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LVE FAMILY Mês atrás
Don’t comment his name 💘💘💙🥺 everyone deserves to be surprised 💙💙 COMMENT LIKE & SUBSCRIBE TO WIN OUR LVE FAMILY COLLECTION BABES!! 3 WINNERS 💙💙
Arlette Acuña
Arlette Acuña Mês atrás
elliot is such a great big brother 🥺🥺 @diazzz._
Margaret Castaneda
Margaret Castaneda Mês atrás
@Margcastaneda on ig
Breida Navarro
Breida Navarro Mês atrás
Instagram: Breeeiiidaaa, Yo quiero ganar just like everyone else does commonnnn nalgas boutique 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Voy a llorar if I don’t win the LVE FAMILY COLLECTION 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😢
Mayra Derma
Mayra Derma Mês atrás
Jackie M
Jackie M Mês atrás
Ariana Lee
Ariana Lee 7 dias atrás
Elliott is so happy to love the Baby
Connie Yi
Connie Yi 13 dias atrás
Is Maxy you’re son too
LG 21 dia atrás
Can clearly see Laura’s partner is not into her !!! Maybe he is forced to stay with her now that she has a second kid .
ladymorrison13 23 dias atrás
Wait that’s 3 names? 🤔 lol he’s sooo adorable!! 🥺🥺 looks just like Max!
Jamie Green
Jamie Green 28 dias atrás
Congratulations on baby Oakley Laura and vicker
Maysen Sheldon
Maysen Sheldon Mês atrás
10:12 srry but for anyone who wants to skip to the name here it is
chicken rat
chicken rat Mês atrás
Gabriella Chavez
Gabriella Chavez Mês atrás
I love the name 🥺♥️ 😍congrats to your brother on graduating 👏🥳🥳🎊🎊🎊🤩🍻🍾
Alondra Mês atrás
me waiting for the name: 🤗 me when I found out:😶😯
carmenn flores
carmenn flores Mês atrás
It’s sooo cuteeee
Maggy C
Maggy C Mês atrás
Oakley is a name ? 😱
Abrianna Nunez
Abrianna Nunez Mês atrás
His name is so cute you legit had a mini version of both of yall,love how Elliot is so into his baby bro❤ God continue to bless yall with all the love!!!
Lluvia Perez
Lluvia Perez Mês atrás
So cute I’m so late been going through so much 😭 my baby boy names is Levi too we feel in love with his name 💙 congratulations he’s so handsome baby mommas twin 😍
Kayleigh Rodriguez
Kayleigh Rodriguez Mês atrás
Beautiful name 🥰🥰
With Love, Grace
With Love, Grace Mês atrás
Awww the name is perfect 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nedi Designs
Nedi Designs Mês atrás
@nedidesigns Large Nedi Pena Thanks for the chance to win!
aurora pacheco
aurora pacheco Mês atrás
Baby Lve look so cute Pooh 🥰 ♥️ Email:
Jenny Santos
Jenny Santos Mês atrás
Elliot is me when they ask me if I get jealous😂 @jen.santosc
Kandy Mês atrás
Laura is me ewww my mom is so embarrassing 😂
mizzbeccaloo Mês atrás
That’s such a white name. I bet th family can’t say it! 😂
Katie Bexfield
Katie Bexfield Mês atrás
Omg you have to change the name to “the love family” now
Madeline Martinez
Madeline Martinez Mês atrás
Beautiful name for the cutest Lil one
Irais Vargas Perez
Irais Vargas Perez Mês atrás
Felicidades a tu hermano 👏🏼🧑‍🎓🎓
Ana B
Ana B Mês atrás
Ha my baby was 9lb as new born and 11 when he turn 1 month 😭❤️
Jannet Miranda
Jannet Miranda Mês atrás
I love that name my sons name is Leonidas Levi so his middle name is levi
Nicole Simpkin
Nicole Simpkin Mês atrás
Awee love his name so cute 💙💚
Yuliana Arreola
Yuliana Arreola Mês atrás
Love you guys ❤️💗 I G ; yulilove14
Raquel Estrada
Raquel Estrada Mês atrás
@iamraquel inta I love you guys 🥺❤
Amber M
Amber M Mês atrás
Love you, girl ♥️💙
Kayla Coliny
Kayla Coliny Mês atrás
What a perfect name! I think it’s amazing you didn’t go with the ordinary Oliver name! His name is so beautiful & fits him so well!! Good job Mommy & Daddy!🙏🏼💙
Yanira Zambrano
Yanira Zambrano Mês atrás
I love it , second name is the same as my newborn ❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alondra Sanchez
Alondra Sanchez Mês atrás
New subscriber here !!! Your family is so beautiful 🤍 I love baby boys name something different .
