North Port PD provides update on Gabby Petito case

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North Port Police Department provides update on Gabby Petito case. The 22-year-old was reported missing by her family over the weekend.

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15 Set 2021



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Comentários 1 673
Brittany Koller
Brittany Koller 13 dias atrás
Your police station should be at fault for letting that piece shot get away! Justice for Gabby!👼
Bird johnson
Bird johnson 26 dias atrás
That guy touch the girl and dirtbags he no right treat her bad. I hope find dirtbags. I was CHOKEHOLD at Sturdy Memorial hospital attleboro Massachusetts!! I can't breathe !!! Not very safe hospital and peoples dyed!!! Cop should arrest him for assault her. She was scared. Right there he touched her and pushed her that is assault
Mary Mês atrás
This video was released a month ago. So, this means she was killed a few days after this was released. Her autopsy showed she was murdered. He's being charged right now with fraud. . A federal offense. Taking a Capital One card and intentionally using over a thousand dollars. What is stopping Brian from fleeing the country with that money? At the time this card was used he wasn't a person of interest. He could have left without being suspicious. His parents know damn well where he is located. He could even be reading these messages right now as we leave them. If so, I'm praying that they find you Brian. If you're not guilty of anything why are you evading the authorities?
i am the news
i am the news Mês atrás
Ok! So they never spoke with Brian!
i am the news
i am the news Mês atrás
Why did they report Gabby missing in Suffolk county? Her Dad lives in Florida…
xana land
xana land Mês atrás
Anyone notice ever since they to but her body this clown hasn't been doing any " spokesperson " work on TV?! Useless is what he is. Does he have NO SAY? Is he a PUPPET? Why didnt he go watch Brian's house himself?!
dolita windo
dolita windo Mês atrás
nancy wranovsky
nancy wranovsky Mês atrás
They could have charged and held him on Auto theft. It is not his vehicle and she’s missing. Buy some time. I’ve seen cops do some shit to put a suspect/POI in custody
nancy wranovsky
nancy wranovsky Mês atrás
He hopes people will do the right thing? I wouldn’t count on it or run my investigation on hope in humanity. Does he realize he is the police
alida flus
alida flus Mês atrás
The boyfriend has most certainly killed before...if not a precious human, then a precious animal. Officer giving the media update is very professional.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Mês atrás
Why oh why was Brian not under surveillance? Today, which they likely found her body, apparently Brian up and disappeared on Tuesday? Come on now!
dolita windo
dolita windo Mês atrás
That is an old tip line. It is not a special tip line for Gabby.
N Makarova
N Makarova Mês atrás
For those questioning why Brian couldn’t have been “monitored”, arrested, or taken in for questioning, by force UP TO THIS POINT: Everyone has rights. We have to remember this. We may not agree with the circumstances, but we have to respect the law, as we are all protected under it-good and bad-and this is why we have a legal system to allow cases to play out by the letter of the law. Our system is not perfect. But understanding it, can make difficult cases like this, a bit more palatable. The law does not always meet our emotions with the comfort we desperately desire, but it can help bring understanding to complicated cases. As infuriating as it is to feel that Brian couldn’t be “better monitored” of his whereabouts, the law is the law. And the The Constitution governs this. Things to keep in mind legally: 1) this was a missing person case- not a criminal case (yet). 2) Brian’s return was sketchy, however simply “returning” is not criminal. Sketchy? Yes. Criminal, no. 3) there was not- yet- probable cause to cite Brian for a crime. His behavior is definitely not the most settling and doesn’t paint a good impression, however by law, his actions this far does not constitute admission of a crime committed. we do not know the details of what transpired between them, in all reality. 4) as for gps or any other monitoring: the constitution protects us from unlawful search and seizure. Monitoring someone’s whereabouts falls under this protection clause. Until he’s charged with a crime, gps or “spying” on him etc is all a violation of his rights. 5) the constitution and federal rights further: first and foremost we are ALL protected by this. This is sort of what makes us a great nation, and makes our legal system above others. But it does not mean it makes difficult cases feel more “human” and comforting. But at the end of the day we honor the law bc we respect the rights of everyone. Not because we agree with the crime or case. Understand the difference, it makes it a bit more palatable. 