Nilah's Story is Dark... (Lore Explained)

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It's been a while since we got to talk about demons.





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23 Jun 2022



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Rube Rose
Rube Rose Mês atrás
Nilah wants to slay all demons and monsters because she wants to be remembered. Ashlash basically deleted her entire existence in everyone's memories after all.
Natanael Alberto Eusebio Matos
@Ben W this is interesting af
Ben W
Ben W 29 dias atrás
Nilah wants to slaw all demons because that is the joy of the girl who used to posses that body. Ashlesh subsumed the existence girl, and sealed all emotions except joy, the girl was epistemologically erased, and Ashlesh merged with the body that remained, through the prison of the globe artifact which seals the *remainder* of it's power. Together as 1 being, _Nilah,_ uses the power of Ashlesh to bring joy to the girl that once was, through conquering monsters and evildoers. That joy, in turn, feeds Ashlesh more strength, so that the girl may face tougher opponents. But who's trapped with who? Is the girl trapped under Ashlesh's power, or is Ashlesh forced to empower the girl's joy through it's own "law of nature", which is, ultimately, going to send Nilah towards "the other 8"
Emerald Lucky
Emerald Lucky Mês atrás
isn't that vayne's lore?
Natanael Alberto Eusebio Matos
@AATROX THE WORLD ENDER she has ashlesh power. yk, a power equivalent to the aspects, the one that put you in your prison...
apophis456 Mês atrás
When surprise party fiddle kills Zoe, he says “I think it’s time to bring joy back into the world” The key she stole is most likely one keeping Ashlesh imprisoned. If so, that’s some insane foreshadowing
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza 10 dias atrás
@DragonCat Fear and Joy, ironic
LaL 26 dias atrás
@DragonCat thats my new friendship goals, locking my friends up and then losing the key
DragonCat Mês atrás
So... Fiddlesticks and Ashlesh friendship confirmed.
Richard The Erune
Richard The Erune Mês atrás
@Rick305 intense staring
Rick305 Mês atrás
Riot: Eh... yeah, YES, that's definitely what we were teasing, impressive insight random summoner!
Rogue Obscura
Rogue Obscura Mês atrás
A bit of gushing here, but Ashlesh seems like a RIDICULOUSLY powerful demon, even though most of their power seems centered on whoever 'wields' the demon. Seriously, just think about it: Ashlash just casually * erased * Nilah's existence off Runettera, from books, writings and even trying to speak about her. And even after THAT, the demon completely locked off other emotions and memories from Nilah. And with how its also rumored to maybe be directly controlling her body, it's like a sick parasite. It destroys everything except your greatest hopes and dreams, so it can keep feeding off them. And no matter what you do, you will ONLY experience the joy that directly gives it strength. And the best part? You realize Joy is the opposite of Fear, and that Fiddlesticks is at the least equally worse.
Jaice Louden
Jaice Louden 9 dias atrás
@FafliX ahri ?
DracoArgus Mês atrás
@Georgina Marshmelon u might be onto something
DracoArgus Mês atrás
@Baldur bruh thats some messed up shit
Boldişor Dorin
Boldişor Dorin Mês atrás
Joy is not the opposite of fear. Joy is the opposite of sadness and fear is the opposite of courage
Hoshi'Kuro Mês atrás
I was thinking about that. Fiddlesticks is the 1st primordial demon and feeds on the most innate emotion, fear. But what are some other innate feelings, joy. So it makes sense that the new one is a primordial demon. It is also imprisoned on the 7th layer of the underworld, which in lore and mythology, is where the worse and strongest demons are kept. This makes me wonder just how devastating would fiddlesticks become if it had an actual living host rather than scrap metal.
StormStriker Mês atrás
Btw Nilah has a voice line against fiddle where she tells him to “let the other 8 know…” So yea, fiddle is definitely related.
Danger Goose
Danger Goose 29 dias atrás
@Tovi imagine if he is the tenth or the third, but he gets joy out of annoying the other kings, so he made his whole thing seven.
Tovi Mês atrás
@BioWBE no but what about the others is what I was sayin lmao
BioWBE Mês atrás
@Tovi Ashlesh are the second to be revealed, doesnt mean the second strongest
BioWBE Mês atrás
@Fabo I isnt the primordial demons supposed to exist when the universe start to exist? So the demons that was born during the rune wars arent primordial demon.
Gazelle_ Diamond
Gazelle_ Diamond Mês atrás
@Good I mean.... Nilah isn't Ashlesh. She just uses a part of its power.
CartoonishIdealism Mês atrás
The story states that Ashlesh tried to consume the heavens themselves, only to be cast down into the underworld by the gods. I’m guessing the Aspects punished Ashlesh for trying to consume the celestial realm, by locking him away somewhere. The Aspect of Twilight might have something to do with it, considering Zoe’s key that she stole from Fiddlesticks. Speaking of which, one of Nilah’s lines states “Seven arms reach for seven locks” which seems to imply that there are seven locks keeping Ashlesh sealed away. I’m guessing those are the keys Fiddlesticks is collecting. Maybe Fiddle seeks to free its trapped sibling, and that’s why Zoe stole a key from it.
Donna Domingo
Donna Domingo Dia atrás
“I think it’s time to bring *joy* back into the world” -party fiddlesticks after killing zoe
Jiro Shiroyuki
Jiro Shiroyuki Mês atrás
@100% Organic Fresh Memes it's likely to be Zoe herself did it.
100% Organic Fresh Memes
@Legit A Mint I don't think it was Zoe because she hasn't been around nearly long enough, but more likely a previous Aspect of Twilight.
autisonm Mês atrás
What if Ashlesh actually worried the Celestials and that fear is why Fiddlesticks wants to release him? If Ashlesh puts fear into the Celestials by threatening to destroy the Celestial Realm then Fiddlesticks might be able to use that to kill them.
Hoshi'Kuro Mês atrás
@Georgina Marshmelon technically need neither. It was stated that fiddlesticks was born when the universe was, just like Bard, A.Sol was also born this way. Maybe within seconds or a little pasting time. But it seems like as soon as the universe came into being so did they. The only thing older are the Void Watchers
Gazelle_ Diamond
Gazelle_ Diamond Mês atrás
I like how they intentionally avoided the term "impostor" and instead used "pretender". But also, seeing another one of the ten revealed is actually terrifying, considering how powerful these demons are. I mean, Ashlesh managed to get to Targon Prime, for aspect's sake!
Octopassi Mês atrás
@Crazyhart the most terrifying fear of all is fear of the unknown, and fiddlesticks is so incomprehensibly alien to us, we don't even know if it has mind or not, if it has a motive or not. All we know is that we know so little about it and lack of information on how to approach this threat makes us fear it. That is what fiddlesticks is, he is "THE FEAR OF THE UNKOWN" incarnate.
