No longer the pacifist (Horror Warning)

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4. What do you mean terminated? - • What do you mean ...
7. The Doctor's Collection - • The Doctor's Coll...

Made with Photoshop, SAI and After Effects!

Fight Song: Grit & Chips - T-Shirts & Sweats

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26 Jan 2023



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Neytirix Mês atrás
The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: --------- Look look! I gave TWO content warnings!! That means my vids extra safe right?? There's no reason to pull a BRvid on me now yeah? It's not even that bad I promise!! Worries aside I do hope you all enjoy this next installment in our super happy little redesign story! Really tried to go all out with the fight scene so lmk what you think! The actual redesigns (discord submissions) will be happening in the next part of this story! Just had to get this confrontation outta the way first! See you nerds soon!!
QUEEN Styles
QUEEN Styles 18 dias atrás
I can see those video editing and animation classes are really helpful 😊
crowgeddon Mês atrás
We. Need. A god damn figure or like plushie or something of the doctor. He's too cool to not turn into merch
Shinypiggy_101 Mês atrás
Reminds me of Bondrewd if he was a good guy
Blackbelt_Ninja9 Games
Previously, Doctor was intimidating purely because we didn't understand his motives. Once we realized he was a genuinely helpful soul, that disturbing air to his design almost faded. But in this video, Doctor single-handedly wards off the pufferfish, a LONG established character known for being basically an unstoppable threat. The Pufferfish killed who it wants, when it wants to, no questions asked, until now. That suddenly makes Doctor even more terrifying then he was when we first met him! Incredible work as always, Neytirix!
Janbert Guerrero
Janbert Guerrero Mês atrás
I love the doctor, i just hope he doesnt die!
William King
William King Mês atrás
@Anonymous Fox I kinda want to see what she would do if push by the rabbit fish. We did see her change a little when see got angry In one of her other videos, the nape of her spine got.... monstrous.
Matthew Yeh
Matthew Yeh Mês atrás
@Ross Gabriel the first 1000 people to click the link in the description will get a one month free trial of skill sha- *explodes*
Ross Gabriel
Ross Gabriel Mês atrás
is it Skill-
Ross Gabriel
Ross Gabriel Mês atrás
@Matthew Yeh what are "the words" again
EnderKingDubs Mês atrás
I love how the Doctor started off as a side character with a design that alluded to a much deeper lore, and now we've seen that he's the only one who can step to the Pufferfish and win.
MK-Minx 19 dias atrás
It’s going to be so scary when we find someone who has the power to actually defeat the pufferfish because they’d have to have the power to destroy the universe
Gooey Marshmallow
Gooey Marshmallow 28 dias atrás
@Kaiju Rider I get where you're coming from but the puffer knew demo dog as well. What is his "prey"? Demo dog stated that puffer destroyed his body so perhaps the doctor had a living, fleshy body before which made him prey and the puffer destroyed it. Maybe because the doctors form is robotic, it's also how he is able to speak the words without blowing up. I'm thinking the puffer's prey is living flesh.
Kaiju Rider
Kaiju Rider 29 dias atrás
@Gooey Marshmallow that still leaves an important detail out. "Out of respect for you doctor, just this once". Sounds to me like the doctor isn't even considered prey, but someone the puffer has somehow known to a degree, and not as prey considering the just this once part.
TheYasei Mês atrás
well, maybe he was designed to be able to "fight" the pufferbuny
FlowingTime Mês atrás
I love that how this overarching storyline that has been going on for years is literally everyone being terrified of the sponsor.
Vinokai 3 dias atrás
Skillshar-ack!! 💥
HummerTop 18 dias atrás
@Kotani9005 oops lost another one ☝️
Kotani9005 21 dia atrás
The first 1000 peop…..
lexie Mês atrás
Underrated comment
ジョセフ Mês atrás
@TinyDragonGamer Then simply say it... I'm sure nothing will happen...
Galaxyte Vine
Galaxyte Vine Mês atrás
I love how a series about a villain thats a sponsor ship and main characters that are redesigns of OC's has become one of my special interests
Ayo? Mês atrás
Anything can be turned into a good story, it just needs the right scripter / writer
Puppies R cute Friedman
Yes this stuff is the bestttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!
