nct foreign members vs. the korean language *part 2*

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another disclaimer!!1 this is not meant to make fun of the members! they're all very good at korean! anywho thx so much for watching!
u can watch part 1 here if u want:


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9 Fev 2019



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Maariya btsxkookie
Maariya btsxkookie 3 horas atrás
Ok pt 3 please 😂
Tofu 3 horas atrás
0:39 you know that you said/did something stupid if someone laughs like that
Capucine Meyers
Capucine Meyers 6 horas atrás
its not i can understand korean its talking korean
Mindy Nguyen
Mindy Nguyen 7 horas atrás
6:05 I came here to watch this over and over, poor Lucas 😅
Jaehyun wants some milk
this proves Johnny is smart too
Fortnite Raven
Fortnite Raven 11 horas atrás
The first one made me struggle with laughter
민지 고
민지 고 12 horas atrás
Win win is an actual retard 😂 but I can’t help but love him
haechannie 15 horas atrás
Johnny: *We should be NCT Hy* Members: ??? Johnny: *hOt aNd yOuNg* he’s so extra smh 😂
ved's 16 horas atrás
"cCCLLaassIICc BBbuUrgGGEeeRR"
Min Min
Min Min 19 horas atrás
Not a NCT Stan (I do like their music though) but can someone explain where everyone is from and what their nationality is? I would love to become a stan.
Min Min
Min Min 17 horas atrás
Peachhh shi oh thank you
Peachhh shi
Peachhh shi 17 horas atrás
Mark from Canada Johnny from America Yuta from Japan Ten from Thailand Lucas from Hongkong Yangyang from Germany Hendery from Macau Kun Winwin Renjun Chenle Xiaojun from China Taeil Taeyong Doyoung Jaehyun Jungwoo Jeno Haechan Jaemin Jisung from Korea Half of them are foreigners.
문재수 22 horas atrás
I've watched this video so many times oh my god
Heaven Green
Heaven Green Dia atrás
Winwin: ShRiMp EGg bUn Lucas:CLASSIC BURGER 😂😭the aggression
wait who in nct can speak English?
barbiejoyce2010 6 horas atrás
A lot of members can actually understand English but of varied fluency. All I know is native-Johnny and Mark.
Singing x Art
Singing x Art 16 horas atrás
+revelastin Hendery can speak english pretty well too :D
revelastin 16 horas atrás
PARK SEO JOON I'm afraid he's only fluent in Lucas language :))
revelastin I thought Lucas could speak English fluently
revelastin Dia atrás
Mark (Canadian), Johnny (American), Jaehyun (lived in America for 4 years), Ten (attended internation school), Lucas (a little bit), Yangyang (German), Xiaojun
nctea queso
nctea queso Dia atrás
Poetree Dia atrás
literally laughing so hard because of the first lucas clip lol
0:20 Shownu? Oh yeah it's him!
Phëä ŃïńGachaworld
Lucas is definitely me in Korea 😹😹
limsy Ajem
limsy Ajem Dia atrás
25 seconds into this video and I died. 😭😭🤣🤣🤣😤😤😤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰
megan lim
megan lim Dia atrás
omg... I cannot with them this is too funny please tell me they have watched this
What you're looking for is ar 4:09 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
작은별 Dia atrás
lucas is so funny bye
Chim Chim
Chim Chim Dia atrás
I'm started stanning NCT after watching this ... But I don't know anyone except mark and taeyong 😭 please help mee to recognize the rest 19 members
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang Dia atrás
its easier to learn the members by units! I started with NCT 127 then NCT Dream, then NCT U and WayV, also their crack videos helped a lot too haha^^
revelastin Dia atrás
Chim Chim So NCT is basically a system with units NCT U (2016-): rotational unit NCT Dream (2016-): unit for teenagers NCT 127 (2016-) fixed group based in Seoul WayV (2019) : fixed group in China You can learn more about them through Weekly Idol NCT 2018, Yearbook 2018(only 18 members) and unhelpful guides ^^
Destiny's Gonzalez
On 3:21 the one that says box what is his name please and him the one who says isn't it nct what is his name to please
Peachhh shi
Peachhh shi Dia atrás
Mark and Chenle Mark is Canadian and Chenle is Chinese
l.minknow 98
l.minknow 98 2 dias atrás
I love this😂
Alicia Ramirez
Alicia Ramirez 2 dias atrás
Stream wakey-wakey, dream launch and baby don't stop!!! ♡
cait the meme lord
cait the meme lord 2 dias atrás
i watch this everyday religiously
XxmayraxX 15
XxmayraxX 15 3 dias atrás
yee yee m’lady
yee yee m’lady 3 dias atrás
Me in german class
NøtHäm 3 dias atrás
who is that cutie who said 'isn’t NCT?' And the little 'hmm?'