Jsc1jake Mês atrás
The ten really are terrifying. I mean, have you READ Fiddlesticks' short story? He's terrifying. He basically made creepy sounds to incite paranoia and fear around a countryside town, then proceeded to pick off the people one by one all while copying their voices to feed on even more fear. Based on Fiddlesticks' voice lines, the voice copies must have been terrifying to hear. And now Ashlesh? Ashlesh invaded Targon Prime, presumably by himself. Sure, he was banished, but for anything to even put a dent in the celestial realm is kind of a big deal. I mean, Aatrox deleted the Aspect of War and left Atreus, the host, alive assuming he would die like his aspect.
BasedRoman Mês atrás
Gazelle_ Diamond
Gazelle_ Diamond Mês atrás
@Crazyhart That's a good theory
Crazyhart Mês atrás
@Gazelle_ Diamond i believe fiddle being the "1st of 10" means he's the closest to a primal emotion and thus acting like a primal beast is fitting of him. He's likely the most powerful of the 10 but is so primal hr cant really harness all that power effectively
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski Mês atrás
Wait if Nilah is aware of the void and she's a great hero, then maybe she will be the great hero that Bel'Veth mentioned to kai'sa in her story, of course she is definitely not aware of her, but she came out pretty much right after Bel'Veth and it might just be some kind of poetic justice for bel'veth
100% Organic Fresh Memes
@yoshikage kira Aatrox wants to die, so if anything he'd probably let Bel'veth kill him assuming she's even capable of it.
yoshikage kira
yoshikage kira Mês atrás
Jax or aatrox? People set out too kill the void years and years ago.
FafliX Mês atrás
@Bruh The way her story says "she will challenge the end itself" makes it sound a lot like she will face Bel'Veth or the Watchers. I hope it's not Akshan 2.0, but we'll see.
Bruh Mês atrás
so its "nilah will save the day now"?
DracorPL Mês atrás
@FafliX I never thought that and my comment wasn't here to argue with you either. It's just nice to see a fellow void enjoyer these days
MarkandMark Mês atrás
her design isn't really that bad. she has a a unique body type as well she's tall and lanky. which is already a unique take on a character that embodies joy. since people would immediately assume that a rounder figure would fit a joyous character and when you look at her in game animation it works really well how her body springs and stretches like a confetti dancing. so i wouldn't say she's a generic femal league champion
gore Mês atrás
@milk jug well yeah i agree on the demon part, it could have been a more edgy design. but im pretty sure they went with an waterbender + cultural representation on this design, with less focus on her abilities/lore being shown in her design. i think she looks good and familiar and thats what they went with i guess, kind of like many of the other bilgewater champs, nothing too flashy/crazy going on. easy on the eyes lol, and people often prefer playing human champs that looks relatable/familiar and attractive.
Oscar Blanchet
Oscar Blanchet Mês atrás
@milk jug Other than the white hair (and the giant mom thighs I guess), Camille doesn't really look older as the idea is that she keeps herself young through hextech.
milk jug
milk jug Mês atrás
I think Nilah is generic because she doesn't look interesting for what she actually has. She's carrying a piece of an ancient demon, but she looks like a normal hero. Also, she WANTS to be remembered, so that's a good excuse to make her look more bizarre.
milk jug
milk jug Mês atrás
@Oscar Blanchet Ahem, Camille. But yeah, I do think that one was a weird example.
Oscar Blanchet
Oscar Blanchet Mês atrás
Necrit also said that Renata is a generic female champion, despite being the only female character in the game that looks somewhat older.
Ashlash: i love it when you're happy Fiddlesticks: i love it when you're scared Evelynn: i love it when you're in pain Nocturne: i love it when you're paranoid Raum: i know you're secrets my guy Tahm kench: i love it when you're tasty Shaco (probably not even a demon) : i don't exist ☹️
Oh No
Oh No Mês atrás
@Dex one of the cringiest youtube comments I've ever read
Hehe Boi
Hehe Boi Mês atrás
Seraphine: hey Skarner wanna hear your dead family screams
Dex Mês atrás
one of the cringiest youtube comments I've ever read
Ender Mês atrás
"I'm the Joka baby"
Chuy N
Chuy N Mês atrás
I hope the rest of the demons if they get added as champs are not just all human or something that’s just a host. Give them a unique form like fiddlesticks that embodies what they feed.
Mar Co
Mar Co 27 dias atrás
@an argument Raum was unfortunately confirmed to not be one of the 10
a happy banana
a happy banana Mês atrás
@an argument i think that Swain captured Raum,he uses Raums power against their will,Raum isnt controlling Swain,its the other way around
sur grus
sur grus Mês atrás
@Red Hawk Agree completely
TheMagiKarp Mês atrás
All demons was a weird colored orb its just that fiddle just wake up and didnt have the time to have a real physical form (which nerf him so hard because he can only use the sound to fear people. We can assume that in centuries he'll be able to transform into people fear). Tham kench remind the worst demon to encounter in runeterra.
an argument
an argument Mês atrás
@Gnominator even better his demon would be the demon of loneliness and instead of trying to feed on every one like other demons do he would feed a lot on one singular being (amumu) and give him a deadly aura and immortality in order to make him as lonely as possible for the eternity unable to free himself from this demonic being that himself doesn't even know exist just so he wouldn't associate his curse with another living being (demon) so that he always think he is lonely and depressed
Nathanael North
Nathanael North Mês atrás
To be fair about nilah"s design, I think she needed to be human to help people really empathise on some level with the obliteration of emotions aspect of her
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Mês atrás
@zebnemma she can’t be suffering because the demon destroyed her entire emotional spectrum excluding joy which is why they say her only showing is creepy plus said joy comes from a demon.
zebnemma Mês atrás
When it said all her emotions are blocked except joy it made me think of toxic positivity. So I'm wondering if she is secretly suffering on the inside but outwardly she looks super happy. Like the demon forces her to be happy but sometimes she wants to cry or feel something else. Maybe her other emotions still exist within her but it's just getting suppressed so she's miserable and happy at the same time if that makes sense? The story said her family and friends memory if her was wiped out so surely that must be very painfull for her on some level but the demon doesn't allow her to feel those emotions. It feels more like she's a puppet being controlled, rather then her choosing to go after the monsters on her own. He granted her wish of being a hero, that's true, but now she's stuck and is not allowed to stop so even if she wanted to retire from monster slaying she is being dragged there against her will.
Mortikai Steel
Mortikai Steel Mês atrás
Completely agree, I think the design is unique in league. I am genuinely excited for her.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Mês atrás
@Julio Medina most people don’t care about that in other games yet the league of legends has a bunch of people that complain.
