nct foreign members vs. the korean language *part 2*

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another disclaimer!!1 this is not meant to make fun of the members! they're all very good at korean! anywho thx so much for watching!
u can watch part 1 here if u want:


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9 Fev 2019

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Fran ; Tentastic!
Fran ; Tentastic! 11 dias atrás
there’s a mistranslation at the start when yukhei didn’t understand the korean he was asked again in chinese “what was the hardest part of training?” and he answered “Speaking korean” ksndjd that’s why everyone laughed ❤️ Sorry my enligsh is bad but i wanted to point that out since it looked like he was a little bit disrespectful when he actually didn’t say that sjdnjd
Fran ; Tentastic!
Fran ; Tentastic! 4 dias atrás
BabyPenguin Soo The show is called “Real man 300” you can watch it in Kshow123
BabyPenguin Soo
BabyPenguin Soo 8 dias atrás
Whats program is that??
yonggukcutie 9 dias atrás
Your English is very good💓
Selene Cruz-Albrecht
Selene Cruz-Albrecht 9 dias atrás
Oh, thanks for the clarification. And your English is great!! Don't worry. :)
jinyoung did it
jinyoung did it 10 dias atrás
i noticed that too and was gonna comment it its okay
Kpop Addiction
Kpop Addiction Hora atrás
Lucas is tooo much I love him
charity 2403
charity 2403 Hora atrás
I was supposed to study, but instead I watch this
Allison Lim
Allison Lim Hora atrás
NCT actually means Neo Culture Translater🤗
ツMy Kimochi
ツMy Kimochi Hora atrás
*OH MY GOSH LUCAS* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MrsAlmightyKey 4 horas atrás
4:51-5:10 lmao when you're taking a test and you realize that NOTHING you studied is not at all on that test 😂😂
Ariana Rozaidee
Ariana Rozaidee 5 horas atrás
1:09 winwin looks sooo cute UWUW
Christina H.
Christina H. 6 horas atrás
Ok, but Johnny is the real MVP!
sebaek kill me with their bubble butt
Lmfao this is y stan 😂😂😂 + 3 more (yangyang,xiajun n hendery) n its basically a wolrd disaster 😂😂😂 Ps: the way lucas talk tho 😂😂😂
Samantha Loves BTS
Samantha Loves BTS 8 horas atrás
My biases are Ten, Haechan, Johnny, Mark, Lucas and Yuta and WinWin.
Alexandria Park
Alexandria Park 8 horas atrás
NCT HY looking forward to it😂😂
yaboi tae
yaboi tae 9 horas atrás
omfg these crackheads are giving me stomachache sksksjjsjsjskjsjs and i just realize what if jackson(got7), park joonhyung(god) and lucas went together in a show omfg that’ll be so hilarious
seana lye
seana lye 9 horas atrás
I really want another one of these videos sksksksksksksk
HEY NIRC 9 horas atrás
1:41 classic burger hahahahahaha
김이 10 horas atrás
We need part 3-10
Brianda G
Brianda G 13 horas atrás
In what language do they sing ???
Isidora Tapia
Isidora Tapia 11 horas atrás
Oh and one in thai (with some spanish words lol)
Isidora Tapia
Isidora Tapia 11 horas atrás
Mostly in korean but they have japanese, chinese and english versions
CharLyn 14 horas atrás
okay, i clicked. stop recommending! damn edit a few minutes in: why the heck did i not watch this sooner?! They're hilarious af
Simonetta 14 horas atrás
all i’ve gotta say is that i would def listen to nct hy if it were a thing lmao sm should invest in it and let everyone sing/rap in their native tongue while they’re at it
Raven Jade Arias
Raven Jade Arias 15 horas atrás
illonavsca _
illonavsca _ 16 horas atrás
the moment Lucas shout "what bRiDgE?!!" I CAN'T 😂
vdeoc 16 horas atrás
these videos are just me trying to speak spanish and they speak to me (if youll forgive the pun)
hahahapeter 17 horas atrás
It woulda been funny if Lucas said "I CAN'T understand korean" after he spoke chinese.
Help C; sup, ain’t I sexy? No ok then ;-;
The NCT members just need to let Lucas live with his Korean skills 👌. They need to stop trying because he’ll never get it. But maybe some day. 😂
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom 20 horas atrás
I keep thinking your channels name is pork chops Am sOrRy 💀💀😂
venessa anthony
venessa anthony Dia atrás
helen kang
helen kang Dia atrás
For those whose saying yuta is bad at korean, Yuta is better at korean than me and that’s saying a lot because im a fucking native:)))
Shalini SK
Shalini SK Dia atrás
Is it just me or does Chenle sound a bit like Jimin sometimes whoa
Unoriginal ?
