NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Stick By My Side" by NLE Choppa & Clever.
More Clever:
Directed By Karltin Bankz & Wikid
Animated By Checkz
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17 Mai 2019

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Comentários 14 432
SHot Smelly
SHot Smelly Hora atrás
Niggas be snitching I call em tekashi ~ NLE Choppa 2019 💀
Michelle 4 horas atrás
How can this song be fire but be short?? Gotta make it longer 💯💯
Opwy 5 horas atrás
What’s up with that gay ass move at 0:47 lol
Nathan Mitchell
Nathan Mitchell 6 horas atrás
“Oh hi mark”
Veroxt ant
Veroxt ant 6 horas atrás
Bitch thy rich till I die shawty never scared because she stick by thy side
ZeNo redrum
ZeNo redrum 6 horas atrás
clever is an industry plant
Trello Jackee
Trello Jackee 7 horas atrás
Clever look like a GTA 5 online character
Rocket lilrocketbabii
Rocket lilrocketbabii 7 horas atrás
lmao clever 30 and got arrested for making a bomb someone warn nle
Xavier Hawkins
Xavier Hawkins 9 horas atrás
Clever looks like a girl..a really fat girl..
Soulless exile
Soulless exile 10 horas atrás
Bruh the intro gave me the chills🔥
Not Edwin
Not Edwin 10 horas atrás
1:04 he dissed 6IX9INE
Joshua Toweh
Joshua Toweh 11 horas atrás
BlackSpartan091 11 horas atrás
Stick by thy side
Gusher 12 horas atrás
0:47 your welcome
Gusher 12 horas atrás
bets dance known to man!
Zemarion Stevens
Zemarion Stevens 13 horas atrás
Clever look like a leprechaun
Ronald Torres
Ronald Torres 13 horas atrás
Clever seu lixo , negro domina cara cu
Jazir Mandley
Jazir Mandley 14 horas atrás
Why is it so short
KleptoDzn 14 horas atrás
Snitching , I call em tekashi
Samrish Singh
Samrish Singh 14 horas atrás
came for nle choppa stayed for clever
Buckmaster 15 horas atrás
Clevers only good song
RAW E 15 horas atrás
Clever came out the womb with his middle finger up 🤣🤣
Queen kɨkɨ
Queen kɨkɨ 16 horas atrás
i never knew money was edible 🤑💰💵💸💸💶💴😂
Faust 16 horas atrás
NLE out here fucking bands
Cj Scott
Cj Scott 16 horas atrás
How many people saw the white dude in the video and went to the comments
Random Tandom
Random Tandom 17 horas atrás
Tell me why Choppa swinging around a 3 pack of magnums lmao
chicono17 3 horas atrás
Random Tandom bc money bring hoes
BIG CONNOR 17 horas atrás
This song should've been longer
Anndru Robinson
Anndru Robinson 17 horas atrás
these people be snitching i call them tekashi low key burn
Dolor's 17 horas atrás
Any rappers holla me for beats sub too love g❤
ghost killer406
ghost killer406 21 hora atrás
I love the song it is just that it is to short
Rainee Dayzz
Rainee Dayzz 22 horas atrás
Industry plant
illicit Jaidyn
illicit Jaidyn Dia atrás
*god that's my witness I just caught a bond*
conthedon Dia atrás
NLE choppa’s rapping sounds so bad
TTV.daman1182 7
TTV.daman1182 7 Dia atrás
XD nigga be snitching call him takashi
BornA HawkEye
BornA HawkEye Dia atrás
You know Yelawolf was beefing with him and yellows crying right now right? Haha
BOTb0y33 Dia atrás
That white kid who is allowed to hang
XxBam Xx
XxBam Xx Dia atrás
0:46 when your little brother try to do the shoot 😂😂😂😂😂😂
chen max
chen max Dia atrás
This shit should be longer
White boi lowkey tuff 👀
Mariano Lugo
Mariano Lugo Dia atrás
Bro this song is so lit 🔥🔥💯
Michael Hancock
Michael Hancock Dia atrás
Too short fammos!!
triangle Dia atrás
wish this song was longer
William Vargas
William Vargas Dia atrás
These niggas be snitching I call em takashi 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bryce Poe
Bryce Poe Dia atrás
I dont know the song by him but i know the lyris its ~ i keep me a stick i keep me a 9. Anyone know what song it is
Jinx Leon
Jinx Leon Dia atrás
Wish this song was longer
Malte Brr
Malte Brr Dia atrás
And when u die u go to hell
happi Dia atrás
Ahzir Parker
Ahzir Parker Dia atrás
Stick by thy side by cleverspehere 😂
EG3 Assassin
EG3 Assassin Dia atrás
Clever is the only reason I phucks with this song...
Jay Tuck
Jay Tuck Dia atrás
Clever from my home town
Jay Tuck
Jay Tuck 4 horas atrás
@johnny bagley Gadsden Alabama
johnny bagley
johnny bagley 5 horas atrás
Jay Tuck and where is that? Serious question bro
OMG A SLINKY Dia atrás
So this is where Gotye went after "Somebody that I used to know". Great comeback!
