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I wanted to have a friendsgiving with my amigis so I asked them to cook their own dishes and come over!!! My mistake was telling them to show up at 7pm... Because you already know they did not show up on time. Who do you think got here first and what time. I wanted to put up a bun!! My friends made pasta,pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, vegan pasta, green spaghetti, todo!!
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28 Nov 2021



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Comentários 616
Louie's Life
Louie's Life Mês atrás
Are we surprised that these ssstupidas were late???🙄
Stephanie Torres
Stephanie Torres Mês atrás
I use mayonnaise for mashed potatoes and black pepper and salt and garlic to season
Candi D
Candi D Mês atrás
Ms.Dizzle always late 🤣🤣🤣
Selina Hernandez
Selina Hernandez Mês atrás
But for the mashed potatoes BUTTERRRRR , MILK, SALT & Pepper
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
avril lol
avril lol Mês atrás
Next time do it at 6pm
YouTube Mês atrás
the torture of having to wait until everyone arrives to eat is real 😅
Isaac Barajas
Isaac Barajas 14 dias atrás
Hahah trueeee
Sori 16 dias atrás
The ads are too much BRvid.
taliaa Mês atrás
@ana garcia it is
ana garcia
ana garcia Mês atrás
@taliaa is it real?
r7ngs Mês atrás
omg hi yt
Danielle Montoya
Danielle Montoya Mês atrás
I love how Louie hosts at his house and just made the mashed potatoes 🤣🤣🤣
April Rodriguez
April Rodriguez 26 dias atrás
Yari Villarreal
Yari Villarreal Mês atrás
🤣🤣🤣 they lucky , if I host at my house I make nothing 💯🤣🤣🤣
Denise Prado
Denise Prado Mês atrás
@Katherine Abril you sure are! … myself I don’t think I could host and not have the main dish that’s just me .. but then again I understood why she didn’t .. but if you can do it all shoot you a baddie 👏🏼😁
Katherine Abril
Katherine Abril Mês atrás
@Denise Prado i hosted, made mashed potatoes AND the turkey, decorated, cleaned everything , washed all the dishes (i felt like a baddie)
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
It’s Kimmie
It’s Kimmie Mês atrás
I love how they are testing the food instead of grabbing a plate 😂
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
The Mexican Mommy
The Mexican Mommy Mês atrás
They don’t trust each others cooking skills haha 😂
Esmeralda Segura
Esmeralda Segura Mês atrás
You should add butter, heavy whipping cream and rosemary to it!! It be more of a creamy mash potatoes :) love you Louie!! 💜💜
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
The Mena Family
The Mena Family Mês atrás
That’s what I was thinking too when he said he just added milk lol
Perla Ruby
Perla Ruby Mês atrás
@K J oohhh sounds yummy is there anyway you can give me the exact recipe?
Victoria Gonzalez.
Victoria Gonzalez. Mês atrás
I also add ranch and sour cream 😍😍😍
jen Lopez
jen Lopez Mês atrás
Also to smash them i learned a hand mixer makes them perfect instead of smashing them by hand i still do both depending how much I make
Valeria Herrera
Valeria Herrera Mês atrás
Louie literally just mashed the potatoes 😂😂
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
virtu givenchy
virtu givenchy Mês atrás
@Lovely Loopz LOL
Lovely Loopz
Lovely Loopz Mês atrás
I’m sure he added salt at least
R JF Mês atrás
I thought I was the only one thinking that😂
Jacquelyn Ramirez
Jacquelyn Ramirez Mês atrás
In a hispanic household, if you tell them to get there at a certain time, they won't 😂😭 they are always an hour or two late
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Martha Leyva
Martha Leyva Mês atrás
Sadly but true 🤣
TimeBucks Mês atrás
You have such a positive vibe
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez Mês atrás
“When my mommy makes it, it looks a little cuter” hahahaha you are meeee trying to cook !