Kayleigh Apthorp
Kayleigh Apthorp Mês atrás
anthony ciuppa
anthony ciuppa Mês atrás
The doctor is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in this series of yours. I love his design, the voice acting is great, and he’s a decent guy, what’s not to love
mee Mês atrás
I knew this was going to be something else. But holy mother of Moses was I not prepared for the sheer level of quality. I hope you know how great you and your skills are! The way you depict the sleek adult style, or the gruesome gore and seamlessly blend them together is spectacular. The bunny's face at 4:23 will haunt my nightmares.
Kayleigh Apthorp
Kayleigh Apthorp Mês atrás
Jaewol Mês atrás
Going from the Doctor being some crazy monster to him delicately putting bandaids on his face is the juxtaposition I love
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée 26 dias atrás
@Bibby yess you shall never judge a pin by its cover, mostly that kinda pin
Bibby 26 dias atrás
Tbh, he never gave off evil nor crazy vibes... just kinda had a strange aura about em. Creepy more than anything at the start. Never judge a pin by its cover.
deez nuts
deez nuts Mês atrás
@Nancy Vallée of course he would! Every professional doctor always cares for their patients needs.
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée Mês atrás
Doctor wasn,t crazy, he was just defending mary and steven
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée Mês atrás
My favorite part about the doctor,s scene is when he says "SWEAR. IT" to pupperbunny 4:06
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée 13 dias atrás
@michael johnson lol
michael johnson
michael johnson 13 dias atrás
I call it a porcubunny
Joyce Bittner
Joyce Bittner Mês atrás
Man's dark souls big balls to go up against puffer and the fact that you can see the fleash of puffer when it gets in his face is 1000000/10
Hailey Teasley
Hailey Teasley Mês atrás
God, I love these characters and the small stories that are forming around them! Absolutely insane how amazing these are
Sir Whatnot
Sir Whatnot Mês atrás
I love this series' take on dark humor. The sheer juxtaposition between grimdark and lighthearted without feeling out of place is great.
Demolisher Infinite
You know what would be funny? If Neytirix revealed she's not even being sponsored by Skillshare anymore, she's just doing this for shits and giggles
feather 18 dias atrás
I wouldn't be surprised. How could she give up such a storyline.
TheSamuraiPanda Mês atrás
The smile on pufferbunny when they said "how convenient" gave me chills, and the authority and danger given by the doctor when he said swear it is is a big chef kiss moment. As always Neytirix wonderful artwork, storytelling and all-round creativeness. Keep it going! :)
DragosNTigerz Mês atrás
The “Swear it” was the thing for me. The demeanor of the Doctor was made nice once the audience found out he was actually good. But he’s now even more terrifying, although we know he’s on the good side and he’s probably not easily angered like what we saw. He also doesn’t use his powers to his advantage whenever, even though he’s fully capable of destroying so much. I like him.
Kinora Maisuki
Kinora Maisuki Mês atrás
@Taruki Kuta Oh i see..but what if it wasnt active self control?
Taruki Kuta
Taruki Kuta Mês atrás
Gentleness isn't the same as harmlessness, gentleness is having the capability for hurting and the active self control to decide when not to
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée Mês atrás
Kinora Maisuki
Kinora Maisuki Mês atrás
@Nancy Vallée SLAAAAYY
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée Mês atrás
longaniza68 Mês atrás
horror, tenderness, humor, gore, style, all in one artist... you are incredible Neytirix
L. Raphael Nery
L. Raphael Nery Mês atrás
The doctor is such a gentleman... seriously the manners he has is something to admire
Grort Mês atrás
Props to the detail of having the blood from his talon soak into Marie's bandages when he pets her on the head. Seems like something that could have been easily overlooked. It occurs to me how weird that sentence is.
Teck Léporem
Teck Léporem Mês atrás
You never cease to bewilder me with your impressive writing, choreography and atmospheric development. Lord knows I can’t get enough of wonderful displays like this.
