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3 Dez 2022



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Lachlan Mês atrás
The only consistent series on this channel, shoutout to all my OG's who watch the new battle pass here!
Team_ ST1
Team_ ST1 3 dias atrás
@Guinea King nah there other rn
Team_ ST1
Team_ ST1 3 dias atrás
@FrostyGamer_7 FG7 Bruh not me lol
Zach Cook
Zach Cook Mês atrás
Since season 5
NotVast Mês atrás
@Spider-Man Fan ikr
Spider-Man Fan
Spider-Man Fan Mês atrás
How can you still pretend to be exited for every season
Pinky Almeroth
Pinky Almeroth Mês atrás
The map is insane, so glad they put the effort in. Chapter 3 map was 🍑. Love the battle pass, love the weapons, the map. Contrails !! We need more of , we never get enough contrails.
wowarr Mês atrás
can you guys check me out pls lol jus getting back to the game
Sonicomega123 Mês atrás
This season already looks so much better than chapter 3 lmao
Internal Security Department Coffee Halloween
@Arxtical C2 season 6 is went it went bad for me, cause of the ya know, primal things.
wowarr Mês atrás
can you guys check me out pls lol jus getting back to the game
@GG Football Shifty was amazing, Daily Bugle was amazing, Tilted was amazing, Covert Cavern was amazing, Rave Cave after was amazing, and a lot of the unnamed locations were great too. Logjam was amazing I can agree. The sheer amount of materials there meant you barely had to farm and boom, you could get into the fight in barely any time at all.
GG Football
GG Football Mês atrás
@ARandomInternetUser logjam was awesime but everywhere else was just mid
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Mês atrás
@LavaRusher! season 1 wasn’t that bad but after it was so ass
AzukiEditzz Mês atrás
Excited for this season. Cant wait for lachy to play some games.
Cody Animation
Cody Animation Mês atrás
the graphics are insane and they somewhat brought back the good visuals
Rpm_1087 Mês atrás
I also rate it a 9/10. Best BP since early C2. Good mix of Collabs and Original skins that I actually might wear.
liam Mês atrás
I was hoping for a Christmas themed battle pass. Themed battle passes were so much better
wowarr Mês atrás
can you guys check me out pls lol jus getting back to the game
tiggat43 Mês atrás
@Jrs3rd10 yh it was dogshit
someone random
someone random Mês atrás
@Aydan Nguyen and?
Jrs3rd10 Mês atrás
I’m pretty sure this season is medival/ knights soooo
Jrs3rd10 Mês atrás
@tiggat43 so we’re not gonna talk about chapter 3 season 1 wasn’t Christmas theme either? The map for full of snow but that’s really it plus winter fest
RGNK Tedster
RGNK Tedster Mês atrás
I’m always here with Lachy for Battle Pass
Mixi Mês atrás
Absolutely excited for the doomslayer skin!
jakedasnake2077 Mês atrás
Høstillic Mês atrás
I haven't bought the last few battle passes but this one has stuff I actually think I'll use. I don't know about the majority but this is pretty good to me.
JBRO YT Mês atrás
I agree it's quite sick
Camille getting close
This season already looks so much better than chapter 3 lmao 🔥 cant wait to play the game and create 🔥
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi 25 dias atrás
Antho P
Antho P Mês atrás
Probably one of the best battle pass from chapter to now because of a real tier 100 it brings chapter 1 battle pass vibes i love it
ItzMeerkat Mês atrás
So glad the old battle pass layout is here
ItzMeerkat Mês atrás
Im_Lost Mês atrás
@SUPERMAN5 he said layout meaning how it looks not how it works
SUPERMAN5 Mês atrás
We still have to use battle stars btw
Magoman Mês atrás
I m seriously considering coming back to Fortnite just to get the doom slayer one of the most badass character in gaming ngl
Glitchtrap_Gaming Mês atrás
I’m also coming back for Doom Slayer too, also MrBeast, and I already got the Master of Puppets emote (thanks to my mother, who is a diehard fan of Metallica).
