think anything zack (referring to us being confused that the superman holographic is in the batcave). What you have in your mind and what you expect from people are two different things.
Master DeVoe
Master DeVoe 9 dias atrás
If you hate Zack Snyder, then you definitely are a terrible person.
CARPAINTM3 8 dias atrás
@Kartika Dewi It was MOS lol!
Kartika Dewi
Kartika Dewi 8 dias atrás
@Master DeVoe well BVS Made me Love Snyder more And In my opinion, BVS UE is in my top 10 movies ever made
Master DeVoe
Master DeVoe 8 dias atrás
@Kartika Dewi BvS was the movie that made me a comic book genre fan, it's just that people are used to a specific style.
Kartika Dewi
Kartika Dewi 8 dias atrás
@Master DeVoe And In my opinion, Zack's 4 movies are In my top 10 movies list ever made
Master DeVoe
Master DeVoe 8 dias atrás
@Kartika Dewi yeah, it's sad
Steve 11 dias atrás
#RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ZackSnyderJusticeLeague #TheSnyderCut
Ian W
Ian W 11 dias atrás
They need a rewrite and reshoot Synder Cut of Bv.S. Ultimate Cut is not good enough. Hell, some serious editing alone could help Bv.SUC. First, the way Superman takes out the General-dude in the opening scene was insane. General-dude must be dead, or every bone broken, with a TBI he'll never come back from. Mmm...justice? More like thoughtless, careless bully-alien. Guess that's the point, but still. Too blunt; bad screenplay. Rewrite the interaction when Batman is near killing Superman, even though I'm not a severe critic as the scene is. It's worth it for a rewritten reshoot. Some of the fight, like Superman's - Henry Cavill's - obvious-as-hell pulled punch; IDK that may have been intentional. He doesn't want to kill Batman...right?...example of editing helpful. Then some of the keeping Superman looking perfect has to go. I don't buy his perfect hair throughout the fight. It just looks rather plastic; the fight shots in general. At least a filter or the like to give the shots more grittiness. Too staged, as is. Edit/reshoot Batman's experience with Flash - something brief, without the dialogue. The apocalyptic nightmare with bad Superman holds enough motivation for Batman to lean into wigging out completely. Flash poking his head in, stuttering his babble was unnecessary. Very unnecessary. The meta-human files scene(s) gotta go too, in my opinion. Or vastly trim down. Finally, Superman's death...could it be any more inaccurate to the comic, and rushed?! He took a nuke to the face, but couldn't go a lil more blow for blow with Doomsday?! All of a sudden, it's a Wonder Woman movie? Too much characters' inconsistency. Like Batman putting arms up to somehow limit Doomsday's blast. He could have ...ejected!...It's great WW shows up, but to have her be more toe to toe with Doomsday than Superman? More like Poopyman. With all that, Superman's death was diminished as hell. I didn't know I could care less about Superman's death until, at least, the Theater Release of Bv.S. Bv.SUC ...I just saw how ironically funny that movie acronym is...helped somewhat...not really. Justice League Snyder Cut began with Bv.S. I won't hold my breath... Thx if you made it this far!
Master DeVoe
Master DeVoe 9 dias atrás
There's no need to change that movie, and this movie isn't being changed either
Igbo time Hopper • 14 years ago •or
bvs was good the way it was
MILKY ED 12 dias atrás
Now that I understand more of what happened to the original JL cut, I believe Zack really needs to carry that DC mantle and lead the DCU.
Jason Melton
Jason Melton 12 dias atrás
I love how the household is just going on in the background, and Zack is trying to ignore it!
C O 14 dias atrás
Never have I been so stoked for a film. I'm getting HBO max just for all the DC content.
dead shot
dead shot 15 dias atrás
I think zack Snyder should add Solomon Grundy and killer frost raven
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 15 dias atrás
Love at bro!! Can’t wait for this!! So can’t wait
The Watcher
The Watcher 16 dias atrás
45:56 all those things very much describe steppenwolf to me, why are exects so dumb. "Yeah that superman guy looks too wholesome, he looks too strong, too supermany, I don't like it." lol JK, this is also me just assuming it was execs, there good at other things I guess...
Juliano Bezerra Almeida
Anil T M
Anil T M 16 dias atrás
We need JL 123 parts. 🙏🏼 We need Zack Snyder to make all the 3 parts of JUSTICE LEAGUE
Anil T M
Anil T M 16 dias atrás
Love you Zack Snyder ❤️from 🇮🇳
soy yo
soy yo 18 dias atrás
Abhijit Sen
Abhijit Sen 18 dias atrás
#RestoreTheSnyderVerse ❤️ from India
DKdrumm3r 19 dias atrás
I just realized the name had a typo😂😂 Love that zack’s doing this for us such an amazing person
jimmy2k4o 19 dias atrás
Zack Snyder is the director, not the one we deserved but the one we needed.
