Now We Understand Why These Celebs Can't Stand James Corden

Nicki Swift
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Watch the video to learn why these celebs can't stand James Corden!

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Bill Maher | 0:00
Asia Argento and Rose McGowan | 1:26
Ricky Gervais | 2:47
Patrick Stewart | 4:12
Ricky Whittle | 5:20
Liam Gallagher | 6:24
Jack Allison | 7:32

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21 Mar 2023



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Comentários 2 375
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift Anos atrás
What do you think about James Corden?
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp 2 meses atrás
He's mean
Karl Hulme
Karl Hulme Anos atrás
I hate it when people criticise Corden for his size.... there’s so much more to his seemingly endless string of bad qualities.
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz 4 meses atrás
@Ella Sholes do you still believe that???? Lol 😂
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz 4 meses atrás
Oh wow this ended really bad!!! Lol
It'sAFrappé! Anos atrás
To this day I am perplexed as to how and why this man is where he is. He's just completely unremarkable in every way. What has he done to earn his position?
The Happy Gaming Demon.
@Kei Kei 😂😂😂😂😂
Kei Kei
Kei Kei 4 meses atrás
He’s use to being on his knees in front of the right men
Kenny Shrimpton
Kenny Shrimpton Anos atrás
Tbh for any Americans who don’t know already, there’s a reason James Corden works in America while other brits tend to try to work on both sides, it’s because nobody in the UK generally like Corden nor do we think he’s funny, it seems to be only Americans these days who will give him a role like the late show primarily because of his accent
TwoHopes 6 meses atrás
m8 are you having a laugh? james is a huge star in uk.. where the fk you came from?
rc che
rc che 8 meses atrás
Corden created Carpool Karaoke, which was very well received in the US. He is hated in the UK because of his attitude and arrogance when he was younger, he burnt a lot of bridges. But Anericans are less concerned with these things, so he learned his lesson, got a show, he did it well and he earned his celebrity. He is perceived to be down to earth znd humble now. Let the man move on with his life.
paulie paul
paulie paul 11 meses atrás
@Christine Towery nice 👌 one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Christine Towery
Christine Towery 11 meses atrás
@paulie paul oh hell no lmao 🤣
paulie paul
paulie paul 11 meses atrás
@Christine Towery you sure not he's good looks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Anos atrás
I flew the guy about 7 years ago. One of the rudest people I have ever met. So much so that his mate flying with him was telling him so. This doesn’t surprise me at all
Revelian1982 8 meses atrás
@dannooooooo You're right. But, in a world where a man can become a woman just by saying that he is one, who gives two shits about science anymore?
dannooooooo 8 meses atrás
@Revelian1982 haha, not how aircraft work, it'd be the other way around, they'd need to dump fuel to be able to get in the air with that 50 gallon drum of shit in the plane. But your joke still got a chuckle out of me
Evan Abbott
Evan Abbott Anos atrás
He could be a repressed homosexual, hence the rudeness.
Alkin Tugsal
Alkin Tugsal Anos atrás
I never liked him somehow I had a feeling that he is not a nice guy,my sixth sense was correct.
Maddy’s Videos
Maddy’s Videos Anos atrás
not the point, but u have the same name as Coldplay's lead singer
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Anos atrás
Corden is literally the epitome of someone who is not particularly charismatic or talented who basically made it in the US just because he has the aura of the British accent
Nicky75 6 meses atrás
There is no “British” accent, there are Welsh, Scottish and English accents, they make up Britain😉
Fabian 10 meses atrás
I would argue that it is his lack of charisma or talent that makes him ideal for American prime time TV. His british accent is a bonus.
Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin Anos atrás
@dfcvda 😃
dfcvda Anos atrás
..they can keep him..
Alzy Choze
Alzy Choze Anos atrás
He had to make it in Britain first and they are supposed to be so smart.
