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⚠️ Research update! ⚠️

Thank you for your reports, Trainers.

A few days ago, a researcher uncovered some mysterious footage of the Hisui region. Professor Oak looked through all of your findings and was able to restore the video to reveal Hisuian Zorua and Hisuian Zoroark!

Hisuian Zoroark seems scary...but it also appears to be protective of Hisuian Zorua. 🤔 What else can we uncover about these Pokémon?


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21 Out 2021



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Comentários 8 636
メリサ 4 horas atrás
ya pero hagan una traducción para Latinoamérica por favor
maxpowerulez 21 hora atrás
Game has no voice acting And pokemon still make ridiculous sounds XD
Peanut Dia atrás
patrash 3 dias atrás
Miyako The Ghost Fox
Miyako The Ghost Fox 6 dias atrás
The problem is furries are about to lewd that form of Zoroark on e621...
Squishiie 7 dias atrás
Zoroark just killed a guy
Vangel Ebio
Vangel Ebio 7 dias atrás
Seriously that's pretty dope.. white Zoroa and Zoroark they lit man
Martin Coburn
Martin Coburn 8 dias atrás
I really enjoyed this video, Pokemon could really use some more mature themes imo...
Ralsei 9 dias atrás
Hisuian zorua: wassup Hisuian zoroark: *f this guy*
N 9 dias atrás
Zoroark over here offing dudes because they dare even look at zorua
Djalil Yakine
Djalil Yakine 10 dias atrás
Morgan Harper
Morgan Harper 10 dias atrás
Is this Sykkuno's voice?!
Victor rivas
Victor rivas 12 dias atrás
Now that's what's UP of a new form of zorua and zoroark
Geobot 3000
Geobot 3000 12 dias atrás
The one exception where being a cameraman doesn't make you invincible.
SnowBallTheCat 12 dias atrás
Was that girintina at the end
Jonathan Valdovinos
Jonathan Valdovinos 12 dias atrás
He’s sleeping
Red X
Red X 12 dias atrás
Make it modder friendly and why did you have to base it in the past? What a huge mistake that will be.
Ahmad 13 dias atrás
This zorua & zoroark reminds me of the Mythical Fox in One Piece at Ringo region.
Witrom 13 dias atrás
Now if only the game looked like this and not a crappy low texture mobile game.
Nathan Dougherty
Nathan Dougherty 14 dias atrás
Wow can’t believe Sykkuno got to voice something this big! First Lilly and now him! Congrats to you Sykkuno!
Devil Lightning
Devil Lightning 14 dias atrás
why is this actually good
Manaphy Myths
Manaphy Myths 14 dias atrás
Yo they got snapped out of existence by zoroark
i am using a VPN lol
i am using a VPN lol 15 dias atrás
BATCHEST Chillsssssssssss man
twiggs12t 15 dias atrás
Anthan Krufix
Anthan Krufix 15 dias atrás
Hisuian Zoroark has an actual tail.
Jesse Groenewegen
Jesse Groenewegen 16 dias atrás
this man sounds SO familiar but i have no clue who it is
TrashKing 16 dias atrás
I haven't been so exited for a Pokemon game since I was a kid... Sinnohs my favorite region
Nícolas Henrique Schmidt Pedro Cristiano
I wonder that if the cameraman survived, would we be able to find him in the game like you find an npc and he tells about what happened.
Sasha Smile
Sasha Smile 17 dias atrás
Ok....that was super dark. I love it. This was pretty neat.
Mikko 18 dias atrás
That jumpscare really got me. I miss the cameraman now.
Drew Gilberthorpe
Drew Gilberthorpe 19 dias atrás
Woah how. Just. How. How do u do that??
Mr. Products
Mr. Products 19 dias atrás
Tell me that from where i can download pokemon fire red GBA rom or leaf green GBA rom officially and legally.
Springtrap dark blood
Springtrap dark blood 19 dias atrás
That is dark 😭 1:39
Goldy Goldylock
Goldy Goldylock 19 dias atrás
The breathe
Goldy Goldylock
Goldy Goldylock 19 dias atrás
That was awesome
Diboi 19 dias atrás
AhshsjjwhdkwhHSHFJDK YESS
TricksterA 20 dias atrás
Me: i'm not getting Legend of Arceus Hisuian zorua and Zoroark: *Bonjur*
SilverHourH.F 20 dias atrás
This isn't the first time Game Freak has dabbled in the horror genre with their games. A return to form might be in the works.
BLOXYGERSER 20 dias atrás
1:36 is a good part to look
slayerBO2EPC 21 dia atrás
