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Giannis & LeBron draft their teams ahead of NBA All-Star Weekend!
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6 Fev 2019



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Comentários : 1,3 mil   
@yungmilesmorales7161 5 anos atrás
Giannis had me dying with that tampering comment 😂😂
@Darwin.J053 5 anos atrás
He got played though he picked up ben with his 3rd pick and LeBron picks westbrook with his 5th pick
@NealBones 5 anos atrás
They had good TV chemistry actually
@janeerrodgers1434 5 anos atrás
@CoutureThug 5 anos atrás
@@Darwin.J053 doesn't matter, Westbrook's game is perfect for the all Star game, he hogs the ball and no one plays defense anyways so he goes off. That's why he's won all star MVP a bunch of times
@coltonjames6028 5 anos atrás
A bunch of times? 😂 as in like 2 or 3 stop overexagerating
@hi_austin 5 anos atrás
This was great. This is the kind of thing sports need more of.
@BabaYagaRacing 5 anos atrás
Loved it
@cbrown940 5 anos atrás
Right on!
@bonganilanga8393 5 anos atrás
@just2bme1000 5 anos atrás
Amen to that!
@beyondintervals6606 5 anos atrás
Man LeBron is the real guy behind the scenes bringing KD and Westbrook back together.
@Majima23 5 anos atrás
Lebron taking the generation K free agents. Kyrie , Kevin , Klay + Kawhi😂 would’ve been the whole squad if kemba was on there too
@25thkumo71 5 anos atrás
Don’t forget kawhi
@mryup6100 5 anos atrás
@packers12to80 5 anos atrás
Too bad not a single 1 is gonna be on his team next yr hahahaha
@MR_M0RNINGSTAR 5 anos atrás
@atlantahawksfan8443 5 anos atrás
That's hella clever
tnt be putting commercials on youtube 🤣🤣🤣
@PrivateWednesdays 5 anos atrás
david jr3906 changing the game
@richlo4652 5 anos atrás
PrivateWednesdays fr id rather have that then ads I can just skip thru them
@itsrn4l817 5 anos atrás
@@richlo4652 Got a point there
@moniquewrites9046 5 anos atrás
david jr3906 got to pay them bills lol
@ksisniipez960 5 anos atrás
david jr3906 😂😂
@elpolloloco69 5 anos atrás
@ejdolo 5 anos atrás
@Jsalcedo23 5 anos atrás
best to ever do it
@nargamisasano7932 5 anos atrás
What time
@officialbeast42 5 anos atrás
@p.hhenry4454 5 anos atrás
Looks awkward on him...
@MajorFactor 5 anos atrás
Y’all peep how Bron picked everyone who’s a free agent next year? 😂🤫 200iQ
@connor7678 5 anos atrás
SCARY FACTOR and hes wearing a ‘cheetah’ hoodie lol
@camerondrain8166 5 anos atrás
Cheetah? I don't get it
@duhso1 5 anos atrás
Cameron Drain it represents all the little boys
@btl_0072 5 anos atrás
@1juicecrazy 5 anos atrás
BTL_ 007 3 rings better than 0. Sorry to burst ya bubble
@lemar2122 5 anos atrás
Lebron is team Free Agent.. 😂
@bacardim390 5 anos atrás
Noticed that huh. Lol
@lexhobbs1050 5 anos atrás
@yowhatsmyname 4 anos atrás
or shooters
@Anonymous-ox9mq 5 anos atrás
LeBron picking those prospects to play with him in LA... under the radar moves.
@packers12to80 5 anos atrás
Too bad none will b in la with him next yr.
@btl_0072 5 anos atrás
@user-qi7te6nw7v 5 anos atrás
lakers fans are delusional
@JTGSTAR07 5 anos atrás
r 2005 I swear everyone said the same thing last season about laker fans when they were saying lebron would come
@koyoyoyo1170 5 anos atrás
LeTampering lolololol jkjk
@jtfofree5852 5 anos atrás
This was so lit now imagine if they picked the teams before the game started ... had everyone lined up together and the captains picked their team during pre game!? Now That would be interesting
@OO-il6sl 5 anos atrás
thats what i thought they would do.. thats way better.. we gotta make this big
@Joker26Dabeast 5 anos atrás
The players egos are to big whoever was last would break down in tears.
@rockzs74r 5 anos atrás
You know they need to practice first before game. Also it would be really hard to print those Jersey just in a few minutes
@Joker26Dabeast 5 anos atrás
@@rockzs74r naw they can print those in minutes.