6) The very first amendment protects our speech. Our freedom of it. To engage in speech how we choose (or not, in Brian’s case, but more on that in the fifth amendment!) 7) The fourth amendment protects us from unlawful search and seizure, and the protection of issuing warrants without cause. 8)The fifth amendment- which everyone quotes- is “the right to remain silent”, or protection against trial without indictment, Double Jeopardy (being charged for same crime), self incrimination, and property seizure (taking property). 9)The sixth amendment Gives us the right to legal counsel,To be informed of any charges, to be confronted by witnesses, and The right to call witnesses. Brian is upholding is right to counsel, despite it appearing as an admission of guilt. 10) As difficult as cases like these are, and how it can seem “obvious” to the common person how the law or enforcement of the law should transpire, we have to understand and respect the law for what it is. Hopefully Brian will be found alive, and be held accountable in whatever way that is. If this turns into a criminal case, the rights of those involved will still be protected by law, and our Justice system will play out. Things to consider as well: IF Brian and/or family end up being charged, we have to remember that there’s laws that govern and define one’s guilt in order to be convicted of a crime. Also, being charged and convicted are two different things, for those who may not know the difference. One can be charged, but it is up to a judge and jury to convict, based on evidence. There’s physical hard evidence, that something happened pretty much 99%, and there’s conviction based on preponderance of the evidence, by 51% that something “most-likely occurred the way one says it did”. About “taking the vehicle”: The reason an arrest cannot be made for Brian taking the vehicle, is because foremost, a stolen vehicle report was not filed. This is the only way to provide a vehicular crime occurred. Without this, up to this point, Brian had the same right to drive the vehicle as Gabby. Unfortunately his driving the vehicle without her in the car is not criminal solely by itself. It is NOT vehicular theft, as it was not reported by the owner of the vehicle, as such, and Brian had, by all reasonable belief, the permission by Gabby to drive Ans operate the vehicle, despite whose name the car was in. Brining conviction legally, involves a lot of details and things to consider and does not happen immediately. There’s many factors that play. I hope this helps answer some people’s questions as to why the law isn’t as black and white as we hope, when things from an outside perspective can seem so clean cut and easy. Prayers for all.
Mary Jones-Ellis
Mary Jones-Ellis Mês atrás
The police wasted too much time on letting him get away
alida flus
alida flus Mês atrás
most likely gobby potato attacked brain with deadly force and he had to defend himself, good for him and crazy people are suspicious of him!
Erika Hogan
Erika Hogan Mês atrás
Ye have to find her all the prayers with the petito fa.ily a the way from Ireland come home gabby
peiper James
peiper James Mês atrás
Pat Diaz, a former Miami-Dade homicide detective who played a leading role in cracking parts of the "Cocaine Cowboys," said that police wouldn’t necessarily have needed to suspect a crime in order to get warrants for a missing person case. "Why would you [try to] get consent from the guy, and not get a search warrant?" he asked Sunday. "You can get a search warrant for everything in that house, including his laptop They didn't do shit.
peiper James
peiper James Mês atrás
He said an examination of Laundrie’s electronics on the day Petito was reported missing could have given investigators an abundance of clues about her whereabouts. Even if Laundrie refused to talk and no crime was suspected. And he questioned why the local sheriff’s department or state investigators didn’t take over early on. They didn't do what they could have done@
lucinda gaskill
lucinda gaskill Mês atrás
My God he has to be sweating in that FL heat & a shirt & jacket.
H Connell
H Connell Mês atrás
What a shame she ended up with that loser. I say break out the rubber hoses officer and let's get some answers now!!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Mês atrás
Enabling parents set their kids up for a very difficult life.
Genevieve Rodriguez
They all lie it that they dont have the answer
Ste Crook
Ste Crook Mês atrás
This guy how does he know she's hurt why has he said that at the beginning this guy knows something Sunglasses to hide his eyes 👀
_purplechica_ Mês atrás
“Do you know where Brian is?” “Ummm… I dont know. Its been a minute. At the moment I do not!” 3:25 That was on Thursday. And we learned on Friday that Brian is “missing” aka on the run since Tuesday. Great Job!!!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Mês atrás
Joe Petito needs to go to Brian's house. I'm sure he'll get some answers
Linda Hueske
Linda Hueske Mês atrás
That is an old tip line. It is not a special tip line for Gabby.
