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At seven years old, Chris had already decided that living in the wilderness with his pup was in his future. With several rigs and over eleven years on the road, he's now in a 2002 Blue Bird skoolie with the capability to be off-grid for long periods. Two hundred gallons of fresh water allow him longer stints in remote places and massive amounts of exterior storage to hold necessary components for any unexpected events.
This tiny home on wheels has a roof raise giving more space for upper cabinets and flexibility with the floor layout. The kitchen is exceptionally functional and is surrounded by multiple desk areas. Several large windows with a skylight allow an abundance of natural light to enhance the mysterious grey tones throughout the build. Living life on his terms, in his own space, and wherever he wants to be is a priority, and he encourages the same for you!
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29 Jul 2022



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Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Thank you RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding for sponsoring! Visit to get 20% off your mattress with code tinyhometours
Bev True
Bev True Anos atrás
I think you are the ONLY person i have seen who has a railing on your roof deck. Very smart. Also your bus is HUGE, probably larger than my entire house. I heard the words "extra storage" a ton of times. Amazing set up.
Helen Ramsdell
Helen Ramsdell Anos atrás
I was thinking the same thing!
Trish Lambert
Trish Lambert Anos atrás
Double Decker Family also has a railing system on their deck. They have children, so it was very necessary, but yes, it is nice to see that precaution taken.
Kateri Hernandez
Kateri Hernandez Anos atrás
I’ve seen many buses with railing in roof
Trish Lambert
Trish Lambert Anos atrás
@Kateri Hernandez You must be so proud!
Ann inRiverside
Ann inRiverside Anos atrás
I've seen quite a few adding railing especially the ones that have children and one guy actually created a message to put an umbrella and lighting lighting that just has a pinhole and can take it off real quickly and put it back back so I think railing is getting more popular just for safety reasons. But myself personally I would never have a roof deck and never set on top of my vehicle even if you get a little bit better view it can't be that much better. I just don't understand the point of going out into nature and then sit on top of a vehicle. I would rather have my feet in the grass or the dirt and smelling the pine trees 1/2 pine trees and have the shade of the trees instead of out in the sun on the sun on top of a metal object that you're driving around to me it just defeats the whole purpose of the reason of why people are on the road and mostly they go out to nature
Trish Lambert
Trish Lambert Anos atrás
Hands down the best, most practical conversion I've ever seen. It's not even a tiny home, it's huge. I love it. 💜
Google Account
Google Account Anos atrás
You have done an amazing job of creating an outstanding well-organized, self-contained, fully functional, off-grid mobile home.
Kevin Shumaker
Kevin Shumaker Anos atrás
I followed you when you started the build, and the puppers ran into issues. I am happy to see both the bus and the pupper are doing well, and that the build turned out so fine.
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Thanks for sticking around Kevin!
Angela Gill
Angela Gill Anos atrás
This is an awesome build. It has plenty of room and gives you separation space when needed. He has addressed most every issue I see with off grid living. The freezer, the a/c, hobby storage. Out door toy area. The quilt curtains is an amazing idea. Quick and easy and decorative. A really good build. Love it.
Roanna the Phoenix
Roanna the Phoenix Anos atrás
I love that you still have unique's important to have various hobbies and passions. The set up you've created is fantastic for your lifestyle and obviously well thought out. Very nice. I especially liked your kitchen and all your storage. Love that you have railings on your roof deck as well. Many more years of great traveling adventures for you.
NoProGoPronto Anos atrás
Not that it means anything, but I'm still here. Watching the progression over all of these years as you reach this point has been nothing short of amazing! I'm sure you have inspired and will continue to inspire the next generation to follow your lead into the possibilities of Off Grid Living, making money on the road, or just ways to be happier. You're truly one of the best Chris. Continued Success, Happiness and New Beginnings... 🙂
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Thanks for sticking around all these years. I think you are the most consistent people I have chatted with over the years, I greatly appreciate it.
