My Wireless Seatpost has a big problem... Let's hack it! 

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I love my Rockshox Reverb AXS dropper post. It’s solid, works quickly, looks good, and is operated wirelessly. I’m unwilling to use another dropper post, especially one with a cable release, but it’s starting to look like a good idea. The battery in the back of the Reverb hits into my tire when the rear suspension compresses all the way. Today, we’ll seek a solution for this issue.
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13 Ago 2022



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hydra66 Anos atrás
For a $800 accessory, that's a major design flaw. Hopefully the manufacturers are taking note
iggywow Anos atrás
should have just engineered it into the seatpost somehow, I'm not big brained enough to find a good way to do that but still
Only Fool Riding
Only Fool Riding Anos atrás
I mean, he literally let all the air out of his shock. When is he going to do that?
Think With Raheem
Think With Raheem Anos atrás
I hated the design from day one, it looks like a single giant testicle hanging in the back! Uh!
ghostAFsky Anos atrás
@Only Fool Riding That's just to make it easy to demonstrate moving through the travel. It's not like there's extra travel when you take the air out, it's the same effect as if you bottom out when it's filled properly.
Franz Rupert
Franz Rupert Anos atrás
@Only Fool Riding That was to show how close the tire comes to the battery when it's fully pushed in. Letting the air out was just so he could show how close it gets on the bench without compressing the suspension by hand.
Kyle Manning
Kyle Manning Anos atrás
The escalation from calm to hacksaw was faster than I expected
Spencer Tanti
Spencer Tanti Anos atrás
Hack saw is plan B, Oxyaxcytelene is I'm not asking anything 🤣
cavemanvi Anos atrás
ability to have kids? OVERRATED. HACK. THAT. SEATPOST!!!
Here'sJohnny Anos atrás
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ take your invisible friend somewhere else...
Vincent 123
Vincent 123 Anos atrás
That escalated quickly.
Leo Anos atrás
Only Seth would mess with a $800 dropper post😂 Your content is great Seth, keep it up!
Jason Tankard
Jason Tankard Anos atrás
Well as long as he tested the battery first, and made sure his soldering job was good, then in theory no issue, he only messed with at first what seemed like one expensive battery, but he solves this by getting cheap amazon knockoffs. WIN! And he didn't fry the $800 dropper, but if it ever plays up, there won't be any warranty, because SRAM has seen his video lol
Howie Dewitt
Howie Dewitt Anos atrás
Seth doesn’t have to pay retail either and even if he did, $800 is a pittance in comparison to how much money he’s going to make off this video.
Darren Z
Darren Z Anos atrás
I'm pretty sure he was gifted the dropper along with his new bike. And besides, dude makes hundreds of thousands a year from his BRvid videos and Patreon donations, so worst case scenario, he could buy a new one without even feeling a twinge in his wallet.
Piotruś Anos atrás
Believe me, he is not the only person in the world, doing sometimes stupid modifications, that completely destroy the value of the part they are using, sometimes an expensive part at that, and often those modifications don't even make sense, at least he takes some effort for looks, unlike some (unlike me 🤣 )
Mike R
Mike R Anos atrás
@Howie Dewitt he got the bike for free he probably got the dropper for free too.
juan sanchez
juan sanchez Anos atrás
Seth, SRAM should send you a check for doing their R&D, or at minimum, a new post, free of charge, when they inevitably take inspiration from what you just did!
uberfu 5 dias atrás
Nah ... they just need to fire the 12 yearold iditos they hired for R&D and actually hire qualified people + a Q/A deprtment of MTB enthusiasts that know how to rbeak shit before it hits the market. A wireless dropper post is a solution looking for a problem. Clears up clutter - but adds the weight of a battery pack (or 2 since the handlebar switch also needs power).
mishmasta Anos atrás
If there was ever a project to justify adding a 3D printer to your "tool box", I think this was it.
Balazs Villanyi
Balazs Villanyi Anos atrás
This ^^^
Tri-seeker Anos atrás
Justyfying is for kids, adults buy 3D printer as a toy 🙂
Ben Collett
Ben Collett Anos atrás
@Tri-seeker A decent 3D printer is far more than a toy.
