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Giannis & LeBron draft their teams ahead of NBA All-Star Weekend!

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6 Fev 2019



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Comentários 1 335
Giannis had me dying with that tampering comment 😂😂
Jbmoore04 3 anos atrás
This aged well
Beyond Intervals
Beyond Intervals 4 anos atrás
Man LeBron is the real guy behind the scenes bringing KD and Westbrook back together.
Fabian69 4 anos atrás
Is it me or was lebron very uncomfortable?
Austin Stetson
Austin Stetson 4 anos atrás
@Colton James I would consider that a bunch of times for something like all star MVP
Colton James
Colton James 4 anos atrás
A bunch of times? 😂 as in like 2 or 3 stop overexagerating
hi [Au]s[Ti]n
hi [Au]s[Ti]n 4 anos atrás
This was great. This is the kind of thing sports need more of.
Swaliho Dukuly
Swaliho Dukuly 3 anos atrás
Thanks to Lebron
Beyond Intervals
Beyond Intervals 4 anos atrás
Man LeBron is the real guy behind the scenes bringing KD and Westbrook back together.
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez 4 anos atrás
Amen to that!
Bongani Langa
Bongani Langa 4 anos atrás
C Brown
C Brown 4 anos atrás
Right on!
JTfoFREE 4 anos atrás
This was so lit now imagine if they picked the teams before the game started ... had everyone lined up together and the captains picked their team during pre game!? Now That would be interesting
Jacob McCoy
Jacob McCoy Mês atrás
this comment aged so well 😂🫡🔥
Brooke M
Brooke M Mês atrás
They saw your comment and now the teams are selected right before the game @JTfoFREE😃
Dr. Backflip
Dr. Backflip Mês atrás
@Godwin Tarre Yessir
Godwin Tarre
Godwin Tarre 2 meses atrás
4yrs later that exactly is what's going to happen wow
OG_Mante 4 anos atrás
Facts. They should start doing it this way. playground style
Major Factor
Major Factor 4 anos atrás
Y’all peep how Bron picked everyone who’s a free agent next year? 😂🤫 200iQ
shef Anos atrás
Beyond Intervals
Beyond Intervals 4 anos atrás
Man LeBron is the real guy behind the scenes bringing KD and Westbrook back together.
Shannon Boyd
Shannon Boyd 4 anos atrás
Anthony Okeiyi He didn't leave early he graduated
Shannon Boyd
Shannon Boyd 4 anos atrás
Nope he pick these people last year to
Marko 4 anos atrás
Gotta get on their good side. The way the lakers are he's gotta do that.
BoogieMan 4 anos atrás
Team Giannis .. let’s go☝🏽💪🏽 🏀 #AllStar2019. that tampering joke tho killed me🤣 Savage gainnis
Eric D
Eric D 4 anos atrás
He got me with: Thats just temporary tho rite? :p
kody scot
kody scot 4 anos atrás
Team Giannis. u know what time it is wadya
King Dang
King Dang 4 anos atrás
Lebron taking the generation K free agents. Kyrie , Kevin , Klay + Kawhi😂 would’ve been the whole squad if kemba was on there too
Kenneth Anderson
Kenneth Anderson 4 anos atrás
I was saying that as he was choosing..
Beyond Intervals
Beyond Intervals 4 anos atrás
Man LeBron is the real guy behind the scenes bringing KD and Westbrook back together.
nalim lattarai
nalim lattarai 4 anos atrás
A Rios L
nalim lattarai
nalim lattarai 4 anos atrás
packers12to80 Rodgers bust
KAD10895 4 anos atrás
& King James.
Alejandro Serrano
Alejandro Serrano 4 anos atrás
This was great. You can see Giannis was living a dream, he looked so happy and Lebron looked like he was taken back in time to when he played casual.
david oneil
david oneil 4 anos atrás
I like the way Giannis picked. He went for guys having breakout years. A chance for the new school to beat the old school! This will be an exciting game to watch!
