Nobody Could Save This Stuck RV...Until We Showed Up

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23 Mai 2022



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Comentários 3 613
HeavyDSparks Mês atrás
Go to to get started on your first purchase and receive a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 travel packs. Thanks to Athletic Greens for sponsoring today's video!
Alex eaton explores America
How much torque and how much horsepower does that green truck have
Lisa Schilb
Lisa Schilb 2 dias atrás
Hey HeavyD thanks for making my day every day with all your videos. It gets me out of my funk to watch all the fun stuff you guys do I used to go on adventures with my husband unfortunately I lost him to A rare ♋️ cancer 3 years ago so you guys are making me feel better 😘🙏🏻
Keith Frazier
Keith Frazier 4 dias atrás
Doublemint the Oskosh, love it
Builta Outdoors
Builta Outdoors 6 dias atrás
That last little bit of freestyle was off the hook 🪝 lol 😂
robert quackenbush
robert quackenbush 6 dias atrás
Or got the job done with the morvair
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Nicely done! The truck is a beast!
First name
First name Dia atrás
Hey look its the insurance fraud guy..
GhostDrummer 4 dias atrás
Can’t wait to see your wrecker Matt!!!
පුංචි පාතාලෙ
Banana could have done it right
clysack07 6 dias atrás
Just joined your channel. Well done on helping the guy out in Lake Mead!!!!!! You have a subscriber forever.
Craig Greenwell
Craig Greenwell 6 dias atrás
Just watched you save the House Boat. Wow is all I can say. Much you respect to all all From Craig in the UK
Shelley Prall
Shelley Prall 6 dias atrás
I've been binge watching your videos, you guys are amazing! Thanks for having such good hearts and restoring my faith in humanity!
Kristi4:44 4 dias atrás
I found this channel via Sin City Outdoors because Heavy D helped a guy with a stranded houseboat banked on lake Mead. Then I went through his videos and found he had helped out Brent from the old ghost and mining town of Cerro Gordo. I'm new here and it's still upsetting me that people are saying these situations are staged. I just don't see it. I know for a fact Brent's situation was NOT staged. His hotel burned down in 2020, I was watching his channel regularly back then. I don't see Craig's houseboat on lake Mead being staged. You all are free to speculate, but don't ruin the mood and the fun, for the rest of us. And, don't take away from the good hearted work that these guys do. It's just plain wrong. Grow up. If you don't enjoy this type of content, don't watch. If you are in some way jealous or just not feeling it, go to another channel. My parents taught me that rule "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and it's a great rule to follow.
David Lawand
David Lawand 6 dias atrás
man do i wish to have such a beautiful machine! you guys are epic for what you do
thatoneguy 6 dias atrás
I think if you and Matt from Matt's off road recovery hung out for a day then some really cool ideas would evolve. You both have a really fun mindset. I appreciate your sharing the experiences you've created. Thanks for taking the time to bring your moments to the viewers! You're an inspiration to get me off of my lazy butt!
Mark Gross
Mark Gross Mês atrás
Great video! Almost maid me cry thinking about how much it costs in diesel to get the job done! Nice to see them help people out.... great job guys💪
Fixy Clary
Fixy Clary 5 dias atrás
Amazing work! It also shows why you don’t take big motor homes like that off pavement. I saw a video a while back of a lady with a motor home similar to that parking it for a week in her son’s backyard to visit. When she went to leave she was stuck. They had to call a wrecker service to pull it out and put pieces of plywood under the tires to get it to move.
Cobaltace 62
Cobaltace 62 2 dias atrás
Just saw you and your team help the houseboat stranded on the lake and you guys deserve a round of applause for being someone that reaches down into the pit to help pull someone out.
2KoolChris Mês atrás
You and your team is one of the best most hard working group of genuine people that do their best to help out other. We need more people like you in the world.
Lady A.R. Browne
Lady A.R. Browne Mês atrás
Wow!!! First time ever to see a RV stuck in deep sand. I just had to subscribe. I am very impressed by the skills. I never thought a heavy Class A motorhome can loose grip in sand. Nicely done in moving it out. And y'all are funny as heck. 😂😂😂 I've got lots to catch up on. Super cool rig you got.