Michael Summer
Michael Summer Anos atrás
I just bought an ender for 100 bucks. Within a month I had made enough little doodads and stuff that I would’ve paid 10 bucks a pop off Amazon for that I’ve pretty much paid for it. They are so easy to run.
Matt Woodworth
Matt Woodworth Anos atrás
@Ben Collett a decent 3D printer is a tool as much as it is a toy :)
Jonathan Fisher
Jonathan Fisher Anos atrás
I approve of the remote battery hack! I know Seth ended up just hacking off the seat post, but for anyone else: make sure the battery has some Armor against meteorites flying off the rear tire. If you pierce a flat battery pack they do tend to shoot flames.
OhMyGulay Anos atrás
I feel like the biking industry is the only industry that tries to justify a 4x mark up on a part because it's wireless.
God King
God King Anos atrás
Good example is mice, anywhere from 50 to 100%. Dropper post? 400%. Pretty sure the techs the same.
PastaJuice Anos atrás
@God King Economies of scale don't really favor low-demand, high complexity stuff like wireless dropper posts.
adamweb Anos atrás
Amen, I just ordered a new road bike with "outdated" mechanical Ultegra for $4000. Di2 Ultegra is $1400 more and even Di2 105 is $500 more than regular Ultegra!
rustler08 Anos atrás
They justify a markup because it's a hobby for rich people. We have $90 MTB tires that aren't anything special other than their own "branding"
Berm Peak Express
Berm Peak Express Anos atrás
To be fair, the newer products are always at a premium to cover the design costs and low production numbers. Unless you want the newest thing out, it’s better to wait for the price to get slashed by 50%
Slide Drexler
Slide Drexler Anos atrás
I think Rockshox should pay Seth for giving them an idea to make their wireless dropper post better.
Esteban Gonzalez
Esteban Gonzalez Anos atrás
That’s sram
Flotto Anos atrás
@Esteban Gonzalez same company
Outsideville Anos atrás
Include a hacksaw with the dropper? 😉
Tomi S
Tomi S Anos atrás
@Esteban Gonzalez It's the same company, and it's literally a *RockShox* Reverb.
spankosaur Anos atrás
I always enjoy Seth's content regardless of what he is doing, however, when I saw him break out the hacksaw I genuinely tensed up and said out loud "Oh no...don't do it"
Wokie exterminator.
“No don’t do it, I’m a virgin!”
Hummingbird 79101911
me too, I was like put the saddle on backwards first, verify this for me.... noooooo its cut
Tri-seeker Anos atrás
Combine both of your solutions - turn seatpost around AND use that adaptor - in that way you can't hit it with tire AND you can still make bigger family 🙂
alex ambro
alex ambro Anos atrás
This is exactly what I was thinking. Also I believe he should purposely put a weaker connector so that if the battery ever falls or gets yanked out said connector will just disconnect instead of ripping the tin work
Craig Sawyer
Craig Sawyer Anos atrás
What about just putting a saddle on that has taller rails? Less change = easy.
alex ambro
alex ambro Anos atrás
@Craig Sawyer it surely would be worth looking into it, but I'm not sure if thy make them already
Ben Collett
Ben Collett Anos atrás
I don't think it was the battery that was impacting the seat or he would have done that.
R C Anos atrás
@Ben Collett it was the battery
Sluysmeister Anos atrás
This video was pure gold start to finish. From the time it took to go from sane to hack saw was about the time of my patience level. Totally relatable!
Michael Inglis
Michael Inglis 9 meses atrás
As a lifelong guitar player and guitar, pedal and amp builder/modder for about 10-15 years this episode was right up my alley. I'm constantly making DC power supply's to get rid of active pickup 9v batteries and adding power supply's to lighting etc etc etc. If it has an electric pulse of any kind and can be improved in some way it WILL meet my soldering iron and I WILL get way too excited and post on Marshall amp forum about my brilliant idea after having proven it works and is indeed an improvement lol. When Seth said "for the six of you who have this problem as well" I couldnt help but feel relieved since I'm not the only one who gets excited about solving problems that only a very small amount of people actually have and even smaller amount have and care enough to fix it. Edit: EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO IS RELATABLE! Loosing your temper and working frustrated is always a guaranteed way to become more frustrated lol. Yet I still do it....regularly....
cristian matus
cristian matus Anos atrás
love seeing these kind of videos where you apply non-bike knowledge to problems like this one, greetings from chile!
