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Julian Avila


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2 Abr 2021



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Comentários 6 031
Caliside Anos atrás
We just gotta take a minute and appreciate Mr and Mrs. Burlacher for giving him the opportunity to live with them for FIVE years. True MVPs.
ItsNotNate 11 meses atrás
@Joseph Woods not exactly, he just lived in his Audi and filmed super cars in Beverly Hills, then he almost went broke, but managed to get a job, where he started working towards a lambo, meanwhile trying to grow his channel
JUSTICE ED Anos atrás
True true true they are the real MVP GOD Bless them
Spice Entertainment
TJ Neri I thought I was the only one that knew😂😂
Spice Entertainment
Talk about Mr.burlacher not be able to get jiffy with his wife for FIVE YEARS😭...just imagine (guys)
JB Garage Barr
JB Garage Barr Anos atrás
Time fly feel like it was just last year
Dynamic836 Anos atrás
I don't own a fork or a spoon. But I have a Bugatti Veyron. -TheStradman April 2, 2021
Dynamic836 5 meses atrás
@Karesh Deopersad Actually it was the day after. There was 2 days in the video.
Karesh Deopersad
Karesh Deopersad 9 meses atrás
Actually it was April 1st
Jay Prebula
Jay Prebula Anos atrás
Stradman is basically living the life, 10 cars and nothing in his house. sounds pretty good to me lol 😂
filip zugec
filip zugec 11 meses atrás
My dream😂😂
Gravity Clips Gaming
James is literally such a kid at heart he’s got all these cars a brand new house and the first thing he says is “ guys check this out we have our very own fridge” 😂
shauna cohn
shauna cohn Anos atrás
No, “we got water”! THAT was the best
Pineapple Tacos
Pineapple Tacos Anos atrás
@dr right wing Doesn't negate the fact that he does, in fact, have a brand new house though, does it?
Gravity Clips Gaming
@dr right wing Yeah I know he says that in the vid
dr right wing
dr right wing Anos atrás
He’s renting
Gamer_Pro 1298
Gamer_Pro 1298 Anos atrás
The only BRvidr who put’s his keys in the microwave... legend 😂😂😂
gashier disoma
gashier disoma Anos atrás
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas Anos atrás
Strads story is truly motivational, respect to Burlacher for letting him stay at his house for 5 whole years
venom5809 Anos atrás
You mean respect to Stradman for helping Nick start a channel and making him rich 🤔 James didn’t need to live with him, never did. lol
Keynesian Economics
@dr right wing He stated he makes $2 million per year from AdSense, sponsorships and merchandise sales. He generates $8-15,000 in ad revenue per video with a high CPM. He also charges $10-20,000 per video for targeted sponsorship (a guaranteed audience of at least 1 million people on a family friendly channel is super attractive to companies). Then his merch sales and business partnerships also generate six figures per year. Keep in mind that his car purchases are a business expense so his taxes would be massively reduced. You really need to do your homework before running your yap.
X Aragorn
X Aragorn Anos atrás
Burlacher should've adopt strad
l0 rd
l0 rd Anos atrás
@dr right wing I mean, he's driving a bugatti and most of his cars are owned outright. He done a podcast with Stephen Graham where he said he makes 2m a year but spends it all on his cars. Most influencers couldn't afford 1/3rd of his fleet, let alone finance a Bugatti for $1m lol.
Tyrn Saunders
Tyrn Saunders Anos atrás
crazy how stead went from being homeless in his Audi tt to now living in a millon dollar home while his million dollar house is being built in the speed of ten years proud bro♥️
Evan Andrews
Evan Andrews 11 meses atrás
His home isn’t that nice, and nowhere near a million dollars
Pineapple Tacos
Pineapple Tacos Anos atrás
@dr right wing Not "everything he owns" is or is only because of sponsorship deals. Just on view count alone he's *KILLIN' IT* and has been for quite a while now! Every single video he uploads gets well over 1 million views with many going on to 2, 3, 4 million views or more, and I've forgotten how many he now has with well over 10 million views EACH. After taxes and BRvid takes their share he's bringing in somewhere between $2.5-$3.5 mil a year BEFORE adding in his sponsorship's. Feel free to call my 35 year old ass a "kiddie" all you want, I couldn't care less. I know three different people with channels - one of which has slightly less subs than James but has a similar view count and I know what they're making so I have a pretty damn good idea how much James is.
