NewJeans - "Super Shy" + "OMG" [2023 Billboard Music Awards] 

Billboard Music Awards
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NewJeans perform "Super Shy" and "OMG" at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.
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The “2023 Billboard Music Awards” (BBMAs) celebrate music’s greatest achievements, honoring the year’s hottest names in music determined by year-end performance metrics on the Billboard charts. The BBMAs are delivering a reimagined award show concept that will entertain fans with music and exclusive content, including winner celebrations, behind-the-scenes moments, and performances created by the world’s biggest chart-topping artists. Performances and award celebrations will take place in global locations, in the midst of sold-out tours, and in custom venues - all with bespoke BBMAs creative.
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18 Nov 2023



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Comentários : 5 mil   
@ShotsAnimals 15 dias atrás
A music video that breathes life into a song and paints a new realm before your eyes, akin to an enchanting journey through a world of colors and energies🎶
@urhypeboy 11 dias atrás
This is not a music video lol?
@ayanahmed559 11 dias atrás
@@urhypeboyFrr this comments was lowkey cringe 💀💀
@dallNoki 10 dias atrás
We love google translate
@ZennLee_99 9 dias atrás
You say this on every video. And theyre not even music videos😂😂
@lillninoo 14 dias atrás
their stylist never ever disappoints
@user-ox2bn5ss7k 9 dias atrás
except danielle in new jeans they did her dirty😭
@xZayax 9 dias atrás
@@user-ox2bn5ss7k confused. why are there so many weird comments about danielle lately
@user-ox2bn5ss7k 6 dias atrás
@@xZayaxI’m not really sure, I love Danielle and I’m not trying to hate on any of the members but the stylists keep doing her dirty😭
@Sakinah.Mohamadali 6 dias atrás
Nah their stylist do disappoint most of the time, their stylist don't really dress them up in outfits for their age and sometimes she dresses them horribly
@ravfyy 5 dias atrás
the first one was kind off- but the second outfit for OMG? they definitely ate
@desti-yeet 8 horas atrás
their live performances are always so unique and out of the box. i love that they switch up their songs so it doesn’t feel like you’re seeing the same thing over and over again ❤️
@patotieikeu 5 horas atrás
fr that's why in just one year after their debut they're become so much popular and their songs is super catchy at the same time
@livilovegood Dia atrás
NewJeans- Первая женская группа, которая выступила на BMA! Они - легенды среди всех женских исполнителей❤🎉
@mulfand7762 18 dias atrás
Congratulations NewJeans for being one of the first kpop girlgroup to win BBMAS!!! So proud of you
@PiggiesInTheRain 5 dias atrás
Who were the other ones?
@Oxygenocident 3 dias atrás
@@PiggiesInTheRainre-read the comment babe
Performances maravilhosas, na dança, no visual, na animação, no cenário New jeans veio com tudo. Lindo de ver.
@sj8814 18 dias atrás
They are the definition of monster rookie. Slaying hard since debut. Nationally internationally both
@joeE-kt8of 18 dias atrás
and globally
@siuaiseo 17 dias atrás
@@joeE-kt8of as opposed to the non-global international indeed, thank you for the precision.
@oliviaambrowicz6153 16 dias atrás
im 500th like yippee
@ArtwithPRAGYA 15 dias atrás
monster rookies nah Hybe rookies
@ZinnDee_ 15 dias atrás
I'm your 1k like 😊
@BlueberryRiki 21 hora atrás
Newjeans had an incredible first 400 days of music career. They are The Moment. They are Kpop.
@illyrianaa 11 dias atrás
Now THAT’S how you do a performance! Bravo NewJeans, you showed everyone why you deserved the top k-pop artist award!