Ryan M
Ryan M Anos atrás
Santiago Chile here. Originally from Kansas
noah Anos atrás
Oh sick! I just skied Valle Nevado and El Colorado a few days ago 🤙
silk loam project
silk loam project Anos atrás
This is the first time someone has been truthful with a axs dropper. Everyone else, it's perfect just perfect. Thank you Seth. One-up components for the win. Stick with the basics
RomanE Anos atrás
And it's heavy asf
MotoAtheist Anos atrás
Wouldn't this be bike specific? He rides a small frame which puts those components closer to the tire where a medium frame probably doesn't even come close. And it may also be just this specific bikes geometry causing the issue. He's had this dropper for some time now, on other bikes, and we never heard of this issue. So yeah, to everyone else the dropper post is likely perfect.
@MotoAtheist its not perfect and its overrated. period.
TheGrundigg Anos atrás
@クラウドシルバー .period., you see what I mean?
MotoAtheist Anos atrás
@クラウドシルバー For you it's not perfect and is overrated, for many others it is indeed perfect for their needs. But hey, the world revolves around you, right?
A Spotter Abroad
A Spotter Abroad 8 meses atrás
This was absolutely genius. Sums up everything I love about this channel in a single video.
John Steed
John Steed Anos atrás
That was intense, the emotional involvement. I feel you, stuff like that has happened to me a lot. Thanks for showing us that hacks can go wrong, and may end up frustrating you. That's part of tinkering with stuff, but usually failure means learning. Maybe you'll wake up one morning with a perfect solution for this. Then, the feeling of accomplishment will be even greater than the current frustration.
fedacheese0 Anos atrás
That adapter looks so good. It looks like you bought it. Congratulations man. You did an amazing job. Making it look like you got it from a store is (for me at least) the hallmark of good diy. Too bad it didn't work 😕.
Maxim Jurakovskii
Maxim Jurakovskii Anos atrás
6 years ago he had a basic hard-tail and he didn't want more. Look at him now😁
Poop Lasagna
Poop Lasagna Anos atrás
Been a while since I’ve seen spoderman
Michael Pelant
Michael Pelant Anos atrás
Ya dude that’s true
Assassinoffi Anos atrás
you’re right
I-_-AM-_-G Anos atrás
That's what happens as your skills grow, no harm in trying different disciplines but an 800 dollar dropper post is a joke.
S M Anos atrás
Douglas Kremer
Douglas Kremer Anos atrás
great content seth. if my bike had this problem i don’t know what i would do. looks great!
shuper_j Anos atrás
Great video Seth! I love the simple solution to a unique problem
Muddy biker
Muddy biker Anos atrás
As with all new to market products the manufacturer will hold some features/design back for v2.0, v3.0 etc. I bet they already have this sorted in the pipeline for the next version, to make us buy the new one! Also, I don’t understand why they don’t combine the post control into the shifter, that would get the cockpit even cleaner. Maybe that’s coming! Love the vids 👍🏻!
Kdog Jcgdad
Kdog Jcgdad Anos atrás
This is why I started watching Seth's bike hacks back in the day I love this type of content
Abstraddic 0
Abstraddic 0 Anos atrás
Great job Seth , Your reverse engineering never fails. Ps: Fun problem to have lol .....😃
Josh Glynn
Josh Glynn Anos atrás
I love that you make everything as relatable as possible but I cant help but start the '3D printer' chant!! This would definitely be the perfect project for it!
Anonymous16 Anos atrás
So, I'm someone who is fresh to the mountain biking community. It's cool as hell to see the accessories you can get for a bike now of days. You can honestly build awesome little machines out of them these days. That bike Seth has setup is a piece of machinery in itself, I love watching his videos and learning something new every time. He made me a master of fixing my Walmart bikes for my nieces and Nephews lol
Adam Bower
Adam Bower Anos atrás
This is amazing. "The 6 of you" joke was perfectly delivered, but I also love seeing the reverse engineering that went into this.