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 4 anos atrás
Giannis is sneaky funny 💯
Haz3_Blaz3 4 anos atrás
The fact that these two didint grow up with much and are now getting the chance to prevent from other people knowing that struggle is amazing and inspiring
NelleNessuno 4 anos atrás
Very positively surprised with Giannis’s picks. He’s earned my respect. Great picks!
Peaceseeker1081 4 anos atrás
"Isn't that tampering?" Good one by Giannis. Didn't know he had quick wit humor like that.
Wis Dom
Wis Dom 4 meses atrás
Well, he is a human.
Anonymous 4 anos atrás
LeBron picking those prospects to play with him in LA... under the radar moves.
Jerry Ren
Jerry Ren 2 anos atrás
@V Cavs is the worst organization Lakers the best
V 4 anos atrás
idk no one came to him Cleveland will the fact that LA is in Cali make ppl want a home there?
Josh Tyson
Josh Tyson 4 anos atrás
r 2005 didn’t Celtics just take the L at home against lakers and their young core without lonzo ? Celtics can have ad as a one year rental
r 2005
r 2005 4 anos atrás
@Josh Tyson paul george aint even give you a meeting FOH. ad for sure going to the celtics cuz everyone on the lakers is worthless compared to tatum, brown, rozier
Slim 803
Slim 803 4 anos atrás
Ingagi 4 anos atrás
I love how you have the more full fledged and well known All-Stars on one side and the younger, underrated All-Stars on the other. Let's go #TeamGiannis
Nendo Now
Nendo Now 4 anos atrás
The picks started slow, but really got fun as it went along. Next year they should pick the teams right before the game so we get to see all the reactions of the players picked live.
twinpistols11 4 anos atrás
Crazy to see what giannis has become into 🔥 future hall of famer
Oyame 4 anos atrás
How things have changed, now even the all-stars game gets so much hype. But I love that they are helping the charity organizations. Keep it up NBA!
Bren's Vital Twist of Lemon and Life
Both teams are pretty solid. Ive had a good laugh with these two. Looking forward to ASweekend.
Lemar 4 anos atrás
Lebron is team Free Agent.. 😂
Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen 3 anos atrás
or shooters
Lex Hobbs
Lex Hobbs 4 anos atrás
Bacardi M3
Bacardi M3 4 anos atrás
Noticed that huh. Lol
Cameron Bass
Cameron Bass 4 anos atrás
Makes me actually want to watch the all-star game.
hawkeye 420
hawkeye 420 4 anos atrás
This was very well done. So entertaining.
420fries 4 anos atrás
That Lebron, I'm not a big fan but what I gotta say is he got class. . Draft was fun to watch! Looking forward to the all star game!
AJ J 4 anos atrás
I hope they actually take the all star game competitively this year
RazorRamon 4 anos atrás
This was dope, Gonna see LeBron & Wade cook up 1 last time together 🔥💯🏀
david lambert
david lambert 2 anos atrás
12:30 Best part of the whole draft! LOL
Mattncarter 4 anos atrás
Good start. But next year they should do it to kick off all star weekend, and actually have it set up like an actual draft, and once a player gets selected, he goes to sit with his captain. Once a player gets selected the other team should have like 2 minutes to pick, and during those 2 minutes, analysts should break down footage of the previous pick, explaining why it was a good or bad pick.
Michael Amechi
Michael Amechi 4 anos atrás
I love this kid Giannis. Just has great warm personality.
Moe Reese
Moe Reese 4 anos atrás
LeBron selected the 2020 lakers squad
Ghosttoast Anos atrás
@Palasig Bill Ampang yes
Palasig Bill Ampang
Palasig Bill Ampang 4 anos atrás
Cap Space: Am I a joke to you?
Hanson duron
Hanson duron 4 anos atrás
That was so much fun to watch I really enjoyed it awesome!!!
Natutz Shorts Videos
Natutz Shorts Videos 4 anos atrás
Giannis took all international players. Embiid Simmons Jokic Vucevic Nowitzki
Scenez DeVille
Scenez DeVille 4 anos atrás
+Guilherme Bahia . And yes if you have Asian grandparents or great grands you too are Asian. Do you know that with what we call race or heredity or color that each one has a specific genome? Get some learning in your brain why do you think you are Brazilian? Because that's a nationality but in reality you could be a African mix or European mixture (Dutch or Portuguese or Spanish).
