Ocean Storm Sounds for Sleep or Study | Loud Thunder, Waves, Howling Wind & Heavy Rain | Stormy Sea

Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds
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Ocean storm sounds for sleep, study or meditation featuring loud thunder, crashing waves, howling wind, & heavy rain. Please enjoy this stormy sea white noise relaxing nature video. These thunderstorm sounds will create a soothing ambience for relaxation. Thunder and rain provide relaxing sounds for sleeping, studying, and meditating. This natural white noise for sleep will also help relieve tinnitus and drown out background noise when studying. This was filmed at Ballintoy Harbour in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, which is where the Game of Thrones television series is sometimes filmed. This video offers you a realistic Game of Thrones Soundtrack for relaxation. Watch the choppy sea wash along the harbor wall and the glowing street lamps quiver in the strong wind. We really hope you enjoy this relaxing nature storm video. Please share with family and friends if you think they would enjoy.

Stardust Vibes create guided meditations, affirmations, relaxing sounds, and meditation music. Sean, Elita, & Charlotte 😊


We are a mental health based channel, we cannot add commentary throughout our relaxing music/nature videos as it would likely annoy people, but we do have affirmations & guided meditations available. Our channel helps provide relief from stress & anxiety.

🎥 Our videos are currently filmed with a GoPro Hero7 & iPhoneX. We edit, mix, and master the audio in Protools & create the video in Premiere Pro. In the past, we sometimes collaborated with other video creators (with legal permission), which we would significantly transform into something new and add our own unique music and sounds.

🎶 We create all our own music with our own instruments. My Mother (Elita) and I are both musicians and have played for many years.

➡️ For more information on how we create our videos please watch:


© Stardust Vibrations, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.

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3 Jun 2017



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Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds
Hi! Please say hello and tell us where you're listening from! 😊
John Vitela
I closed the window, pulled the curtain down, turned on the cold air conditioner, and opened this video. The rain made me remember my childhood days, when it rained all day, my sister and I were in our old house, studying or playing, waiting for my parents to return after a day of work; then we had dinner together, watched TV, and then went to sleep. There was no internet, no facebook, no smartphone ... just the sound of rain like that, with trees, with insects, slightly chilly weather and feeling of peace.
Elisabeth 4 anos atrás
This reminds me of my childhood when my family and I went to southwest rocks in Australia, we were at a bay as it started storming quite suddenly. Though we had to hurry home, I could hear the crashing waves from our little cabin. I fell asleep very easily that night under my warm blankets with a lit candle beside me, and the beautiful sounds of the rain and the waves. Thumbs up.
Nature Sound
Nature Sound 14 dias atrás
I suffer from anxiety and depression. Watching videos like this truly bring me peace!!
Thank you for this - helps me sleep a lot since my father passed away ❤️
own it
I just felt good reading these comments. It is soo amazing. You won't know how a single positive word could make somebody's day or night. Much love❤
Aaron Street
Love this, all positive vibes to each other, world needs more of this you guys are a blessing, Big Love to you all and hope you are all safe as you can be 👌🏼🤙🏼💚💚💚💚
Nazyr 4 anos atrás
even my 5mths old baby stop crying and 5mins later..she's asleep. Magical! thumbs up!
Lucky One
Lucky One 3 anos atrás
Amazing , love dark, gloomy rainy weather, when at home :) cool sound , thanks for posting , thanks for the effort , much appreciated:) one of my fav here on YT, I’m notorious nature’s sounds-listener. Keep posting xx
Vinnie Banks
Vinnie Banks Anos atrás
So very peaceful and calming wonderful to listen to
Relaxation with Maru
To the person who is reading this comment, its okay, its alright to feel lonely sometimes, if you are going through tough times, keep pushing through, but never give up, i wish you great success in health, love and happiness!
Beyond the Horizon Ambience
Great soothing atmosphere
Marina Shabotina
Отличное видео, спасибо!
Celine Power
Celine Power 4 anos atrás
love this. having trouble sleeping lately but this helps. from Dublin Ireland
John Vitela
I tend to come across a lot of videos where the rain is extremely overbearing and noisy, but this one nails it with the softness
Edwin Andino
Edwin Andino 4 anos atrás
I love this sound. So peaceful and relaxing 💦😌
milkbox 3 anos atrás
Looks like snow to me. But it's beautiful!! Loving it!! So peaceful 😴😴😴thanks
Bibi18 Dia atrás
Muito bom ouvir esse barulho de chuva , sou aqui do Brasil
Alecia Moncona
Alecia Moncona 3 anos atrás
lindo som
silvia torre
silvia torre 3 anos atrás
Me encanta. Perfecto para dormir y descansar.
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