New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Preseason Week 1 Highlights | 2022 NFL Season

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New York Giants vs. New England Patriots - Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/11/2022

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10 Ago 2022



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Derrick Jones
I don’t care that it’s preseason, it’s just great to watch competitive football again. It was a loonnnnnggg off-season lol
Michael Dauria
Regardless of who you're a fan of. One thing is for sure football is back.
Whether it's a preseason, regular season or in the Super Bowl. The Patriots Giants game will always end in a thriller!
Teshawn Lewis
Can’t believe I’m watching NFL highlights rn this season couldn’t come fast enough 🔥
Jack Marchese
Would be cool to see the Giants do this a few times this season when it counts 😂
・your non favorite person 👍・
Zappe is making some really incredible throws. Just the ball placement is so pin point.
Bryan hoyer career back up, still dropping impressive passing, so much talent in the NFL it’s crazy
carlos rivera
Zappe has some massive potential already making elite throws. Yes it’s a preseason game but his reaction and the way he goes through his progression and let’s it fly without hesitation is special. That’s hard to learn and the fact that he’s doing that already shows he’s gonna be great one day
mcronn 100
The NFL is back for 3 hours I forgot about the problems in the world 🌍 and my life. Just me my tv 📺 and my beer 🍺. It doesn’t get any better than this .!!
Zappe has truly beautiful ball placement at times.
・your non favorite person 👍・
Man I’m excited NFL Football is Back even though it’s preseason. Thank y’all for uploading highlights. Cannot wait to watch Niners and Bucs preseason games. Whether it’s on TV or here the highlights.
Damn Football is back drove home so fast and with a huge smile from work tho we lost I was Hella happy to see our Boys play
・your non favorite person 👍・
There were quite a few interesting plays from both teams in this game. Gotta love Preseason.
Jack Jones. #34 cornerback on the patriots. He’s the real deal. Un-drafted former 5 star that went to USC and got kicked for academics, but he’s a 1st round talent, always been.
I really like the way they designed the score board at the bottom for this game
Frank Tillotson
Both teams had a chance to the very end . Congrats to the NY Giants Kicker with the pressure of a game , regardless if its pre season.
Great to see that football is back! Cannot wait for a great season!
Amazing Guy
Davis Webb had a game winning drive against the Patriots in the preseason in 2017 and now Webb has done it again in 2022 against the Patriots!
Such a beautiful time a year. Football and baseball on at the same time
Loved to see mt Giants winning!!
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