NBA Guess Who Game vs. Jiedel *PRIZE WHEEL*

Kristopher London
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Today I played Jiedel in a classic NBA Guess Who Challenge.

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16 Jul 2019

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Comentários 892
Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty Dia atrás
Where did you get NBA Guess Who? PLEASE ANSWER
Jamir Jackson
Jamir Jackson 2 dias atrás
lebron and anthony davis curry and klay damian lillard hits the buzzer beater on paul george
Keanu1k 2 dias atrás
Lmao one had Davis one had lebron who woulda knew they would be teammates
Kazi Kyrogunga
Kazi Kyrogunga 2 dias atrás
Anthony Davis got traded lmao
Mahdee 6 dias atrás
He got paul george twice in a row😂
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 6 dias atrás
Paul george is smiling?
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 6 dias atrás
Damn, was hoping i would be your 2 millionth subscriber 😂
nicholas hunt
nicholas hunt 8 dias atrás
Dude lied 😂😂
Cal Thunder
Cal Thunder 8 dias atrás
More with lnu
Mr NBA Mix
Mr NBA Mix 10 dias atrás
Can this comment get 1k dislikes
Just X
Just X 12 dias atrás
Almost all of the players they pick have something to do with one another dame w the game winner over pg.
Mikey2wavvy 17 dias atrás
Has an e
Mikey2wavvy 17 dias atrás
Kris is blind Damien lilarad
Riccardo Lanzo
Riccardo Lanzo 18 dias atrás
JAMES finesse
Fortnite Gameplay 556777
How did you get that game
Emmett Grzebin
Emmett Grzebin 19 dias atrás
Damien has an E
Jumbo Billy
Jumbo Billy 20 dias atrás
Paul george is not smiling
JJPLAYZ 100 21 dia atrás
Paul George has a beard
JJPLAYZ 100 21 dia atrás
James is cheating
Colin Phillips
Colin Phillips 21 dia atrás
Why does james always wear the same clothes
Trisha Varnell
Trisha Varnell 21 dia atrás
this is outdated
Juan Daniel Diaz
Juan Daniel Diaz 22 dias atrás
Kris all I wanted to know how did you make that game board
Stacia Rickertsen
Stacia Rickertsen 23 dias atrás
This must be old cause Paul Georg got traded JAMES
REVERSE_BEAST 25 24 dias atrás
Xbox gang
drip Gilmore
drip Gilmore 24 dias atrás
Do a part 2
Twinsdomsteen 25 dias atrás
James sometimes ask the dumbest question and it pisses me off
Betts Tube
Betts Tube 25 dias atrás
James lied
Lil Space KidVEVO
Lil Space KidVEVO 25 dias atrás
Mooshie mooshie peeps what does that mean😂
1k subs if your a gamer
5:45 he just predicted the trade
I got an appointment With dr.pepper
Is it ironic that James first card was LeBron
atticus/ Jlin17
atticus/ Jlin17 26 dias atrás
21:11 Jiedel almost broke the God damn chair
Ez trons 100%
Ez trons 100% 26 dias atrás
What does he say in beginning I hear misha misha peeps
Brendan Sha
Brendan Sha 26 dias atrás
Hola Aghhh
Nayil.J Omorou
Nayil.J Omorou 26 dias atrás
Lsk blew a 2-1 lead yalk
Xavier Lopez
Xavier Lopez 27 dias atrás
Pg has a beard
b harrington
b harrington 27 dias atrás
Xbox lowkey an L
ephrem ‘
ephrem ‘ 27 dias atrás
Nobody in 2hype knows how to dress🤷🏼‍♂️
Evan jennings
Evan jennings 27 dias atrás
Lebron hasn’t remained with the same team??? Kris took an L do do that
aiden hunter
aiden hunter 27 dias atrás
James chested bc Paul has a beard
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 27 dias atrás
He didn't have a full beard when they made this
Laclan123 YT
