NUGGET Is Back But He's Missing An Arm In Kindergarten 2

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My sweet boy Nugget is back in Kindergarten 2. We're going to do a full lets play of kindergarten 2. I'm excited to see what gameplay changes they made and what characters will return. Get ready for the nugget voice again
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Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here


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29 Jul 2019



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jacksepticeye 10 meses atrás
The developer was so nice that they gave me a bunch of steam codes for the game to give away. They're first come first serve so have at it: ZJ4YP-4VGRB-DM6D3 W8NM4-ARMH2-8C06J 6B4VW-8LYL8-WJ7I6 WWE2T-XFND5-ZG8K0 IM0RC-8TM5V-F92XL PNVE8-C8W6N-8WENA K4AZ0-ZCTAQ-43MP8 YI22Y-XAQKT-KPMAP
Driuxx 5 dias atrás
Mega boi
Mega boi 13 dias atrás
trever sinor, he won’t
Dawn Downs
Dawn Downs 17 dias atrás
yu mean the toy story characters the creepy annabelle and slapies
Sawyer & Wilbur
Sawyer & Wilbur Mês atrás
Deccode those codes please
dr. fetus
dr. fetus Mês atrás
comment 498
Dylans 8 horas atrás
Nobody gonna point out that Jerome walked out of the school at the end of the day?
Lydia Smisson
Lydia Smisson 22 horas atrás
As a Minnesotan, I can confirm, his “Minnesotan accent” was not all that accurate 😂😂😂it’s ok tho, but next time you should try to throw in “you betcha”
Hey I thought I was the only one who watched dexters lab when I was younger
bruh co. employee
wa pish
gewoon wieland
gewoon wieland Dia atrás
Where the fuck is lilly
Toorio Dia atrás
is it just me or do jacks mic sound very very... bad
Im surprised no one noticed it
Is that a super smash bros poster?
Bunny Flareon
Bunny Flareon 2 dias atrás
If you need to find nugget he’ll leave a trail of blood it will be very easy to the nugget
Jason Gordon
Jason Gordon 2 dias atrás
Like her or hate her she’s hitting strait kids
The Trashiest Trash
The Trashiest Trash 2 dias atrás
I love how both youtubers I've seen play this have given Bob a Minnesota accent
Ahnalisa Binter
Ahnalisa Binter 2 dias atrás
Wate are u in 2an grade
Shamrock freddy
Shamrock freddy 2 dias atrás
Nugget: nugget will survive Me : I AM ONE WITH NUGGET I WILL SURVIVE!
Jeremy247 3 dias atrás
Ozzy: I need toilet paper!! Don’t we all, Ozzy... Don’t we all.
ShadoW Hoogvliet
ShadoW Hoogvliet 3 dias atrás
Jack how many video's have u made? 12 billion views in Total? I'd call u a legend! 😎
TheGamingPolarBearYT 3 dias atrás
When the school nurse sees Nugget’s arm be like. Nugget: Nugget is feeling woozy Arm: Gushes out more blood School nurse: yeah im just gonna put a bandaid on it.
Big Pineapple
Big Pineapple 4 dias atrás
1:52 theres a smash bros poster there
MamaToFive 1971
MamaToFive 1971 4 dias atrás
NUGGET IS BACK! It is funny that I just watched your old playthrough of South Park: Fractured But Whole and you had referenced Nugget a few times. :D I wasn't here 10 months ago...I was in this is brand new to me! :D
Angelica Flores
Angelica Flores 4 dias atrás
don't say bad words
Petey Phiranna
Petey Phiranna 4 dias atrás
I'm pretty sure the player has a smash ultimate poster!
•cxndy• 5 dias atrás
The principle is SUCH an Umbridge -_-
MoonJuiceYT 6 dias atrás
This video is 10 months old? Damn time flies fast.
Smasheachotherintheass Bros
Finds out Jerome is gay
dare devil
dare devil 6 dias atrás
I hit my teacher in the head with a slither
goatyalow 6 dias atrás
2:06 “these are all collectibles I don’t care about those” Also Sean “THE GAME ISN’T COMPLETE INTILL I COLLECT THEM ALL”
Ultra_Oof55 6 dias atrás
nugget is the one who got me to start eating nuggets
Gamer L
Gamer L 7 dias atrás
We need drama Me:meteton is that you
emx7890 9 dias atrás
5:30 you can buy hand sanitizer from Monty *stares in quarantine*
emx7890 9 dias atrás
Nugget's voice is just Sean's Scott Malkinson impression and I *love* it
Nia Landrey
Nia Landrey 9 dias atrás
nobody: jack: waPOOSH
Ninja panda 08
Ninja panda 08 10 dias atrás
Can’t wait for 1st grade to come out I mean the time loop ended or does just repeat every time they go to a new kindergarten how does the time loop work and who started it was time existing before kindergarten this is confusing
Ensar Abdyli
Ensar Abdyli 10 dias atrás
Did he use a diferent micro phone or did he have problems because it sounds horrible
Terrell Wills