Peter Badger
Peter Badger Anos atrás
I'm English, so I pretty much saw the 'rise' of Corden happen in real time. After Gavin and Stacy hit it big, Corden started appearing on literally every British tv show he could. Chat shows, quiz shows, 'magazine' shows, you name it, if there was a chance of famous people being on there, he'd be there too. TV producers also saw Corden as a cheap option just to help 'pad out' the roster for that nights show, too, so he'd often appear on chat shows with one 'big', 'expensive' star like Tom Cruise, and a couple of 'cheaper', 'easier to get' minor celebs like British comedians or soap 'stars'. Once he'd 'got his foot in the door' though, he would sycophantically arse-lick every famous person he possibly could in a desperate attempt to befriend them, often to the detriment of whatever show he was appearing on because it was always cringey, and always completely obvious to everyone what he was doing. That's probably why he's a 'hit' on American tv now. American celebs seem more open to that level of brown-nosing, whereas in England, we see through that shit straight away. It's why Corden is so despised by many people in Britain now.
Peter Badger
Peter Badger 4 meses atrás
@Justiceforall Lol I wasn't trying to throw shade on Americans in general, more so American celebrities (who probably mostly live in California lol), most of whom seem like they're used to having their ego stroked on every show they appear on. A lot of them seem have a bit of a culture shock (in a good way) when they appear on British chat shows like Graham Norton or Alan Carr and just get treated like an actual person in a relaxed setting. You can actually see it on their face like "this is.......actually...kinda cool!" and they tend to loosen up and have some fun. Then James Corden would come along and ruin the good vibe with his arse-licking lol
paulie paul
paulie paul 11 meses atrás
@Dave 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dave Anos atrás
@Grant17 And a brown noser..
Grant17 Anos atrás
I'm American and I like him lol
Ian Graham
Ian Graham Anos atrás
What's the diffrence between Gervais and Corden? Gervais isn't a hollywood sellout and he is actually funny!
Koito rob
Koito rob 8 meses atrás
My answer would be that one is fatter than the other. Neither are funny...
Kim Cornelissen
Kim Cornelissen Anos atrás
Ricky also writes amazingly good tv shows
Zhilay Anos atrás
Gervais knows whats comedy nd whats dark humour, corden??? More like let me say whatever I want and I'll pretend its dark humour
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie Anos atrás
And Gervais actually cared enough his health to lose weight.
gpan62 Anos atrás
He's using the format that Graham Norton uses on his show in the UK where celebrities are interviewed together, but without the wit and interviewing skills.
nstar Anos atrás
Neither Norton or Corden are good, the best talk show host by far was Alan Carr. Not sure why his show went off air, instead of Norton's
MrJamesyboi121 Anos atrás
@nzkp probably a good call I just thought they are homophobic tbh
nzkp Anos atrás
@MrJamesyboi121 I would agree. I believe guests genuinely love appearing on the GNS. What one might misconstrue as "rude" is simply Graham's "sassy" interviewing style.
RedEnvy Anos atrás
I love that show....the amount of how many seasons they make says it all
Dyer Dude
Dyer Dude Anos atrás
I can’t imagine Ricky Gervais actually hating anyone in Hollywood. He made a joke about Jane Cordan and roasted him like he does everyone
Becky English
Becky English Anos atrás
Yes - I don’t think he cares. He has his long-time partner and “real” friends, and just seems to coast along hilariously!
Speccy Films
Speccy Films Anos atrás
We can't stand James Corden, we understand why anyone can't stand him
Jenith John
Jenith John 5 meses atrás
How dare you say JC and Ricky Gervais had the same career trajectory? RG created The Office - arguably one of the greatest television series ever. There is no basis for comparison based on their talents
Lyndsey Whittle
Lyndsey Whittle Anos atrás
I think he's let the fame go straight to his head now and has become quite arrogant.
Joey Doherty
Joey Doherty Anos atrás
His arrogance blinds him just like Master Yoda.
pactastic Anos atrás
Never liked him probably never will don't know anyone who does..
Aliway Anos atrás
He has been pompous for years. After his first real acting job his arrogance was so bad his co star and other members of the cast had to stage an "intervention" because EVERYONE hated him!!
Anne Pearson
Anne Pearson Anos atrás
He stayed at a local hotel and was demeaning and rude to the staff. I think that says it all.
Idek Anos atrás
@James Rogers Apparently people witnessed him being an absolute jerk to his wife and baby on a plane as well The story is tragically funny, look it up
Xfactories Anos atrás
Holy CRAP, I've NEVER heard of such conduct from a celebrity or indeed ANY hotel guest.! How extraORDINARY
Marty Mart
Marty Mart Anos atrás
He probably wanted more lard in it 🤣
Intuitive Diane
Intuitive Diane Anos atrás
Wow! You are right. Sounds like he will be the next Ellen
dmel911 Anos atrás
I'm not surprised that Liam Gallagher doesn't like Cordon. Gallagher doesn't like ANYONE...including his own brother.
