New Sealed In-box iPhone Scam - WATCH OUT!

Hugh Jeffreys
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Some cunning scammers have been selling low quality refurbished phones as "new" and "sealed" on online sites like eBay. They go to great lengths to reapply the plastic wrap and create fake boxes to trick people into believing their phone is new when in fact its far from. We are going to be taking a look at this one I was given after the previous owner upgraded to a newer model. While of cause assessing and dissecting the phone to see whats going on inside.
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21 Ago 2020



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Comentários 1 469
Hugh Jeffreys
Hugh Jeffreys Anos atrás
This scam is as popular as fake/staged restoration videos getting around on the internet....
Chloekaban 4 meses atrás
@Kyriakos The Technologist Yeah, unfortunately.
Kyriakos The Technologist
@Chloekaban 8 months later?
Chloekaban 5 meses atrás
@Kyriakos The Technologist Exactly.
Rys S
Rys S 5 meses atrás
@TheRealMisterMemer no not JaiPhone
Les Verts - الخضر
there are pro scammers that sell iPhones and you can't even tell the difference.
Dige_Bjerg Mês atrás
@Kristopher Prevo i saw an iphone 13 pro max for 900 lei = 180 dollars wtf and its seal tho!
I don't get it
Y.G.A. Playz
Y.G.A. Playz 3 meses atrás
@Netherex cingle zingle lingle uingle aingle bingle
Y.G.A. Playz
Y.G.A. Playz 3 meses atrás
@Encysted not apple I think you’re talking about ebay
lmaoo xdd
lmaoo xdd 3 meses atrás
At this point if its cheaper i dont give a fuck
Septien Patterson
Septien Patterson Anos atrás
Here’s a tip for shopping on eBay: never buy an electronic device or any kind of products from a seller that uses stock images. Ever. Also, never buy from a seller that uses just one photo.
Dodge Gaming Official
Dodge Gaming Official 6 dias atrás
@Ghostwalker CIA make sure the feedback is unique
romanlt 2 meses atrás
use image reverse search on the photos
g0th1cXxv1b3s 5 meses atrás
@I killed that beard guy a photo from stock.
g0th1cXxv1b3s 5 meses atrás
@K T common
g0th1cXxv1b3s 5 meses atrás
@KVNG BREEZY some arent scam phones like your two phones
Austin Simara
Austin Simara Anos atrás
Finding a guy that always give tips so that we don't imitate the mistakes that he made. Such a selfless guy. Keep doing it!
JONDABEAT Anos atrás
There is always another reason being it
Just A Dude With A Scary Smile
Think the word you're looking for is selfless
Ian Balls
Ian Balls Anos atrás
That housing is horrific, they don’t even bother to get decent parts yet charge almost retail. Almost as bad as the MacBook scams on eBay
clau grbl
clau grbl 19 dias atrás
More often than not ebay scams are from china or india
Kyriakos The Technologist
Bullcrap. They only had a shitty screwdriver.
Jagged637 Anos atrás
@Sheldon Gibbons what low end specs are you talking about?
Xplore Anos atrás
Don't buy Apple, simples.
JR Piano
JR Piano Anos atrás
Almost as if they want to make as much money as possible
MaRuF 999
MaRuF 999 Anos atrás
I hate these scams cuz it makes it harder for people who actually sell real good phone
Dylan Anos atrás
My recommendation is always ask questions. Good sellers are more than willing to answer questions honestly and are really reasonable. Scammers usually are using moderately broken English and usually quickly to push buying and avoid saying much or adding additional photos.
Nylotic Anos atrás
Legit Plays what does sell on
Vikhyath Reddy Gandavarapu
And where
Vikhyath Reddy Gandavarapu
@Racka N I'm interested what does he sell
Racka N
Racka N Anos atrás
My friend who sells iPhones said these scams are why he stopped bothering with genuine older gen iPhones and just sells them as refurbished or used
Janet Holmes
Janet Holmes Anos atrás
I will never do any of this, but I love watching it.