Linda Hueske
Linda Hueske Mês atrás
Why can't you get a search warrant at Brian's parents house since she lived there?
Annie Seaside
Annie Seaside Mês atrás
You small town Idiots!!! You could not spare 1 single guy to watch Laundrie? You gave him a 4 day head start!!!! This monster shoved her off a cliff. He has stalled to be sure if she survived the fall, she would die without food and water for 16 days. He also is hoping wild animals took her body apart. This Murderer’s parent’s gave him a 4 day head start. It is a 19 hour drive from Northport, Fl to the Mexican border at Laredo. I bet he got out of the country 4 days ago. He is not MISSING as broadcasters are annoyingly saying, he is running for his life. Wyoming & Florida have the Death Penalty! No matter where they try him, they’ll fry him. Also, he was given a ride by a couple from a particular location in Teton!!! So now they can bring in cadaver dogs to that precise area! Before: No body, no crime. They WILL find this precious girl now! Thank God she can be brought home to her parent’s for a dignified funeral. Shame on the man’s family, they should be charged as Accessory after the fact. Shame on Northport Police for not watching him to be sure he did not leave. smh
taco society
taco society Mês atrás
He killed her why would he go missing
Siggy Throw
Siggy Throw Mês atrás
most likely gobby potato attacked brain with deadly force and he had to defend himself, good for him and crazy people are suspicious of him!
Lorel Mês atrás
Was she definitely left at Grand Teton? He could’ve dumped her anywhere from where they were to Florida.
The Drone Commander
As the father of two adult daughters, MAN, it would take the US Marines to keep me from going after the DORK and his family. I'd also get my Sicilian neighbor involved. They have ways of making people talk or go missing permanently.
Chris Ruthford
Chris Ruthford Mês atrás
The media makes a huge deal of a white woman. But those poor black women and children murdered every weekend in places like Chicago get no coverage.🤔
toe knee
toe knee Mês atrás
This guy is awful. Can’t believe he’s a spokesperson.
Barbara Mês atrás
Joe Petito needs to go to Brian's house. I'm sure he'll get some answers
Barbara Mês atrás
Yeah. Kind of looks like him
halo218813 Mês atrás
Maybe he can have his 5th amendment right to stay silent.....behind bars. With his parents. I hope they know they will ALL be pariahs in the community after this 🤷‍♂️
Jazzergirl 3
Jazzergirl 3 Mês atrás
Poor girl 😓💙😓🙏
David Huggins
David Huggins Mês atrás
It’s my opinion that Mom and Dad are just as guilty as their evil son, If they had any inkling that their son was innocent they would have him assist in finding Her, They are hoping that nobody finds her body so that he can not be charged with anything. Purely evil and heartless people with no conscious, There is no place for cowards like them in this world. They care more about keeping their evil son out of jail, no care in this world for grieving family and friends.
SpeedyD Mês atrás
It must be nice to be white. If this was a black queen y'all wouldn't even lift a finger. I bet if her murderer was black y'all done did have him in custody to. Rise up my fellow Nubian kingz and queenz. BLACK POWER ✊
E. E.
E. E. Mês atrás
BRIAN LAUNDRIE KILLED GABBY PETITO. Case solved. So obvious!!! And parents not talking??? PATHETIC!!!!
HIKATHYable Mês atrás
Sending love and prayers to Gabbys family please give them the strength to get through this And find Her !!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸
Keith B
Keith B Mês atrás
she is fine, her and her idiot boyfriend are playing a game
EVIL QTip Mês atrás
You Bryan are driving a truck I'm a missing person that is illegal right there charge this guy and bring them in what are you waiting for
E Mês atrás
4+ ads in this video.. really?