@starbutnopatrick3436 9 dias atrás
The way their stage concepts are always well thought of
@IHiggs 5 dias atrás
They have a great team behind them
@BBT595 12 dias atrás
진짜 이런 러블리한 케이팝 무대를 빌보드에서 한게 대단한 것 같음 보통 다 걸크러쉬컨셉만 해외에서 잘됐던거같은데
@user-harook777 5 dias atrás
미국에서 K팝 걸그룹으로 최고 흥행한 타이틀 노래가 피브티 피브티의 큐피트. 타이틀 누적은 뉴진스가 1위 .수록곡 포함 앨범전체 스트리밍횟수는 트와이스가 1위. 이 3그룹이 걸그러쉬 컨셉인가요? 작년 미스포티파이 스트리밍 1위 트와이스. 올해는 현재 뉴진스가 1위 . 2위는 트와이스 . 스포티파이 70억 스밍 최초 돌파 걸그룹 트와이스 미국에서 앨범판매는 단일이든 종합이든 항상 트와가 1위 , 2위가 뉴진스. 미국에서 최초의 야외콘서트에 도전해서 성공한건 방탄 다음으로 트와이스 . 미국에서 대형스타디움 콘서트를 방탄에 이어서 걸그룹으론 최초로 도전해서 성공한것도 트와이스 미국에서 걸크러쉬만 통한다는건 당신의 선입관임
@cathyyu173 4 dias atrás
@@user-harook777I don‘t think your comment has anything to do with this video. The above comment did not even mention Twice, fifty fifty or bts, nor did it say that NewJeans is the top. It just praised their performance and getting the award at BBMA. Why do you have to talk about the irrelevant Kpop groups and songs?
@user-harook777 4 dias atrás
@@cathyyu173 미국에서는 걸그러쉬 쌘 음악만이 통한다고 말하기에 그것은 선입관이라고 말하는겁니다 나의 주장을 뒷받침하는 근거를 제시한거고요 어떤한 주장을 할때에는 당연히 근거를 가지고 하는거라 배웠습니다
@singing_on_the_way 16 dias atrás
와 뭐야 무대세트 퀄리티 오졌다 진짜 그와중에 빛나는 뉴진스
@hrrtsy 18 dias atrás
They’re all giving visuals, the makeup, the outfits, everything is on point!! Love these girls!!!!
@hannis_personal_phone 18 dias atrás
yesss especially hanni and hyein! i can take my eyes off them
@willa9880 13 dias atrás
​@@hannis_personal_phoneGirl when I tell u I gasped when I saw Hyein in the 2nd fit like she looks ethereal
@mandapanties 3 horas atrás
I'll forever be obsessed with the OMG choreo.. it's such a laid back vibe I love it sm
@esperanzaatkinson4185 17 dias atrás
I love hearing the movement when they sing and dance!! New Jeans is definitely a group worth spending money on seeing them live❤️
@wolfieno5471 16 dias atrás
It's pre-recorded
@AmiAki 14 dias atrás
They are not singing live hun 😂😂
@ebreshea 14 dias atrás
@@wolfieno5471 Yeah this was not the album version, though. It seems like groups will often record a version that includes slightly imperfect double-tracked vocals to give the illusion of live vocals, which is really weird. The only things giving it away are - 1. even though the vocals were a little shaky, everything was 100% on pitch. And 2. The members clearly were not exerting themselves in the way one normally does when singing, so they were obv lip syncing, and instead focusing on their visuals.
@Strawberry-zb9mz 12 dias atrás
this isn't live, but they're pretty good live as well!
@Jinee0027 17 dias atrás
웰메이드 스테이지.... 국내 음방도 연출이나 무대 등 수준이 높게 준비한것으로 기억하는데 빌보드무대는 특히나 이에 걸맞은 고퀄리티 무대같다
@lizzyoregel5841 9 dias atrás
Muchas felicidades hermosas Reinas monsters rookies por sus 4 premios MAMA, arrasaron como siempre.
@icariuszoe4898 7 dias atrás
Babymonster yes
@luisiana2942 8 dias atrás
Let's go NewJeans, you are leading the 4th generation and with your beautiful voices and fresh music are becoming the future of k-pop!! Congratulations, I root for you!
@xOmniCloudx 6 dias atrás
5th generation debuted with Babymonster according to YG so NJ is now the present in the industry it seems.
@luisiana2942 5 dias atrás
@@xOmniCloudx Okay...but I personally don't like Bebymonster's concept and music, plus this video is about NewJeans so I'm here to praise them
@xOmniCloudx 5 dias atrás
@luisiana2942 Fair enough. Thank you for editing comment to 4th gen after. For what it's worth, I don't think 5th generation started yet and see Baemon as 4.5 generation, same as New Jeans.
