Neymar's status is x-factor for Brazil vs. Korea | Pro Soccer Talk: 2022 World Cup | NBC Sports

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3 Dez 2022



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Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos Mês atrás
Brasil vai ganhar de croacia , mais se pegar argentina pode chegar a perde ou ganhar e se pegar a horlanda vai perde , mais se pasar pra final vai perde pra França, Brasil perde sempre pra seleções europeias grande ,Brasil não ganha essa copa , mais é a pura verdade, a Vitória de hoje na pequena Coreia do Sul não é garantia de que a seleção tem capacidade de ganhar a copa.
Johnay Smith
Johnay Smith Mês atrás
Brazil will always be favorites
ogawa yosi
ogawa yosi Mês atrás
A força do Brasil é coisa do passado. Espero que a tragédia do Mineiron de 2014 volte. Para a partida entre Coreia do Sul e Brasil, prepararei a foto do funeral de Neymar e o apoiarei.
David Perez
David Perez Mês atrás
brazil halftime 4-0
KOREAN친구 Mês atrás
Regardless of whether we win or lose, I think it will be a really fun game. 👍👍 I am grateful to see Son and Neymar play together. ❤❤
KazeNino Mês atrás
Should Brazil bring Neymar off the bench so he can finish the game?
Benny_8 Mês atrás
No, I’d have him start, play the first half or 30 minutes and take him off after he’s created or scored the first goal
Olvin G
Olvin G Mês atrás
Daily Journal
Daily Journal Mês atrás
vThere were 3 things that went against the Korean team. 1. Stadium is too hot is set the same as Brazil's weather rather than the Korean winter game, Korean is already lost walking into this stadium which matches Brazil’s humanity and hot weather. 2. Referee called the fake penalty by the Brazilian player. And didn’t call 2 penalties, thus score should be 1-0 now. 3. Energy, the Korean team with so many injuries beat the better Portugal team, their energy is spent already.
Allvaro Mendonça
Allvaro Mendonça Mês atrás
kkkkkkkkk brazil is better, period.
Gil Fernando
Gil Fernando Mês atrás
Nobody cares about favoritism, football is seen on the pitch and Not what ignorant pundits say. pundits say lots of things that turn out to be wrong and disgusting!
LuckyBlue Mês atrás
RJ Contre
RJ Contre Mês atrás
Sorrryy.....neymar is not an X-factor. Total misuse of term X-factor. Brazil will beat Korea without Neymar. Neymar is not necessary. Neymar is a luxury or a cherry on top....but not an x-factor.
Light *
Light * Mês atrás
You know nothing kid
k96 Mês atrás
I'm calling it now, Korea will UPSET Brazil.
Fleisbester Mês atrás
It did... lol
Wockytalkie Mês atrás
(: 🇧🇷
JayB Mês atrás
Uh-oh... ;). No spoiler - respect the bravery!
John789 Mês atrás
lol these little asians think they can actually compete in athletics 🤣
Jack Ice
Jack Ice Mês atrás
At least they competing in the World Cup and look where u at😂
Alex Hwang
Alex Hwang Mês atrás
Racist af lol
Rayan Mês atrás
@James Jun well said
James Jun
James Jun Mês atrás
🤡 Koreans are tall also what’s wrong with being short maradonna is literally the best player ever by a light year with Messi coming a close second and they’re 5’5 5’7 respectively
jiraiya86 Mês atrás
Koreans arn't little.
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