Ty Ban
Ty Ban 19 dias atrás
Zack got his bots and alts defending him lol
Hasiel Sarsby
Hasiel Sarsby 13 dias atrás
No they appreciate him.
Daniel Mims
Daniel Mims 20 dias atrás
Doctor manhattaneske lol I like that
Ty Ban
Ty Ban 19 dias atrás
It’s “esque”
J O'B 21 dia atrás
Once the Snyder cut of Justice League is released on HBOMax will it be put out on bluray?
Devawrat Bamane
Devawrat Bamane 22 dias atrás
The only trailer breakdown video I’ve enjoyed ever.
Ashish Gautam
Ashish Gautam 23 dias atrás
My man just misspelt his own name :D
Ashish Gautam
Ashish Gautam 17 dias atrás
@soy yo oh sorry, my bad.
soy yo
soy yo 18 dias atrás
He has dyslexia
VideoGameAholic 23 dias atrás
cant wait but we gon see steppenwolf naked. hmmmmmmm interestinggggg. also ew lol
ASMR BULLY 24 dias atrás
now ive found my favorite movie director, and it is zack snyder
Aria Yudhistira
Aria Yudhistira 26 dias atrás
love zack snyder's idea....
Moreau's Island
Moreau's Island 29 dias atrás
I'd love a prequel film about Ares, Atlantean King, Hippolyta, ancient Green Lantern, and whoever the King of Man was defending the Earth from other invaders. Like Avengers 1million BC.
Laurie King
Laurie King Mês atrás
I cannot wait for this cut. Zack Synder is brillant!
Firyal Farhan
Firyal Farhan Mês atrás
The best
Negan Mês atrás
Any interesting timestamps in this video ?
Yea I hear you ‘
Yea I hear you ‘ Mês atrás
"ahhh....we had-uh..........filmed this -uh............uh.........SCENE..... and uh---"
CARPAINTM3 8 dias atrás
@soy yo Fact:- Dyslexic people are often good in visuals.
soy yo
soy yo Mês atrás
He has dyslexia
Chengetai Kasitomo
Chengetai Kasitomo Mês atrás
i'm tired of waiting just give us the snyder cut so we can quench our thirst
Jordan Rivers
Jordan Rivers Mês atrás
this man has thought of everything. and I mean EVERYTHING.
McKenan Bundy
McKenan Bundy Mês atrás
I never realized that Steppenwolf was behind Cyborg when he's reaching for his father!
Dante Anise
Dante Anise Mês atrás
I have loved Zack since his Remake of Dawn of the Dead.
Nik Pareek
Nik Pareek Mês atrás
Listening to zack is boring.. he just break off very much middle in sentence. Reading an article on this will be better 😴 Waiting for his JL btw. PS: completed this in 3rd sitting, before dozed off twice lol.
M.K.M. Mês atrás
For all your sakes, I for one sincerely hope that all of you out there who so militantly and passive-aggressively demanded that this morbidly bleak train wreck of a violently depressing "director's cut" of a film and its explosively flatulent excuse of a "score" be released are proud of all your efforts, because you've all set such a derogatory example of when a studio surrenders to all your cyber-harassment, trolling, prank calls, hate mail, and death threats that will, in all likelihood, continue for generations to come. And with Warner supporting the embroiling controversy between both poor Johnny Depp and the cruel Amber Heard, you can all go and take a p--- for all the world cares!
Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael Mês atrás
Thank you for the kind and warming words. We will enjoy this movie that was promised to us with all our heart. Might I add that we also supported the director's campaign for suicide prevention that actually saves lives. For your sakes, I hope you never watch the movie because who would wanna watch a movie based on a cyber harassment right? And for all of you haters who insult zack, made fun of his daughter's suicide, bashing dc fans, congrats, because you've all set a derogatory example on how a trash human being can be. So whatever you do, you can never change what will happen, so just suck it and move on. Bye
cats3xxx Mês atrás
I love this guy. Such a genuinely nice human being.
zubair aziz
zubair aziz Mês atrás
Love the breakdown of the amazing trailer. The details from Mr Snyder is brilliant and enhances the excitement for this incoming jaw dropping experience
Jeshurun Roshan
Jeshurun Roshan Mês atrás
I never yet realized why the sand on his coffin rose at the end of BVS, any idea why? supe's casket?