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy Mês atrás
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy Mês atrás
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy Mês atrás
Buddy Buddy
Buddy Buddy Mês atrás
Nicole A
Nicole A Mês atrás
Cory Fuqua
Cory Fuqua Mês atrás
Launderie got home 10 days before gabbys family got worried. Brian's family and him had 10 days to cover their story. Unfortunately people I believe we are looking for a body, and Brian knows where it is
The Man
The Man Mês atrás
UNREAL!!! STAY APART AND LEAVE A GIRL IN THE MIDDLE OF KNOW-WHERE BY HERSELF???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Susie Harrison
Susie Harrison Mês atrás
Gabby's family needs to hire an investigative team right now. Like Rambo, Perry Mason, or Ted Cruise from that movie. I'll give them the name of my daughter's divorce attorney if they want. Set up a GoFundMe page for that!!! This guy is NOT going to give you any information at any press conference. And while I completely understand Brian's hesitancy at first to get an attorney, so cops don't just frame him... His attorney early on could have set up a conditional interview with the police with attorneys present, to give his version of the story. Shoot, I've been wanting to make my husband disappear for 28 years. Now I know how it's done... and I will get even get to keep his Truck in North Port County.
hey uhh what about that black girl shaniqua that went missing last week? __white people: huh? ...ahh shit happens __also white people: we must find Gabby 😭🙏
quiet451 Mês atrás
My left ear.
Leatherneck446 more
Thank you for being here today. We want your help to arrest this guy who was the victim of her domestic Violence. She’s never been arrested and would like to put him the victim, I mean assailant behind bars.
Bruce Mês atrás
I don't much about your 5th amendment. But if someone is in danger. Then the 5th still covers your ass. That's crazy. I mean ruthless. US get your head out of your ass.
Thomas C
Thomas C Mês atrás
what horrible news reporting, can't hear one fricking question asked by the media. Just shit reporting.
Thomas C
Thomas C Mês atrás
the info needs to be beaten out of him
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Mês atrás
To my fellow Americans: Please go back to Civics 101 and try to understand what our Constitution was designed for, particularly in the realm of criminal justice; it’s to protect the innocent, especially from a mob mentality. All this man is doing now is protecting his right to innocence. Can’t believe all the prejudice comments in regards to this situation. Y’all really think people haven’t been locked up for crimes they didn’t commit. Start with the Central Park 5. Or the Scottsboro 9.
Sally Tugmon
Sally Tugmon Mês atrás
Why is he not picked up?
peiper James
peiper James Mês atrás
she's been missing for a few weeks now, very sad. If he was innocent, he would have called family members for help when she actually went missing.
amber dawn clark
amber dawn clark Mês atrás
why dose the boyfriend get to sit home watch tv play on phone comfortable vs tell world what he did with gabby this is so messed up it reminds me of juron vander sloot in natolee halloway case 😢😇🙏😷
amber dawn clark
amber dawn clark Mês atrás
another natolee halloway case 😢😷🙏😇 saying prayers god bless amen...
DBartWest Mês atrás
This guy is good. Very straight forward and honest. Unfortunately Brian’s parents have taken control of him and hiding very crucial information to lead to finding or recovering Gabby..
Trish Williamson
Trish Williamson Mês atrás
Investigation or psychological operation? 🤔
Megan Abbott
Megan Abbott Mês atrás
Why would he drive all the way home in her van without her ?????
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank Mês atrás
Sounds like more people in charge of this country love to not take the buck…… where are the leaders and people that push for acceptable results?!?!?
amanda lidey
amanda lidey Mês atrás
This 🤡 def knows or did something. He's buying more time to get his "story straight" & shame on his mother & father for standing behind him thru it. He needs to let them know where he left her bc technically he drove HER VAN back home WITHOUT HER. If that was really "the love of his life" & he didn't do ANYTHING , he would at least be talking, showing concern. U stay quiet & lawyer up when your tryna cover something up. & Defense attorneys, say ok, whatever u say. "We'll run with that" Brian pushed her off a cliff in self defense, some BS like that is gonna come out. Watch. Nope he straight up killed her I believe & then drove her van back home , is cowared up getting his facts together. He wasn't the victim. & Shame on the cops. They gave him a nice ride home in his backseat to a hotel & Gabby in the middle of Utah in the distraught mind set she was in for whatever reason nobody knows what "really happened" , but gave her the keys to drive like that. If she was abusing Brian like the cops made it out to sound which those lil scratches he had on his face coulda been her defense wounds, then the cops shoulda arrested her & she would still be here today. They failed her poorly & DID NOT do their job. Gabby was having a meltdown, he probably drove her to it & then at the end DROVE HER VAN HOME WITHOUT HER. For anyone sayin Brian is "innocent" really needs to put their 🤓 on bc this is far too sketch to me.