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Claire D
Claire D Mês atrás
I couldn’t wait for this after seeing your tik tok!! Everything about this group was funny and genuine! Also yoatzi is looking so gorgeous!
victoria becker
victoria becker Mês atrás
I love when either it be family or friends get together and all they do the whole time is laugh laugh and be happy!
lifeis candy
lifeis candy 16 dias atrás
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Taehyuhyu. Mês atrás
Louie: Ugh they are literally running late Also Louie: So I hope they come at eight. Again: It's already 7:30! and still nobody is coming Louie again: but that's good because I'm still here mashing the potatoes.
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Kookmin Jungkook&Jimin
Rodriguez ❤️
Rodriguez ❤️ Mês atrás
Louie makes everyone’s day🥺❤️
A Little Piece of Us
As late as Marlene was I was only thinking she better bring something hella good lol And indeed she did! That pie looked bomb af 😆
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Jenny Aguilar
Jenny Aguilar Mês atrás
Who else likes Louie’s videos right when they click on it because you know it’s going to be fire 🔥
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
esmeralda fuentes
esmeralda fuentes Mês atrás
Just saw the notification and clicked faster than louie can say ssstupidas 😂!!! Love you louie thank you for always making me laugh with your videos ❤️
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
jatziry Contreras
jatziry Contreras Mês atrás
Lmaoo I love everyone’s energy 😂the way they all joke around .
Kallista Gonzalez
Kallista Gonzalez Mês atrás
louie your so iconic you are so halarious you make my day and i cant wait to see how you do on the reality house series so far your killing it
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Caren Valentin
Caren Valentin Mês atrás
I love how Louie shows us the real him like he’s always happy and positive about everything I love dat. I can imagine how fun it is to have him around at all times lmao. I would probably be dying of laughter like Laura 😭
Calista Hendricks
Calista Hendricks Mês atrás
Honestly seeing you Louie makes my day
melitza rodriguez
melitza rodriguez Mês atrás
When you double dip your spoon while taste testing the mash
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
virtu givenchy
virtu givenchy Mês atrás
@Wendizzle HMMM
Ericka Hinojosa
Ericka Hinojosa Mês atrás
Was looking for this comment 😂
Ana Sanchez
Ana Sanchez Mês atrás
Louie and the guy did it.
Wendizzle Mês atrás
Miss Thing
Miss Thing Mês atrás
How fun I'm glad y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving 😍
Yessenia Lopez
Yessenia Lopez Mês atrás
In my mash potatoes i like to add milk, butter, sour cream, some garlic salt, and mash all the way until its smooth. Super good! 💜
Samantha Jana
Samantha Jana Mês atrás
Louie hosts a Friendsgiving w no dining table lol!! I love it looked like good vibes 💕💕
Vanessa Patron
Vanessa Patron Mês atrás
“I’m hosting, como que me creo” LOL I LOVE YOU LOUIEEEEEE
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Vanessa Patron
Vanessa Patron Mês atrás
@Michel 3636 I’m sorry for highlighting my favorite line lol 😂
Michel 3636
Michel 3636 Mês atrás
Did u really have to repeat what we all all heard???
Jenny Osorio
Jenny Osorio Mês atrás
Love how u love to cook & make ur mash potatoes from scratch 👏🏻💜
Laura Lee
Laura Lee Mês atrás
Just played the video and my 9 year old daughter heard it from the other room running to watch Louie 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️
jamie ortiz
jamie ortiz Mês atrás
Louie you never disappoint making me laugh 😂🥺❤️
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Mikaley Monlo
Mikaley Monlo Mês atrás
Not Louis double dipping in the papas 😂 Sour cream, cream cheese, salt and pepper for creamy mashed papas
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Martha Leyva
Martha Leyva Mês atrás
Yes that how I do it a slash of chicken broth and whipping cream
Liddo Ellie13
Liddo Ellie13 Mês atrás
Now im craving everything 😂😂 ur friends & sister really know how to cook 😂❤️
