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3 Dez 2022



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Comentários : 1,5 mil   
@lachlan Anos atrás
The only consistent series on this channel, shoutout to all my OG's who watch the new battle pass here!
@Fall_3N Anos atrás
@ExquisiteGod Anos atrás
@ADZ-EDITZ Anos atrás
Bro where is hulk 💀💀
@SpencerMcM Anos atrás
I been here watching every one of these since season 3 ❤
@Sonicomega123 Anos atrás
This season already looks so much better than chapter 3 lmao
@lavarusher Anos atrás
@rowbgo1575 Anos atrás
I bet you said that when chapter 3 came out
@lavarusher Anos atrás
Chapter 3 was so mid
Wrong. Chapter 3 seasons 1 and 2 were some of the best times ever on this game, and c3s1 was easily top 5 best seasons, borderline top 3 best seasons.
@rowbgo1575 Anos atrás
@@ARandomInternetUser08 haha
@liambutlerx Anos atrás
I was hoping for a Christmas themed battle pass. Themed battle passes were so much better
@leanmcqueen6740 Anos atrás
i agree
@@leanmcqueen6740 same
@SkyLuvsMoney Anos atrás
Nah christmas is overrated this bp is better
@leurydash Anos atrás
@pablobscp4448 Anos atrás
@@SkyLuvsMoney yes
@notmeerkateater Anos atrás
So glad the old battle pass layout is here
@ERROR_MSM Anos atrás
We still have to use battle stars btw
@im_lost9355 Anos atrás
@@ERROR_MSM he said layout meaning how it looks not how it works
@notmeerkateater Anos atrás
@@ERROR_MSM I know
Although I don’t play it that much anymore it’s a tradition to watch this
@teamvault3350 Anos atrás
Might be worth playin I've been playin for an hour and it's the best season I've seen in a WHILE
@hunterjones9831 Anos atrás
@OMGitslongdennis Anos atrás
Finally a tier 100 skin that isn't a colab
@TheTrueElonMusk Anos atrás
@rookieware3581 Anos atrás
@@TheTrueElonMusk Finally
@kataraarts3027 Anos atrás
@doctorslonegaming Anos atrás
Finally, My skin comin in C4S2
@doctorslonegaming Anos atrás
I meant my sand touch form skin.
@MickDude_ Anos atrás
It’s a tradition to watch the Lachy battle pass video every new season morning even though I don’t play anymore lol
@AppleIstory Anos atrás
the graphics are insane and they somewhat brought back the good visuals
@magoman9155 Anos atrás
I m seriously considering coming back to Fortnite just to get the doom slayer one of the most badass character in gaming ngl
@prognatho08 Anos atrás
@vekro605 Anos atrás
I am coming back for doom slayer too
@Theguywhoasked994 Anos atrás
We waited 3 months of teasers and fortnite gave him a type of every cosmetic. Nice
@RukasuShiota Anos atrás
​@@Theguywhoasked994 except a music pack -_-
I’m literally going to grind to level 100 just for 3 skins and their matching pickaxes gliders and emotes only three I don’t care about the rest just three 🫤
@kedo Anos atrás
This season already looks so much better than chapter 3 lmao 🔥 cant wait to play the game and create 🔥
@user650walkdown Anos atrás
Im back i to fortnite cause of this season
@MIXI115 Anos atrás
Absolutely excited for the doomslayer skin!
@Jakedasnake0426 Anos atrás
Doom Guy makes this season worth it already. as someone who loves the Doom series. I might return to this game.
@HollowEditz Anos atrás
"DoomSlayer" had me rolling hard on the ground...🤣😭
@keegz5750 Anos atrás
His original name was doomguy in the 90s
@moster1539 Anos atrás
@@keegz5750 this is doom slayer the guy in the new ones
@keegz5750 Anos atrás
@@moster1539 I know, I'm just saying to the other guy that DS was called doomguy
@pinkyalmeroth3702 Anos atrás
The map is insane, so glad they put the effort in. Chapter 3 map was 🍑. Love the battle pass, love the weapons, the map. Contrails !! We need more of , we never get enough contrails.