Mud Zero
Mud Zero 5 meses atrás
Liam likes many people - Richard Ashcroft, Ian Brown, Paul "Bonehead" Arthus, the late Taylor Hawkins etc. Even though he seems to dislike and tends to bash people like his brother Noel and Damon Albarn, I'm pretty sure he respects them. But Cordon - what can the guy offer for Liam to like or respect him? Not much I think.
Ann Oldham
Ann Oldham 11 meses atrás
Gallagher is smarter than he seems.
Tony Doherty
Tony Doherty Anos atrás
@Tomáš Karlíček whats the word I'm looking for oh yeah bollocks
Tony Doherty
Tony Doherty Anos atrás
Kettle calling liam as no talent either neither as noel they can't slag anyone off
Elektric Skeptic
Elektric Skeptic Anos atrás
I like oasis but Liam is often temperamental in his views on others. &&&& Bill Maher mightve been correct in his anti religion stance, but fat shaming is SCIENTIFICALLY shown to lead to binge eating & causes weight gain. I don't see anyone ugly or dumb shaming Maher. Maybe that should make a comeback to Maher specifically. Corden is bland. I have no real opinion on him tbh.
See Cha
See Cha 8 meses atrás
James Corden is a prime example of why we should be more realistic when we tell children, "you can be anything they want."
Ross Geography
Ross Geography Anos atrás
"Britain's loss, is America's loss also" - Stewart Lee
Ross Geography
Ross Geography 4 meses atrás
" a dog listening to classical music"
Ian Hill
Ian Hill 4 meses atrás
Lee and Herring were a dynamic pairing of comedians, good in their day.
the womble
the womble Anos atrás
@Cashew Nuttel No, Stuart Lee is everything Corden isn't. He's intelligent, imaginative, original, deep, constructive, diverse and genuinely funny.
H0neyT1me Anos atrás
@Cashew Nuttel No that’s Stan Lee
Cashew Nuttel
Cashew Nuttel Anos atrás
Is Stewart Lee the guy who made Marvel comic books?
Ed Krstic
Ed Krstic Anos atrás
He rarely stops yelling and screaming. It’s bad enough that it happens in bars and game shows. Now it’s everywhere. I prefer to watch television where they actually talk in a calm narrative. We retain little when they scream all the time.
Mark Illsley
Mark Illsley Anos atrás
That’s US talk shows go to move. Louder ain’t funny
James Jenner
James Jenner Anos atrás
I'm from the same town where James Corden grew up and I can't stand him either! He's a one - pump Charlie with limited appeal and it's a wonder to most of the townsfolk of High Wycombe how he got to where he is - a part of me has to admire him though because he's managed to cheese his way to the big time USA from the doldrums of our crappy little town with minimal talent but great showbiz networking skills it seems and I'm certain that's where his "talent" really lies, it's not what you know but who you know, (or what you've got on who you know.) However, Ricky Gervais IS very talented and he grew up in Reading which is not far from High Wycombe and he is a GREAT British Comedy export whereas Corden just wishes he was Mr Gervais.
Uncle Barry
Uncle Barry Anos atrás
Dear Americans, please keep James Corden. Sincerely from a Brit
Him Who is Not to be Named
@Joshua Reynolds is an actor who also happens to be hysterical. If you’re talking just comedians I’d go with Russell Peters.
Joshua 10 meses atrás
@roses are merry As a Canadian we already have Ryan Reynolds as our comedian over here, were passing it on to the french or the Mexicans.
ALLY S Anos atrás
With all do respect, we don’t want to keep him.
CitrusButter Anos atrás
Take it back, we didn't ask for it.
tg72201 Anos atrás
If you'll keep Piers Morgan, then we have a deal
Kylie Smith
Kylie Smith Anos atrás
I'm pretty shocked there was nothing about how uncomfortable some of the male celebrities that come on his show that he's all over. An some of the male celebrities are extremely uncomfortable with his behavior.
fearless kazu
fearless kazu Anos atrás
Actually I felt it was a bit odd that he kept holding Jimin from BTS's hand when he was interviewing them.