Alex McClay
Alex McClay 8 meses atrás
Seems like the first idea could work if you either found a way to fix the improvised connector on more securely and/or make it even lower profile so the tire is less likely to hit it
Mechanic For Fun
Mechanic For Fun Anos atrás
I see the merging of the RC hobby and mountain biking has come through again! Except I'm not sure I would want a lipo near that part of my body 😅
Sunlight Safari
Sunlight Safari Anos atrás
You should definitely check out the Switch grade by aenomaly products its a clamp for you to run on whatever dropperpost you like and it allows you to tilt your saddle on the go, I think that sould give you enough clearance for you to run the dropper with the battery facing up front
Luke Tschimpke
Luke Tschimpke Anos atrás
The part where you said “I know you don’t feel bad” and “the six of you that have this problem as well” were golden dude
TACO TIME Anos atrás
Love to see a modern generator solution. Make your own power pedaling or wheels spinning.
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson Anos atrás
Agreed! It’s a crazy expensive dropper, but I love mine. Luckily I don’t have the issue of the battery hitting. I did think the battery relocation was genius! Too bad it didn’t work out
Polina Nikulina
Polina Nikulina 9 meses atrás
So relatable! First couple setbacks I read the manual and watch videos. Next thing I know is I'm hammering some part mangled by an old washing machine clamp because my DIY tool I built from car parts and random shop junk failed me. Annoyingly enough, I usually buy the proprietary tool the next day and it all goes extremely smoothly from there...
DaviCupra Anos atrás
Great video Seth! I hope Sram sees this video and upgrade their wireless seatpost :D
Steegwolf Anos atrás
First ever bodge to be seen on this channel 😅 But probably still better than the original design it seems! Way to go! And I am sure you‘ll find an even better solution soon 😃
Emory Holley
Emory Holley Anos atrás
Man I've been on the fence for getting with those for a while. I did the axs shifters and absolutely love them. Really tough to swallow $800 for a seat post.
Willbros Anos atrás
The people here locally LOVE that post, and have stated that they would forego the drivetrain for the post if given a choice of one or the other. I don't know anyone who has one and has said anything negative about it.
Benjamin Wadsworth
Benjamin Wadsworth Anos atrás
You had me laughing so hard. I loved watching this process and can totally identify with you. Thanks for bringing up an issue with the wireless droppers. I have been thinking of getting one at some point. Hopefully this will get reengineered before I pull the trigger!
B1KER Anos atrás
I feel like there still may be a solution in the original approach. Otherwise, I wonder if you had a saddle with a wide opening in it like the Specialized Mimic. if it wouldn't matter that the post was a little higher when mounted backwards.
James Brown
James Brown Anos atrás
Depending on your crank length, you could shorten them up to gain more clearance (seat post height goes up).
buck aroo
buck aroo Anos atrás
Got the same post and I agree, the best dropper post I also ever owned. I live the ability to switch between my fatbike for winter and my full suspension in summer in a breeze!
Gary Altman
Gary Altman Anos atrás
I think you were headed down the right path with the first redesign, but I have the same "fu-- it, I'll make it work" attitude that you do and would have ended up with the hack saw as well.
Danny M
Danny M Anos atrás
Seth is literally me working on a bike I mess one thing up and then a next until the part is broken. But Seth is also a great bike mechanic.
Jaap Anos atrás
I love this, so many times I've been down similar roads in my workshop. I feel you Seth.
Scoobydan80 Anos atrás
That is a most excellent mod. I love my AXS dropper, crazy money but sooooo convenient and tidy.
crazypicturedude Anos atrás
Thanks Seth for going the extra mile. I ride a size small and go for a 150mm dropper so pointing out that flaw does highlight the cons since I'm considering getting one. As for your battery hack, I think you can get away with replicating the pads with a PCB and 3d printing the rest including a separate enclosure for your battery that is secured to your seat instead of the dual-lock.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 2 meses atrás
I have a Rail size small and have lost 2 batteries so far because of wheel contact. It’s only happened on the absolute biggest hits but still frustrating
Chief Hardrick
Chief Hardrick Anos atrás
I like that you went straight into hacking it to pieces instead of getting longer seat rail clamps made for the thing
Sailor Tristan
Sailor Tristan Anos atrás
This channel has come so far. Look at us learning about basic DC circuits and soldering!
bAdorable Anos atrás
You could 3d print a super thin plate to connect the seat post terminals to the battery, or you could solder wires to the terminals then run them to the location of the taped battery which would be even slimmer than the printed plate.
