New York declared state of emergency from flooding | GMA 

ABC News
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A deluge of two month's worth of rain falling on parts of the city in 24 hours has caused life-threatening flooding in some areas.
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29 Set 2023



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Respect to firefighters and all first responders! May they all be safe 🙏💕🍁🙏💞🍁🙏
I’m in Michigan and we just went through this, I was stuck at my sisters house for 4 days, my sister no longer has a car and lots of damage to houses. Worse floods we’ve ever had it was horrible. Hope everyone in NY stay safe and NOT attempt to drive through it, you can’t tell how deep it is unless your car is almost completely submerged.
I'm a resident of Buffalo NY and we have been shut down many times because of Blizzards and other snow events. This looks much more dangerous and devastating with long term damage.
The sealion escaping the enclosure but returning back to it, is a great metaphore for all those people trapped with their busy lives in that flooded city.
Grown man asking a firefighter to carry him is the most 2023 thing ive seen today
The planet has seen plenty of weather like this. What it hasnt seen before are vast areas concreted over and natural flood plains turned into giant cities.
I feel for you guys in New York. We had Harvey back in 2016. So we can relate. I’m sorry y’all are going through this.
Can't even imagine how many sinkholes this will cause.
Raining for 24 hours straight here in Connecticut. First time I’m glad I live on the 3rd floor. Hope everybody is ok in NY.
Outbreak of an epidemic is common at such times. Please take care. Prayers for the safety of all those in this terrible situation.
Hope everyone is ok. Stay safe. Look after each other❤
Oh man sending PRAYERS to NY..stay safe and much respect to all the firefighters, responders, and the cleanup and construction workers that will be needed after this ❤
There will be serious mold problems in a lot of buildings soon if everything isn't dried out thoroughly.
As someone living in NYC, i can legit tell you that the rain was so bad, that it quite literally destroyed my umbrella and left me soaked like mad. This is just in Queens btw, Brooklyn was completely different situation, even some of my friends and bros in brooklyn got it worse.
People need to understand this can happen anywhere, anytime, from now on.
This seems to be happening more often. I hope everyone is good!
I never knew how devastating a flood could be until it happened where I live.
It is remarkably rare for New York to experience this. I wonder what's truly behind it.
Why are people driving in that? That's nuts.
Most New Yorkers don't use trash cans. Most of the drains are covered with garbage. There is no reason for some of these streets to be this flooded. Ive seen drivers dump garbage out of their vehicles at stop lights and by curbs. This all contributes to the clogged drains that help cause the flooding here