Lord FreeRealEstate
Ellen Degeneres made guests uncomfortable, too - and it was an early sign of her toxicity.
@Npc I'm knot yep!! 100%
sickmind fraud
sickmind fraud Anos atrás
When he kissed 19 yo harry styles😭👎
Chris Young
Chris Young Anos atrás
@asdf jkl: I always assumed he does it for the camera, and since he has a wife that's why he doesn't make those types of jokes with women. Plus, I think when the camera's go off, its unlikely that he says those things. Most of these jokes are planned out.
kantraxo ikol
kantraxo ikol Anos atrás
if most people hate you, it MIGHT be a sign that most people find you hateful and disgustingly smug . unfortunately most people like him don't even notice that people can't stand him. they just move through life as if everyone must love them anyway
Alexandrea Adams
Alexandrea Adams Anos atrás
It is most definitely not okay to Fat shame anyone because if that person ends up hurting themselves because of your words then that's your fault. Always be careful with what you say because you never know what someone is going through.
Karl Park
Karl Park Anos atrás
It appears that a lot of Brits don't like Cordon. So he's here and soon a lot of Americans won't like him.
Gipsy Undead
Gipsy Undead Anos atrás
For the record don't send him back to us in the UK, lol. Send him somewhere else
CitrusButter Anos atrás
Most of us already don't, allot of people here are genuinely confused why the media pretends like he's such a beloved figure.
LemurMan Anos atrás
I’m pretty sure lots of Americans don’t like him, if not all of them
Cameron Hesketh
Cameron Hesketh Anos atrás
He"s bloody awful, that's why he's on late night US TV. He fits in perfectly with the others.
hllnda Anos atrás
Seth Meyer seems to be a decent human being
SUPER FREAK Anos atrás
@Feezy Winky Conan is GOAT
Az Anos atrás
I'm a Brit, we're ashamed of him, sorry.
Chubby Chubbs
Chubby Chubbs Anos atrás
USA please keep Corden! We’ll share our British gem Mr. Gervais though…🇬🇧👍🏻
InkCap Anos atrás
@Josephine Bournes more work, bigger audience and better weather
is this you james
Happy Cynic.
Happy Cynic. Anos atrás
@Adithyan npc And a vegetarian.
Adithyan npc
Adithyan npc Anos atrás
@Ottts22 Google sympathetic.if u haven't yet. I'l tell you . It means being loving and affectionate towards others As far as I know he is an animal lover
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White Anos atrás
The funniest phrase in this whole piece was “Patrick’s new girlfriend.”
Heather B.
Heather B. Anos atrás
@Mayor Of Simpleton No, he's not. He's been married to his current wife since 2013. I think you may be getting him confused with Sir Ian McKellen.
Patrick Stewart and Ricky Gervais are very close friends since Stewart appeared on Gervais' show *Extras.* They have a lot in common, along with their distain for a hack like James Corden.
lenka cfk
lenka cfk Anos atrás
Sorry, I don't follow celebrity news - what is so funny about Patrick having a girlfriend?
Joshua Zamora
Joshua Zamora Anos atrás
I always think you can tell what comedians are truly funny and don’t just have good writers with panel shows and with him it was him always laughing obnoxiously loud at what other panelists said
mrbrian Anos atrás
It's mad how this lad co-wrote a great show and played an iconic character on that show and now he is one of the biggest talk show hosts in America. I don't understand how it happened and i don't really feel like looking into it.
Optidorf Anos atrás
You know you've got a problem when you make Patrick Stewart angry.
MichaMichaMicha Anos atrás
He tried to get people who make him famous, paid less. That's abhorrent, and very revealing about his character. Gross.
D S Anos atrás
Ricky Gervais has actual talent, and is a good person. Talk about night and day.
Dotty Dew
Dotty Dew Anos atrás
Ok. That he wanted to decrease writer's pay and went out of his way to influence that - ticks me off. I'll have to look further into that though. This whole anti James Corden clip has me skeptical in a really don't care way.