Unoriginal ? Dia atrás
hellochante ee
hellochante ee Dia atrás
0:44 is this a meme yet because honestly, it should be!
kieran Dia atrás
i lost my shit at lucas basically yelling "CLASSIC BURGER" he's so loud xuxi please
Ali 7053
Ali 7053 Dia atrás
Hyung your so special That was a whole uwu
Min Yoongi Is A Beautiful Human Being
So um... Who is this member at 0:47?
DoTae have strongest bond in NCT
He is a chinese superstar and a dolphin
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang Dia atrás
He's Chenle!
zoe Dia atrás
god the Bilingual Mess™ vibes r so strong with this vid
Raegan Mira A
Raegan Mira A Dia atrás
at 6:41 im 90% sure he structured his sentence incorrectly however neither if us are fluent in korean lol (to elaborate he said 우리 오늘 which directly translates to “we today” when i believe its its supposed to be 오늘 우리, aka the time comes first...especially because it goes subject-object-verb, like if you wanted to ask “are you busy right now” it would be 지금 바쁘세요? which is “now are you busy?”...anyway sorry i have a deep interest in the korean language)
Syahida Sofia
Syahida Sofia Dia atrás
eepe 96
eepe 96 Dia atrás
6:19 IM YUTA
luz adriana luna arango
Is it just me or Lucas looks like a hollywood star? :D
TJ Conway
TJ Conway Dia atrás
Where is the clip from 5:02 from? trying to find the original
Lumpy Pham
Lumpy Pham Dia atrás
just search up nct hot and young ep 9 :)
Амуланга Антонова
Still remember nct-u’s debut live, when mark was like REALLY confused with Korean, he even spoke with accent and big pauses😆
Raven Crowns
Raven Crowns Dia atrás
I've been watching this nonstop. For at least a week. I don't regret anything
Literally me trying to put sentences together because I never respond to my family in korean only English lmao...😭
hit or miss
hit or miss Dia atrás
Ramzia Dawara MYP5 International School of Helsingborg
what is the name of that military program 😂❤️ where Shownu appeared
Sierra Newburn
Sierra Newburn Dia atrás
Aastha Maharaj
Aastha Maharaj Dia atrás
How hard is it to learn Korean ?🤔
NCT is My Drug And Ariana too
The intro I luv it.
Mary Méndez
Mary Méndez Dia atrás
3:28 i love how he said that 😍
Ali 7053
Ali 7053 2 dias atrás
Honestly this is me with English, but I only speak English
AriaPlaysxxx Girl
AriaPlaysxxx Girl 2 dias atrás
3:10 Lucas: hyung,you’re so special:) Johnny:bish wat you say:face Lol
Izzyzle 2 dias atrás
i live how they don't know how to say something so they aksun english or chinese 😂 like lisa and rose from blackpink lol, foreign kpop idols' struggles with korean are so funny
corine quilas
corine quilas 2 dias atrás
The first one was so funny I'm crying
Chu Asia
Chu Asia 2 dias atrás
shadow of death
shadow of death 2 dias atrás
justadude 2 dias atrás
i just noticed how LONGGG johnny is in that van
Taekookies world
Taekookies world 2 dias atrás
ssam bossam Bobssam BOSSAM bobssam Korean sauce Ssamjang
EXO'12 D.O
EXO'12 D.O 2 dias atrás
Lucas is so funny my heart aaaaaa
Loveleen Li
Loveleen Li 2 dias atrás
lucas n jackson are gonna be a great dui,wanna see em in variety show.they would have us crackling
Satisfying Trends
Satisfying Trends 2 dias atrás
Satisfying Trends
Satisfying Trends 2 dias atrás
aisha -
aisha - 2 dias atrás
NCT HY Lolll
Taohui Cutecute
Taohui Cutecute 2 dias atrás
Classic burger!!
Ria Knoxx
Ria Knoxx 3 dias atrás
Hi I'm new to them. I just recently watch their funny moments etc but I'm still confused by their name. ( can y'all tell me who's who😩
SofíaR 2 dias atrás
+Ria KnoxxHe's Lucas
Ria Knoxx
Ria Knoxx 2 dias atrás
alex ruined the one who's wearing military uniform that crack me up so bad lmao he seems funny
Ria Knoxx
Ria Knoxx 2 dias atrás
be queer or be square great thank you😘
alex ruined
alex ruined 2 dias atrás
tell me the one that caught your attention :)
be queer or be square
be queer or be square 2 dias atrás
I suggest checking out unhelpful guide on Nct 💚
xolovesky 3 dias atrás
Lucas's "what is bRiDgE" will always be my mood.
Tyler Greene
Tyler Greene 3 dias atrás
Who is the guy from 0:47? Please tell me! He is so cute
Tyler Greene
Tyler Greene 3 dias atrás
+Hoang Hoang thank you so much!