MESSAGE+①(③③⑥) ⑤⑨④-0①⑨④
Feel free to text or call🖕🖕 Thanks for watching my videos💓.
noah berg
noah berg Mês atrás
the guys on this team can do a lot of things that many people think are impossible, hats off to all of you for doing the things that you do
Michael Barr
Michael Barr 3 dias atrás
@Sloppy Joe off the main highway flyway sand road? Back the BiCyClE trail with swamper tracks? 🤣🤣 I know people get stuck there a lot had to drag 1 out when out there once
visesh seernam
visesh seernam 25 dias atrás
@txangel maybe
txangel 25 dias atrás
Matts off road recovery would have gotten it out with their jeep Cherokee.
visesh seernam
visesh seernam Mês atrás
@Baja Blaster discovery channel has stop airing their show that is why they are on youtube now
Baja Blaster
Baja Blaster Mês atrás
Easy to do when you have discovery Chanel pumping your brand, paying you. Amongst your own companies and revenue. Not “everyone” has what they have at their disposal
Ed H
Ed H 2 dias atrás
You guys are fantastic, I am amazed. And almost worn out just watching the video. Thanks for a great video, and the Lake Mead rescue too.
Silke Eberle
Silke Eberle 6 dias atrás
I enjoy MEN do Man Stuff. It's heavy duty, gritty, funny, and no giving up to get it done. Fantastic results!
Coral Aune
Coral Aune Mês atrás
Amazing recovery of the motor home. Cudos to you gentlemen.
brett morton
brett morton Mês atrás
Another awesome recovery, and some fun in the dunes to boot. You guys are proof that a great crew with the right gear can achieve anything!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Mês atrás
Great job! I hope all understand the logistics and costs to pull this off! Great team!
Tad Andrews
Tad Andrews Mês atrás
Dude to see that bigggg ole wrecker out hoonin’ makes me happy. I hate when people build awesome stuff and let it sit and don’t use it for whatever reason. Really cool to see it putting in the work 🤙
Tad Andrews
Tad Andrews Mês atrás
@Brian Peden nah I meant to say what I put.
Brian Peden
Brian Peden Mês atrás
Goonin'** I think lol
HappyCamperOllie Mês atrás
Report scammers.
Kevin Nelsen
Kevin Nelsen Mês atrás
Reminds me of what I wished the wrecker we had looked like. Anything other than OD Tan
will b
will b Mês atrás
I got that telegram bullshit too 😑
Ramon Pizarro
Ramon Pizarro Mês atrás
I showed my mom your videos, especially when you help others, searching for those that are lost, when you helped those poor ladies stranded on their bus, and she said "Por eso dios le concedio una compania grande, porque el tiene corazon grande" "This is why God granted him a big company, because he has a big heart"
Zelda R
Zelda R 2 dias atrás
Great story!❤️
Brady 2 dias atrás
I subscribed because i saw the video of you guys helping the guy at lake mead with the houseboat! Incredible, its good to know their are still great people asking nothing in return! 👍👍👍👍
Tom George
Tom George Mês atrás
Great job! I hope all understand the logistics and costs to pull this off! Great team!
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁.....
ProfHort Sunlover
ProfHort Sunlover 23 horas atrás
each time DD pops up in a video i know everything's gonna be alllllllllllllllright :)
Jim A
Jim A Mês atrás
When all else fails who do you call? Heavy D Sparks and the entire team. Damn specialists never fail or give up.❤💪👍🇭🇲
Ryne Treatch
Ryne Treatch Mês atrás
larry rothrock
larry rothrock Mês atrás
Watching the hett rip across the desert at a blistering 48 mph. love it, thanks guys
Telegram me @stevewilldoit07
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁🎁....
Raffaele Vitucci
Raffaele Vitucci Mês atrás
I like seeing the good you guys do, great work.
THANKS FOR WATCHING 🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME! 👆👆👆...........
Alaric Haney
Alaric Haney Mês atrás
You guys have so many cool toys for your rescues and recoveries! I really do envy y’all!
Simone Conscious observer
Nothing much better in the afternoon then grown boys with big toys! Y'all are fun to watch!
tortuga lisa
tortuga lisa Mês atrás
At first I didn't think the big guns would even get that sunk motorhome out of that sand. Took a minute but it worked. Looked like fun out there afterwards! And you made it home for lunch🤙 I've had the vitamin packs a few times before💚 They mix in water, they do taste pretty ok and they absolutely produce energy🤘 Just sayin'😊
Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis Mês atrás
I love watching professionals at work. Great job!