Yauma 10
Yauma 10 Mês atrás
I always have mixed feelings when i see the concept art for champions, because they always show alternative versions the designers made before they chose the one we got and each and every time i find most of those design to be actually better and more fascinating than the plain and boring humans we get. Evn when the champion was ment to be a human from the beginning the clothes and weapons tend to be better too in those scrapped designs. Really god examples where the Mundo rework and Sett
Yauma 10
Yauma 10 Mês atrás
@Freshly Memed Renata is really good overall for me. I would've prefer one of the already chembarons or characters like Corinna from LoR that really fit the theme but I like Rennata. Zeri on the other hand I a hard no, I know she is supposed to be some kind of crossover with valorant so the design had to be similar to it but it went to far and personally she doesn't fit in league that much. I do like Vex too and Gwen was kinda meh at first but she was the only one in character during the ruination so she grew on me.
Freshly Memed
Freshly Memed Mês atrás
@Yauma 10 Imo the only one that has really done well with the design is Renata. Her entire design fits her aesthetic, she's rich so of course she looks the part as well, but theres still enough aspects to her, her decanter, her mask, her mechanical arm, and her gun, that remind you shes a Zaunite, and a Chembaron at that.
IllusionOfArt Mês atrás
@Yauma 10 that's the thing tho each champ is from a different regions , cultures and such. Idk once again I understand but just gets kinda annoying when every charcter is judge like that. Imo I like her design and some of the pass few releases I think the most lukewarm release for me is zero everyone else I thought was good to extremely liking
Yauma 10
Yauma 10 Mês atrás
Ye I agree Nilah is not that bad compared to others, the water dance thematic and being as you said middle eastern/asian is kinda refreshing. She herself alone is not bad, but if you see her together with the last 15 champions you start to see the problem. Lorewise tho all the new champs are good, shame most can't catch up with expectations
IllusionOfArt Mês atrás
tbh I see were your coming from but I honestly like her design and how not busy yet focused it is . I like the Asian /middle eastern vibe of her appearance and clothes and I like how she like a spiritual water bender her clothing and tribal aspects. he different face and lanky long body is very interesting and cool from the other females. I feel like people just disregard this cause she slightly attractive and I get it with how riot is but people should stop using that against each character.
MrLittleman606 Mês atrás
Nilah being a human is actually pretty important for her representation. I also don't really think she's a sexualize champion as some of our previous female champs have been. Although she doesn't stray from the skinny girl build, she does provide something new and I think her design is pretty cool. I do hope however we do get some other fantasy race champions. I think a sea troll would be really cool to finally see or maybe even another marai.
Oh baby baby
Oh baby baby Mês atrás
Renata, zeri, gwen, vex, rell, Seraphine, none of then are sexualized, the older female Champions are
Abraham Leo
Abraham Leo Mês atrás
If Nilah really had a deal with a demon, it’ll be interesting to see reactions from fiddlesticks
Gaming WO
Gaming WO Mês atrás
@Rayén Valenzuela they did the lines at the same time. She was incredibly important to the lore of the ruination, they gave her lines designed to be obsolete because they didn’t want to spoil it. They haven’t done it since..because there has been no other lore events.
Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins Mês atrás
@Dark Lord Stan Yeah it shall be something along those lines. Maybe they'll also add some from Fiddle to Annie.
CartoonishIdealism Mês atrás
@Alexis Lucian also got a few new lines when Senna was released.
Alexis Mês atrás
Yasuo got "my brother returned, seems dying was the easy part". Then again it's yasuo, a marketing goldmine for LoL.
Dark Lord Stan
Dark Lord Stan Mês atrás
Something along the lines of "BlIiIiSSs" or "AsHhLeEsH".
Allie Kingsley
Allie Kingsley Mês atrás
I actually really like Nilah's design, it's nice to see someone who looks like some of my family in the game!
Benjamin Lin
Benjamin Lin Mês atrás
Pretty sure the celestial that locked up Ashlash is Zoe (or the other aspect of twilight before her) Party Fiddlesticks has this voice line of talking about her "keys" when first encountering Zoe and also has the line " I think it's time to bring JOY back." When fiddle kills Zoe.
100% Organic Fresh Memes
Zoe probably hasn't been around long enough considering Ashlash is a primordial demon. I'd guess it was a previous Aspect of Twilight.
Senpai Lettuce
Senpai Lettuce Mês atrás
What if Fiddle being the first one means he has traits of all the other demons spread throughout his skins making surprise party "joyous fiddlesticks"
Earl Lorenz Viray
Earl Lorenz Viray Mês atrás
I think the design of the Nilah was, as mentioned in the post, "based on South and Southeast Asia." It basically is somewhat their card towards having a more inclusive set of champions. It's breaking off of Western knowledge and acquiring other sources of knowledge from other cultures (but I don't think they stepped up that much in this direction). Though it is good to have more monster champions, there isn't any harm in adding more accurate representations of the people around the world (as League is based on our world, and that applies to political and cultural environments).
RabbitGirl Mês atrás
@Red Graves it’s just that she’s a safe and attractive design, riot hasn’t done much creativity in the physical appearance aspect, like they’re too afraid to stray from generic skinny beauty or the buff shirtless alternative for men. Even Belveth, who was supposed to be our newest monster champ after so many years was designed to look very human. Nilahs design and kit is boring, considering what they could’ve done with her
Red Graves
Red Graves Mês atrás
@alec boco there's barely anyone who resembles her, dafaq you mean?
alec boco
alec boco Mês atrás
@CartoonishIdealism I'm a Filipino myself too but I think zeri doesn't look like a Filipina at all even Nilah looks more Indian but zeri? Nahhh . I didn't even know she was a Filipina till I found out she was voiced by neon's VA. Her hair looks off for me and her face looks like a rip off of Gwen's but recolored with brown . But I like the part she keeps referencing her family thou bcuz Filipinos are very attached to their families. Hahhha even my mama and stepdad still makes sure I can get home before six because If I can't, I will dodging flying slippers.
alec boco
alec boco Mês atrás
@Red Graves well If your someone who's following the game, it's lore and character designs for 12 years you will eventually get irritated and get bored then look for something new and refreshing
Apple Mês atrás
@CartoonishIdealism shurima is based off of North Africa as a whole...
SeventeenGhost Mês atrás
If Nilah DOES know about the threat of the void, she might be hunting monsters to prevent the void from consuming them and evolving on them. Also why she might be looking for Viego, Vel'Beth has a quote to Viego, she seems REALLY interested in allying herself with him. And of course she would, the Ruination, however "defeated" it might be, could help the void to expand and consume even faster. But also, I wonder what would happen if the Void consumed Ruination... Would it actually adapt to it? Or maybe, the unliving part of the ruination would destroy the Void? Now that we know that the Void didn't want to exist, but now hungers for existence, that would be a cool dichotomy.
Poor Quality Gameplay
@StrategyPoint damm full retcon... i like that, but I wanted him to be a lesser demon tho and if Riot has mercy to make him one of the 10 kings I would be happy
StrategyPoint Mês atrás
@Poor Quality Gameplay shaco is now a void champion corrupted by the darkinn! Done, there you go rito have fun with that :)
Poor Quality Gameplay
@Typervader's Domain and still no shaco lore.