ElCaminoTravel Anos atrás
That split at the end during the parachute landing made me laugh so hard. I rewatched it 4 times
Lalu Fernandez
Lalu Fernandez Anos atrás
My opinion about him is that I loved the show "The wrong men's". He created it and wrote it and was one of the main characters. That show is great in my opinion. I don't know much else about him 😅
pat442389 Anos atrás
I forget which guest asked Cordon “do you know the names of your cameramen?” Of course he said yeah and when the guest said “ok, what’s his name (points to a cameraman)?” And Cordon stumbles along acting like the name is on the top of his tongue. He never “remembers” the name and is so embarrassed because it outs him as not only an asshole but a stuck up asshole which is the exact opposite image he tried to put out to his audience.
kaleicho Anos atrás
That was a sketch, and the "guest" was one of his writers.
MsSpider26 Anos atrás
It was Jimmy Fallon who asked him that.
Xfactories Anos atrás
No, that was Phil Blackmar with the Golf Channel, interviewing Bill Murray. But feel free to provide a source if you can.
Andrea Carpenter
Andrea Carpenter Anos atrás
I can't stand him. There's something about him that feels absolutely fake. His interview style is cringe worthy. Before COVID 19, he seem to almost sit on his guests laps and has an exaggerated way of speaking and interacting with them. He's exhausting and not funny.
Erik Jauregui
Erik Jauregui 9 meses atrás
I love him
Alkin Tugsal
Alkin Tugsal Anos atrás
Exactly how I feel something about him is very off putting.
Sayres Rudy
Sayres Rudy Anos atrás
Hansy Anos atrás
He's extremely fake.
mnumzane Madoda
mnumzane Madoda Anos atrás
He is a well balanced woke talk show host. His ego has grown commensurately with his waistline.
MooDSwinG Gaming
MooDSwinG Gaming Anos atrás
Corden in my mind has always been the talisman of mind bubble-gum, and comparing him to Ricky? Criminal.
Angelin Guraj
Angelin Guraj Anos atrás
Comparing cordon to Gervais is like comparing Paris Hilton to Meryl Streep as they've both been in movies.
Vacuum Fire Radio
Vacuum Fire Radio Anos atrás
From. the UK...I. cant understand Corden's success...a moderately talented actor at best...I saw his spat with Stewart live and was disgusted. Someone must like him though...
Xfactories Anos atrás
Stewart was pretty rude.
Sam Hirst
Sam Hirst Anos atrás
He's a yes man, that's why he has a show.
Jacob Anos atrás
Imagine not liking someone for the characters they play that you judge someone for their weight. Imagine seeing an actor and not realising its a person playing a character.
Whos Whoo
Whos Whoo Anos atrás
I dont understand his appeal he always strikes me as a bully
Erik Jauregui
Erik Jauregui 9 meses atrás
I love him
Daithi Ó Seachnasaigh
@Miss Cleo THIS - exactly this! Seen so many of these kind of “ohhh can you not take a joke, you’re way too sensitive” / “I’ve been bullied because of my weight” Flip-Flopping Bullies, who’ll change their tone or mood depending on who they’re trying to impress.
Miss Cleo
Miss Cleo Anos atrás
He’s a sensitive bully. It’s okay for him to dish it out, but he can’t take it.
shawn OKEEfe
shawn OKEEfe Anos atrás
The fact that so many people have no problem publically referring to his weight as a negative is why he had to make those fat shaming comments…for some reason heavy people are the only group who can be openly mocked and their attackers not held accountable for being heinous
Vintage Soup
Vintage Soup Anos atrás
Well, he gets the sense of entitlement from his parents. Look up when his Dad threw a hissy fit because film critic Mark Kermode gave "Peter Rabbit" a bad review.
Sandra Dee
Sandra Dee 11 meses atrás
Agree. I think he is the favored, spoiled only son.
Jaime Uh
Jaime Uh Anos atrás
My friend is his wife’s hairdresser From what I been told, he’s a real POS Disrespectful and rude Angry all the time
Mark Chambers
Mark Chambers 3 meses atrás
Liam Gallagher's not misnaming anything, he's making the accurate (and hilarious) observation that Corden looks like Perry (Kathy Burke) in Harry Enfield's Kevin and Perry sketches. Harry Enfield was massive in the UK in the 90s, very funny show. Liam's reference is spot on.
Slip Slider
Slip Slider Anos atrás
His “status” just elucidates the fact that there is no justice in life.
Rob McKay
Rob McKay Anos atrás
Hearing “knobhead” in an American accent is hilarious 😁
InkCap Anos atrás
@You know my name. nah more like “nob-ed”
You know my name.