Tylar Overturf
Tylar Overturf Anos atrás
@dr right wing He makes about 2 million. He's mentioned it in a podcast.
dr right wing
dr right wing Anos atrás
How much do you kiddies think he actually makes a yr? Divide that by half and that’s closer to the fact. Everything he “owns” are sponsorship deals. Wake up
Pineapple Tacos
Pineapple Tacos Anos atrás
It's hilarious watching children TRY to argue over real estate when it's so insanely obvious none of you know what you're talking about. That house -- that entire neighborhood, actually, is fairly new and the biggest, most expensive house in there so far costs a whopping $440k. So no, it's not a million dollar home. It's not even a HALF million dollar home, yet alone $650k. It's also kinda sad that he sad in this very video that this *WAS NOT* his "dream home" and explains TWICE that they haven't even started construction yet but hope to break ground in a few weeks but yet there are still numerous comments congratulating him on moving into his "dream house". I mean...damn...
Zack Anos atrás
This is why strad is one of my favourite youtubers of all time.
Everything Always
Everything Always Anos atrás
ojo nob
ojo nob Anos atrás
Arfannnnnn Anos atrás
Betty Mutua
Betty Mutua Anos atrás
sti Brett
sti Brett Anos atrás
It's truly soo cool to see how far you have came along.... congratulations brother 👊
Mr.Carmel King
Mr.Carmel King Anos atrás
“I have 10 Cars and don’t own a single spoon” he’s the definition of a car guy
Luis Longoria
Luis Longoria Anos atrás
Franklin from GTA in real life
Pineapple Tacos
Pineapple Tacos Anos atrás
@C0ACHMAYNE LMMFAO Gotta be one of you jealous haters trolling the comment section of every one of his videos, huh. Unlike StreetSpeed717 who borrows cars from dealerships and tells his viewers that they're his, James actually buys his cars.
Skyler Li
Skyler Li Anos atrás
Gabriele Deriu
Gabriele Deriu Anos atrás
A car guy with a Bugatti
Seyair M
Seyair M Anos atrás
Definitely what a car enthusiast would say
King Khay
King Khay Anos atrás
Congratulations man, waiting for your house building to kick off you got so much to do in terms of buying utensils and the stuffs
Fandle 117
Fandle 117 Anos atrás
I love your energy James keep it up my man
ProdBy. Dreski
ProdBy. Dreski Anos atrás
no matter how much money you have being this humble and happy to own a fridge is amazing⭐️
Diesel brother 69 Baby
Soo proud of you bro keep up the good work I wanna see you in one of those houses doing v12 revs omg 😂😂💯
Storm Empire
Storm Empire Anos atrás
This really is the end of an era, burlacher getting his own car collection, James finally getting a house, and his followers just keep growing. How could someone not like him.
Brandon Grkman
Brandon Grkman Anos atrás
@Brandon 100% agree, i wasn’t bashing him, i love stradman! (no offense taken)
Lejohnd Anos atrás
Agreed. The burlachors house era might be over. The purple army at sema,the Bugatti purchase, and many other memories, but a new era has just begun!
Fumbles Anos atrás
..& finally Stradgirl.
Andrew Spaid
Andrew Spaid Anos atrás
Brandon byrd
Brandon byrd Anos atrás
Congrats man! Can’t wait for the new digs in a year and also all the complaints from the new neighbors 🤣
INDIAN BEA5T Anos atrás
True men- have 15 cars but no furniture Others- lives in luxury but have 1 car
fourzero:) Anos atrás
Thats actually not a good thing
Pineapple Tacos
Pineapple Tacos Anos atrás
@Mop Smack LMAO So is the fact that you even still use that phrase!!