Darlene Timmins
Darlene Timmins 9 meses atrás
Perugina3 Root
Perugina3 Root 11 meses atrás
As a 7 year old you were obviously more in touch than some others. Bravo, young man, you made it happen on your terms 🙂 I’m considering this adventure but have a few things to deal with first, but I’m a new subscriber and I’ll continue to watch your channel, and I will admit sometimes along the way ask your advice and guidance. Outstanding young man, you are incredibly awesome 🙂
Nite Writer
Nite Writer Anos atrás
I've been waiting a long time to see your ceiling finished. I'm glad you lightened up the walls. I'm a great grandma and selling my home. My husband was a 30 year vet. My mom died ( she lived with us) about 6 months after my husband, mom ( my dad passed and was also a 30 year vet.) She passed my daughter left the next month and for the 1 st time in 50 years no one was there but me. When sold I'm getting a short bus my son is going to build out for me. So I'll know you when I see you. I'll be the white head round great grandma. God as my piolet I'll stay on the road road till my home in heaven is ready for me. I'm Mary. See you soon as I can.
Darlene Timmins
Darlene Timmins 9 meses atrás
Chelc 318
Chelc 318 11 meses atrás
This is by far the best conversion I have ever seen. Your so resourceful and creative!!!
Miki Anos atrás
love that this looks like an average house- clearly shows that it has been lived in and has a homely feeling to me
Therese Jardine
Therese Jardine Anos atrás
Love your conversion! We are in the process of our build and this helps us so much. Thank you!
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Glad it was helpful!
Gail M
Gail M Anos atrás
Been a while since we had a great interview and tour of your bus. Still love those maps on the ceiling. You nave a great home Chris. Blessings always!!!
Tina37212 Anos atrás
Did you notice he replaced his dog's crate with drawers? Cool.
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
vanillacarnivore Anos atrás
Wow, this is such a nice bus. It looks like an actual apartment. Congrats ✨
Boondocks Dragon
Boondocks Dragon Anos atrás
ZEP2 is the closest thing to what I'd consider the "perfect schoolie". Comfy inside, but designed for those who truly live outside. 🥰 The pendleton throws tickled me. We've got tons of them (definitely try to only buy actual Native-made ones, as the Pendleton company itself just appropriates the Navajo designs w/o benefitting native communities in any way). Love the colorful versatility of them. The butcher block really keeps the natural feel going, too. I love how much this particular bus is like a full home, really not giving up much in the way of creature comforts. A lot of fully off-grid schoolies I've seen definitely sacrifice a good bit of comfort in order to include all the necessities. ZEP2 sacrifices none of that. So impressed with his design. I'd love to be able to really tour this one myself, and take some notes! Love & Light from Mississippi. Y'all stay safe and keep taking care of each other. ✌🏼💚
madcow 3417
madcow 3417 Anos atrás
I ended up doing 100% solar on my roof, but one of my earlier designs was to have solar panels that unfolded as the railing for a roof deck. There were a variety of reasons for me to not do a deck: fear of heights, weight limits, wanting to maximize solar power... You currently have 3 panels wide. If you set it up as 2 panels wide over the deck then you just lift each side up as the side rails.
Dj VinRoc
Dj VinRoc Anos atrás
As a collector myself it’s nice to see a collector integrate their hobby into a small space
MsPhillyG Anos atrás
Great bus, I love how everything is set up. The shower is an absolutely plus for me also, I don't like being hot so I would definitely need a shower everyday sometimes twice a day. I think being in a cooler climate sounds amazing. Love that you have a 4 legged friend with you😊. Also did you need a CDL license to drive your schoolie?
Bonnie MacPherson
Bonnie MacPherson Anos atrás
I like how you have yourself really together! Your bus, eye for interior design, all of it. Good on you!
nancy kisich
nancy kisich Anos atrás
Best utilitarian, well thought out on a bus conversion. Love it
brownhouse16 Anos atrás
Awesome job. One of the nicest rigs I have seen. Very practical. You spoke very well. Really like the patio upstairs! Ten.
Granny Vroom Vroom
Granny Vroom Vroom Anos atrás
Wonderful seeing your accomplishments over the years! I began watching you when you were working in Alaska living in your van! Congratulations on your vision and perseverance, a truly inspiring life!
Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul Anos atrás
I've gotten into watching real estate videos. Large houses, tiny stationary homes, to RVs whether it be from Newmar or custom jobs like this. All I have to say is that for different reasons, they are all impressive. RV custom jobs like this are no exception. From a large exotic mansion with all the amenities in Europe, to nomads traversing the States in custom RVs, it does not matter. If the owner is proud to call it home is all that really matters. It's all the same in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for showing us this life style. It looks like a lot of work but also fun.
Carla Albuquerque
Carla Albuquerque Anos atrás
I love the features you put on. You did a really great job. Congrats.
J Anos atrás
I love your layout, very thoughtful. Beautiful bus Chris.
Joy Williamson
Joy Williamson 6 meses atrás
This was a really awesome build. Very well thought out and planned. Thanks for sharing.
Blake Williams
Blake Williams Anos atrás
The roof deck is terrific! Great job. Safe travels.
Francisca Lemessy
Francisca Lemessy Anos atrás
This is awesome! You can see his experiences in this build. Great!
Merideth Hendry
Merideth Hendry Anos atrás
What an incredible build! Beautiful!
Dona Harrell
Dona Harrell Anos atrás
One of the best bus conversions ever!!
Susan Kustich
Susan Kustich Anos atrás
Wow incredible build! so big! so nice you're living your dream! All your work outs have paid off you have a great built yourself!
Lynette Shamus
Lynette Shamus Anos atrás
Love love love your bus!!! If I'm ever able to do this I would love to have one just like this.
Linda I. Brown
Linda I. Brown Anos atrás
How long have you been living in your school bus? I love, love love your interior deco and your kitchen area is spacious - love it!
Phishsamich Anos atrás
This is the first off the grid mobile home that I would actually live in. Really like it. I would replace the roof deck with more panels but outside of that I don't think I would change a thing.
Kathy Warren
Kathy Warren 8 meses atrás
Wow! Truly amazing! Such creativity & organization! Fabulous! Very nice tiny home!
Roy Gardiner
Roy Gardiner Anos atrás
Lovely job Chris, followed you since the start, good to see you gettting acclaim for your home.
Priasmara HomeDesign
I like how you have yourself really together! Your bus, eye for interior design, all of it.
Diane Anos atrás
I love this insight into your lifestyle and your beautiful bus. I particularly the railings on top of the bus. Safely is important and going up with some form of alcohol makes taking care of safety makes it all the more. Keep having fun and enjoying life the way you want to, thank you.
Leah Unfeigned
Leah Unfeigned Anos atrás
This is beautiful like an apartment! I'm glad to hear someone say they feel sticky if they don't bathe. I just can't get with the no shower movement, I can't sleep either if I'm dirty.
Ron 4 meses atrás
I’ve watched Chris’ rv videos for years. Very happy for him and his new setup!
Dan and Theresa
Dan and Theresa Anos atrás
Hi Mr Chris. Many thanks to you and life is a joy for setting up our tiny home tour. Your interview with our tiny home was wonderful with a joyful experience. Another Blessing was the much appreciated comments. Also your own personal bus tour is a beautiful thing. My only regrets is I didn't do it sooner like you. I pray for God's peace with you and I will see you down the road.
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
I just got lucky enough to be born at the right time to do it young!
Anna Sannoh
Anna Sannoh Anos atrás
This van is so well planned. Very nice
Jewels Sylva
Jewels Sylva Anos atrás
The best thing I heard you say was that you wake up every day blessed because you live in the off grid tiny house. Gratitude makes the hard times better & the good times more precious. 🖖
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Totally agree!
jeanne rountree
jeanne rountree Anos atrás
I love your home. Everything is beautiful and unique! I love the railing on the deck!
Lien Titus
Lien Titus Anos atrás
That is one fantastic bus that you have made it so inviting. Great work!
Tami Alden
Tami Alden Anos atrás
This is AMAZING 🤩👍. You did an awesome job on your bus/home. I'm Just curious on how long it took you to build it and asking how much fuel do you possibly go through, between the bus and your car? I know you mentioned an estimate $$ for your "bills" but did not mention if it included your auto fuel.. Depending on the maximum amount of traveling.?