You know my name. Anos atrás
Is this how it's meant to be said? "naw-bed"
John Wu
John Wu Anos atrás
Next time I'm tired I'll say "boy am I knackered" in an American accent haha
Ian Martínez Cassmeyer
Doesn't quite have the same punch to it without that European poshness. "Dickhead," which I think means the same thing sounds a bit better.
Ed White
Ed White Anos atrás
How the talentless James Cordon ever graduated from being a barrow boy on Eastenders is beyond me. Must have incredible management.
rob Nancekivell
rob Nancekivell Anos atrás
Not even in his wildest dreams have Corden and Gervais had parallel careers. As a Brit everyone I know is baffled by his popularity in America as he's best know for being the third funniest person on a sitcom over here. For Americans imagine thinking ' I wonder what Creed Bratton from the Office is up to these days?' doing a quick search and finding out he's a huge star in the UK.
James Jennings
James Jennings Anos atrás
It's not just loads of celebrities, it's a whole load of us in the UK.
IndeChan Anos atrás
Since when does Gervais interrupt anybody who speaks? He's so chill in interviews and speaks when asked a question
Paddy .Cook
Paddy .Cook Anos atrás
The funniest thing to me, as someone from the north of England, was hearing an American woman say "knobhead".
Robert Mari
Robert Mari Anos atrás
Hollywood: Please stop casting this man.
Drumjod Anos atrás
There have been many occasions on his show where he was simply rude, disrespectful, or insulting towards others (usually his crew) as though that sort of behavior is comedy. However, I have a ton of respect for comedians who try to push the boundaries because it can be a big risk every time. It's often going to be hit or miss, he's human just like the rest of us, and we all make mistakes. Overall, I get the impression he has good intentions and he makes me laugh more often than he makes me cringe. Plus, he comes up with a lot of hilariously awful puns, which I think takes a little bit of courage. I think James has a lot of comedic talent, but sometimes it's tossed aside for an attempt at a cheap laugh. I'll still give James the benefit of the doubt, but to act visibly bored as a presenter at an awards ceremony already demonstrates disrespect. If Patrick Stewart calls you out for disrespectful behavior, and you respond saying "...just f---ing get on with it," then you can boldly go where no one has ever f---ed themselves in the @$$ before. Not that there's anything wrong with that ;) Stewart, a man who most of us hold in the highest regards, went on to apologize for his comment. I'd love to see the same from Corden.
Cat Eng
Cat Eng Anos atrás
someone I know who worked on the show and said he was only nice to guests, not the crew
VIxen1993 Vixenxxx
VIxen1993 Vixenxxx Anos atrás
Its like when u meet someone in life and instinctively dont like them. U have no real reason why but its just there. Well thats how I feel about James cordon. Theres just something smug and off with him.
not the same c c
not the same c c Anos atrás
it is sad that Corden does seem to have a lot of evidence against him as I did enjoy the Karaoke bits BUT it is also very sad how a lot of these seemed to be pokes at his weight. Seems kind of beneath everyone involved. Like so many things, people do live down to expectations no matter who you think they are. We sometimes forget these folks are not the roles that they play i.e. Patrick Stewart. The industry is rife with ugly people (inside). it is always interesting that a business about entertaining the masses is so cruel, evil and hypocritical.
Zer0nite Anos atrás
My only problem with him is that he's shoved in our faces so much despite there being nothing special or likeable about him. He was great on the sitcom Gavin and Stacey and that's about it.
Angelique Oren
Angelique Oren Anos atrás
Just like real life, some people like you and some don't.
Philip John Kaye
Philip John Kaye Anos atrás
He's a narcissist.
Aaron553 Anos atrás
Yeah...but it ain't normal for EVERYONE to hate you in real life though is it 🤣
Alex ico
Alex ico Anos atrás
And like in the real world someone like this would 100% get smacked in the face, so it's not really the same, he has fame to cover for it antics, but he's definitely known for his cons rather than his pros
Cor Malum
Cor Malum Anos atrás
There are people who are overweight, and it's just an arbitrary distinction. But then, there are people that you have to lift out of their apartment with a crane if they ever need to go to the doctor. THAT is shameful.
Mildred Sparks
Mildred Sparks Anos atrás
People in Britain can’t stand him. He did a livestream interview in the UK a while back where unmoderated questions were rolling on screen, 99% of them were things like ‘why are you such an arrogant c*nt?’. They abandoned the chat after a short while. Very funny.
