I DESTROYED The Most HATED Honda Civic In The World (For A GOOD Reason)

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Today, I find out why my Honda Civic show car, that was the subject of countless memes in the early 2000s, is beyond saving.
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23 Mai 2022



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Comentários 2 627
To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius►
Chris Di Dios
I mean it could be could've bought a completely bricked Audi R8...wait a minute.
Brad Shephard
Brad Shephard 28 dias atrás
That's a really amazing feat for a teenager in the garage to make. Even if it hasn't held up, it will forever be remembered. And honestly, it wasn't even that ugly in the first place
As much as a turd as it was, it's sad to see such an iconic car being cut up. I expected something cool to be done with it.
Such a shame. A piece of Honda, automotive, and 2000's aesthetic legend is gone.
Richard Stickland
Too late now but it could have been fun to 3d scan the old civic and have a fiberglass kit made to replicate it on a new good body, then install the fast stuff and break some hearts.
Big The Cat
He asked us if we wanted him to restore the car. And now he’s bailing on the build 🤦‍♀️
It somehow survived all this time just to be cut up. Kinda sad. I would bring it back to its meme days and put some performance in it or make it "cooler" with keeping some of its iconic looks which it was known for.
Couch Trash
Couch Trash 21 dia atrás
Wow. Sad to see it go out like that instead of actually trying to bring it back.
Alejandro Guerrero
Would've loved to see this car being restored or a crazy build
Dawson Maddox
Honestly pretty bummed seeing this, I thought something cool was going to happen with it
Charles Rozell
Man, I'm so disappointed it was so far gone. I would love to see a tribute car. I always loved that car just for the back story.
Max Butler
It would’ve been awesome to have a 3d scan of the car so fibreglass or even carbon kits could be made for another eg hatch, then put all the awd components into that one and make a real ricer rocket that takes on super cars
Definitely do the tribute/replica of that car “done right.”
I would love to see a real recreation of this please. Sad to see something iconic like this go. I would have preferred to see it cleaned up a bit as a rusty old statue, rather than cut up. The real fun is seeing it in its entirety.
Ed Dale
All that work. All those dreams. Shame to see it come to nothing. I am willing to bet this style will become collectible one day.
I really hoped to see this poor car revived :(
Aaron Wheatley
I feel like a Honda prelude build would be a legitimately good car when finished and would be pretty fast too. Not sure how the part firment is on them though
i would’ve bought it from you when you didn’t break the wing for a good amount of money that you could give to your neighbor shop
phil towle
You should have 3d scanned it before starting to rip it apart. Would have been good to make some models. Could have printed as a key ring in clear resin with a piece of the car embedded.
A Tribute to Technoblade
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Restoration of a Rare Honda Civic TYPE R