NøtHäm Dia atrás
Ah, thank you!
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang 2 dias atrás
He's Chenle!^^
caileann 3 dias atrás
ugh first exo now nct. u kno what i dont care
efflxrescent 3 dias atrás
this vid made me join the fandom lmao hi 💕
efflxrescent 2 dias atrás
revelastin thank you ☺️
revelastin 2 dias atrás
efflxrescent Hi chingu welcome to Neo city
SMoothies Elfzen flavour
Now I want a NCT HY sub unit. 🤣
wendy's broken blender
MultifandomCrackhead uWu
lraybtx 3 dias atrás
3:29 chenle referring to their lightstick lmao
Taylor Lane
Taylor Lane 3 dias atrás
NCT H&Y 4L 😉💓💓
Anaya Siraj
Anaya Siraj 3 dias atrás
cLaSSIn BUrGer
mochi baekhyun
mochi baekhyun 3 dias atrás
2:51 i don't know NCT members so can someone tell me who this is? it looks a lot like taehyung from bts
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang 3 dias atrás
you should check out his dance performance with Ten, he's an amazing dancer! (Winwin is the one in black outfit)
revelastin 3 dias atrás
mochi baekhyun He's Winwin :) he's in unit NCT 127 and WayV
tina 3 dias atrás
I LIKE BUTTER 3 dias atrás
0:50 who is he?
I LIKE BUTTER 3 dias atrás
+revelastin Thank you! 🙏
revelastin 3 dias atrás
Chenle from NCT Dream ^^
Kiều Mai Xingmi
Kiều Mai Xingmi 4 dias atrás
This is the video that got me into NCT i can't explain how much i'm grateful for this video thank you so much
Lydia Fiorella
Lydia Fiorella 4 dias atrás
Waiting for part 3 actually 😂
Rowz Lockhart
Rowz Lockhart 4 dias atrás
*Lucas is the me whenever we do our research project*
Vanesa wow
Vanesa wow 4 dias atrás
4:59 so I wanna know who the guy with the pink shirt is cause I'm in love, but ofcourse all the other members look good to I plan on standing nct so I'm not good with recognizing faces and all that
Vanesa wow
Vanesa wow 4 dias atrás
+7th sense remains superior ah thank you! :)
7th sense remains superior
That's lucas :)
seasonies 4 dias atrás
nct’s foreign members represents me, a full korean whos living in canada when it comes to the korean language :”)
seasonies 4 dias atrás
watched this so many times i legit foretold what was gonna happen next 😂😂
BaekModz589 4 dias atrás
weakmon _
weakmon _ 4 dias atrás
03:24 he’s the cutest human i’ve ever seen omg what’s his name 😅 i don’t stan them yEt
weakmon _
weakmon _ 3 dias atrás
sulsul thank you
sulsul 4 dias atrás
im19ice3 5 dias atrás
nct relatable kings all the international fans understand, the struggle
Emily 5 dias atrás
another funny part 😂 at 5:31 chenle asked renjun how to say 翡翠 (fei cui, which is jade in chinese) in korean, and renjun asked if that was something you can eat
Mai Anh
Mai Anh 5 dias atrás
When I first watched this video I didn’t know NCT well and I thought Mark wasn’t fluent in korean😂 well...
alaliif damanik30
alaliif damanik30 5 dias atrás
What show 6:05 ?
revelastin 5 dias atrás
Just search NCT Hot & Young
3:24 uWUUUuuuu my hearteu is oh my gad
The Original sushi
The Original sushi 5 dias atrás
I just want to ask what's his name at 5:25 ? He's so cute omg
honey Yu
honey Yu 5 dias atrás
allie.fitzy 5 dias atrás
I lost my shit at Lucas’s “cLaSSic bUrgA” Please someone give me a link to the original video 😂😂😂
honey Yu
honey Yu 5 dias atrás
Beyza Daloglu
Beyza Daloglu 5 dias atrás
0:34 that moment when both of your first eyecatchers in both groups stand together ❤️
Trần Linh
Trần Linh 5 dias atrás
So NCT H&Y will become a sub-unit of NCT, right?
