NCT 127 Talks "Superhuman", Tour, and KPop

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#NCT127 stopped by the studio to about their new EP We Are #Superhuman, Tour, and #KPop!
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3 Jun 2019



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Comentários 80
Blue Michelle
Blue Michelle 21 hora atrás
Look if I'm getting annoyed by how many times these interviewers ask what 127 stands for ik they must be😂😂
Fernanda Marceliano
How Haechan is so quite JASKSAJKSAJKAS
Janaye Eddington
Janaye Eddington Dia atrás
"You lie mark from Toronto" lol
camila montiel
camila montiel Dia atrás
Jaehyun saying “like” every single time he’s talking is just what I needed
starsyeji 2 dias atrás
que medo do taeyong dmcmews slá mas dai ele começa a falar com aquele sorriso afffffff quer me matar só pode
Marsha Wullur
Marsha Wullur 2 dias atrás
zach promoting sm artists better than sm
MAHA FLAH 2 dias atrás
Why I haven't watched this interview until now!!!!!!!!!
Navya Francis
Navya Francis 4 dias atrás
17:26 Look at Haechan. It seems as if he's looking right through your eyes.
Lora Ren
Lora Ren 5 dias atrás
Rip Mark and his flute
RandomSkyStuff 5 dias atrás
Zach is THE best interviewer. I wasn't that familiar with him, but just seeing how respectful he is towards NCT, giving them all mics, making sure they can all be heard and actually doing his research, its so beautiful and rare that i legit cried ahah
Infires Taekook
Infires Taekook 6 dias atrás
I wish I had ability to make up shit as I talk like mark.
neo fried rice
neo fried rice 6 dias atrás
16:50 goodby e i think i would faint meeting haechan’s eyes right then and there
Candy C
Candy C 6 dias atrás
Johnny is so extra sexy when he speaks english
Margaux Anne Llanes
Margaux Anne Llanes 7 dias atrás
Jungwoo just left the mic on the floor 😂😂😂
The umms have appeared again lol
Maevka Mole
Maevka Mole 8 dias atrás
20:54 i was 🤯 how are they gonna respond to that ?????
daedaengkyu 10 dias atrás
I've been seeing that bright pink shirt too much.. Didn't wonpil wear that too? lmao
Lee Maknaes
Lee Maknaes 10 dias atrás
Maknae line be sitting on the floor and lookin cute.
Sanchi Aguilar
Sanchi Aguilar 13 dias atrás
Can I just say how cute Jaehyun is when he drink the water. Aegyo.
A E S T H E T I C 13 dias atrás
Johnny: We are going everywhere because it's a world tour. Me: Everywhere but New Zealand and Australia
nvy 15 dias atrás
yuta : **sleeps with his eyes open** memebers: **talking about it** zach: THAT SCARY I MEAN YOU LOOK OVER AND HE LOOKS DEAD
nvy 15 dias atrás
"a lot of people might not know Chicago, but now they know you, and now they know Chicago, and you gotta tall them about the bean " THE BEAN OMFG
EXOxaus 16 dias atrás
Stared at Yuta the whole time.
Adbel Ramos
Adbel Ramos 16 dias atrás
NCT without say "let's get it" is it really NCT? Sorry I had to said it 🤣
Lele Dolan
Lele Dolan 18 dias atrás
am i the only one waiting for jungwoo to talk?
Tee Hee
Tee Hee 19 dias atrás
We Stan nct
Diana Mitchelle
Diana Mitchelle 20 dias atrás
Johnny : the flute is one of the main ones Mark: 👀
Kim Taehyung’s Voice Is Killing Me
21:50 "we have so many possibilities because (...) there's just so many possibilities" 👁👄👁 *war flashbacks*: "i feel like the possibility of all those possibilities being possible, is just another possibility that can possibly happen"
Kim Taehyung’s Voice Is Killing Me
0:33 Wait till NCT 2030 conquers the world you're gonna have a loooot of people in there
Marian Mathias
Marian Mathias 20 dias atrás
6:50 silver haired hyuck was iconic tho
Amy 21 dia atrás
aviatorcap 21 dia atrás
It's so nice and refreshing to have interviewers who've done their research and are open and encouraging for the non-english speaking members to participate. So good to see after some of the bad interviews they've had in north america.
白丽珊 22 dias atrás
taeyong: Zach: Uke man~
Nina Ahgase
Nina Ahgase 22 dias atrás
the flute part imsjsjjsjjsjjsj
Anny Betancourt
Anny Betancourt 23 dias atrás
Which ones sleep with thier eyes open? Yuta and who else i didn't catch it?