Rodger Schnoor
Rodger Schnoor Mês atrás
Now this was a great video!! I was even sitting here holding my breath when you started your pulls and watching the ground squish down!! Great job to you all and keep up you videos!!
MESSAGE+①(③③⑥) ⑤⑨④-0①⑨④
Feel free to text me now🖕🖕. Thanks for watching my videos💓.
King RJ
King RJ Mês atrás
I wish y’all would release videos like this more often. Gives me an exciting lunch before I go back to my hazard pay 🤙. I meant It be nice if they released 3 or more videos every week. Not just one a week or less. I didn’t use the best wording for the keyboard warriors. My apologies.
Oswald Jenkins
Oswald Jenkins Mês atrás
@King RJ make that money bro! BTW you got something on your face..
King RJ
King RJ Mês atrás
@Saleem Dean I do actually, just got some new carbon fiber knee pads. Now I look stylish while under the desk putting in work. Moneys money. 😉
Saleem Dean
Saleem Dean Mês atrás
Howd you get hazard pay? Did you use your promotion pads (knee pads) LOL
john dowe
john dowe Mês atrás
@1nvisible1 no shit if you're getting hazard pay while watching vidyas then you ain't working hard. Nothing like being in scba while it's 110f while having parrifin falling on ya
Michael Gonzales
Michael Gonzales Mês atrás
Recovery videos? Yeah never see those in this channel lol. First time getting hazard pay want the validation bud?
Toby Mock
Toby Mock 3 dias atrás
Appreciate what you Gotta do that’s pretty neat how you pull the mobile home out in the trailer you guys did pretty good you got the right machine to do it keep up the good work
greasemonkey920 12 dias atrás
8:50- the easiest way I've found to shift the T case on HEMMTs and HETs is to have it in gear, shift to neutral and immediately yank the T case handle
Rondrick Latrell
Rondrick Latrell Mês atrás
I love this channel. I hope you give the OshKosh a serious exhaust makeover one day since it’s used for off-road recovery. Let her It sounded beautiful going through the desert.
MESSAGE ME +①(⑧⓪①) ⑦①⑨-⑤⑤⑤⑦
Thomas rosekat
Thomas rosekat Mês atrás
You guys have some of the most wicked equipment! Love all your trucks and toys! Keep up the good work boys. Absolutely loving the videos, you guys are just killing it simple as that 👍🏻
Mely Mês atrás
Love how dedicated your camera crew is. They focus on the guys when they talk, and they usually never look at what the guys are talking about which bugs the hell out of me.
Mannievh Mês atrás
Jacob Saucier
Jacob Saucier Mês atrás
The amount of times he had to tell him to film something else in the beginning got to me lmaooo
Jake Mês atrás
Agree, and said this more than once, they can piont away and give us some context to what they are saying or talking about.
Alexander Berg
Alexander Berg Mês atrás
I definitely would like to see what Heavy D is talking about instead of always only looking at him.
message me+①(⑦⑥⓪)④②⑧-⑧③⑦③
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁🎁..
Shawn 2 dias atrás
lemme tell you Sparks, you’re what they call a man’s man haha, anyways, you also have a good heart but the impetus of this comment is to say that since your videos are imo professional level; the content, comedy, camera work, effects, editing etc. i’ve been a subscriber for a while but to see you fly that black hawk for the first time… that pilot was quite alert and instructed you with regard to the “feel” of the helo, well you fell right into it as soon as you experienced how it handled, but when you did, that pilot was smilinyeeeaaaaag and looking at you because you were flying it so well. i noticed that, also, if was quite exhilarated to see you fly that thing, when you said WOW, I was like YEaaaaaaaAA!!!! hahaha
Megan Duff
Megan Duff 9 dias atrás
Love a good recovery video!!! The gathering crowd made me that something you've always had to deal with around SLC with the TV show, or is it getting to be more of a regular occurrence with the YT channels up and racing now? Love the vids - keep 'em coming boys!!!!!!! 🔥
General Esdeath
General Esdeath Mês atrás
Love the Het! You guys have taken the recovery game to the next level for sure! I don't think there's a land recovery crew in the United States that has the kind of varied recovery power you do.