Zack Snyder’s version is ALWAYS AMAZING!!! I really have to say honestly I was so disappointed in the first version but now zack and Familia is back that’s the true version I always want see EVER!!!!!!! Thank Zack and Familia!!!! Stay safe Stay strong Stay true to your self your imagination your creativity!!!!!! ALWAYS YOUR #1 FAN🙏👍👌🇺🇸❤️
Khoi Vo
Khoi Vo Mês atrás
Ah good ol' Zack Synder
Soham Swarup Bhattacharyya
My respect for zack just keeps on increasing
Hope they correct Flash's and Aquaman's hair color.
shahntv Mês atrás
I loved Man of Steel and I liked Justice League but I can't wait to love Justice League.
Jacob Higley
Jacob Higley Mês atrás
Top work. This is more than I envisioned
Jacob Higley
Jacob Higley Mês atrás
All I can say "Hallelujah"
Static Art
Static Art Mês atrás
I have some problems with zacks universe but damn I’m super excited for the movie. This is my most hype film ever
Jose Dias
Jose Dias Mês atrás
Thats seriously cool
Burak Saygı
Burak Saygı Mês atrás
I love you man
souvik sikdar
souvik sikdar Mês atrás
25:42 supergirl Easter egg
Theredspirit Mês atrás
Fun watch
cybotjoe20 Mês atrás
slow claps
Jacky Vosotros
Jacky Vosotros Mês atrás
we love u Zack!
d t
d t Mês atrás
Props for him for not still watching theatrical cut
FusionDownloaded 28 dias atrás
Smelt worse than the dump I took on it in 2017
cj w
cj w Mês atrás
absolute dogshit.
Stick Wan
Stick Wan Mês atrás
hes not going to bring them to the Batcave .... tells them all this secret identity instead
ArtMan Mês atrás
Hack Snyder! Lol BvS was an incoherent mess and his universe is a mess! Guy is not a storyteller.
cj w
cj w Mês atrás
that's your opinion, but okay. i don't understand why you're here.
Aldo Xolio
Aldo Xolio Mês atrás
Thanks vero! youre amazing guys!
Nicolò Scillato
Nicolò Scillato Mês atrás
full support to you Zack...keep up with the great work
triodesrbetter Mês atrás
Thank you, Zack. No other director I know of does this. Curious if the vignetting (e.g. dark corners seen in certain shots) seen in the trailer is going to be rendered in the released film as is?
John Smith
John Smith Mês atrás
I can imagine zach thinking about his daughter while watching the trailer😓. i thank zach for picking himself up and carrying on with his vision of justice league and bringing it to our screens👍. Would be great to see him do a screening on watchmen and his ideas behind it!!
MrKMyL Mês atrás
47:48 Steppenwolf "soon" at onlyfans 🤣😂🤣
VideoGameAholic 23 dias atrás
its gonna be a bit weird to see him naked
cancr13 Mês atrás
The only guy on internet who won't get a copyright strike for hallelujah !!! :D
digitalXmage Mês atrás
Still gonna be a bad movie.
Srikanth Sv
Srikanth Sv Mês atrás
@digitalXmage what if I tell u I enjoyed BvS more than endgame? For me endgame was a terrible mess & tbh dumbest movies I've ever seen
Niranjan M Dinesh
Niranjan M Dinesh Mês atrás
@digitalXmage watchmen is the most accurate comic book film till the date lmao...
soy yo
soy yo Mês atrás
@digitalXmage yes, there is something call opinions, we can have different one. I also didn't like endgame but i like infinity war
digitalXmage Mês atrás
@Niranjan M Dinesh watchmen is not accurate, he did a bad job imo.
digitalXmage Mês atrás
@soy yo nope if it's a good movie fine. But Zack Is a terrible director, do u really think batman v superman was good? Lmao.
Ugrin Vuckovic
Ugrin Vuckovic Mês atrás
I love seeing a culmination of callbacks to 300, Snow Steam Iron, Watchmen and Man of Steel in this footage :D
Bennett Lewis
Bennett Lewis Mês atrás
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah a h ah ah ah ah ah ah ah... Think I’ll just wait
Chris Mullally
Chris Mullally Mês atrás
Zack is the best how many directors do this for their movies and how many directors interact with fans like this. And he is just a down to earth guy.
Dave's Empire 1981
Dave's Empire 1981 Mês atrás
There's so much character and world building that was cut out. I'm so glad we will be getting it back.
Neil Scott
Neil Scott Mês atrás
I had just recently been seeing some content originating from Tolkein. He was someone who built these whole worlds, with lore & legend, deep mythos. You can see why people are fans of something with depth.
Palitzonsky Mês atrás
Hope the score will be good... BvS good...
Dante Trevisan
Dante Trevisan Mês atrás
That is the Batman from BvS that i loved every second on screen, Ben looks so good in this cut. Also, 4:10 fans and the crew and cast accurate feelings representation.