Technoid 29 dias atrás
I.. I was not prepared for this. I have a feeling the lore of this story is going to run very deep. Neytirix gives me a vibe of manifesting all the ideas that were swirling around in my head as a kid, and I'm living for it.
洄錫紫 Mês atrás
The Doctor is as civilised as he is terrifying. And I'll keep saying it, this whole series has very big Dorohedoro vibes still, and that's a compliment!
Samsword115 420st
Samsword115 420st Mês atrás
ney versus puffer bunny, this needs to happen
洄錫紫 Mês atrás
@Memes_The_DNA_of_the_soul true enough, the aesthetics does feel a bit Dark Mechanicum-like. But the rest of the world is very Dorohedoro-like in its funny horror vibe. And the way he attacks actually reminds me of Curse actually.
Im getting more, Admech energy from him. Its less in personality and more just the "Inumberable cybernetics barely contained under a cloak."
@Neytirix hey you should do a playthrough of a random Pokemons game and then make a darksouls esc animation of your journey!
Phantom XX
Phantom XX Mês atrás
Head Canon: After a long forgotten war, the robots that were not destroyed took one of two paths. one being to continue the hunt, their programing still in command. and the other, healers and helper, their robotic mind worn by the years of war. The Doctor is one of the surviving healers. despite his healing capabilities, his body was designed for war. still reliable after many years.
R.Y Mês atrás
the thing i love about The Doctor is that he is gentle and patient but when pushed to his patience limits or forced to fight, he fights like hell
A tired Weeb
A tired Weeb Mês atrás
The doctor is amazing and I love him. Gives me "traumatized found father figure vibes" Kinda like Joel in The Last of Us
Arti Splatters
Arti Splatters Mês atrás
every new addition to this story is intensely incredible the fact that you even made the ad segment terrifyingly entertaining is insane
DragonCat Entertainment
Can always count on Neytirix to make something amazingly horrifying
Seeking Absolution
Seeking Absolution Mês atrás
The art quality is so high on this one, the characters are so detailed and the way Steven and Marrie squish into each other when Puff sandwiches them in his hands looks so organic. The animation has also improved greatly. I also liked the juxtaposition of the doctors extraordinary technological weaponry and Supreme durability with how his hands were shaking after the fight and then the contrast between that and the fact that he's shown patching himself up with plasters instead of anything you might expect to be used to repair broken armor or machinery is hilarious.
Drakewing Copperheart
@Seeking Absolution Oke
Seeking Absolution
Seeking Absolution Mês atrás
@Drakewing Copperheart I know. I just answered it anyway, because it interested and amused me to do so. This was not an attack on you personally or anyone else.
Drakewing Copperheart
@Seeking Absolution That was a joke my guy
Seeking Absolution
Seeking Absolution Mês atrás
@Drakewing Copperheart given they're made to cover and protect wounds whilst they heal, I assume that means the automated repair systems are built in?
Drakewing Copperheart
Welding torch? Repair nanites? Nah, band-aid
a vessel for pasta
a vessel for pasta Mês atrás
Man at this point neytrix needs a studio cuz she is Hella good on her own plus the play with the sponsor I love it
Chamomile Mês atrás
I loved this entire this, but the doctor slowly picking up bandaid after bandaid has me laughing for some reason.
Tyler Armstrong
Tyler Armstrong Mês atrás
Gotta love how she turned a website about learning skills into a website that if you mention results this thing appearing and exploding and it’s gradually getting more terrifiing every time
Noah Green
Noah Green Mês atrás
I just keep coming back to watch this every few days because I LOVE the doctor. I wonder if he can upgrade himself after this fight and later on eventually be able to truly fend of “it” should those two ever be forced to repeat the forbidden words
nightway Mês atrás
This has the potential to be a show better then a ime horror shows the vibe is unsettling yet fantastic and the art style is one of my favourite because of how simple yet detailed it looks
Cherry Tries
Cherry Tries Mês atrás
I love the doctor so much. He is essentially a badass mixed with a nerdy pin collector lmfao
Klortik Terra
Klortik Terra Mês atrás
he also is (in fact) i good caretaker for his patients. he seems to want to ensure they fully recover before sending them out.