@rockzs74r 5 anos atrás
@@Joker26Dabeast no not fot the player but for the merchandise store and the fans. And overseas. They sure need to cash in some money. They can't sell much of it only decided for few minutes before the
@moereese5254 5 anos atrás
LeBron selected the 2020 lakers squad
@DFlover123 5 anos atrás
Cap Space: Am I a joke to you?
@ghosttoast8610 2 anos atrás
@@DFlover123 yes
@JimJones-ut9qi 5 anos atrás
Giannis is sneaky funny 💯
@RKO859 5 anos atrás
LUHHH GEE EMMMM highkey recruiting his team for the off-season.
@00poopmonster 5 anos atrás
@lukeprather3384 5 anos atrás
I take it you watched Chris smoove before you watched this
@speedrunna1 5 anos atrás
@dash7438 5 anos atrás
the way smoove says it is too funny
@magacop5180 5 anos atrás
@guillermo2991 5 anos atrás
lebron prospecting during allstar break 😂
@ringbuster1 5 anos atrás
Kevin Durant is not signing with the Knicks. He is only interested in 2 teams to sign with according to Stone and Digital Dave
@natutz 5 anos atrás
Giannis took all international players. Embiid Simmons Jokic Vucevic Nowitzki
@zakproductions5976 5 anos atrás
STATS DONT LIE ....What are you saying he was getting ready for 2020 Lakers most of his guys are free agent.
@pinkpanos 5 anos atrás
@STATS DONT LIE Klay is white
@simplicity5371 5 anos atrás
@@pinkpanos no he isn't
@pinkpanos 5 anos atrás
@@simplicity5371 TF yes he is
@zucc3039 5 anos atrás
The Greek Freak he light skin so technically he still has black in him
@younesbougarba5169 5 anos atrás
I guess Lebron selected better players knowing he has experience as Gm of the Cavs and Lakers .
@day-me-inmoodley3283 5 anos atrás
Hardest working gm in the league.
@ss11111ss 5 anos atrás
Gianis wanted young guys who would actually play
@Hotobu 5 anos atrás
Lebron has the better players. Giannis has the better team.
@hamzaelmernissi5709 5 anos atrás
It helps when you select first.
@jcobdel498 5 anos atrás
@Triple_MAC¥ He pick Steph first because Steph pick him first last year
@joemaxabe 5 anos atrás
the draft actually starts at 9:10 btw, like so everyone can see
@mossimotiberi5741 5 anos atrás
Joemax Abe hero
@quick2bud 5 anos atrás
And miss the banter from the crew, Giannis ribbing Shaq with that Superman joke.. no ty
@johnnycee9325 5 anos atrás
You the real MVP!
@ItsAho 5 anos atrás
Or just go to the nba page where they have just the draft. I came for the banter
@OldManTim 5 anos atrás
You the real All Star
@mxp6725 5 anos atrás
Ernie with the heat on feet. He got the Infared 6’s 👀
@araszkawibowo4748 5 anos atrás
MXP 🐐 them kicks fire
@sirisemirisirisa 5 anos atrás
Giannis was picking the team for barbecue
@haz3_blaz344 5 anos atrás
The fact that these two didint grow up with much and are now getting the chance to prevent from other people knowing that struggle is amazing and inspiring
@boogieman3735 5 anos atrás
Team Giannis .. let’s go☝🏽💪🏽 🏀 #AllStar2019. that tampering joke tho killed me🤣 Savage gainnis
@kodyscot9360 5 anos atrás
Team Giannis. u know what time it is wadya
@Elemenopi23 5 anos atrás
He got me with: Thats just temporary tho rite? :p
@sergiomorfo 5 anos atrás
LeBron picked most of the players that will be FA next season, he is looking beyond the all-star game ... dude wants to build for the future.
@adonisw3788 5 anos atrás
Y’all fools will concoct any conspiracy theory. Didn’t TWO people alternate the picks.
@alejandroserrano7755 5 anos atrás
This was great. You can see Giannis was living a dream, he looked so happy and Lebron looked like he was taken back in time to when he played casual.
@Peaceseeker1081 5 anos atrás
"Isn't that tampering?" Good one by Giannis. Didn't know he had quick wit humor like that.
@Wis_Dom Anos atrás
Well, he is a human.
