No longer the pacifist (Horror Warning) 

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26 Jan 2023



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@Neytirix Anos atrás
The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: --------- Look look! I gave TWO content warnings!! That means my vids extra safe right?? There's no reason to pull a BRvid on me now yeah? It's not even that bad I promise!! Worries aside I do hope you all enjoy this next installment in our super happy little redesign story! Really tried to go all out with the fight scene so lmk what you think! The actual redesigns (discord submissions) will be happening in the next part of this story! Just had to get this confrontation outta the way first! See you nerds soon!!
@Call_me_som Anos atrás
We love you
@alex_wolipun9329 Anos atrás
@fl0wzerz Anos atrás
@Wmann Anos atrás
"no longer the pacifist, are we?" "I never claimed to be as such" oh, that gave me chills...that was so badass...might have to use that for a DnD line at one point
@Emerald__Ace Anos atrás
Yeah, this is also why Zenyatta in Overwatch is one of my favourite characters, he may be a monk but never claimed to be a pacifist.
@tbout4093 Anos atrás
Pacifist? The Doctor's gonna "Pass a fist" through your non-existent skull-
@aquamufin8783 Anos atrás
EEEKK it was so bad ASS!!
@whoahanant Anos atrás
You know what would be funny? If Neytirix revealed she's not even being sponsored by Skillshare anymore, she's just doing this for shits and giggles
@MetalAnimeGuy 11 meses atrás
I wouldn't be surprised. How could she give up such a storyline.
@FaeTheMf 10 meses atrás
Storyline a banger
@beanboyfan8482 10 meses atrás
It makes sense, cause why would skillshare sponsor this AGAIN. Also NO other sponsors, I think that this is true
@_mystic_5653 9 meses atrás
@@beanboyfan8482 i mean, who else would sponsor this madness BUT skillshare?
@ronnieherman420 7 meses atrás
@aciuppa281 Anos atrás
The doctor is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in this series of yours. I love his design, the voice acting is great, and he’s a decent guy, what’s not to love
@Vexromm 10 meses atrás
And that fight scene was so badass
And he is also… broken as f**k. Like damn he is such a badass!!
@MegaCharmaster 4 meses atrás
I love him as a character but it took me a while to notice he had legs and a snake like body 3:53 if you want to see
@@MegaCharmaster omg I didn't even realize that lol!!! thats freaking SICK AS HELL!!!!
@sliestwheel 3 meses atrás
I'm definitely gonna try and use The Doctor as inspiration for a d&d character.
@Grort Anos atrás
Props to the detail of having the blood from his talon soak into Marie's bandages when he pets her on the head. Seems like something that could have been easily overlooked. It occurs to me how weird that sentence is.
@maxximus6418 2 meses atrás
I never even thought about calling it a talon
@rcwlson1 Mês atrás
*edited comment*
@rcwlson1 Mês atrás
That's taking this waaaay too seriously. Calm down.
@rcwlson1 Mês atrás
@@maxximus6418 like... that felt like Adderall, sleep depro, and neurodivergence.
@l.raphaelnery7299 Anos atrás
The doctor is such a gentleman... seriously the manners he has is something to admire
@aywhd3494 4 meses atrás
Here is your 300th like my guy!
@magivenderstudios 2 meses atrás
Yes , i simps him And basically i made an character Ai for that , i mean if you have this app
@e.n.dstudios7549 2 meses atrás
What’s the name of this Ai? Asking for a friend
@cristincruz7788 2 meses atrás
@@magivenderstudios We need that Ai, pls
@Hamlettte 11 meses atrás
Even if the Doctor kinda brutalized Pufferbunny, you can tell that it did absolutely nothing to him and basically backed off out of respect only because the Doctor entertained him a bit
@alexanderawe8031 3 meses atrás
I get the feeling neither got seriously injured considering that all the doctor did afterwards was put bandaids on his face
@cherrytries2922 Anos atrás
I love the doctor so much. He is essentially a badass mixed with a nerdy pin collector lmfao
@mylotlwells3025 Anos atrás
@UmbraResistis Anos atrás
the biggest badasses can also have the biggest of hearts (or pin collection)
@vivi_needssleep Anos atrás
that's why he's one of my most favourite characters in this series :]
@StoneBox_761a Anos atrás
hes also the size of a fucking mini van
Doctor is best boy
@darienattano1272 6 meses atrás
Never, In a million years, would I have thought an OC redesign series would become one of the most Metal Fight Scenes I'd ever have the wonderful privilege of witnessing. Keep it up Ney!