Adrie Jude
Adrie Jude 7 meses atrás
@Lenny Azeta they've been sold or have been given out to other people, most of the them only had broken screens
Lenny Azeta
Lenny Azeta 7 meses atrás
@Adrie Jude let me buy them from you
fury road
fury road Anos atrás
Sherlock is a good son
Srancher Anos atrás
Same here
Hemanth V
Hemanth V Anos atrás
I really love it when 3rd party repairs are done so good as this, as it is really trustable. But the problem is, I have a lot of service centres in my area that do totally unreliable service. Every single one of them use low quality parts, but some of these could be justifiable by their price. The problem is, some of them claim to have really good parts and charge a high price, but the parts used are cheap. I have replaced the battery of my phone 5 times from them, with each one not giving me an SOT even close to my 3 year old OEM battery. And the really sad part is, even OEM authorised service centres here don't use Thermal paste or the water and dust resistant seal. On opening up one phone, I even found some (authorised) service centre use screwdriver (or some sharp tool?) to scrape off the thermal paste. Even the OEM authorised service centre used the B7000 glue to stick the LCD to the frame, even without removing the old glue. This is the reason I've started doing repairs of phones on a small scale, but then again, it is quite difficult to acquire good quality parts here in India, as there are a lot of fake/low quality one. Ordering parts from iFixit, or some reputable international seller would take a lot of time for delivery and would cost a lot more in shipping and other charges. But it is really satisfying to see there are people like you who wouldn't sacrifice on quality no matter what and do true professional 3rd party service. 🙂
Henry Collins
Henry Collins Anos atrás
I fixed my iPhone 7 today, I cracked the screen, and had a massive amount of dead pixels. I got an ifixit screen and replaced the old one! Thanks for you help Hugh!
Jetix Europe - Offical
Abhishek C
Abhishek C Anos atrás
@My Real Username nice name username.
My Real Username
My Real Username Anos atrás
I wasn’t able to replace my own screen on my 6s, so I got it replaced. Same problem though. Probably dropped it 50+ times before that though, and it’s lasted a long time
Henry Collins
Henry Collins Anos atrás
@Raimundo Bosman cool!
Raimundo Bosman
Raimundo Bosman Anos atrás
Henry Collins. I have the same phone
thechild😅 Anos atrás
Man when did scammers become smarter with their lies.
Anos atrás
@Motheus tuff
Dylan Anos atrás
They really didn’t get smarter, they just hide behind a computer and prey on people who don’t understand what to look for.
koyokoyo Anos atrás
Among Us imposter bro
Motheus Anos atrás
idk, people are getting more dumb with time. In my country, people fall for the same scam for over 3-5 tears "oh look, an iphone 6s for 50$ what could go wrong buying this??"...
thechild😅 Anos atrás
@Racka N too damn long
Renox Anos atrás
One suggestion for refurbs: Try to remove any pocket lint from the lighting port with something very thin like a needle, it makes the port have that nice click
Louie Horwood
Louie Horwood Anos atrás
I love that instead of hello eBay says G'day to Australian users.
kraight Anos atrás
Hey Hugh, i love your videos, they're great! It's something you need when you need to calm down or are curious how things are built! :)
Invincible YT
Invincible YT Anos atrás
9:33 please please remember to blame the owners of the shop. I couldn’t do this when I did repairs as we didn’t even have battery adhesive. Or the original ones. We just used regular adhesive which was very strong but in very wide strips so we couldn’t use it on the display :(
Tay W
Tay W Anos atrás
Always coming with the great content and the need-to-knows about the consumer market - Thank you Hugh Jeffreys and I hope to one day have the skills like you! 🤞 👍🏾
Hijirita Suzuki
Hijirita Suzuki Anos atrás
Moral of the story: never trust 'brand new' electronic devices from China.
The very cute Rabbit
The very cute Rabbit 18 dias atrás
@Helen Cao true. Not only china but most of asia country
Lord Mashie
Lord Mashie Anos atrás
They've got their bases within other countries too. Saw a listing of a supposedly brand new iPhone 4S that said "from Australia"
Mar Kazain
Mar Kazain Anos atrás
@AK they are assembled in China
Not the one
Not the one Anos atrás
Yeah, those Apple boxes are some of the strongest I've seen. Once or twice I wanted to use the box to store some stuff and battled to get the inside base out.