Larissa Pineda
Larissa Pineda Mês atrás
IG: Charmabeautyy I have been waiting for this video !!!! I know Im late but a busy mom has to make time hehe
Alondra Chavez
Alondra Chavez Mês atrás
hahahah Elliot: i am jealous Laura and victor: 👁👄👁
cindy valencia
cindy valencia Mês atrás
the name got me messed up
Alejandra Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez Mês atrás
Marisol Hernandez
Marisol Hernandez Mês atrás
Not the bad bunny 🐰 blanket lol 😍🥰😅 $hdzmaryy
Jessica Hernandez
Jessica Hernandez Mês atrás
Omg i love his name he's so perfect 😍
Stormimaa xoxo
Stormimaa xoxo Mês atrás 💖
Mariko Elizabeth
Mariko Elizabeth Mês atrás
MarikoElizabeth is my Instagram 🥺❤️ Love u guys My name is Mariko Elizabeth my size is XL EMAIL IS!! Thank u guys! God bless
Ester Montes
Ester Montes Mês atrás I loveeee it 😍😍 congrats girlie you glow of happiness QUEEN ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥 I also have a baby boy he’s about to be 6 months and I’m so obsessed with him too 💓💓💓💓
andrea garcia
andrea garcia Mês atrás
I love the name its so different but its fits him so well ❤️❤️❤️ @dree_destinyy
Jenny Gonzalez
Jenny Gonzalez Mês atrás ❤️
Maria Padilla
Maria Padilla Mês atrás
He’s for sure going by Levi when he’s older 😭😭
Tais Campos
Tais Campos Mês atrás
insta@flygirltye9 i loveeee the entire collection ❤️❤️
Wendy Mendez
Wendy Mendez Mês atrás
Laura: my other baby daddy is watching us 😩😭😭.the baby is soo cute and love the name💛💛. The baby has a BAD BUNNY BLANKET 😍😩😩 Insta: wendymendezz_
Chavezsixpack Mês atrás
Beautiful family ❤️
Monica T
Monica T Mês atrás
Elliot: “I don’t know, because they’re all wearing the same stuff” 🤣🤣😭😭 Insta: @estheticsbyanamonica
Maria Infante
Maria Infante Mês atrás
BH Of Everything
BH Of Everything Mês atrás
Girl I had my baby boy about two weeks ago and it’s rough but I’m getting there!💙 Especially the recovery 🙃 Your baby is sooo cute!💖
the beauty writer
the beauty writer Mês atrás
4 names....oh 😊
Annikah Mckinney
Annikah Mckinney Mês atrás
Your family is beautiful ❤️ I love you guys! @annikah.mckinney
Lizana Gutierrez
Lizana Gutierrez Mês atrás
I love your family !! Such a cute name 🥺 💙 Insta: carina1120
paola aguero
paola aguero Mês atrás
Jackielinduh Vlogs
Jackielinduh Vlogs Mês atrás
Lol Eliot is me 😂 my husband saying I’m not jealous but I am 😂 IG- Jackielinduh
Daniella Flores
Daniella Flores Mês atrás
“Que tal si no se gradúa hoy” LMFAO YOU ARE ME !! 😂😭your mom is so cute awe recording !! 🤍 Omg that’s such a cute and unique name !! 😍💙
Ivyonna Gandolph
Ivyonna Gandolph Mês atrás
omg it fully spells out love now😭😭😭
Emily Parra
Emily Parra Mês atrás
Madelyn Teel
Madelyn Teel Mês atrás
That’s such a cute name! I love you guys!
Denise Lara
Denise Lara Mês atrás
His name is perfect! Handsome boys... God bless you all and to everyone reading this comment God bless you too 😘💕Denise_32f@hotmail
Nat Rivera
Nat Rivera Mês atrás
We got an OLAH (initials) baby 🥲❤️ He’s so adorable ! And I love his name btw
suzy tapia
suzy tapia Mês atrás
Love you guys! Your just a amazing 👪. Your baby is so cute. My email is God bless you and your amazing family!😘😘😘😘😘 my size is XL 😊My name is Suzy Tapia
Kiana Breezy
Kiana Breezy Mês atrás
IG - KIANAALLEN_ 🥺🤍 he’s gorgeous
Xx_Danii_xX Mês atrás
*laura yells* -… *laura’s mom yells* Laura - mom you’re so embarrassing 😂😂😂 @_daniela.arellano_
Keiani Kamalii
Keiani Kamalii Mês atrás
he’s the cutestttt😍😍 name matches him so perfect!! @keianik
Gabby Payan
Gabby Payan Mês atrás
Tell me why I did names yells too if it sound right I went with it!😂 You guys have a beautiful family 🧡🧡
Leah Ramirez
Leah Ramirez Mês atrás
I should’ve guessed it!! My sons name is baby loves second name ..I love it!!!!