VariTimo Mês atrás
The video compression on Vero is just bonkers.
Lucius Brunswick
Lucius Brunswick Mês atrás
That speed force scene with the flash is going to be an epic surprise- this movie is going to be fun!!
SaketG Mês atrás
Zack is to movies what peanut is to snakes.
julio esteban lopez delgado
His Zoom window says: Zack SYnder xdxd
Tiberious_ Jefferson
Zack doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. He is so passionate about what he does but also the DC universe and the DC movies he does. It may not be perfect or what some people want but he’s trying to give us great shit.
Ibro A
Ibro A 18 dias atrás
Ik man it sucks I have full faith the Snyder cut will be great
Lucius Brunswick
Lucius Brunswick Mês atrás
I hope that the little girl she is talking to is Donna Troy??
Nd O
Nd O Mês atrás
Prolly not
Lucius Brunswick
Lucius Brunswick Mês atrás
I’m so excited for myself as a fan and for Zach for finally getting the love he deserves and being able to release HIS vision with ZERO studio input
Mohsin Mehmood
Mohsin Mehmood Mês atrás
A huge thank you to Vero for ways delivering a stellar performance with Zack’s livestreams 👏👏👏
Wolf Mês atrás
I bought a subscription to HBO Max specifically for this! I don't use Netflix or any other streaming service but nothing would get in the way of me watching The Snyder Cut!
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez Mês atrás
How come Barry's shoes did not explode in the BvS cameo? haha
Larry Jake
Larry Jake Mês atrás
Good question lol..oversight or they did and we didnt see it
Brett Davis
Brett Davis Mês atrás
Thanks, Zack Synder?!
Edward Webber
Edward Webber Mês atrás
I refuse to believe Snyder not seeing the Theatrical Release of Justice League he is credited as director and whether his work was altered means he is tied to whatever form the film took...
zhengyingli Mês atrás
It's honestly not that hard to believe Snyder hasn't seen the theatrical cut considering Richard Donner hasn't seen the theatrical cut of Superman II due to bad blood.
Jhanko Isaac
Jhanko Isaac Mês atrás
Donde puedo ver lo subtitulado? xd
๓єlк๏г tђє_๔คгк_l๏г๔
Can any geek make out something from the file name of the video he's playing from the video player's head?
Nd O
Nd O Mês atrás
๓єlк๏г tђє_๔คгк_l๏г๔
To everyone ranting about his last name, yes it's mispronounced but not purposefully, you might've noticed that Zack uses capital letters in his handwriting it's because he finds it easier to read capital letters. He has dyslexia which means he may have trouble with reading stuff. Usually dyslexic people have an extra talent up their sleeves, which explains why he's such an excellent director 🙏
Aadrit Medhi
Aadrit Medhi Mês atrás
Dude that Darkseid pfp is amazing.
Xac !
Xac ! Mês atrás
Kyuss Jones
Kyuss Jones Mês atrás
Zack Snyder should be doing Masters of the Universe.
Nd O
Nd O Mês atrás
I actually agree
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Mês atrás
2:51 -- Jayzus! His pants are so low I can see dick-root.
w0unded makers
w0unded makers Mês atrás
I love Snyder, but it is PAINFUL to listen to him as a speaker. “Uhhh umm this is umm a ummm so yea this ummm is a uhhhh”. When he eventually pulls a sentence together, I’m always interested, but it takes forever to get there sometimes. Also, his obsession with releasing this in Black and White is a bit pretentious. I understand he initially did it to cleanse his palette of the god awful color grade from the theatrical cut, but I’d be willing to bet that few to NO ONE REALLY wants to watch JL in B&W. I get that there’s a niche segment of cinephiles that would want it, but there’s no way the MAJORITY of fans ACTUALLY want to watch these 4 hours in IMAX B&W. If the fans had to make a choice between Color OR B&W, 99.999999% would choose COLOR.
soy yo
soy yo Mês atrás
1. He has dyslexia 2 the justice league movie will be in color
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior Mês atrás
One of the last few remaining Human Beings in Hollyweird.
Mark Ameh
Mark Ameh Mês atrás
“ ZS my man !” in my aquaman voice 😊
stet88 Mês atrás
Respect to Zack for all he has done with the DCEU and continuing work on this project. He shows his love to the fans and has a place on all our hearts. Really looking forward to the full vision he has in store for us. Legend. 🙏❤🇬🇧
starkstouch Mês atrás
Love you Zack. Your man of steel is the best realistic take on superman. Phenomenal
Jose Dias
Jose Dias Mês atrás
WOW. Perfect im breath less. Really. I love it seriously Incredible, exciting and breath taking. I like that video
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