SQUADAR Anos atrás
That's why you need someone in your family who knows a lot of information on technology. People like you are should be the one to guide and help the family members 💯👏
vishal achari
vishal achari Anos atrás
Good job awesome video.. wish we had a repair guy like u in New Zealand.Probably the dislikes to this video are coming from scammers exposed here.
Randie Galathe
Randie Galathe Anos atrás
Finding a guy that always give tips so that we don't imitate the mistakes that he made. Such a selfless guy. Keep doing it!
Cassia T
Cassia T Anos atrás
Love the iPhone videos! I would love more videos, although I appreciate how hard it can be to find reasonably priced iPhones on eBay at some points. I was inspired to fix phones from this channel, and for that I say thank you! I have been doing them for a year and absolutely love it. Learning how to micro solder now too
Alex Emen
Alex Emen Anos atrás
If only every repair guy can be like you that would really great.
Nayshan_ Anos atrás
All them scammers out there disliking the video cause you out here killing their livelihood lol, good on ya!!
Matt waldman
Matt waldman Anos atrás
there are pro scammers that sell iPhones and you can't even tell the difference.
Ultra01 Anos atrás
@MCAlexisYT Thx
Ultra01 Anos atrás
@MCAlexisYT How did u get the apple logo?
MCAlexisYT Anos atrás
daniel Anos atrás
Moral of the story, just wait for a good deal from an authorized seller or even better from the manufacture website.
Sebastian Anos atrás
Oh my God, you're such a good guy, I hope no one encounters with one of this products, keep going with the videos, they are amazing!
TechnoBlitz Anos atrás
I love how he just fixes these broken phones I got inspired to fix phones and devices in my house if it weren't for Hugh , I was also able to replace my note 9 battery thanks to the repair community here on youtube Im thankful that he makes these videos because it brings opportunity to not waste devices and save the environment aswell. :D Edit: #righttorepair we can't forget companies that prevent us aswell :)
Arvin Anos atrás
That's why I always record it when opening the package Trust me, it really helps a loooot
Aminur Rahman
Aminur Rahman Anos atrás
What would we do without Hugh!
toast W
toast W Anos atrás
nice pun
Richard Anos atrás
Good job getting this back in working order 😃 , great to see you repairing old and new Apple products 👍👍 !
Alex Hood
Alex Hood Anos atrás
I unfortunately got involved with a scam like this. It was an “brand new” iPhone 6 gold. It was full of bad and cheep parts and it broke with in months of me using it. Even the repair shop (not Apple) said they couldn’t fix it
I don’t wanna be somebody just wanna b me
@Comrade Akaov what does android have to do with this? 💀
Sam Anos atrás
@Comrade Akaov where I live Ali express takes about a month to ship and on top of that the time taken to repair the phone, you will be basically going without a phone for 40 days.
Sam Anos atrás
@Mark M you are right, I had a s6 edge with a broken screen and the guy at the repair shop said that parts of that phone are not available. Whereas it is easy to get parts of even iPhone 5.
Comrade Akaov
Comrade Akaov Anos atrás
@Mark M have you heard of ebay and AliExpress? There you get any part.... did you heard Hugh saying about compatibility among parts in iphones?
Mark M
Mark M Anos atrás
Comrade Akaov yeah right. You can’t find any parts for old android phones. Try fixing parts for a S6. There’s 10 times more parts for a 6S instead.
Rishi Markanda
Rishi Markanda Anos atrás
I fell for a similar scam a few years ago. It seems such scammers are found everywhere. Beware!