JOHN PETRE Mês atrás
And the final was so funny 🤣
Natalie Schlanger
Natalie Schlanger Mês atrás
The Doctor reminds me of Dr. Alphys from Undertale. Both sweet but not quite what they seem. And both badass.
Dashiell Gillingham
He has the same appeal as a lot of faeries. Inscrutable, fanciful desires, an utterly inhuman mind, tremendous power, and achievable (if unanticipatable) wants.
FireFoxGirl 2005
FireFoxGirl 2005 Mês atrás
I love how he just sits there putting on bandaids while she's just arguing with him- Doctor's my new favorite if not the duo
randomtuber12 Mês atrás
I love these animations so much! the way they all interact is so good! Just... epic battles, scarring incidents, and mind bending horrors at every turn- but then there's little interactions like at the end, showing they're still people doing their own things. Doctor reminds me VERY much of another overpowered doctor character I once had ties with... I'm sure the two of them would get along swimmingly, while also scaring the pants off of everyone.
Cobra Mês atrás
There is probably no limit to the doctor's wholesome nature
Fireborrito108 Mês atrás
I haven’t seen any of neytrix’s videos in so long but it’s very apparent how much better the animation has become. I real liked the use of inverted colors in this video
3:00 am sobbing
3:00 am sobbing Mês atrás
i have a new otherworldly respect to give the doctor
Smilemore Mês atrás
How has Neytirix turned a bunny eared puffer fish with a squeaky voice into a eldritch monster. Hearing it say “Everyone has a goal. What’s yours?” Gives a potent injection of dread directly into my heart.
bobabooe bob
bobabooe bob Mês atrás
@Smilemore no i don't think so
Anonymous Fox
Anonymous Fox Mês atrás
@geralt rivia I mean wouldn't you have a sword if you live in that world. or at least some kind of weapon
geralt rivia
geralt rivia Mês atrás
@Anonymous Fox on the other hand, even cats are armed with swords in Ney's world...
Anonymous Fox
Anonymous Fox Mês atrás
@Smilemore I think we don't need to worry tooooo much since it seems this 100% wasn't their first encounter. So the Doctor most likely fought the creature before thus why they are armed like they are. We just have to believe
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
That was awesome.
Tater Mês atrás
This has to be the best fight scene I have ever seen in my life!!! I love the colors so much as well as the drawing style. I got goose bumps when I watched this it was SO good. All of the characters are so cool :).
Your Average Yharnamite
Jesus Christ Neytrix, that last animation part was absolutely amazing. You truly have an Otherworldly talent. If only I had the *skills* to be as good as you.
Rockyvolcano4 20 dias atrás
Gods above and below I love your designs. The absolute POWER contained in each and every frame of those two fighting is both majestic and brutal in ways that words cannot do justice.
Borq Mês atrás
A whole fandom's coming of this and it's absolutely lovely
AmIDustyYet? Mês atrás
Takes forever for her to upload but when she does it's worth it 100% of the time.
Just a commenter
Just a commenter Mês atrás
Oh dear, the terror for these two poor souls continues...
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox Mês atrás
Agh! You again!
Murloc Master
Murloc Master Mês atrás
yea! and the ponies!
Yolbert Mês atrás
They WILL need a psychiatrist after all this
TheDestroyer55e Mês atrás
hello again
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 Mês atrás
To think our sweet wholesome doctor was also such an unwavering badass
Opt. Nihil
Opt. Nihil 3 dias atrás
The storyline is phenomenal but I will never fail to notice little details on how Ney’s art has improved over the years! When I first started watching, I don’t think I had ever seen her tween (I think that’s what it’s called), so now that I can see her animation and compare it to two years ago, I can’t believe I’ve already been here this long.
Tripple Mês atrás
I love the lore, the world you created is absolutely amazing, every video gets deeper and deeper, i cant wait to see where it brings us.
Angela and Oliver [ON BREAK]
6:36 I just love how he just puts Bandaids on himself like nothing went wrong. 😂
J- Dusk
J- Dusk Mês atrás
Dear golly, I love the Doctor. The design, mannerism, voice- just perfect👌 Wonderful art, the visuals were grand 👏
Dreamland Shiba
Dreamland Shiba Mês atrás
That dark animalistic grin when the puffer dog said “how convenient” is amazing! I love how dark but innocent on the surface some of your art is!
