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nba youngboy - drawing symbols

YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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everything was fake i knew it you'lll never truly know someone in this life we live its cool though yeah that too be prepared to die karma never missed nobody ha ha if you reading hello goodbye

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14 Ago 2018



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Comentários 9 986
360 _tmac
360 _tmac 16 minutos atrás
One more dis month
Black man from South Carolina
Rising Cane that my shit shout out to nba for the Canes hookup apprentice that fam
Supreme 14 minutos atrás
Got me hungry😂😂
Kyle Borjas
Kyle Borjas 17 minutos atrás
Alanna Edwards
Alanna Edwards 19 minutos atrás
Is he planning on killing someone? The description sounds like it
Unpopular 19 minutos atrás
GOBNaseem 20 minutos atrás
Video shot in his hometown too, shout out BR!
Valenta Slayed
Valenta Slayed 20 minutos atrás
He's crying for help 🙏❤
Supreme 14 minutos atrás
Valenta Slayed fr
600Breezy Fan
600Breezy Fan 23 minutos atrás
NBA youngboy deep I hope he be str8 and stay strong 😞🤙🤘
YouTooNasty Pump
YouTooNasty Pump 23 minutos atrás
Here before 2million views 🤧🛎🔥
Keith Fraser
Keith Fraser 24 minutos atrás
Number 1 on trending.
Alden Welch
Alden Welch 26 minutos atrás
He sucks
Curtis Stows
Curtis Stows 26 minutos atrás
I be watching this video over and over again
Loso Whiteside
Loso Whiteside 26 minutos atrás
Been listening to this song since I woke up last night, I'm just now waiting on it to be added to Spotify
STAxxTRAxx504 27 minutos atrás
YoungBoy got some good music but honestly all the death shit he talking only place he headed to is the BANK when fans feed into the crap he rapping your smart YoungBoy no one love you until you dead so keep talking about death and they love you
Taniya Carter
Taniya Carter 28 minutos atrás
Only person that he had show him real love was his grandma .Now she gone he don't know or feel love anymore😭
Jr Beats
Jr Beats 29 minutos atrás
DE'SHAWN ROBINSON 29 minutos atrás
Good project nba youngin👍video, description, song n all
xxLied 29 minutos atrás
Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming 30 minutos atrás
Im finna get on the bus.
Yousold me
Yousold me 30 minutos atrás
I cant stop listening to this
Everett Elderberry
Everett Elderberry 32 minutos atrás
So fucking gay. Low I.Q. degenerate.
CGPlays YT
CGPlays YT 33 minutos atrás
So is nba going die??
Hunxho Redd
Hunxho Redd 33 minutos atrás
Felt the whole song 👏🏾
Co Money
Co Money 33 minutos atrás
I feel yo pain labrudda
Knight Slasher
Knight Slasher 34 minutos atrás
Why is this trending this song sucks
lil Wi-Fi
lil Wi-Fi 34 minutos atrás
It just a song y'all take every song an flip the lyrics smh🤦 just music
KB Da Goer
KB Da Goer 38 minutos atrás
baby joe wanted to hug and cry to bro 😪🗣
topboy 41 minuto atrás
Gayboy get smoked
Supreme 13 minutos atrás
topboy stfu
Donovan Hampton
Donovan Hampton 42 minutos atrás
This what happen when u sell yo soul this the price that come wit it "I'm going to a place where the gates closed" that nigga going to die before Christmas
Senica Washington
Senica Washington 45 minutos atrás
To be honest I still have a lot of love for you no matter what you say in you will always be my fav rapper in I been listening to your music for so long so just to be clear I am not changing in I still subscribe in click the bell 💙💚💛💜🖤❤ period
Wise Words From Captain America
Rap rap yeah
Jimmy D
Jimmy D 47 minutos atrás
Wow I can't believe he left a suicide note on the video...
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 47 minutos atrás
Danielle Bregoli said this nigga was more emotional than X, I’m starting to believe it is true
Mcxavya Wiggins
Mcxavya Wiggins 47 minutos atrás
I like this song so much 😆
Ziller Kay
Ziller Kay 50 minutos atrás
I wish yall crackers would get off this video. Yall only here because it's trending. Yall aint no real fans
Wayne Beast
Wayne Beast 50 minutos atrás
Yo number 1 on trendin lego yb herd this within 30 mins it dropped yesterday
A1shiri 51 minuto atrás
The description 😭😭😭
LeviMafia 51 minuto atrás
This nigga can do no wrong.
Monie Carter
Monie Carter 53 minutos atrás
clearly sold his soul
T 54 minutos atrás
Could you check my soundcloud and tell me what do you think about it ? It would mean a lot for me ! Love
rishawn98 55 minutos atrás
This song remind me of young thug
Itzs Jaquez
Itzs Jaquez 55 minutos atrás
New favorite song
The Life of Kali
The Life of Kali 56 minutos atrás
They say Money make you happy but it looks like The more Money you get the more you hurt in life.
YG Taliban
YG Taliban 56 minutos atrás
CB3 AMAZING 56 minutos atrás
This song is gonna be classic
Perfect Plug 919
Perfect Plug 919 57 minutos atrás
oumar oumar
oumar oumar 58 minutos atrás
