NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Stick By My Side" by NLE Choppa & Clever.
More Clever:
Directed By Karltin Bankz & Wikid
Animated By Checkz
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17 Mai 2019



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Comentários 15 789
Dank Trips
Dank Trips 43 minutos atrás
NLE MOM: ill hit with a stick NLE CHOPPA: please don’t mama u can have a cookie
Casual_DropoutYT 2 horas atrás
0:45 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
TTV Rip_scorqe
TTV Rip_scorqe 4 horas atrás
There’s to much edits
firebat128 7 horas atrás
It was awesome till all that ignant ass nigga shit kicked in. What's a scrawny ass little shit gonna do like that talkin all hard. Little shit couldnt hit the broad side of a barn
Mason Taylor-Pryor
Mason Taylor-Pryor 14 horas atrás
man called the snitch out
Mykol12's Minecraft channel
Good luck
Derek Gabor
Derek Gabor Dia atrás
Clever and post Malone collab?
Zzzz Dia atrás
that nigga clever is trash. ruined the whole song
DoobyLmao Dia atrás
Clever looks like a lesbian
Kam Barnes
Kam Barnes Dia atrás
fucking trippie red
Very Rare
Very Rare Dia atrás
This song needs to be way longer with a verse from clever
Not JuSt9
Not JuSt9 Dia atrás
That's is how many minutes the song is too short 👇🏼
BrathaEx Christ Saves
This mug 🔥🔥🔥 straight from Indianapolis
Jellyboy 21
Jellyboy 21 Dia atrás
At the first it sounded nun like the video in till NLE hopped on
Gabby Bitson
Gabby Bitson Dia atrás
Donotdissthismibookiykitty but yung homie this and yo paccer wood partner go h.a.m_x
Tsehai Scott
Tsehai Scott Dia atrás
baddest industry plant stills
Vincent Ramirez
Vincent Ramirez 2 dias atrás
He only sound good in this song
Yahir Luvianos
Yahir Luvianos 2 dias atrás
HE did 69 dirty😂😂
Lil Vacationland
Lil Vacationland 2 dias atrás
I'd ultra like this if I could
Derek Burdem
Derek Burdem 3 dias atrás
This song is very fire 💥
Unleashed Kills
Unleashed Kills 3 dias atrás
LifeIsShørt 3 dias atrás
These niggas be snitching I call them tekashi😂
Joanne Ford
Joanne Ford 4 dias atrás
Clever. Is. Not. Cool. Nle. Is. Cool. Sorry. Clever
Panda Nuggetz
Panda Nuggetz 4 dias atrás
girls locker room: Omg I hate P.E!! :( boys locker room:
Cappin’ 4 dias atrás
Whys this song, actually as long as a lil tecca preview😂😂😂😂
keaton kuhlman
keaton kuhlman 4 dias atrás
That man is literally dawn off trailer park boys
Fee Skinner
Fee Skinner 4 dias atrás
Micheal B
Micheal B 5 dias atrás
the white guy look like peter griffon with his jaw
Kyle Carattini
Kyle Carattini 5 dias atrás
Nle has 4 dance moves
itsnotmalus 5 dias atrás
so no one's gonna talk about choppa flexing his condoms?
Number #1
Number #1 5 dias atrás
At 1:06 he said these Nigas be snitching I call him Takashi
Desmond/Desmatic Davis
Interesting not bad
LeeWetItUp 6 dias atrás
Is it
YOUNGBOI QUELL 6 dias atrás
0:46 choppa road that bihh like nothing to 1:16
Rami Elaine
Rami Elaine 6 dias atrás
Money shit old and shawty whatever the fuck we called! Tupac please come back! Oh how the world has changed!!!
Miguel Crizm
Miguel Crizm 6 dias atrás
Me when ur bae says bring protection 0:45
Young. Redd17
Young. Redd17 7 dias atrás
Better if clever wasn’t their
Breright 7 dias atrás
Nle is beast an jonthan
Mr Diamond
Mr Diamond 7 dias atrás
My man said "uh uh under"
Timmy Turners a thot
Timmy Turners a thot 7 dias atrás
Why people saying clever good he ass
Ruben Yeno
Ruben Yeno 7 dias atrás
It’s Clever ft NLE choppa not the other way
Ruben Yeno
Ruben Yeno 7 dias atrás
Clever x Meek Mill next 🔥
samuel emmanuel
samuel emmanuel 7 dias atrás
sound like lukas graham
Justin Sanders
Justin Sanders 8 dias atrás
Clever really looks like he’s in a Motley Crue cover band.
The Joe Sankovich
The Joe Sankovich 8 dias atrás
NLE be Killinn' Ittttt!!! Dude is Fire
blue face been working out
Annefranksghost 8 dias atrás
Everything was fire untill the chorus ended and he started rapping I mean mumbling I mean I don’t know what that was 🤦‍♂️
Apollo4 8 dias atrás
dam this nigga clever is FIRE
iPhone User
iPhone User 8 dias atrás
Apollo4 fake Fan Alert
iPhone User
iPhone User 8 dias atrás
Apollo4 you fake
Apollo4 8 dias atrás
dam this nigga dropping 2 much bangers
Blake Alverson
Blake Alverson 8 dias atrás
I have to listen 2 or 3 times in a row so it feels like i listened to a whole song.
Juan Jose Quinones Jr
Juan Jose Quinones Jr 8 dias atrás
1:06 Choppa said He a snitch like tekashi
Juan Jose Quinones Jr
Juan Jose Quinones Jr 8 dias atrás
1:06 he said they snitch like tekashi
Z a L i K
Z a L i K 8 dias atrás
bitch im rich till i die yea
Z a L i K
Z a L i K 8 dias atrás
@iPhone User ok
iPhone User
iPhone User 8 dias atrás
Z a L i K No
Jordan Foust
Jordan Foust 9 dias atrás
Anyone else realize how much this beat sucks. Bad 808 one backwards halftime loop and weird drum pattern
Jordan Foust
Jordan Foust 6 dias atrás
iPhone User oh yeah well when I was 9 I posted a BRvid video and it got 28 views soooo😤😤
iPhone User
iPhone User 8 dias atrás
Jordan Foust It got 14M views
@kinglord_ 9 dias atrás
Dat hook sooo fukn cold
Clayton Moore
Clayton Moore 9 dias atrás
Clever coming up in the game. Without him this song would be ass.
iPhone User
iPhone User 8 dias atrás
Clayton Moore fake Fan lmao
John Maradiaga
John Maradiaga 9 dias atrás
Clever is the Sound we All needed 🔥🔥🔥 I should probably wear a vest for all the Stress I’m onto !
Matthew Stanley
Matthew Stanley 9 dias atrás
His face 100% ruined the song4me
Chris Sachpazidis
Chris Sachpazidis 9 dias atrás
clever so shitty singer vlearly.NLE CHOPPA the reason this track has views
Nimo van Calsteren
Nimo van Calsteren 9 dias atrás
tabtoe hard niffauwwww je weeet
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