@sirwhatnot5899 Anos atrás
I love this series' take on dark humor. The sheer juxtaposition between grimdark and lighthearted without feeling out of place is great.
@irican120 Anos atrás
The smile on pufferbunny when they said "how convenient" gave me chills, and the authority and danger given by the doctor when he said swear it is is a big chef kiss moment. As always Neytirix wonderful artwork, storytelling and all-round creativeness. Keep it going! :)
@immagical7036 2 dias atrás
@atiredweeb8551 Anos atrás
The doctor is amazing and I love him. Gives me "traumatized found father figure vibes" Kinda like Joel in The Last of Us
@lafeaschronicle3218 2 meses atrás
@oishi_sammich4542 7 meses atrás
it's interesting how Neytirix seems to be concerned for the wellbeing of Marie and Steven in both this video and "your ocs don't belong to you," despite putting them in such a horrific situation in the first place and repeatedly returning them to redesign hell. It makes me wonder if her character is aware of all the pain and suffering they are experiencing, or if she believes that it's for their own good in order to become "better ocs." Or there's some other reason I'm missing, or there's no reason at all. Either way, I absolutely adore this series in all of its horror and humor.
@DukeOnkled Mês atrás
I think she's just crazy.
@EnderKingDubs Anos atrás
I love how the Doctor started off as a side character with a design that alluded to a much deeper lore, and now we've seen that he's the only one who can step to the Pufferfish and win.
@Mr.Monacle Anos atrás
Win? No, no. *Survive.*
@EnderKingDubs Anos atrás
@@Mr.Monacle What is survival against the Pufferfish but victory?
@someblaqguy Anos atrás
It's scary to think that the puffer didn't even show his final form, "he didn't even shed his shell" meaning that even the doctor isn't even strong enough to stop the Puffer when it's serious. It's so foreboding. I love this shit. It's alludes to an immense hopelessness going forward and the fact that the puffer will in fact show up again.
@fallenccyar4766 Anos atrás
Only one.. so far.
@GooeyMarshmllow Anos atrás
So just an idea, but what if the doctor is already a victim of the pufferfish? Like demo dog, maybe the doctor's body was consumed by the pufferfish and that's why he's robotic.
@technoid9784 Anos atrás
I.. I was not prepared for this. I have a feeling the lore of this story is going to run very deep. Neytirix gives me a vibe of manifesting all the ideas that were swirling around in my head as a kid, and I'm living for it.
@AnnoyD Anos atrás
I could just imagine giving the doctor a box of assorted pins and him just hopping away on two of his limbs a few seconds later after rummaging around for a bit, carrying the box of pins gleefully giggling.
@codenamefox5920 10 meses atrás
Fantastic design and graphics on the battle, the way they clash. And this part 3:43 The beat drop, the smokes flying up as a bulky figure grabbing on the Doctor is just amazing. The design on The Doctor is great, it truly is the big reveal. Doctor has now become my all time favorite character in this series with his combat style and weapons. And also the fact that this entire battle span only in 1 minute yet the feeling and emotions it left you in is breathtaking. What a video, thank you for making stuff like this, would love to see more Doctor content
@Passive_noot Anos atrás
I love how he just sits there putting on bandaids while she's just arguing with him- Doctor's my new favorite if not the duo
@demented12311 Anos atrás
The blood soaking into the bandages at 6:06 was an awesome touch
@jaewol359 Anos atrás
Going from the Doctor being some crazy monster to him delicately putting bandaids on his face is the juxtaposition I love
@nancyvallee59 Anos atrás
Doctor wasn,t crazy, he was just defending mary and steven
@deeznuts-kw6yv Anos atrás
@@nancyvallee59 of course he would! Every professional doctor always cares for their patients needs.