Sinan Kargı
Sinan Kargı Anos atrás
Exactly. Even better he can print a bumper for the Ergon saddle so that the saddle makes the first contact, not the slim adapter.
3d printers suck
bAdorable Anos atrás
@SILENT MINORITY quite the opposite actually, they squeeze material out
Freezorg Anos atrás
@SILENT MINORITY cope harder, you're just mad people can make self-defense "tools" with them
Shane Morris
Shane Morris Anos atrás
On behalf of the six of us who were frustrated with our $7000 mountain bikes with under-engineered dropper posts - THANK YOU, Seth. Now if you could please, I need a solution for stowing a bike in the cargo hold of my Learjet.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Anos atrás
You could try using a saddle with a central cut out, that might give enough clearance to adjust the saddle without getting that hump.
Chad Myles - The Cleveland Cyclist
I was so impressed with how you engineered a solution to a problem and I felt your pain when it didn't work.
JThelen0410 Anos atrás
Gotta go best of both worlds. Stash the battery up under the seat like before, and run the adaptor with the post turned 180.
Eric Jimenez
Eric Jimenez Anos atrás
This was super cool Seth! You definitely need to do more videos like this!!!
Fearkillzone Anos atrás
Love the video!!! They do make slim profile batteries I found them on Amazon and they are pretty much the same and I have been using them for a few months now and no issues I think a 2 pack go for 35 bucks
GingerBeardMan Anos atrás
Pretty cool, I love hacks like this! But please be super careful when hacking into LiPo/LiIon Batteries. If damaged they burst into flames very violently. This better be done outside with nothing flamable around.
Jevan Bloss
Jevan Bloss Anos atrás
Hey Seth maybe since your are no longer partnered with any specific brand and have a company that can make custom fabricated components for bikes. Maybe they could make a custom saddle rail that has a bigger rise than normal so the mechanism isn’t pushing against the seat
fpeter01 10 meses atrás
So you basically told us, we have to buy the searpost for 800, some soldering equipment for 200 and take some soldering class. This is awesome!
ruanded Anos atrás
I have this exact same problem when g-ing out. Love this dropper, but really hope SRAM moves or redesigns the battery on v2. Had to raise my seat to keep it from happening.
King Machiavelli
King Machiavelli Anos atrás
Thank you Seth! Been struggling with that battery issue too but now I have an idea of what to do. Once I'm able to upgrade my $100 Chinese bike 🤣
JT Rider
JT Rider Anos atrás
I work an an Industrial Automation Electrician, and I can say confidently, that things being unnecessarily automated or electronically controlled, is hardly ever better. BUT it keeps jobs around for me, because people continue to do it, and it always fails! 😂
JT Rider
JT Rider Anos atrás
end I understand that, but the point I was making was… is removing a simple, and reliable cable for an expensive, bulky, and battery powered part that requires charging really worth it? In Seth’s case, it looks like it created a bigger problem than any problems or nuisances it may have solved.
StumpJumpin Anos atrás
Excellent work Seth! Great idea.
sjeants Anos atrás
I feel you pain - 5’6” with a 29” inseam. Droppers have been the Bain of my existence, 29ers even more so. Not from a riding perspective but continually buzzing my butt when landing jumps. I now just keep to 27.5
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Anos atrás
You could 3D print a little housing for the adaptor that could look really flush and cool on top of being weather tight
Chris Genovese
Chris Genovese Anos atrás
Seth's car audio days still paying off! Pretty damn impressive!
chimps4gimps Anos atrás
Did they confirm if your warranty is still intact? Definitely worth checking.
nope Anos atrás
That seems like a lot of work just to avoid having a wired dropper post.