Luccas Mês atrás
@Typervader's Domain isn't that kinda already happening? lol
Typervader's Domain
I have a feeling ruinterra would end up with like: Ruination, Voidspawn invasion, and demons/gods and so on all doing battle
Overcharge 683
Overcharge 683 Mês atrás
Honestly, I like Nila's design. It's much more simplified than Bel'veth. Busy and overly detailed designs really don't look all that appealing. Besides her movements give her a lot of character, without the design being too overdone. Nila, Ornn, Rek'sai, Zoe, Vex, and Qiyana look great because they have simpler designs with amazing animations.
Apple Baron
Apple Baron Mês atrás
@Greatot You clearly know nothing about good designs. Making something look cool should never be the priority in creating design. The priority should be telling compelled and cohesive story.
Ms Lacresst
Ms Lacresst Mês atrás
@Greatot two things,first of all you are literally no one to talk about other people's talent heck you are not even talented at complaining on internet and second as an artist i can tell you that a design isn't about making things look cool it's about telling a story with your design if you just try to make things look cool you end up with champions like kai'sa but obviously how could you know it'
Greatot Mês atrás
@Overcharge 683 That kind of thinking is exactly the problem. Something looking cool is LITERALLY THE POINT OF DESIGN. It's everything. You do it because it looks cool, yes, if you don't, it looks like shit. If you keep things "essential" you will get walking rectangles.
Overcharge 683
Overcharge 683 Mês atrás
@Greatot Zac's a tank, so not a great example. Also if arms are not essential to the design why add them anyway? Just because they look cool isn't a good reason. I'm disappointed we didn't get gooey arms either, but I'm not gonna ask riot to overhaul her entire character cuz of one nitpick.
Greatot Mês atrás
@Overcharge 683 Buddy you can use water arms as whips, arms that extend, they could have very easily done that instead of the whip. Look up Zac. There really is no point here. Nilah looks like crap because the team has no talent, not due to some design limitation
Micah John
Micah John Mês atrás
On the Demonic Compendium, it seems as though there are other branches coming into the tree we are seeing, from the right and left. Its very clear that the demons shown in the Compendium came somehow from the original Demon of Fear, Fiddlesticks. So it is very possible these other branches are coming from 2 of the other Great Kings. The left one could be Ashlash as Delirium and Bliss could be perceived as concepts combining the feelings of Fear and Joy.
Marco Mês atrás
The Insight confirms: "Ashlesh is a member of The Ten, the oldest and most powerful demons in existence. It pushes joy to its hideous extremes, feeding on the dark, inverted aspects of the emotion, like delirium and obsession." So is the compendium wrong about them?
HadrianHexe Mês atrás
@Jaotrx instead of an 'indian girl'.......i see where your mind is at.
Jaotrx Mês atrás
I would prefer they bring a new demon or Ashley’s him instead of a Indian girl
Freshly Memed
Freshly Memed Mês atrás
@Seito Bliss is essentially the highest form of joy. Its the complete absence of any negative emotion but joy. Nilah probably just calls it the demon of joy because thats how she understands it but the Noxian's probably gave it the most accurate term, Bliss. It makes Nilah not feel anything other than joy, the absence of all negative emotion but joy.
CartoonishIdealism Mês atrás
Could be, but then again, I also think delirium, bliss and obsession can all count under the “Joy” umbrella. In the same way that nightmares could count under fear.
Seito Mês atrás
he stated that it was created by noxians, so in a way it is wrong and right
Zeliek Mês atrás
The one thing i need from Camavor when it's added to take ownership of poor Shaco! From the first moment i heard there is a place from where Vlad and (living) Viego originate, their attires screamed Shaco to me!! So please Necrit plant that idea seed to more people!
Spicypineapple Mês atrás
They should have shaco become the assassin hired to kill veigo. Or have him come into contact with another demon.
BurritoCakes 「ブリトケーキ」
Now that she's in bilgewater I wonder if Swain's in game line when he rips a soul fragment of a bilgewater champion is referencing Nilah instead "They fight the mist above the seas, never looking beneath."
IcedTea Mês atrás
it's actually really cool how they've started adding more and more lore to a hidden eastern nation apart from Runeterra. Kinda interesting how they'll add this mysterious new nation to the world because so far, 3 champs are from this neighboring continent and 2 new locations: Camavor and Kathkan
Code Nate
Code Nate Mês atrás
Nilah is they key to stop Bel'veth. It would explain why Bel'veth mentioned that Viego can still save Isolde. I think that while she is going to where Viego is imprisoned, something or someone will change her mind about killing him and ask her help to defeat Bel'veth reign.
my personal account
Nah, it's the reworked Udyr who will stop Bel'veth
Harakoni Mês atrás
​@Typervader's Domain they keeping him relevent because come on. its the ruined king, he by himself is a huge part of Leauges lore core story as a whole. plus is connected to a lot of other stories n shit so im pretty excited
Typervader's Domain
Its intresting how they are still keeping Veigo revleant though 2 champions now. Makes me wonder if hes going to be reawkwened.
Red Hawk
Red Hawk Mês atrás
Well Bel'Veth doesn't mean that Isolde can be brought back even she doesn't have that Power. But the memory of Isolde is all that remains and Bel'Veth is basically pleading with Viego that he can't let the watchers destroy that memory that is left of Isolde. That is how Viego can "save" Isolde.
TurokRevolution Mês atrás
I hope this won't turn out the same way the Sentinels of Light Event did, otherwise Riot's storytelling has become way to predictable. A new evil rises that threatens all of Runeterra (Viego/Bel'Veth). An already existing character or characters want to stop it (Lucian&Senna/Kai'Sa). A stranger appears out of nowhere with overpowers abilities (Akshan/Nilah). They team up and win, the end.
TurokRevolution Mês atrás
@ꦲꦏ꧀ꦱꦺꦛ꧀ That too.
And Rito forget the champion who with sole purpose is to defeat the apocalypse (Yorick for Ruination/Jax for The Void).
trickle13 Mês atrás
I just imagine the champ design team watching your videos thinking “we put a lot of work into this champ, Jared didn’t have to bail us out” 😂
Alexander yap
Alexander yap Mês atrás
I could totally envision a "Demonic Event", like the "void event" that's about to happen, In the next 5 to 10 years time. Where all the 10 primodial demons have been unleased upon the world, and consuming the Realm of the Aspects. OHHH I can see it now, the first story quest to League's new MMORPG. OR better, Arcane Season 4 (if they decide to do an animated show, hence they wouldn't call it arcane but who knows) about said narrative. The Clash between Gods and Monsters/Demons. When this time the aspects must seek help from the humans, Pantheon shield snapped in two. His own spear pieced into his chest as he falls from heaven. Reunited with Lucian, Senna, Gwen, Akshan, Diana and the rest of the gang. He seeks help once again from those he was saved by and trust like no other towards the vanguard of hording demons, led by the "First of Ten" "Fiddlesticks"... :Somebody pls write a fanfic holy!