@bibby659 Anos atrás
Tbh, he never gave off evil nor crazy vibes... just kinda had a strange aura about em. Creepy more than anything at the start. Never judge a pin by its cover.
@nancyvallee59 Anos atrás
@@bibby659 yess you shall never judge a pin by its cover, mostly that kinda pin
@RyanYang-cb6vd 11 meses atrás
@nancyvallee59 *miss Mary mister Steven
@book3100 10 meses atrás
Composure under pressure is an undervalued virtue. The Doctor is revealed as extremely dangerous by it. And his control over this is even more admirable. A true hero.
@r.y5463 Anos atrás
the thing i love about The Doctor is that he is gentle and patient but when pushed to his patience limits or forced to fight, he fights like hell
@Uzi26101 Anos atrás
6:36 I just love how he just puts Bandaids on himself like nothing went wrong. 😂
@0genexix0 11 meses atrás
The storyline is phenomenal but I will never fail to notice little details on how Ney’s art has improved over the years! When I first started watching, I don’t think I had ever seen her tween (I think that’s what it’s called), so now that I can see her animation and compare it to two years ago, I can’t believe I’ve already been here this long.
@tuachixiong5232 11 meses atrás
1:18 Oh god it has hands. PLS don't let the Doctor die. He's my favorite character right now. In this storyline anyway.
@smilemore7431 Anos atrás
How has Neytirix turned a bunny eared puffer fish with a squeaky voice into a eldritch monster. Hearing it say “Everyone has a goal. What’s yours?” Gives a potent injection of dread directly into my heart.
@@ravanjock ....
@smilemore7431 Anos atrás
I’m worried about the doctor. He said the words. The puffer will be coming for him now.
@NONES-mv7vw Anos atrás
@@smilemore7431 nooooo not the doctor DD: I already love him
@kylanstover6748 Anos atrás
My injection of dread was when I heard the pitter patter of it moving
It can change it's own form it is like a shape shifter of short though we never see it out of the pufferfish form. It is still very deadly.
@jackhammerMean Anos atrás
It all started with silly OC redesigns and a skillshare sponsorship and now I'm far too deeply invested in wherever this story is going to the point its become one of my most anticipated series.
@randomnerd4211 Anos atrás
As someone who is a fan of fucked up mechanical creatures, blue/orange mortality scientist figures, and fight scenes consisting of split-second brutality, this video has ticked all of the brainrot boxes. Very excellent.
@sushisenpaid1773 Anos atrás
I find it cute that he’s putting brandades on his face 6:18
@megadan268 10 meses atrás
Theories are always fun when it comes to horror, like No Through Road and the Mandela Catalogue, so I'm gonna do one for this universe too. To me, what stands out about this saga is perception. From the first OC redesign video, it's been clear that there is a divergent perception of the existing world. Ney plays a cute little crane game to catch characters while they run in fear from a menacing metal claw in the "true" reality. The pufferfish is a bordering caricature of cuteness while existing as a terrifying, nigh unstoppable force capable of entering people's minds and killing any who speak a phrase. Demodog, a cute cartoonish AI turned to nefarious purpose, designed to mutilate and butcher. For some, the perception is like an on/off switch. Ney exists frequently in her cartoonish form, despite perceiving the horror world clearly at times. Horror that her actions contribute to frequently. In fact, the most violent atrocities heretofore have been a direct result of her actions. It may appear to be simple ignorance, by some arguments, but I'm not entirely convinced. She sees too much, she knows too much. The cartoonish exterior feels like a mask, a disguise. She went to the basement and checked the machine when it overloaded, she engaged it when the pufferfish was trapped inside with the intention of neutralizing it or harming it. She knew Demodog in his reinitiated state was a danger to OCs and patrons. The only thing that stands apart is Marie, and that might not be be a good thing. After the Pufferfish attack, she patches up and revives Marie. The question is, was that because she cared about her? Or maybe she just thought Marie would be