Mac Mês atrás
@GamerS well its here now
Johanmsmzj Powmsk
Johanmsmzj Powmsk Mês atrás
Yeah and I loved the glider
Hawke 129
Hawke 129 Mês atrás
@GamerS i know i hunted for the music pack and i was soul crushed
callmesanzz Mês atrás
AnonymZ Mês atrás
Don’t even play Fortnite anymore for the past few years but still watch lachy’s battle pass review and season review
Better Moods
Better Moods Mês atrás
Pls SUB it's a lot to me
SATISFYZ Mês atrás
Johanmsmzj Powmsk
Johanmsmzj Powmsk Mês atrás
As a doom fan I was so happy for the skin and the emote with the toy made me laugh
Velocxty Mês atrás
This battle pass is easily one of the best we’ve ever seen⚡️
💬 𝙏𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈👉@BFordLancer1
Great fan🏅 It's the season of love❤️. You have been selected👏Use the above name to claim your prize.....
falcon PL
falcon PL Mês atrás
3:31 if anyone dosen't know,in original game this is a Astro skin you can get for a milestone
FrogMilk Mês atrás
Negl I was scared for the mha collab but the izuku skin actually looks kinda god, the one for all ability doesn't look that good though
CLArden The  Founding Titan
@alen muhmmad IK cuz its gonna be an ITEM SHOP skin.
alen muhmmad
alen muhmmad Mês atrás
​@CLArden The Founding Titan it's not a skin from my hero academia
Rended_ Mês atrás
@CLArden The Founding Titan k
CLArden The  Founding Titan
@Rended_ yes but its al ready revealed in game as geralt of rivia
Rended_ Mês atrás
@CLArden The Founding Titan I thought the secret skin always came some time after
snop Mês atrás
Not going to lie , I’m not the biggest fan of collabs but they may of revived the game with the Battlepass layout and the content 👍
Zapper-Zac Mês atrás
I'm tempted to get back into fortnite because of this chapter
Ghost Mês atrás
Doom Guy makes this season worth it already. as someone who loves the Doom series. I might return to this game.
Rdomnai Spartan
Rdomnai Spartan Mês atrás
10/10 for sure with the Doom Slayer
Help me get to 10k subs with no videos
When he uploads my life just gets better
Zenyatta 913
Zenyatta 913 Mês atrás
2:20 not a new style of glider, the hawkeye one had that type but no one really knows about it
MT_Jackson Mês atrás
I personally stopped playing Fortnite but its always fun to see the battle pass and the new cosmetics they add
Dazai Osamu
Dazai Osamu Mês atrás
WOOW the Battle pass looks sick
Melvin Santos
Melvin Santos Mês atrás
Does anyone know if the my hero characters are actually in the battle pass or is it just something that coming to the item shop at some point
Ti ツ
Ti ツ Mês atrás
Bro this season is so much better for sure grinding the game agian
Jakey_Bones Mês atrás
You good content man👍
Jenna Thompson
Jenna Thompson Mês atrás
i can't wait to play this new map
Dylan Vargas
Dylan Vargas Mês atrás
As a DOOM fan, Seeing Doom Slayer in the battle pass made me cry because is wasn’t just the skin that got me but The Crucible blade was just beautiful.
Mauro Martinez
Mauro Martinez Mês atrás
Alright so, stopping the battlepass grind when I reach doomslayer and then wait for geralt to grind. Got it.
Kedo Mês atrás
As a DOOM fan, Seeing Doom Slayer in the battle pass made me cry because is wasn’t just the skin that got me but The Crucible blade was just beautiful.
GG Lxca
GG Lxca Mês atrás
I’m so hyped!!! Love u Lachy (:
Michael Caratzola
Michael Caratzola Mês atrás
It’s awesome that geralt is gonna be in the game, I just finished playing the Witcher 3
Henry Harden
Henry Harden Mês atrás
The sad thing is, Fortnite is barely Fortnite anymore because everything is just collabs at this point. I really miss the themed battle passes. Chapter 2 season 2 was agents. Season 3 was summer/ocean style. Season 4 was marvel, and while that was a collab, at least it was totally themed. Season 5 was bounty hunters. Not to mention the chapter 1 themes.
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson Mês atrás
I was hoping for a Christmas themed battle pass. Themed battle passes were so much better
💬 𝙏𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈👉@BFordLancer1
Great fan🏅 It's the season of love❤️. You have been selected👏Use the above name to claim your prize.....