@luisiana2942 5 dias atrás
@@xOmniCloudx I agree with this! I don't get the need to divide groups into generations anymore, now k-pop is so strong internationally and is challenging big artists on the charts, and the world doesn't care about this generation thing. Now groups keep having success even ahead of their generation, look at Seventeen or Twice. Anyways, I wish the best of luck to both groups cause this is not an easy job and I just hope their agencies treat them well
@xOmniCloudx 5 dias atrás
@luisiana2942 Exactly! I said the same on Baemon video but got "corrected". The industry has evolved so much that the terms generation have either lost all meaning, is merely a marketing tool or, has simply evolved past the old definition. The 3rd gen groups are still dominant forces while 4th gen has only just recently found its footing as top of the mountain acts so, it's bizarre to think that there's suddenly a 5th generation to me.
@PurpleHaze4me 19 dias atrás
They won the Top Global Kpop Artist award at BBMA. Congrats to New Jeans!
@marksmith8210 18 dias atrás
Because they showed up...similar to how MAMA works against some groups that won't show up.
@ImenLkr-gm8yu 18 dias atrás
​@@marksmith8210isn't this pre recorded ? They were at world's so they didn't attend . whatsoever a win is win , just let them appreciate
@missingx1 18 dias atrás
pffffft not the replies getting mad😭😭
@Nas.Adagala 18 dias atrás
@@FIGHTFAN777it’s a real category that BBMAs has.
@riri30 18 dias atrás
their stylists went all out and so did the girls! what an eye pleasing stage✨🧚💛
@kurniawardani2446 18 dias atrás
NEWJEANS so perfect group. Vocal 💯 Dance 💯 Rap 💯 Visual 💯 Stage presence 💯 Hyein so perfect and having soft voice. She always killed his part and amazing performance. Style her so good and so cute💜💜💜☺️☺️☺️. Maknae on top❤❤
@soph..p 11 dias atrás
new jeans is amazing! they will always se my first and most favorite group everr! i am so proud of them for coming so far, i hope they have many years of success ahead of them!! i will always be a bunny no matter what! go bunnies!🐰🐰 🆕👖🔛🔝🫶🏼🫶🏼
@user-kb6qq5uc5t 18 dias atrás
NewJeans는 같은곡 performance 를 매번 변화를 주고 고퀄 무대를 선보이는게 신기하고 그 창작성에 놀란다..
@brayanvega7847 13 dias atrás
New Jeans, in the future it will be one of the most important groups in the world. They are pure art.
@amai_zing 18 dias atrás
this performance is my newest obsession - they're just so unbelievably incredible
@chriswho2010 18 dias atrás
Katrina mother making TV and karaoke
@chriswho2010 18 dias atrás
Katrina family ilsten church music
@chriswho2010 18 dias atrás
Katrina family ilsten Christmas music
@chriswho2010 18 dias atrás
Katrina family ilsten Halloween music
@lindsay7217 17 dias atrás
I'm so impressed with how stable their vocals are 🎉
@fannie-annie 17 dias atrás
Are you sure it’s live? ;)
@kellychan2182 16 dias atrás
@Soyboi0_0 16 dias atrás
@@fannie-anniefeels like it’s recorded
@charlotteleung5468 16 dias atrás
you can literally hear them breathing@@Soyboi0_0
뉴진스 수상 축하하구! 슈퍼샤이 오앰지 무대 전부 너무 좋다! 목소리도 잘 들려서 좋고!! 중간에 의상 바뀌는 연출도 너무 좋고! 좋다 좋아!! 너무 예쁘게 푹신푹신 부드럽고 귀여운 느낌? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 좋아요! 💙💖💛💚💜
@jnncb 17 dias atrás
There is no such thing as a bad stage for NewJeans!! They did so well!!
@pepetamasiixo8446 5 dias atrás
@dune199027 16 dias atrás
몇년전 빌보드 공연에서는 관객을 너무 많이 보여줘서 공연 집중도가 떨어지고 연출이랄게 없었는데 퍼포먼스가 많이 나아진 듯 해린 인트로 퍼포먼스 미친 것 같다
@Xuepreme69 19 dias atrás
They slayed as usual no cookie crumbs left. Newjeans is so humble inviting billboard to their concert like that.
@monirothchan1209 19 dias atrás
Puahahahhaha 🤣🤣
@maliexe7959 19 dias atrás
@geysonkid 19 dias atrás
Humble... Right.