worthless dead. They way she exists in this dual-perception is too convenient. Her actions convey too much proof of malice, or willfull ignorance. Even in the end, learning of Steven and Marie, her concern lies only with her own safety. As a creator she's great, but in this world, I believe she can't be trusted. Steven and Marie, in contrast, exist pretty much exclusively in the horror world. Everything they see, everything they are, is grounded to the real, unfiltered perception of this reality. They are forced to view the true nature of things and exist as part of it, and they don't seem to have a choice in the matter. For these reasons (and the fact that the story revolves around their hardships) they are likely the most innocent and least corrupted of the characters. The Pufferfish is obvious. It retains a round, cute face and cartoonish smile all the while spewing poisonous words from its mouth and causing violence and mayhem with its unnatural muscles. It has a high, bubbly voice overshadowed by a synthetic filter and seeks to spread its mantra of blood using any means necessary, be it trickery, threats, blackmail, espionage, technology or even invading the minds of others. It shifts seamlessly between its cartoon existence and its horrible power with the flash of a red-eyed smile, and it revels in the revealing and deceptive nature of the performance. It is an incarnate being of this dual-reality, and a perfect display of the worst aspects of their combination. Finally the Doctor. He remains largely in his incarnate form, fully displaying every sinister detail of himself to Marie and Steven. He doesn't coddle them or deceive them, he doesn't threaten them or force them. He allow them to go to him of their own will, and allows his actions to reveal his intent. He treats them kindly, invites them to share in his interests and tends to their wounds, while still providing a justified reason for helping them so as not to worry them about his motives. He's also honest with them, informing Marie immediately that it wasn't possible to save Steven's sight. Of course, it's rather clear he's on their side in this episode, although he may still provide alternate explanations. However, he does revert to a cartoon state on occasion, and it is only when he deals with Ney. It seems as though, for one reasonor another, he feels it necessary to retain such an appearance while she is is in his presence. This speaks to me further that Ney is someone to be wary of. She chooses to exist in her clean, round, cartoon perception of reality (when she's not under duress) and I theorize she prefers when everything around her matches that perception. Given that the Doctor is in her employ, it would seem he chooses to conform to that idea. Even Demodog seems to follow this narrative, being a cute cartoonish program for her to interact with in limited fashion while his macabre function remains autonomous, allowing for a buffer between her and the horror she perpetuates. Unless she starts getting directly involved in lessening the suffering of this world, she can't be counted as an ally.
@WishBone-ht2mx 2 meses atrás
To add onto the moral ambiguity of Ney’s character in these videos, if you look at the second video in the redesign series, she begins becoming more horror based in appearance when the Puffer Bunny shows up without anyone triggering its appearance. Perhaps Ney’s character also seems to be part of the dual-reality in a sense, shifting to match her current perspective? Either that, or something was triggered by the Puffer Bunny’s appearance?
@rockyvolcano4 11 meses atrás
Gods above and below I love your designs. The absolute POWER contained in each and every frame of those two fighting is both majestic and brutal in ways that words cannot do justice.
@Just_a_commenter Anos atrás
Oh dear, the terror for these two poor souls continues...
I know, although it's still interesting and I can't stop watching it
@_AndresitoBD Anos atrás
@@_AndresitoBD Fr?
@_AndresitoBD Anos atrás
@@jeremiasgabrieldujaut3040 yes 😈
@lounapy1623 Anos atrás
Yep !
@tecklepheonix6344 Anos atrás
You never cease to bewilder me with your impressive writing, choreography and atmospheric development. Lord knows I can’t get enough of wonderful displays like this.