Mop Smack
Mop Smack Anos atrás
This is so cringe
Its Dababy And DaObama bitch
I cant trust u with that name
Carrotsalesman Anos atrás
I'm 3 cars in lol, hopefully 15 one day, what more could a man need?
Eddie100 Anos atrás
Congrats James! Great to see the next chapter of your life! Also video idea: what if you put an extra loud speaker on your Lamborghini Aventador to make it the loudest car in the world?
Cristóbal Tovar
Cristóbal Tovar Anos atrás
i'm just... So proud! I mean, from a homeless guy that lives in his car... TO THE super hyper THESTRADMAN! Let's go!!!
Arseniy K
Arseniy K Anos atrás
4:50 the man drives engineering masterpieces everyday and is amazed by a working sink with water 😂
SAAF Anos atrás
Now finally Burlacher and Ms.Burlacher can have peace and quiet to actually have a baby burlacher without hearing strad screaming about losing car bids in the middle of the night
Bob Eshekyan
Bob Eshekyan Anos atrás
Wait 9 months
Tahasin Ameen
Tahasin Ameen Anos atrás
Joseph Cruz
Joseph Cruz Anos atrás
Okay man
Autonomous Indy
Autonomous Indy Anos atrás
He only lives like five houses down the street now I’m pretty sure they’ll still hear his screams😂😂
Joseph Cruz
Joseph Cruz Anos atrás
Jackson Westhoff
Jackson Westhoff Anos atrás
I truly remember your original videos about getting laid off and living out of your Lamborghini Gallardo. It's insane to say I've been watching all this time for the past five years and seeing your growth and commitment. You deserve it!
Isaac Robeson
Isaac Robeson Anos atrás
Stradman I gotta say that’s so cool seeing your moving process and I’m so excited to see how the house turns out
olafthegamer18 Anos atrás
I love your videos keep up the great work man
Manuel Thess
Manuel Thess Anos atrás
Congratulations James! Enjoy your new house! Maybe build a in air garage for the Bugatti?
Hayden Anos atrás
wow we all need to appreciate burlacher for being the undisputed legend
Hayden Bremer
Hayden Bremer Anos atrás
Hi You Own My Name
Claudia Alvarado
Claudia Alvarado Anos atrás
Fxx threeZ
Fxx threeZ Anos atrás
"I own ten cars and not a single spoon, let that sink in" most legendary quote of 2021
W Anos atrás
Enjoy the new space. The move to your the first house you own will be an event you will never forget. Do keep Nick in the videos. He has become a great character.
iluZija Anos atrás
Congrats James! A big step for the strad family 😁
Richter Valerozo
Richter Valerozo Anos atrás
I'm so proud of you. My inspiration broo
VezpeN Anos atrás
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how positive James is, he is honestly one of the greatest people to watch if you are feeling down or just not super happy, always takes me into a good mood watching him, congrats on the new place dude!
Isaac Bolin
Isaac Bolin Anos atrás
10000% True.
Efren R
Efren R Anos atrás
Kole Wells
Kole Wells Anos atrás
Rollopanda Gt9
Rollopanda Gt9 Anos atrás
Stempzz Anos atrás
watching him grow is so amazing
BDB05 Anos atrás
I’ve never seen someone so excited to see the water work 😂😂
Random Videos With Mr. J
I’m really excited for you man! Just think about the days of sleeping in your car! Congratulations, you deserve it bro!
ZEPHYR_YT4 Anos atrás
Congratulations james on ur new house when I'm old enough ima drive to Utah 2 see you becuz ur my favourite youtuber 😁
Mr unfortunate
Mr unfortunate Anos atrás
After 4 years of watching the stradman this brings a tear to my eye. But I’m happy for you James! Edit: Why does this have likes Edit 2: 400 likes wow
Dyslexic Mitochondria
@Reangsey Dalton aww bby someones jealous
Dyslexic Mitochondria
@Reangsey Dalton a) Im not and b) my channel IS good
Mr unfortunate
Mr unfortunate Anos atrás
@shika I have more than 1 account
shika Anos atrás
Ya you joined yt only 2 years ago
gurshaan chahal
gurshaan chahal Anos atrás
I agree man
Anime & Exotic
Anime & Exotic Anos atrás
Congratulations Strad wishing you the best each day
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas Anos atrás
I'm jealous of your cars and ur way of living keep it up !!!
