New Primitive Technology FISH TRAP with Fishing Kambo

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TNew Primitive Technology FISH TRAP with Fishing Kambo
A Primitive Technology with Survival Skills: Most unbelievable fishing skills for giant gourami fish with a survival bamboo , and cast net fishing for a lot of big fish Thank you so much for watching the video.
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7 Jan 2023



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Comentários 3 666
Tridib Dowarah
Tridib Dowarah 10 dias atrás
''Hello guys, today we will be unboxing a river."
Bidhya Chamling
Bidhya Chamling 10 horas atrás
Bidhya Chamling
Bidhya Chamling 10 horas atrás
Bidhya Chamling
Bidhya Chamling 10 horas atrás
D Mês atrás
If you believe this, I've got a bridge to sell you.
dustin keeney
dustin keeney 4 dias atrás
@Duck oh wow I never knew about that thank you that's pretty crazy
Duck 4 dias atrás
@dustin keeney i copy and pasted this from google 😂: Parker's Brooklyn Bridge grift likely began in the 1880s. The ruse was relatively simple: Parker would scout out marks who'd recently arrived in New York City, convince them that he owned the Brooklyn Bridge, and sell it to these eager investors for as much as $50,000.
dustin keeney
dustin keeney 4 dias atrás
@Duck oh lol I was thinking more along the lines of a 90s country song lol
Duck 4 dias atrás
@dustin keeney hes referencing a huge scam that happened a while ago
Black Brush Beauty by Indy
A very big bridge indeed.. 😂😂
arabella luna
arabella luna 6 dias atrás
It’s crazy that the fishes just accept their death and don’t try to jump back in the water. It’s almost like they’re dead…
Marylyn Keener
Marylyn Keener Dia atrás
They are ALREADY
Sheri 2 dias atrás
They look and act dead to me. The frozen water would keep them from spoiling. Unique idea but I would be more at home with my fishing pole and worms. 😏
Abdul Manaan
Abdul Manaan 2 dias atrás
Dennis Garcia
Dennis Garcia 4 dias atrás
They are dead they are frozen.
My Man purchased some Fish on Amazon but the Packaging is the ice 💀
sf 3 dias atrás
He's too kind, he saved the creature from drowning
MARILYN.422 13 dias atrás
Now I've seen it all! Fishing with a sledgehammer! Who'd a thunk?
dustin keeney
dustin keeney 4 dias atrás
@Smokey Joseph the only thing I can think of that hibernates in ice like that is alligators
sea kay
sea kay 5 dias atrás
I think they’re thunking it sir
Yurr 9 dias atrás
welcome to redneck
welcome to redneck 9 dias atrás
​@Smokey Joseph no, they don't hibernate in ice like that
RobertsDigital Mês atrás
I don't think those 'cold blooded' fishes are dead They're probably hibernating in deep sleep till the snow melts during the spring season. The only problem is that they will wake up in the afterlife...
Maria Bergamasco
Maria Bergamasco 6 dias atrás
} 😊
1kSubsWith0vids 13 dias atrás
Poor fish
Amporn Komolvatin
Amporn Komolvatin 14 dias atrás
​@Riju Sk มีใบ ชใจ
Quinntin butler
Quinntin butler 14 dias atrás
Oh your gonna hate the fact there is no afterlife.
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 15 dias atrás
Sanjay m sanjay Jai ma di Jai ma di
Outdoors with MikeJ
Outdoors with MikeJ 4 dias atrás
They just seem so lively
Jackie Carter
Jackie Carter 5 dias atrás
I want to go fishing with him! ❤❤❤
Jameseena Coene
Jameseena Coene Mês atrás
I never saw that kind of fishing before. For a few moments, I was out of my 79 year old body and was right there with you. Thanks. It felt great.
Milk 7 dias atrás
Well it’s fake
Raj 11 dias atrás
​@Manuel Arteaga guzmang
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris 13 dias atrás
@Faustino Cruz you need help
Ricardo Criado
Ricardo Criado 14 dias atrás
Hi 👋 Jame seena . Stay healthy and happy .
Faustino Cruz
Faustino Cruz 17 dias atrás
JJ kkkj
David skalecki
David skalecki 4 dias atrás
The fish aren't dead, they have simply given up after seeing this amazing skill
N0R GAMING 3 dias atrás
I read Chinese novel recently about modern girl live in primitive timeline n she teach the tribe how to fishing on winter by making hole on frozen river n put handmade net made by vine🤣it's cool
dahane elbouzidi
dahane elbouzidi Mês atrás
Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Greetings
Elib64 4 dias atrás
Let’s just pretend the fish aren’t already dead and placed there
Movish Kujur
Movish Kujur Dia atrás
Great dear one,,, which place is this
Peaches Bloom
Peaches Bloom Mês atrás
That must be the fridge. They look good but not moving.