@Thefreakyfreek Anos atrás
Evrone talking about how good the images and animation BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE SOUNDS
@powwowkid14 2 meses atrás
So the Doctor can hold back his shell, does that mean he has done it before and barely escaped? The whole "Out of respect for you Doctor" line seems like something someone would say because they knew they came into a fight under prepared, and would come better prepared next time... Just to save face??? I really do hope we get more backstory. My brothers, have no interst in the story of pretty much anything, they really love throwing out theories based on their personal experiences and their prefered field of study. They do take in new infromation and try to "logic" it out. But GODDAMN are they stubborn. Also the Animation and Voice Acting are TOP FUCKING NOTCH!!!! Anyway... time to put away the alcohol for the night. looking forward to new information. 😄
By Neytirix "you fought him?!" Ill assume she knows the full extent of the doctor strenght (as she also seem to have some habilities) and know they doctor wouldnt survive a serious fight. But the fish dude let the doctor go out of respect by entertaining him at some degree
@jarvismort7112 Anos atrás
I cant Lie, at 3:52 my first thoughts were "PRAISE BE TO THE OMNISSIAH" The doctor is just that perfect mix of ominous and awesome, i hope he keeps showing up!
@someoneweird8936 10 meses atrás
So far there is 3 or 4 high ranking characters in my eyes 1. Demo dog R.I.P 2. The doctor 3. He who hunts and kills with poisoned and wretched words and 4. neytirix
@DragosNTigerz Anos atrás
The “Swear it” was the thing for me. The demeanor of the Doctor was made nice once the audience found out he was actually good. But he’s now even more terrifying, although we know he’s on the good side and he’s probably not easily angered like what we saw. He also doesn’t use his powers to his advantage whenever, even though he’s fully capable of destroying so much. I like him.
@nancyvallee59 Anos atrás
@Spiney09 Anos atrás
He’s such an awesome character! Complex motivations, real relationships, etc.
@sakura368 Anos atrás
this machine just wants some pins
@nancyvallee59 Anos atrás
@sullieduser6116 Anos atrás
I wouldn't say good, he just wants his pins.
@ReikerMendiola 11 meses atrás
He’s literally general grievous but with pins instead of lightsabers
@noahgreen1929 Anos atrás
I just keep coming back to watch this every few days because I LOVE the doctor. I wonder if he can upgrade himself after this fight and later on eventually be able to truly fend of “it” should those two ever be forced to repeat the forbidden words
@flippingflipflops Anos atrás
i have a new otherworldly respect to give the doctor
@nightway4945 Anos atrás
This has the potential to be a show better then a ime horror shows the vibe is unsettling yet fantastic and the art style is one of my favourite because of how simple yet detailed it looks
@linwong1494 Anos atrás
"He didn't even shed his shell." I *_REALLY_* do not like the implications of that.
Previously, Doctor was intimidating purely because we didn't understand his motives. Once we realized he was a genuinely helpful soul, that disturbing air to his design almost faded. But in this video, Doctor single-handedly wards off the pufferfish, a LONG established character known for being basically an unstoppable threat. The Pufferfish killed who it wants, when it wants to, no questions asked, until now. That suddenly makes Doctor even more terrifying then he was when we first met him! Incredible work as always, Neytirix!
@W0lfPack98 Anos atrás
YEAH! on top of this, it gives us insight onto the pufferbunny's true horror! the doctor is enough of a badass that he can essentially annoy the pufferbunny into going away, but when asked if he's gone for good, we get the doctor's point of view on that fight "No. He didn't even take off his shell." the pufferbunny still had power to spare, but it just wasn't worth it at this point!
@aadenclark6394 Anos atrás
The second, the doctor was introduced to became my favorite character, now, with his cool battle design, he is my favorite favorite character. Can we all agree that he is awesome?
@matthewyeh1409 Anos atrás
you are also forgetting he was completely fine after speaking "the words"
@@aadenclark6394 I agree
@WifiThing Anos atrás
And during that fight we never even saw the pufferfish "shed it's shell" so we haven't seen its final form
The Doctor gives me Sleep Token vibes in all the best possible ways! I keep thinking of the recent Drumeo interview with II, who talks in a very similar way (with the long pauses and calming but somewhat unnerving voice). I just found you yesterday, Neytirix, and I've been watching so many videos! I love your artwork and the channel's creepy vibes, cute vibes, and lore ^^
@cameroncooper5941 Anos atrás
Gotta give Marie credit for being up and about despite having third degree burns, basically everywhere. At this point she's the more injured one.
