NY AG announces findings from Cuomo investigation

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3 Ago 2021



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Comentários 5 349
truthseeker Dia atrás
So what this confirms is that many people are guilty of selling out to people in power over the last four decades, even after guidelines have been set for what is harassment. Good job America.
truthseeker Dia atrás
Violating the State Trooper. Just being "friendly" Cuomo? 😒😆😆😆😆🤓🙄
K L 11 dias atrás
This AG is very well-spoken and concise.
RN A 20 dias atrás
Y is it that such things happened most of the time in USA, UK...etc.
Dallas Vanve
Dallas Vanve 26 dias atrás
Just scratching the service. This will be lost when what is truly been going on Civil War is here are you ready?
jerry ray
jerry ray Mês atrás
The double standard will be in play here count on it.
Fred Rogers
Fred Rogers Mês atrás
Going to Jail! Will be thrown under the Bus!
Bean Mês atrás
Sooooo, Weinstein went to prison but Cuomo will only face civil charges?
John Montoya
John Montoya Mês atrás
So he likes women...what's the big deal?
fandore12 Mês atrás
South park - officer Harrison Yates "and this is very important mam, now how old exactly was this woman? .... woman answers back, i don't know why that's important but in her mid 20's i think, officers reply " NICE!... the rest of the department very quietly, Nice, nice, nice..... LOL
Peter Hatch
Peter Hatch Mês atrás
Are you going to change him or get the democrats get out of jail free! Plus can the woman sue ! Him and new York city
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin Mês atrás
Glad he's going.
Ron Snyder
Ron Snyder Mês atrás
The Democrats are sacrificing one of their own, so they can avoid investigations of thousands that died of COVID in the nursing house by the coordinate errors of the Democratic Party. 2022 is around the corner, they want to keep this quite. Chris Cuomo part of that package. That is why no criminal charge or indictment was brought up. Cuomo sexual harassment women for years and they covered it up for him.
Mike Dunning
Mike Dunning Mês atrás
Justice for the elderly!
Jake Jones
Jake Jones Mês atrás
Also why is this the focus? How about the thousands of people he killed? To me that seems like a bigger issue but then again these are liberals so what am I thinking?
Jake Jones
Jake Jones Mês atrás
Is it just me or does the AG not like to answer technical questions and she only does fluff talk or taking pint s only but in regards to specifics she hands it off to the other chick? It appears this AG is incompetent and benefits her position at the graces of voters and not off of merit!! Sadness she needs to be exposed
Steven Austin
Steven Austin Mês atrás
why dont video show when they were posted anymore? why did YT remove the post dates on videos?
Robert Romeo
Robert Romeo Mês atrás
Cuomo's been in involved in several scandels over the past decade. He was even investigated by the FBI a few years ago, but no results. If action had been taken sooner, all this could of been avoided.
Blah blah blah
Blah blah blah Mês atrás
The letter
William Howard
William Howard Mês atrás
And what are you people responsible for.
Jan Hood
Jan Hood Mês atrás
Ding Dong the witch is dea…..whoops, wrong person. 😉🤥
mark scarboro
mark scarboro Mês atrás
they want to get a communist to replace him and then AOC will go after Schumer. Democrats don't give a crap about sexual abuse.
quinn johnson
quinn johnson Mês atrás
stop trying to shake the people off there square with all yall propaganda we see now thanks to utube its all lies what you didnt agree with governor come on spill it it will come out soon if its up to utube
David Drake
David Drake Mês atrás
Where are the police helicopters and the midnight raid? Where are the pre-alerted news crews waking this killer up in the middle of the night? Crooked and corrupt. We see what you are doing BIG GOVERNMENT!
Mary Glatz
Mary Glatz Mês atrás
I put in a comment..where is big tech.
Mary Glatz
Mary Glatz Mês atrás
Go get um girls.
Mary Glatz
Mary Glatz Mês atrás
Now he's getting back what he deserves.. Think back how Cuomo treated President Trump... IT always come back to u. Now?he should know how President?TRUMP FELT. BUT DID HE LEARN....8 DONT THINK SO..?TOO MUCH PRIDE
Michel N. Said
Michel N. Said Mês atrás
Cuomo should not have been able to carry on in this fashion but for support he receives in a culture of total disregard to the aspects of fair treatment of all those without the privileges userped and monopolized by po eom
Tame Richard
Tame Richard Mês atrás
Here go... Next, Joe Biden with his deal making overseas😂😂
Teltachuwhet Baker
Teltachuwhet Baker Mês atrás
So name and shame but no real consequences
Vocal Veteran
Vocal Veteran Mês atrás
So it was Cuomo himself that wrote & passed the law that is bringing him down ^ hopefully unto prison !