@jaynadiah5498 19 dias atrás
@LetsGaurr424 19 dias atrás
Its a joke
@juniebooks6113 18 dias atrás
NewJeans look so adorable in their OMG outfits! I feel like it would be so much fun to attend their performance because their songs are so catchy and upbeat.
@ellaphantuju7341 18 dias atrás
Minji's visuals are insane... and I absolutely love her voice Hanni's honey vocals!! So pleasant to hear Danielle's live vocals are so smooth and sweet Haerin has really improved a lot in her stage presence, she is just constantly getting better and better Hyein is so successful at such a young age, and she's so talented she deserves it
@hannis_personal_phone 16 dias atrás
i love hyein hanni and dani sm theyre true aces and so pretty they resemble ai
@pham._.hanniCUTE 17 dias atrás
와 진짜 코디 미쳤네 어떻게 이렇게 하나하나 다 예쁠수가...❤
@ft_ph 17 dias atrás
These girls are really always giving their best to sing live despite the dancing! ❤ gosh you can hear it in their breathing! Hanniiiii my fave as well ❤❤❤🎉😊
@hannis_personal_phone 16 dias atrás
hanni supremacyyyy
@ebreshea 14 dias atrás
It is not live. Besides mouthing the words they are not even trying to look like they're really singing.
@ft_ph 14 dias atrás
@@ebreshea​​⁠ it is live you can hear how they struggle trying to sing over the background vocals and keeping it stable while dancing. 😊 they are struggling if you listen closely and certainly, the back vocals are louder. So mad respect for their effort, they tried 😄 some kpop group don’t even try.❤
@ebreshea 14 dias atrás
​@@ft_ph no, they are not exerting themselves in the way that you would if you were actually singing. Their neck muscles aren't really engaging, their mouth shapes are "lazy" as they are focusing on their visuals rather than forming vowels properly. They don't seem to need to catch their breath the way one normally does between lines. On top of that, even though you hear some "movement" in the vocals, it only effects the volume of the singing. It is 100% on pitch 100% of the time. This pretty much would only happen if you have an incredibly talented singer maintaining perfect posture throughout the whole performance. It's become a trend to double-track vocals and even include ones with imperfect delivery to give the illusion of raw vocals even when they're prerecorded. The "no celestial" comeback stage by Le Sserafim is another example of this. If you want to see what it looks like when they really sing, and what they sound like, watch their lollapalooza performance. It was pretty good.
@ft_ph 14 dias atrás
@@ebreshea sorry i was able to read only 2 sentences of your comment because when i clicked “read more” i saw so many paragraphs 😅 since you said “ no,” and you disagree, let’s just agree to disagree on this.😊
@LcaS1987 12 dias atrás
Elas exploram a tendência de anos 2000 de forma extremamente refinada e inteligente enquanto outros estão presos no clichê
@kar_yle 18 dias atrás
Thank you, Billboard, for having our girls! NewJeans just never disappoints and every track is timeless
@EmJayGalo_ 12 dias atrás
Forever Bunny here!! 🙋🏼‍♂️🐰
@vanillaci7971 8 dias atrás
They really are the future of k-pop! Their music doesn't sound like artificial construction noises, their voices are natural and not strained or autotuned, I listened to some covers they sang and they are so good...I feel like I might seriously start stanning this group! I'm an ArmyCarat already, but I feel like they deserve my attention 🫶🏻
@_________dd 3 dias atrás
I'm sorry but their voices are probably the most autotuned out of all the groups right now lmao.
@vanillaci7971 3 dias atrás
@@_________dd check your ears bro
@_________dd 3 dias atrás
@@vanillaci7971 You do know this isn't live right? If you don't you should check your ears.
@vanillaci7971 3 dias atrás
@@_________dd I wasn't talking about this live, can you comprehend what you read?