@Charely1925 4 meses atrás
I loved the doctor's line where he says, " I never claimed to be as such." I just love the way he speaks and his tempo. He's just incredibly cool.
@Astrology_Nerd 7 meses atrás
The doctor is now my all-time favourite character of this series and gives me wendigo vibes and I live for it
@gabiz1331 8 meses atrás
I know Ney likes to surpise her dear audience by suddenly trowing in disturbing stuff but this sudden fight scene was just epic My guy the Doctor has only been around for two vids but i already love him as much as he loves his pins Amazing job
The Doctor is as civilised as he is terrifying. And I'll keep saying it, this whole series has very big Dorohedoro vibes still, and that's a compliment!
@Neytirix Anos atrás
!! One of my favourite series so definitely an extremely high compliment thank you 洄錫紫!!
@Obsolescent Anos atrás
Ah no wonder why
@elysainempire4628 Anos atrás
@@Neytirix I have to ask have you seen any of Project Moon's properties such as Lobotomy Corporation or Libary of Ruina? Because your series is quite reminescent of their works and can fit quite well within their nightmare fuel of a world. One of the reason i enjoy the story of PM's universe is due to it giving off the same feel as your series. Just a compliment and possibly making you aware of another rabbit hole that you that you might enjoy.
@colinvoorneveld Anos atrás
I love project moon's city
@shayfarrelly6789 Anos atrás
@@elysainempire4628 wouldnt be surprised, the doctor really reminds me of the carnival!
@borq1es Anos atrás
A whole fandom's coming of this and it's absolutely lovely
Gotta love how she turned a website about learning skills into a website that if you mention results this thing appearing and exploding and it’s gradually getting more terrifiing every time
@Anita_Inks Anos atrás
The sad way the Doctor says '' My pin collection '' at 7:12 makes me so sad for him. How could you make him sad Ney!
i love how it like blends so seamlessly with the sponsors, how instead of making it interrupt the story its literally a PART of it
@animeartist7938 7 meses atrás
It is sad how often that people associate appearances with ones actual identity. Just because one is different, doesn’t justify discrimination against them
@flowingtime1081 Anos atrás
I love that how this overarching storyline that has been going on for years is literally everyone being terrified of the sponsor.
Who said I was terrified of the sponsor?
@AngelFoxxoJP Anos atrás
@@TinyDragonGamer250 Then simply say it... I'm sure nothing will happen...
@Lexielovescats Anos atrás
Underrated comment
@Kotani9005 11 meses atrás
The first 1000 peop…..
@cristaltophat 11 meses atrás
@@Kotani9005 oops lost another one ☝️
Jesus Christ Neytrix, that last animation part was absolutely amazing. You truly have an Otherworldly talent. If only I had the *skills* to be as good as you.
@rawrfish1 Anos atrás
Oh? Haven’t you heard? With skillshare even a lowly plebeian like your self can become a artist to! There are great classes like character design from sci-fi to fantasy! The best time to start is now and if your one of the first 1000 people to click the link… you’ll get a free 1 month trial, so even you of all people can turn this dream….. into reality.😈😆
@LacourWave Mês atrás
I love how many tiny details i'm ready to bet Neytirix ad thinking no one would notice ! I notice them ! This is incredible
@saqvobase4301 11 meses atrás
"I never claimed to be" Damn that's cool
@spicyarbiter7689 11 meses atrás
I love the doctor, he’s great. Also, after seeing something freaky she asked if they could help. Wholesome :) makes me happy
@randomtuber12 Anos atrás
I love these animations so much! the way they all interact is so good! Just... epic battles, scarring incidents, and mind bending horrors at every turn- but then there's little interactions like at the end, showing they're still people doing their own things. Doctor reminds me VERY much of another overpowered doctor character I once had ties with... I'm sure the two of them would get along swimmingly, while also scaring the pants off of everyone.