@bigperk7677 5 anos atrás
U can tell LeBron still don’t like Chuck 😂😂😂😂😂
@rizkyihwan4139 5 anos atrás
team LeBron trade Wesbrook for Ben Simmons from team Gianis. League source tell ESPN
@timbo8940 5 anos atrás
Good source with spelling mistakes
@alejandroserrano7755 5 anos atrás
That was a weird trade
@thelonelibra8455 5 anos atrás
Oh ok lol I was wondering why Westbrook wasn't on team LeBron anymore
@DMGG22 5 anos atrás
Get to watch this from London. Thanks for putting this on BRvid TnT💪🏽
@88xdavex 5 anos atrás
I like the way Giannis picked. He went for guys having breakout years. A chance for the new school to beat the old school! This will be an exciting game to watch!
@mark689 5 anos atrás
Giannis is a pretty cool dude man.
@jamtv3258 5 anos atrás
Kenny: if you pick me last I'll be mad. Chuck: first off you not gon be on the team. 💀💀💀
@scrapy133 5 anos atrás
Why they hit us with them commercials tho 😂😂😂
@sew04ss 5 anos atrás
Comptonmenace7 lol ikr.
@j_quan2594 5 anos atrás
I didn't realize until I read your comment 😂
@EGarrett01 5 anos atrás
I actually forgot it was BRvid and looked away from the screen and waited for them to be over.
@blakstar8219 5 anos atrás
Bruh i was like wait what? Am i streaming right now?
@kamotetops1572 5 anos atrás
@@EGarrett01 Same here. lol
@cheekyboomboom8973 5 anos atrás
The bench is essentially east vs west, lol.
@tenzinchoezin1454 5 anos atrás
My gahd Bron really picked almost every allstar free agent
@bkosha97 5 anos atrás
They should let them pick a wild card player who wasn't picked to the all star weekend.
@Deevon 5 anos atrás
First time i watched commercials on youtube. Hopefully it's the last lol
@frenchjones5510 5 anos atrás
@jodog31 5 anos atrás
I haven’t watched television ads in so long it was interesting to see what’s going on now.
@JohnnyThorough 5 anos atrás
You can fast forward the video and skip the commercials...its a cool feature.
@Deevon 5 anos atrás
@@JohnnyThorough it was too late 😢
@kdot3657 5 anos atrás
@@JohnnyThorough Exactly my thoughts lol
@Thanos1908 5 anos atrás
"Just call me Superman" Cracked up, right there and then...
Giannis is awesome he might be my favorite player in the league
@moosery 5 anos atrás
Europeans are bad
@sportschool3537 5 anos atrás
It's not hard to be... the guy is fun, kind, with a huge smile all the time and he's never fake when he speaks... he's a genuine guy... not to mention that he's the biggest monster on an NBA court right now... he's literally bullying every single human being that even attempts to defend him... most nights it looks like it's not even fair to play against him... I haven't seen someone look that unfair to play against since prime Shaq...
@ghosttoast8610 2 anos atrás
@@moosery 💀💀💀
@asvpfern 5 anos atrás
Hawks and Bulls legend Carmelo Anthony should be here
@beattheovenludwigvan 5 anos atrás
rockets and knicks
@jonathoncarranza4414 5 anos atrás
What about Trae Young the MAVERICKS GOAT!
@KiranKumar-bs3re 5 anos atrás
Rasheed Wallace and Caremlo Anthony, the two greatest Atlanta Hawks players of all time
@todro8410 5 anos atrás
You mean the man called the thunder legend?
@Rukhasu 5 anos atrás
Carmelo never lose a single game for those two . myth
@twinpistols11 5 anos atrás
Crazy to see what giannis has become into 🔥 future hall of famer
Lebron picked Durant, Kyrie, Kawhi first for the starters and Anthony Davis first for the bench. Hmmmmmm I wonder what he's doing there?
@saz19s8 5 anos atrás
Recruiting, coz he’s LeGM
@carladavis1473 5 anos atrás
Yeah, I dont think Giannis gets it. He had a chance to get Kawhi, AD and KLAY... c'mon?? He chose Middleton over Klay??? Maybe he had been drinking.
@outplaygaming512 5 anos atrás
Carla Davis it’s his teammate
@nickz2147 5 anos atrás
@@carladavis1473 Giannis is a fair guy , he has said it before that he doesn't like being all buddy-buddy with other players to try and get them to join his team .