Alexander yap
Alexander yap Mês atrás
@AATROX THE WORLD ENDER The 10 demons from the demonic compendium I mean
Bro chill. There is 5 darkins and 3 are known. It has been 5 years since Rhaast joined the game. And there is 10 of demons lmao.
Breadkin Mês atrás
@Jamie sadf not for this year no, but a massive void event inevitable. Probably for the MMO tho
Jamie sadf
Jamie sadf Mês atrás
there is no void event.
Orihime-chan Mês atrás
i really like nilah. she's super cute and i love the colors of her outfit and twintails are always a great thing to me.
Rachael Park
Rachael Park Mês atrás
I love her design and her character so much. NOW! I'm waiting for the next Ruination to be with these demons and everyone might just need Viego's help to stop them.
Cancer Mês atrás
I really want more lore on the ten demons, they sound so cool :)
Dr Guthrie
Dr Guthrie Mês atrás
I kinda wish Nilah was from Ixaocan, we need more rep there AND she is a waterbender, a new region is cool and all but I want some developments on the nation's we have first and Ixaocan is so cool but also lacking.
Danger Goose
Danger Goose 29 dias atrás
If you notice, her design has seven hands. The two that holds her hair together, the two holding the laughing jar, the one around her neck, and finally, her two own hands.
Miah Mês atrás
“She once had a different life - One fall, that’s what destroyed my credit. Surprise medical bills can stick with you for decades, Maggie Hassan passed a law to help it from happening to anyone else” Cool backstory.
Marrymeplease Mês atrás
Im loving the fact that we are getting more and more champions and lore from the hidden continent on the east, I hope one day we can have a full map of it and how many countries/kingdoms are there and their backstory all of this with more and more champions that come from there
thunderdrae Mês atrás
I am so glad they decided to return to Primordial Demons as a concept. The Demonic Compendium is already one of the most interesting pieces of lore in the entire game on it's own, and the Primordial Demons have so much potential for interesting design and have easily some of the most interesting stories in the entirety of Runeterra. And as much as i wish Nilah as a character was as interesting as the Primordial Demons outside of just her lore, at the very least it does go to show how powerful the Demons like Fiddlesticks and Ashleash are, because a Human harnessing a part of an imprisoned and weakened ones powers is able to defeat some of the most powerful creatures in all of Runeterra.
Doge The wise
Doge The wise Mês atrás
Claw of pain (Evelyn) Scream of fear (Fiddlestick) Mouth of greed (Tahm Kench) Hand of joy (Aarlash?) Wing of deceit (Ra'um) Trail of nightmare (Nocturne)
Ryan Roswell Cacho
Ryan Roswell Cacho Mês atrás
The 10 Primordial Demons lore is expanding and I am Hyped. Also when Necrit read about why Nilah is always smiling it is because her emotions are gone besides joy. It reminds me of the Jimmy Neutron episode where all of Jimmy's friends where removed by there emotions and only Happiness is left by an alien.
Akrottis Mês atrás
Can we get a video on all the demon lore. I think it be really cool to have all of it just layed out cause i feel as though it will be important soon enough
Guns X Graal
Guns X Graal Mês atrás
Judging by her power, I low key have a feeling that she'll meet Kai'Sa to help her fight Bel'Veth later down the road
TomateGamer2005 Mês atrás
about the keys Fiddle and Zoe have,what if the reason Fiddle is so animalistic is because when the other kings were sealed, so was his rationality? since fear is the stongest Emotion, it would make sense that Fiddle couldn't be fully sealed, just weakened to a point where he can only follow his insticts and nothing else, otherwise there would be no true reason for him to be out and about and still be one of the ten Kings and didn't Lissandra open the portal for the watchers out of fear? And what about the void,what does it bring with it? I know this is basically a conspiracy theory saying that Fiddle is basically ploting his rebirth.
TomateGamer2005 Mês atrás
@it just works maybe, I am not a lore specialist, I only know about the demons and shit
it just works
it just works Mês atrás
@TomateGamer2005 wasn't humanity on runeterra guided by celestials?
TomateGamer2005 Mês atrás
@it just works what if they never tried to mimick anything, but humans started to mimick them as a way too survive, which led to lesser demons to start copying humans, since isn't the order : Human,Azakana,lesser demon, Demon, Primordial demon?
it just works
it just works Mês atrás
Wasn't it said demons try to somehow mimmick humans to be more convincing or something? Like Evelynn, at first she didn't look like a human and primordial demons are so old they had nothing to mimmick only their instincts
Gréta Fehértói
Gréta Fehértói Mês atrás
I was kinda disappointed when Riot revealed the new champion to be yet another female character, but... hell, her lore is truly awesome. I love how she seems to connect the different storylines (The Ten, Ruination, The Void), I can't wait to see how it'll turn out. Also I hope there'll be an updated version to the map on Universe with the addition of Camavor, Kathkan and other unknown regions on the eastern continent. Tbh I don't think Nilah will be able to defeat mist creatures for good. If she could slay Viego, she'd be able to put down buffed Thresh, Hecarim, Kalista etc. too. It would be rather lame since even Death itself can't figure out how to undo the curse which keeps them from dying. Can't wait to see the voice line analysis on Nilah!
Samikel115 Mês atrás
I always thought that the ten kings had their power from negative things like Fear. But if they also have positive like Joy they are prob the strongest of them. Fiddlesticks is still prob the strongest of the kings but i wouldnt be suprised if the second strongest would be Love.
Lizabetta Mês atrás
I don't know why people dislike her so much( I love her design and effects.
Mosaddagh Moawia
Mosaddagh Moawia Mês atrás
@Apple Baron Camile
Apple Baron
Apple Baron Mês atrás
It's League community. When was the last time they liked something?
SaPK Mês atrás
her gameplay. Her design got saved by the lore so it's ok. People hating her for her dashes and mini sharable Jax's E
Mosaddagh Moawia
Mosaddagh Moawia Mês atrás
From the teasing pic people expect to be diff i mean even the demon don't show up in recall or in her abilities
christian Mês atrás
lore says that only Nilah is aware of who she was in her past, everyone else doesn’t know she existed before becoming who she is now. and ashlesh destroyed her emotional spectrum but not her mind and her ability to rationalize her emotions or just think in any way at all. really interesting. she has a voice line with swain that leads me to believe she chose to take on the demons power- knowing what the sacrifice was. indicating that the power to protect others and create her very own legend was worth the sacrifice. i really hope we get more insight on that part. really loving this champion.
Esteban Thaddeus
Esteban Thaddeus Mês atrás
I was hoping she would be able summon a sea monster. Like a distant land of sea summoners with ulti like Fizz but they all do something little different and creature forms but still a big impact and cc.