GeddyRC Anos atrás
My only concern is that the LiPo (which I recognize as being from an SCX24 if I'm not mistaken, and is a 2-cell battery) will either a) become unbalanced over time, and b) will over-discharge beyond repair, since there's no speed controller with low voltage protection. If you added a low-voltage alarm to the balance connector, it would beep when voltage dropped too low, so you would know to recharge it. That would work.
Jens Hellings
Jens Hellings Anos atrás
What if you combine the two ideas? If it's the battery that's causing the bump in the saddle when you turn it 180°, then maybe install the blue battery pack with the smaller contact point to it? The tire can't rip it out because it's on the front and the bump (might?) be not there
Long Peter
Long Peter Anos atrás
If it is the actual battery pushing on the underside of the seat, combine the two solutions. And then make it waterproof 👍🏻
Robin Rai
Robin Rai Anos atrás
Make sure you've kept the battery management circuit, lipo batteries like to get angry if they're over or undercharged
syeanotherday Anos atrás
Seth there are seats out there that have higher rails and in all honesty the dropper post looks waayy better facing forward and hidden under the rails.👍all said and done there really isn't much a choice, you did the right thing imo👏 excellent stuff.
Chuck Fernald
Chuck Fernald Anos atrás
Love it, "For the six of you that have this problem..." Great video, as always!
RJ Groot
RJ Groot Anos atrás
the first battery relocation hack will likely help a lot of others with the issue. So close to a win for you Seth, so close.
Ori Koh
Ori Koh Anos atrás
Great work Seth! Appreciate you trying out such crazy ideas🤣
Fernando Egas
Fernando Egas Anos atrás
Awsome. You should really do a video about hacking of the water bottle bosses on the seat tube to get longer insertion on the dropper. That’s a problem pretty recurrent for most budget mtbers.
Derek L
Derek L Anos atrás
While I know the end goal didn’t happen the way you wanted, I’m still insanely impressed with how you got there. Your intelligence is way beyond most
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson Anos atrás
This seems like a good opportunity to utilize the 3D printer!
_yesfish_ Anos atrás
Am I the only one hear who doesn't mountain bike.... but watches everyday video. This man is an enabler to me when I do DIY projects. Love ya Seth 🤙🏽
keqrou Anos atrás
Yes you are, now go buy a mountain bike and create memories
Lazar Anos atrás
You're the only one ))), so go get a MTB and join the club.
keqrou Anos atrás
@Lazar can confirm you're opinion is valid
Thom Perkins
Thom Perkins Anos atrás
No you’re not. I love watching his videos.
Thom Perkins
Thom Perkins Anos atrás
Poor guy. His dropper post needs fixed. This is such a first world problem, but I feel you, Seth. You the mang!! Keep killing it with the great content!!
Josh Triplett
Josh Triplett Anos atrás
Great vid, super entertaining. I'd love to run that dropper, but it's too short for me....😭
skullYDazed Anos atrás
Your video just induced that familiar feeling of putting your best effort into a really nice hack and having it fail the first time you use it. I thought for sure the second plan would work too. Funny enough, my version of commit would have been to either solder directly to the battery terminals or to crack open the case on the controller and fish a wire out. Your version of commit is probably better.
Drew Ferguson
Drew Ferguson Anos atrás
You could try and customize the mount on the saddle to give you more clearance
Guy Mulliez
Guy Mulliez 10 meses atrás
You should try to mix both hacks you did together, like put the modified battery AND you flip the dropper post to make it heading front... Idk but I'm sure there is a perfect solution
uberfu 5 dias atrás
Gotta love it when someone can just tank a $900 part and not think twice about it.
Elymi Anos atrás
"For the 6 of you that have this problem as well." - Im dying. I love you Berm Peak. Im just a casual rider and I cant cant enough of your problem videos even though I will probably never experience them lol.
Blondie Joe
Blondie Joe Anos atrás
The next version should definitely address that. If they are reasonable they should see that you just gave them free product development.
Brandon Catuara
Brandon Catuara Anos atrás
I love how real you are in this video thanks for posting
Arne Seys
Arne Seys Anos atrás
the return of "Seth's bike hack's", diy for life
Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin Anos atrás
I think you need some form of overdischarge protection, or the batteries will be single use. Unless that's built in to the post of course.. Something to think about!