Scenez DeVille
Scenez DeVille 4 anos atrás
+Guilherme Bahia . And your notion is a optical view which doesn't make sense because you can bleach dark skin tone to make yourself look lighter and you can take injections to make your skin darker but at the end of the day genetics don't lie. Take a black crayon and mix it with a white one . Do you still have white? Nope you have a mix and in that mix the more dominant hue is the deciding factor. Ancestry plays a part and it's the melanated beings who are the first so everything derives from the darkness.
Elton Grigley
Elton Grigley 4 anos atrás
@Guilherme Bahia his dad is a black man so idk how yall would consider somebody "white" when they're not
Migert X.
Migert X. 4 anos atrás
@ItsPanos that proves LeBron Is racist lol
vids4u_ 4 anos atrás
But not all, he didn't get kyrie
El Pollo Loco
El Pollo Loco 4 anos atrás
Beyond Intervals
Beyond Intervals 4 anos atrás
Man LeBron is the real guy behind the scenes bringing KD and Westbrook back together.
C4Zero 4 anos atrás
never knew EJ got fresh
Elton Grigley
Elton Grigley 4 anos atrás
@P.H Henry of course some lame has something silly to say
P.H Henry
P.H Henry 4 anos atrás
Looks awkward on him...
officialbeast42 4 anos atrás
Lewis 10
Lewis 10 4 anos atrás
Ernie had laughing hard at the first part of the video 😂😂
Nyno0 4 anos atrás
this needs to be done one or two days before the game, on the all star practice or something with all the players being in the gym at the same time, face to face drafting would be insane hahahahah
Alex Wim
Alex Wim 4 anos atrás
Ernie straight savage right off the bet 😂😂😂
MXP 4 anos atrás
Ernie with the heat on feet. He got the Infared 6’s 👀
Araszka Wibowo
Araszka Wibowo 4 anos atrás
MXP 🐐 them kicks fire
sergiomorfo 4 anos atrás
LeBron picked most of the players that will be FA next season, he is looking beyond the all-star game ... dude wants to build for the future.
adonis w
adonis w 4 anos atrás
Y’all fools will concoct any conspiracy theory. Didn’t TWO people alternate the picks.
Yoldaş 4 anos atrás
Giannis and LeBron just great dudes!
Think Think
Think Think 4 anos atrás
Giannis actually really drafted well. his starters was better composed than lebron's, paul george and steph curry provided the shooting. I was at first confused why he choose so many guys over 6'9, then I realized that Lebron was stuck with 4 ball dominant guys in harden, dame, kyrie, and westbrook. Giannis, george, and lowry will also be monsters defensively
Mark Mccormick
Mark Mccormick 4 anos atrás
I think its awesome that Giannis picked Khris Middleton, like the loyalty with his Bucks teammates
ClipsOfNBA 2 anos atrás
LeBron : *"I'm going to the Gym"* Giannis: *"That's a good pick right there"*
Guillermo 4 anos atrás
lebron prospecting during allstar break 😂
ringbuster1 4 anos atrás
Kevin Durant is not signing with the Knicks. He is only interested in 2 teams to sign with according to Stone and Digital Dave
Konstantinos Karakasidis
Proud for Giannis. Feel him like my brother.
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 4 anos atrás
Mitch O'Brien
Mitch O'Brien 4 anos atrás
Giannis is awesome he might be my favorite player in the league
Ghosttoast Anos atrás
@M o o s e 💀💀💀
Sport School
Sport School 4 anos atrás
It's not hard to be... the guy is fun, kind, with a huge smile all the time and he's never fake when he speaks... he's a genuine guy... not to mention that he's the biggest monster on an NBA court right now... he's literally bullying every single human being that even attempts to defend him... most nights it looks like it's not even fair to play against him... I haven't seen someone look that unfair to play against since prime Shaq...