Howard Lott
Howard Lott 15 dias atrás
"Ten great kings took ten great thrones, Nine crowns adorned nine heads. One left to scratch upon their mounds, The crow, alive and dead." No one knows about the nine, but everyone knows about Fiddlesticks. He's peppered throughout history and there's tons of stories about him. But nothing about the others. ...and in Nilah's lore all record and memory of the girl vanished. How do you defeat a memetic entity? You wipe it from the minds of everyone. The mind is what these things haunt and feed off of. It's where they live, so you have to "forget" them in order to limit their power. I think the crowns in the old rhyme are prisons which erase all knowledge of the primordial entity from existence. Some ancient civilization put these prisons together and managed to trap all of the primordials except for fiddle, which is why we still have so many stories about him, but know next to nothing about the others. The girl wandered down to this thing's cell and somehow traded places by mistake. As a result, all memory of the girl was erased, and the creature was freed. Maybe it hijacked her body and her mind is what's trapped in the cage now. Possession would certainly line up with what we know. Fiddlesticks had to cobble together a body for himself. Maybe this thing is doing something similar, just taking up residence in the most convenient body available, which happened to be the girl who discovered it. They're formless without a body, the way fiddle is a black and red orb without the scarecrow, but you can't tell stories about a formless evil. Human minds need a face and a name to attach to the legend. Fiddlesticks has that down easily. Whatever Nilah is, she's having to rebuild from scratch. Now it's running around killing monsters because monsters bring misery into the world, and a world without monsters is a world of bliss/limitless food for the primordial. Fiddlesticks, if it has motivations at all, might only want joy released because fear hits that much harder when you were blissful the moment before, like the calm before a jump scare in a movie. As for how records of the ten survived the wipe at all, I dunno. Maybe certain texts are "immune" to the rewrite, creating tomes of things that were forgotten everywhere else, or maybe the magic is imperfect and bits of lore survive in old books no one knows about. That's my theory anyway.
Greenscyth22 Mês atrás
Her lore only makes me want to play Fiddlesticks more often. Her joy beckons to be snuffed out by demonic terror.
Александр Стоев
I think the story would have been more interesting if the demon had continued to erase the memory about Nilah and her deeds. Then all her stories about defeated monsters would have sounded like empty bragging to those around her, and Nilah's desire to enter the legends would have become even more tragic.
Lasse Holm
Lasse Holm Mês atrás
I feel like Nilah is the beginner of dark souls. reveling in defeating that which is bigger and stronger but realizing what truly is a challenge is what is punching in her own weight class.
Chris Sanderson
Chris Sanderson Mês atrás
If nilah can slay the killable does that that mean she could and possibly will encounter at least one of the 5 remaining darkin and then kill it/them? Being able to kill the unkillable would mean that she wouldn't need to trap it inside its weapon and could just take it out for good
Arad Shekarian
Arad Shekarian Mês atrás
If anything can kill Aatrox it has to be some primordial force that doesn’t abide by the rules of reality.
SpiritoftheSands Mês atrás
Aatrox: "Yo sign me the fuck up!"
Aikiry-Yena Mês atrás
I really am happy that demon lore is getting some love Jared really created a great story... Now I hope he can keep the momentum and go way further and is able to let us explore more about them. I'm still confused about Fiddle being the first (so technicly the strongest) while being the one without a crown and left on his mound ??? If we take words for words the poem telling us that they were 10 "kings" but one without a crown (i suppose fiddle). Does that mean he was not "smart enough" and too "savage/brut" to "rules" over a kingdom ?? Since it seems that Ashlesh is able to communicate and make deals (so it must be "smart enough") meaning that one time the "10" (mostly 9 from the poem) ruled the world. That could explain why Fiddle's form is just a mess of items , unlike Ashlesh who is shown to have 7 hands (so a more humanoid form), which could explain why he tried to overtake Targon Prime ? (just like a "bad king" in any fantasy world would do). But by going this way that means even if Fiddle is the first of ten (and the only one "free"), it isn't the strongest since it lacks "intelligence" (idk how to phrase it better) unless because Zoe took one key from Fiddlesticks that would mean it is weaker than usual and that could have resulted in it being less "smart" and more "savage" making it unable to be a king and rule a kingdom, leaving it without a crown. Anyway my ADHD mind is speeding through all of the theories it can create ^^', so I hope I could make my point clear enough to be understood :C !
Tom Bomb
Tom Bomb Mês atrás
Well yeah fiddle can’t rule because he doesn’t even know anything about the new world he’s roaming in, I don’t think fiddlesticks is even aware of his power, I’d like to think he’s a robot of some sort(not literally). Where he’s programmed to do one thing, consume and inflict fear around him, he could give a rats ass about anything else as long as he’s consuming the fear he inflicts on others.
Klavicus Mês atrás
Really nice and mysterious story. Still would have liked more to see a mobile female darkin with a whip instead
deep deep
deep deep Mês atrás
I love how the demons arc is developing so far
Dani el Duck
Dani el Duck Mês atrás
Nilah may have fallen for a wish-like spell. "I can give you joy, I can give you power to defeat giant monsters just like your heroes". As she accepts, she becomes the demon's avatar, pure joy slaying all it's enemies until it can take the heavens for itself and it's true form.
Maximiliam Gruca
Maximiliam Gruca Mês atrás
So Nilah has the power to defeat unslayable creatures first thing that came to mind was her facing off against Olaf, whose future is to die peacefully Boy wouldnt that be a good fight?
Trae Personius
Trae Personius Mês atrás
Honestly to me it seems like Ashlash is using her as his puppet, controlling her by giving her the ability to become what she wanted, but by sacrificing her feelings other than joy. I think that by defeating monsters and giant problematic things like the void, this is causing more people to survive those atrocities and thus live joy filled lives instead of just dying or being in fear. Ashlash is using this bliss of getting saved and getting to live in peace to become the most powerful demon, a demon that feeds off of and benefits by farming and creating; joy. And by "seeing the end" she understands that the end is Ashlash using the joy and bliss of the people Nilah saves to become the one true demon king and enslave the ones he helped "save" from all the big scary monsters.
StraightYAKet Mês atrás
Something I just noticed, some demons induce fear. Fiddlesticks raw fear and Nocturne for examle nightmares, which give people a feeling of fear. Yet, joy is not connected to fear besides beeing quiet the opposite. So may it is possible that everyone of the ten kings hungers for a different emotion? And can these produce ofspring that hunt for this emotion, but in more crystalized form?
Gazelle_ Diamond
Gazelle_ Diamond Mês atrás
@StraightYAKet Possible, though we don't actually know how demons work. Well, we know that Azacana can apparently become more powerful in time, so maybe that is how Nocturne, Evelynn and Tham came to be, but.... idk
StraightYAKet Mês atrás
@Gazelle_ Diamond And than the question is, if Nocturne is of some incomprehensable lineage of Fiddle.
samzn Mês atrás
@StraightYAKet It isnt just simple joy, It feeds of obsession and delirium too. It pushes joy to its unhealthy extremes which include things like addiction and the other two i mentioned.