Jay Maloney
Jay Maloney Anos atrás
James Neese I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I'm so happy that you have achieved a significant amount of your goals. 🥺🥺🤪😀😃😄😃😀
Mikey Montoni
Mikey Montoni Anos atrás
Content has been fire lately bro keep it up!!
effspot Anos atrás
I'll donate my broken couch.
arleth plascencia #foltynfamilyontop
@Yefta LMAO
PDMH 0729
PDMH 0729 8 meses atrás
DizeyGamer 9 meses atrás
Exactly what a person who owns a bugatti needs lmao
Worzone sNiper
Worzone sNiper 10 meses atrás
@Peter’s Truck spotting yep
brzguylol✔️ 10 meses atrás
I’ll also donate my exploded tv
Diego Desilva
Diego Desilva Anos atrás
Stradman is so enthusiastic. It’s awesome and great for him. But damn I wish he would relax a bit lol
Jared Evans
Jared Evans Anos atrás
You’re almost a decade older than me and I feel like a father watching his kid move out for college 🤣
FordMustangYT Anos atrás
Congratulations on your new house TheStradman! Can't believe you are living on your own now, while you are still going to be around Burlacher's neighborhood very often!
Anthony K
Anthony K Anos atrás
You know I have been watching his channel for a long time. How did I just realize how much of a chad he is? Is he gonna survive by himself?
Tiago Sousa
Tiago Sousa Anos atrás
Next Burlacher video: "I am leaving my home to live with Stradman!"
Vukosi Percy
Vukosi Percy Anos atrás
TECH GAMER Anos atrás
FRL-RYAN Anos atrás
Dj Bruce Silver
Dj Bruce Silver Anos atrás
Congrats on the new adventures to come
Filipe Alexandre
Filipe Alexandre Anos atrás
And thinking all this started with the TT, congratulations Strad, you deserve it
Itso TT
Itso TT Anos atrás
"I have 10 cars and don't own a single spoon" the best sentence ever
BrysonGamer 13
BrysonGamer 13 Anos atrás
Can’t wait to see the dream house all built 😁
Jay Singh
Jay Singh Anos atrás
" I own 10 supercars but I don't own a single spoon " that's next level of Gangsta 🔥
Alfonso Mendoza
Alfonso Mendoza Anos atrás
Panda Express gives away free forks
Craftsmen Anos atrás
Congrats on the new home Stradman!
MR RANDOM Anos atrás
Congratulations 🎊🎉 on your new home 🏡 sweet home I’ve seen your journey from a 1st lambu to till day
Bobby Bobo
Bobby Bobo Anos atrás
Congrats on the new place. well deserved!!
Nate Anos atrás
When your subaru gets put in its place.. I actually love this guys energy
Jaret Campisi
Jaret Campisi Anos atrás
Congrats on moving man! Excited to see the next chapter of your life and youtube content! Christina and I just bought our first home together so we will be doing the whole moving thing ourselves here very soon as well! ps You'll be invited to come to our new home anytime :)
sarah Anos atrás
What the
ShaheerPK Anos atrás
Hello varifed person
Lejohnd Anos atrás
Seth Anderson
Seth Anderson Anos atrás
Hey jaret i love ur channel and the bikes. I saw the video of your new house and it seems epiccc!
Itz Spence
Itz Spence Anos atrás
A prime Example of How youtube can change someones life when you stick to it and Love your content. Been watching Stradman for over 5 yearss likee WTFFFF so inspirational. Imma keep making videos
jOe Anos atrás
Imagine when he got fired it was actually an april fools joke but Burlacher forgot to tell him before he took it serious and actually moved out
Pineapple Tacos
Pineapple Tacos Anos atrás
Like he said in this video (and has said in others) -- the company was going bankrupt, everybody was getting let go. Burlacher lost his job, too, just not as early as James did.