Ryne Treatch
Ryne Treatch Mês atrás
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores 11 dias atrás
Love when you guys drag out people 😂
Bruce Lunde
Bruce Lunde Mês atrás
Only Dave would use a wrecker as a dune buggy! Love it!
Kathy Winner
Kathy Winner Dia atrás
That was a great job on lake mead. I was setting on the edge of my seat. You guys do that to me. Thanks for your vedios.
Erin Mees
Erin Mees Mês atrás
You guys are awesome that was an amazing recovery
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁.....
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Mês atrás
A really amazing video. I love the dunes, Oshkosh and what you have doe guys.
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁....
Edward Gaskin
Edward Gaskin 12 dias atrás
Awesome job guys. Love it
Brian W
Brian W Mês atrás
Heavy D, you and you crew are truly amazing guys and are so helpful to so many people. Love watching your channel. Thanks again for more great content. Love the sand dune driving in the wrecker to complete the trip :)
Johnny h
Johnny h 26 dias atrás
Literally the best job ever. Heavy machinery and loads of fun. I envy you
MESSAGE ME PLUS① ⑧⓪①⑦①⑨-⑤⑤⑤⑦
RoverOne 27 dias atrás
the content is already amazing but the camera work and editing is absolutely top tier
Jen Whittaker
Jen Whittaker 22 dias atrás
Oh man, the sound of that engine . ❤ I wanna go for a ride. 😁
MESSAGE +①(⑧⓪①) ⑦①⑨-⑤⑤⑤⑦
Cole Mortensen
Cole Mortensen Mês atrás
Awesome edits on this one, getting better and better!
The0Gamer379 Mês atrás
This was an impressive recovery! Slick work, gents
hill climber
hill climber 7 dias atrás
@Jeffrey A Whats impressive is , you think this is real
Jeffrey A
Jeffrey A 9 dias atrás
What’s impressive is how stupid the rv owner/driver was to put that thing in the dunes 🤦‍♂️
hill climber
hill climber Mês atrás
@Andy-GTI Plus. Coulda been a miniseries. I imagine a wench has better traction, but then we dont get to see him go back and forth for 15 minutes
Ryne Treatch
Ryne Treatch Mês atrás
Hey man, I hope you well and that whatever is going on in your life to make you want to go rain on other people to feel better gets resolved.
Andy-GTI Mês atrás
Its staged.... Nobody in their right mind would drive such a heavy bus on that terrain
Patriot1 5 dias atrás
That’s one big wrecker - nice recovery
S O S Death Valley 🏜
Keep up the great work
Rob S
Rob S Mês atrás
Recovery: That was a awesome recovery, even tho the camera man missed a couple good shots that you told him to get. It was still awesome.
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁.....
Miche Prollius
Miche Prollius Mês atrás
With all of your great adventures and making great memories along the way and sharing it with all of us there is never a dull moment 😂 This is the best BRvid channel there is cannot wait for your next video.
dustin applegate
dustin applegate 11 dias atrás
absolutely live the play after the easy recovery
Roger Engley
Roger Engley 5 dias atrás
You guys are the best with the right and best equipment. I love watching you guys working. I am 74 years old and have seen a lot but you guys are the best!!!
Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson 6 dias atrás
i love your blacked out trucks hard to keep clean but look amazing on the highway for damm sure
Ross Hoffmeyer
Ross Hoffmeyer 11 dias atrás
Great content, you Guys Are Amazing
Brian myers
Brian myers Mês atrás
Heavy D seems like he is having fun in almost everything he does. Genuine good guy from what i can tell.
Timothy Everett
Timothy Everett Mês atrás
That's right
Timothy Everett
Timothy Everett Mês atrás
Foolish driving rv insand
Timothy Everett
Timothy Everett Mês atrás
Whyisarv in the sand
Steven J Bossley
Steven J Bossley 3 dias atrás
That looked like alot of fun bo low and away we go. enjoy the day.
Marc 916
Marc 916 6 dias atrás
How much does a recovery like this cost ?
Censorship is Real
Censorship is Real 3 dias atrás
Awesome crew! Didn’t know about your channel until you helped that guy at Lake Mead 10/10
Nelson Cruz
Nelson Cruz Mês atrás
What an Amazing Machine. All the Respect to Heavy D and his amazing Team. Peace!