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang 3 dias atrás
His name is Chenle!
Suga's 3 dias atrás
I don’t really know NCT but i think that they are amazing. It must be really hard to leave your country to follow a dream in another country when you don’t know perfectly the langage. Each of them also seems to have an amazing personality and they’re funny so maybe i’ll start stanning them. Thanks for the video, it will probably makes me join another fandom 💜
Suga's Hora atrás
Multi Fandom yeah i started to stan most of the groups that i like because of crack videos and funny videos like this, my mind just work like this you’re all so kind, i love kpop fandoms, almost everyone is respectful and open minded 💜
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom Hora atrás
Suga's + there is nothing wrong with that :))
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom Hora atrás
Suga's i mean Stan them for whatever it is that is meaningful to you sometimes you want to have something to make you laugh to be happier so 🤷🏻‍♀️💝
DoTae have strongest bond in NCT
+Suga's hmmm do what you want then Idk whenever ppl says i will stan them bcz they are funny i remember BTOB who are the most funniest group bit they are not really popular
Suga's 4 horas atrás
DoTae have strongest bond in NCT more because i like their personality i only know few songs by NCT but i wasn’t into it because they are so many and i were lost lmao
social_ghost 3 dias atrás
the chinese members are me Edit: mainly Lucas
Khys Jhanin Bulahan
Khys Jhanin Bulahan 3 dias atrás
Funny thing is johnny teaching them when he is also a foreigner himself 😂😂😂
luckyN k
luckyN k 3 dias atrás
It's 2:00 AM right now and I have 8% battery but this video is more important.. Also I'm fucking starving but it's 2AM so I shouldn't eat but I want to, and I should go to sleep BC I have school tomorrow ughhhhh **cries** Edit: I ate some instant noodles, it was good.. If your reading this comment please pray for me that I won't be late to school BC I don't think I'll fall asleep soon.. (2:25AM) 🙏🏻🙏🏻
muni batista
muni batista 3 dias atrás
If you are not a NCT fan and yet you watched this video, which member you've "adopted" immediately? Me : WinWin 😂 such a cute kid!
ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʀᴇɴʜʏᴜᴄᴋ
0:39 Lucas meant that Korean was the hardest part for him but they made he said it makes it sound like he understands Korean and doesn’t need the sir to translate it im ahhakdhaksb
Hwang Yeji debut!
Hwang Yeji debut! 3 dias atrás
i highly relate to the "nod and smile so it looks like u understand". except that i have to do that when people talk to me in my own language.
cakie cakie rumba
cakie cakie rumba 3 dias atrás
This is really hilarious
JiaJia 3 dias atrás
I lost it when lucas burst out with frustration “musun daegyeo!” 😂
TARDIS Jr. 3 dias atrás
DanceLikeUmaThurman 4 dias atrás
give me strength not to like these boys i have enough on my plate
alex ruined
alex ruined 2 dias atrás
DanceLikeUmaThurman tbh I won’t give you strength, they’re way too amazing, you should check them out
kimmidoll123 4 dias atrás
omg winwins “yeah! hot young!”, i will never ever get over that
Oro The Nymph
Oro The Nymph 4 dias atrás
I relate to this on a cellular level
Bang Yongguk is art
Bang Yongguk is art 4 dias atrás
I don't know all of the NCT members, but this video made me fall in love with Johnny, he seems so sweet and helpful.
SSN 3 dias atrás
Watch a cup of coffee 2 with NCT in NCT daily channel
Izabel S
Izabel S 4 dias atrás
So like im new to the fandom and apparently theres like 20 FUCKING MEMBERS??!??! so like does anyone have any tips for memorizing their names and what face belongs to which name BC A BITCH IS STRESSED
Izabel S
Izabel S 3 dias atrás
Izabel S
Izabel S 3 dias atrás
Thank you so much ❤️❤️
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 3 dias atrás
First and foremost, differentiate them based on unit. To familiarise yourself to their face and voices watch a lot of crack vid and helpful guides (available for the group and individual). This is a pretty good introduction : Also watch the yearbook 1 and 2 (great to get used to their faces and cleansing your eyes) When you're confident, constantly keep track which member is on screen when watching mvs and such This is a list of variety appearances :
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang 4 dias atrás
i think the weekly idol episode with 18 members and those unhelpful guide to nct are good start since they helped me a lot
Just Me
Just Me 4 dias atrás
First you can watch NCT 2018 Yearbook 1 and 2. Well it still has 18 members, but it's a good start haha. They added 3 more members just last month: Hendery, Yangyang and Xio Jun. We're still waiting for NCT 2019 Yearbook. Then watch their reality show NCT Life. Anyway just take your time and welcome to the fandom 💚
eunhae gives me life
eunhae gives me life 4 dias atrás
at 3:30 suddenly i notice the TVXQ all over the lockers at the back? what show is that lol
alex ruined
alex ruined 2 dias atrás
eunhae gives me life it’s actually in the SM building so it’s normal :)
Iris - Rose
Iris - Rose 4 dias atrás
Win win is so freaking cute~
sansi 샤 한시
sansi 샤 한시 4 dias atrás
I'm so confused about NCT bc I've heard that the members keep changing and it's kinda hard to know all the members.. can anyone explain!!