Orange다윤내일 26 dias atrás
정우랑 도영이랑 태일이 한마디도 안했엌ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Anisha Jyotsna Bora
Anisha Jyotsna Bora 27 dias atrás
Taeyong's visual
Alicia Garcia
Alicia Garcia 29 dias atrás
Zach Imagine interviewing Seventeen!!!😭🤚
Lesley Francisco
Lesley Francisco 29 dias atrás
Amani Ali
Amani Ali Mês atrás
only 9 people 😭
hannaa pariss
hannaa pariss Mês atrás
I’ve watched this video so many times 😭 .
hannaa pariss
hannaa pariss Mês atrás
it was so funny when mark busted out laughing when zach started talking about the flute 😭 .
Lauryn Brianna
Lauryn Brianna Mês atrás
“Are you Johnny from Chicago?” “Are you Jackson Wang from China?” 😂😂😂😂
Kwon Hoshi stop saying Horanghae
“Let’s say we’re in the car and I look at him and he looks at me but he’s definitely not looking at me.” -Mark Lee, 2019
who iam
who iam Mês atrás
7:59 are u Johnny from Chicago? "Yes I'm~" what a soft voice ♡
Kwaquie 127
Kwaquie 127 Mês atrás
This interview went too fast
haley r.
haley r. Mês atrás
dan looks like pete from fob
Maya Fitriana Primasari
i think this is the best interview for kpop, i really like how zach said fell free to translet coz everyone have a mic.. you are a cool person Zach..
yael Mês atrás
Take a shot everytime mark says "like"
Shannon Rogers
Shannon Rogers Mês atrás
Mark is having flashbacks to the flute disaster 😂😂😂
h h
h h Mês atrás
lol he mentioned the flute
Kara Oliveros
Kara Oliveros Mês atrás
19:19 zach: talks about instruments then mentions a flute. my mind: wHat tHe fLuTe
nvy Mês atrás
nvy Mês atrás
doyoung is like that bright glowing sun we drew in the corner of our pages in elementary school
Maya Thomas
Maya Thomas Mês atrás
6:37 the look Mark gives Haechan 😉
Natalia Scardina
Natalia Scardina Mês atrás
Mark:hes looking at me but not looking at me Me:oh honey yuta is always looking at u 24/7he loves u
neo crack technology
no one: the foreign swaggers: sO LiKe 😂💚
Lee Mei
Lee Mei Mês atrás
Zach did really ask mark about his parents n mark actually said that his mom texted him!!
ac bob
ac bob Mês atrás
Jaehyuns face at 8:45 😂
Nana Mês atrás
Still waiting for Mark doing a flute solo lmao what the fLUTE
no longer
no longer Mês atrás
Zach is one of the few interviewers i like. Thank you for being respectful!
Cathy Mês atrás
Jaehyun is soooooo cuteeeeee 💜
Blair Lee
Blair Lee Mês atrás
Its hard not to count how manytimes Mark is Using "Like" everytime he speaks hahahahahaha
Iliketaehyungg bts
Iliketaehyungg bts Mês atrás
How many times do they say like...
Iliketaehyungg bts
Iliketaehyungg bts Mês atrás
Me not knowing much about nct 127 I’m pretty lost 👉🏼👈🏼 but it’s amazing
C F Mês atrás
1:40 mark raising his hand to interrupt the class like an elementary schooler is adorable
-_Reyna __
-_Reyna __ Mês atrás
Still one of the best American NCT 127 interviews Thank you Zach Sang!!!!
mlo Mês atrás
johnny looked beyond adorable in this
Vidisha Tripathy
Vidisha Tripathy Mês atrás
me staring at doyoung throughout the video my mind: oh you vroom vroom all the time speak up now bitchh!! love my little boi
ally payne
ally payne Mês atrás
19:26 "a lot of from you guys play instruments from piano to guitar to FLUTE" *Mark kunfusingly looking at haechan* Johnny:"Flute is one of the main ones"
ally payne
ally payne Mês atrás
10:48 "once we're in the car I look at him and he's looking at me but he's definitely not looking at me"
ranncarlos Mês atrás
they made the maknae line sit uncomfortably kn those chairs upfront HAHAHAHAHA
Lana Lundie
Lana Lundie Mês atrás
taeils pants
ClaireBear Mês atrás
" I'm Korean " the only thing Kim doyoung said in the interview
renee v.
renee v. Mês atrás
mark 🤝 jaehyun saying like
Jen Mês atrás
The best interviewer in the world.
soft jinophrenic
soft jinophrenic Mês atrás
Zach laughing nervously while talking about lyrics of Highway to Heaven
bngtxdts Mês atrás
zach: we take the highway to heaven mark: oooo me: remembers the meaning of the lyrics 👀
Gaby Tornay Crespo
Gaby Tornay Crespo 2 meses atrás
I love ANGEL
Gaby Tornay Crespo
Gaby Tornay Crespo 2 meses atrás
Doyoung don't understand NOTHING LMFAO
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