Joey Spencer
Joey Spencer Dia atrás
"Rich till I die, pull up on me and get hit with that fire" he snapped first bar 😂
Zeb tv
Zeb tv Dia atrás
Clever is an industry plant
rayquan Dia atrás
still a good song
Mark Young
Mark Young Dia atrás
0:47 When i get a fire ant on my foot
Rayaan Nazir
Rayaan Nazir Dia atrás
Too sick maaan
Menix Dia atrás
This is insane
Squiffy YT
Squiffy YT Dia atrás
Song to short🤧🤧
Mason Mcdonagh
Mason Mcdonagh Dia atrás
Wish this song was longer to short!
ronald guenette
ronald guenette Dia atrás
Bro to much heat on these fake rappers come on now
Og Blxnd
Og Blxnd Dia atrás
Best accident click i ever had
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes Dia atrás
Wwhy does this shit have 10M
ultimate gamers
ultimate gamers Dia atrás
Did anyone catch these n****s be snitching I call em tekashi
omgitzz liltweak
omgitzz liltweak 2 dias atrás
Here before 10M
Beast 2 dias atrás
This is who saw Clever say he wants to be a rock star
n h
n h 2 dias atrás
Clever is twice the age of NLE lmao
Marcus Shepert
Marcus Shepert 2 dias atrás
Clever is an industry plant which i kinda dont like but this song is still alright
hotshot G
hotshot G 2 dias atrás
0:42 fighting Johan is xxxtentation. Just saying might be
mini iverson
mini iverson 2 dias atrás
NLE murdered this hoe
BornA HawkEye
BornA HawkEye 2 dias atrás
Clever got that 90's rock nostalgic flow infused in current music. New genre? 🚫🧢🔥
Garrett Taylor
Garrett Taylor 2 dias atrás
Pull up your pants
Justin 2 dias atrás
tekashi 69
tekashi 69 2 dias atrás
Adam 22
1000 subs with no vids
1:05 I call them tekashi
edwin muranotes
edwin muranotes 2 dias atrás
Stick by my side
svageboy327 ROBLOX gamer_YT
Clever dodo
Josh Head
Josh Head 2 dias atrás
Post Malone Clever collab anyone 🤯🤔🔥
Psychodelical 2 dias atrás
We all only listening to this for clevers verses
immaeatyoass boi
immaeatyoass boi 2 dias atrás
Waiting for blueface to do a remix
Meekz TV
Meekz TV 2 dias atrás
He shoulda said I beat that pussy up like Chris did rihanna
Thuro k
Thuro k 2 dias atrás
"niggas be snitching I call em tekashi
Kmasefitness 2 dias atrás
I wish clever was on this hook with somebody else rapping lol
Valentina Galindo
Valentina Galindo 2 dias atrás
Whobelse thought it was a black person singing the first lryic
Fabio Leyva
Fabio Leyva 2 dias atrás
Holy fuck when this clever dude started signing I almost began to cry
Brujo 💀😈💀
Brujo 💀😈💀 2 dias atrás
Clever i have a feeling we gonna hear more of him... i didnt no Curt Cobain had a son jus kiddin but a instant classic !!!
Yonobii 2 dias atrás
that nigga is 16? HE LOOK like a fully grown man
nuk nuk
nuk nuk 2 dias atrás
Clever&nlechappa snapped:
iiStormii 2 dias atrás
Director: Middle Finger Clever: Yes
Putz Microz
Putz Microz 2 dias atrás
He just dissed 6ix9ine ohh shiiit😲
LuhOTF Maxx
LuhOTF Maxx 2 dias atrás
White boy fye ‼️‼️‼️‼️
Kevo713 2 dias atrás
Preston Rowell
Preston Rowell 2 dias atrás
NLE Choppa: Me: I point him out then my shooter gon get em
Rayaan Nazir
Rayaan Nazir 2 dias atrás
Clever‘ voice fckin vibrates
Trey Santana
Trey Santana 2 dias atrás
Whose better Like for :nle choppa Comment for nba youngboy
Trey Santana
Trey Santana 2 dias atrás
Bitch I’m rich till I die
Trey Santana
Trey Santana 2 dias atrás
At first I thought this shit was gonna be ass but soon ass he started singing I was like oh yeah
YSL ! 2 dias atrás
“When white people talk, they say the whole word, like thiss”
CEO Luca
CEO Luca 2 dias atrás
Nle choppa 💪🏼👊🏼
Kamil Pudelek
Kamil Pudelek 2 dias atrás
Clever way too good
Leonardo Malvestio
Leonardo Malvestio 2 dias atrás
Nle has the most random and littest moves ever
TheRap channel
TheRap channel 3 dias atrás
The best NLE CHOPPA song
i.RocK.Classic E36M3
i.RocK.Classic E36M3 3 dias atrás
This 🔥
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