@wantemoney Anos atrás
can you guys check me out pls lol jus getting back to the game
@sunshinedrew8 10 meses atrás
Chapter 3 was good to me just liked the login music
@Superior-293 2 meses atrás
Chapter 3 was better than chapter 4 itself
@AnonymZ. Anos atrás
Don’t even play Fortnite anymore for the past few years but still watch lachy’s battle pass review and season review
@bettermoods1515 Anos atrás
Pls SUB it's a lot to me
@vanishgamer2716 Anos atrás
Better than last chapter 3 season 4 in my opinion
@undeadman6205 Anos atrás
@jsostick Anos atrás
I disagree honestly, but you do you
@GravitonLance Anos atrás
its waaaay better than the last one
@vanishgamer2716 Anos atrás
@@jsostick it's my opinion bro I'm sorry
@f8te52 Anos atrás
Definitely agree, the last one didn’t do it for me honestly
@mxlzi Anos atrás
The event was pretty bad but the battle bass is fire they actually got emotes what u can use for any skin and the map looks so sick so I'm hyped
@frogmilk6051 Anos atrás
Negl I was scared for the mha collab but the izuku skin actually looks kinda god, the one for all ability doesn't look that good though
@ERROR_MSM Anos atrás
I hope it's an item shop and not fortnite crew cuz ain't nobody gonna get it if we gotta spend 11 bucks a month for it
@@ERROR_MSM just spend the 11 dollars and then after you get the skin cancel your membership
@creeperdragon9904 Anos atrás
There are multiple bonus reward pages where I think izuku is in one of those
@CLArden Anos atrás
@@creeperdragon9904 how would an entirely different skin become a bonus reward if its not in the battle pass main?
@Rended_ Anos atrás
@@CLArden the secret skin
@falconPL156 Anos atrás
3:31 if anyone dosen't know,in original game this is a Astro skin you can get for a milestone
Most of these fortnite kids don’t even know that there is an original game which sucks, doom is awesome
@SATISFYZZ Anos atrás
@Rpm1087 Anos atrás
I also rate it a 9/10. Best BP since early C2. Good mix of Collabs and Original skins that I actually might wear.
@aidenvuur Anos atrás
imagine that the bike comes later in the season
@sikat. Anos atrás
i think its already in the game
@ERROR_MSM Anos atrás
@kedo Anos atrás
As a DOOM fan, Seeing Doom Slayer in the battle pass made me cry because is wasn’t just the skin that got me but The Crucible blade was just beautiful.
@Acurita Anos atrás
The battle pass looks sick I want it but I’m broke rn it’s a bummer
@Itz_kizi Anos atrás
I love your content
@Iluv_Ti Anos atrás
Bro this season is so much better for sure grinding the game agian
@Joshuabwd40 Anos atrás
Here every time there's a new battle pass
That victory kill is soo satisfying 😌
@indigo472 Anos atrás
Did you guys notice the new animations 😮
@Black_Sabbath0 Anos atrás
Honestly really goated battle pass with doom slayer and geralt
@Jocujo Anos atrás
We need a JJBA collab
@syfon2k Anos atrás
Was so excited when they showed deku doom and the Witcher
@antonioricaud5308 Anos atrás
deku is cringe
@athenatryon8079 Anos atrás
@@antonioricaud5308 your cringe
10/10 for sure with the Doom Slayer
@velocxty2477 Anos atrás
This battle pass is easily one of the best we’ve ever seen⚡️
@CV-02 Anos atrás
*Sees Doom slayer in Fortnite*: HE CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIIIS!
@wond3rous772 Anos atrás
ngl the only reason im playing this new season is for deku and the dirt bikes
@sabrinacyr6414 Anos atrás
Mha is mid
@ERROR_MSM Anos atrás
@@sabrinacyr6414 imma kick u in da shins
@ERROR_MSM Anos atrás
Also idk if he is in the battlepass at all he might be fortnite crew I didn't see him in there
@wond3rous772 Anos atrás
@@sabrinacyr6414 cool, i dont really care that you think that
@GreatBeanMan Anos atrás
I’m playing it for the bike, the new drone when it comes out, and doom guy
@dumdum5520 Anos atrás
So many collabs in a single battlepass holy shieeet
@bmgmusicedm4825 Anos atrás
hearing this mix while gaming is just fire
@_lukeinator_ Anos atrás
6:18 Bro just called the game “Doom Slayer” 💀
@Wh1te0ut15 Anos atrás
Doom slayer such a serious character in such a goofy game
@The1CoolestGuy Anos atrás
The master chief looking guy I thot that was a different master chief guy😂😂😂😂
@ABVids590 Anos atrás
This chapter might just bring me back to fortnite
@MD_Uzi02 Anos atrás
Is my time at an end, Slayer? Let's see if you are strong enough to survive this cursed citadel.