Trần Linh
Trần Linh 5 dias atrás
+selin I say that for fun, actually.
selin 5 dias atrás
Trần Linh no
SUMMER 127 5 dias atrás
Y'all str34m wakey-wakey, purple... And don't forget about our nct daily str3aming organized by nct union on tw. Thanks 💚💚💚
Lana Ray
Lana Ray 5 dias atrás
I may be a new fan now
just shake RMs hand
just shake RMs hand 6 dias atrás
*ClAsSiC bUrGer*
Bailey Duncan
Bailey Duncan 6 dias atrás
1:38 cLaSsIc BuRgEr
Soeun Kimsong
Soeun Kimsong 6 dias atrás
NCT HY can be a good idea for new sub unit 😄😄
revelastin 6 dias atrás
Having memorized everything in this video, I keep coming back for the intro
Xian Star
Xian Star 6 dias atrás
Stan NCT new Unit HOT & YOUNG 😍😂
Bangtan Sonyeondan
Bangtan Sonyeondan 6 dias atrás
Aye it was in my recommendation. I wanna know more about them.
revelastin 6 dias atrás
Bangtan Sonyeondan You're very much welcome dear! I suggest you check out The 7th Sense, Limitless and Go first if you're new to their music.Their songs are not for everyone's taste but they're amazing. Also don't forget to subscribe to NCT Daily and WayV channel for the quality contents aka meme materials they give us hehe
Bangtan Sonyeondan
Bangtan Sonyeondan 6 dias atrás
+revelastin so sweet of you thank you so much. I'll try to know about them💜
revelastin 6 dias atrás
NCT is a system and there are units debuting under the system. Unlimited members but currently 21 guys. There are currently 4 units NCT U (2016-): Rotational unit NCT 127 (2016-) 10 members, fixed unit based in Korea NCT Dream (2016-) For teenagers, graduating system (members reaching their 20s would leave) WayV/NCT China (2019-): 7 members, based in China You can also watch unhelpful guides to know more about them. Welcome!
BTS KIM TAEHYUNG 6 dias atrás
They are a mess 😭 PROTECT THESE BABIES 💕
erudituos 6 dias atrás
can someone pls tell me what vid this is from 4:39
honey Yu
honey Yu 5 dias atrás
Lin Mei Li
Lin Mei Li 6 dias atrás
05:12 who is that?
Lin Mei Li
Lin Mei Li 5 dias atrás
+Hoang Hoang thank you! I don't know all of their name 😭
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang 6 dias atrás
His name is Kun!
Suga Moo
Suga Moo 6 dias atrás
*watching a video with english subtitles* Me: 2:01
hello chiib
hello chiib 6 dias atrás
OKAY, I'm going to an NCT 127 concert next month and know next to nothing about them... help??
selin 4 dias atrás
hello chiib i see! i hope you have fun at their concert and dont stress yourself too much if you end up getting confused and not knowing about them too much :)
hello chiib
hello chiib 5 dias atrás
+selin My sister knew I listen to them so she got us tickets, but I'm more of a casual fan than them being my bias. But since I like their music and am going to see them live I thought I should probably learn more about them as people, you know?? I've always been a bit of an SM stan and have loved all their groups so far but I had been putting off learning more about this group since the amount of members kinda scared me and I didn't know where to even begin. I've been meaning to learn more about them anyways and thought now would be a good time and reason to finally do so :)
hello chiib
hello chiib 5 dias atrás
+Lee Jeno is not my bias thank you!
selin 5 dias atrás
why are you going then? do you like their music or?...
Lee Jeno is not my bias
They're a sub-unit of NCT based in Korea; they debuted in 2016 and currently have 10 members: Taeyong (leader), Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin (on hiatus because he's promoting with chinese group WayV), Jungwoo, Mark and Haechan. They have an incredible discography (go listen to their last album Regulate + they're japanese album is coming out on the 17th of april) and they're very active on vlive and on youtube ( here's the channel where they post vlogs and stuff like that; here's a video with the members that you're gonna see in the concert). There's an idol room episode with them that's probably helpful if you want to learn their names and such (you can find it on kshow123 - it's episode 23)... stan them! if you have any questions, feel free to ask lol
r a m [ g ] y
r a m [ g ] y 6 dias atrás
Nct hot and young.