Zorua looks so cute, and Zoroark looks like an absolute badass
Garion 743
Garion 743 21 dia atrás
I'm shitin geodudes this is so cool. Can't wait for this game
Crinja 21 dia atrás
A moment of silence for the man with the camera.
THATS IT! 22 dias atrás
Colm Gallagher
Colm Gallagher 22 dias atrás
what is the arena
Colm Gallagher
Colm Gallagher 22 dias atrás
•! LOVE YOU! ;
ivonne guime
ivonne guime 23 dias atrás
Ajmol Hussain
Ajmol Hussain 24 dias atrás
Imagine the zorua and zoroark movie but with the hisuian form
scarlet 25 dias atrás
Is that sykkuno?
Zennec Fox
Zennec Fox 25 dias atrás
awww the scrunkly
BaguettesInTheBag 25 dias atrás
Jorge Pablo Neru
Jorge Pablo Neru 26 dias atrás
I disliked the video because I can't turn off the Exp Share
Sonicrunner2010 27 dias atrás
A region forms with a Normal and Ghost dual typing. I gotta say, this will be very interesting.
Álvaro García
Álvaro García 29 dias atrás
Please Nintendo or Game freak delay this game, i think it could become one of the best Pokemon games with more time.
aceacebaby. Mês atrás
hisuian zorua is a CUTIE ,, change my mind
Orlando Red
Orlando Red Mês atrás
You can literetally hear the man running away, stop saying he died xD
picamike Mês atrás
A normal and ghost type, just think how easily this could've been ice and ghost?
Dia Lechim
Dia Lechim Mês atrás
Next Hisui form is Haunter.
✯RedStar✯ Graal
Damn that jump scared scared the shit out of me
Levi Van Loock
Levi Van Loock Mês atrás
For 50% of all the comments, he ran away and is not dead.
Plague Medic
Plague Medic Mês atrás
Wait wait wait how did he get camera footage in ancient times
Miso soup 🥡
Miso soup 🥡 Mês atrás
Imagine just The screen just went dark and then just the text ⒻⒶⓉⒶⓁⒾⓉⓎ in bloody Font
LostMangoDragon Mês atrás
This feels like these videos of someone recording and hen he caughts a demon on camera
Kevin Machado Garcia
WHOAH?! A Pokemon game with actual voice acting? Did Nintendo finally stop being the laziest gaming company?
Marc Smith
Marc Smith Mês atrás
99 0
FennekinFlames Mês atrás
My theory is that this takes place in either the 1960s or early 1970s. This video alone is the entire foundation for my "Hisui is based off the USSR" theory.
AnimeLeague Mês atrás
He dead
Billy Daily
Billy Daily Mês atrás
‼️BLOW THIS UP AND ADD COMMENTS‼️ 💥They need to do a full Pokémon WORLD ( bigger with almost all Pokémon involved ) 💥enough space and terrains to include all Pokémon to catch and fight with 💥with a story line that is involved with open world to explore battle and train 💥abiltiies to fly certain bird pok, surf certain water pok, and ride certain pok 💥realistic graphics, movements, all types of poke balls, stores with tons of clothing options. 💥once beating story mode you have an option to change the world to online mode and come across other trainers to battle, roam around with and catch Pokémon together. 💥even starting with the OG Pokémons like squirtle would be cool af to me but a world full of thousands of diff ones a huge map 💥cities and maybe even bikes and or off-roading four wheelers 💥 ability to have one or more of your Pokémon follow on foot even if you’re riding on another one Imagine searching for Pokémon while flying on your charizard or something looking for legendarys in dangerous climates 💥SO MANY IDEAS LETS MAKE IT BIGGER SO WE CAN PLAY AND LIVE THE REAL POKÉMON * WORLD* WE ALL DESIRE!!! 💙💙🔒🔒
ItzElectroBladeXYT Mês atrás
fun fact: he didn't die. he just ran away. The camera was still in the snow.
albertw Mês atrás
I want this textures to be in game.😩😩 This rocks, trees and snow look so good!!
lilly fox
lilly fox Mês atrás
Hisui zorua 🦊
lilly fox
lilly fox Mês atrás
Anish Karthick
Anish Karthick Mês atrás
Wouldn’t he have screamed if he died tho? Because he was panting, it makes more sense that he ran away.
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Mês atrás
So was that like Galarian Zaraora and Zorak? That was reallly cool
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Mês atrás
Everyone talking about how adorable Zorua is but are we seriously gonna skip over Zoroark's awesome design?