Asap Rulers
Asap Rulers Anos atrás
Love people who do a job correctly and absolutely perfect
Vietboy Gamer
Vietboy Gamer Anos atrás
No wonder apple doing so much things to prevent something like this
Tech Spree
Tech Spree Anos atrás
I've fallen for this scam twice, I bought a 'sealed' 6s in 2019, but a few days later, the battery expanded and pushed the screen off, so they must have used a knockoff battery. I did the same last year with a 'brand new' iPhone 5c for an unboxing video but that turned out to be refurbished too, although it still works to this day. So, not only is this nefarious of these companies to scam people out of hundreds of dollars per sale, but it's also very dangerous as that low-quality replacement battery could have started a fire or something! Stay away from these listings at all costs.
The Bearded John
The Bearded John Anos atrás
Moral of the story: if you're going to buy something online do it on trusty or official sites or go buy it yourself, walking is good too. Also, such a nice guy
Dantastic Anos atrás
This is the one justification Apple has in serializing parts and making it impossible to repair yourself. Someone buys what they believe is a new iPhone and it performs poorly due to cheap parts and that person thinks it's Apple's fault when it wasn't. Still support right-to-repair but this is a valid point.
Alex Anos atrás
This Man Finds Scams And Tries To Make iPhones completely original. He's deserves a million subscribers. Good content. Spread the word:#StopiPhoneScams Edit:Btw He's Such a Good Guy.
now now
now now Anos atrás
Alex Anos atrás
@Smile ツ .........
Smile ツ
Smile ツ Anos atrás
Mike Crabtree
Mike Crabtree 5 meses atrás
I would never be able to afford to send anything to HJ to have fixed being in the US. But it is good to know there are people left in the world that still have excellent work ethics. And good lord! How he takes these incredibly complicated things apart and knows how to put them back together and not have any parts left.
Super knullisch
Super knullisch Anos atrás
"They told me, they had purchased the phone some time ago.." And it already look like THIS?!?😳😨 These people deserve to be scammed.. jeeez.
Omar Zowila
Omar Zowila Anos atrás
I guess I learned my lesson from this video & I know that both iJustine & EverythingApplePro fell for kind of the same type of scam
ItzJoseG Anos atrás
For some reason, this guy’s videos are so relaxing
Jessica Manson
Jessica Manson 11 meses atrás
I was just thinking how satisfying it is to see these iPhones transform from not working at all to looking pretty much brand new 🤩
Giovanni Edwards
Giovanni Edwards Anos atrás
Hugh is simply amazing at this
Mysterious Hooded Guy
Lmao just don’t buy tech from eBay, unless you’re specifically looking for used stuff
Enjoy watching these repairs. I would like to see a repair/upgrade on the original click wheel IPOD. I think those are just classic but the mechanic hard drive leaves lots to be desired, so upgrading to an SSD card would be paramount.
TimoArrg Anos atrás
Hi Hugh! I've been using B-7000 glue for a while now and honestly i didn't ever had a problem with it, you just need to put some clothespins around the screen or glass you're putting on the phone. I think it might have not been used right or it isn't the glue you are referring to, maybe there are copies of it also
WorldOfTechYT Anos atrás
Thank you Hugh. Without your video I could have got scammed because I was about to buy a iPhone SE online
MCAlexisYT Anos atrás
When someone I know got his iPhone 6S, it was really brand new but the sides were falling to pieces and the build quality was what you would expect from Apple. I have no idea if this was just a manufacturing defect. Also, there were no low quality parts. (I don’t have a PC with 3utools so I can’t see if there are any mismatched parts)
Marco Brunetti
Marco Brunetti Anos atrás
I've seen the process of repackaging in a local store in my city, they use apple boxes, perfectly resembling the original ones, and a machine that resembles a small fridge... They assemble the box and parts, put in the used or refurbished phone, and use the machine for a perfect resealing... When buying its always a good idea to check the warranty status on apple's website for that specific device
You are breathing
You are breathing Anos atrás
I wish Hugh Jeffery was here in the US (specifically Hawaii) so I can send him electronic devices to repair. It's rare that people with his ingenuity is in the repair business.
