NBC Sports Gold to Ruin the Premier League in USA

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NBC Sports announced a package where you have to pay an additional $50 a year to watch games that you got for free last season. I give my thoughts on this ludicrious idea that the CEO of NBC didn't think was a big deal

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27 Jun 2017



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John Powers
John Powers 8 meses atrás
I’m not a soccer fan but supercross is having the same thing done to it as well.
25k subs in 2020 challenge
I'm liverpool supporter, and this is kinda sad, even though most Liverpool games are on live tv, wish I was in Britain to watch it on BBC there smh.
Mr Green
Mr Green 10 meses atrás
What's the best way to watch Man United games on epl or champions league? I live in the USA.
Country Nate
Country Nate Anos atrás
Doesn't just effect this sport it effects the sports I love
blazejon Anos atrás
This is ridiculous, Arsenal on gold this weekend. What is the point beyond trying to milk more money for NBC's shitty streams. Horrible user experience...
Salty 556
Salty 556 Anos atrás
Well here it is 2019 and NBC can still suck IT! Both Liverpool and the spurs are playing in separate games and I'm watching bournmoth and Chelsea! You really don't get top six anymore.
PlayStation Gamer
PlayStation Gamer Anos atrás
And in England we have to pay like £40 a month, just to access around 4 games a weekend, and you’re never guaranteed to see your team on tv unless it’s a marquee matchup. Don’t see why you Americans are complaining
PlayStation Gamer
PlayStation Gamer Anos atrás
You’re Americans, you should only support the top 6 anyways 😂😂
Paul McGuire
Paul McGuire Anos atrás
i pay for 2 channels sky sports and BT and don't even get half of the games on television. We pay more than 50 bucks a month over here hahahaha
StephenPlayz Anos atrás
I will just will wait to get home to watch my recordings than to do this. BS
PreserveBigCats 2 anos atrás
We have to teach these execs they misjudged us. Instead of making the popularity of the EPL grow more in this country, they cut it off at it's knees, that should make the football execs pissed. This is why Twitch and BRvid are taking over, cable execs lost touch, sending 101 lobbyist to congress to play the game has driven customers elsewhere, soon to be for good.
PreserveBigCats 2 anos atrás
Just don't buy it, even if you have the money... they know The Premier League became popular in the US over the past 3 years, they needed to make money on that, so now they charge for the stuff that was absolutely Free the past few years. These cable execs are taking us for saps, don't do it.
ShmuelWeintraub 10 meses atrás
Exactly. As much as I enjoy the NBC coverage, if they aren't showing the matches I want to watch, I won't be paying. If I agree to pay an extra $50 for the annual pass just to see their alleged top tier, how long will it be before they split it off onto a new network and charge $20 a month? Vote with your wallets people. Let them know you like it but only at a reasonable price.
James Klatt
James Klatt 2 anos atrás
FOX needs to get the rights for the Premier League and very soon.
Tripod Threefoot
Tripod Threefoot 2 anos atrás
Yup I'm suffering because of this right now, can't watched it unless I add the Dish Network account on my phone or tablet. Thing is I'm always on the go, not much time watching at home. Amazingly Fox Sports brings us live on Facebook etc.
radicalindependent 2 anos atrás
It was awesome when Fox soccer had the rights! If you missed a game no big deal, plus you could catch games online and the subscription was reasonable. I also appreciated the rugby coverage too. I knew when NBC bought the rights this would happen. You have the competition of all these other retarded sports. Give me a channel that covers 2 or 3 sports, I'll pay for that!
G Metz
G Metz 2 anos atrás
Total Bullshit! All NBC had to do was create the app for people who don't have or want cable/satellite services. That way everyone wins! If NBC really wants to save money and since NBC, Comcast and Universal are One Entity.... Stop letting Universal own the rights and release all these shit movies. That'll save a ton of money. They don't realize that just adding the Premier League Pass in addition to what they are already doing, they'll make more MONEY!!!
Zuffin -
Zuffin - 2 anos atrás
Why are they charging so much damn money? Absurd.
Christian Adjevi
Christian Adjevi 2 anos atrás
FOX SPORTS AND NBCSN what if they made a collab
Delwyn Garcia
Delwyn Garcia 2 anos atrás
Is this something that only happens in the US? Soccer matches from around the world in Mexico are always available if you have a cable or satellite. But even so PPV MATCHES are free over there while here we pay. It sucks being a sports fan in America.