alex ruined
alex ruined 2 dias atrás
okay so NCT 2018 is the entirety of the members, all of them are divided into differents unit called NCT127, the minors are under NCT dream, the Chinese unit is WayV. But we can have collaboration between the units with specific members under NCT U!
i recommend ''(outdated)an extremely unhelpful guide to nct 2018 edition'' on yt. It's a bit outdated (Nct has a new chinese subunit WayV now) but other than that, it's really helpful ( a bit confusing but yeah lol) and yes, Nct has a unit (Nct u) where the members keep changing for the concepts. 127 is fixed etc. and stanning Nct is definitely worth it!
Just Me
Just Me 4 dias atrás
You can watch some NCT unhelpful guide vids. That's actually helpful :)
shhdesu 4 dias atrás
Lucas "what bridge!!" was so hilarious. I just couldn't stop laughing.
UneBellePatience 4 dias atrás
i have never watched an NCT video in my life, but now im in love with lucas help
SSN 3 dias atrás
Watch visit Seoul hot and young trip
Just Me
Just Me 4 dias atrás
You can watch NCT MV: NCT U - Boss NCT U - Yestoday And all WayV (NCT Chinese unit), you'll find Lucas
Papa Frita
Papa Frita 4 dias atrás
jeongin's sneeze
jeongin's sneeze 4 dias atrás
0:49 who is that?
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 3 dias atrás
Zhong Chenle, chinese member, dolphin voice and a vocal protege since he was a fetus. Just look at this baby shine:
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang 4 dias atrás
he's Chenle!
bts_ jeon
bts_ jeon 4 dias atrás
Hi Lucas is adorable??? Do I stan lmao
SSN 3 dias atrás
Watch visit Seoul hot and young trip. Some mv Recommendations: BOSS, regular(WayV), yestoday, dream lunch(WayV)
Shia Shen
Shia Shen 4 dias atrás
The intro got me
유소현 4 dias atrás
0:46초에 이 깜찍이는 누구죠? 빨리 알려주세요 한시라도 빨ㄹ리 이분의 통장을 1g이라도 무겁게 만들어드려야한단말이에요
Felicia Aileen
Felicia Aileen 4 dias atrás
Ky An
Ky An 4 dias atrás
im jaebong
im jaebong 4 dias atrás
i don't even stan but this is adorable
Crabby Abby
Crabby Abby 4 dias atrás
I know yukhei speaks a bunch of languages, but which one does he speak fluently? I’ve looked it up but I didn’t know if it was accurate. What do y’all think?
Whimsically Blessed
Whimsically Blessed 3 dias atrás
+Crabby Abby You're welcome!
Crabby Abby
Crabby Abby 3 dias atrás
Whimsically Blessed thank you!
Whimsically Blessed
Whimsically Blessed 4 dias atrás
Lucas was born and raised in Hong Kong, so his native language is Cantonese.
lúa 4 dias atrás
They are so cute, funny and damn pretty, I think I am in love w this guy, what is his name? 1:12
daniela g05
daniela g05 4 dias atrás
Chanyeol's Lit Dab
Chanyeol's Lit Dab 4 dias atrás
*Wow... just wow.* *Its like I could see myself in NCT H&Y team whenever there's an korean programme without eng subs*
婷婷 4 dias atrás
2:55 he really be asking what kind of tea is mowa tea bitch IM-
ZACES 4 dias atrás
Wait until more foreigners join NCT oh boooiiii
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 3 dias atrás
Currently there's more foreigner members in NCT than korean. Only 9/21 of them are korean
Ola 4 dias atrás
I was really in bad mood but this just made laugh so hard
jenalyn cortez
jenalyn cortez 4 dias atrás
Whats the title of that show? I wanna waaaaaaatch
izahy 4 dias atrás
jenalyn cortez Hot & Young Seoul Trip. You can find in SMTOWN channel. Most of the clip used in this came from there. :)
LingLing Tao
LingLing Tao 4 dias atrás
2:14 “bossam” -bOdY oNcE tOLd mE tHE wOrLd wAS gOnNA rOll mE.
Syaffira Airin
Syaffira Airin 4 dias atrás
Hangguk sauce😂😂😂😂
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