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 15 dias atrás
@Canon Nalls I have absolutely no choice but to believe you, but I have never ever saw this before, neither did I know that fish / salmon even hibernate 😳 and I knew that bears hibernated, but I had no idea that certain fish did it. Ummmmmm you learn something new everyday ✌🏾 and thanks for the information 👊🏾
Canon Nalls
Canon Nalls 15 dias atrás
They’re hibernating those are salmon
Ingenuine Sky
Ingenuine Sky 8 dias atrás
I love how he just fucking grabs the damn fish to put it on the net XD
Hi 5 dias atrás
Wow this guy is saving the fish from drowning!!🥰🥰
Tony Astill
Tony Astill Mês atrás
Hey yeh Brooklyn. I've never fished like that before
Шамшипану Абенова
Рыбы дохлые,не шевелятся
Maya Mês atrás
Sue Irving
Sue Irving 4 dias atrás
I'm surprised they still have scales and guts!
Adebayo Adeshewa
Adebayo Adeshewa 3 dias atrás
Ice fishing on a new level 😂
Paul Lozy
Paul Lozy Mês atrás
Now that's the way to do it
Тётенька 3 dias atrás
Свежемороженая в" ледяной глазури" ...😊
Sue Irving
Sue Irving 4 dias atrás
I noticed that he gave the 2nd one a little "extra flip"! I guess it's so uneducated audiences , (like us), would confuse it for a "jump".....Did we bite??
MALOVE Mês atrás
Llegó el invierno, llegó la comida 🎣🥂
Helen baker
Helen baker 4 dias atrás
That way of fishing is hard but it works
Crazyman521 3 dias atrás
Those fish are just taking a nap. How dare you disturb them.
Chuck Stockford23
Chuck Stockford23 Mês atrás
Those fishies were just sleeping.
Matt Mês atrás
Shannon Siua
Shannon Siua 4 dias atrás
Bro it's funny how he puts the fish back into the net 😄 🤣 ( i know its not a net but I forgot what its called)
Francisco Narciso
Francisco Narciso 6 dias atrás
¨Que pescaria¨kkkk 😂
Berna's Fam Cooking Nature
My god I never expected this easy to catch fish on ice! 😍
U 10 dias atrás
​@michele elliott they are hibernating.
Chinhme Ho
Chinhme Ho Mês atrás
@michele elliott This is another next level of catching dead fish!
michele elliott
michele elliott Mês atrás
I've never seen fish that you take out of the pawn Ocean or wherever I never saw him when you throw them on land that they don't move those fits just lay there what are they frozen dead cuz I know this is not real it just can't be why the fish not moving when you take them out fishing swivels and swallows around
Really very nice to see the whole video and the task. Very good work done.*
SOHANA PERWEEN 2 dias atrás
Phle se sb settings tha bro 😂😂or waise v agr real hoti to 🐟 fish bhagti lekin nhii sb settings thaa
BlessedLady 5 dias atrás
Tall story about dead fish , blocks of ice. Very fishy 🐟
Какая хорошая рыбалка !!! 👍💥🔥😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Elaine Griffin
Elaine Griffin 8 dias atrás
Today we will be making polar bears feel uncomfortable
Syatri Dada
Syatri Dada 3 dias atrás
Too bad, the diger ice not showing us, how many fish He's get 😊🙏
Humble Maid
Humble Maid Mês atrás
다만, 추운 어름을 깨야하는 그의 노동이 안쓰럽네요! 그러나 좋은수확이 보람있고 저 분 생활에 도움되기를!