Peacebringer31 2 anos atrás
of course it has already ruined Premier League access and It may actually be unlawful to paying cable subscribers who are BEING BILKED via double-dipping, which may also be ripe in Federal Court for an Injunction pending the revelation of all facts in this matter. This scam appears to constitute "double-subscription" NBC is just greedy and HATE FOOTBALL that much to prevent over 100 million fans in the USA from watching their favorite EPL games
fiyahdave 2 anos atrás
Absolutely. I couldn't believe this when I saw it. I went to watch Man City and I didn't give it a thought until I was faced with another login screen. I read more about NBCSG and there is NO WAY I'll pay. I watch enough games and pay enough for cable. F NBC.
fred youskas
fred youskas 2 anos atrás
nbc is objectively evil (from a fans perspective). they ruined premier league soccer in America. i became an english soccer fan bc i could watch one team every week no matter the big game tv schedule. when this gold garbage was sprung on me i knew i was out on English football(after years of fandom and several expensive jerseys). i instead bought beinsports for an extra 5 dollars a month and now just watch la liga which is way more fun and has better players and teams. screw nbcsports i hate who they are and how they operate. nobody will pay a big yearly fee for shit they dont even know if they like or not. i can't pay to watch a bunch of teams that can't do shit in crunch time vs the best teams in the world(maybe do well in champions league before you overcharge for an inferior product u imbeciles.) hopefully BRvid buys the Premier League in America to stream 4 free lol someone can dream
Draxvelo 2 anos atrás
Telemundo deportes app shows live premier league too. I watched west ham vs. crystal palace last Saturday
Mr Green
Mr Green 10 meses atrás
Does it show Manchester United games? If so, how much is it?
Nick Hepler
Nick Hepler 2 anos atrás
I love all the hate NBC gets on Twitter and Facebook each week when they post about PL pass. It keeps me going. Keep the hate up people, and don't buy it.
Jesse Sant
Jesse Sant 2 anos atrás
I resorted to Kodi. I ended up getting so into Kodi, I cancelled my cable entirely and haven't looked back since. I only pay the $35 for DirecTV now.
Ginger Ed
Ginger Ed 2 anos atrás
Sport channels like NBC in USA, FOX in Australia & Star Sport in India who've paid the Premier League for TV rights were no doubt getting a negligible or no return on their outlay to begin with, but as they promoted the product & interest grew, that has allowed them to take advantage & start to charge more for the same product knowing audiences who've now been hooked following their team, won't want to stop watching. I expect further increases will happen to you in the future. However the package price in these growth market countries is still far lower compared to Europe which has been watching for decades. As always prices are determined by how much enough consumers are willing to pay.
Yankee7000 2 anos atrás
Comcast NBC’s parent charges extra to give you NBC Sports as part of its sports package or premier channel line up. Now I have to pay for Gold. Capital Enn Capital O.
ShmuelWeintraub 10 meses atrás
Yes. If only 40 people actually agree to pay for this new 'service', you'll see NBC backpeddle very quickly. I won't buy it. For those that will, well, get ready for 2020... when they tell you the pass is now being moved to a different premium tier and will now cost $29.95 a month... Sorry NBC. I will watch on the channels I already pay for. If you move all the good content to additional channels/streams you create, you will not only not get me to buy it, you will lose me as a subscriber to your existing package (which will have nothing but lumberjack competitions and dog shows, along with football talk and NBA talk shows, just like so many other alleged sport channels). bye bye, schmucks.
Carlito El Gooner
Carlito El Gooner 2 anos atrás
I cut the cable so I only have Internet. Have to search the entire web to get a stream of my belove Arsenal but $50 a season is nothing compared to what other online sports packages are charging.
fred youskas
fred youskas 2 anos atrás
this is awful i felt the pain of it immediately and i now sincerely despise nbc more than ever
B Met
B Met 2 anos atrás
I've written an angry email every week since the season started telling them how awesome it is that I will now miss more games than ever before, and how this is blatantly a money making scheme that only hurts sports fans. Obviously, they haven't responded, but it makes me feel better. Oh, and this week, Premier League Goal Zone is now being streamed live on their website, not on TV...Guess how well that's working today👎. At least I get to watch 4 straight hours of a car auction...thanks for that. Try to tell NBC sports how crappy they have now made their product.
wickersham123 2 anos atrás
F*** nbc!!!!!!!! Just spent the first half trying to get the package and it didn't work. page would not load. oh...and the best part.....nobody there until Monday to help. w...t...f!?
MPZ Advantage
MPZ Advantage 2 anos atrás
Manchester United on Gold tomorrow, so I can't watch! Money hungry....smh
Mr Green
Mr Green 10 meses atrás
Are they still on Gold only?
MPZ Advantage
MPZ Advantage 2 anos atrás
That's terrible.
Scott C
Scott C 2 anos atrás
and guess what,,, I paid it and still couldn't watch because they screwed up the transmission somehow.