Gazelle_ Diamond
Gazelle_ Diamond Mês atrás
Fiddle is the primoridal demon of Fear while Nocturne is merely a lower demon, which is why his thing is far more specialised and around nightmares instead of a simple, raw emotion like fear.
Jeman Villa
Jeman Villa Mês atrás
i think demons should be rework that they will be played showing the emotions the represent.. Tahm should be more agressive Eve should have hp burns and Noc should be creepier Fidddle and Swain is perfect
Jaden Isiah
Jaden Isiah Mês atrás
I was actually really dissapointed that she didn't have any lore interaction with Yone. Both are using demons of great power to figure out who they are in legend. But I'm not surprised since they prolly don't even know each other yet, although Yone is everywhere all at once considering he's all over runeterra with his swiftness of power.
Angelum Mês atrás
Nilah in the trailer says “I hope the heavens are watching, I hope they’re trembling ” or something like this, now why would she want the heavens to be scared unless…The demon of joy makes her say that since he already tried attacking the heavens and the celestials, what if he has control over what she says, so interesting
Snuffo Mês atrás
After seeing some of the initial concepts for Nilah I have no idea why Riot decided to go with this design. It feels like when we see the concept arts for new champions, for some reason, Riot always choses the worst ones. Some of her concepts are very cool, it's quite disappointing what we got in the end.
Peace Pham
Peace Pham Mês atrás
The design is intended to stay more close to South and Southeast Asia. The problem is it need preoccupied knowledge to understand.
Aquadactyl Mês atrás
Belveth's final design > Belveth's consept deseign
Am0 Mês atrás
Moral of the story: thanks Jared Rosen, our saviour. No, seriously, if only the designers created a champion's aspect based on his stories we would be hyped for every champion release
Blake T
Blake T Mês atrás
If she had all her emotions taken and replaced with nothing but joy i wished they emphasized that up up 100% in the design shes just smirking in half the art/model they could've given her an unnaturally big smile that looks like its hurting her to keep up, something like the people that suffer from Joker toxin in the batman comics.
JOBO Mês atrás
Hey Necrit, what if the reason she puts on such a spectle and hunts monsters is because it will bring the nearby people/all who hear of her legend to joy. Meaning the demon gets to feed large amounts or maybe even forever due to her legend?
Gage Mês atrás
You should do another video connecting as much lore and theories on the 10, it's my favorite part of the league of legends lore.
Just_Dont_Do_It Mês atrás
"she cant feel anything but joy" SHE ATE THE SMILE FRUIT and it failed
Storm Surge
Storm Surge Mês atrás
Ashlash = lol Doflamingo?
RayD Mês atrás
yea, now i think that eventually there will be a void event, and Nilah might be one of the champs to go up against Belveth, and since it looks like they are not giving star guardian a pve gamemode, but launched the spellbook gamemode on pbe already, might mean that they could be saving the pve gamemode for the void event
Nahrikkon Mês atrás
ngl i want her demon to try take over fiddle and actually get scared and then consumed
FalllenSamurai Mês atrás
Necrit I had an idea I thought I'd share with you with this new void event I hope riot dose something with aatrox like some kind of voiding goes to eat aatrox and he uses that as his next host and becomes part of the void and goes to fight both bel veth and the watchers because he peered into the void and didn't like the void
Kogu Mês atrás
I actually love that her design is kinda "unremarkable", after the high noon skins I was loosing faith on Riot's design team capability of making actual normal and not edgelord over the top designs. And on a lore perspective, as said, she needs to be nimble and travel light and she doesn't need many earthly possessions since all she feels is joy, she's always contempt with what she got. And, to finish, she is one, if not the prettiest champs ever released and also the first south/southeast asia looking one, so it's good that she's not ridiculously stereotipey. Don't like that she's another super mega warrior capable of defeating god in another hot lady body, but you know, that's not the point I'm bringing here
Seith Mês atrás
this reminds me so much of the elements minisieries of adventure time, where everyone that was transformed into candy was mindlessly happy and there was even the dilemma if it was right or not to return them to normal
Nicolai Laude
Nicolai Laude Mês atrás
I love how they don't utilize Ixtal and just choose to introduce new places here and there.
Phi Nga
Phi Nga Mês atrás
I really like Nilah's design. And I wonder if the 10 Great Kings will be these emotions: fear, anger, shame, contempt, disgust, guilt, distress, interest, surprise, and joy. Now we have Fiddlesticks (Fear) and Ashlash (Joy).
JayStorm Mês atrás
Sadness should be a primal emotion
Gazelle_ Diamond
Gazelle_ Diamond Mês atrás
@Ninjatorium Nova Fiddle is about to re-enact the third impact with that mech-suit.
Ninjatorium Nova
Ninjatorium Nova Mês atrás
@Clara Clenky I wouldn't really call Fiddlesticks an avatar, it's more like he's piloting a mech suit. But both Fiddle and Ashlash seem to be made of goop, so you might be onto something.
Doomking raye
Doomking raye Mês atrás
To everyone really: I just checked it out and it is indeed confirmed that eve and Tahm are not primordial
Is Orstho
Is Orstho Mês atrás
@Doomking raye As far as I can remember. Evelynn was born during the Rune Wars because of the extreme amount of suffering and agony that millions of people felt at the same time. In that case she is not a primordial demon. Also she is the demon of agony
raistlinmajere1000 Mês atrás
In the visual aspect, they could have added the ghostly additional arms, however you nailed what happens with Riot in your last video.
pokimane Mês atrás
@The Tillter I mean those ghostly hands
Oui Mês atrás
I mean, it's still the only thing they teased uf with for such a long time, they once again baited us by showing a teaser that had nothing to do with the end result and I'm getting so tired of this tbh
The Tillter
The Tillter Mês atrás
@pokimane agreed
pokimane Mês atrás
Nope it doesn't need it
Gamey __
Gamey __ Mês atrás
the fact that nilah can only laugh at everything in her life reminds me of the failed "smiles" from one piece that make it so who ever has eaten one is unable to stop laughing
IngShiroe Mês atrás
I was thinking the same thing!
nimrod films
nimrod films Mês atrás
the one Nilah line i noticed on the pbe that made me think "Oh my god what is her lore?" is "All i feel is joy!..... it is... difficult..."
Tracer_Of_Time Mês atrás
Such a dark story. Love it
Blair West
Blair West Mês atrás
One thing that I've always been confused about is the fact that Runeterra's premier monster threat seems to come from the void, and yet there are so many more threats here. Is this place just a monster infested planet? How does the average person survive here?