@Sparky_OG12 Mês atrás
“That’s the one that we sawr” you just gotta love the accent dawg
@Jayutlou2 Anos atrás
WOOW the Battle pass looks sick
@user-hr4kn8lp7z Anos atrás
Big collaborations this battle pass!
@officialslothmob Anos atrás
Bro this battlepass looks goated
@bkbplayz_5328 Anos atrás
This season is gonna be weird love u lachy!!!!
@heartofoyster Anos atrás
There’s a part in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt where Geralt is in a bathtub, that might be the reference with the Banana in the tub!
@mauromartinez982 Anos atrás
Alright so, stopping the battlepass grind when I reach doomslayer and then wait for geralt to grind. Got it.
@pandamaster4075 Anos atrás
the white one goes hard 3:33
@pandamaster4075 Anos atrás
respect the th3 dude who liked it instantly
Dude as a doom fan this is hella good
@Sunny_plays Anos atrás
Fortnite is having so many collabs that one day everyone is a fortnite skin
@richflows Anos atrás
Whoever's reading this, I pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine lastly I hope you have a fantastic day! Amen.
@thesunnybee2012 Anos atrás
I love the boba tea girl, I think she’s honestly so cute
@CdogThePro Anos atrás
It feels criminal that there's not doom music as a lobby soundtrack.
@JosueTzR07 Anos atrás
Genos transform reminds me of max steel tbh
@Azukinator Anos atrás
Excited for this season. Cant wait for lachy to play some games.
@Z3RFF Anos atrás
The Shave is clean!!
@henryharden Anos atrás
The sad thing is, Fortnite is barely Fortnite anymore because everything is just collabs at this point. I really miss the themed battle passes. Chapter 2 season 2 was agents. Season 3 was summer/ocean style. Season 4 was marvel, and while that was a collab, at least it was totally themed. Season 5 was bounty hunters. Not to mention the chapter 1 themes.
@cheezmogreen Anos atrás
I'm disappointed that we didn't get a doin theme song soundtrack
@TechyPlaysGames Anos atrás
Who else remembers the Zelda combo in chapter 1 season 2
@samurgaming1358 Anos atrás
“He reminds me of halo” 💀
@lachlanmorgon2982 Anos atrás
So hyped for Deku!!!!!❤❤❤
@juicedhashira4973 Anos atrás
With the new season that came out. This year couldn’t end better
@Ghettoprodan Anos atrás
He is not in tho
@alanawilkins3828 Anos atrás
@@Ghettoprodan he could be a bonus skin
@HoshiDex Anos atrás
@@alanawilkins3828 he'll most likely be a item shop skin.