T J Anos atrás
It always make me happy to see an iPhone restored ☺️
drew Anos atrás
I've run into something similar. Bought an LG V40 that was "new in box." Box and accessories were OEM, phone looked perfect at first, but upon closer inspection you could tell it was refurbished. There was no IMEI on the back and the OLED screen had some odd bumps you could see when holding the phone under a light, meaning both were likely replaced. Honestly, apart from the bumpy screen, it was well-done. Only $250, too. If they were honest about it being a refurb and hadn't messed up the screen I probably would've kept it.
disappearing boy
disappearing boy Anos atrás
Remember that you also have to search for used phones in good conditions!
HellaChad Anos atrás
“Usually what the scammers do is post a picture of a real one and send ya this one” -DankPods
Tom Pittaway
Tom Pittaway Anos atrás
Thanks so much I love it when you do iPhone repairs
chloehotness Anos atrás
WOWWWWWWW!!! the way how that phone looks so fresh after you've revived it, id say you did more than just to avenge yourself from being ripped off... bravo and more power to you!
LUFCCitroen Anos atrás
Oh my god that’s EXACTLY what I experience. I just thought it was a 💩 phone it must happen but never buy any electronic items off eBay.
TBO gamer 22
TBO gamer 22 Anos atrás
Hugh Jeffery is the guy that can refurbish a scam iphone
The Kitten Central
The Kitten Central Anos atrás
My friend got scammed like this, so I'm happy with your advice
Zahoodo Anos atrás
@Jagged637 that’s the truest thing I’ve heard bro
Jagged637 Anos atrás
@Zahoodo you live and you learn. Now you won’t make that mistake again.
Zahoodo Anos atrás
@louisa they didn’t reply
louisa Anos atrás
@Zahoodo - ebay has a system that completely ignores whatever the seller is trying to say if the product came different to how it was advertised. especially if it malfunctions, they are ready to make the seller give you a refund straight away as long as you return the item back. they have no choice on the matter
Zahoodo Anos atrás
@louisa as I said the seller said I should fix it
Dan Anos atrás
Love this, shitty scam but love the vid keep it up Hugh
Septien Patterson
Septien Patterson Anos atrás
This really pisses me off. I sell my old phones when I no longer what them for extra money and this makes it harder for honest sellers.
Chad Anos atrás
Pretty sure there are no error notifications that can prevent someone from buying something this bad. I don't need Apple to tell me something is wrong when the battery doesn't work, screen is busted, and housing is bent.
yo_its.giuliah Anos atrás
I remember this when the iPhone 4 was still new. I bought it without my knowledge knowing it was a refurbished. It said new and sealed, when it come it was sealed. But I noticed scratches and such. I was kinda upset paying a lot at that time for an iPhone 4s
C. M.
C. M. Anos atrás
ChrisFix: uses threadlocker for super important car parts which could kill you if getting loose Hugh Jeffreys: might use some threadlocker for the iphone housing screws
Imposter Anos atrás
I watch ChrisFix
Riumaan Anos atrás
Did you see what happened to Christopher Fixtopher's driftstang?
Lewis Newman
Lewis Newman Anos atrás
Found your content a few days ago and now it makes me want to fix the old iPhones I own lol
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash Anos atrás
I’m also wary of people who sell “sealed in box” products on local classifieds. They will have to open it and show me that it works if I was to buy one. Some would be legit selling a phone they got from a contract but imo the plastic wrapper isn’t more of an incentive if you’re already buying it without warranties
Hardy 1
Hardy 1 8 meses atrás
In order to make the touch id work you have to transfer the flex cable from the original screen where the home button attaches to, to the new screen. To do that you have to remove the aluminium panel on the back of the display and carefully peel it off and install in on the new screen.
Abdu Faidi
Abdu Faidi Anos atrás
Love your work man
daniel Anos atrás
This was something I noticed with seller reviews when I was shopping for my new Galaxy Note 10+. Glad I just bought it from Samsung directly, got $330 in savings, unlocked snapdragon U.S model, paid in full and no trade in.