Luke Maker
Luke Maker Mês atrás
Necrit, one thing you said may be wrong, she may knows what happens with her after she dies, since she basically sold her soul for demonic powers, is not that she knows what will happen to the world. But if we consider the void thing as truth, she may have another reason to kill the beasts, so the void won't consume them to become even more stronger.
Lucifer Mês atrás
Don't the demons also represent other emotions? It can be a common goal Nilah wants to defeat all evil Ashlash wants to rid of all but joy
Kacperskid Mês atrás
I wonder if her trying to find the others from the Ten Kings, is about her not feeling emotions because of Ashlesh. Maybe she could somehow get her emotions back after meeting other primordial demons.
Peter Rainbow
Peter Rainbow Mês atrás
I'm so confused about league's power levels now, Darkins, Celestials, Ascended, Elementalists from Ixtal, Azakana, Yordles, Watchers, Dragons, Undead, Voidlings, Vastaya, Demigods, World runes... AND THERE IS STILL SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL THINGS LIKE DARKINS AND MORDEKAISER! I'm really lost on how to measure their power...
The Hades
The Hades Mês atrás
Story is alright nothing unexpected but alright but it can't carry how bland and uniterasting she is Like dude look how amazing fiddlesticks looks and there is another one of the demons like him just being a snow globe
chillmadude Mês atrás
tbf nilah is of an ethnicity we've never seen in league of legends (also has clothes/sense of fashion from a culture we haven't seen yet), so personally i'm fine with her design (even though we have an over abundance of characters that try to look appealing, and it would be nice to have a champion of an under represented race in runeterra ... or an actual monster champion ...)
Botshelo Sekgweleo
Botshelo Sekgweleo Mês atrás
I like how this news channel is branching to do lore, so cool
Grae Mon
Grae Mon Mês atrás
Imagine nilah fights fiddlesticks... joy vs fear that's gonna be epic and btw she's a perfect partner for Evelyn masochist🤣
Invoker 69666
Invoker 69666 Mês atrás
Ashlesha is the Sanskrit name of the 9th constellation among 28 lunar constellations used in jyotish (Jyoti=light) that which brings light and awareness . another name for jyotish is hora shastra ( hora = time and shastra = science ). The science of time that grants knowledge of the cyclical nature of time , the never-ending loop of the past present and future . The name nilah means blue in Sanskrit . The root word Neel is the base sound of the 17th constellation called Anuradha which is compared to a lotus flower as it blooms beautifully pristine and aromatic on muddy water through digging deep roots . Its important to note that in the 5 element scheme or pancha bhuta system in the Vedas (Sanskrit based ancient texts from which nilah is heavily based on) water is akin to emotion and when fully purified is akin to joy or bliss or ecstasy and the sound Neel heavily describes both pure water and space /ether .
Feedar Man
Feedar Man Mês atrás
Just hope we get an actual bilgewater champion soon. Preferably some pirate asshole, the game desperately needs more of those.
Slow Mo
Slow Mo Mês atrás
Honestly speaking, Nilah's lore makes me wish that we had the Joy Demon instead of her. Because it feels more like Nilah's lore is rather the Demon's lore
Retr0 Mês atrás
I was really hoping for a fish/shark-person using claws as a weapon after the first teaser of that tavern art, but it is what it is.
Tiptoplolepop Mês atrás
To be fair, I think it’s unfair to call Nilah “another sexy female”. Perhaps I’m missing something but nothing about her design really screams sex appeal (as by its stereotypical form); her design is neither revealing nor curvy.
Cosmia Mês atrás
Necrit been misogynistic lately ... 🤭
Дюсеков Ильяс
@EJ Makibelo what do you mean. Did you see her splash art. Her fucking wings that conveniently folded like thighs.
Дюсеков Ильяс
@Veda 123 Vex is cute. And it is attraction appeal. Renata is a stereotypical Dommy Mommy. And so is Bel'Veth in the splash art with her thighs.
Дюсеков Ильяс
@Mehdi 2Kimoon being attractive is a problem too, I am not saying I don't like sexy champs, but they could use any race and make them attractive too. Not just humans. And yes Bel'Veth and Renata are meant to look like a Dommy Mommy. But Bel'Veth is a Dommy Mommy in the splash art only.
Дюсеков Ильяс
@-Last Gamer- Lg he more likely wants to see a non human/human looking design. Bel'Veth doesn't count since she adapted to look humanoid. And saying she isn't design to look sexy is funny. Have you seen her thighs in her splash art?
Mr. Skeleton
Mr. Skeleton Mês atrás
why do I get the feeling ashlesh is using nilah's story to harvest joy from others, because people love tales of adventure, which in turn sparks joy and excitement, and also tend to flock to the person who's about it
Rockleon Mês atrás
you pointed out a topic i was trying to keep at the back of my head. if she was here earlier the ruination would be viego getting whipped by nilah and eventually killing him with 1000 slashes.
Gilles Notard
Gilles Notard Mês atrás
My point is that Nilah is fighting powerful beings to eventually get killed, she would be free of the demon's curse on her emotions, and she'll die happily. (oh and I would love a skin line about champions becoming demons' hosts, I can only imagine Vex as Ashlesh's host, she would be forced to feel joy and that would be amazing to watch)
Merik Malhads
Merik Malhads 12 dias atrás
Demonic entities of higher power often have more of their power outside of their corporeal being. It is possible that Nilah is syphoning power away from Ashlesh in order to weaken him but in turn, his power comes with a fraction of his joyful being which forces Nilah into her state of eternal happiness. The seven hands held power capable enough of erasing memory of the person she once was, a power usually reserved for gods. Perhaps what they are doing is keeping the true power of the demons away from their physical forms but, the shear amount of power they hold is beyond the capacity of whatever seal is being used. Therefore they would need to somehow harness that power and thereby use the sleeping demon lords as batteries to power the mechanisms of their own imprisonment
criis jooy
criis jooy Mês atrás
8:57 omg, this could be a decent setup for annie rework(or character/lore development) imagine if they also use the demons race to improve syndra's lore.
Kaz Zet
Kaz Zet Mês atrás
Reminds me of how the Ancient One also takes advantage of Dormamu’s power
Reis Grimery
Reis Grimery Mês atrás
Remember when RIot released the demon roadmap or something? THe Azkana.was the only branch where demons from all side connect to. So my theory is they all started as azkana (small demons) then begin to feed on people negative emotions. THen they will have their favorite emotion to feed on and basically became the symbol of the demon that feed on that emotion.
Fady Fekry
Fady Fekry Mês atrás
wait hold on a second, Nilah has the power to kill unslayable creatures.. So Aatrox and the Darkin would finally die if they fought??
Spicypineapple Mês atrás
Probs was consumed by the Joy demon????
Virdamo from Ko-Metru
Kinda want her to meet Aatrox, as he is her exact opposite: edgy muscled warrior filled by a dark power who seeks gods to kill.
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