Mark689 4 anos atrás
Giannis is a pretty cool dude man.
bOng 4 anos atrás
Giannis was picking the team for barbecue
Ben Kosharek
Ben Kosharek 4 anos atrás
They should let them pick a wild card player who wasn't picked to the all star weekend.
Jon L
Jon L 4 anos atrás
Harden being picked 9th says a lot about how historic his streak really is.
Pelaaja 4 anos atrás
We need Westbrook and Embiid to be captains next year to make this more spicy. Make it happen!
BIG PERK 4 anos atrás
U can tell LeBron still don’t like Chuck 😂😂😂😂😂
JAM TV 4 anos atrás
Kenny: if you pick me last I'll be mad. Chuck: first off you not gon be on the team. 💀💀💀
Michael Babajide
Michael Babajide 4 anos atrás
I love this game! Players! My fellow fans! Man!
Benedict Cumberbatch facts
LeBron: “I take anyone” Giannis: “That’s a good pick” 😂
Habeev07 4 anos atrás
Man... I was a Freshman in HS fall 2003 during Lebron's rookie season. Whispers of the G.O.A.T being thrown out in P.E. class... look at him now.
Bernard Appiah Darkwa
Bernard Appiah Darkwa 4 anos atrás
They should do the All star draft at the All Star Game with the players been there, that should be fun
Younes Bougarba
Younes Bougarba 4 anos atrás
I guess Lebron selected better players knowing he has experience as Gm of the Cavs and Lakers .
wirelessbrain12 4 anos atrás
@Sport School bro... giannis literally said in an interview he will pick steph first because steph picked him first year.
EpicVicRoy Epic
EpicVicRoy Epic 4 anos atrás
Younes Bougarba lol
Sport School
Sport School 4 anos atrás
@jcob del No, he pick Steph because playing with Steph is FUN... I've watched the dude even off the court and he's fun to be around... very cool guy, nice, funny, intelligent... great to be around... and yeah, Giannis did want to get all the guys like Jokic and Vucevic that were first timers and very exciting players... but I would pick Steph first too... fun is the most important thing in an All Star Game...
jcob del
jcob del 4 anos atrás
@Triple_MAC¥ He pick Steph first because Steph pick him first last year
Hamza ELMERNISSI 4 anos atrás
It helps when you select first.
Magic Chesser
Magic Chesser 4 anos atrás
Chard Dela Cruz
Chard Dela Cruz 3 anos atrás
LeBron's starting five is just plain solid.
Jay Hova
Jay Hova 4 anos atrás
This was a great start! Next year, everyone should dress casual or wear the brand sponsor head to toe, they should have all the players on the list together on the TNT court like an actual pick-up game, and have C Webb, KG, Isiah Thomas, with the TNT crew all talking trash and critiquing. Would be must-see TV!
M o o s e
M o o s e 4 anos atrás
BKC Logistics LLC yeah but if they could....
80teg 4 anos atrás
Please, no C-Webb or KG -- 2 of the most awkward guys on TV.
Bakeer Crumble
Bakeer Crumble 4 anos atrás
You would have to cancel all NBA games for a couple days to make that happen. They can't even get Giannis and LeBron on the set together imagine trying to get all of them.
Kreativ Keem
Kreativ Keem 4 anos atrás
Jay Hov agreef
xjmasterx0907 4 anos atrás
Ernie should’ve definitely gave more info on all the picks like he did with Nikola Jokic
Derek Martinez
Derek Martinez 11 meses atrás
Lebron: "I'm not going to pick anyone" Giannis: "That was going to be my next pick"
P- Star7
P- Star7 4 anos atrás
Giannis pick all the foreign player's pretty awesome
Chris Abanil
Chris Abanil 4 anos atrás
What they need to do next season is reserve a day, maybe after or before the slam dunk contest. Have all the selected players pick at the arena court. Like how you used to pick in a local basketball court. Then a face to face picture against each other.