@bobbymcbones9028 Anos atrás
Despite the fact the Doctor has previously been established as a lovable boy who just wants to grow his pin collector, you have managed to make him even more terrifying than before with this victory. Awesome work as always!
@_shadow_1 Anos atrás
Just like a biblically accurate angel.
Naw hes still A loveable good boy.
@Samswordst Anos atrás
yes, how is it that this cyborg is still alive, theory, he lost his body to pufferbunny and didn't have the healing ney has, now he helps people the public health system can't, like ney.
@shadowflaredeath 11 meses atrás
I need more of this so bad now. I am so freaking invested at this point.
@shadowcard6923 11 meses atrás
Well I just binged the series, and now I want to continue writing, and submitting the entire lore for 90% of nightmare fuel and maybe like 10% semi wholesome
@deadman3824 11 meses atrás
I just realized my name was in the patreon credits, and I had one of those "pointing Rick Dalton" meme moments, it was weird lmao. I didn't realize I had subbed in time to be included in this!
@alexbanham5758 11 meses atrás
Imagine you're longest series is a commercial with two joke characters running from the creator and personation of the commercial. Life really be weird.
@killz.- 11 meses atrás
AAA!!!!!! You never fail to take my breath away with each new release in the series!!
@garlikbred6474 Anos atrás
I love how a sponsor went from just an add to a terrifying, malicious character that most of the time can be legitimately scary. The people at Skillshare must feel honored to have Pufferbunny promote them.
@yo.hi.. Anos atrás
The puffer bunny should be their mascot on the app
@garlikbred6474 Anos atrás
@Kiki Oh my god yes
@tripple3421 Anos atrás
I love the lore, the world you created is absolutely amazing, every video gets deeper and deeper, i cant wait to see where it brings us.
@j-dusk4338 Anos atrás
Dear golly, I love the Doctor. The design, mannerism, voice- just perfect👌 Wonderful art, the visuals were grand 👏
@autumarcher3380 5 meses atrás
So the bunny Eldtrich WAS EVENING TRYING???!! The Doc was he using an 100% on him or just holding back so he wouldn't hurt Marie and Steven??? God this is become an series I'm loving. Please keep the good work my dude. But one question still remind, is their any other beings like that Rabbit Pufferfish Thing? I hope not
@in.c-s5917 11 meses atrás
Geeeeeeez !!!! It just gets better everytime !!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 the fight scene omg !!! You've outdone yourself again ✨
@DreamlandShiba Anos atrás
That dark animalistic grin when the puffer dog said “how convenient” is amazing! I love how dark but innocent on the surface some of your art is!
@offering9255 Anos atrás
Puffer bunny
@humanperson2480 Anos atrás
I love how the puffer bunny is getting more and more angry and deranged the longer it goes on without anyone downloading skillshare
@offering9255 Anos atrás
@Sadie Thomson I mean his name is puffer bunny
@someblaqguy Anos atrás
I need this to be a series I wish I had to funds to make it happen. I'm so heavily invested in her art, style and the stories and lore! This shit is so badass.
@thesonicnacho3159 Anos atrás
Dr is becoming one of my favorite characters more and more, with each appearance. Also can't wait to see what is under puff's shell.
@GoodPotatoes Anos atrás
2:28 - 6:13 is the best thing you have ever made. Bar none. Well done.
@MmeCShadow Anos atrás
Marie: Can we help? The Doctor: My child.. to help me.. WILL REQUIRE SOME SKILLS--
@GamerGod353 Anos atrás
I swear it will be so cool to see those two oc's get a final send off and they look amazing in the end of it all
@grimmspecter9950 11 meses atrás
I feel like the doctor before he was a doctor was an exterminator. Before he knew how to heal he only knew how to kill or rather it's just what he was good at before time
@nicholasmunoz3607 Anos atrás
"You petty bastard" No matter how horrifying, there's always some great humor tossed in.