Poss McLeod
Poss McLeod 10 meses atrás
Great call with the roof deck mate! Just makes the whole vibe more about freedom and the great outdoors, love it!
superbee1969 Anos atrás
Hi Chris. Haven’t watched in a while. I’ve been really busy. What a great job you’ve done on the bus. The last time I watched the ceiling wasn’t done. It’s great to see Kobuck again. Do you and G still split visitation with him?
Brian Davis
Brian Davis Anos atrás
Nicely done Chris great tour of your home in looking forward to living someday on the road I know I'll get there. Thanks for sharing and safe travels.
Melissa Malzahn
Melissa Malzahn Anos atrás
This is a really nice build, the layout is amazing. It sure looks like a cozy place to live.
Vicki Cain
Vicki Cain Anos atrás
And besides that he's handsome!
Louis Martin
Louis Martin Anos atrás
Thank you very much, for the beautiful tour of your rv, it is magnificent, you have done an incredible job.
onedayatagirl Anos atrás
I really love this conversion. I wish I could pull together what you have. It was well thought out. I guess it's all about the learning curve, as far as certain amenities. It's really a beautiful space.
Joan Anderson
Joan Anderson 10 meses atrás
Very nicely done. The best so far👍🏾
Kenneth G. Jr
Kenneth G. Jr Anos atrás
Great video! I have some questions which others likely have, if you answer questions. Do you level the bus and if so how? Do you travel with others, or do you make new friends everywhere you go? You obviously had money to do such a great build, so I assume you had savings prior to starting? Unfortunately, what you are doing couldn't have been done 20 years ago, and Starlink will only make it better for more, in more remote areas. I would have done what you are doing if it had been available, and by the time it was available, we were retired and traveling with a camper. Those we met living full time on the road were mostly either wealthy, or construction type workers. We traveled all our lives on vacations and had large fifth wheels, but downsized when they started feeling too big in the cities. After retiring, we finished off the rest of the fifth states, and a few countries like Australia and Panama. Regardless how one does it traveling and seeing the world leads to a much fuller life than staying home or just going to nearby places.
Pamela Ferebee
Pamela Ferebee 9 meses atrás
Your tiny house looks real nice. Continue to enjoy it. Be blessed and safe.
Annalisa Strickland
Dude - LOVE your home! I have a hot idea for your door pin. When you remove it, attach it to the keys to the bus, then before you start the bus, you will have the pin in your hand.
Karen Murtagh Yoga
Karen Murtagh Yoga Anos atrás
Well-thought out for living comfortably. All you need!
R & L Carver
R & L Carver Anos atrás
Great to see Zep II in great condition, Chris, after all these years. You worked hard, congratulations. Hugs to Kobes.
M Hodges
M Hodges Anos atrás
I call my kitchen, a 3 step kitchen. Love your kitchen setup.
Paula Anos atrás
You are one of my favorite creators. You seem so down to earth. Even though your channel has grow a lot over the years.
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Thanks for sticking around over the years Paula, I appreciate it!
SunVenusMoon Anos atrás
Amazing! I never wanted a skoolie until your build
Laurie Hughes
Laurie Hughes Anos atrás
Chris, You brought it all together in the MOST Realistic + aesthetically unified WAY for Living WELL over 'the long haul' After watching 100 + videos & as a person w my own genius for Design, I award Y☀U my #1 👼 for creating a Handsome + Functional tiny house on wheels which reflects your personal Style / Lifestyle so Beautifully + Intelligently. A True H❤ME 🏡 You R also one of my top 5 channels for edifying content + diversity of ingenious / creative individual solutions for Nomad / Tiny Home L I F E. 💫 We are all indebted to You for a great body of work sparking JOY + further Creativity in this important movement. Long may this American tradition of Self-Reliance, Open Community of Souls + Great Love for the phenomenally biologically + spiritually Wondrous Lands which compose this truly awe-inspiring Continent We are SO BLESSED to inhabit 🙏 ROCK on & ROLL intuitively 🌅🏞🏜
Jacobo Santa
Jacobo Santa Anos atrás
Excellent, love your attitude about life and what you love. And the bus is wonderful and very spacious. Blessings!!!