Roy Benitez
Roy Benitez Mês atrás
His resignation speech was basically the longest way of saying I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids
John Hanson
John Hanson Mês atrás
When are they going for Biden, Gates and the rest of the evil / abusive / tyrannical mob?
Brian Fitz
Brian Fitz Mês atrás
NYC needs Andrew juiliani
Ronald Novigrod
Ronald Novigrod Mês atrás
To say it in 3 words... "LOCK HIM UP!"
Tony Parker
Tony Parker Mês atrás
Allegations .
kevin cheung
kevin cheung Mês atrás
I don't believe women.... I don't believe men.... I only believe in evidence... Where are the evidences ?? It is all he said. She said.... this is a rerun of Bill Cosby crap...
J L Mês atrás
Seriously, what's the point of wearing a mask when you're not talking and take it off when you are? This is lunacy...
alice hammond
alice hammond Mês atrás
Must keep the theatre going
bobcougar77 Mês atrás
What i find most absurd is that this is what is going to bring him down and NOT the crap with the Nursing homes. It's so out of whack it's unreal.
T Zee
T Zee Mês atrás
Is staring at someone's chest a crime? If so, then all boys born should be blinded .
Dee Jay
Dee Jay Mês atrás
Democrats are the most morally corrupt people on the earth.
Dylan McGowan
Dylan McGowan Mês atrás
All seriousness aside , is that the default term for a backside/bottom in the USA , butt ? Sounds odd when describing this type of accusation.
scrappy pooh
scrappy pooh Mês atrás
They didn't want him running for President...otherwise he would of got away with. Like he did with killing the elderly.
Big Mês atrás
If you saying that about Cuomo i cant wait to see you condemn trump for the covid cases all over the country
Gary Carlile
Gary Carlile Mês atrás
Mr. Fullterm baby killer going down for just being horrible human being
The Thoughts of Dani P.
Am I the only one who thinks that the type of conversations these women engaged with him were inappropriate from the start.🤔
Khalid Alzayani
Khalid Alzayani Mês atrás
all Politicians are / will always be Psychopaths'
Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards Mês atrás
Nothing will happen look at the Clinton's she's a bad fella
Kess Mês atrás
Where's tara reid? I'd like to refer to Harris' comment before she became VP
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams Mês atrás
Mabey Cuomo got the covid and it’s making him crazy
Ray AKA RS Swan
Ray AKA RS Swan Mês atrás
Talking the talk same sh it from England I'm lower play bull suit talk don't work anymore !!! I can see something but and bright coming first getting did of them pond scum full clean out, same in England !!!UK
Jenny Liew
Jenny Liew Mês atrás
This evil man has corrupted lots of money from Bill Gates to enforce the vaccine passport in New York! He has murdered over 15,000 old folks in upstate New York by signing an order on March 25th 2020! He should be prosecuted for murdering these old folks! Mark Levin confirmed the March 25th date! He even said some snobbish selfish remark that he would keep his mom by his side if she have covid which others mom & dad are not allowed homes! This is an extremely evil wicked man, He murdered babies full term, Jesus is bringing him to exposure according to some prophets! He is a corrupted evil wicked man who deserve a severe punishment! I pray God will deal with him harshly!
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez Mês atrás
Gobernador coumo is being embush by this pak of hienas just for being friendly all the hienas wants is money.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Mês atrás
Show me a liberal and I will show you a degenerate.
Melvin mills
Melvin mills Mês atrás
This is adistraction
cdmDiego Mês atrás
33 minutes hmmmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kenneth L Wagner
Kenneth L Wagner Mês atrás
Yes , lets make women undisputable gods , womens rights first , we dont need men , especially if they are white. I was sent to prison for 2 crimes i didnt commit and there are states witnesses to prove it but down i went . yes sir. a women can start trouble but shes going free and the guy is going down. Reminds me of the other whiners from black lives matter. whiners matter ?
M Smith
M Smith Mês atrás
Americans are wondering why we have to wait for the "call of impeachment! "
Micky Browne
Micky Browne Mês atrás
I'm from the UK 67 year old.. you stand up r your freedom
Michael Dee
Michael Dee Mês atrás
They are all criminals ! NYS AG office is just as dirty as Killer Cuomo.
Ariel Almanzar
Ariel Almanzar Mês atrás
She believe women, because she believe women, and not the evidence, the witnesses???… Thats why there is many guys in jail in the false pretense of sexual harassment. If the evidence point out that he did it and they are solid witnesses, take him out and make of him an example of justice. Otherwise, don’t believe women because they are women!
SwtorBro Mês atrás
So no criminal charges? Again a democrat get away
Cynthia Cetrangelo
Cynthia Cetrangelo Mês atrás
Get his name off our bridge!!!
jakedizzle Mês atrás
Best Governor ever!!!!
hope jones
hope jones Mês atrás
why is she whispering,?? you know if this was Trump she would have a megaphone up there on the stand
hope jones
hope jones Mês atrás
the State AG investigation can lead to charges, so James is wrong that he work is "done". She is choosing to end it. If the report finds crimes they can pursue them
Ice Guy
Ice Guy Mês atrás
Remember that Gov Cuomo's brother covered for him and, by his actions, actively participated in retaliation.