Some Blaq Guy
Some Blaq Guy Mês atrás
I need this to be a series I wish I had to funds to make it happen. I'm so heavily invested in her art, style and the stories and lore! This shit is so badass.
Offering Mês atrás
Sadie Thomson I mean his name is puffer bunny
Human person
Human person Mês atrás
I love how the puffer bunny is getting more and more angry and deranged the longer it goes on without anyone downloading skillshare
Offering Mês atrás
Puffer bunny
Oofy Mês atrás
This has been the best installment in their story yet! The pufferbun fight was so bloodily and beautifully portrayed! Keep up the amazing work Ney!
Unknown Id3nt!ty
Unknown Id3nt!ty Mês atrás
I know im late but that was such an emotional roller coaster 😭😭 Also, seeing Doctor just calmly putting on bandages after just about one of the coolest fight scenes i've ever seen is just amazing
sjenkins91812 Mês atrás
The brilliance of this series has grown in magnitude so much, each segment continues to shine brighter than the last! I absolutely love the Doctor's character development in this one, and the pufferbunnny continues to horrify on new and surprising levels. Poor Doctor though, I bet he would feel better if he had a lollipop after his treatment, even better if that lollipop was a pin!
Cameron Cooper
Cameron Cooper Mês atrás
Gotta give Marie credit for being up and about despite having third degree burns, basically everywhere. At this point she's the more injured one.
Variis Nailo
Variis Nailo Mês atrás
Now this was an actual masterpiece, can’t wait for what’s next!
Bobby McBones
Bobby McBones Mês atrás
Despite the fact the Doctor has previously been established as a lovable boy who just wants to grow his pin collector, you have managed to make him even more terrifying than before with this victory. Awesome work as always!
Samsword115 420st
Samsword115 420st Mês atrás
yes, how is it that this cyborg is still alive, theory, he lost his body to pufferbunny and didn't have the healing ney has, now he helps people the public health system can't, like ney. Mês atrás
Naw hes still A loveable good boy.
_Shadow_ Mês atrás
Just like a biblically accurate angel.
Neon Animates Sometimes
Oh my god. This sis genuinely one of my favorite series on BRvid. The pin collector has to be my favorite character
Meg Callon
Meg Callon Mês atrás
the art is as awesome as always, and that fight scene sent chills down my spine, so cool! every episode the puff just gets even creepier I love it. keep being amazing neytirix :)
Pandie Goodies
Pandie Goodies Mês atrás
I swear it will be so cool to see those two oc's get a final send off and they look amazing in the end of it all
David Mês atrás
I can't begin to describe how much I love this content. It's truly something one of a kind.
La_Louve LoL
La_Louve LoL Mês atrás
C'est incroyable qu'une simple série de redisgn d'oc se soit transformée en une telle épopée !!
💜Nekh0 Karma🖤
It's me? Or... Her videos are getting more and more epic every time?
Kayleigh Apthorp
Kayleigh Apthorp Mês atrás
@Mighty Purplelicious same thing
Gaster Mês atrás
She adds more effort in these
Askryllix (Riftverse Studios)
Oh yes...
The Randomizer
The Randomizer Mês atrás
Moonshine E
Moonshine E Mês atrás
The 2nd option
jackhammerMean Mês atrás
It all started with silly OC redesigns and a skillshare sponsorship and now I'm far too deeply invested in wherever this story is going to the point its become one of my most anticipated series.
Annoying Doggy
Annoying Doggy Mês atrás
I could just imagine giving the doctor a box of assorted pins and him just hopping away on two of his limbs a few seconds later after rummaging around for a bit, carrying the box of pins gleefully giggling.