Hyperrblu Mês atrás
thank god the slayer isn’t tier 100 I’M ONLY PLAYING THIS SEASON FOR HIM
riotingdecay Mês atrás
im saying it now if they drop deku and not shigaraki ima be pissed
Theo J
Theo J Mês atrás
This season looks mad
Walmart bag
Walmart bag Mês atrás
I'm definitely getting the battle pass if there's deku in it
YaBoyFurious Mês atrás
This BP is a 11/10 best one we've ever had tbh
TechyPlaysGames Mês atrás
Who else remembers the Zelda combo in chapter 1 season 2
Fabian Wojciechowski
I am waiting for my fortnite to updates and I use code PWR instead. Great videos lachlan and I cant wait for more
King Lord
King Lord Mês atrás
Oh cool An all-human battle pass Definitely never had that Definitely creative
djbabyboi Mês atrás
Skins this season are sick
CheffRully Mês atrás
good battle pass but the games too much now i miss simple classic BR
edsa play22
edsa play22 Mês atrás
HollowEditz Mês atrás
"DoomSlayer" had me rolling hard on the ground...🤣😭
Keegz Mês atrás
@moster I know, I'm just saying to the other guy that DS was called doomguy
moster Mês atrás
@Keegz this is doom slayer the guy in the new ones
Keegz Mês atrás
His original name was doomguy in the 90s
Love your videos
Uncle Berry
Uncle Berry Mês atrás
I'm just glad the map has changed, from the event it looked the exact same
Uncle Berry
Uncle Berry Mês atrás
@Alex Petana I'm looking forward to the castles, they can't be bad
Alex Petana
Alex Petana Mês atrás
Shying Mês atrás
Finally, we can have v1 vs doomslayer (made v1 from ultrakill with snap, so now it can happen)
Dark_Tellez Mês atrás
Genos transform reminds me of max steel tbh
SYFON Mês atrás
Was so excited when they showed deku doom and the Witcher
Athena Tryon
Athena Tryon Mês atrás
@Antonio Ricaud your cringe
Antonio Ricaud
Antonio Ricaud Mês atrás
deku is cringe
Lukeinator Mês atrás
6:18 Bro just called the game “Doom Slayer” 💀
Bailey Moore
Bailey Moore Mês atrás
This chapter is insane I love it already ❤️
Qu1zix Mês atrás
To be honest with you, I think COD rn is taking a better win for me. I used to play Fortnite non stop back in chapter 1 and chapter 2 but ever since the game has went downhill in my opinion.
💬 𝙏𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈👉@BFordLancer1
Great fan🏅 It's the season of love❤️. You have been selected👏Use the above name to claim your prize.
Edward Klimyuk
Edward Klimyuk Mês atrás
Love your vids
DJAri18 extra
DJAri18 extra Mês atrás
when i saw the thumbnail i thought deku was in the battlepass💀
Wond3rous Mês atrás
ngl the only reason im playing this new season is for deku and the dirt bikes
KingOfBeans Mês atrás
I’m playing it for the bike, the new drone when it comes out, and doom guy
Wond3rous Mês atrás
@Sabrina Cyr cool, i dont really care that you think that
SUPERMAN5 Mês atrás
Also idk if he is in the battlepass at all he might be fortnite crew I didn't see him in there
SUPERMAN5 Mês atrás
@Sabrina Cyr imma kick u in da shins
Sabrina Cyr
Sabrina Cyr Mês atrás
Mha is mid
Darth vader
Darth vader Mês atrás
Wow the new season is amazing
Crimson Warrior
Crimson Warrior Mês atrás
Really was hoping hulk or me beast was in the pass 😢
Guinea King
Guinea King Mês atrás
hope the pumps are back
This season looks better than all of chapter 3 combined.
Hax SVG Mês atrás
@Sacred_Ghost _ besides all the spider Gwen’s with shotguns. Fuckin arch nemesis.
Sacred_Ghost _
Sacred_Ghost _ Mês atrás
@MarioAndSonicMovies yeah I agree with ur opinion
@Sacred_Ghost _ that’s what I’m saying. Chapter 3 Season 1 was great but this season looks better than the whole chapter 3.
Sacred_Ghost _
Sacred_Ghost _ Mês atrás
Bro the season with Spider man was actually decent
Dartan the Hedgehog
Almighty is perfect as boss battle bruh
Laura Paice
Laura Paice Mês atrás
Love your vids
BKBPlayz _
BKBPlayz _ Mês atrás
This season is gonna be weird love u lachy!!!!
one of the skins was teased in this months crew loading screen
Coopermaddog Mês atrás
If you read this you will have a wonderful day 😊
Master oogway was chilled
still the remember the times you broke the game with lannan, good times.