thefirstrangers Mês atrás
Touma Kamijou ended up in the pokemon universe
aryan rangare
aryan rangare Mês atrás
In the new upcoming game there should be thing with arceus that if the opponent attack the arceus should change into a type which will make the move not very effective on him And if he attacks the opponents the judgement attack should change automatically so that it can hit a super effective move on the opponent I would love to see this thing in game
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Mês atrás
things would have been a cool first one in order make us guess (for a wider spectre of people) what mons' it was about.
Halima Begum
Halima Begum Mês atrás
Yessssssss Hisuian Zoroark and Zoruaaaaaaaaa YEsassssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Heitorzin Cleiton
Heitorzin Cleiton Mês atrás
There’s such a contrast between the trailers budget and the graphics budget
Demon108hunter Mês atrás
The only time in history when the cameraman didn’t survive this is a tragedy and we must never let this happen again
Mary'Jane Soriano
Mary'Jane Soriano Mês atrás
The camera man sounds like aether from Genshin impact
Moglo Mês atrás
Fajnie by byłoby gdyby serio zrobili film dokumentalny o pokemon
Moglo Mês atrás
Kto z polski
PNR 2 Mês atrás
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Mês atrás
"Hisuian Zoroark" "Kinda resembles a kitsune" "Definitely gonna be a fan favorite"
Thrilld_ Mês atrás
I desperately wish this was gameplay footage
Thrilld_ Mês atrás
it's just so cute!!
The Goblin King
The Goblin King Mês atrás
now imagine if the game actually looked like this
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Mês atrás
zoroark perfect, zoroark in game pokemon united please
Peter Peter
Peter Peter Mês atrás
Man. I thought it was an Eeveelution
Youl Shabong
Youl Shabong Mês atrás
If only they made Pokemon like Naruto I mean wouldn't it be cool to see ash getting married and his kid going on a Pokemon journey
Winter Song
Winter Song Mês atrás
That was actually supposed to be the ending of the first Pokemon movie since the anime was only supposed to be 1 season. But when they realised how insanely popular Pokemon had become they quickly decided to extend the lifespan of the show.
Wessilin Mendez
Wessilin Mendez Mês atrás
Oh I definitely don’t wanna see the terrible rule 34 that ariseS from this
Leon's Inferno
Leon's Inferno Mês atrás
This Zorua and Zoroark looks different!!
Gheleorm Mês atrás
Nice, now we can see something, at last! A little shame to have one version when you see nothing and anoter where you see it all. I think a middle one where you can see SOME things would have been a cool first one in order make us guess (for a wider spectre of people) what mons' it was about.
Jed Blazer
Jed Blazer Mês atrás
"Come my child, we'll find the manager eventually".
Dobby Mês atrás
Pretty sure this zoroark is one of the strongest beings alive, he just killed THE camera man
Martin B
Martin B Mês atrás
They had cameras back then?
Winter Song
Winter Song Mês atrás
Well yes and no there is an Arceus phone that no one know where it came from but apart from that no.
Trevor Berridge
Trevor Berridge Mês atrás
Zoroark: *Offs Guy* Me, who is taking photography class to become a cameraman: "...I thought we were...invincible....NOOOOOOOOOOOO-"
SwiftBlade4 Mês atrás
Pokemon became slender man.
Justadog Mês atrás
Now, this is epic.
BigPapiJimafurd Mês atrás
Theres this pokemon youtuber that is sending his fans to attack me instead of handling the situation by himself, on my video on my page it has 200 views its the only video with that amount of views its the one i posted before my recent one, can yall check it out and see if im wrong for it? because alot of people are threatening me over it lmao.
Gh0st_1 Mês atrás
Thunder Thunderstorms
How did this guy get a camera In these ages?
Winter Song
Winter Song Mês atrás
It's probably the Arceus phone we've seen in the Japanese trailer.
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