r a m [ g ] y
r a m [ g ] y 6 dias atrás
DoTae have strongest bond in NCT
If any non fan is here then i suggest you to stan NCT Stan a group based on their talent not bczof their popularity bcz talent is more important than popularity
shaden al
shaden al 7 dias atrás
I'm not going to lie this video is what got me into staning nct
unosized 7 dias atrás
1:34 why is that crackhead my bias omg
Merlin Ria
Merlin Ria 7 dias atrás
😂😂😂😂 i really don't follow them, butttt recently i watched their clip and seriously they're so funny😂😂
FR Good
FR Good 7 dias atrás
hellseher_ JM
hellseher_ JM 7 dias atrás
„What’s your favorite Unit from NCT?“ NCT HY
Simonsaysatchoo 7 dias atrás
0:50 he look like Jimin.. 😂
Ceri Chin
Ceri Chin 7 dias atrás
who's the guy at 1:56 he looks good
Hoang Hoang
Hoang Hoang 6 dias atrás
that's Ten!
kookie's wifeau
kookie's wifeau 7 dias atrás
Hey guys, I'm new to nct so I would love if some nct fans would kinda tell me everything I need to know as a beginner nct fan. Thank you :)
Kiki Lala
Kiki Lala 4 dias atrás
Welcome! To get to know them I suggest watching guides (available for group, ships and individual) or crack vids. This is a pretty complete introduction (for NCT 127) : (got deleted) For NCT Dream: This is a more cracky intoduction: If you purely just want to know the members name first, search NCT Yearbook on BRvid. To understand their concept, I suggest to watch the NCT teaching series from this channel: NCT also has their own channel. The content includes vlogs, online variety series, dance practice and etc. Some of them are subbed and some are not and some only subbed in the SMTOWN channel. They are usually subbed by shubp channel: They also have 3 new channels: NCT Daily (NCTzens are *very* well-fed) , NCT Dance and NCT Music. This is the channel for WayV : For offline variety content, please go through Neo Subs for NCT: If you would like a complete list of variety appearances : For the variety shows, I would suggest watching NCT Life and Weekly Idol first.
revelastin 6 dias atrás
NCT is a system and there are units debuting under the system. Unlimited members but currently 21 guys. There are currently 4 units NCT U (2016-): Rotational unit NCT 127 (2016-) 10 members, fixed unit based in Korea NCT Dream (2016-) For teenagers, graduating system (members reaching their 20s would leave) WayV/NCT China (2019-): 7 members, based in China You can also watch unhelpful guides to know more about them. Welcome!
hamburger and SpRiTe
hamburger and SpRiTe 7 dias atrás
I can definitely tell Johnny was pissed with Lucas at 2:23 to 2:26
Itsya KawaiiPotato
Itsya KawaiiPotato 7 dias atrás
NCT means "They Need Translators" But the letters are mixed up to make it less noticeable 😂😂😂
Procrastaynation 7 dias atrás
if johnny, renjun or kun doesn’t know what it is then there’s no hope 😂 all i can think of is wayv and then having to ask like over half the members because ten didn’t know, yangyang didn’t know and lucas didn’t know 😂
Kristen Yphantides
Kristen Yphantides 8 dias atrás
what video is 1:41 from!!!!
honey Yu
honey Yu 5 dias atrás
C R O N E X X 8 dias atrás
0:51 who is that?
jiwon is life
jiwon is life 7 dias atrás
C R O N E X X That’s Chenle!
Uma T. Lekamge
Uma T. Lekamge 8 dias atrás
the part with the bridges im dying
Uma T. Lekamge
Uma T. Lekamge 8 dias atrás
my god chenle is so fugging cute after mark says box and he goes hm??
Ribelskiee 12
Ribelskiee 12 8 dias atrás
Lucas had me cracked up in the beginning
Angie Leung
Angie Leung 8 dias atrás
This is chaotic goodness
Faith Ryuzaki
Faith Ryuzaki 8 dias atrás
In Korean: what is that? English: *BoX*
m a
m a 8 dias atrás
mark saying "box" SENDS ZKDHHZHSJZ
Fluffyheartue Multi
Fluffyheartue Multi 8 dias atrás
Me when Im trying to explain something to my teacher all the time
IdalmaNayeli EnamoradoS.
"ClAsSiC bUrGeR" 😂😂😂
givemeurmaknae 9 dias atrás
yo wait this was posted on my birthday lmao
morkun ugne
morkun ugne 9 dias atrás
1:39 this gets me every time🤣
bobohu byun
bobohu byun 9 dias atrás
I'm new to nct but I've noticed that out of all foreigners Johnny and Yuta mistake the least hhh
open your eyes
open your eyes 8 dias atrás
They stayed Korea the longest
The Queen
The Queen 9 dias atrás
Renjun too he's chinese but born bilingual with korean
peopleandanimalslovm 9 dias atrás
peopleandanimalslovm 9 dias atrás
Me when i learn Korean
møønlight 9 dias atrás
Some more crackheads to Stan lmao
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