Laclan123 YT 27 dias atrás
How do you get this game?
Electrifying Destroyer
Electrifying Destroyer 27 dias atrás
Do this with Jesse
Joshua Roque
Joshua Roque 27 dias atrás
Do more plz :)
Jacob Deister
Jacob Deister 27 dias atrás
have you put the codes out yet
aK-777 27 dias atrás
I’ve waited years for another one of this
Freshboy 218
Freshboy 218 27 dias atrás
I think James been on something because he said oh don't got a beard
Dracyn Lowe
Dracyn Lowe 26 dias atrás
they had different pictures then what was on the screen
Never stop Playing
Never stop Playing 27 dias atrás
Never stop Playing
Never stop Playing 27 dias atrás
You left PS4 for what
Never stop Playing
Never stop Playing 27 dias atrás
Bums you suck
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 28 dias atrás
Xbox gang gang
Drew Diaz
Drew Diaz 28 dias atrás
Where did u buy them a guess who
DJ Miles
DJ Miles 28 dias atrás
Hey, you got that storage bin from Target, i work at Target and I’ve seen that exact same storage bin on the table at work😂😂
TornadoGoat 28 dias atrás
When kris cheats and says Damien lillard doesn’t have the letter e in it
TornadoGoat 27 dias atrás
NICO2423 27 dias atrás
TornadoGoat it’s Damian not Damien
Ayanfe Fabunmi
Ayanfe Fabunmi 28 dias atrás
doone wit zach
Dan TY
Dan TY 28 dias atrás
Who else watching in 294921029383 lebron isn’t retired he’s in the Orlando Magickins
Logan Romeo
Logan Romeo 28 dias atrás
Damien liliard
Dylan Sprowl
Dylan Sprowl 28 dias atrás
Why’d you fags go Xbox
Heather Mahloch
Heather Mahloch 29 dias atrás
Eyram Kplorfia
Eyram Kplorfia 29 dias atrás
Janes I’m pretty sure Paul George has a beard
bigballer vlogs
bigballer vlogs 29 dias atrás
When are u doing the giveaway
Awesome SportsFan
Awesome SportsFan 29 dias atrás
wtf p13 has a beard
The boy Duddus
The boy Duddus 29 dias atrás
Bradley Beal has made it to the second round before
Brody Fontenot
Brody Fontenot 29 dias atrás
Paul George has a beard
Anthony Osborn
Anthony Osborn 29 dias atrás
anthony davis didn’t change his team the team changed its name
Janie Smith
Janie Smith 29 dias atrás
i love the game guess who
COnnoryoutubestokes Stokes
I would ask is your player less than 7 feet tall p.s. your my fourth favorite BRvidr 1. Jesser 2. QJB 3.ZACK TTG 4. AND YOU❤️ kris london
Goat Reports
Goat Reports Mês atrás
😭 don’t switch to Xbox
Savageballer 313
Savageballer 313 Mês atrás
How does ddamiEn not have an E LSK
NICO2423 27 dias atrás
Savageballer 313 it’s Damian not Damien
Isaac Jr. Garcia
Isaac Jr. Garcia Mês atrás
Do more guess who
Jose Mendez
Jose Mendez Mês atrás
Hey kris where did you get the guess who nba edition
2K Boi
2K Boi Mês atrás
How did you get the NBA guess who
VoiD Aquatic
VoiD Aquatic Mês atrás
Dislikes are PS4 players
Darren Macanaya
Darren Macanaya Mês atrás
james beter stop shaking that leg its kinda annoying
Ava Benach
Ava Benach Mês atrás
correct me if im wrong but pg13 is not smiling
Rogan Jones vlogs
Rogan Jones vlogs Mês atrás
James has Paul George twice
keifer marx
keifer marx Mês atrás
I have that slippers Kristopher London big fan
thakid Mês atrás
James cheated 💀
Jack M
Jack M Mês atrás
The seat cushions on the couch are backwards
kk ikop
kk ikop Mês atrás
xbox gang yahurrrd me
EEIOS Yt Mês atrás
Jiedel cheated
T -Lo
T -Lo Mês atrás
More Guess.who
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