@echo-nr9di 5 anos atrás
He's tampering
@Shiljamannn 5 anos atrás
Team Length vs Team Free Agents
@joshualester5154 5 anos atrás
Right and if you trade Kawhi for curry it would be west vs east
@wassuphommie3 5 anos atrás
How about PG13 And Kyrie Irving
@ing4gi 5 anos atrás
I love how you have the more full fledged and well known All-Stars on one side and the younger, underrated All-Stars on the other. Let's go #TeamGiannis
@brenbascos 5 anos atrás
Both teams are pretty solid. Ive had a good laugh with these two. Looking forward to ASweekend.
@shaqtinoah 5 anos atrás
Hahaha James harden got picked 2nd to last of the starters
@travisgoat9700 5 anos atrás
Noah Tumbo can’t get fouls n the all star game lol
@packers12to80 5 anos atrás
That's cuz they want to shoot too. They know harden don't pass.
@rubenbenavides490 5 anos atrás
@@packers12to80 He literally led the league in assists last year
@John_Bourdakos 5 anos atrás
@@rubenbenavides490 He prop led the league at mins holding the ball as well lol :P
@TbYolo 5 anos atrás
Yea i was surprised i thought he’d get picked first
@davidlambert6171 3 anos atrás
12:30 Best part of the whole draft! LOL
@clipsofnba6416 3 anos atrás
LeBron : *"I'm going to the Gym"* Giannis: *"That's a good pick right there"*
@jordankarl6463 5 anos atrás
It took me two minutes to realize the commercials weren’t ads from BRvid 🤦‍♂️
@TheNeoShinji 5 anos atrás
How things have changed, now even the all-stars game gets so much hype. But I love that they are helping the charity organizations. Keep it up NBA!
@HJTVofficial 5 anos atrás
“Giannis took all the bigs “. Says the dude who took AD KD kawahi
@metalflames4 5 anos atrás
Kawhi isn't a big
@monaewmw 5 anos atrás
People dumb they think being big is something lebron team is full of shooters and giannis alone have a few
@ZyadYousef 5 anos atrás
Bigs = Centers Giannis has Embiid, Jokic and Vucevic. LeBron had only AD before he chose KAT.
@moosery 5 anos atrás
Zyad Yousef Aldridge
@HJTVofficial 5 anos atrás
My comment isn’t calling these players bigs. I’m saying bron took all the good PF/SF
@hansonduron8650 5 anos atrás
That was so much fun to watch I really enjoyed it awesome!!!
@bigmac5066 5 anos atrás
This is a great idea by the NBA. Adam Silver is truly a great commissioner
@SpecificPT 5 anos atrás
they only televised it because Lebron said so
@Random-gb3uj 5 anos atrás
I dont think it truly was all done live... Beforw the captains start picking the teams are already shown behind barkley and shaq in the jersey displays
@julian2870 2 anos atrás
@Intelligence Injection no u
@djekna 5 anos atrás
Very positively surprised with Giannis’s picks. He’s earned my respect. Great picks!
Bron picking for Lakers, not for the All-Stars. :)
@MusicGAME913 5 anos atrás
Thanks for posting!
@jobaytube 5 anos atrás
Giannis was just born yesterday for those 2nd round picks.
@dscglfr00 5 anos atrás
BRvid had me watching commercials for a sec haha
@OO-il6sl 5 anos atrás
i was like what the
@alphonsesenjutsu 5 anos atrás
@dexterreyes9372 5 anos atrás
Excited to see this on Jan. 18. Different time zone. Morning here. All Star Monday for us.
@richlo4652 5 anos atrás
I see you Ernie with the good retros 🔥🔥🔥
@vallecend6855 5 anos atrás
So glad the nba decided to change the format into this and televised the draft... Good job adam silver and cp3 since he was the one who proposed this format for the first time
@omarcoleman8991 5 anos atrás
“ just call me Superman “ 😂😂😂😂
@rumbajuice 5 anos atrás
Wow you weren't messing around, including commercials and all.
@lofty5460 5 anos atrás
This is so good it almost makes up for players only
@Acninety 5 anos atrás
@Tehnicker 5 anos atrás
That was good
@apollozx2932 5 anos atrás
@HeismanDeleon 5 anos atrás
Players only is lowkey trash
@hawkeye4205 5 anos atrás
This was very well done. So entertaining.
@newbornarb 5 anos atrás
Can you believe 2 Nikolas are on an allstar team together
@starhalostudios2450 5 anos atrás
Giannis molding it that way lol.