Terrell Wills 10 dias atrás
Why does Monty sound like Danny devito
Pasta88sause XD
Pasta88sause XD 10 dias atrás
When your switching over from the GT live playthrough and hear Jacks nugget voice :D
Jason Vorrhess
Jason Vorrhess 11 dias atrás
I'll make monstermon card
Sara Baranowski
Sara Baranowski 11 dias atrás
It sounds like he's blowing into a butt XD
Yeet Chan
Yeet Chan 11 dias atrás
I bet she wants to kill all the ki- OOOH NOOOOO NUGGEET!
GamingOnAChair 11 dias atrás
Jerome be in kindergarten yet he can roast better than me dammit
Stelios Ioannou
Stelios Ioannou 11 dias atrás
Are there going to be 7 games one game for every day.
Dreek Gee13
Dreek Gee13 12 dias atrás
I'm pretty sure that the poster in his bedroom is from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Boku no Anime
Boku no Anime 12 dias atrás
Tanan Santos
Tanan Santos 12 dias atrás
Amy Bates
Amy Bates 13 dias atrás
Um y does he want a Minnesotan person (my Minnesotan butt feels confused)
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 14 dias atrás
Lilah Brookshire
Lilah Brookshire 14 dias atrás
your hair qwq
LeL More LeL
LeL More LeL 14 dias atrás
Monty has freckles
That_one_Drift 15 dias atrás
hey 21 savage what is that thing that bugs is holding? Issa *KNIFE*
Sarah Rotheker
Sarah Rotheker 16 dias atrás
Woah monty has hand sanitizer.
Mitzi Williams
Mitzi Williams 16 dias atrás
why da audio screwed up
Julianna Parker
Julianna Parker 16 dias atrás
Did anyone notice that after the teacher killed Jerome he walked out of the school like he didn't just get stabbed in the eye and killed. :D
Gacha _Random stuffz
Gacha _Random stuffz 17 dias atrás
Jack: like her or hate her shes hiting straight kids Me: so shes a LGBT+ ally OR PLOT TWIST SHE IS LGBT+
Absolute Nonsene
Absolute Nonsene 15 dias atrás
Bat 17 dias atrás
I didn’t know Berleezy was in this game.
Huracan Amaro
Huracan Amaro 17 dias atrás
Is it me or the poster in the character's room is a Super Smash Bros Ultimate poster?!
Helpy loevs duck and batteries
Anya Ross
Anya Ross 17 dias atrás
You are very funny and cool
Dana Simbro
Dana Simbro 18 dias atrás
awsome jack
8te late Zer0
8te late Zer0 19 dias atrás
Where is billy and lily?
8te late Zer0
8te late Zer0 19 dias atrás
But it’s always Monday
Ayaan Ahmed
Ayaan Ahmed 19 dias atrás
Who else is binge watching in quarantine
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner 19 dias atrás
Yesterday was Tuesday. But today is Tuesday too!
Soul Of Rei
Soul Of Rei 19 dias atrás
"She's hitting straight kids" Me: *laughs in pan*
Absolute Nonsene
Absolute Nonsene 15 dias atrás
Me: laughs in not asking
Gacha _Random stuffz
Gacha _Random stuffz 17 dias atrás
Me: laughs in Bi
Katie-Clare Ard
Katie-Clare Ard 20 dias atrás
Is it me or is sean/jackcepticeye losing his irish accent
Ryley Convetse
Ryley Convetse 20 dias atrás
Jack doesn't know what a minnesotan accent sounds like
soulreaper 128
soulreaper 128 21 dia atrás
If I was in the game rn I would sell monty out of hand sanitiser XD
Rocket Moose
Rocket Moose 21 dia atrás
Thought I had my playback speed on 2x at the beginning but it was just jack lmao
Aices Skycean
Aices Skycean 21 dia atrás
watching this while eating chicken nuggets. DELICIOUS
ItzSpruccy 23 dias atrás
Wapshh voice crack
I always wanted to play kindergarten 2
Destiny Smith
Destiny Smith 24 dias atrás
Jonah French
Jonah French 25 dias atrás
Bru forgot about nugget
mrs brokenhearts
mrs brokenhearts 25 dias atrás
I’m re watching this series again and I wanna say jacks love for nugget made me love nugget In which I had a cat and now his name is nugget 🥺
Landon Martin
Landon Martin 25 dias atrás
It was Gabby Gabby
Symarah Webb
Symarah Webb 25 dias atrás
Jack: "she's hitting straight kids" Me: **cries in hetero**
Chicken gaming Boy
Chicken gaming Boy 25 dias atrás
Stay. Positive
Stay. Positive 26 dias atrás
I wanna play this game so much but I don’t know how can somebody plx tell me?
Cracker Jack
Cracker Jack 26 dias atrás
Who else is in 2020 and panicked when they saw Monty selling hand santizer at 5:31
Vincent Nordstedt
Vincent Nordstedt 27 dias atrás
Jack: i can't leave him with a poopy butt Also jack: leaves
Lukeboi Poolanders
Lukeboi Poolanders 27 dias atrás
At the start he forgot the to put in the slapping sound
Froggyliv :p
Froggyliv :p 27 dias atrás
“she’s hitting straight kids” well thank god i’m safe
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