Find the best new apps and games wi
Justin Turner
Justin Turner 59 minutos atrás
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this what happens when you don't know how to pull out
Khiereddine Hofra
Khiereddine Hofra 59 minutos atrás
The soul of gee money is hauntin gee
Asvp Blvckk
Asvp Blvckk Hora atrás
Nobody peeped at 0:13 at the bottom of the letter nigga said “For the ones that wanna kill me be my guess, lol. Cuz imma do it when the time is right anyway. Ha ha you lose.” Way he talking he ain’t gonna make it past Fall. Prayers up cuz this nigga is deadass nice.
LookAtMyLife Hora atrás
#1 on
Kurel Bubak
Kurel Bubak Hora atrás
You're trending !
SBN GAnG Hora atrás
He is crying out for help just like X an yet nobody is reaching out to help.. Everyone is once again going off the mistakes that someone makes, and when we dk that it makes it so that'll leave him no room to grow only to read an allow the media to tear away at his future innocents. Keep your head up an prove them wrong Kentrell show them that where you made a mistake it happens an you can grow from it.. also to you hating ass no life having people waiting for someone (like me) to uplift nobody different from the next your sad💯
Tony Hendo LV
Tony Hendo LV Hora atrás
don’t die....
Pyromancer Hora atrás
Justin Turner
Justin Turner Hora atrás
So real 💯😈
Polo Youngboy
Polo Youngboy Hora atrás
i really fw youngboy music and all but i dint like the fact how he switched on tbg cuz he use to be like nba and tbg and all but now its like youngboy feel like fuck tbg and gee money i get gee fucked youngboy sister but u really finna beef with someone your sister love and put money on his head that is fucked up
Maurisha Newberry
Maurisha Newberry Hora atrás
This is deeper than just music. Kentrell is crying out for help. 💔🙏🏽
Latoya Suitt
Latoya Suitt Hora atrás
Videos like this should earn a promotion
datpoint Hora atrás
Man this song sound like a suicide note 🤦🏾‍♂️
Noah Flatt
Noah Flatt Hora atrás
Don’t even care
Woo Guyd
Woo Guyd Hora atrás
Jay Woods
Jay Woods Hora atrás
Youngboy said he gone kill his self 😣😥
James Hora atrás
Remedial hip-hop is the best.
Fuck Chiraq I'm from Florida
This shit terrible he can't sing
Moto Polo
Moto Polo Hora atrás
France 🇫🇷 #1 Trending 🇷🇸🇫🇷
Jeffro Jamison
Jeffro Jamison Hora atrás
Don't leave us YB
khalil bedard
khalil bedard Hora atrás
#1 on trending.
Mula- Nlmb
Mula- Nlmb Hora atrás
Youngboy got so much pain inside just happy mf turning it into music and not being crazy nba hardest of 2018 2020 he gone be worth 60 million watch and see
Ben Balmas
Ben Balmas Hora atrás
this boutta blow tf up what a flow he killed that shit
Injhect Hora atrás
You will be dumb asf if you kill yourself u got kids think about the bright side u rich 🐍
Zyquamie Harrell
Zyquamie Harrell Hora atrás
This need to be on the Radio FUCK Drake
Zyquamie Harrell
Zyquamie Harrell Hora atrás
I'ma pray for Youngboy he spittn facts
Lakeisha Bamblett
Lakeisha Bamblett Hora atrás
Vocals at 1:23 are 🔥🔥🔥
KingKhiddoVEVO Hora atrás
KingKhiddoVEVO Hora atrás
The Next Justin Y
The Next Justin Y Hora atrás
#1 trending: this #2 trending: thanos
E L S P A Z Z Hora atrás
Are you ok kentrell ?
KingKhiddoVEVO Hora atrás
allison canaca
allison canaca Hora atrás
#1?? thats crazy now
Kadisha Valentin
Kadisha Valentin Hora atrás
dankert04 Hora atrás
Love You Bro Your a young god fr
Brandon Cash
Brandon Cash Hora atrás
#1 trending ! Who REALLY A NBA FAN?
Video Plug
Video Plug Hora atrás
I think he is a nice guy that had a bad life! But even then I don’t see how he got famous?
Craven_Beast12 Hora atrás
#1 on trending
laterius andrews
laterius andrews Hora atrás
Thug miss his granny
iiBurberry Hora atrás
#1 Trending
Tyriq Jackson
Tyriq Jackson Hora atrás
Who he talking about?
Jeffrey420Brian Hora atrás
He took to much crack as you can see in the description
MeJoho Hora atrás
nice autotune
Damien Toney
Damien Toney Hora atrás
Damien Toney
Damien Toney Hora atrás
YB SAID " he got one tatted by his eye that symbolizes nene" he talking bout nenelulu he kilt him he said it in his other song snippet danger he's basically telling it all in this song
Damien Toney
Damien Toney Hora atrás
YB SAID " he got one tatted by his eye that symbolizes nene" he talking bout nenelulu he kilt him he said it in his other song snippet danger he's basically telling it all in this song
Damien Toney
Damien Toney Hora atrás
YB SAID " he got one tatted by his eye that symbolizes nene" he talking bout nenelulu he kilt him he said it in his other song snippet danger he's basically telling it all in this song
Ayeee K1k1
Ayeee K1k1 Hora atrás
Damn I Respect Nba The King but like he finee asffff💯🙏✌
siphosethu ignasius
I clicked
Glizayy Hora atrás
💔 😩
Guillermo Dixon
Guillermo Dixon Hora atrás
He gone die soon if he keep speaking death on himself all the time the fame fucked him up in the head
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