@_________dd 3 dias atrás
@@vanillaci7971 Their other performances and covers are all autotuned 😂
@user-pp8yv9rv8r 18 dias atrás
Es increible todo lo que han logrado en tan poco tiempo, las amo
@honeyangeI 16 dias atrás
the intro was sooooo iconic, this stage is probably one of my favorites i've ever seen
@lxvibe 3 dias atrás
does anyone know the song they used in the intro
Nobody is doing it like kpop and new jeans absolutely served!! And these fits are soooo cute! Great work to the girls. This performance was giving!🔥🔥💕💕👏🏾🙌🏾💜❤️
@user-ll4dj3iu2s 16 dias atrás
이건 진짜 작품이다 음악 스타일링 사람 모든게 어우러짐
@lovjeanz 19 dias atrás
@athivak4 18 dias atrás
Everything was perfect until u realise that all the vocals are pre- recorded , they didn't even attempt to sing live even partially so no the beautiful stage with pretty girls dancing felt fake when the other performers of the day were all singing live or atleast partially live. I just realised they didn't even attend it coz they were in Korea , they just made a performance video .....wot a waste , they should have invited another k-pop grp instead who would actually bother to turn up instead of being greedy for the spot when u clearly realise that u are to attend another event on the same day .
@hajzhichien7049 18 dias atrás
They are cute ..but not dip...I'm over 21 and more into hip hop and afro beat and we really like dance music like Tyla Water...🎉 but their music is cute more for my younger sisters and kiddish...... And their dancing KPOP. Cute..
@ushitamio5756 18 dias atrás
@Abigail.444 17 dias atrás
They served visuals, looks, vocals, dances and cuteness! They even gave us a vogue number in the beginning there! Nwjns are simply just THAT girl group!!!!🔥💕
@user-vx5zg5ey3e 18 dias atrás
무대 미쳤다🤩
@user-ic4wi9je1l 17 dias atrás
패션 스타일링부터 비주얼 노래 모든게 다 예쁜 뉴진스 갓기들 ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠ❤❤
@D.M2h17 13 dias atrás
Ya me puedo imaginar a New jeans en los Grammys el año que viene😼 mis niñas la están rompiendo y soporten
@marycrislima23 17 dias atrás
Newjeans me fez chorar pq meu Deus que apresentação
@BelieveIt123 19 dias atrás
NewJeans are literally the moment rn man. Two huge events in the same day? First the LOL worlds final and now the BBMA. All this just after a year of debuting is insane. They will be dominating everything soon, I am sure of it and I am here for it ❤
@hafaken 19 dias atrás
This was pre-recorded but all in all, flawless performances ✨🤌🏼
@hongvanhoang2056 19 dias atrás
​@@hafaken they actually live
@hyun-ki_hei 19 dias atrás
​@@hongvanhoang2056are you silly? Can they teleport? They just performed live in Korea, how can they also perform lice in the U.S at the same time?
@BelieveIt123 19 dias atrás
@@hafaken true but my point is, they participated in two huge events and are nominated to win multiple awards for their success this year and I am confident they will win them too.
@user-lj8jh7c 18 dias atrás
스타일리스트 ㅈㄴ 감각있네 omg에 스타일링에 감탄한다..
@user-hw8ik9os4p 18 dias atrás
국뽕이 차오른다....... 정말 흠잡을게 없는 사랑스러운 그룹❤️ 한국가수라는게 너무 자랑스러워~~~~~
@ashanithealchemist 17 dias atrás
They sound and look so good! Hyein's vocals stand out a lot in this performance. It's so crazy to think she's so young.
@ItBudzReacts 4 dias atrás
I love NewJeans soo much! They put on an amazing performance!
@valerieselau7384 17 dias atrás
What a brilliant performance from these ladies. Congrats on your great year, NewJeans. 😊❤
@pepongo324 19 dias atrás
Their outfits, make-up, stage and performances are so good and so satisfying to watch 🤯 OMG’s song, choreography, and outfits will always be iconic. It’s so light, fun and a pleasure to watch. The level of detail, the creativity of the looks are so incredible!! NewJeans looks CGI or moving dolls, it’s so unreal!! Well done!! Congratulations 🎉
@gundarvarr1024 19 dias atrás
outfit is good, wrong background and lightning. They got swallowed by the background
@bickbalsy 19 dias atrás
The shoes threw me off, it felt like a Gwar concert!
@yaya_97 17 dias atrás
You can see how hard they work. To have live vocals like that while dancing their choreography has to be exhausting. Very talented group
@rjsalvador1935 16 dias atrás
Their hard work is paying off! So proud of this group.
@LinaChoi 17 dias atrás
They're all so talented I just love everything about them !!!!
@user-gd9fs4pq4k 18 dias atrás
NewJeans 축하해 그리고 포퍼먼스도 너무너무 좋다.