Natalie ps
Natalie ps Anos atrás
I think u dont need to humiliate heavy people but the best thing for family & close friends to do is be honest with them. Coddling & lying to them is just enabling. I had a friend who had given herself type 2 diabetes bc she ate a lot of bad things. She would have cry & whine she was heavy & I really wish I had told her that she should stop whining & learn self control. She also had zero self awareness . I had gestational diabetes & so all my closest friends knew the strict diet I was on. Absolutely no carbohydrates & small portions. I was not going to eat anything that could hurt my unborn child. So at the shower my " treat " was a small dish of whole wheat pasta w/ chicken & veggies. So my heavy diabetic type 2 friend loaded up on two plates of everything stuffing her face. A huge plate of penne vodka, potatoes pancakes syrup & a coke. So she sits down & my friends are all sympathetic that at my own shower I couldnt eat anything on the menu this was a special request. So they are talking to me about my diet how I'm doing & ms self absorbed says " I'm a diabetic too. So after they all heard what I couldn't eat & then she starts whining how unfair it is she has diabetes everyone almost comically looked at the huge plates of food in front of her . Lol. It was total silence too. So that actually got her attention & she was like " oh yea um I couldn't resist bc my lazy mom never cooks anymore ( btw she was 30 why is her mom expected to cook for her when she gets to Live at home for free ??) She also begged me to let her be in my wedding party. She dropped out with a few weeks to go bc she did not want to forever be " fat " in my wedding pics. Can u imagine how self centered she thinks anyone who looks at my wedding pics which is not often after the wedding is in the distance & focus on her fat butt & not maybe the bride & groom & people they know. If I look at someome 's bridal party pics I never remember people in the wedding party in a photo I'm looking through. Good lord. Sadly 8 years later I'm sure she is the same.
Rivelino Anos atrás
Some people believe Trump and Brexit was the beginning of the slide........ I think it was when Craig Ferguson's old show was given to James Corden.
Happy Dude
Happy Dude Anos atrás
Well I think we’re gonna give America a gift basket of goodies for keeping Corden out of the UK. Mind you though James might eat the basket to himself. Sorry America 😂
Aye, I think lending your UK drill beats to us was a nice touch to the gift basket. Love the wavy bass.
paul Walker
paul Walker Anos atrás
I'm sure there are loads of people who can't stand him
Launa Banauna
Launa Banauna Anos atrás
Seems like he tried to deliver the super dry, and raunchy style of humor that Ricky Gervais does so magnificently, but completely missed the mark, with those Harvey Weinstein “jokes.” 🎯
Sharon Jensen
Sharon Jensen Anos atrás
Harvey Weinstein is one person you don't make jokes about.
Henry Coolen
Henry Coolen Anos atrás
Chris Farley was way funnier, almost choked to dead laughing in the movie Beverly Hills ninja
Absurd Bird
Absurd Bird Anos atrás
_"Hollyoaks is one of British television's most popular soap operas"_ I'm gonna have to stop you there... (Also, he didn't appear in "one episode", he was a regular cast member from 1998 to 2000)
Rck Keller
Rck Keller Anos atrás
My feeling about obesity is this, most severely obese people suffered some sort of trauma that got them where they are. People don’t enjoy being ridiculed and pointed out in public. If they could change their life for a healthier one, they would.
Wolf Anos atrás
@Brian Walsh i can attest to that.
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh Anos atrás
@Nix Mir I agree. I think food addictions are the most common addiction there is. Addictions are usually a sign of underlying unresolved issues.
Nix Mir
Nix Mir Anos atrás
​@HunkyDoryWho? I know I'm late to this, but depression, trauma, medical conditions. Some can't due to medical issues, some are depressed and can't get the motivation no matter how hard they try, it's like a vicious cycle, they may be self-conscious and don't want to go out in public, and they gain more weight, etc. I hope everyone who wants to change their life for the better all the best.
HunkyDoryWho? Anos atrás
So why dont they change their life for the healthier??
Bohemian LiLi
Bohemian LiLi Anos atrás
I genuinely cannot stand Cordon. As a Brit I am totally miffed at how he's managed to make it in America. I only ever watched one of his carpool programmes because it had Take That on there and I adore them but I just wanted Cordon to climb in the boot and he quiet. He's not funny, he's not talented so good luck America the ego is your problem now.