Matty Crayon - Educational Videos for Kids
Congrats on the move. There nothing quite like having a place to yourself, where you can work and chill 👍👍🏠
KaaiiVlogs Anos atrás
His voice just feels so lively but not in a way that hurts your ears. Still so cool to listen
Nitro Fish11
Nitro Fish11 Anos atrás
“Ten cars cars and not a single spoon.” A true car guy 👏
OfficialHoneZtAbe Anos atrás
Yeah sure, I believe in spoons. S - no P - I O - definitely O - fkn N - don't
Jayden George
Jayden George Anos atrás
I am your 200th like
Anna pek
Anna pek Anos atrás
SNICKERS Anos atrás
Gerhard Oosthuizen
Gerhard Oosthuizen Anos atrás
"The spoon is not real"
Malik Saad Awan
Malik Saad Awan Anos atrás
The Strad Fam is growing and growing.
Jaxen and Farah
Jaxen and Farah Anos atrás
We want more house videos 😊
OQ Anos atrás
Happy for you man, congrats!
MrWarren Anos atrás
i have been a subscriber since 300k i love your vids keep doing what your doing keep pushing and live life to the edge P.S Nissan GTR widebody
e.a Anos atrás
idk how to feel about him having his own house😂 im happy but it feels strange
Awsme Anos atrás
@That Review Guy same
That Review Guy
That Review Guy Anos atrás
Ahhhh I mostly watch the stradman for the burlacher😂 wish they'd get houses side by side or something
Jonathan Buchanan
Jonathan Buchanan Anos atrás
Drugster Gangster
Drugster Gangster Anos atrás
Just think when he moves into his dream house
Chris Anos atrás
yeah burlacher won’t be in the vids as much now too 🥲
Mr_Kettle Anos atrás
When you pulled up to those mansions in Draper, my jaw dropped! I was about to be super duper jealous! Congrats on the new place!
Hahauravirgin Anos atrás
Good for you man. I’m excited to get my own space saving up. Hopefully by 2024
Chris Peoples
Chris Peoples Anos atrás
You get so many comments and stuff but hopefully you’ll see this you’re a true inspiration to me especially considering everything typical been through woth perusing your BRvid dream. For me your channel is a true example of never give up.
Adrian A
Adrian A Anos atrás
we need a ''Stradman finally goes shopping'' video
Say Cheese
Say Cheese Anos atrás
This guy just has this magical ability to make you smile while you watch his videos.
Cristian Franco
Cristian Franco Anos atrás
@FroQQer if you’ve seen burlacher’s vids you’ll see he’s not like that at all. He just does it for the vids. And I’d say it’s worked out pretty well for him....good job James, we’re proud of you sir. Thank you for making us smile
FroQQer Anos atrás
Not hating on him, but no. I find it all to be a front. No one goes around like that 24/7 - If they do they're on drugs or mental cases..
stevelubs Anos atrás
Not at all
Reece Godbehere-Mills
You make me so excited when your exited Keep it up Bro
J D Anos atrás
Congrats to Nick and his wife on the new addition.
Supercar Driven
Supercar Driven Anos atrás
Congrats bro, excited for you!!
AICS USA Anos atrás
Enjoy the new place! Take care and God bless! David
DripDrop Anos atrás
Stradman:- owns like 10 cars Also him:- 'we got water' Hilarious 😂
DxterDecides Anos atrás
He owns 10 cars but not a single spoon
VoidAxis Anos atrás
And he was soo excited
Jhano Erasmus
Jhano Erasmus Anos atrás
Stradman : the type of guy who bought a Bugatti before he bought his first roll of toiletpaper
Dean Dantas
Dean Dantas Anos atrás
I feel old saying this but definitely proud of you James
Ahmet kara
Ahmet kara Anos atrás
Thanks to you all, your testimonies has helped me greatly I thought he was not real but I will now boldly testify... His strategies is awesome
Efren Capili
Efren Capili Anos atrás
can we just appreciate that the aventador is a legend
Ian Beaufait
Ian Beaufait Anos atrás
The Stradman: Owns a Bugatti Veyron Also the Stradman: “I don’t own a fork”
Kole Wells
Kole Wells Anos atrás
Lol ikr 😂
The Chain-stayed
The Chain-stayed Anos atrás
Stradman: it’s just me and Oscar Also strand: what’s up guys I got my new 3 bedroom house here
Stangchicc Anos atrás
The neighborhood will low key miss him and then be relieved 😅
Octane Street
Octane Street 6 meses atrás
Not even gunna lie, I'm mad excited to see you move into your own little place, even if it's just temporary while the dream house gets built. Super dope! Will miss Johnny and babylacher too though!