Simon Kariuki
Simon Kariuki Mês atrás
Hunter my man always doing all the hard work.. Amazing recovery
Rick Young
Rick Young Mês atrás
Hunter needs a raise
Jeff Fox
Jeff Fox Mês atrás
Need one of them Matt's offroad recovery ropes, would have had it in one pull.
Nikita Voshev
Nikita Voshev 20 dias atrás
Great vid. I like the mechanics and the tension and machinery. 👍
MESSEGE ME +① (③①⑦) ⑥③⑦-⑧①②③
New Mexico Outdoors
New Mexico Outdoors 4 dias atrás
I came here from @sincityoutdoors. Crazy and amazing what you did over there. I thought both boats would break in half for sure. Good crew.
...Hit me up👆👆👆.
BVF Mês atrás
In one of your future videos could you do a logistics breakdown of what the costs that go into some of these recoveries? Of course not putting anyone on blast unless it’s Hunter lol. Keep rockin Gov Sparks 🫡
Jason Ellis
Jason Ellis Mês atrás
You guys are killing it with the videos! Can't wait for another.🇺🇲
Zachary Bartels
Zachary Bartels 24 dias atrás
I love the HEMETT. I want to see it next to the Matts off-road recovery wrecker when it's done.
MESSAGE +①(⑧⓪①) ⑦①⑨-⑤⑤⑤⑦
bkbooher Mês atrás
You literally live my dream in every video from the trucks, toys, and heavy equipment
Text me 👆☝️ Thanks for watching...
larry785 Mês atrás
7:25 The flow of negative Qi coming from that seat needs to be addressed before some bad happens. 😮
jarred jep jr  T
jarred jep jr T Mês atrás
💪 splendid job towing the RV an trailer out keep up the great work
MESSAGE ME+①(②0①) ②④③-④⑨①③
Feel free to text me🖕🖕 Thanks for watching my video💓
aswer huio
aswer huio Mês atrás
Whoever you got editing these videos is amazing at their job keep them
William Carter
William Carter Mês atrás
When you see the ground hydrolic, you know it is real soft. I was amazed that pulled the motorhome out on the 3rd try. That is a cool truck.
CusterUK1 Mês atrás
Love your videos.... They look like a proper TV production. Thumbs up for the camera work & editing!!!
robsidgor Mês atrás
Watching you hotrod that thing across the sand made me so jealous 😫lol Enjoy it , you truly deserve it Dave
chris bruni
chris bruni Mês atrás
Famous words of Matt’s off-road recovery …never unhook the trailer l!
Thomas63r2 27 dias atrás
There are two schools of thought on off road recovery: relatively lightweight recovery vehicle that uses kinetic energy to "pop" a vehicle up and out trailer included - then the heavy way with an over-the-top Oshkosh recovery vehicle doing a very slow drag of the stuck vehicle and trailer separately. Given the size and stuckness of this RV the heavy way won today.
Craig Golightly
Craig Golightly Mês atrás
I was wondering why he didn't use a kinetic rope to start with - that might have helped pop it out easier, trailer included.
3sAheadAche Mês atrás
I have been mentally screaming this since they unhooked it
Dave Neil
Dave Neil Mês atrás
@Trail Runnah Me too!
Trail Runnah
Trail Runnah Mês atrás
I was thinking the same thing!
kyle 11 dias atrás
HeavyDSparks my man i know your equipment is used for work and thats great but with all them amazing trucks trailers and other equipment you should hire a detailer so that equipment stays on point lol no but its awesome how you help so many keep up the good work
Hojo Mês atrás
Really impressive machine for towing. Gotta say, the filming as always is outstanding
Sophia kings
Sophia kings Mês atrás
thanks fam❤⬆️ hit me up📦💯👆👆...
DrB OSB Mês atrás
Wow What an awesome recovery with an ultimate recovery truck to recover with! Just love the sound of the "Green Machine!" Looked like you had a blast Heavy D -with the victory run!!
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁....
Alex Roche
Alex Roche 25 dias atrás
As a light duty tow guy I can’t get enough of this show. You guys are living my dream really.
MESSAGE ME PLUS① ⑧⓪①⑦①⑨-⑤⑤⑤⑦
Blackhawk veteran 2/130
For those who have never seen one up close the Oshkosh super het is an impressively large and powerful machine It was designed to haul the M-1 Abrams main battle tank Loved the sound of that big Detroit as you were tackling the dunes
William Hackett
William Hackett 28 dias atrás
@Andy-GTI you’d be surprised what stupid things people are willing to do.