Pink Agaricus
Pink Agaricus Anos atrás
I'm leery of listings on Amazon too, which is why I ended up getting the phone I'm using now directly from Samsung's website as well. I also don't really put full faith in the reviews either as some of them are just ragging on the listing itself (such as wrong amount of ram, etc.) and not how good the phone is.
Be Better
Be Better Anos atrás
Soooo clever. Thank you for educating us 💫🌎💫
Mufi Levy
Mufi Levy Anos atrás
My friend got scammed like this, so I'm happy with your advice
austin ricker
austin ricker Anos atrás
9:31 One thing I would like to note that he isn't mentioning here, most repair shops only have access to poor quality adhesive gaskets which provide little to no additional protection against liquid ingress. Typically if an iPhone did not come with an IP rating (such as the iPhone 6s) and we are not able to salvage the old OEM adhesive then we don't bother. Water resistance of a phone takes ALL openings into account such as the headphone jack, the charging port, the sim tray, any holes on the device that would allow for water to enter must be properly sealed for the phone to have water resistance. Not to mention that compared to Android phones that have water resistance, iPhones have more like "splash resistance" due to how weak and thin Apple's adhesive seals are compared to the likes of Samsung or LG. Not biased, just basing off of how thick and wide the adhesive is. With all of this taken into consideration, some techs just leave the seal off. Sometimes they don't have enough time to install it, sometimes the seal they receive is wrecked during shipping, and sometimes the phone is bent or has broken glass on the back that would render the seal useless. A lot is taken into consideration before installing or not installing seals. I wish he would talk to some technicians in these repair shops before badmouthing their practices. There is always a reason behind these decisions. I would be interested to see if Hugh could get access to some OEM seals and aftermarket seals, compare them by sandwiching them between two slabs of acrylic and do a torture test to see what fails first. My bet would be that the aftermarket seals wouldn't last even 1/3 as long as the OEM seals (if they even provide a seal). By seal, I mean no leaks or ingress of water.
Noice Anos atrás
iFixIt sells pretty solid display adhesives for most iPhones. They aren't OEM, but are pretty high quality. But yeah I would agree that finding Apple OEM anything is extremely difficult if not impossible (in some cases... *cough cough Texas Instruments blacklisting ANYONE from buying certain chips designed for Apple*) I've seen a decent amount of third party repaired iPhones and a lot of them are of poor workmanship and part quality. Missing screw, missing adhesive (likely to increase turn time), damaged connectors, torn flex cables, missing entire parts all together, etc. I'm all for Right to Repair and I'm not trying to badmouth every third party repair shop. But A LOT of them are really shitty. Mall kiosks and the like are horrible and put a bad name out for all other shops and people like Hugh. Also, independent testing shows that the newer iPhones (iPhone X and later, I believe) are actually more resistant than most of the other big phone brand on the market. I think JerryRigEverything did a good video on testing water resistance of phones, but don't quote me. They are more like IP68+, not nearly good enough to meet Ingress Protection 69k but can meet and pass any IP68 test with flying colors (submersion for hours, if not days, with no issues). New iPhones are some of the most resistant mobile devices on the market. To be fair though, most of the big name devices are very solid as well. Samsung I know is very solid and on par with iPhones.
DJ Anos atrás
This video is so helpful for the people who are less tech friendly
banksiasong Anos atrás
Sharing your skills and knowledge in this way empowers consumers to not get scammed. Being screwed by Apple is one thing, but by rip-off merchants is even worse. I wish you worked in Perth WA, your skills and pride in your workmanship is rare and commendable.
TheNoobWith_Mr. Holly blue
Lesson learned. Never order phones from eBay, or any other apple products.
Sohail Shaikh
Sohail Shaikh Anos atrás
Idk why i watch his videos but its a different kind of satisfaction 🤣
Jamet Anos atrás
The only issue I had when buying an iPhone online was that someone ended up putting a cheap screen on it, the colour and contrast was disgusting compared to iPhones with an original screen, be careful and don't be afraid to call them out if they have not listed it in the description.