I never understood why people go on that carpool karaoke thing. It's vomit inducing.
Miles Morris
Miles Morris Anos atrás
I watched Corden's run of The Late Late Show for a while and was initially intrigued by Carpool Karaoke. Eventually, I gave up on that segment because over time I realized how much of a gimmick it was. And I quit watching the show as a whole because I realized Corden is as fake and unfunny as everyone else believes.
Hopemonkey Anos atrás
It’s not just celebrities, he is the show biz equivalent of the ‘groom of the stole’ . He derails any decent movie with his cameos.
Geordie Jack
Geordie Jack Anos atrás
No conversation about people's opinion of James Corden is complete without a mention of Frankie Boyle
Lord Draagon
Lord Draagon Anos atrás
I can remember he was in a episode of Jonathan Ross Show with Boris Johnson. James Corden was the most hated guy in that episode xD
L B Anos atrás
I wonder who advised Cordon to attend the WGA meeting? The Fallon writer made it pretty clear that this was a meeting for writers, not some open forum. I think it was less about money and more about control of his show. He seems very controlling.
BonzoDog67 Lizardking
"Why should we hate people for their weight, their color, or creed, when they're so many REAL reasons to hate others." -- Emo Philips
Tracy McArdle
Tracy McArdle Anos atrás
America you can keep James Corden please!! We dont want him back thank you!!!
Callum Williams
Callum Williams Anos atrás
1:57 "and he peppered" I see what you did there lol and thank you America for taking him off our hands ;) appreciate it
james tanona
james tanona Anos atrás
i love the way he handeled Bill Maher
Arron Hughes
Arron Hughes Anos atrás
James Corden is about as funny as going into battle with blank rounds.
I named my car Jimin so I could Park Jimin
Realizing everything that Riz Ahmed said in that diss rap were just straight up facts.
Richnwealthy Anos atrás
Why am I surprised to again be disappointed by a celebrity that came up from the bottom and now wants to slight the ppl that got him there or are working hard for him. Been in the film industry don’t miss it. Most ungrateful and insane industry ever.
A. Kasper
A. Kasper Anos atrás
Is not just celebrities that can't stand the guy...
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins Anos atrás
I just happened to stumble upon this video but it totally speaks to me - I never understood the appeal of James Corden and I'm completely puzzled by the amount of success he's had.
W Anos atrás
Please keep James Corden America 🙏
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
The liberals don’t like him either. Lol.
HM collectibles
HM collectibles Anos atrás
He fits well here, with half of America and the liberal Democrats can have him
strike1977 Anos atrás
thank god the tough borders into Australia has kept him out, he will be another wave with his big size
bollox21 Anos atrás
Not everyone likes him - but not everyone matters
Allan Scott
Allan Scott Anos atrás
He has a certain charm about him: - sort of : everyday guy next door, non threatening with lots of energy and is obviously talented to carry this off and make people feel comfortable in his presence however off screen he seems to be a fanny judging by the number of reports about his bad behaviour
Nightbird Anos atrás
Sometimes..TV networks need someone with no particular talent and only the ability to speak to fill a position. And here you have James Corden. 🙄
mojobag01 Anos atrás
“Fat, Drunk, And Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life, Son.” - Principal Dean Wormer, Faber College.
thetragicyouth Anos atrás
As Stewart Lee said when Corden got the Late Late Show gig, "Britain's loss is America's loss also.."
Shirley N
Shirley N Anos atrás
Ricky’s got talent.
Joel Roman
Joel Roman Anos atrás
"A fuking piglet" Rose McGowan nailed it
Random Trinidadian
Random Trinidadian Anos atrás
Damn, who knew Picard could be a savage?
A Snider
A Snider Anos atrás
I am oh so angry that it took so goddamn long for Harvey W to get called out. Not only are there so many more victims. He is an old man now and I don't think he can really be punished.
Tara Cook
Tara Cook Anos atrás
His arrogance and entitlement is what comes with fame but little talent 😐
Tyler Laquinta
Tyler Laquinta Anos atrás
Lmao that joke about hot water was actually funny. Much different than his fake over the top personality
A Snider
A Snider Anos atrás
OMG that R Gervais quote is killer. :-)
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