@morrisonyaro7543 5 anos atrás
Yh especially Nkola jokic he has been so good this season
@xavier76thman 5 anos atrás
As a Sixers fan i'm withTeam Giannis all day!
@moosery 5 anos atrás
Xavier 76th Man Simmons doesn’t deserve to be an allstar
@ladiblue03 5 anos atrás
I like young Giannis using paper and pen & Lebron using tablet Also the entire nba pronouncing Giannis name wrong.
@Fabbyboy69 5 anos atrás
Even though pop's gonna tell me he can only play 2 minutes hahahaha 15:18
Proud for Giannis. Feel him like my brother.
@markmccormick4354 5 anos atrás
I think its awesome that Giannis picked Khris Middleton, like the loyalty with his Bucks teammates
power to you inside NBA on TNT big shaq
@Taufik411 5 anos atrás
my 2 fav players in the game right there
@levipritchett1416 5 anos atrás
I missed it, so glad they uploaded it
@Jordan5s 5 anos atrás
Half Lebron team gonna be playing for 10 mins 😂
@derekmartinez3521 Anos atrás
Lebron: "I'm not going to pick anyone" Giannis: "That was going to be my next pick"
@elbertmkizy7086 5 anos atrás
Didn't even realise LeBron picked all the free agents XD
@malthexman 5 anos atrás
Thanks for having this on here because I missed originally
@camejko 5 anos atrás
Very entertaining. Next year they show have 2 players at center court on a Friday with a microphone and call each player there
@tudorcifor 5 anos atrás
Got the golden state warriors off the board... haha... *cries inside*
@Balladsandlovesongs 5 anos atrás
@mnbvcxz4321ish 5 anos atrás
Soooooooo lebron taking everyone who dominates with the ball in their hands...and Giannis legit picked players to suit his game
@LeadfootLou 5 anos atrás
Ernie Johnson had to remind LeBron and Giannis that James Harden was still available. It didn’t seem like either player was eager to pick Harden.
@mca4u 5 anos atrás
I love this kid Giannis. Just has great warm personality.
@RhinoGore38 5 anos atrás
Love that they posted the vid on YT, but did yall really have to leave the commercials in the vid? Sheesh
This was really dope
@lexluger1095 5 anos atrás
Nice touch to _include_ the ad break!
It’s like offense and shooting vs defense interesting…
@alfakynetic 5 anos atrás
“I have never seen you mugs ...” the look on Kenny’s face
@SomeWeimsi 5 anos atrás
Ernie straight savage right off the bet 😂😂😂
@HamzaKhan-eq9zd 3 anos atrás
It is me, or at @12.56 Ernie said go ahead freak?
@JohnDeSeanTV 5 anos atrás
"You mugs" 😭... EJ's the GOAT 🙌🏾
@MA-fd6so 5 anos atrás
12:53 he really said "go ahead freak"
@ajj6512 5 anos atrás
I hope they actually take the all star game competitively this year
@jeffkatt1 5 anos atrás
Coach Mike Malone on Team LeBron against Jokic on Team Giannis! 😂 Was hoping Lebron was going to draft Joker.
@kingtshilobo1849 2 anos atrás
Kemba Walker and Aldridge and Blake were Allstars 3 years ago 👀
@roman12rr 5 anos atrás
Giannis and LeBron just great dudes!
@MarGwaffingzz 5 anos atrás
@hennysmith 5 anos atrás
Im rooting for team Giannis
@hennysmith 5 anos atrás
@@IAMDIVINATION why is my comment funny tho
@EBEASTmOd 5 anos atrás
Hugh Graham you tell him Hugh LOL
@AR-rn8ok 5 anos atrás
You don’t like team letampering?😂😂😂
@jonz23m 5 anos atrás
@@kezzatube45 well the all-star game is more like an afternoon BBQ.
@wei-tingshen5319 5 anos atrás
Actually LBJ+KD means that Team Giannis have no chance
@Riles3152 5 anos atrás
This was actually great TV. I wonder how Russell Westbrook feels about being traded?
@wrighj 5 anos atrás
He was probably happy to be with PG to be honest
@razorramon5937 5 anos atrás
This was dope, Gonna see LeBron & Wade cook up 1 last time together 🔥💯🏀
@NendoNow 5 anos atrás
The picks started slow, but really got fun as it went along. Next year they should pick the teams right before the game so we get to see all the reactions of the players picked live.
@JerkyJones100 5 anos atrás
I really enjoyed this.
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