Terrence Ayuk-Takor
Terrence Ayuk-Takor 2 anos atrás
I agree. It's BS
Gotti Reyes
Gotti Reyes 2 anos atrás
chelsea fan here this weekend is the first time they have gone they with this new feature and yes my team chelsea a top six club was put on the app to view it's going to affect all the fans eventually
Thomas Drowry
Thomas Drowry 2 anos atrás
Used to get NFL Sunday night and Monday night Football on free to air TV in Britain, now you have to pay for a premium rate channel along with the earlier games.
latonmccollins 2 anos atrás
There are no words for this... If all of their content was available for 49.99. Ok, I would begrudgingly pay because I watch rugby as well as PL. But that's ONLY for PL. Total access costs $245.... Are they retarded or do they think that we are?
mrmoneycomesfirst 2 anos atrás
this so dumb and money hungry , they are getting really big headed and now they wanna do what fox did and lost EPL right in the usa don't worry espn will soon get an hole of the EPL PLUE NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT NBC SPORTS , IF IT WASN'T FOR THE EPL
Ramikla 1
Ramikla 1 10 meses atrás
ESPN obtained rights to Italian Serie A
Frank Molinari
Frank Molinari 2 anos atrás
Sucks being a Swansea fan
Will R
Will R 2 anos atrás
This week Tottenham are on the gold bullshit wtf
Deep Veil of I AM
Deep Veil of I AM 2 anos atrás
I have to watch this on some garbage illegal stream now... death to nbcsn!
Talha Bacha
Talha Bacha Anos atrás
U R Chelsea Fc fan I know I'm Chelsea fc fan please tell me any apps or online link watch football any match Thanx
BigBST1969 2 anos atrás
I totally missed this announcement. Came down this morning, excited to see if West Ham could rebound from last week's loss at Manchester. Nope. Have to pay. Not doing that. The EPL is going to lose a fan base in the US over this. A complete money grab by NBC. They were doing it perfectly before as I could watch any game for free with Directv.
tdawg082 2 anos atrás
Couldn't agree more. I have been lucky enough that Everton have been selected for tv the first two weeks but I am sure that won't happen forever.
The Ethical Pirate
The Ethical Pirate 3 anos atrás
NBC is literally liberal fake news.
LukeHighlights 2 anos atrás
PolandForEurope yep
Joseph Price
Joseph Price 2 anos atrás
PolandForEurope psh, they’re owned by Comcast, which believe in everything liberals hate.
412Flame 3 anos atrás
Since 2013 I've started watched every Premier League Soccer matches and streamed most PL Matches, now I can't because they moving to more expensive OTT package.
tdawg082 3 anos atrás
Still waiting for them to go back to the free streaming. We can only really hope that they will do it after the backlash they have received.
MorgenRoy 3 anos atrás
you've made a fantastic video, well done! thankfully I'm a Chelsea fan but this is nonsense. when will these companies learn, I was just about to cut my cord from at&t uverse and get ps vue couple days later bein and ps couldn't reach a deal and now this.... :( but I remember hearing something about bein sports losing some rights and that a Saudi company is fighting for the rights, do you know anything about it ?
tdawg082 3 anos atrás
I have not anything about a Saudi Company. It wouldn't be available in the US for us to use. I guess here now we can hope is that NBC goes back to the way it was or just have to wait until there deal with the Premier League is done so that someone else can give it a go.
SprayandPrey11 3 anos atrás
This is what you get for 1 liking sports in general 2 liking soccer and 3 for having a kindle. you should have heeded the warnings!
SprayandPrey11 3 anos atrás
Pretty sure chicken tendies are the most liked thing in the worl
tdawg082 3 anos atrás
I like much less sports than I did when I was younger. Soccer is the most liked thing in the world and the kindle was 30 during prime days. Can't go wrong really. So easy to read on and watch youtube videos at work.
Matt Splittgerber
Matt Splittgerber 3 anos atrás
I'd begrudgingly pay 50 bucks if the stream was decent. NBC has BY FAR the worst stream. I'm not going to pay 50 bucks to see a circle spin all season
Mr Green
Mr Green 10 meses atrás
@thee fragmen seriously?
Rahiem Maddison
Rahiem Maddison Anos atrás
Fuck up
MexNYG93 Anos atrás
Matt Splittgerber it could be worst there's no Europa league broadcasted in the 2018-2019 season on TV which sucks
thee fragmen
thee fragmen 2 anos atrás
Yea so good content, altho don’t bother using a roku box, absolute trash.
Josh C
Josh C 2 anos atrás
Matt Splittgerber true
jkgoldie 3 anos atrás
nbc ruined the Olympics here in Ireland cause we can't watch nbc here and everything was copyrighted literally missed 60% of events cause of them
tdawg082 3 anos atrás
Saw quite a bit of comments saying the exact same thing. It really is just a complete money grab.
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