Casual Computing
Casual Computing 2 meses atrás
My parents bought 3 "brand new" iPhone 7's from a Chinese seller, two of the three worked fine, the third cooked it's first battery, we got it replaced by a shop, cooked the second battery and we couldn't return it because we had it repaired by a third party So infuriating, but I guess that's what we get for going cheaper
Josh Jos
Josh Jos Anos atrás
It’s a shame eBay allow these scams to be so prevalent on their website
ibrahim goroo
ibrahim goroo Anos atrás
Top quality repairs hugh keep it up.
Sergio Frejo
Sergio Frejo Anos atrás
Haven’t you considered using double sided tape for the battery? It does the job perfectly fine and it is much easier to replace.
andromeda Anos atrás
This scam alone makes actual phone resellers on ebay look bad :/
FTW1207 Anos atrás
I stumbled across you channel here in Liverpool, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 about a week Sir are a Magician bringing beaten up Technology to life 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and now I'm a subscriber.....
Tech Anos atrás
Damn million thanks for this video. I knew about the iPod scam but not this. I might as well build an iPhone from parts as I did with an iPod classic
Robert Cox
Robert Cox Anos atrás
I bought a “new and sealed” 4.gen iPod classic off of eBay about 2 months ago and got a really beaten up one with a dead drive wrapped in bubble wrap in a cardboard box with a picture of the original box glued on it. I restored the iPod myself with a new drive and cleaned up the outside of the iPod but I ended up spending over 200€ on it
hopeimfunny Anos atrás
I bought an SE 1 on ebay that was absolutely perfectly packaged and presented like a new product. Screen failed 11 months in, apple store opened it up and told me it was full of 3rd party parts.
The phone looked so scary when you connected it to your computer.
Sarp Ersoy
Sarp Ersoy Anos atrás
Fun Fact: In Turkey, getting scammed from iPhones are more common than getting an honest IPhone.
@Some person ANDROID FTW!!!!!!!!
Sarp Ersoy
Sarp Ersoy Anos atrás
@I killed that beard guy Sometimes
I killed that beard guy
From authorized sellers also? I mean from Amazon etc
iCloudApplei72 Anos atrás
@Zelda Scarlet bazı tv kanallarında ucuza telefon satıyoruz deyip eski nokia veya hıyar geliyor
Zelda Scarlet
Zelda Scarlet Anos atrás
Öyle miymiş ?
Riccardo Mori
Riccardo Mori Anos atrás
Fantastic job, Hugh!
Laurel Anos atrás
this is why you always go to an apple store to buy a phone
Snipex Gaming
Snipex Gaming Anos atrás
Damn i saved a lot of money to buy this and when i opened it was broken 😤
Chromium Anos atrás
This is why I never buy anything from eBay. Amazon is much more reliable and trustful
SteelHex Anos atrás
For people in USA, the simple rule is never to buy ‘new’ iPhones on eBay. It’s just not worth the risk.
DekaBasio Anos atrás
This guy is definitely playing the role of hero to jerryrigeverything's biopic
Tracey S
Tracey S Anos atrás
Learning something new from Hugh. Thanks dude!!
M Gee
M Gee Anos atrás
I enjoy watching this type of video but i know if i tried something like this id completely frak it up . If only i'd kept that electronic course going back in the day I might of moved on from Video recorder/tv repairs to more modern devices....... oh well Se La Vie.
R3kk1 Anos atrás
The point of this video is… don’t buy “new” iPhones from ebay
Oscar Anos atrás
I will never fix any device myself but boy do i love watching Hugh fix things
Sara Adams
Sara Adams Anos atrás
I got an iPhone 8 last year on eBay advertised as new. When I got it, it came in a fake box. The phone itself was original, but the battery health was at 90%, the back camera had a defect, and the warranty from Apple was up in two months. Luckily, I was able to exchange it at the Apple Store for a completely new phone, but lesson learned. Never buying from eBay again.
TrillieDon Anos atrás
6s is really easy to bend and I’ve bought mine used and it was in good condition as described by the vendor
stuspawton 9 meses atrás
I would really like to see ebay blocking all of these kinds of scams but in 2021 they’re even more prevalent
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