ELKA 25 dias atrás
Romanos:10:9 😅bendiciones y muchas Gracias por compartir feliz año y siempre ❤😊😊amén
ines Nilda rakuscek
Acaso ves algo mas que pueda hacer para comer en ese lugar
Lia Wall
Lia Wall 2 dias atrás
Lol at the safety vest
Cherik Arengh
Cherik Arengh 9 dias atrás
Wow the fishes are so happy to be caught they didn't even move
Rosa Iris Torres Umaña
Que hermoso una bendición pescador de Hombres
DK seamless
DK seamless 3 dias atrás
Jasanii2k 4 dias atrás
Wait he picked the fish up with his hand just to put in on the spoon and toss it😭😭
James Blume
James Blume Mês atrás
What 😂 a way to go fishing in winter ! Shooting fish in a barrel ; to going getting fish out of the ice ?! Just fantastic ! Adding this to my survival training ! Thank You 😊 so much ! Who said Frozen Food is not fresh !!! LoL 😂😆🤣
Jimbo legato
Jimbo legato Mês atrás
OG33 F1SH 6 dias atrás
Wow!!! Fresh frozen fish without putting 1 foot in a supermarket...❤it
Karen Stratton
Karen Stratton 5 horas atrás
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Mês atrás
Excellent vlog
Алла Майская
Да, где ж это такое!?😮 рыбу в супермаркете купил она не живая?))
Audit Recon
Audit Recon 13 dias atrás
Nice fish.
ADI_GAMER Mês atrás
The man is saving the fishes from cold 🙏
Jason 25 dias atrás
in boiled water
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 28 dias atrás
Amo peixe que delícia um peixe frito com carros e bastante salada de alface.
Никита Морозов
эти рыбы все, кончились, спасать некого.
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr Mês atrás
Lol 😂
Olivia Kilgo
Olivia Kilgo Mês atrás
Nice fish love have some in my freezer
Tham wai
Tham wai 10 dias atrás
Catch fish so easy .
Любовь Mês atrás
Летом-рыбалка, зимой-рубалка.
Neelam Sinha
Neelam Sinha Mês atrás
Very difficult Life and very hard life Bahut bahut thak you for your strength really you are. Brave and laborious person
Billy Sagoo
Billy Sagoo 6 dias atrás
Beautiful glorious weather ice cool down with your choice fishing for your reply UK 🇬🇧 ❤❤❤
ImNotEvenSure 2 dias atrás
Yeah and I heard if you plant a piece of loose leaf paper it'll grow a tree
Kash Kelly
Kash Kelly Mês atrás
How did this happen? Are the fish still good?
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr Mês atrás
I guess so & I was wondering that very same thing 😳
Shahariars Days Out
She's fishing all dead fish. 😆
Bailey 6 dias atrás
I can’t believe it you caught dead fish now you don’t need to kill them!!
Herminia Santos
Herminia Santos Mês atrás
look at those beautiful fish!!
Tuyến Phạm
Tuyến Phạm Mês atrás
Hú mở
Jorge sá
Jorge sá Mês atrás
Наташа Русина
Ей да рыбалка!
Hasan Avalo
Hasan Avalo Mês atrás
Bonita pesca
Asher Wozny
Asher Wozny 7 dias atrás
Bro was standing on another fish💀💀
Akhil Pendyala
Akhil Pendyala Mês atrás
Karna was hero
Новруз Аббасов
Дохлая рыба 😂
丸山明 Mês atrás
​@Vera Kirichenko は
Gohm Maria
Gohm Maria Mês atrás
​@Vera Kirichenko 0
Александр Ремез
Бракрньерство это,глушить рыбу
Vera Kirichenko
Vera Kirichenko Mês atrás
Paul Lozy
Paul Lozy Mês atrás
I don't think he has enough buckets for all of that Fish
Алексей токарь
Сазаны из магазина! Я тоже так делал.
Милая Милейшая
Это где так рыбачат, вот это рыбалка👍
Manju Chowhan
Manju Chowhan Mês atrás
​@Алевтина us ll
gbjgejfghjifh fgfggfgrgrgg
Lĺ / quantities 7
Алевтина Mês atrás
У нас, на озёрах в Астрахани. Буффало промерзает или а Ил вкапывается и задыхается
Мария Гуменная
А, рыбка то чой-то, уже подозрительно дохленькая,не порядок!
Oliva Pilar
Oliva Pilar 2 dias atrás
😊 cc by by Dr
Julia Hernandez
Julia Hernandez Mês atrás
Smart cookie very smart enjoy them
Ilda Rodrigues
Ilda Rodrigues Mês atrás
Que Geladeira maravilhosa.
Veronica Zapata
Veronica Zapata Mês atrás
Que bién pesca
Andreas Schr
Andreas Schr Mês atrás
Хороша работа
Juanita Aas
Juanita Aas Mês atrás
I love fishing . ❤️
Dillon Boren1
Dillon Boren1 18 dias atrás
Dillon Boren1
Dillon Boren1 18 dias atrás
@Shawn Kincheloe Sr yeah they eill
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 18 dias atrás
@Dillon Boren1 That is awesome Dillion Boren1 and I just don’t live around a body of water 🤷🏾‍♂️ and I don’t even know how to truly hook a fishing line up, but the few times that I went, it was a whole lot of fun. I caught a few catfish, and I don’t know what the name of the other fish were, but those catfish ( they will mess your line up ) and they put up a good fight lol 😂
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr 28 dias atrás
I only been about 3 times, but it is fun & also challenging ✌🏾
людмила смурыгина
Рыбы толстые и вкусные!