Bub Myers
Bub Myers Mês atrás
Women can drive men mad.
Frances Curran
Frances Curran Mês atrás
If he left safe an well somewhere why wouldnt he tell the police that .I think hes killed her thats why he isnt talking!!
Nomad Nick Bike Hobo
Maybe if the police would release his phone record location the citizens could organize a search of the wooded areas,sides of roads, national parks and camping areas
When he is finally arrested, throw the parents in prison to. May these ppl rot in hell for eternity
Jean Panek
Jean Panek Mês atrás
All I can say is paybacks a bitch
Gail Mês atrás
5th amendment right is BS in this case there is a 22 year old woman missing.. for crying out loud.. he should be made to talk.. its just BS. So tired of the Villians being protected while the Victims suffer.. it seems to be that way everywhere..
mark duncan
mark duncan Mês atrás
It will all come together with the public and the police!
Christopher Minor
Christopher Minor Mês atrás
With these wack a$$ kids might be publicity stunt, I dont believe that the desert is a big place. Might never find her until an animal uncovers some remains or never. Some of bundys victims were never found and he rolled them down a hill not buried.
Erika A. S.
Erika A. S. Mês atrás
Brian was born when Jupiter was in Capricorn the sign of the Goat and Devil. He has mentioned the number 6 and the 6 and 16 and 60's follow the Devil sign. He could have killed her with a Rock on her Head or Face or he used a Tool on her head or face. He also governs Fire so he could have burned her and burried her remains. He also could have eaten her in a camp area or out in the wilderness. He will laugh and smile if you mention all this to him. Jupiter makes you laugh. So Jupiter in Capricorn would laugh at all that I wrote. Gabby was born when Jupiter was in Aries she should have had a Gun or Knife or always behind the wheel. Her Jupiter would have been to Stab him or shoot him or run him over but she was just crying and crying and he got Control of her another key word of the Devil is to take Control. She is in Heaven she is not on Earth alive sorry but that is the truth. No Hope No Faith Gabby has been killed by the Devil Brian she made a mistake in leaving home with the Devil. It cost her her life.
Loki Nakor
Loki Nakor Mês atrás
They need to arrest the boyfriend and start sweating him hard. The clock is ticking, but she might be stranded and alive. Assuming that she is dead, means they will not find her in time if they are wrong.
Bella Mês atrás
Gabby lived at the BF’s Parents house 😳 WHY are they not talking … OPTICS
Skye is the limit
Skye is the limit Mês atrás
They have springs out there that will take everything but your bones, It makes me wonder....
Zach Shaffer
Zach Shaffer Mês atrás
No sounds
bobbylight11 Mês atrás
I'm just saying but she went into custody and was probably surveyed through the night i would think either by hotel or motel camera and if none of that it was who she went in to custody with
DEVO lutionist
DEVO lutionist Mês atrás
He comes home with her van and gets a lawyer? Who does that? Rhetorical question.
TuMamaMeLaPela Mês atrás
Nobody talks about the Latina or Black missing girls, non the less I hope they find that white girl..
Patricia Schoen
Patricia Schoen Mês atrás
Why don't they have him in for questioning and try to get some answers it is obvious that he sadly probably killed her
CluelessBeekeeping Mês atrás
She's dead, wrapped in plastic.
watchman Mês atrás
i am new to this story but him not talking tells me everything i need to no about what happend
George Orwell
George Orwell Mês atrás
This cop is a media-loving idiot. He has nothing and wants to pretend like he does. I hope Brian sues the pants off him if this turns out how I think it will.
watchman Mês atrás
why not get a warrent and take dogs on there land.
Elven Gods
Elven Gods Mês atrás
Ur the law get that guy to interview like asap
Al Fern
Al Fern Mês atrás
His attitude (Brian's) could not be more of a guilty party, than what he has shown so far. Why totally deny cooperation in finding another human being?... To me, it screams guilty louder and louder.