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Erica Sambrano
Erica Sambrano Mês atrás
Love how everyone was just tasting the food 🤍🤍
Minerva Martinez
Minerva Martinez Mês atrás
By the time Marlene got there yalls reheated the food 10times 🤣🤣🤣
jackie rivera
jackie rivera Mês atrás
Note to self : use a mixer, when mashing the mashed potatoes, trust me it works and helps a lot, the one you use to mix the cake mix
Alondra Sofia
Alondra Sofia Mês atrás
I feel like Louie’s is the best friend that you could ever have
Adriana Adriana
Adriana Adriana Mês atrás
The fact that everyone keeps pocking at the mashed potatoes is hilarious 😂
Planet Janet
Planet Janet Mês atrás
Louie: “I hope they are running late” Them running late Louie: 🤯👁👄👁
meli 💋
meli 💋 Mês atrás
I love you Louie! I love your content and everything that you do🥰💜 keep shining boo 💋
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Novia Aps
Novia Aps Mês atrás
love the fact that everyone brought like food and louie just made mashed potato’s
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Brianna Landin
Brianna Landin Mês atrás
i’m dead at everyone being late, this is why my family tells everyone to come at 5 when they really mean 7 lmaoooo
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Zulema Carrillo
Zulema Carrillo Mês atrás
The food definitely looked bomb!😍
laura.of3 Mês atrás
Your friendsgiving looked so fun I would have been there on time
[Marghreta]-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
I love how Louie hosts at his house and just made the mashed potatoes
JessicaHeartsMakeup 26 dias atrás
I hope to host a Friendsgiving one day💜
Kim Dagnino
Kim Dagnino Mês atrás
Lol the fact that theyre tried everything first before eating😂
Lovesmakeup lovesmakeup
I love how everybody trying the food before eating the real plate …
Jacqueline Vazquez
Jacqueline Vazquez Mês atrás
I love your videos. They make my day. With all the laughing I get from them. ❤❤❤
Mariane S
Mariane S Mês atrás
Literally me hosting and just making mashed potatoes 🤌🏻😂 love you Louie 💜
JacKie5190 Mês atrás
Louie is meeeee treating Honey as if she is my child lol!!!
Sandra Mês atrás
You have such a positive vibe!! I love it💜
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
corrinadreamss Mês atrás
I saw that when Louie was mashing the potatoes it looked dry haha😂 happy holidays baddest Perra😍
Ivonne Tapia
Ivonne Tapia Mês atrás
Lmaooo louieeee tasting it and then keeps eating it 😂😂💜
CHIT-CHAT Mês atrás
Damnnnn I NEED the green pasta recipe AND the Garlic bread recipe!!!!! Everything looked bomb!!! Blessings!
Jess G
Jess G Mês atrás
Louie next time use the mixer to mash your potatoes they come out sooo creamy 😋
Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez Mês atrás
Hey Louie!!! Love your videos you are so hilarious 😂❤️
betsy orozco
betsy orozco Mês atrás
I clicked so fast when I got the notification I love watching Louie's videos!!!
Avigail Garcia
Avigail Garcia Mês atrás
Adam really believing there’s a hair in his Mac and cheese 😂😂😂
Elizabeth Avery
Elizabeth Avery Mês atrás
I LOVE how late Adam shows up 🤣😂🤣😂
Brenda Madrigal
Brenda Madrigal Mês atrás
This literally happens every thanksgiving with my family im not surprised they were late 😭
Natalia Acosta
Natalia Acosta Mês atrás
I’ve been waiting to see this after I saw the TikTok video of the food y’all made 😍💜
Judy C.
Judy C. Mês atrás
That food looks so bomb got my mouth watering🤣
Jasmine Hernández
Jasmine Hernández Mês atrás
You always make my day better❤️🥺🥰
Lashes & Gee
Lashes & Gee Mês atrás
When I make my mashpoatoes homemade I add butter cream milk and salt and pepper and butter it taste hella bomb af 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Julissa Medina
Julissa Medina Mês atrás
Louie is me trying the mashed potatoes “oh wait you liked it” 😭💀
Jackie Garibaldi
Jackie Garibaldi Mês atrás
Hey Louie love the video that you uploaded on your youtube vlog channel because it's fun to watch and glad you enjoyed thanksgiving with your friend's people who care, support, like for who you are
Allegrea Johnson
Allegrea Johnson Mês atrás
Everything looked delicious 🤤
Charly A.
