[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

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Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon: Introducing Sigma.
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22 Jul 2019

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Comentários 21 531
Phongpatake Kantikachencad
What I am watching!!?!!?
Brent Jordan
Brent Jordan Minuto atrás
Cooldoge67 Minuto atrás
NEW HERO *Becomes an insane, crazy villian*
PixelleHearts Minuto atrás
Finally, an actually decent villain.
Devin Slayer
Devin Slayer Minuto atrás
Swol brain swol body.
Joseph Hailu
Joseph Hailu Minuto atrás
Sigma balls
WYRD1SH - Minuto atrás
Sigma balls
Finnian Dots
Finnian Dots Minuto atrás
zero escape fans: nani
Oivatank 2 minutos atrás
I hope he has a split personality, that’d be dope
GOD _LY 2 minutos atrás
Sleep paralysis🤨
anthonytrashboat 2 minutos atrás
Dead game
James Rice
James Rice 2 minutos atrás
Sigma bals lmao
Erich Chaplin
Erich Chaplin 2 minutos atrás
Man these characters get crazier Everytime we see um
Demo - crazy
Demo - crazy 2 minutos atrás
This wpuld be amazing actually animated
brutalistic -
brutalistic - 2 minutos atrás
Sigma balls nibba XXDDDDDD
Mr.Zauberbiest 2 minutos atrás
For a split second he smiled 1:15
WantlessEight 3 minutos atrás
Is every talon character just a overwatch member having a mid-life crisis?
chanda kisor
chanda kisor 3 minutos atrás
Couper A
Couper A 3 minutos atrás
This dude's weirder than Junkrat
Name Here
Name Here 3 minutos atrás
Poor d boy. Legit Scp d boi
RoboLoco 3 minutos atrás
*Megaman has Entered the chat* Sigma: “I have harnessed the power of a black hole!” *Megaman has left the chat*
Blazing Blackness
Blazing Blackness 3 minutos atrás he's insane...neat :)
Killguy67 3 minutos atrás
Isn’t there also a character named sigma in mega man x
III CASE III 3 minutos atrás
Oh yeah...OverWatch.
Xander 101
Xander 101 3 minutos atrás
1:57 *GOTTE*
Monric 3 minutos atrás
Me: You guys like Sigma Teammate: What's Sigma? Me: -Sigma- Sugma Balls
egotistical egg
egotistical egg 4 minutos atrás
Superman doesn’t stand a chance now that lex has the power of black holes
Yung Chigga
Yung Chigga 4 minutos atrás
For some reason he gives me Richthofen vibes
EliteCrafters 89
EliteCrafters 89 4 minutos atrás
more like ligma haha
Jacko 4 minutos atrás
He better be mad in game and not just angry and edgy
Lekok 4 minutos atrás
If he turns out to be trash then they'll call him ligma.
Zack Gafin
Zack Gafin 4 minutos atrás
The voice actor sounds like he voiced someone on Bioshock.
Koezuu 4 minutos atrás
1:33 it sounds like he says "the next door". Does anyone else hear that or just me lmao
R Lanete
R Lanete 4 minutos atrás
Why are all evil scientists into classical music?
Mank Demes
Mank Demes 4 minutos atrás
Cant wait till his twin brother Sugma comes out
MiniBtheKrusher 4 minutos atrás
0:44 when his head started shaking saying RELEASE ME that had me dead.
Furry _Animal45
Furry _Animal45 4 minutos atrás
*Eleven has left the chat* They took her spot
Lumbago 5 minutos atrás
This looks like Robbie rotten if he was off smarter and older
Crlospicey weiner
Crlospicey weiner 5 minutos atrás
This guy is literally Thanos(because of the bulky left hand)
Troy Burgess
Troy Burgess 5 minutos atrás
Remember gravity guy? This is him now, feel old yet?
donald ramirez
donald ramirez 5 minutos atrás
What no black female?
Furry _Animal45
Furry _Animal45 5 minutos atrás
*Mercy Mains Have Left The Chat*
Chris Dennison
Chris Dennison 5 minutos atrás
He looks like Patrick Stewart Lul 3D 3D 5 minutos atrás
Sigma worse than ligma
7he Game 7hester
7he Game 7hester 5 minutos atrás
Sigma more like ligma #DDM
Arcane Fury
Arcane Fury 6 minutos atrás
So this character is if Tracer and Zarya did the fusion dance
DiamondAxolotl 6 minutos atrás
Sigma has gone was is known as "Sicko Mode"
Michael Bush
Michael Bush 6 minutos atrás
He's basically eleven from stranger things
David Falc.
David Falc. 6 minutos atrás
Can't wait to use this guy whild I'm being flamed by my team :)
Namliler 6 minutos atrás
Man, Mega Man X really messed him up...
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