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16 Ago 2019



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Comentários 107 562
Sparkle Perales
Sparkle Perales Dia atrás
Axle Wavey
Axle Wavey Dia atrás
Damn she’s fine.
Alex G
Alex G Dia atrás
Adjara Cruz
Adjara Cruz Dia atrás
I tought this video had 85m views the last time I saw
Notice me Senpai!
I love her since 5th harmony
Iain Wood
Iain Wood Dia atrás
Now usually this video would be my 16th video out of 19 but no today it marks my 72nd video out of 75 meaning that Normani sets me up for a wicked grand finale which should finish at 2am.
Goddess Reborn
Goddess Reborn Dia atrás
When a video is so bangin you gotta keep watching it. 💯💯
Venha Ver
Venha Ver Dia atrás
Amor da minha vida ❤️❤️
Geovanna Alves
Geovanna Alves Dia atrás
MANI ❤❤❤❤😍
Queen Queen ... The bitches I need us motivation
Gersi Kola
Gersi Kola Dia atrás
Who is that hot hunk at 1:01
Sammie Consalvey
Sammie Consalvey Dia atrás
Keep watching this just for her dancing those basketball moves are sick ...girl can move for sure
Maria Liduina
Maria Liduina Dia atrás
vim pela MC rebecca
Stha Mngomezulu
Stha Mngomezulu Dia atrás
I really want this mv to hit 100M :(
Aruzhan Amangeldina
Beyoncé 2000s vibes
Ryan Araujo
Ryan Araujo Dia atrás
Quem veio por causa da Mc Rebecca curte
David SeventyOne
David SeventyOne Dia atrás
supersaiyan1396 Dia atrás
This deserves a grammy
Saniece Robinson
Saniece Robinson Dia atrás
Allison Bennett
Allison Bennett Dia atrás
Normani just brocke someones penis☠️
giulia Dia atrás
this shit is one of the most GORDOPHOBIC shit I've ever seen in my life
Ramsés González
Betsy Boop
Betsy Boop Dia atrás
Normani came allllllll the way thru yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss She is so beautifulmm ,
Erivan Ferraz
Erivan Ferraz Dia atrás
Vim pela ANIRA
Dang Utube
Dang Utube Dia atrás
She was so innocent...OMG. I really want Lauren to come out with something solo too.
Trinity Nikora
Trinity Nikora 2 dias atrás
Polo Spades
Polo Spades 2 dias atrás
It's a Normani world, we're just living in it.
Jennie Pham
Jennie Pham 2 dias atrás
Well rounded talent! Sizzling hottt
Rochelle Jane Ladres
Rochelle Jane Ladres 2 dias atrás
Dang girl. She deserve the spotlight give it to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ImnotdaJuan_3 Tillery
ImnotdaJuan_3 Tillery 2 dias atrás
Just a friendly reminder: BLACK WOMEN ARE POPPIN 💪🏾🔥❤💯👑🙌🏾
penny jane
penny jane 2 dias atrás
I'm a 100% convinced that normani is the Beyoncé of this generation
Perla Velasquez
Perla Velasquez 2 dias atrás
Omg noremi is hella beautiful💚💚💚💚 I love 💘you
Eduardin Guzman
Eduardin Guzman 2 dias atrás
go 2M Likes
Asteroid Boy
Asteroid Boy 2 dias atrás
No grammy? WTF...this song is slammin' I love that bit at about 3:41 how they move, something about it...great song. Do your best!!!
Beti Lidia
Beti Lidia 2 dias atrás
Gorgeous person 😍😍😍keep rising
• Winter bear •
• Winter bear • 2 dias atrás
M'kay but like she's thiccer than my geometry textbook-
Wendell R.
Wendell R. 2 dias atrás
2:37 2:38
Wendell R.
Wendell R. 2 dias atrás
2:40 2:39 2:41
Diana Martins
Diana Martins 2 dias atrás
Essa moça dança pra caramba 😮😮
ksksks and i oop
ksksks and i oop 2 dias atrás
i came back here to tell that we need the album
Mike McCoy
Mike McCoy 2 dias atrás
I just found out about you after MC Rebecca gave you a shout out on Twitter! She was so excited!
Anastasia Kostrukova
Anastasia Kostrukova 2 dias atrás
I like this song.
digital subliminal messages
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S No ,but yo can hang for a while // it's different than when we came in this thang // but yeah doughnuts
Hümi Meyra
Hümi Meyra 2 dias atrás
I hope she sticks to this vibe of music, early 2000' feeling and I freakin' love it! Normani, I wish you the best on your musical and artistic way!
jaqualynn oneal
jaqualynn oneal 2 dias atrás
Who is the man that is with the big girl?
sseru ggo
sseru ggo 2 dias atrás
My son
Wade Reardon
Wade Reardon 2 dias atrás
She's so fine, hottest out of fifth harmony hands down
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson 2 dias atrás
I want this to be a great hit for her ,I'm happy for her 😁😁😁
Joshy P
Joshy P 2 dias atrás
Cant wait for her to make new music!!
Daddys Babygirl
Daddys Babygirl 2 dias atrás
Yo my cousin wants me to do this dance if I get 2.000 likes I will by today
Lova Miss.,
Lova Miss., 2 dias atrás
Tro jolie normani
Ramsés González
Ramsés González 2 dias atrás
Ssekandi Trevis
Ssekandi Trevis 2 dias atrás
2000s kids are kids who were born in 1997-2006... it means you where born in 2000s
Stella Ng
Stella Ng 2 dias atrás
Omg I just saw this choreo for the first time! On fire! Normandi is so talented and I love her crew and where she chose to film! 🙌🙌🙌 More please 😍
K C 2 dias atrás
Let's get this to 2mil likes!!! 💪💙💙💙
Sumona Khan
Sumona Khan 2 dias atrás
john doe
john doe 2 dias atrás
i like the part with the basketball 😌
OTREBOR RBTS 2 dias atrás
Te amo d ++
Brooklyn Chayse
Brooklyn Chayse 2 dias atrás
Honestly I Am Not A Fan Or A Supporter Of Normani On Any Level Whatsoever However I Really Do Admire Her Talented Hardwork And Chocolate Beauty I Call Her Little Beyonce What A Great Singer & Dancer At The Same Dam Time ( In My Future Voice) Although I Do Wish Her The Very Best In Her Solo Musical Career Journey..
Lia Septistalia
Lia Septistalia 2 dias atrás
Shes sssooooo llliiiittttt. U go guurrrlllll 😍😍😍
M'mahawa Soumah
M'mahawa Soumah 2 dias atrás
Son Nice
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