@BLOODKINGbro Anos atrás
@michaelsolomon3496 3 meses atrás
👀... HOLY S*** Also is it bad that I feel like the dragon is the better off of the 2 since he hasn't had to SEE all the horrible traumatizing things the 2 have gone through
@Neon99 Anos atrás
Oh my god. This sis genuinely one of my favorite series on BRvid. The pin collector has to be my favorite character
@ToWhomIKnow 11 meses atrás
Most Doctors take a Oath to "do no harm"; In this case, that does not apply
@tr0n4556 Anos atrás
I don't know how you've managed to get me not only watch an ad, but watch a series of ads, but here we are.
@Charlie-cu6vd 11 meses atrás
This is an absolute masterpiece I want to hug the doctor
@galaxytevine1801 Anos atrás
I love how a series about a villain thats a sponsor ship and main characters that are redesigns of OC's has become one of my special interests
Yes this stuff is the bestttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!
@ayo2851 Anos atrás
Anything can be turned into a good story, it just needs the right scripter / writer
@duckie-animates512 9 meses atrás
You know I normally don’t like watching sponsors but when the buff bunny pufferfish thing (ima call it a buffPuff) does the sponsor it does not make me want to skip everything, thank you BuffPuff
@squirrel83 9 meses atrás
Same!! I usually skip through sponsors but Neytirix always makes sponsors super entertaining! Also BuffPuff’s official name is Pufferbunny :)
@duckie-animates512 9 meses atrás
@@squirrel83 ok thank you so much, this actually helped me
@RetroKalki 4 meses atrás
The doctor is literally bondrewd but wholesome
@artierupinen5192 10 meses atrás
0:27 I thought it was permanent.
@sleepingthroughdays 11 meses atrás
The cracking of the mechanical bones is so incredibly unnerving
@justartfar4617 Anos atrás
"Why can't you see this?". HE IS BLIND.
The art quality is so high on this one, the characters are so detailed and the way Steven and Marrie squish into each other when Puff sandwiches them in his hands looks so organic. The animation has also improved greatly. I also liked the juxtaposition of the doctors extraordinary technological weaponry and Supreme durability with how his hands were shaking after the fight and then the contrast between that and the fact that he's shown patching himself up with plasters instead of anything you might expect to be used to repair broken armor or machinery is hilarious.
@maxximus6418 Anos atrás
And now idk who’s my favorite character anymore
Welding torch? Repair nanites? Nah, band-aid
@@drakewingcopperheart2533 given they're made to cover and protect wounds whilst they heal, I assume that means the automated repair systems are built in?
@@seekingabsolution1907 That was a joke my guy
@@drakewingcopperheart2533 I know. I just answered it anyway, because it interested and amused me to do so. This was not an attack on you personally or anyone else.
@Prodomius 10 meses atrás
dang... steven just witness on of the most epic fights ever but was literally blind... I'm sorry for the dude...
@lafeaschronicle3218 2 meses atrás
Marie and Steven just live with Doctor of Doom. Dr. Hatchet is a good dude and now has assistants/kids now. Anyone else for found family?
@dentedcavedood6858 5 meses atrás
It's so cute seeing the doctor put Band-Aids/plasters all over his mask
When the death girl make amazing draws , animations ( i guess so. ) im proud of you. you should continue
@momtaylor3169 11 meses atrás
0:36 I just murmured “oh no” because I saw the sponsorship ad at the start...... Man I missed that guy!😂
@Nekothetoaster Anos atrás
It's me? Or... Her videos are getting more and more epic every time?
@Mystic_Warriors Anos atrás
Bro fr
@bern4341 Anos atrás
@marla6125 Anos atrás
Of course! With the help of ȘKĮLLȘHÆRË ¡
@nbewarwe Anos atrás
@jiromuchizuki7892 11 meses atrás
I love Doctor so much. He's such an interesting and adorable character
This was the most epic fight scene I have ever seen animated. Thank you.
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