Marc ketcham
Marc ketcham Mês atrás
If he intentionally touch someone’s butt that is sexual assault he should be charged anyone else would be charged. I’m sure it will be swept under the carpet
Robert Godlewski
Robert Godlewski Mês atrás
I thought NY was an at will state? Fire him!!!
Justin Stoescu
Justin Stoescu Mês atrás
Cuomo needs to be prosecuted and to resign as a Governor.
mike ausra
mike ausra Mês atrás
night at the Rox bury movie did you grab my butt ? no amen
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross Mês atrás
In any other state agency the accused would be suspended immediately after the investigation revealed the acts did in fact happen . Why is Andy still working and getting paid ?
Hughes SignCo
Hughes SignCo Mês atrás
179 witnesses. So you are saying this is common place and they do this all the time.
Flat Sabbath
Flat Sabbath Mês atrás
Mr Reece
Mr Reece Mês atrás
This is the side of politicians you just don't see. If you think Cuomo is the only one, you are a fool. It seems an alarming amount of these people are democrats, prominent powerful ones at that. It's pure evil that needs to be eradicated from this earth.
Kilo Byte
Kilo Byte Mês atrás
"We've investigated ourselves and found no criminal wrongdoing"
nhillopy Mês atrás
Frodo can wear his magic ring and escape, but the riders will get him
SamuraiDragon88 Mês atrás
All I hear is lies lies lies lies no proof then all I hear is lies women made up stories all the time.
zat oichi
zat oichi Mês atrás
puts our current POTUS behind the 8ball ! puts last POTUS on a rose .
Jessica Xhanning
Jessica Xhanning Mês atrás
Where are all the protests against that schmuck?
Point Break
Point Break Mês atrás
Once, I witnessed Cuomo thinking about looking at my nipple.
Chris Belcher
Chris Belcher Mês atrás
If I ran my hand around a state trooper, I’d be on the ground with a baton down my throat! Then I’d be beaten at the jail!
Gayle Pulak
Gayle Pulak Mês atrás
dead if it had been a woman trooper
Gayle Pulak
Gayle Pulak Mês atrás
spot on
Dulce O.
Dulce O. Mês atrás
I wish he had to answer about those people who died in the nursing home. I do feel sorry for the victim of the sexual-harassment. But please understand the tens of thousands that die unnecessarily is supposed to be also a big priority
Fred Hugo
Fred Hugo Mês atrás
In california we have a governor that likes corn dogs. And that's normal? Como just needs some good ol HR training.
Radio s
Radio s Mês atrás
Put that SOB in prison
Mari Wong
Mari Wong Mês atrás
She looks crazed.
chuck jackson
chuck jackson Mês atrás
He should have to give back his award Hollywood gave him! Of course the shear fact he was given that award only made the award a joke anyways.
chuck jackson
chuck jackson Mês atrás
O,,,,, is he going to be arrested like Any Republican would be? Or because he is a Democrat will just look the other way....
valerie Mês atrás
Filthy s o b
America #1
America #1 Mês atrás
He is pure trash. And the democrats are so corrupt, he will be about to stay in office.
Paul Osborne
Paul Osborne Mês atrás
Nickolas Tartaglieone need company for a night with this guy that thinks he can slip.
Jeff Havert
Jeff Havert Mês atrás
This dirty face has got guilt wrote all over it But being a democrat he thinks he can get away with anything
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Mês atrás
to set things straight.
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F Mês atrás
Funny how the politicians that hated Trump were the crooked ones.
Heidi Castillo
Heidi Castillo Mês atrás
Ummmm what about ALL THE NURSING HOME DEATHS????? 💀
God’s Plan
God’s Plan Mês atrás
He needs to go. His thinking is demented which means he is not competent to make any decisions that require thinking of anyone except himself.
Julie LeDroit
Julie LeDroit Mês atrás
Impeach the gov.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Mês atrás
Oh like James will do anything, she's trying to get Trump, what a loser she is, her race got her the job as what's happening in the 🇺🇸 it's criminal these people couldn't pour wa
Ethos Tattoo
Ethos Tattoo Mês atrás
“They need you right now, but when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other. -The Joker”
Sharon J
Sharon J Mês atrás
What a load of bad acting and drama queens . Phony phony phony
Just Another Person
I’m glad I never worked for him , I’d be famous for kicking him so hard in the groin. I’d be fired and threatened and all terrible things ….. nobody has any of this on camera?
Deep State Thrombosis
A boomer & a coomer, imagine that. What a god damned creep.
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