Lenny Burdick
Lenny Burdick Anos atrás
Really cool to re-visit Zep II and see the changes you have made and what works and what you are happy with. I have passed along your leaf blower pro tip to other shepherd people. Good tour Chris
Lenny Burdick
Lenny Burdick Anos atrás
Ou really had a horrifying July. Wow!
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Thanks for sticking around and watching!
Cathy Spelker
Cathy Spelker Anos atrás
This is just the coolest looking bus I've ever seen.
Fredrik Larsson
Fredrik Larsson 4 meses atrás
Wonderful build!! And I completely agree, nobody should pay anything with their dog. If necessary to pay, use money... 😉
Mary Ellen Cook
Mary Ellen Cook Anos atrás
I watched you, Jim, and Wes build Zep ll. I am glad to see the final product in one video.
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
I couldn't have done it without their help!
Kat7 Anos atrás
Such a great practical home.... Very envious
Mscookie 11 meses atrás
Thanks so much, I am so inspired, I love how grounded you are and appreciate your sharing, wishing you all the best 💥💫💥
Max Faf
Max Faf Anos atrás
Hi Chris! You have a reaaally nice rug! It would need pretty much all of my needs. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the whole bus (bus, materials and time for contractors. ie. Wielding of your outside gear doors) cost you? I am relly wondering if I could afford something as amazing as your rig. Thank you! Cheers! Max
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
I'm in it around 75k with the build and all the repairs.
Renee Burkett
Renee Burkett Anos atrás
Beautiful build!!
Monty Ray Za
Monty Ray Za Anos atrás
Incredible Build, I love everything about your choices and I've watched 100s of these builds and was never that into the final product. We have very similar tastes. For example, I couldn't do this myself without having the ceiling raised and the greyhound style wheels, windows modified as you have, make it like a greyhound. To cheesy without that stuff. lol amazing bro.
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
Glad you enjoy it!
Lori Casey
Lori Casey 10 meses atrás
Very cool! How much was the conversion really? It looks very clean and simple so probably crazy expensive. Also I agree to do a thing not talk about it. I made a similar decision a few years back and now as I'm aging I'm glad I didn't wait any longer. Happy travels to u and the dog.thanks 4 sharing🤗
Linda I. Brown
Linda I. Brown Anos atrás
Nicccceee! I’ve been watching lots of van and school bus makeovers. I have lots of questions…how do you protect all you have inside, insurance and other wise? I’d be concern when I parked it - I might be targeted to thief, etc. How is the gas prices affecting you or not? How about your options for parking and overnight or at length stay? Love it!
Denise Phillips
Denise Phillips Anos atrás
After all the videos I've watched finally someone who has a decent shower. Nothing better than getting into bed after a quick, short shower. I wholeheartedly agree being active outdoors necessitates it👍. The only smart person I've seen that has a railing on their roof deck! Well maybe I've seen one over the years.....really like your style young man. And yes you have to have a companion! 🐾🐕🐾Could live the rest of my life in that rig.....just not sure I could drive one that big and haul a car too😂🤣. Enjoy and safe travels 🙋🙃🤗
We just found your channel. It is so interesting to see the tour of your bus . intriguing life you have ❤️
love this. nice to see it done. I saw your midway a while back.
Tim White
Tim White Anos atrás
Very beautiful have done very good work on it.
Brandon Blake
Brandon Blake Anos atrás
I followed Chris when he was in his van. He had that thing cramped full of crap. 😂 Haven’t watched him for a minute. Nice to see the finished product of his home on wheels. Too much work for me though. I’m like, Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 😂
Timaz Anos atrás
I’m so glad I bought my 2000 Monaco Dynasty back in 2017. And have lived in it full-time the past four years. Very well-built and very happy with it. Thanks for the video.
Timaz Anos atrás
Scammer go away
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
For sure, Monaco is a great brand. I just didn't like the low weight capacity and shoddy work in my rig. Those Dynastys are built pretty well.
Star Light
Star Light 11 meses atrás
I love your work space!