Dana Nelson
Dana Nelson Mês atrás
Why in the world are they not charging him with stealing her van and hauling him into questioning on these grounds alone! Literally for the life of me why are they not doing everything in their power to get that little weasel in for an initial interview even if it’s just over her van! WTF really! He is a little fist bumping manipulative happy psycho that had no empathy for her and an abusive dude clearly from their police interaction alone. He was best buds with the cop by the time he was done pulling the wool over their eyes at that time. How he is still doing so is beyond comprehension!
stay alive
stay alive Mês atrás
police are incompetent. just look at this guy he looks like he's been golfing all day
*Name* (halloween mode🎃)
No se como vergas llegue aquí pero buenas noches: *Ñ*
Dream Scott
Dream Scott Mês atrás
I don't understand how some people are taken to the police station for questioning and other people are not. This is something I don't understand. Even if the person has an attorney they are still taken in for questioning, but not Brian. Who does this happen?
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Mês atrás
Hello, Humans. People who donate blood in Sweden are sent a text message each time their blood saves a life. TERRANCE OUT
George Sadler
George Sadler Mês atrás
This is a great news conference, however this young women is probably dead.
Joseph Streer
Joseph Streer Mês atrás
She looks very unstable in the body cam video . She may have pulled a knife on him and he killed her in self defense. You just don't know
Valentina Dallas
Valentina Dallas Mês atrás
Can we please spread awareness about sociopathic abuse because let me tell you it took me two years to prove my daughters father that he was completely Narcissistic and extremely abusive behind closed doors everyone else looked at him like the nicest guy in the world, however, if you look closely at the situation OK why is he laughing why this poor girl is pouring her fucking heart out OK she’s obviously dedicated her life to this blog or blog or whatever it is BRvid and he seems to just be freeloading off her it’s her van it’s her hard work you put into it all the hours it takes to edit and make videos and do all that she’s obviously stressed out and I’m gonna tell you right now I can tell by him laughing like that that he was probably tormenting her all day behind closed doors and I am so sick and fucking tired of narcissistic sociopaths making the victims look crazy like she said”He stresses me out “ because they do to everyone else it looks like there’s a nice guy the good guy and really behind closed doors the fucking toilet you OK they’re not supportive of your dreams they’re always trying to make you feel like you’re crazy or there’s something wrong with you they don’t take accountability and nobody should be threatened to leave anybody across the fucking country or or anything of that matter because that’s not normal the girl was obviously afraid because he’s probably driven off on her numerous times and I’m so sick of them saying she has all these mental health issues the only thing the poor girl biases anxiety and PTSD from dealing with a fucking psycho because I can tell you right now the way he laughs in a video and she’s crying her eyes out there’s something wrong I’m so sick of these sociopaths getting away with it, Nobody who loves their fiancé like that would fucking not talk to the other family there’s something going on here the police know it but you know what let’s spread awareness about sociopathic abuse because she should not be labeled mentally ill because she has to tolerate very very very sick level of abuse I can tell I can read just by the look in her eyes it’s only something you would understand if you’ve been in her shoes she’s not crazy I’m telling you people it’s him
Andrew Mês atrás
Well, according to these comments, almost no man has a shot with any jury, anywhere. Pretty white girl syndrome strikes again.
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea Mês atrás
Check his house!!!! Yes she could be in so many places with the traveling they were doing. But what if she did come home with him. Maybe shes afraid to go home to her parents. She spent all of her money. Quit her job. I'm sure not everyone agreed this was a good ideal. Knowing her mental health someone had to disagree. And no 21 or 22 year old wants to hear I told you so. She may be ashamed. Feel bad about decisions she made. Maybe she feels she cant face her family. His attorney said she did not return with her. But did he? Police go check please. It would be awful if she is there an searches go on way to long. To many people are concerned. At least check his house, parents property's, friends property's any local spot that might mean something to gabbie or Brian or both of them. Please!!!
chickasaw starrmountain
If you are innocent then you have nothing to hide from.grow a set and tell her family where she is.
Cindy Morain
Cindy Morain Mês atrás
Brians daddy and that stupid moving furniture or storage that required a flight home sounds like bs to me!
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