Gigner Mês atrás
I thought hulk would be in the battle pass and mr beast would be the secret skin or the unlockable one
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Mês atrás
I think deku should have been in the battle pass if he was I would buy it but if he's in the store then I won't get the battle pass
mortusmetallium Mês atrás
The fact they have Doom Slayer right after I bought Doom Eternal is just perfection.
Orion XI
Orion XI Mês atrás
Idk why but the new master chief skin looks slightly wrong…..
SMToon Malay
SMToon Malay Mês atrás
Finally a tier 100 skin that isn't a colab
Kani Ou
Kani Ou Mês atrás
Finally a tier 100 skin that isn't a colab
XenoDeji Mês atrás
This dude be in the entire video I haven’t play doom Never watched MHA Never played Witcher My dude, you’ve been missing a lot
AesirHighblood Mês atrás
There’s a part in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt where Geralt is in a bathtub, that might be the reference with the Banana in the tub!
ConstanceShell Mês atrás
ConstanceShell Mês atrás
SeriousJayy Mês atrás
but still stars 😔
Roran’s Room
Roran’s Room Mês atrás
Battlepass looks better than the event
Jeremie Olivieri
Jeremie Olivieri Mês atrás
They added deku before luffy or ichigo💀
Crimson Stormsurge
Crimson Stormsurge Mês atrás
Honestly geno and doomguy r the only skins I care about but still
Kedo Mês atrás
This season already looks so much better than chapter 3 lmao 🔥 cant wait to play the game and create 🔥
xLilJdot Mês atrás
Im back i to fortnite cause of this season
ᏰᏫᎦᎦ 1 Mês atrás
Big collaborations this battle pass!
Alexis Hassan
Alexis Hassan Mês atrás
I cant wait to play this new chapter 4 so i can had Izuku Midoriya (Deku) as one of my skins 🥰
Sloth Mob
Sloth Mob Mês atrás
Bro this battlepass looks goated
Pawloski,Cassius Mês atrás
So pissed they didn’t keep the chapter 2 system 😭
SUPERMAN5 Mês atrás
Plus the og way of getting through the battle pass was way better it wasn't battle stars it was actually fun until they added that dumb battle star system now instead of getting somthing EVERY level we have to level and level just to save for ONE SKIN
SUPERMAN5 Mês atrás
Bro they still have it it's just a different look
Zdotss123 get roasted
I hope Mr Beast is the new icon skin!!
Colt McQueen
Colt McQueen Mês atrás
Love this season
Mari Does Things
Mari Does Things Mês atrás
At 1:40, peely in the bath and Geralt facepalming is a really cool reference to his iconic bath scene in The Witcher 3 😂 when I saw that emote leaked it immediately reminded me of Geralt and I was really hoping for this collab 🥹 (but I’m guessing we’re not gonna be getting any unicorns references 😂)
dengarspopo Mês atrás
Honestly I’m disappointed with the battle pass, I was expecting Mr Beast and Hulk instead of those emo skins. Fortnite needs to stop adding emo skins in battlepasses, that’s why the last one sucked
Chungo Mês atrás
This Chapter so far looks so well made! I’m so excited to grind out the season.
-DRACO- Mês atrás
We got a another Chad in Fortnite after John wick…
JackoHoops Mês atrás
Lachy is a walking w😊
Burnt Mês atrás
Only skins that grab my attention are Doom Guy, Teir 100 and The Witcher.
n0tanoob Mês atrás
Dang i thought deku was gonna be in the battle pass
HardGamer FN
HardGamer FN Mês atrás
Lachy the new chapter looks sick 🔥 cant wait to play the game and create 🔥 content
Ow Lova
Ow Lova Mês atrás
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Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez Mês atrás
I'm waiting for it to update
RGNK Tedster
RGNK Tedster Mês atrás
@IShowBuddha members
TummyTickler Mês atrás
I saw you made content and every time I click or ur channel it closes youtube
Haydo Mês atrás
i Remember when u used to self promote in EVERY single youtubers' videos and then u stopped, i was happy, now you're back...
Dopey_ Cr33d
Dopey_ Cr33d Mês atrás
Don’t even play anymore but I watched every single one before this gotta stay consistent
💬 𝙏𝙀𝙇𝙀𝙂𝙍𝘼𝙈👉@BFordLancer1
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