Arrow Randoman
Arrow Randoman Mês atrás
One of my favorite phrases I've ever heard was something along the lines of: "the most powerful people are those that could be monsters but choose to avoid it." Now that we see what the Doctor could do, I respect him all the more for choosing to focusing on surgery and the pin collection (try to allocate some funds to that, he seems bummed by that). Also, that fight scene was absolutely sick. It deserves an attempt at a full-scale, high-production version. I don't often say this, but I would pay for something like that. Granted, that would lose the style of your videos I love so much, so I'll keep loving this.
The Doctor the easiestly the coolest characters I've ever seen... easily ranks up there with Doomguy. Massively powerful and terrifying, but with a juxtaposing wholesome side nobody saw coming.
Cloudy_One Mês atrás
I love how Neytirix sponsors an art website by making cute little things into horror episodes. Love it ☺️💅
Readlliea Kildow
Readlliea Kildow Mês atrás
I love the Doctor, both his voice and just how he acts. Wonderful art as always.
Bepto pismol
Bepto pismol Mês atrás
@BlackHat ayo.
TheGolden Apple :3
TheGolden Apple :3 Mês atrás
I know ❤
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée Mês atrás
Who u gona simp doctor with
BlackHat Mês atrás
i think im gonna simp Doctor for the next month. Ahh, long and distracting, just how i like it...
Lov3lyMoon Mês atrás
his voice reminds me of scp-048 (The Plague Doctor)
Snekiboi 256
Snekiboi 256 Mês atrás
I always forget to mention, I absolutely love your art style and animations. They are extremely good and awesome to look at.
This series keep getting better and better. The Doctor is one of my favorite characters, and god Puff is getting terrifying each episode. I love the art.
CandyThePuppy Mês atrás
Definitely wasn't the redesigns originally planned, but through the course of this series Steven and Marie have definitely gone through some major...redesigns...
Top Mês atrás
I. Fuckin. LOVE. THE WORLD NEYTIRIX HAS BUILT. The characters, the lore, the world and how it runs, are the most beautiful fantasy world I have ever seen. So beautifully morbid, disturbed, yet wholesome, and slightly redeemable. Not all tainted. But dark nonetheless. Which is what has always been her style, what has always drawn us to her, but it just never fails to inspire and awe me. No channel affects me the way this one does. It doesn't make me cry or feel like I can conquer the world, it's nothing like that. It just feels so captivating is all. Pulls you in and feels, different. Humour, horror and wholesome all wrap in a way that just works so phenomenally. And all because she needed to give a sponsorship a creative spin. The mind inside that skull is a truly skilled one. Soeaking off skilled I clicked the link, thanks for the push to make a change this new year Neytirix!
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis Mês atrás
The blood soaking into the bandages at 6:06 was an awesome touch
SilentEcho Mês atrás
I love that skillshare has been so far ingrained into Ney’s stories that they basically drive the horror at this point
Winjin Mês atrás
@Kio Kurashi Yeah a "first thousand free" is probably one of the most generous I've heard so probably Ney's sponsoring is very profitable for them. After all, they see where the people come from, what codes they use, and not to mention that we, like, watch her ads from start to finish.
Kio Kurashi
Kio Kurashi Mês atrás
@Dragobane Well, these videos must keep bringing in enough new users for them to consider it worth it.
Froot Snacc
Froot Snacc Mês atrás
I bet they’re continuing to sponsor Ney because they now see a responsibility to help drive the story
Dragobane Mês atrás
Its gotten to the point where Im wondering how they are still sponsering her still
Ryan Dunham
Ryan Dunham Mês atrás
I really love character designs that can just, UNFOLD with murderous intent.
bbpw Mês atrás
Ghaaaaa this is so good. As surely many i love the way The Doctor is written, amazing character and concept. Honestly this whole series has been so unique, this is the only channel where I neither mind nor skip product placement, as well as my first time buying someone's merch. Anything to keep this going. Keep doing gods work Neytirix and hope that YT being an ass won't stop you
Sleepy Archimedes
Sleepy Archimedes Mês atrás
I aspire to be like you one day, Your art, your detail, everything is awe-inspiring, I wish you the best year, Neytirix!
evodolka Mês atrás
i know this is a horror and every time i see these characters i feel a little bad about their situation, but the fact they have to tape marker pens on their hooves is really funny to me
Chill Okay
Chill Okay Mês atrás
“Oh the bullshit!” It’s some sort of melody that stays with me no matter what this just shows how a fraction of bullshit with incredible art and animation made it more than a video with no contents. It made horror and humor. Great video
DavidTheWolf Mês atrás
I like how the doctor is just gently placing bandages after a very complex and detailed fight scene.