Two Dudes One Dredge Mining
@Prospector soils rolling coal.
mihybrid1 Mês atrás
They did an amazing job over in Iraq and Afghanistan.
William Long
William Long Mês atrás
Oshkosh is cool but I'm a Walter's fan Walter's made near Oshkosh
VEE Mês atrás
@Andy-GTI i agree with you an I was thinking the same thing its staged my RV would not be out in the middle of nowhere on the terrain u gotta know its gon get stuck especially with a Class A plus there where cameras everywhere out there even the drone in the sky
Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall 28 dias atrás
The motor home was hard aground with an anchor out, that trailer. Good job, great toy. Advice: For your next generation, get quotes on price, dimensions and tow capacity for 600 foot and 1500 foot cables of various dimensions and types with your work requirements and conditions taken into account. When you have decided on one or two, have the truck designed so that it NEEDS that much extra weight on the front end to be properly balanced for the greatest grip on each and every wheel. That might require the ginormous engine being mid mounted or even further back. There are circumstances where it's better to save a vehicle from afar instead of having to get close to it. Can you imagine an atv designed to take that cable out to the vehicle needing rescuing?
THANKS FOR WATCHING 🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME! 👆👆👆.........
Todd Scott
Todd Scott Mês atrás
Im glad to see Bud is back! I was starting to think he hitched on his new trailer and abandoned you!!
MESSAGE ME+①(②0①) ②④③-④⑨①③
Hit me up🖕🖕 Thanks for watching my video💓...
Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens Mês atrás
I love the videos guys, keep up the good work. My only feedback would be about the camera man. Every time someone says "look at this", or points at something, he keeps it on the face of the person who is talking, instead of panning to show what they're talking about till quite a while later, if at all. It's very frustrating as a viewer because we want to see, but it just stays on the face of the person talking.
Telegram ①(④③⑤)②⑦⑥②⑦③⓪
LifeOf aMom Adventures
Good Morning from Cypress California Guys. I love it when you're all in beast mode with your massive toys. Wow, that was fun to watch.
Thomas Kroll
Thomas Kroll Mês atrás
When people see Dave Sparks pull in the parking lot they must say "Well someone had a oopsie. Grab the beer and let's go watch!"
*T*W* W*!*
*T*W* W*!* Mês atrás
Yea you have to have a realy big oopsie to nead giant heavy equipment to move it !
Blake Crossing
Blake Crossing Mês atrás
That place looks like so much fun, I’d get up to so much mischief on my rmz haha. We got some pretty cool spots in Australia though.
Thanks for watching🇺🇸🎉🎉 TEXT ME👆👆🎁....
Stephen Edwards
Stephen Edwards 3 dias atrás
Nice recovering. The sound of the V8 Detroit Diesel is nice
Frank Jacoby
Frank Jacoby Mês atrás
Thanks for the ride fellows👍🏼
justin sears
justin sears 18 horas atrás
Christopher and Kathryn Morrone
It’s amazing how easy you make these recoveries look. You guys do a great service to your community!
ALPHA1 27 dias atrás
@Andy-GTI hahaha is all setup who in this world will run a RV in the desert ,
Charles Mês atrás
He is driving a truck made to recovery a 60 ton tank
Max Motors
Max Motors Mês atrás
@Andy-GTI thought the same immediately
Andy-GTI Mês atrás
Its staged.... Nobody in their right mind would drive such a heavy bus on that terrain
Random person
Random person Mês atrás
Gustavo Pineda
Gustavo Pineda Mês atrás
I’d love to work with them and those toy they build for a week just for the experience
Ross Hoffmeyer
Ross Hoffmeyer 11 dias atrás
I'm sure that was an awesome Diesel Bill! Yikes!
Maria Miccoli
Maria Miccoli 9 dias atrás
Note to self: Stay out of the sand when driving rv through desert.
JMOutdoors 5 dias atrás
Awesome recovery, I love the OshKosh.
Michael hayes
Michael hayes Mês atrás
Heavy D I hope all is well brother, another great video and recovery hats off to you, however I can’t help but notice something may be bothering you today . Maybe it’s just me but head high, you are one of the greats !!! You make the world a better place. Thanks for another exciting experience.
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