Shakir Hussain
Shakir Hussain Mês atrás
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr Mês atrás
Those fish already look dead, but I guess the icy temperatures preserved them 🤷🏾‍♂️
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr Mês atrás
@Arthur K yup and you are so so right & I have only been fishing 3 times in my life 🤷🏾‍♂️ so I am no expert when it comes to fishing
Arthur K
Arthur K Mês atrás
Almost forgot, always, no exception, do the smell test! That's actually the reason we've got a nose, in the first place.
Arthur K
Arthur K Mês atrás
@Shawn Kincheloe Sr I'd certainly eat them. As long as they're properly cooked, fried, heated there's no issue. Unless, while cutting them open and cleaning, you find some wire worms in the flesh. Remove them all and the flesh is still edible. Sometimes, I get them in shop bought fish, but never had any issues with the fish after removal.
Shawn Kincheloe Sr
Shawn Kincheloe Sr Mês atrás
@Arthur K yeah KingArthurk but they are still edible aren’t they ? 🤔
Arthur K
Arthur K Mês atrás
Similar to freezer fish at the shop..
WHITE_DEVIL114 8 dias atrás
This look fun
Kent Dailey
Kent Dailey 7 dias atrás
If the fish comes out the water not moving I don't want it.
Zeus 9 dias atrás
This guy is the main cause of sea level rising
sinar alif
sinar alif Mês atrás
Tamo Tamo
Tamo Tamo Mês atrás
Vooot riba 👍
KIYOSHI TANAKA 24 dias atrás
Lindalva Almeida Almeida
Top demais essa pescaria!!!
Virbahadur Sav
Virbahadur Sav Mês atrás
Virbahadur Sav
Virbahadur Sav Mês atrás
maria izabel
maria izabel Mês atrás
jinger jar
jinger jar 4 dias atrás
That's fresh frozen
TORCH LIGHT💡 Mês atrás
Fish are deeply frozen but not dead Keep them in warm water heart n other functions will start again
สร้อยสุดา บุญธา
Norm Mês atrás
​@Lance Hobbs They look dead not frozen
jabrix 14 dias atrás
Светлана Гончар
Рыба не шевелится, дохлая?
nzvsaus Mês atrás
Fish must have already frozen to death in that fis trap😂❤
Chantelle Mês atrás
Polar bears been doing this since the beginning of time
Mukta Akter
Mukta Akter 21 dia atrás
Анна Mês atrás
Подскажи, дружок, местечко! Такое ощущение, что рыба была оглашена взрывом и даже не трепыхалась. Моя интуиция меня не подводила.
Татьяна Санталова
Лёд сходит, рыба полувялая в полуспячки вода ледяная, сазан карп карась телоловодные пока вода не прогреется они вялые как не живые 🤔🤔🤗
noname Mês atrás
​@Игрок😎 на продажу сойдет🤣🤣🤣
La Lam
La Lam Mês atrás
Paulette Tidwell
Paulette Tidwell Mês atrás
The fish are frozen.
Игрок😎 Mês atrás
это точно дохлая рыба🐠🐋🐟 😀
md meno
md meno 24 dias atrás
So easy fishing
Rac Rbiba
Rac Rbiba Mês atrás
Рыбак от Бога! Век живи, век учись рыбачить. Я тоже так хочу!
Orangutancuber 13 dias atrás
Those fish seem very alive
Марина Смирнова
Тяжёлая работа,но улов хороший!
Марина Смирнова
@Валентина Всякина но замороженные!
kra776jisnik Mês atrás
​@Валентина Всякина apparently these fishes are " hibernating " just like bears do .
Virginia Echols
Virginia Echols Mês atrás
Good fishing
Валентина Всякина
Да они не живые
Sandi Bae
Sandi Bae Mês atrás
Maaaantap 👍🏼
Mathieu SAKI
Mathieu SAKI 10 horas atrás
Luzimar Pereira
Luzimar Pereira Mês atrás
Aí é peixe fresco mesmo 😁👍🇧🇷
Tjk 030
Tjk 030 5 dias atrás
What do they call this? A fish baiting something 😂
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