Fleedermauws Mês atrás
The sound design is amazing as always, just the cracking of the's super immersive 😍
Mouse Sparks
Mouse Sparks Mês atrás
I wonder how the original creators of this OCs feel about their characters becoming so beloved
Turtle Turtle
Turtle Turtle Mês atrás
Somehow every video gets better and better, or maybe I just don't see enough edgy art these days. Either way, love the art!
Dr. Reaper
Dr. Reaper Mês atrás
Ney You have rightfully outdone yourself with this. I always wondered what the doctor was like when he was truely angry. and now we get to see it. The fight, the sound design, the vocal acting. Just the effects is amazing. Im quite proud to see how far you have come. I'd love to see Doc without his cloak sometime. Giant mechanical boi is best boi
Frost Mês atrás
I really like this story and I love the part at the end where it goes from intense to just a great argument
ThE dArK oNe
ThE dArK oNe Mês atrás
I love how the adds in this story are part of the plot instead of them being interruptions.
GoldPrince2468 Mês atrás
Why can’t these two play along? They know the routine. “I want to draw flowers.” Skillshare has a course for that! EDIT: Honestly forgot the curse.
ylobi Mês atrás
Had no reason to drop on us that hard my friend. Amazing art as always, keep up the good work!
Ichengo Mês atrás
I fee like Neytirix has been waiting to blow up with this dope stuff for some time now... that aside I have to say I absolutely love your horror artstyle and cutesy artstyle alike, I hope to see more of (the horror) it in the future :D
pointlessthings Mês atrás
consistently spectacular content. ill always tune in for a neytirix art update
Neat McNeats
Neat McNeats Mês atrás
Much love for the good doctor. Been watching these awhile, and they are certainly a favorite.
Cat Mês atrás
I really like that the doctor has a horrifying appearance and sound but has been generally kind and helpful, while in contrast to the pufferfish trying to appear friendly and cute (most of the time) but being very evil. Really awesome series you've made here.
Flame Will
Flame Will Mês atrás
Oh my God. This is one of the greatest animations I have ever seen. I truly love every piece of art you do including the wholesome ones. This channel needs more people to see your hard work and dedication
Victor 26 dias atrás
This is so insane that I had to re-watch that fight scene. I love the animation you're literally so good at this
Mr. Lobada
Mr. Lobada Mês atrás
I came for the art. I stayed for the art, but now I yell "The lore! How is there so much lore!?" at my screen as well. Thoroughly enjoyable.
TheSonicnacho 3
TheSonicnacho 3 Mês atrás
Dr is becoming one of my favorite characters more and more, with each appearance. Also can't wait to see what is under puff's shell.
Psi Q
Psi Q Mês atrás
I like when things dont have to escalate because of mutual respect. 🙂
Dok Champa
Dok Champa Mês atrás
The powerscaling for this series is CRAZY man. First time we ever see anyone standing up to sponsorship pufferbunny, and in what style!
Ferretmonger02 Mês atrás
The Dog in the redesign room tried & failed immediately
chill knight
chill knight Mês atrás
@Stothehighest puffbunny is no joke 😬
Stothehighest Mês atrás
Not only that, at the end the Doctor said "He didn't even shed his shell" Puffbunny has at least a Second Stage.
Frozenfire darknight
usually whenever someone either spawns or encounters that thing, they end up exploding. for once, we actually have a fight against it.
Nancy Vallée
Nancy Vallée Mês atrás
Yes i love how he just stood up to mary and steven even if it included being hurt badly himself, doctor=badass
TheRestlessSableye Mês atrás
Never have I seen a sponsorship with a story this compelling since the Long Long Man.
Akilah Bee
Akilah Bee Mês atrás
👁👁 I don't think words are enough to express who much I love your work, and the extent to which it has influenced my own storytelling👏🥰👍.
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