Inhoc SV
Inhoc SV Anos atrás
I wonder if you could incorporate some panels into the folding rails of your deck. Power when you need it and a deck when you want it.
ghandigps5 Anos atrás
Outstanding.. Just Outstanding.. Love you work 💯.. May the wind be upon your back 🚌 🏠 🇺🇸👍🏿 #YouRock I been following your build for a minute now.. Your Definitely Living The Dream..
N to the M
N to the M Anos atrás
If I didn't live in Europe I'd aim towards basically adapting 90% of this build. It's the most fitting for what I would take with me if I ever decided to live the road-life. So much storage so you don't really have to leave much behind while still being mobile to go whereever you want. Sadly I think TÜV would have one or two issues with this. Not sure on that tho, might have to inform myself better before completely writing this off... Either way, compliments to this guy. Breathtaking build.
Rebecca Sills
Rebecca Sills Anos atrás
You’re bus is seriously awesome. I had Going to California playing in the background in my mind while watching this. Great job!
Tiny Home Tours
Tiny Home Tours Anos atrás
I love that song!
Jane Nelson
Jane Nelson Anos atrás
Your bus it the first one I've seen that I could live in. It's darn near perfect!
Mad- Scientist
Mad- Scientist 7 meses atrás
The view from your roof is awesome... Just imagine chilling out and seeing an asteroid or comet coming in on that horizon. It'd be a beautiful site to be the last to see
Nancy Voigt
Nancy Voigt Anos atrás
I know I have enjoyed your journey, mine is getting closer. Thanks Chris. Miles of smiles, and Always! Stay safe out there.
marian lumictin
marian lumictin Anos atrás
Such an awesome tiny mobile home story
Nick Nack
Nick Nack 9 meses atrás
Damn...I haven't really been jealous of any other builds until I saw this one. Also glad to hear it wasnt your first haha. Definitely stealing a few ideas for my next build 🤣. Well done good sir
kenny brown
kenny brown 5 meses atrás
10:50 Chris I think your build is awesome. I’m thinking about doing the travel thing. But could you give me some suggestions about good remote streams of income? I understand traveling most people have remote streams of revenue. I was just wondering how or what sites are good to make income.Thanks again , and I love what you are doing 💯💯
Richard Canfield
Richard Canfield 9 meses atrás
Really freakin great! Beautiful job, Well done. I’d love to get an XR-22 & travel the North East 😊
Mogollon Treasure Hunters
Absolutely Inspiring! Would love to hitch a ride for a treasure hunt in Northern AZ during the summer
E Met
E Met Anos atrás
Excellent, lots of great ideas!
Karen Simmons
Karen Simmons 7 meses atrás
Love that kitchen!!!! Love it!!!
Fi Walker
Fi Walker Anos atrás
Fantastic tour and build ..🙏❤️🇳🇿🇳🇿
Christine Holland
Christine Holland Anos atrás
You are the most together young man I've ever seen. Great home.
Hello from brooklyn NYC, I have watched many videos of RV and Schoolies etc, but your bus/home is the only bus/home that is insurance approved and has a protective railing on the top deck, which no one else has (and should). I want to live like this so bad and escape how I am currently living but where would I park a bus/Rv/Trailer like this or any type in NYC, Staten Island, New Jersey etc period?? I'm so sad and depressed.
Ann inRiverside
Ann inRiverside Anos atrás
Yours is definitely a home. I see a lot of bus bills and it still looks like the mentality is when they build out a Van and I've never understood that because sobecause some bus square footage is bigger than small apartments or studios. And if the bus can carry the weight and you're OK with the gas mileage why not make it look like a real kitchen or a real living area I would never understood that even in the vans a lot of times things are just shells and everything's portable which I guess is OK for cooking surfaces but some people don't even have sinks. Which is OK if it's just a Van and you're keeping it very minimal but again some of the bus bills I'm just shaking my head and because you can make it like a little apartment like the old RV is just better materials that don't shake apart because R v's are meant for 2 liquidations a year that's why they don't hold up. But it still looks like a little home kitchen I don't know what people are thinking.
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