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich 4 anos atrás
Ernie chillin with the J's 😂👑👊🏽
caper087 4 anos atrás
They should do it during allstar weekend live in the arena like the nhl draft
Ryan D
Ryan D 4 anos atrás
What's interesting is that they actually play with these guys that they are picking so they have more insight than anyone else.
Peter Paz
Peter Paz 4 anos atrás
jobaytube 4 anos atrás
Giannis was just born yesterday for those 2nd round picks.
Mr1Nate7 4 anos atrás
Giannis "Just call me superman" 😂😂
Rich Lo
Rich Lo 4 anos atrás
I see you Ernie with the good retros 🔥🔥🔥
RKO 4 anos atrás
LUHHH GEE EMMMM highkey recruiting his team for the off-season.
MAGACOP 4 anos atrás
Dash 4 anos atrás
the way smoove says it is too funny
Timur Sergaliyev
Timur Sergaliyev 4 anos atrás
Luke Prather
Luke Prather 4 anos atrás
I take it you watched Chris smoove before you watched this
00poopmonster 4 anos atrás
Funkslave 4 anos atrás
With Westbrook on team Giannis, things get a little more feisty
Desi Reuben-Sealey
Desi Reuben-Sealey 4 anos atrás
12:42 Ernie - "Shots fired" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elbert M'KIZY
Elbert M'KIZY 4 anos atrás
Didn't even realise LeBron picked all the free agents XD
Taaha Siddiqui
Taaha Siddiqui 4 anos atrás
13:28 this is exactly the kind of interaction i was hoping for!
alfakynetic 4 anos atrás
“I have never seen you mugs ...” the look on Kenny’s face
Katie Lee
Katie Lee 4 anos atrás
so last year i was like please show this live... now i want more IE- ALLSTAR Game all the players come on the floor and they do it like playground style and pick teams right there in front of the crowd!! AM I RIGHT?
BIGSTAK 4 anos atrás
Hopefully they do this every year.
DaveTalks Basketball
DaveTalks Basketball 4 anos atrás
tnt be putting commercials on youtube 🤣🤣🤣
DaveTalks Basketball
DaveTalks Basketball 4 anos atrás
purrp De santa 5:45
DaveTalks Basketball
DaveTalks Basketball 4 anos atrás
Return Of 23 yeah i think so too
Beyond Intervals
Beyond Intervals 4 anos atrás
Man LeBron is the real guy behind the scenes bringing KD and Westbrook back together.
ThatBoy Z
ThatBoy Z 4 anos atrás
Unbelievable smfh
Will Thomas
Will Thomas 4 anos atrás
Alexander Chrystall in
Roman 4 anos atrás
Definitely like this Draft WAYYY Better!!!
Tenzin Choezin
Tenzin Choezin 4 anos atrás
My gahd Bron really picked almost every allstar free agent
Burnout 4 anos atrás
Should have done this last year. NBA missed an opportunity in 2018. Glad to see this was remedied in 2019.
Conscious 4 anos atrás
I like this process, it will make for a more fun game to watch.
Janethan Ricanibante
Janethan Ricanibante 4 anos atrás
Somehow I knew Lebron would be picking his wishlist from free agency next season.
Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez 4 anos atrás
The guys definitely have different energy. Not use to them AM shows 😂
Omar Coleman
Omar Coleman 4 anos atrás
“ just call me Superman “ 😂😂😂😂
Jaimeh824 4 anos atrás
Team Giannis has sleepers, sure LeBron has the better players but don’t sleep 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lester 4 anos atrás
12:40 savage moments with giannis hahaha
Athanasios Matsolas
Athanasios Matsolas 4 anos atrás
"Just call me Superman" Cracked up, right there and then...
Take This L
Take This L 4 anos atrás
Star power definitely on Team Lebron's side... Team Giannis planning to make this AllStar game more grit and grind with all those size and heft...
Cyril james Dolor
Cyril james Dolor 4 anos atrás
This is more entertaining than the superbowl. 😂
P- Star7
P- Star7 4 anos atrás
This was so cool I could of imagine Steph and lebron last year they should of video it then drop it this year
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