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia Mês atrás
i l.o.v.e. his name, it suits him!! 👶🏽💙 i saw a glimpse of elliot in him!!! 🥺💕👨‍👩‍👦‍👦✝️✨ 💌🤞🏽
Tatiana Degante
Tatiana Degante Mês atrás
Awww Elliot is so cute and how he is with his baby brother 🥺❤️ ✨ Insta: Tati_ana_97
Samantha Marx
Samantha Marx Mês atrás
I LOVEEEE the name 😭😭 @samanthamarxx Instagram 💖
R L Mês atrás
Am I trippin or is that three names and not two lol love the name!
Elizabet Castaneda
Elizabet Castaneda Mês atrás
I want it 😩😩🤭 Castaneda_08 on ig :))
Diane Tovar
Diane Tovar Mês atrás
“Eat my diaper” 😂... love the name! 😍
Leslie Lazaro
Leslie Lazaro Mês atrás
He looks so much like Laura 😭💝
Karyme Raga González
Elliott is meeee saying “shu papi muñeño” lol🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
toni almaraz
toni almaraz Mês atrás
uh what is this intro song
Amberly Soto
Amberly Soto Mês atrás
How funny, we have the same tattoo placement on our arms. I even have Roman numerals lol
Auraa Lopezzz
Auraa Lopezzz Mês atrás
@a_.maritza_ignacio I love the name also he so grownnnn already 😭😭
Ana Olvera
Ana Olvera Mês atrás
Baby fever at an all time high😍😍😍😍😍
Kimberly Martinez
Kimberly Martinez Mês atrás
I love y’all! Y’all are so genuine. I wish your family nothing but the best. You’re babies are beautiful. Elliot is the sweetest little thing! @andy_kim1116
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Mês atrás
His name is Oakley
Anna Perez
Anna Perez Mês atrás
Alexia Figueroa
Alexia Figueroa Mês atrás
Alexa Lopez
Alexa Lopez Mês atrás
Such a beautiful and unique name 😍!
gloria reyes
gloria reyes Mês atrás
He’s so cute 💓 and his name is perfect! Insta: gloriaaareyess0 size L
lilbenfrank Mês atrás
The merch is ugly and basic
Alondra Mês atrás
he’s so cute 🥺 $londraxperez please take me into consideration just left an abusive relationship and lost all financial help would mean the world to me
Jozzy Vazquez
Jozzy Vazquez Mês atrás
Laura: Does Elliot get jealous?? Not at ALL… Elliot: I do 😌 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Monica Francisco
Monica Francisco Mês atrás
Baby LVE’s ojitos 🥺😍 Instagram: Monicaa.Elviraaa
Rosybel Primero
Rosybel Primero Mês atrás
So he has 3 first names? Lol
Valerie Atkinson
Valerie Atkinson Mês atrás
Insta: @atkinsonvall15 ❤❤❤❤
Valerie Atkinson
Valerie Atkinson Mês atrás
Valerie Atkinson & Size: Adult XL
Jovanna Martinez
Jovanna Martinez Mês atrás
Max is me hiding from the fam at graduation 😂😂 love your beautiful family ❤️ Insta - therealher_08
jrnashley Mês atrás
Elliot is meeee! “He doesn’t get jealous” Elliot:”I do”
Dose of Guera
Dose of Guera Mês atrás
such a beautiful name 🥺 precious. @doseofyesi
Morenita Avelar
Morenita Avelar Mês atrás
Mariela Avega
Mariela Avega Mês atrás
His name is beautiful, I LOVE it!!!! 🥰💙
Karen Mis
Karen Mis Mês atrás
@kiskarennn I have a little one as well 🙏🏽
Mitzy Deanda
Mitzy Deanda Mês atrás
“ewe my mom is so embarrassing. Don’t yell”🤣🤣🤣
Julie Romero
Julie Romero Mês atrás
“Que tal si no se graduó wey “ Ilysm 🤣
Chelsey Herrera
Chelsey Herrera Mês atrás
His name is previous 🥺❤️❤️ congrats on another litter blessing mamas!
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