Brandon Reimer
Brandon Reimer Anos atrás
Many battery packs have that built in. Much easier to use a cell like that than to put it into the post.
Nuno Silva
Nuno Silva Anos atrás
I would design a new piece for the saddle rails to elevate them só it can pass over the mechanism, print on the 3D machine to test it and send to someone to CNC in aluminium. It's just an idea :). Good luck and keep doing hack's.
Gustavo Mello
Gustavo Mello Anos atrás
this probably only happens on a SMALL size bike. But the solution was absolutely brilliant.
ed backes
ed backes Anos atrás
Ironically after multiple droppers over the last 10 years the best dropper I’ve ever had is the cheapest one!!! One Up v2, absolutely awesome for less than £200!
ΠΑΥΛΟΣ Κωνσταντινιδης
Seth since we loss warranty, stick the battery adapter directly on the seatpost without the extra plastic part you add in order to look good. It will be water proof and you will use the battery clip to charge it. make a small U cut on the top and put the cables to protect them from tyre scratching.
William Stapleton
William Stapleton Anos atrás
Seth, use your battery relocation hack under the saddle but attach a small smooth sheet metal plate to the saddle rails behind the connector you built. That way the tire contacts the smooth metal rather than the connector. For strength you may have to span from the saddle rails to the seat post shaft so you don’t rip the metal sheet off.
William Stapleton
William Stapleton Anos atrás
Sorry, I don’t know how to reply. Tried the Telegram app and could not find the username you included.
Brown guy
Brown guy Anos atrás
There's just no way. I wish people wouldn't pay outrageous prices for things just to say they have it. So it's worth 600 dollars to not have a cable but have to keep up with a battery?...I can't see it. That being said love the channel keep up the good work!
Wishful Enigma
Wishful Enigma Anos atrás
Its the early adopter fee. Any new tech always costs more because its not mass produced. I already think 200 for a dropper is crazy cuz its just a hydrolic tube but theyre way cheaper than when they were first released
Joseph G.
Joseph G. Anos atrás
The early adopters will happily pay a lot of money for the new tech. Normal people like us will benefit from them paying “outrageous” prices when the product first hits the market, because the early adopters make the product market viable and the manufacturer then increases production, and other companies take note and make their own versions… all of which leads to lower prices. If nobody bought these AXS droppers now the tech would probably die and never take off.
Michael B
Michael B 11 meses atrás
I have spent approximately 800 to update a “free” 2014 Hardrock. New Markhor fork (old SR coil fork was shot) a complete XT 1x12 speed drivetrain, new cockpit, new PNW dropper. Your 800 spent on just a dropper makes me feel a lot better about my spending on this project. :)
BermChasin' Anos atrás
LOL. This is a great video! I would definitely hack the seat by welding some additional rails to it, to make it sit up another cm or so... Alternatively, you could just not drop your seat all the way, and leave a cm of clearance...
mtnbikeman85 Anos atrás
As a fellow short guy on small frames I feel your pain with droppers. Even with normal droppers often the bends in the seat tubes make it hard to run much more than a 125mm dropper on the smalls and get the right seat height.
david doornenbal
david doornenbal Anos atrás
Then you should buy a oneup dropper, they are the shortest droppers excisting
mtnbikeman85 Anos atrás
@david doornenbal already got one, doesn't entirely make up for most frame designs though.
Ben Slater
Ben Slater Anos atrás
Maybe an opportunity to collab with Wheels Mfg again? They're amazing at solving weird problems like this, maybe they can create a new clamp with additional clearance that allows folks to flip their dropper post around like you did?
Tony Dallison
Tony Dallison Anos atrás
The torx screw that tilts the saddle looks like it would back straight out with the right pin spanner to remove the lock with no need for a hacksaw. Needs to be revisited for am update!
Steven Dolman
Steven Dolman Anos atrás
So now SRAM will redesign the whole post then send Seth a bunch of them to use on all his bikes so all his followers go out and buy the newly designed post, it's a win for Seth and SRAM.
Something Else Here
Yep. It would be a huge PR win for SRAM to hop into this chat with a meaningful response.
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