Charly A. Mês atrás
LAWD 😂 that was me waiting for family to arrive this thanksgiving 😂
Sofia Eliana
Sofia Eliana Mês atrás
Use some two sticks of butter, a can of evaporated milk and salt and pepper 😊✨ love youuu !!💗
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Camille Marilleau
Camille Marilleau Mês atrás
I love how Louie hosts at his house and just made the mashed potatoes 藍藍藍
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Germain Martinez
Germain Martinez Mês atrás
I’ll watch any video from Louie and I’ll put my AirPods on and close my eyes and think y’all my actual friends
Areli V
Areli V Mês atrás
Louie is me with food under the nails 🤣
alex Cee
alex Cee Mês atrás
Its the mini patatoe smasher for me😂 i love louie.
lexy Garza
lexy Garza Mês atrás
Marlene is me in my family 😂😂
Erica GN
Erica GN Mês atrás
Not giving a since f@€k about anyones time but her own lol
Nininizzle Baby
Nininizzle Baby Mês atrás
Dude I love Marlene a lot but over 2 hours late is a lot. I would have just started to eat lol
Vanessa Patron
Vanessa Patron Mês atrás
elizabeth hernandez
As Latinos we have to be told the time is 2 hours BEFORE the actual time to arrive on time 🤣😭
Ivan Nieto
Ivan Nieto Mês atrás
the way honey gets so happy 🥺❤️
elida garcia
elida garcia Mês atrás
Happy Friendsgiving!! Love yall muchos happy holidays!!! Xoxo love MAMAE💗
Lizzy Liz
Lizzy Liz Mês atrás
The intro was everything on this video!!! 🤗🤗🤗😍
Maria Aquino
Maria Aquino Mês atrás
My favorite dish is always the mashed potatoes with gravy 🥔🤪
ally Mês atrás
OMG Louie's you are super funny and you make my dayyy!!!❤️
Bree M
Bree M Mês atrás
Not Louie double dipping in the mash for everyone 😳😂
Team Adore
Team Adore Mês atrás
“Be honest who else is a few hours late” 😂
Abigail Mauricio
Abigail Mauricio Mês atrás
Louie videos are life!!! Point blank period 🤪🥳
Damarisss Herrada_01
You’re me having family and or friends over having 2-3 chairs and a little as table 😂😂 but that doesn’t matter as long as you’ll enjoyed each other ❤️❤️
Jessica Guzman
Jessica Guzman Mês atrás
Love you so much Louie♥️ hope to one day meet you!!!
Santiago Gomez
Santiago Gomez Mês atrás
I love how Louie hosts at his house and just made the mashed potatoes
Lauren Mês atrás
I’m so dead on the dog lmao she’s so funny 😂
Bianca Castro
Bianca Castro Mês atrás
When you make mash potatoes you should add cream cheese it makes it so fluffy and so gooddd
Analovee Mês atrás
Lmao everyone skips an hour to get there but the fact that they all are so appreciative love it ugh such vibes perras n Loui lmao you and your damnn jokes lol scaring em all n shit 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Isaias Martinez
Isaias Martinez Mês atrás
😭😭 OMG WHY THIS HAPPENED TO MY SMASHED POTATOES TOO!!! I had my friend go get sour cream at the store 🤣🤣
Travis Foster
Travis Foster Mês atrás
Haha you know if any white ppl were invited they’d be ON TIME 😂 shoutout to them for running on Latino time 😂😂
Jasyy H
Jasyy H Mês atrás
Lol I love Yoatzi she so beautiful and funny ❤❤
Lee Oz
Lee Oz Mês atrás
ashley!!! Mês atrás
I saw his insta notification and I RAN😭 I swear my day gets sm better when he posts 😩
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
Louie makes everyone’s day️
TheDragonKing 1
TheDragonKing 1 Mês atrás
Love you Louie 💜💜 you made my day 😊
Chevy Lily
Chevy Lily Mês atrás
I always smell my food too before I eat it 😂🤣😂😂
Kaylin Priya
Kaylin Priya Mês atrás
I love how Louie was eat the potatos why he was mashing them
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez Mês atrás
Me seeing the notification and clicking as fast I Louie gets y’all’s hombres 😂
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Mês atrás
Yesenia Mês atrás
Adam and Lauro need to come to my house!!! 3 big containers and it looked bomb! 🔥🔥🔥💕💕✨
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