R Ben
R Ben Anos atrás
Slowly but surely getting closer to that dream house!!! I wish the original version of it was aloud that looked insane
ElectroPartyNation Anos atrás
James: *i don't know where i put my keys* Every one of us in our head: *microwave*
JustCallMeEric Anos atrás
Ryan Groves
Ryan Groves Anos atrás
@ElectroPartyNation Me: Mmm.... I do love microwaved keys
The Slash Man Rc
The Slash Man Rc Anos atrás
Kanyon Lundell
Kanyon Lundell Anos atrás
If you add up the time of people watching him show his microwave it’s like 25 straight days so far 😂
Evan S
Evan S Anos atrás
When you walked into the first bathroom and you said “we’re gonna be spending a lot of time in here” and you had that little smile... you can’t lie, that was sus
micah bowser
micah bowser Anos atrás
Said he wishes he was closer to Johnny and Nick but nothing was available nearby, but yet moves literally right around the corner from them 😂
Jake H
Jake H Anos atrás
Love this guys energy
WFX_Malice Anos atrás
5 years later and James still hasn't worked out that the "you're loosing you job" was an April fools joke that got taken too far.
Time Krafter
Time Krafter Anos atrás
a year from now when he's settled into his new house, "Hey you remember what I told you 6 years ago... APRIL FOoLs Hahah, the look on your face".
Pop K
Pop K Anos atrás
Now its an eviction april fools
Exzen Anos atrás
Xolani Shabangu
Xolani Shabangu Anos atrás
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts Anos atrás
This is every single man ever right here. “ I have the bare minimum and I have no idea what to do with the rest of the house”
Javon Turner
Javon Turner Anos atrás
@Itz Spence 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itz Spence
Itz Spence Anos atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣 omgg this shit resonates so hard🤣🤣 my dorm room has all that i need and girls are like wheress the rest🤣🤣🤣
Brad Mottishaw
Brad Mottishaw Anos atrás
That will be cool to be so close to the new casa so you can watch it being built! Congratulations!
Tony Zapien
Tony Zapien Anos atrás
I’m new to your channel I can’t believe how happy you are in your videos
Eyosi Goitom
Eyosi Goitom Anos atrás
One day Stradman will Microwave his car key 😂😂😅
Static Anos atrás
Johnny coming over and saying "We're happy he's gone" killed me lol
TembuRaptor Anos atrás
@venom5809 ooh amazing 😂😂😂
venom5809 Anos atrás
@TembuRaptor yeah but he works a regular job so he’s at work most of the day. Also I found out James only moved like 5 houses away so nothing is going to change. lol
venom5809 Anos atrás
@TembuRaptor Probably joking but also not joking at the same time. I have friends I love, love to hangout with but don't want them living near me. lol In his case the cars are loud, the filming probably annoying, cars all over the place, on the lawn etc, wives probably hate it especially if it wakes up the kids and babies and the worst part is kids and fans probably come there all the time which would be super annoying, probably why he left and got that house.
TembuRaptor Anos atrás
@Blyat I know. Just tryna confuse the other homies ;-)
Andrew Anos atrás
can you imagine your new neighbor moves in and brings an Aventador, a Bugatti, a GTR and a Ford Shelby Raptor😂
top ten
top ten Anos atrás
“Ten cars and no spoon” I aspire to be like this one day lol
Brian Trojan
Brian Trojan Anos atrás
When you actually move into your house this year or next year! The first video you should do is highlights of your journey on your from start to finish on how you got to that point😎
Linkinshadow182 Anos atrás
"I own 10 cars but I don't own a single spoon"" that's an epic line
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