@minziii57 16 dias atrás
OMG는 뉴진스 노래중 역대 최고 노래가 맞다 의상이 하나하나 다 레전드네
@nafisrizkipratomo16 11 dias atrás
@lindabelinda252 19 dias atrás
The best gg! Nice and fresh songs, good voices, amazing performances and stage early in their career and already climbing charts everywhere! New Jeans is the future of k-pop and we love that! 🙌🏻
@michime7860 18 dias atrás
Their vocals are so angelic
@tree8170 13 dias atrás
의상도 이쁘고 무대 세트도 멋있당!! 뉴진스 짱짱!!
@user-yl1tz8qv8p 13 dias atrás
애들 진짜 아름다움 그 자체다
@marybarcenas8929 18 dias atrás
The stylists did an amazing job....especially with OMG.
@cobedominic355 6 dias atrás
이건 이쁘다 귀엽다 이 수준을 떠나서... 거의 팝아트의 초현실적 느낌마저 든다. 뉴진스는 완전히 다른 영역에 있다.
@merioceann 19 dias atrás
Their stylist and makeup artist are doing an incredible job, hoping they'll keep it up for the upcoming Korean award shows ❤
@scanspeak00 19 dias atrás
Making the girls look gorgeous has to be the easiest job in Kpop.
@jaynadiah5498 19 dias atrás
not sure i like the blonde hair on dani though :( it works really well with hanni and haerin but on dani not so much.. which is wierd because i think she has the best visual overall with her dark hair (although haerin is my bias)
@haerrrinnn 18 dias atrás
⁠@@jaynadiah5498 I think dani’s blonde hair is so pretty 😢
@jaynadiah5498 18 dias atrás
@@haerrrinnn lol i think they mess with her hair too much.. her natural wavy dark hair is sooooo fitting her... anything else to me looks worse than her natural hair
@pampamkimmee6439 18 dias atrás
Desde debut aún no puedo creer cuan lejos han llegado las Amoo Bunnies!! Son las mejores New Jeans ♡
@beregq 12 dias atrás
Que hermosas! Las quiero adoptar!!! ❤😂😊 Todas sus canciones están padrísimas! Son el futuro del pop!
@brunakirch9841 17 dias atrás
@laugustine9220 18 dias atrás
They are so talented and refreshing!!! I love these girls.
@hakanacikalin 12 dias atrás
他們都給了視覺效果、化妝、服裝,一切都恰到好處! 喜歡這些女孩!!!!
@gfrwg 19 dias atrás
무대세트랑 연출 미쳤네 진짜 ㅠ 너무 이쁘다
@user-fk9cl7fk9r 19 dias atrás
와 근데 미국인들 사이에서 케이팝 가수 나오면서 슈퍼샤이 전주 개소름돋아 넘 좋음 멈췄어
@michaelweston1042 16 dias atrás
It's a surreal experience watching a group debut. Work their way up into an international phenom in a year. Watching each video premiere and the buzz growing with each one. Now they are EVERYWHERE. Being weird as a fan is one thing. It must be a much bigger deal for these girls though. Their work and that of others have paid off and now things will never be the same. Personally I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. I have been buying each album and enjoying every song they produce. Just waiting to see what they can possibly do next.
@shinobione2575 16 dias atrás
same 🐰
@geenlee262 14 dias atrás
Wo woo!!! gave me goosebumps!!! 사랑한다!! 뉴진스!!!!!❤❤❤
@valciraci 16 dias atrás
New Jeans are the present and the future of k-pop!! And I can't wait to be there
@itsirenene 18 dias atrás
@1Skorpia 17 dias atrás
LOVE THEM. outfits,makeup, concept, performance, hair - so cute and fun. I'm a huge fan. This energy is desperately needed in the western world.
@Jen-ou5db 19 dias atrás
They're literally so successful it makes me so happy!! 😢 I've only been a bunny for a couple months but within those few months months have not only got me into KPOP but also became my favorite group of all time!! ❤ I hope Newjeans continues to achieve great things and continue their massive success in the future!! 💞🐻 🐰 🐶 🐱 🐥 💕
@ennik9596 18 dias atrás
@user-kn7kt9cl7r 18 dias atrás
NewJeans performance is sooooo gooooood.
@user-jr7zu3db6j 14 dias atrás
진짜 너무 최고로 너무 귀여워 죽겠다 울요정들❤
@BCA-nt8ut 18 dias atrás
OMG 무대 코디 진짜 오마이갓이다😢
@user-vf7om5bi6u 15 dias atrás
거의 현세대 케이팝의 정점을 보여주는것 같다...