@Ghettoprodan Anos atrás
@@alanawilkins3828 the jerald from witcher is the secret skin
@BSSW00 Anos atrás
Lachy is a walking w😊
@ruller8901 Anos atrás
Deku in Fortnite makes me hope for AOT. I know Fortnite isn't a game based around cameos and collabs but I also hope for some nintendo characters too 🤷‍♂
@xhdpx_venomyt Anos atrás
@topazphoenix6301 Anos atrás
The new map and mechanics are pretty cool, but the battle pass is maybe a 5.5
Owl drone from valorant 😂
@Snopdogdad Anos atrás
Not going to lie , I’m not the biggest fan of collabs but they may of revived the game with the Battlepass layout and the content 👍
@5stargoon665 Anos atrás
Ngl I'm a little underwhelmed by this Battle pass being a newer player. Last season the only good skin to me was The Spider Gwen so I suppose that makes this one better? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
@Ihearthenlianis Anos atrás
Honestly this is the best battle pass we have had in a while . In my opinion atleast . The event sucked but the new season is amazing
@unnu8368 Anos atrás
When the Doom music kicks in
Lachlan I’m a big fann could we play some matches
@antho0o Anos atrás
Probably one of the best battle pass from chapter to now because of a real tier 100 it brings chapter 1 battle pass vibes i love it
@PsuedoZealot Anos atrás
It’s horrible except ageless and doom slayer honestly one of the worst
@liamlowe8263 Anos atrás
Doom slayer and Witcher is actually dope for me because I played both games
@noidTV Anos atrás
thank god the slayer isn’t tier 100 I’M ONLY PLAYING THIS SEASON FOR HIM
@katelynhobbs6013 Anos atrás
Well.... If it actually worked 🤣
Tbh never expected the battle pass for this season to be SO GOOD. ESPECIALLY THE DOOMSLAYERp
@TheIOGuard Anos atrás
You should play doom, it's a really fun game
This season looks better than all of chapter 3 combined.
@sacred_ghost_2663 Anos atrás
Bro the season with Spider man was actually decent
@@sacred_ghost_2663 that’s what I’m saying. Chapter 3 Season 1 was great but this season looks better than the whole chapter 3.
@sacred_ghost_2663 Anos atrás
@@WeAreNotExperts2007 yeah I agree with ur opinion
@haxsvg9372 Anos atrás
@@sacred_ghost_2663 besides all the spider Gwen’s with shotguns. Fuckin arch nemesis.
@BigBodyGrim Anos atrás
imagine having a gaming channel and never played doom before
@lewilee2449 Anos atrás
I’m so hyped
@lucashennel5523 Anos atrás
Still Love the Grand daddy Gundam in the back
@baddiedavid Anos atrás
Everyone's gonna start calling Doomslayer and Geralt the guys from fortnite 😭
@Stephen_12 Anos atrás
Not a fortnite fan anymore but I might give this season a try
@5849_Nearl Anos atrás
Zero Build is highly recommended to play.
@Stephen_12 Anos atrás
@@5849_Nearl how do you mean?
@elijahmiller3667 Anos atrás
@@Stephen_12theres not as many any builders or sweats
@Stephen_12 Anos atrás
@@elijahmiller3667 true
@uhhhprussia Anos atrás
Same, I tried this season when it came out, amazing and I just got tier 100 today. I haven't played since chapter 2 season 6, this season is quite amazing.
@Bengul_vr Anos atrás
I love that they kept doom the same from the game
@angzarrpsyco Anos atrás
My only disappointment with the Doom Slayer Styles is they didn't include a Doom Guy style
I love the new season
@op-gaming7638 Anos atrás
Hello Lachlan thanks for taking a picture with me on ghost 2 😊
@m.s.k-m Anos atrás
Can't wait to use one for all
@chasekortuem3379 Anos atrás
@dracoplayz6322 Anos atrás
I love MHA
@m.s.k-m Anos atrás
@@dracoplayz6322 one of the best animation style
@Thedeejay2009 Anos atrás
@@m.s.k-m “cough” Kamehame
@ERROR_MSM Anos atrás
@@Thedeejay2009 I wanna kick you the Kamehameha was absolute DOG WATER that thing was so bad I could beat a person with only that with a pistol and reversed controls
@WUZZAAAP Anos atrás
I highly suggest playing doom! Its a pretty crazy game
still the remember the times you broke the game with lannan, good times.
@aidan2727 Anos atrás
Man deku came out of nowhere in the trailer
@mirzapramudya1580 Anos atrás
You know... I kinda wish we could play as classic Doomslayer or Unicorn Slayer
@theoj7362 Anos atrás
This season looks mad
@knownWYD Anos atrás
I haven't bought the last few battle passes but this one has stuff I actually think I'll use. I don't know about the majority but this is pretty good to me.
@jbroyt6541 Anos atrás
I agree it's quite sick
@kevfont2764 Anos atrás
I’ve been watching these since the early days of Fortnite glory ❤️✨
It’s awesome that geralt is gonna be in the game, I just finished playing the Witcher 3
bro massai is literally lucio from overwatch😭
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