@user-harook777 5 dias atrás
그러기엔 3세대의 고트들인 트와.블핑이 멀쩡하게 활동 잘하고 있음.
@user-sq7kf1nt3t 4 dias atrás
@@user-harook777 블핑은 이제 엠버서더 느낌이고 트와는 한물갔지
@ghldyddlf866 4 dias atrás
@@user-harook777 트와이스의 노래는 대중성은 있으나 깊이가 없고 블랙핑크의 노래는 자극적이긴 하나 곡의 흐름에 맥락이 없음 ㅋㅋ 레드벨벳이라면 또 모를까.. 블핑과 트와의 결과물은 뉴진의 omg 하나에 다 발린다는 생각 ㅋㅋ 곡 퀄리티 면에서 ㅋㅋ 물론 지극히 개인적이고 주관적인 평가임
@jeroncollado 19 dias atrás
@lifegoesong 16 dias atrás
아 예쁘고 귀여운 거 보니까 퇴근길 피로 싹 풀린다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
@Fionafifixenaaxel 15 dias atrás
They are still young and inexperienced yet very talented and creative 😊 I love new jeans they will always have my support ❤
@xgorjess 13 dias atrás
These live vocals while dancing this much are so impressive. They’ve come so far 🥹🥹
@XiaoLing-pu9st 8 dias atrás
It's not live, it's prerecorded vocals with heavy auto-tune, this doesn't even sound remotely live.
@xgorjess 3 dias atrás
@@XiaoLing-pu9stdisagree. Super shy is def live vocals
@maaars-lc6og 17 dias atrás
That intro was EVERYTHING! Then the outfits switch up to OMG??? NEWJEANS YOU ARE PERFORMERS!!!
@KPOP_idolstan 16 dias atrás
@insomniac8667 18 dias atrás
Everyone is a visual in New Jeans. I cannot choose which one of them are more prettier. And their vocals are so amazing too. They deserve this award, I'm so proud of them.
@iam-felixswife 18 dias atrás
LITERALLY! how can they all look like sweet dolls? 😭
@survivinglife262 18 dias atrás
@@iam-felixswife bcs korea is the plastic surgery captial of the world lmao thats why. ever since wonyoung, sana and winter blew up, the same trends are all over the place.
@ernar8926 18 dias atrás
@hanmira 18 dias atrás
@@survivinglife262As das as we know none of them have gotten ps yet, but who knows.
@survivinglife262 18 dias atrás
@@hanmira if u fol knetz news and pages u can see many ppl who released elementary/mid school pics and compared to now. prolly friends who leaked them, and showed many differences.
@user-cg9qu1we3v 18 dias atrás
진짜 너무예쁘다😂😂 수상 축하해요🎉🎉
@bligemalibu606 17 dias atrás
너무 이름 그대로 신선하고, 상큼하고, 예쁘고 청순하고 귀엽고 잘 하고 다 하는 New Jeans 더 더 흥하자~!
yesss ❤
@ZinnDee_ 15 dias atrás
Their vocals are so stable and are still dancing energetically. Is this possible?!!!
@avinwong3624 18 dias atrás
I really love the outfits 💕💕 NewJeans slayed 🔥🔥
@lujixcjml 17 dias atrás
@urhypeboy 11 dias atrás
Agreed, this group is actually making listenable music, unlike the 4 member girl group who only releases trash 😂
@dya_nigth 18 dias atrás
I feel very happy about how well these girls are doing, I feel that it was not just luck, they have impressive voices and I know that some of them have helped with the composition of the lyrics of their songs, I hope they continue to be happy
@aura-zd1fw 9 dias atrás
💖💖💖01:24 Eu amo essa música,essa batida Bailey.yutube.CAM🌹 49:07 Belíssima 11:43 Sensualidade em cada movimento 27:42 Que coisa........ 13:42 maravilhosa ver uma criança 33:58 preocupado com a preservação da natureza! 22:43 Lindo de ver!..... 14:21 Parabéns Eve e Adam, Deus abençoe
@hii-yk4jj 5 dias atrás
There vocals are more stable then my life
@wmika020 10 dias atrás
Elas sempre arrasam
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